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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 133807616228.png - (2.14MB , 1680x1028 , 2012-05-27_01_27_11.png )
21300 No. 21300 ID: c761dc

Do you know what Minecraft really needed? Actual gameplay. The Minecraft Invasion Mod offers pretty much that.

So what does it do? To keep it simple: you build a base and defend it against hordes of zombies, pigmen, spiders and all kinds of other baddies. Other than actual minecraft-mobs, these guys have some tricks up their sleeves. Pigmen engineers will build bridges and towers, put down ladders and all in all be a big nuisance. Zombies can dig through walls. Spiders jump around (ohmygod). And other stuff.

It's SMP-compatible so the 5 of us already raised and lost around 4 strongholds. We're getting a bit further each time and made it to wave 33. It is fun figuring out designs and outsmarting the AI. Try it out for yourselves, you definitely wont be disappointed: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/780480-125-invasion-mod-v094-so-you-think-your-base-is-tough-do-you/
No. 21305 ID: 132b99

install industrial craft, make a ring of tesla coils.
No. 21307 ID: dd36de

We did not try that out yet but, man, I hope you can combine it with industrialcraft. Or some other mods that give you a much needed buff in the later levels.

A rocket-launcher would definitely be nice.
No. 21308 ID: 2563d4

Minecraft tower defence, you say?
No. 21309 ID: 847d4d

A game that allows you to build defenses against hordes of enemies and then run around in a first-person perspective assisting them with your own weapons?

Capital idea! Someone should try selling that.
No. 21310 ID: 4bdd79

It's called Sanctum. It's less fun than it sounds on paper.
No. 21311 ID: 2563d4

You must have some pretty exciting paper.
No. 21316 ID: 127df6

Wow, awesome mod! I can't wait to try this! Thanks so much for putting it up!
No. 21318 ID: 3e84d2

If you want to we could start something together. The more the merrier ;)
No. 21319 ID: 156448

Flynx X Tenyoken my OTP
No. 21321 ID: 4bdd79

Don't have the mod on hand to test this, but I think I just figured out a really simple (if incredibly time-consuming) way to autowin:
>find a nice flat area at ~64 elevation
>mine a 33x33 pit in that area, all the way down to the bedrock if possible (try to save the lava and a few stacks' worth of stone)
>build a 31x31 platform at ~240 elevation, centered over the pit
>place lava all along the platform's borders
>the only exit is a single ladder just outside the lava wall
>the nexus is dangling from the center of the main platform, accessible only by ladder (its own platform also doubles as an emergency maintenance and sniping platform)
At this point literally the only mobs that can get anywhere near you are zombie pigmen and pigmen engineers. Zombies can be killed by just luring or knocking them out of the magma wall (at that height fall damage is instakill), and engineers can be killed by just dropping more lava on them.
No. 21322 ID: 6c61ee

Couldn't you just make a flying fortress and use nether portals as the entry to win? Or can the spiders jump /that/ high?
No. 21324 ID: 2563d4

Clearly then, what minecraft needs is flying bats that pick up and drop spiders on you. Just like real life!
No. 21326 ID: 132b99

the nexus, the thing that spawns the critters, needs to be close enough to the ground so the enemies have valid spawn points. also pig engineers ca build upward.
No. 21329 ID: 13276b

Argh what did I do! Uh ...

There are quite a lot of ways to break the game/mod. Most of them consist of building impossible fortresses or traps the AI has no way of getting through. A flying fortress is the most common way of just outwitting the enemy. So you have to give them a fair chance - until new mob-types are added that will eventually even that out. It's more fun that way :)

As dumb as the enemies are (we are still talking about minecraft here), they tend to surprise you at times. The latest fort we built, the one in the OP, had a tiny-little underground room with the nexus inside of it. We built this whole big courtyard around it, plonked a tower on the shaft and set tons of traps (spiderweb, minefields, dispensers, you name it). While most of the earlier waves tried to reach the shaft to jump down to the nexus, there were those that just dug under our defenses and completely ignored the obvious path. We caught them after a while how they tunneled under our walls.

At the end of the round there was this enormous cavern under our base - they tended to ignore our defenses and did something surprisingly smart. Some even began to hole out a mountain that was nearby, as if they tried to secretly build a larger tunnel to our base from a point, where we couldn't see them.

One could argue that it's a no-brainer that they'll stupidly charge towards the nexus and, when its underground, just refuse to scale the walls of your fort, but this was still a pretty cool thing that happened. And even cooler if you have to improvise and make decisions on the spot to foil their plans.
No. 21331 ID: 132b99

indeed, which is why at the top of the Keep is normally the place. so they want to go diagonally up. instead of down where they can tunnel. but yeah, some other mods just break it insanely.
No. 21339 ID: 8999c6

I donno, the sheer amount of mobs can really wreck your shit.
No. 21341 ID: 132b99

s solid ring of tesla coils kept full power from a bunch of HV solar arrays. on top of every 5th coil is a DM pedestal with a archangel's smite ring.
No. 21368 ID: a4b65f

and then it becomes nighttime
No. 21372 ID: 132b99

MFSUs dude.
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