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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 133337643662.gif - (53.10KB , 440x330 , not_beecock.gif )
20863 No. 20863 ID: 30df25

Not sure where else to go for help; this is the only place I know of that talks about 4chan.

Every time I try to post to /tg/ (or any other board! but I only post to /tg/), I get redirected to board /z/, shown a picture of beecock.jpg (not shown on the left), and a message "oh not the board is gone!"

Happens using any browser. Does not happen if I use a proxy. Is this an April Fools Joke that spilled over to April 2nd, or is this some mod banning me from all boards permanently?
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No. 20864 ID: 210977

have you tried clearing your browser cache and trying again?
No. 20865 ID: 30df25
File 133339347758.jpg - (20.38KB , 493x387 , 1319136663506.jpg )

Doesn't matter if I clear my cache or use a different browser.
I found part of the problem: if I go to http://4chan.org/banned , I'm told I have a 7-day timeout from posting to /co/. Doesn't explain why I was getting the beecock.jpg instead of the normal banned message. Also doesn't explain why I get beecock.jpg when I'm trying to post to any board that isn't /co/.

I'm guessing it's a software glitch; the thingamajigger that prevents me from posting isn't checking first to see which board I'm posting to, and it's assuming any ban is a global ban.

I'll file a bug report. I hope I get to talk to a sane mod, and not one of the power-mad ones.
No. 20866 ID: 210977


have you tried rebooting it?
No. 20874 ID: affb00
File 133347498735.jpg - (3.96KB , 136x170 , next post.jpg )


>> /co/

There's your problem. You're going to 4chan. Cut it out.
No. 20875 ID: 72d49b

You're beecocked. I didn't know the mods still did that. You should be able to access /b/, or at least it used to be that you could. But yeah, sounds like a bug since it should only apply to /co/.

You don't have much room to talk, considering you're going to tgchan.
No. 20876 ID: affb00
File 133360822754.jpg - (365.04KB , 1280x1167 , goinplaces.jpg )


> implying tgchan isn't better than crushing your hand in a vice
> implying 4chan is
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