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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 136112178516.gif - (1.41MB , 320x240 , ONWARD!.gif )
23843 No. 23843 ID: b5bc27

Greetings. I am an ambassador going to all the "smaller" chans to offer them a chance to join the growing organism community at 3chan.

We have found that the community at tgchan is interesting, and we want to have it with us.
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No. 23844 ID: 952246

We're way bigger than you. So if there's any such thing going on, shouldn't you be joining us?
No. 23845 ID: 2c81e4

I can't decide whether "interesting" is an understatement or an overstatement or requires more implicative quotation marks.
No. 23847 ID: 78c6ea
File 136114436160.jpg - (56.68KB , 526x550 , euhu.jpg )

Are the mods lax, or trigger happy? What are the rules? Where are you hosted? Dedicated? Could you supply a hyperlink instead of vague search terms? Are you some kind of sociopathic megajerk like the other chan owners are? Too much drama, or not enough drama?
No. 23849 ID: 4183c9
File 136114494973.jpg - (45.73KB , 468x551 , 3chanman.jpg )

Here's a picture of the 3chan head honcho.

Not implying anything, just posting in case you're curious.
No. 23850 ID: a68e3e

There doesn't seem to be much there besides what I can already find on 4chan. No real theme or anything.
No. 23851 ID: 696197

TGChan's status quo is not one that needs meddling with.
No. 23854 ID: a2d9b1

ye who the eff r u
No. 23855 ID: 9ee360

Hmm. There appears to be entirely too much "talking about stuff" and entirely too little questing for me to care. Heck, there's even less porn. :V
No. 23856 ID: 47d311

So when everyone gets fed up with 3chan will someone make 3.5chan? 2.625chan?
No. 23859 ID: b5bc27


They are fairly relaxed, unless you directly fuck with people. Also have this http://3-ch.info/


The theme is that you can post what you will, and unless you post CP or spam, you're pretty much allowed


Then make a quest thread, people will post
No. 23860 ID: 57a559

Going there removes a fair amount of organization that quests need. We have a wiki, private, organized discussion in discussion threads on a discussion board without the need to clutter up the quest board, and for general chatting up needs there's general discussion.

The only thing going there could do is slightly increase the audience size, which has drawbacks on few popular quests, there's no doubt that a high amount of suggestions can hurt a quest author as much as a low amount with many to slug through and make decisions on which to use. A big board would do wonders for getting less popular authors and quests suggestions to work with, no doubt, but as soon as it gets popular the organization and readability would fall apart as well.

The apparent goal I'm getting from this 3chan seems to be just to make a big community to compete with others. Not even a specific type of community, unless this invitation to join counts as specifying, though that sounds more like exclusivity rather than actually being a chan.
No. 23861 ID: a2d9b1

Tgchan seems to have more people anyway
No. 23862 ID: d29147

>A big board would do wonders for getting less popular authors and quests suggestions to work with, no doubt, but as soon as it gets popular the organization and readability would fall apart as well.

I never thought that a bigger audience could hurt the readability and organization of a quest
No. 23863 ID: beeca1

Lunar Quest, for one. When its audience grew, the endless textwalling began.
No. 23864 ID: f2c20c

There are no IDs on your board. That opens up ballot stuffing problems in quests.

Also there's no board that fits for quests.
No. 23865 ID: 9ee360

>Then make a quest thread
Ah, the old faulty wiki argument. If it isn't right or good as is, it's because you aren't contributing yourself.

Sorry, if and when I ever try to run a quest myself, I don't plan to add another variable to the already tricky mix by jumping to a new community just because they're sadly lacking in quests.
No. 23869 ID: a7d3c0
File 136125214518.png - (302.12KB , 1024x1024 , Pumkin.png )

There is no "growing community" at 3chan. Is it called 3chan because only 3 people go to it?
No. 23871 ID: a2d9b1

No. 23974 ID: 8dbc01

tgchan is well organized and it does what it's meant to do well. the only benefit i could possibly see from joining is the possibility of a larger audience but even that i'm side-eyeing slightly. my understanding is that tgchan was created to make sure that the audience would be relevant and interested in quests to avoid endless stupid/trolling comments and to tack ourselves onto a board that seems to have no theme or focus whatsoever kind of cancels that original intention out.

also you started this off by saying "greetings," seemingly unironically, which makes you look like a creepy tool
No. 23994 ID: f1b3ee


>creepy tool

Burn, son. Reach over your keyboard and help yourself to some of that ointment; about time you used it for what you're supposed to.
No. 23995 ID: 952246

I'd like to take a moment to remind folks that sage works on tgchan, and this thread doesn't really deserve to hug the top of the board for months.
No. 24100 ID: a5c529

Damn dude, way to tell him. And how day you say /smaller/ chans! This is a thriving community, a big family, go away!
No. 24103 ID: 3ef034

Might just want to lock this thread or something to prevent people bumping it up.
No. 24202 ID: 65449b

This guy is, indeed, a creepy tool, and if he thinks he's getting anybody worthwhile to come over to his board with threads like this he's got another thing coming.
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