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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 133946146392.png - (125.45KB , 854x480 , 2012-06-11_17_31_43.png )
21427 No. 21427 ID: 516a9d

Because fuck yeah, Terrafirmacraft.

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No. 21437 ID: 516a9d


I had such high hopes. But you dashed them, like so many other mods in the past.

First of all, there's no documentation. Well, no GOOD documentation. The wiki, such as it is, has a few 'guides' to play along with, but in terms of actual info, is actually useless. Several pages are empty, a few are factually incorrect, and most are less than helpful.

The game requires you to find two of... twenty something ores? before the rest. All ores seem to occur not based on height, but on different types of stone. Which is all well and good, but these different stone types occur in massive blobs that can take up several chunks and oftentimes dozens of z-levels, making it so if you can't find the right stone, you need to move your ENTIRE camp.

Making metal tools has so many elements of trial and error it is utterly ludicrous. First, you must gather reeds (which spawn incredibly rarely) to make paper, get some ink, then build a scribing table, which presents you with a 5x5 area to create a 'plan'. You need to figure out what arrangement of ink blots on paper yeild a plan for the tool you want. THere's no hints. You, essentially, MUST use the wiki for this. Or watch a video. Guessing it would be nigh-impossible. Now that you have a plan, you need clay molds. However, in order to 'catch' the metal, you need to leave the mold IN THE OUTPUT SLOT. Remove it, and you need to make another. Now that you have the mold waiting, you stick the ore in there! However, if you take out THAT result, you have to start all over, losing the mold and the metal, because fuck realism: YOu can't put the mold back in. You have to wait until it fills up, which is indicated by the durability bar. And nothing else.
Now then. You need an anvil. Yo do this, you need smoothstone, which requires you to mine AROUND a block of stone. Can't cook it. THen you arrange seven of them in a crafting table to get it - unless you used the wrong stone, which half the rock in this game is. Then you make a hammer of the same stuff (using cobble) and set it in the lower left slot.

Now then, reheat the metal, but DON'T LET IT GET TOO HOT. If you do, it will FUCKING VANISH, because there's no mold there, because you never thought that game would actually steal resources from you without warning.

News flash: It will. At every opportunity. I'm shocked meat can't burn and instead always cooks perfectly.

Got all that? Now take the metal to the anvil and line up the green thinger with the red thinger, while following the 'rules' on the right. Left buttons make it go left, right buttons make it go right. Now that you have a PIECE OF METAL, you can craft it into a chisel head, assuming you made - sorry, looked up the plan online and drew it up. Once you have the plan, place it in the slot (the one with the icon that looks nothing like it) and the metal in the other top slot. You'll need to reheat the tin back to "Hot****" first - but don't go any higher, or it'll melt and you'll lose it or have to start over.

Assuming you can beat it into shape, you now have a metal chisel head. Stick it on a stick.

Great! Now you can make the bloomery. Stick the chiosel into crafting with cobble and make a lot of brick. Yes, a lot. Like a stack. Now arrange it like so:


The pluses being brick. The air slots should be surrounded by brick but be open to the air.
Knock out one side at eye level, slot in the bloomery block, which is a coal surrounded by brick in crafting, and slide that shit in there.

How does the bloomery work? Fuck if I know, because it doesn't work for me!

(Screens following)
No. 21438 ID: 516a9d
File 133953948698.png - (140.44KB , 854x480 , 2012-06-12_15_17_30.png )

The wiki says you need to throw your shit into the thing at the top. Like, literally, toss it in there. That is the full extent of the instructions: Throw in charcoal and minerals, then slot in the molds at the actual bloomery block, which has one slot.

As you can see, this is clearly incorrect. This screen is taken five minutes after waiting for something, anything, to occur. There is 8 of each in there.
No. 21439 ID: 516a9d
File 133953959190.png - (138.09KB , 854x480 , 2012-06-12_14_57_40.png )

Further, as you can see, I have followed the instructions on the wiki essentially to the letter.

The bloomery is set into the stone, but it should be tall enough.
No. 21440 ID: 516a9d
File 133953967155.png - (50.55KB , 854x480 , 2012-06-12_14_57_35.png )

Finally, here is the bloomery's interface.

You can see in my inventory the first error of my metalworking days. That is one FOURTH of an unshaped ingot there.
No. 21441 ID: 516a9d
File 133953992322.png - (136.66KB , 854x480 , 2012-06-12_15_24_58.png )

Apparently I'm supposed to stick the 'bloomery' block at the bottom of the chimney apparatus. This isn't stated anywhere in the wiki. Further, the Bloomery can't be moved. Fuck up? You need to craft it again.
Here is the fixed Bloomery.
No. 21442 ID: 927efa

So wait, why are you making Minecraft harder?
No. 21447 ID: f387a1

I know nothing about Minecraft, but you never did a self-imposed challenge?
No. 21448 ID: 927efa


No. 21450 ID: b85f8c

The mod's creator touts it as a more realistic minecraft with more of an emphasis on the survival aspect. He completely fucks that up though on several issues:

1) The soft metal roadblock. You have to find tin, bismuth, or zinc before you can make a chisel to make bricks to make a bloomery so that you can smelt ANYTHING ELSE. Logically you should be able to use other smelting methods like kilns, make CLAY BRICKS, or just y'know make a fucking stone chisel and deal with it being a shitty yet functional chisel.
2) Aforementioned stone layer issues, meaning you have to wander around all over the place just to find your first soft metal before you can do ANYTHING. The prospector's pick having no real indication of distance to the ore doesn't help things. It should give gradually smaller traces the further you are from the ore, not just drop off suddenly.
3) He nerfed sapling drop rates and forced you to manually shave trees rather than let them drop when you cut the whole thing down. Why, I have no idea- it's not like you'll ever run out of wood, as the best wood is still renewable even with the low drop rates. He even completely disabled sapling drops for some trees- Sequoia for instance- saying that he wanted to raise awareness of deforestation of some bullshit. Unfortunately, because those trees don't drop saplings, there is no reason not to just chop them all down to get some fast shave-free wood. If trees reproduced on their own, then maybe he'd have a point.
4) He removed the stone sword, saying it made no sense, which is reasonable. You have to either use an axe or a javelin, both of which are shitty replacements. This means you can't kill skeletons very fast, and thus without armor you DIE. A LOT. Having died wandering in the middle of nowhere, you will NOT recover your items.
5) You can't make a compass at all anymore. This means you can't make a map either! THIS IS BAD FOR EXPLORATION.
No. 21453 ID: 516a9d

About the only cool thing about the mod is the cave in mechanic and the prospector's pick, to be honest.
No. 21454 ID: 132b99

also you need to make a new stronger anvil every time you want to use a better metal. stone only works on tin zinc and bismuth. want copper tools? you gotta build a copper anvil first, then you gotta build a bronze anvil, which you can only do with a copper anvil. then you gotta make a iron anvil, etc etc.
No. 21469 ID: f387a1

Fake longevity!
No. 21500 ID: 3581fd


>and forced you to manually shave trees

Having the leaves autobreak when you chopped the tree down caused ridiculous amounts of slowdown apparently, and he's been focusing on other things before fixing this. Which I think is a bad focus because tree shaving is boring.

Anvil Tiers are also just completely stupid.

I like most of the rest of it, though.
No. 21510 ID: 132b99

treecapitator does it with like, no slowdown at all.
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