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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 133247268974.jpg - (67.75KB , 468x266 , armored-core-v-20110202103818069.jpg )
20782 No. 20782 ID: 049dfa

So, Armored Core V is out. I had an idea, if there were enough people here on tgchan that actually play, why not make a tgchan team? So, are there any people here that're interested?
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No. 20783 ID: 30c02a

What is this.
No. 20785 ID: 049dfa

Armored Core 5. It's a giant robot game for the PS3 and Xbox 360 made by From Software. You can look up some videos of it on youtube, probably to get some idea of what it plays like.
No. 20787 ID: 049dfa

the majority of the game is multiplayer. When you start up, you join or make a team, team members can then assist you on missions and vice versa. Additionally teams can invade territories on the world map to try and take them from other teams. You can also hire yourself out as a mercenary so other people can bring you along on invasions or missions if they so choose to
No. 20790 ID: eec907

Depends. PS3, or 360? I might end up picking it up for PS3, but that'll heavily rely on whether or not there will be other folks to play with.
No. 20791 ID: 049dfa


PS3, natch. Why would anyone use 360?
No. 20827 ID: 049dfa
File 133311683788.jpg - (27.35KB , 612x344 , darksouls1.jpg )

Ok, so, went ahead and made a team. If anyone here also has Armored Core V for the PS3 and would like to join a team with tgchan bros, Knights Solaire is recruiting.
No. 20829 ID: 394881

O-oh god. I almost have to pick the game up now. We can join in JOLLY CO-OPERATION~
No. 20837 ID: 9a34be

You shall have another member shortly. Namely myself.
No. 20839 ID: 049dfa


I saw! Welcome to the fold.

Also, we've reached Team Level 50, so everything is available in our shop. Except the Ultimate Weapons, which you have to get in story/order mode
No. 20842 ID: 9a34be

Speaking of finishing story mode...

What the hell was with the final boss being so weak? It took me more time to defeat... pretty much anything else in the game than it took to defeat it. It went down in less than a minute.
No. 20843 ID: 049dfa

if you'd like, next time I'm on, hit me up and I can hook you up with the sun icon I made for a decal.
No. 20848 ID: 049dfa


A lot of enemies have extremely specialized defenses. Usually they have one that they are amazing against, one that they are middling against, and one that they are terrible against. The scavengers, for example, have like 3000 KE defense and 200 TE defense.

The boss of level 7 has similar defenses, but skewed the other way. If you just fire at him with gatling/shot guns he goes down in about 2 seconds.

If the garage system didn't make it apparent -- along with lower part costs and higher rewards -- ACV is a lot more focused than the previous games around retooling yourself to fit the situations. The weapons you use make a HUGE difference in story mode.
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