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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 136727091449.jpg - (108.21KB , 613x600 , image.jpg )
24511 No. 24511 ID: dde2e2

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No. 24513 ID: 803106

Hey Flare, haven't seen you for a while how've you been doing?
No. 24524 ID: b53faa

In the interest of learning the lore of the site, I am going to assume this guy is some notoriously bad troll?
No. 24525 ID: 9ddf68

All I know about this is that Flare was the main character in FlareQuest (who'd a guessed) that died about 10 - 20 post into the quest (give or take a dozen.
No. 24529 ID: a0e22f

No. 24530 ID: 57aa5a

Okay if you want to learn the lore of THIS site let me give you a quick summery of some of the tgchan side that you wont hear from the 1d4chan article. First TGchan and /tg/ are diffent places so the /tg/ history of something can be almost the opposite history for TGchan like in this case. As it says she actually was a notoriously good troll on 4chan's /tg/ being everything they hated but here where we already accept creepy role play and furries she doesn't have much of the same bite.

Even so she still has caused one or two people to flip out here before. Though it was mostly over our acceptance/love of her and our constantly putting of titles such as beautiful/glorious/magnificent before her name. Mostly she is just made fun of or loved and lauded over as a joke, as she's still a poster child for much of what any RPer is annoyed at.

Such as in flare quest as has been mentioned.

Also 2 chapters of Cutebold Slaughter Fest is devoted to her where we mostly just tried to make her cry before everyone got too distracted by plot.

And she was the most ridiculous wizard in Bite Quest (but in a good way).

Hope that helps for now.
No. 24535 ID: b53faa

huh, so generally the consensus here is "kinda a douche, but nobody really gives a shit", correct?
No. 24536 ID: 78c6ea

One word: cccd9
No. 24582 ID: 8b9215

Everyone loves Flarey. All 800 cheese-filled pounds of her.
No. 24605 ID: bdb3f8
File 136822069326.gif - (2.79KB , 80x80 , flareys.gif )

You forgot about the side-scrolling shooter FlaRe-Type, which has seen enough occasional bursts of development to have a working prototype.
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