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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 136672485628.png - (130.44KB , 600x500 , 136480681047.png )
24440 No. 24440 ID: dcd676

Starbound has grown incredibly popular, both here and on the internet at large. They've gathered enough money from their Kickstarter that they've even decided to add a community-developed race, the Novakids.

Well, perhaps they'd be willing to add one more to that list? I ask you, fellow TGChan enthusiasts, what do you all think of seeing about getting Neumonos into Starbound?

Thoughts? Comments? Support?
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No. 24441 ID: ccf689

And give up our rights to the races?


It's just better to develop new ones for Starbound.
No. 24442 ID: 57a559

If there's modding support, just make it a mod.
No need to make it all official and get swamped with legal stuff. It's lagotrope's to say and do with anyway.

Anyone try putting neumono in Skyrim yet?
No. 24444 ID: d6ef5d

> legal stuff bad
> they're lago's anyways
This pretty much says it all.

Oh, also as the resident crotchety complainer I'd like to add:

>it's incredibly popular [...] on the internet at large
Pushing our stuff into that doesn't exactly sound like a good thing to me. I'd rather not see what happens if Asteroid Quest were to pick up a large external fanbase. We have enough trouble with that in Lunar Quest.

...and ignoring our interests for a moment, their game is better off developing their own original material over including some other fanbase's stuff as part of their core content.
No. 24445 ID: b53faa

Agreed. Honestly, I'd rather support an original game based on lago's universe. Lord knows the regenerating health trope would at least make SENSE with the furry little starfish assholes, and the whole 'mind-control murder lizards' thing definitely makes for a great big bad thing.
What I'm saying is, screw shoehorning them into someone else's game, why not just work on something based around lagtrope?
lord knows there are enough people who know their ways around flash to at least get a shitty rpg thing going here.
No. 24446 ID: dcd676

Y'know what? Yeah. I'm wholeheartedly shifting my approval and interest to this concept, considering all the problems others have raised.
No. 24453 ID: de262c
File 136674171031.gif - (1.26MB , 214x153 , AndHereWeGo.gif )

No. 24454 ID: b53faa

no one cares man, dont start shit.

Anyhow, if people are actually like legit interested in doing a game, we should probably get in contact with someone who can work flash, our good friend lagotrope, and of course someone who can do music.
Those are the barebones minimum of what we'd need, and even then this would be so indie it would reek of starbucks and bad fashion sense.
No. 24455 ID: b53faa

Also, someone who can actually lead a team worth shit. The bulk of my leadership skills is "I will get on you to do shit". It is not a good thing that this is all I can do, either.
No. 24458 ID: c4e5c2

First off, it's very flattering to hear anyone would like to see neumono in starbound/a game.

It has been said that starbound will have mod support, and the sprites seem simply enough that chances are I'll mod in some neumono myself, as I am getting starbound. Chances are that's the realistic goal anyway, since I'm sure there's an enormous amount of species that are/were wanted to be included in starbound, nevermind legal aspects.

As for a game actually revolving around neumono? Well, I have actually given it some thought, and I may make a mini little flash game after asteroid/polo/unse/etc. Months down the line, I'm sure, and subject to change. Not even sure what, yet. Perhaps a 2d stealth game (Polo), maybe a simplified Civ/AoE type of game with a neumono pre-contact hive, or a post-contact universe with an Faster Than Light inspired game that does not rely on massive luck and RNG. No one should hold their breath, though, as it is a great deal of work either way, never mind that I didn't even make a poker game without gradually accumulating memory leaks.
No. 24460 ID: d6ef5d

>poker game
It's pretty playable, as is. All is really needs is a few dialog fixes, and automatic image rotation, I would think.

...and an optional hard mode where you play as Pilon. No empathy advantage, Polo starts in full gear (greenie armor and bio armor) and Rokoa is willing to tear off body parts when she runs out of clothes.

>2d stealth game (Polo)
...I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit I've actually thought out what I would do if I were designing a game like that.

I imagined something like a metroidvania based on intermission 1, with stealth elements. You would start in the upper zones of the spire caves fighting or avoiding the wildlife, predators, and zombie-neumono, make your way down into the salikai base and start dealing with arkots, mikliks, and tribal fuzzballs, and eventually have to work your way up to deal with the warhive and Salikai cryogenic monsters. (With the occasional Rokoa bossfight along the way, of course). The setting nicely lends it to several different opened ended areas to explore (caves, base, jungle, warhive), sneak in, and hide upgrades throughout (health, armor, weapons, the grapple, etc) and different sets of enemies for increasing difficulty.

Obviously neumono show up on empathy-radar. For once the mini-map in a stealth game giving away enemy positions makes perfect sense.

The health bar would be tied to Polo's appearance. As increase your maximum health you unlock the bioarmor and greenie armor, as you lose hp your appearance changes (greenie -> damaged greenie -> bioarmor -> damaged bioarmor -> unarmored -> bloodied -> dead). Logically, the appearance of the healing pickups would change depending on your current status (medpack, biohelm, greenie helmet).

You'd unlock and find more weapons as you progress, but what you could use would ideally be limited by what ammunition you find or that's dropped by enemies. On easy mode you could get away with Rokoa style shooting everything like crazy, but on hard mode limited ammunition should be a real constraints- forcing you to use stealth and pick your engagements carefully so you try not to make a net loss of ammunition. Early on when dealing with the spire wildlife you might find yourself hunting those porcupine things for quills to throw at enemies in lieu of bullets, or later trying to sneak up on and knife what arkots you can. And on the Rokoa warhive infiltration endbranch, you'd be avoiding killing any warhivers at all (although, ideally, there'd still be a way to carefully (or less than carefully) incapacitate so as to not completely remove combat from the endgame).

The best part though would be to try and work in something like a branching story line. In the later half of the game, especially, you should get to make choices that change the path you take and who and what you end up fighting. Something like-

Do you spare four stripes, and make sure three stripes survive? (Good for nothing except slightly changed endings and video came caring and/or cruelty potential ). Do you chose to attack Rokoa the second time or not? (Sets the duel in the forest or lava zone, have one be harder than the other). Do you spare Rokoa or kill her after the duel? If you kill her, you have the option to either try and escape or side with the Salikai against the warhive. If opt to escape, you fight/sneak your way out of the spire (only now there are more dangerous salikai forces in play, and the warhive invasion coming the other way), and then you choose to get out via the jungle (through the warhive ground forces, with Pilon as the final boss or something) or by air (sudden genre shift to a helicopter shmup with Rakae trying to get past the warhive airfoces. Final boss, flying sunglasses mecha QI). If you side with the salikai, you board the warhive with the salikai teleporter hack and you can either blow the shields (final boss- Pilon) and then run to an escape bod before the missiles hit, or go for the Queen (boss fight, duh). If you take the Queen and the control room, then you have to choose to let the nuclear bad end happen, or turn on the salikai forces for an extra final boss fight. If you spare Rokoa, you head down to the comm room (taking Korli's stealth route, or Rokoa's head on through the arkots route). Then you can choose to go back up, or to side with Rokoa and the warhive to destroy the spire facility (final boss fight- mecha salikai giant warbot?) If you and Rokoa opt to leave, you have the choice of the two escape routes again (ground or air) or going with Rokoa to the warship. Once there you can choose to abandon mission (jump overboard, escape via jungle). Or to screw it and blow the shields again. Or go for the Queen. And then chose whether to help the warhive with the final bridge assault to stop the salikai, or just jump overboard again and leave them to die and the nukes to fly. And to mix it up, if you take the early escape by land branches you're going through the warhive ground forces and Pilon, but if you take the latter ones you're going through salikai ground forces and a one on one with that giant veraunt. And while on Rokoa's mission, if you kill any of her hivemates, it's mission failed, and she comes running to kill you in an nearly impossible boss fight. Winning nets a non-standard game over where Rokoa accuses the player of cheating.

(...if you pay attention, the way I'm getting away with a branching endgame by reusing a lot of stuff. There's only a few maps / enemy sets / bosses that get shuffled around. The plot dialog would be the only stuff that would have to be unique).

Yeah... I won't deny most of this came from trying to brainstorm how the quest could have gone differently if we'd made different choices.

And then for fun, include a three stripes mode. Plays like going Orc Jesus in stone soup. All neumono enemies instantly become allies, hug new neumono into being brainwashed, and slaughter everything else for you, completely ignoring plot. :V
No. 24461 ID: 57a559

Please, 2d Polo game wouldn't be metroidvania
It'd just be the first two Metal Gears, top down and shit
The ones no one played but Kojima referenced the shit out of in Solid anyway. That Big Boss character that was so important and every character cared about? Alllllll fleshed out in Metal Gear before MGS3 was even a thing.

No one will reference the Polo games, we should just skip to the 3d ones and SAY there were 2d ones with important plot points being constantly refered to. Polo will probably be a villain by then and we have a clone as the protagonist. Unity is the new fancy art technological innovation like flash was anyway. Everything's going to be in Unity now.

You know I thought I was joking about polo becoming a villain and a clone would go and save the day against her legacy, but that could actually happen with how things are progressing now in the quest. A few good months after Polo's "Snake Eater" mission where we first meet and defeat Rokoa, we hear about freaking cloning projects starting with Rokoa (Which easily translates to The Boss AI in Peace Walker if we need direct analogies) and then suddenly we'll have clone projects of Polo probably started Korli after we rescue her hive from the salikai. Polo probably goes the roguiest a rogue could go and starts her own hive, an "Outer Haven", the clone protagonist kills the original Polo. Years later Solid Polo at Naked Polo's grave and the Naked Polo shows up going "NOPE still alive" and then gets a heart attack from MOTONDIE virus and... oh I'm trailing off now.

Then Platinum makes a game starring cyborg Biles with a kickass sword.
No. 24462 ID: d6ef5d

>2d Polo game wouldn't be metroidvania
Honestly, the whole reason I first wanted an actual stealth metroidvania is because of the zero suit portions of Metroid Zero Mission. The stealth aspect wanted to be fun, but was so underdeveloped and poorly implemented. I'd love to see it done in a way that actually worked.

Dunno. Sprites are just so much easier to make look good than 3d modeling for a small independent project, and pixeliness matches the exiting quest art.

I didn't really include any early choices (mostly to limit how much the plot veers off course) but it occurs to me you could fit some in. If you don't save Rakae for instance, the aerial escape doesn't become an option. Or you could chose to unlock the neumono knockout ammo (making stealth easier) if you're willing to commit the warcrime of capturing and sacrificing warhivers to salikai experiments.

...not that I'm ever gonna do more than brainstorm this. :V
No. 24463 ID: 9ddf68

If someone did make a Lagotrope game I thought it would be easiest to make one off of unnatural selection just because that one was already set up as a game and the rules are all there. Plus as we have seen in the latest threads Lago already has some sprites for it.

The way I see this one working is in a similar way to FTL where you just keep going until you die or actually get lucky and win and seeing as how the Unnatural Selection world works as everything resets after people try and fail for the CIA spot it would actually make sense. I mean you just start out as a blob like Alison did and you could just reuse the backgrounds from the stages and just throw in the same rules that are in the threads. The difference here is instead of playing as Alison you create your own character, so when you decide it's time to upgrade your body state for the first time you go into a character creation mode where you can pick body size, small (Iso size), medium (Scanner size), or large (Duelist size). Then pick form a bunch of different sprite options form different eye types, head types, torsos, and leg types, then end with picking a color scheme of some kind. Same thing with weapons and clothing. An example would be you could pick something that is bipedal but could change the legs into a naga tail or even turn it into a quadruped then remove the torso completely so now it's more like an animal in appearance. And you could have it that all other AIs/NPCs are randomly generated from all the selections so you will never come across a npc that looks like another.

As for a plot the idea is just to make your character and see where it goes, especially if you can go the FTL route and make every play through unique. Maybe one play through you went the Alison route and just tried to recruit as many NPCs as you could to help build yourself and army and try and power through that way, then on another you meet a really powerful NPC that would have killed you if you didn't join there crew instead, Maybe you did a play through were you just soloed it for as long as you could just to see how far you could make it by yourself. Every play through would be unique and even if you are going through the same maps time and time again it would always feel fresh. The safe zones would act as towns to buy/upgrade your character and any NPCs you have under your belt as well as a place you could play some minigames like gambling or anything else you can think of, and in the later part of the game you start getting branching paths like joining Corrupter or even going to Savior's sanctuary, hell maybe even getting a chance to be one of the admins or maybe you could even find a note from a past self that would give you a side mission of sorts.

... Uh, sorry if it started to sound like I was rambling a bit there I was just kinda saying whatever came to mind but I think this could make a good game... assuming that someone could pull it off that is, and I have no idea how one would do the free roam zones for later in the game but there's my 2 cents on this.
No. 24466 ID: b53faa

uh, yeah but at the same time UnSe is kinda REALLY GODDAM COMPLEX
like I don't even comprehend half the puzzles, it's circuitous as SHIT, and hell, I am fairly certain when we chose to break the game we may have actually ruined our chances of getting the good end.
What I'm saying is, good in thoery but in practice it would play like mario party but with muderous ai
No. 24470 ID: 735f4f

What we need is a Story Seeker dating game. Who will you end up with? Your friend from childhood who still calls you yapper? Or the mysterious lich? And tons of bonus routes for crazy people to romance poisonous swamp snakes and such.
No. 24471 ID: c4e5c2

With a lot of rework on UnSe's mechanics (make them viable, for starters), it could make for a very solid game, but that is probably the last thing I'd work on, merely because of the obscene amount of work it would need to not make it a heavily simplified version of the quest.

Character generation alone would be a ridiculous feat, especially with the exponential growth of needed work to accomplish just having a decent array of clothes that would fit a wide range of bodies. Then all those minigames in the safe zones would, well, be small games in of themselves. Long story short, UnSe has a needy budget.

I'd sooner make a story seeker dating sim. I am probably not going to make a story seeker dating sim.

As for the FTL-like game, I was thinking the opposite, in that it is still to get across a universe/sector/whatever in which near everything wants to kill you. The difference is to have a virtually 100% reliable chance of winning if you are skilled enough. As opposed to invest in a run that is killed because the shop RNG never gave you a good hand, leaving you to just barely scrape by to the end only to dump in front of you one of the most awful implementations of a final boss I've ever seen in a game.

And while a Polo game reinventing the first poloquest would be nice, that is also quite a lot to do, again without great simplification. I was thinking grouped up small little missions, but like I've said, nothing is past the initial thought phase.

I will say though I like the thought of going around as a predator, living the vicious cycle of compromising neumono so that you can survive the neumono hives that want to kill you for compromising neumono.
No. 24473 ID: 735f4f

Those all sound fun. But if you are going to make a game I would aim for something quick because if you stop questing for long I think I will go into withdrawal and die.
No. 24476 ID: 9ddf68

I know if you did make an UnSe game like that it would take a long time and a decent budget I was just saying what came to mind really, you know the whole go big or go home thing. Still if you ever do make a flash anything I have faith that it would be pretty fun. hell if you wanted instead of basing it off of one of your quest you could try and make a game that actually just explores the asteroidverse more so you could have more freedom of what you turn the game into.
No. 24483 ID: eaa6fc

I've been playing Rocketbirds: hardboiled chicken & thought something akin to that could work as a 2d polo sidescrolling game... just a thought
No. 24488 ID: b53faa

Ok, but what if we do a spinoff of asteroidquest revolving around the day-to-day exploits of our green little wanted man-lizard-guy-thing
I forgot their name and the species but he was the first guy we met and havign a bunch of little spinoff games revolving around his exploits in the criminal atmosphere of the meteor just sounds like a megablast to me

You could have everything from straight-up shooting to platformy things and even on into stealth stuff

Failing that, we could start with a completely new universe thing
(ps, someone should rename this thread the "hypothetical lagotrope game projects" thread)
No. 24494 ID: 7db90d

saying "we" means you're gonna be actually working on it
No. 24496 ID: b53faa

Yes, I use the royal we a lot.
No. 24497 ID: b53faa

wait, ignore that it makes no sense
thought this was the minecraft thread.
No. 24654 ID: c51b3b

actually, if anybody still has thoughts about similar games, wouldn't a 2D type sidescroller (or goldenaxe/streets of rage) type fighting game work for say... rokoa?
No. 24658 ID: c3663c

It would be a simpler sort of game, although Rokoa isn't what I would call a good kind of lone protaganist. It might not be as relevant if it is, in fact, a simple sort of game, but I can't say I thought of it much.
No. 24662 ID: b53faa

Honestly my personal beleif here is that we should just make a mod for just cause 2 that replaces the main character with a model of rokoa
Nothing else
just rokoa blowing shit up and zipline-parachuting everything
(It also just occurred to me that the voice would clash hilariously and I love that prospect)
No. 24663 ID: 57a559

Kinda like that one GTA4 mod where we're Goofy and his model is so big and clunky most of the weapons and stuff clip through the body?
No. 24664 ID: e4ee1b


actually that is the perfect game for Rokoa to be in
No. 24732 ID: f29aa1

>a mod for just cause 2 that replaces the main character with a model of polokoa
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