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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 134229270409.jpg - (348.27KB , 1920x1200 , dayz.jpg )
21848 No. 21848 ID: af3431

So we can get some sort of group going.

Post here if you play, what you're doing, and if you're looking for friends.

For those that don't know: http://dayzmod.com/
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No. 21849 ID: 99090a

I'm usually up to play whenever, just ping me on IRC.
No. 21852 ID: 7b1b37

I've wanted to play for a while, but $30 is too much for a game with such mixed reviews
No. 21853 ID: 4bdd79

Oh god, DayZ.
>zombies are faster than the player, and are impossible to get rid of once you've expended your meager starting ammo
>they also have something like double the player's health, so I really hope you're good at headshotting while running with a Makarov
>also the mod is so unresponsive that they take a full second to die from headshots
>crawling is godmode
>impossible to get a good gun because some asshole has already taken said gun and is killing everybody else with it
>same goes for ammo and any other useful kit
>in fact, it's pretty safe to assume that everybody you meet is hostile
>night is fucking pitch black, but is also necessary because it makes it harder for other players to see you
Bear in mind, this is all based on my experience with older versions. I don't know if 1.7 is any better.
No. 21854 ID: 2bc35c

It got much better.
>no starting weapon, you get a flashlight instead
>zombies have better hearing and viewing cones
>food and water run out faster
>can't fill up canteens at certain water sources, because the water is 'undrinkable' (but looks indistinguishable from any other water), so when you are dying of thirst and see a water hole in the distance -- good luck
>at 50% gamma level, the nights are pitch black with a 3 foot sight radius. You literally cannot see the ground below you,because it
s 5 foot away.

But I think the last patch changed a lot again and reversed some things.
No. 21858 ID: af3431

I hate to use the excuse that has so far been used for every problem, but remember, the mod is in alpha right now. It's not perfect. And what I hear, it's more fun if you play with a group of friends and don't expect to live very long than if you go solo and take it seriously.
No. 21859 ID: 3581fd


>but remember, the mod is in alpha right now.

That is exactly WHY people should be voicing their specific complaints at every opportunity.

A game being in Alpha/Beta isn't just 'this is why it is okay for my game to be bad.' It's a point where you are testing shit to refine it and make it good. Feedback is a significant part of that process.
No. 21861 ID: af3431

I'm not saying people shouldn't voice their complaints, I'm just saying no one should let the bugs put them off the game because it's finished. Check out CHKilroy's "The Days Ahead" series on youtube. Some of the funniest parts are caused by bugs, you just gotta roll with it.
No. 21862 ID: 4bdd79

>fuck up big time, break the moon
>game becomes unplayable at night due to lack of moonlight (also because everybody needs it as a compass)
>get bugged by entire community to fix it
>fix it
>next patch makes the dark nights a million times worse because fuck you and also fuck you
No. 21869 ID: c74c7d

Rocket is incapable of fixing the game other than adding artificial difficulty for the sake of "LOL DEAL WITH IT"
No. 21871 ID: 99090a

<Trout>well that was a good run
<Trout>Ave and I did pretty well for ourselves this time
<Trout> I had a kickass gun and lots of supplies, he had... an axe
PuddOmegahe won?
<Trout>We didn't fight, we both went back to a barn to pick up some guns
<Trout>When an Indian man talking to himself on the mic killed both of us
<PuddOmega> haha

<Trout> aaaaaaaaaa I can't
<DayZGaruda> I spawned, walked a bit, got shot, fell off a bridge and broke my legs, then died
No. 21901 ID: af3431

If there is anyone brave enough to face these bugs and glitches zombies, join us on irc in #daytg
No. 21902 ID: b4ee05
File 134311599626.jpg - (74.96KB , 937x627 , KTuai.jpg )

No. 21903 ID: 722415
File 134315702757.jpg - (77.96KB , 639x595 , 1240393095655.jpg )

No. 21904 ID: e3f578

>never forget Maklo
No. 21906 ID: a7a256

No. 21908 ID: af3431

>June 18, 2012
>Never Forget
>RIP Maklo

Seriously though guys, we're getting a pretty good team going here. We usually play on US 858. So far it's myself, Ralith, Kasaron, Trout, and Blaank.

Anyway, here's a video of awesome things to do in DayZ regardless of the lack of specific goals.
No. 21909 ID: 34cbef

oh man, wish i could play this game- but oh god dammit i cant... laptop is shit
No. 21911 ID: 97486c

>Wow this game looks pretty interesting. I think I'll-
>Needs Arma 2 to play.

Well damn.
No. 21912 ID: 3ff87e


I'm running this on a PowerBook from 2006 with Bootcamp. I mean, the settings are all the way down and I get small freeze ups rarely when it's hot, but it works. Just try it.
No. 21914 ID: c74c7d


[ ] Macbooks
[ ] Cooling

Difficult choice there, brah
No. 21915 ID: b4ee05
File 134326509295.png - (12.23KB , 500x500 , 1317591729117.png )


= /
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