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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 131953435821.jpg - (184.34KB , 600x450 , solatorobo.jpg )
18422 No. 18422 ID: 0c9433

So uh..just wanted to discuss this. No idea why. Maybe it reminded me of quest worlds. Or I couldn't go anywhere else without accusations of furry. But...man this was a good RPG for nowadays.
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No. 18428 ID: d0428d


With that out of the way, what is this? Gotta link or somethin'?
No. 18429 ID: 35e1a0

sola to robo, it's a game where you play as that guy and ride a robot and beat shit up.
No. 18434 ID: 43d730

Played the first one, got stuck on a jumping puzzle.
No. 18444 ID: dba089

I enjoyed this game immensely. Mainly because of the fact that so much love was put into the game. This is no game made for the money, unlike 90% of the nowadays' games. The main appeal of the game seems to be its world and characters. And man does it do a good job at immersing you into it. It's also got some pretty original combat. You pick up enemies to throw at other enemies and pick up projectiles to fling back at the enemy, and so forth. May get repetitive after a while for some people but I for one never got tired. The combat is also a bit on the easy side. For more enjoyment you should never customize and as soon as you get the upgraded dahak you should get the upgrade that lowers defense and ups speed.

I pirated it at first but realized the game had sold pretty bad. It's a pretty obscure game even in Japan so just imagine how it is here in the west. So I went out and bought it in hopes of getting another spiritual sequel or something, and I hope more people do too.
No. 18459 ID: 8e18cd


>I pirated it

No. 18464 ID: b57910

>So I went out and bought it

Learn to fucking read.
No. 18465 ID: f72f26

do they have an official site?
No. 18466 ID: 8e18cd



This one is the closest thing you can get to getting a site.

Although this is for a European release.
No. 18467 ID: 2563d4

>OP picture
But...eyelashes the size of soup spoons. (They, naturally, sit alongside the dinner-plate ugyuu eyes.)
No. 18470 ID: 78b9fc


He has a scar. Chicks can't have scars.
No. 18472 ID: 0c9433
File 131967388171.jpg - (135.15KB , 850x1092 , elh.jpg )

If you think that's bad check this adrogyny
No. 18483 ID: 4bdd79

This game looks amazing... is there an English version, or is it Japanese only?
No. 18484 ID: 7c97d9

OP is obviously a girl.

And >>18472 is a very manly guy.

And all individuals who are shirtless and shows a very defined chopping board are females.
No. 18485 ID: 0c9433

English just came out.

Still has french sound clips for eh.
No. 18487 ID: 24dd8d

North-American version came out only pretty recently, European version came out sometime during summer. And I believe Australia got it a couple of days ago.

What do you mean "still has French sound clips"? As far as I'm aware the French voices are the original voices from the Japanese version.
No. 18488 ID: 34c044


Yep. It was a design choice. A very interesting one too. Et viola!
No. 18491 ID: 5a5d47

Hell yeah, this game is awesome. It's also probably the best -looking- DS game I've seen.

And it has a rather nice soundtrack too.

No. 18492 ID: 5a5d47


I should mention that the game comes with a nice soundtrack CD.
No. 18493 ID: 363d35

Not in Europe
No. 18496 ID: 2ae337

The game or the soundtrack? I know the game is out there...
No. 18512 ID: dc4a44

This game is awesome. I actually went and bought it. xseed always puts such love into their worlds.
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