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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 133754733967.jpg - (39.47KB , 400x507 , 1337547185810[1].jpg )
21230 No. 21230 ID: 21c7d7

Engine Heart General.

Art, stories, plot hooks, general ideas, anything is welcome if it pertains to Engine Heart.
No. 21231 ID: 58a693

What is Engine Heart?
No. 21232 ID: 21c7d7


>What is Engine heart


"Engine Heart starts off with a pretty simple premise: the humans are gone, but their robots remain, toddling and ticking around in a sad shadow of their former lives. What you make of the setting beyond that is up to you, since there is no default campaign setting beyond a post-apocalyptic Earth (and even that's not set in stone).

The tone of the game can range from lighthearted and comedic to bleak and heartbreaking, often during the same session! Your robots range in size from something that can fit in a shoebox to something the size of a refrigerator, and come equipped with whatever tools you think they might have needed to do their jobs back in the day. Larger robots might appear in the game, but only as GM characters.

There are no classes and few restrictions on what kinds of equipment your robot can have. If you want to dump most of your starting points into a top-of-the-line trash compactor and play a barely-sentient box on wheels, you can. Not your thing? How about a human-looking robot with a taste for poetry and the fine arts? Both are equally viable, and both are exactly the kinds of machines that might be found wandering the decaying ruins of your home town."

-RPG.net reviewer.
No. 21233 ID: 132b99

think Wall-E the game.
in fact, think someone stated him.
No. 21242 ID: db6f00

Huh, this sounds really interesting!
No. 21265 ID: eea689

Engine Heart is my favorite game that I own a physical copy of but have never had the chance to play.

I wanted to run a game for some friends, but they weren't really interested.

Maybe I'll try to run a quest and use that system for the crunch? I guess robots might be easier for my negative art skills than biological critters...
No. 21268 ID: 132b99

well they would have more angular so they don't needs much skill.
No. 21358 ID: eea689

I'm running RhoQuest at http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/418017.html on the Engine Heart system as a framework.
No. 21420 ID: 5eea01

You need to run an actual campaign on IRC.
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