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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 132559765180.jpg - (17.58KB , 234x229 , logo.jpg )
19848 No. 19848 ID: 10d022

Slavehack is a game about hacking. It is Uplink meets Neuromancer meets Firefox. It is incredibly 2006. In the game, you have a virtual PC, which has a hard drive, a log, and an external drive. Nothing in the game has any effect on your real computer, of course. You visit different IPs in your browser, mostly NPCs at first, crack their passwords, log in, download their software, install viruses, delete their shit if you're feeling vengeful.

Every computer you hack is called a 'slave'. You can install viruses on slaves (4 kinds - VSPAM, VSHARE, VDDOS and VTRACK which is worthless). VSPAM gives you money based on your victim's CPU, VSHARE required you upload a .rip to their computer and gives you money based on their bandwidth (I believe it is more money on average), and VDDOS is used to use the victim in a DDOS attack. VTRACK is a worthless late-game virus you can use to track people after they change IPs, but it leaves a message in their logs every ~15 mins and you have to buy a domain so ew.

You can then use the money to buy hardware upgrades. It's possible to steal people's bank accounts, either through their logs or the bank's logs if they log into their account there for some reason, and then siphon all their money away, too.

Tip: Basically everything leaves a log. The only things I know of that don't are cracking passwords. Always cover your tracks ASAP, and keep your home log clean. When you get hacked (and it is inevitable), you shouldn't leave your bank account # or any of your slave IPs lying around.

The 'levels' in the game are software. You get software by following the riddle trail from NPC to NPC and downloading it. There are 177 NPCs in the game, so it's a long trail. I can help you guys out by setting you up with some decent software after you get out of newbie protection.

No. 19852 ID: 1b0f2f

The problem I see with these games is that there is so much motivation to actually hack them.
No. 21207 ID: dd9039

why does every hacking game have you playing a script kiddie?
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