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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 133145005380.gif - (24.36KB , 500x500 , tumblr_m0pk9rgdK81r5h2ogo1_500.gif )
20657 No. 20657 ID: 459534

Weaver and his brother have been evicted from their apartment and are threatened with homelessness. They're asking for donations to help ease the blow.

See here: http://tgweaver.tumblr.com/post/19107187069/help

And here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3256976/

I'm not quite sure if this news belongs here but it's important, and I figure putting it here will be a sure-fire way to garner the attention it needs.
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No. 20658 ID: 3e85e3
File 133145278177.gif - (1.16MB , 250x197 , omg holy crap star trek.gif )

No. 20659 ID: f730a1

Sent Weaver some dollars.
No. 20660 ID: 1268e6

Chipped in.
No. 20661 ID: 8486d0

Did my part, hope it helps weaver!
No. 20662 ID: 0d7a83
File 133147726475.gif - (1.38MB , 320x176 , 1327214625253.gif )

No. 20663 ID: 88e5ad

yeah, the man does not belong on the street.
No. 20664 ID: 3c8f9b

I dont have any cash, but this reminded me of a similar situation with a dA artist who needed money for a surgery and we could do the same some people did back then.

Im a drawfag myself, never really posted on Tgchan before, but i think something we could do is a massive comission sale, get someone trustfull (this is the hard part) to control a paypal account to get the money from the comissions there, and then everyone can set up a price for example:
"If you donate 15$ or more you will get a free draw from X", and then from time to time that person sends all the comissions money to Weaver.

This is just an idea and im sure it has its flaws, but again, its just an idea.
No. 20665 ID: bccf7b


Guys! Remember the Sharkstream?

We could do that. Chip in money to Weaver, while people draw stuff, or something.
No. 20666 ID: 1854db

I dunno if weaver needs tens of thousands of dollars.
No. 20667 ID: d63417

Considering he tries to beg for his livelihood instead of getting a job he'll probably really need thousands of dollars.
No. 20669 ID: 8e18cd
File 133150070051.png - (559.15KB , 330x559 , 1320808530802.png )

Yeah? No... It's time to learn to earn money, like any normal person.

Constant begging on the ground of his creativity is not going to cut it.
No. 20670 ID: 9cb4b3

I'm gonna third this.
No. 20671 ID: ed57e8

uhhh, he DID a have a job. just because he needs a influx of dosh doesn't mean he sits on his ass between asking.
No. 20672 ID: 8e18cd


And he quit it after what? A month? You usuaully get evicted if you're WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overdue on the rent.
No. 20673 ID: 88e5ad


you sound a lot like you're assuming a lot of things without actually knowing anything for certain. you know what they say about assuming...
No. 20674 ID: 97486c

Constant begging? This is the only time I've even seen him just directly ask for cash.The last time he gave out drawings for it.
Did you actually even read the post? He just needs something so he isn't living on the fucking streets for a bit.
I was in a similar situation myself and I know just how hard it is to even ask for help. If not for the bit that I'd gotten I don't even know where I'd be right now.
No. 20675 ID: 4183c9

>you know what they say about assuming...
"If you're assumin', you're ridin' with Stalin"?
No. 20676 ID: 1854db

I don't know about him quitting his job, but that is not anywhere near why he's getting thrown out.

Also yeah he asked for money only once before this and that was in return for essentially commissions. Buncha haters in here.
No. 20677 ID: 993638

Man, do you have any idea how hard it can be to find a job these days? Even if you are in a place with a half-decent job market you'll still have to fight tooth and nail to get that minimum wadge no benefits job, because there's at least three other dudes who want it too.
No. 20679 ID: 34c044


I'd buy that if he actively searched for a job...

But given his previous record of begging for money and not actively searching for a job. No.

Hell even Captain Slowpoke was jobless at one point and he never ever begged for a single dime. He found a way to sustain himself somehow.

If Weaver was smart and as creative as he claims, he would probably be able to make some sustainable income. But if he is still thinking he's entitled to be given money due to his 'awesome creativity' and the fact 'he started questing' and 'did RubyQuest' then no. He should not be paid a single dime.

What we have here is a quest version of Alan
No. 20680 ID: 25ab13

Alan Wake?
Tyrannosaurus Alan?
No. 20681 ID: 45773a

While I won't donate anything (ruthless bastard etc.), your statement
>But if he is still thinking he's entitled to be given money due to his 'awesome creativity

is simply wrong. Read the tumblr. It's simply not his attitude.
No. 20682 ID: ee3b18

Hey buddy! I see you haven't read the posts Weaver linked, and have no idea what you're talking about!

Weaver's only ever asked for money once before, at least on tgchan, and he offered commissions that time. You can't say you know he hasn't been looking for a job, stop pretending that you do. Also he's not being evicted for missing payments.

Go read the links in the OP before posting again. If you are still an idiot after that, I'll ban you for trolling. Try not to be a cunt to people who are having hard times. I'm not asking for tgchan to be a hugbox here, but some common decency would be nice.
No. 20683 ID: 1268e6

>itt a bunch of democrats and one republican

Most of us appear to be decent enough to donate to a guy on hard times. Hell, I probably would've donated even if it was some random poster that hasn't done a single Quest or doesn't draw: I just think it's decent and I have enough money to go around.

But then there is one guy who argues the person in question should get a job, they could earn their own money if they weren't being lazy, and that everyone is entitled to the swat of their own brow and have no obligations to donate them to someone.

And honestly, even with tumblr giving some background, I don't think any of us can say enough of the situation to objectively tell which one in this thread is right. Everybody makes some good points: basic decency versus getting your own shit together without handouts and crutches.

I don't know, maybe we can just all be friends anyway? That'd be nice.
No. 20684 ID: 45773a

But friends help each other out (in moderation) when in need, don't they?

>inb4 I'd help my friends but my taxes are too high
>Fuck you very much
No. 20686 ID: 4c0017

Anybody else think that a quest about the wacky misadventures Weaver and his brother have traveling across country in a beat-up old hippy van would be the best thing ever?
No. 20687 ID: 4183c9

I'd have friends but the tax is too high.

No, because you used the word "wacky" and suggested a hippy van instead of a SdKfz 251/1.
No. 20688 ID: 0d7a83

>Anybody else think that a quest about the downright illegal misadventures Weaver and his brother have traveling across country in a beat-up old cop car would be the best thing ever?
No. 20689 ID: 1268e6

Now we're getting somewhere.
No. 20695 ID: 9cb4b3

Just saying, it's not just one guy
No. 20697 ID: 241e33

make quest threads all day, now your life is one big quest... to survive.

Weaver quest 2012
No. 20698 ID: 459534

And the guys in favor of donating aren't all Democrats...
No. 20703 ID: e33bc4

I have no idea what some people in here are talking about. "Begging on the ground [sic] of his creativity"? He was extremely polite and self-effacing over the entire matter, made it very clear no one owes him anything and the only reason you should donate to him is if you feel like it. He was incredibly well-mannered.

Even though all I had to give was ten bucks, I'd say the dude has given me like two hundred hours of entertainment over the last... shit, six or seven years, so in my own personal opinion, he's earned what I gave.
No. 20704 ID: 1268e6

It is, as usual, simply a case of people not bothering to do a research. That shit's incredibly common.
No. 20710 ID: 59e44c

All of my want.

I thought the parallels of his current situation to his previous works, like Player 1 (getting shit from Tom Nook, a "long train ride") and Boxdog (homelessness), is sort of crazy. It's almost as if he's become the quest.

...God fuck I love this guy. I'll be donating again, that's for sure.
No. 20711 ID: 34c044


I can say I did my research, since I knew Weaver for much longer than most people on this site and know of his bullshit antics.
No. 20712 ID: 97486c

Do you have any evidence to cite your claims?
No. 20713 ID: 1854db

Who ARE you? Nobody else is supporting your viewpoint.

Also I think you're about to get banned, because you're still being an idiot.
No. 20714 ID: 2a3add

Yeah how dare you express an opinion of your own, right?
No. 20715 ID: 3e85e3


Oh man Weaver. Bob knows all your secrets. The jig is up. Now you're in real trouble.
No. 20716 ID: d6ae01

Help Weaver or don't, don't use this thread to kick a guy while he's down.

If you don't think he deserves your help, then you are well within your right to not offer it. Posting in here about how bad he may or may not be isn't helping anybody, nor is it changing anyone's minds who have chosen to donate.

Banning will start happening if this keeps up.
No. 20724 ID: d79ace

if weaver ever ends up in St. John's Newfoundland, I can always try and hook a guy up.
No. 20884 ID: 803340

Good news, everyone!

No. 20885 ID: f730a1

No. 20886 ID: 2eac65

Oh thank a million nonexistant gods. I'm very relieved to see that Weaver's doing well. He's a great author and he deserves it.
No. 20900 ID: 496845

>"What do people want?"
We want you to be safe and happy.

You're a thinking, feeling, sentient being. That means you deserve at least as much as the rest of us sentient beings, and we all acknowledge that. That's why we worked so hard for you.

I don't have a "regular" Tumblr so I can't reply there, but I hope this message gets to you anyway.

Be safe, be happy, and I wish only the best on you both.
No. 20904 ID: f730a1

Weaver has departed for his new destination.

Godspeed, sir.
No. 20917 ID: ccb21d

>a tiny, rural farming town in California
Huh, that sounds like the area I'm gonna be in in a few days. God knows I'm as short on time as I am on money, but maybe there's something I can do to help out.
No. 20930 ID: f8a244
File 133443453361.png - (1.11KB , 99x143 , weavr.png )

Weaver told me to tell you guys he and his bro made it to the place and things are doing OK

however, due to some complications, he'll be without proper internet access for a bit
No. 20931 ID: 2ae337

Understandable. Whenever moving, it takes me forever to get internet back up and running the way I need it to be.
No. 20933 ID: 2eac65

Think we should make him something nice for when he gets back?
No. 20934 ID: a809b0

YES :) but I have no ideas bloo bloo
No. 20945 ID: 210977


No. 20994 ID: a6e783

Lets make him a Muscio plushie! ^.V.^
No. 21011 ID: ba7d4d

A cutebold plushie.
No. 21017 ID: 04085c

That would be so cuuute! ^.V.^
No. 21020 ID: 72d49b

It exists.
No. 21021 ID: 04085c

(squeeeee!) So cute! Oh! Lets make a Ridder plushie then!
No. 21023 ID: 2eac65

Ridders are one of Reaver's things, aren't they?

No, wait, Ridder was the person, not the race. Still, he's one of Reaver's things, right?

I guess we could make a plushie of that green flower guy he uses as an avatar. Sadly, I lack the weaving (haha) skills to contribute to it personally.

On a more positive note, Weaver's been drawing pictures of Queen Chrysalis, so his life's pretty up and running now.
No. 21026 ID: 185821

I'm glad to hear he and his brother are back on their feet. Live long and prosper you guys!
No. 21921 ID: 38347f

In case you may not have heard, Weaver now has lods of emone.
His situation has improved quite, and all because of the kindness of strangers. I wish I had the appropriate Simpsons screencap.
No. 21927 ID: 1f8505


Maybe not 'lods of emone' but more like 'enough to not have to worry about finances for several months.'
No. 21928 ID: e0fde8

The number is publicly displayed on his chipIn widget. It's quite a bit.
No. 21959 ID: 5486f4

Anon, he has L O D E S of E M O N E
He is set until 2013.
No. 21978 ID: 1f8505

Hooray, Nan and Dive are returning!
No. 22023 ID: f70d8a

Yay! Man, I'm actually a bit sorry I missed the rally. Just noticed this thread and was getting all up in arms, gonna pull out some dough, but then I noticed, "Oh, wait, he's all set now." I'm proud of humanity, now. Good luck, Weaver!
No. 27022 ID: 3f6dfc

In Soviet countries (like Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and rest of eastern EU) you can't really be homeless. If you can't find a job state will offer you home and welfare :)
No. 27223 ID: a4b2f6

necropost much?
No. 27224 ID: e114bc

Says the Bob replying to a 5 month old post.
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