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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 133167889907.jpg - (25.22KB , 290x504 , Why.jpg )
20696 No. 20696 ID: 071b75

>Want to play RP games IRL but literally no game shops within 50 miles of my house
>No drivers license so even if i wanted to go through the retarded hassle of driving to a game shop or someones house it is still impossible
>Try to form and join games online
>They always fall apart.
>Find comic book store that sells miniatures and has tables to play in the back
Alrighty then, this place ought to have some RPG players
>A bunch of obese early 30 something year olds who are talking about anal plugs
>Fuck me why.jpg

I just want to play RPGs /tg/ but life keeps getting in the way. What makes it even harder is the fact that I am 18, most RPG players are old as fuck so they don't want to hang around some kid anyways.

Damn. Anyone else in a similar predicament?
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No. 20699 ID: 0d7a83
File 133168420627.jpg - (32.43KB , 413x500 , BECAUSE.jpg )

Maybe you should just give in and get a anal plug.
No. 20700 ID: ed57e8

yo. only got 1 irl friend around that likes playing, and a one person party is rather hard to work with. also, 22.
No. 20701 ID: bdb3f8

two things: One, don't assume that playing RPGs in real life is going to magically be more reliable than doing it online. It's a little better, sure, but most of the same complications apply, and the second session mortality rate for games is high.

Two, don't let a single instance of anal plug conversation set the entire tone of your relation with those dorks. Sometimes conversations go weird places, we are all guilty. If it becomes a consistent pattern then you have every right to run screaming in the other direction though.
And don't be too self-conscious about the age difference. It is a bigger deal to you than it is to them. Once a gamer clears collage, they generally decide not to give a fuck how old their friends are as long as they speak the same culture.
No. 20702 ID: 32e547

You hang out at TGChan (or any Chan really) and get upset that the players were talking about thins like anal plugs?

Have you actually talked to them and tried out a game? Just because they're 30, fat and talk about plugs doesn't mean that they aren't fun people to be around. Try it first with an open mind (because you can easily decide your not going to have fun before hand) you might find that they have fun and challenging sessions and aren't so bad to be around.

Protip: If you start refusing to play with people because they are outside your normal demographic for friend or are even a little creepy or weird during the game you'll miss out on a lot of fun games.
No. 20705 ID: 2563d4

Where by "fun" you mean "unpleasant and uncomfortable".

Since life isn't a comedy film full of hi-lariously contrived situations which foster long sequences of misunderstandings, chances are that if someone's a creepy fuck when you first encounter them, they're going to be a creepy fuck weeks later when they're telling you all about their sexual fetishes. Again.

(More pressingly, I have a fairly hefty sense of copypasta deja vu, "/tg/".)
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