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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 132159415490.png - (953.96KB , 641x910 , 1321356123_mick39_segalpaint.png )
18811 No. 18811 ID: 953355

Does anybody actually care about the ID system and/or want something that actually hides your IP?

Also sergals.
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No. 18812 ID: 4caae7

I want TGChan to display the full name and exact latitude and longitude of the poster.
No. 18813 ID: c7b6c2

The ID system is the most important part of tgchan.

That said, it should also display the phone number, address, age, nationality, gender, sexuality, and political affiliation of the poster. That way I can ignore all the suggestions from those dirty socialist Croatian lesbian men in their 20's.
No. 18814 ID: 4caae7

Displaying more information is the way to go.
No. 18816 ID: 1854db

It already hides your IP well enough.

I don't really give enough of a fuck about it to want to change it.
No. 18817 ID: 2563d4

>Does anybody actually care about the ID system and/or want something that actually hides your IP?
Yes, trolls and sockpuppeteers do.
No. 18818 ID: cdb8cb
File 132160318257.jpg - (176.54KB , 1024x986 , happylamb.jpg )

I think we should have logins and premium accounts.
No. 18819 ID: cdb8cb


stfu noob
No. 18822 ID: aebc1f

why, think of the anonymity.

you might let strangers just waltz right in and pass themselves off as something fantastic, but aren't.
No. 18823 ID: ee3b18

Quests that are free2play but if you pay for a premium account your suggestions count twice?
No. 18824 ID: 953355

Nah, mods can still see the IP.
No. 18826 ID: 2563d4

>why, think of the anonymity.
I don't have to.

4chan is right over there as a shining example. -->
No. 18827 ID: ddc511

As if I care. I will continue to do it my way.
No. 18829 ID: 7e0d0b

Although my own ID is pretty unreliable, I like that I can identify individuals during quests and whatnot. I would rather it stayed.
No. 18831 ID: 7afb94

I use it to count votes because sometimes there is back and forth between suggesters. I find it invaluable and extremely helpful in actually running quests.
No. 18836 ID: 0e4458

I fin it's anonyomous enough for all practical purposes. It's needed on a /quest/ and occasionally on /questdis/ for voting purposes. I don't see what good it is elsewhere, but it's easy enough to ignore.
No. 18838 ID: 2563d4

IDs were enabled on request for /draw/ since people with no name set kept saying things like "oC by foo, bar, and me", and "me" is kind of unhelpful without an ID to go with it. That is what good it is.
No. 18840 ID: 953355

I'm not talking about getting rid of it, I'm talking about making it actually hide the IP of the person posting. Which means changing one line of code and resetting everyone's IDs, basically.
No. 18843 ID: f7ae22

Except you already can't get an IP from an ID.
No. 18846 ID: 2563d4

The IP space is roughly* 256 times larger than the ID space. The ID hashing function is lossy. Ergo even brute-forcing it won't get someone's IP.

* You can practically dismiss the private ranges, broadcast addresses, etc. A truly determined malcontent could perhaps also do lots of RDNS and check for domestic ISP ranges etc., but by that point it would have been easier to set up a webserver and thrown your targets a link to look at, after which Apache will dutifully log your IP address because IP addresses are not private information. I'm guessing the only reason imageboard software bothers to hash them is to make it harder for irate thirteen-year-olds to copy-paste them into botnet flood commands.

I'm curious as to what change you're proposing, since there's not a great deal else to key on, either. Anything per-browser like cookies is off to a dead start in this modern world of home wifi and laptops/netbooks/tablets as well as good ol' desktops.
No. 18850 ID: 953355

It would still use the IP as entropy but it would mix in the site's random key so that you can't reverse it into 200 potential IPs.
No. 18851 ID: 2563d4

>Ergo even brute-forcing it won't get someone's IP.
To put some numbers to this, I just brute-forced my ID using a couple of cores (with a VM in the way), but nothing fancy like SIMD on the GPU, in a shade under half an hour (58m22.920s CPU time, UNIX nerd fans). For my efforts, I got 243 IPs, 51 of which had DNS entries pointing to them. You can eliminate a further few by eyeballing (it's pretty unlikely I'm posting from a .mil or an .invalid, which knocks out four, although if you try to find a .uk you'll be out of luck), or really go to town with whois info instead of DNS, but by this point isn't it easier to just privmsg me a tinyurl on IRC and rely on good ol' fashioned social engineering and curiosity?

(Incidentally, this is similar to how you can break weak passwords without tripping any kind of "too many wrong tries" protection if you can steal the hashes. Change your Steam passwords, people.)
No. 18852 ID: 2563d4

I wondered that when I was writing the above.

I don't really see the argument that the minor inconvenience of everyone's established IDs being changed doesn't outweigh the absolutely trivial "risk" that someone might get your IP this way as opposed to a number of easier ways because IP addresses aren't secrets.
No. 18857 ID: cdb8cb


If you are on IRC you're already wide open. Anyone can see your IP without even messaging you, just by being in the same channel. In some networks anyone at all can see your IP just from the nick. Rizon ain't exactly known for its respect for security and personal privacy.
No. 18865 ID: 2563d4

>If you are on IRC you're already wide open.
This is kind of my point!
No. 18866 ID: ddfe44

I think you guys are being WAY too paranoid on the matter.
No. 18917 ID: 049dfa

We had a thread with no IDs.

It was a shithole.
No. 18920 ID: 2563d4

Good sir, I think you will find that the preponderance of kittens within elevated it to a status far above that of many a thread on /meep/!

(It's just a shame that it really was a no-ID/IP thread, so it couldn't do something like pick a kitten image by the modulous of your concealed ID. :V )
No. 18950 ID: 5eea01

Mneme, is that you?
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