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File 135785464585.jpg - (16.58KB , 375x375 , 7245629_p12_drifloon.jpg )
23417 No. 23417 ID: 55c4cf

General Pokemon, Video Game discussion, Trading, Interesting art, or whatever. There are a lot of Pokemon players in the community, and I realized there's no thread to ask or talk about things so here you go.
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No. 23418 ID: 55c4cf

I am looking for a Modest Cottonee, I need it for my intended team, but it is not in White.

Female preferred, named Minty.
My team is level 40, so anything below that is fine. I will be willing to actually make the same effort to trade someone if they would like something.
Thank you.
No. 23419 ID: 027156
File 135786072756.jpg - (53.19KB , 351x480 , mistychu.jpg )


so, cover fossil or plume fossil?
No. 23427 ID: 472280

Hahahahaah! beautiful!
No. 23432 ID: 726b8f

Plume all the way.
Stone Edgean, Acrobaticsan badass featherraptor of doom as compared to some turtle thing
How is this a choice?
No. 23451 ID: 55c4cf

ty dasaki for getting me the Cottonee.
If anyone needs a non-legendary white exclusive or whatever, I will try to help/return the favor.

Not sure if I will bother with B/W2 with X/Y coming out now.
No. 23462 ID: 99d430
File 135804476055.jpg - (493.56KB , 1300x1062 , eevee.jpg )


I dunno man, the last time I beat the league it said I'd been playing for 42 hours plus and I'm still not done with it.
No. 23464 ID: a68e3e

Get B/W2. It's pretty fun if a little samey at first.
No. 23467 ID: beeca1

Oh, and don't pick the Grass-type starter. You will suffer if you do.
No. 23468 ID: 49f442


Unfortunately, Superior is probably the best of the starters for in-game use.

Perhaps you shouldn't give in-game advice based on competitive usage.
No. 23469 ID: 99d430

I'll have to agree with the guy who said not to pick Smugleaf. mine never carried its own weight. and I'm talking single player.
No. 23472 ID: beeca1

Yeah, I'm not talking about competitive play. Single-player mode. You don't really notice how many weaknesses Grass has, how many types it does half damage to, and how very many Poison, Ice, Fire, and/or Bug-type Pokemon mooks have. Not to mention Steel and Dragon.

There are so very few Pokemon it's actually useful against.
No. 23482 ID: 49f442


that's okay, because you're wrong. There are a ton of physical pokes in the game that are bulky enough to hate on lots of threats, but Serperior can laugh through them with coil.

Grass is good against water, rock, and ground offensively; and water, grass, electric, and ground defensively. And there are a bunch of good pogeys of those types in the game. And since serperior can learn return, it still hits anything other than basically Ferrothorn, Excavalier, and Chandelure perfectly fine in-game. Coil/Return/Leaf Blade/Leech Seed can just laugh all the way through most things.

Samurott and Emboar are too slow and too easy to kill. As starters go, serperior is as good as it gets in B/W.
No. 23485 ID: 680c02

I dunno man, my Emboar never gets one-shotted by anything not holding life orbs and/or uses earthquake. and if you give it thunder punch, fire blast, hammer arm and scald it one-shots almost anything not dragon, psychic or ghost.

well, maybe bug too but let's face it all bugs are pussies so that's okay
No. 23486 ID: 680c02

uh i mean poison

who are also all pussies
No. 23487 ID: 680c02

except gengar and genesect and maybe venusaur

okay im done now
No. 23489 ID: 49f442


The big problem with Emboar is that Darmanitan exists and is available early.
No. 23512 ID: 9cdfda
File 135851384640.jpg - (649.98KB , 800x534 , POKEMANSFROMJAPAN.jpg )

also mandatory.
No. 23565 ID: 78c6ea
File 135913986709.png - (203.05KB , 800x690 , 1302262711_pocketmen_wtp1.png )


> from Japan
No. 23817 ID: f398b0
File 136093726098.jpg - (42.52KB , 460x288 , darksideoftheeevee.jpg )

No. 23818 ID: f398b0
File 136093728370.jpg - (120.37KB , 900x888 , darumakapie.jpg )

No. 23819 ID: f398b0
File 136093738671.jpg - (157.20KB , 330x393 , togepi.jpg )

No. 23956 ID: 389f2b
File 136252305239.jpg - (6.81KB , 221x229 , Bulbsaur Anatomy.jpg )

No. 23957 ID: 389f2b
File 136252316009.jpg - (7.31KB , 221x228 , Charmander Anatomy.jpg )

No. 23958 ID: 389f2b
File 136252318311.jpg - (5.62KB , 251x201 , Meowth Anatomy.jpg )

No. 23959 ID: 389f2b
File 136252320730.gif - (94.79KB , 450x482 , Pikachu Anatomy.gif )

No. 23960 ID: 389f2b
File 136252325749.jpg - (6.73KB , 221x228 , Squirtle Anatomy.jpg )

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