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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 131571716828.jpg - (113.63KB , 1280x720 , shining_twilight.jpg )
17878 No. 17878 ID: 2eac65

Good news, everypony!

On September 17th, the new season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will begin.

Thread 1:
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No. 19486 ID: a00394

Oddly enough there is a Ace Attorney game in the works called My Little Investigations. So there is that.
No. 19491 ID: 2eac65

I'd be sad if they didn't make a big 3D game. It would be amazing to fly through the clouds as Rainbow Dash or admire Rarity's dresses from all angles.

Whatever genre they make it, they should definitely use the Carousel Botique as an excuse to give the player lots of different wardrobe options. We can thank the likes of City of Heroes and Team Fortress 2 for bringing fashion into the mainstream.

My ideal pony game would be an action/adventure game along the lines of Zelda or Okami. You'd play as Twilight Sparkle, learning various magic spells as the game progresses; you'd start with a few basics like telekinesis, which would be the main way of interacting with the game world, and later gain more unusual abilities like teleportation and firestarting. You'd also be able to play as the other ponies, of course; they'd accompany you on certain adventures, and you could talk to them to give them commands, or control them directly by using the magic of friendship to unite your hearts or something.

One problem with that kind of game is how to handle pegasus flight; if the player can fly freely, then it becomes much harder to design platforming segments or keep the player from bypassing certain challenges.
No. 19502 ID: 0c9433

Zones that can only be accessed from flying and you only get the wings for those segments
No. 19504 ID: 55c4cf


Hentai dating sim.
No. 19517 ID: cdb8cb
File 132382391760.png - (101.31KB , 638x478 , RBD flight training screenie1.png )


Or just don't put 3 foot tall roadblocks and expect the players not to be able to get around them. There are plenty of ways to make a platformer even more interesting when flight is incorporated.
No. 19597 ID: 2eac65

Taking a break from the video game discussion, what did everyone think of the new episode? I thought it was pretty good; not as great as Sweet and Elite, but fun for its own reasons.

I like how they showed the character interactions between Spike, Twilight, and Rarity. Rarity showed her personality quite well, including her love of fashion and seemingly paradoxical greed and generosity, which is hard to do right. Twilight normally stays focused on her studies, but can be caring in her own way. It's also nice that Twilight learned to stop friendship problems before they get out of hand... or at least try; you usually don't get that kind of character development from a cartoon.

The background characters were well used, too. We got to meet some nice new ponies, and see a few of our old favorites doing their thing (though it would have been nice to see the nurse pony again). The Cakes get to give out baked goods, Cheerilee is her usual happy teacher self, Zecora has a chance to be a mentor, and perhaps most interestingly, the Equestrian government finally sends someone to help with a crisis. Seeing the Wonderbolts in action was a treat, even if they didn't manage to do much.

Learning about dragon biology was pretty fun, too. I like it when the show reminds us that the characters aren't exactly human, physically or mentally. That includes the little things like Spike's prehensile tongue and secondary eyelids as well as the whole "growing bigger by collecting stuff" thing.

There was also some pretty impressive magic from Twilight. Teleporting, reshelving an entire room full of books, and even a new spell for lighting the candles in her library!

Overall, Secret of My Excess isn't quite the best episode, but it's certainly one of the better ones. It takes nearly everything the show does well, and does it well.
No. 19614 ID: af7fd8
File 132401223517.jpg - (102.66KB , 1191x670 , ancient_humans_by_equestria_prevails.jpg )

Something totally unrelated. For you bronies from us dragonborn I present this.

"Humans are still a mystery to this day. What brief records show of their existence describe a civilization well advanced beyond our own, shunning magic for the power of science."

"Shown here is a depiction showing that at one point they had enslaved ponykind, with inscriptions speaking of a way between rebellious ponies and loyalists."

"Exactly how the war ended is still unknown. Some say we won and the humans were hunted to extinction. Some say they still exist in some 'mythical hidden' city. Others claim they simply vanished. Unless we can unearth more artifacts we may never know."
No. 19615 ID: 1854db

What, exactly, does that have to do with Skyrim?
No. 19616 ID: e3aff6
File 132401769690.jpg - (316.81KB , 576x2536 , 89333 - artist:braindps butterfly comic fluttershy.jpg )

Beats me.
This one is relevant though:
No. 19618 ID: 2ae337

Yeah it's one of the more obscure bits.

Humans look an odd lot like the Dwemer in Skyrim, and the whole dwemer-falmer relationship sort of reflected the human-pony relation. And just like the dwemer in Skyrim, there is little to no trace of human existence save for tools that fit better in a hand than say a mouth or a hoof.
No. 19624 ID: 049dfa


>Humans look an odd lot like the Dwemer in Skyrim

As much as they look an odd lot like everyone else. The Dwemer are elves.
No. 19653 ID: 0c9433

>Dat newest episode

So does this mean Luna and Celestia are prophesized crossbreeds of the three tribes? Is this still Discord's land and he's just neglected to show up? Is magic literally caused by the race's unity?


This show is bringing out my inner Lore Faggot
No. 19654 ID: e79d6a


I wouldn't dwell on it for too long; it is a Children's Television Animated Cartoon.
No. 19655 ID: 94f94b


Possibilities that have been raised:
- Celestia edited herself (and Luna) out of the story for personal/political reasons (wanting to emphasize the lesson, or not wanting to be reminded of Luna)
- The flag was used in an inaccurate way, just as a modern american flag might be used in a play set during a time when it would be wrong
- Celestia and Luna are the pictures on the flag, brought to life later by Discord
No. 19658 ID: 2eac65

Another great episode! The series is really having a good run lately. I was a bit worried about how they'd portray the history of Equestria, and how it wouldn't jive with my favorite theories, but I like what they came up with.

They way they characterized the Ancestors was good. I noticed that they were similar to our modern-day friends, but with fewer redeeming qualities (Puddinghead was apparently a self-absorbed idiot, as opposed to Pinkie Pie, who is quirky but mostly sane). Though I wonder how much of that was the characters and how much was the actors. Either way, I hope the other meteors don't show up anytime soon.

It's also nice how it incorporated most of the stereotypes of the various pony races, with pegasi having a warrior culture and such. Though it raises some questions about what role the unicorns serve in the nature-managing system. In modern Equestria, it's the goddesses' role to manage day and night, but apparently mortals can do that themselves; apart from that very big and specific task, the unicorns don't seem to do anything special like the earth and pegasus ponies.

I don't like the whole "windigo" thing, though. Seems tacked-on and... forced? I think that's a good word.

Overall, it was another good candidate for "best episode"; it did something difficult in a satisfying way.

My thoughts? Historical revisionism. The events showed in the play were simplified for the children in the audience, and they put in subtle reminders that the Sisters are the absolute, eternal rulers of ponykind, even when they don't entirely make sense.

Or perhaps they had already existed at that point, but had decided let the ponies rule themselves, fading into myth as heroic goddess figures. Until the ponies went and did something immensely stupid, which triggered the collapse of their civilization and prompted Celestia and Luna to take up the role of god-princesses, for the sake of the mortals who can't be trusted to look after themselves.
No. 19659 ID: b61ad6

I think it's a bit over-the-top to write whole essays about the historical evaluation of Equestria :p
No. 19664 ID: 049dfa


We don't fly the Betsy Ross flag on the Fourth of July. We fly the modern flag.
No. 19671 ID: 55c4cf


No. 19677 ID: 0c9433

The way I see it, maybe it took all of the Unicorns power to change from day and night or controlling the magic of nature etc. in their land.

Though perhaps in places like the Everfree forest, ponies are wierded out because Nature doesn't need them.

Anyway, my theory is that the flag of unity just showed Unicorn + Pegasi as a symbol. But then, a pair of sisters are actually born resembling those symbols and they ascend to Godhood after defeating the reign of Discord who was convinently absent when the ponies retook HIS land.
No. 19800 ID: 0c9433
File 132532390095.jpg - (64.46KB , 851x473 , hasapony.jpg )

I think I need to learn how to get unpermabanned. The lack of hate is affecting me

It started with me looking at Weaver's pony art then seeing episodes.

Now I've fapped to humanized pony (and felt the deepest shame every time) and know the background meme characters like Octavia and Lyra.

God help me.
No. 19824 ID: 049dfa


To repeat:


This is not even an issue. Why are people making a big deal and trying to come up with ridiculous fanon over something perfectly reasonable and straightforward?
No. 19832 ID: 2eac65
File 132543405933.png - (1.27MB , 346x2307 , Friendship_is_Magic.png )

Happy New Year, everypony! Let's all take a moment to remember all the good times we've had way back when. I hope we can all have more fun in the future.

For anyone who wants the full sized version, you can find it here:


Also, Lauren Faust has decided to respond to some questions she's received. It's mostly about her personally, but if you're interested, you can find them here:

No. 19933 ID: 2eac65

So, uh, how 'bout them zap apples?

Latest episode was good. It had some nice fun moments, some adorable moments (yay, fillies in bunny costumes!) and some nice worldbuilding. I like how the zap apples show just how weird Equestrian ecology can be.
No. 20007 ID: 2ae337


That ain't the latest. I just sat through the latest on Gmod.

Derpy Hooves finally finds a voice.
No. 20010 ID: c460ad
File 132754918158.jpg - (19.86KB , 193x396 , OHDEARCELESTIAWHY.jpg )

Okay, my girlfriend wrote this fic. Even she's not quite sure why. It's pretty much an artistic statement on ideas. The general goal was to take a terrible, horrendous idea, and execute it well, pretty much for the sake of proving it can be done.

This is the result. It's a really good fic, but it's a hard read. Not for the weak-stomached. Read at your own risk:

I was one of the first to read this from the start to the end. MFW.
No. 20012 ID: 357e63

And now, Quake style!
No. 20018 ID: 049dfa


I knew that this was going to be pony centipede without even reading a single word.

Shockfags are so predictable (amusingly).
No. 20913 ID: 2eac65

This is worth sharing.


It's "The way through World of Discord". A very well-made fan animation.
No. 20968 ID: 2eac65

Well... huh. I was hoping that would generate more discussion.

So! It looks like we're coming up on the season finale. How's everyone feeling so far? Thoughts?
No. 20969 ID: bdb3f8

well I for one just hadn't noticed the video yet.I am amused that there exist people with the overlapping interests to think of producing this.

It's certainly well animated, but I think the original gave a better sense of crazy. Most of the background elements were either simplified or pony-fied, giving the entire thing more cohesion and Pinkie Pie than one would expect. Still spooky and weird, but I feel like this would be the world of the Everfree Forest, not Discord
No. 20971 ID: b9e291

I've still got my fingers crossed for a genderbent bodyswap merge transformation episode.
No. 20975 ID: b43cf1

I have been thinking a lot about My Little Pony because it is not studying for my Finals. Here are my thoughts:

I have a generally positive opinion of the changes that the staff has made post - Faust. The two changes that are positive is the existence of ponies before celestia, and the addition of a power grid to the cities of Equestria.

Making the powered appliances actually be powered by a hydroelectric dam, and making steam vehicles self-powered doesn't hurt the world any more than putting things like trains or ovens or light switches in the world hurts it in the first place, and it makes a lot more sense than "an ancient unicorn or something enchanted them forever ago lol"

The fact that there is some more extensive family of "alicorns" from somewhere else who found the ponies and subsequently ruled over them I think is also a positive change. We don't know exactly where they came from or what happened when they first showed up, but it makes the world a bigger place. My main sort of "disappointment" with G4 ponies was that the world presented was very small - there is Equestria, the Everfree forest, and that's about it. Gilda went to school with Rainbow Dash. As far as we knew there were no other kingdoms of magical creatures or anything like that - the fact that Celestia raises the sun in the morning and other similar facts imply that Equestria is the dominant power and center of the world, if not the only power. G1 had a much wider mythos. The place where the ponies live was a small part of a much larger magical world, with all sorts of kingdoms and wizards and stuff carving out their own domains.

Although Equestria is still obviously central with these changes (the winter pageant episode, and the fact that Celestia has other relatives, etc) widens the world, which I think is a good thing.

The negative change to canon is the way that dragons operate. It's sort of just a bad choice I think rather than something I think is illogical or stupid - it just means that spike will never grow up without becoming a greedy dickhole, and that every (western I guess) dragon we'll meet will always be a greedy dickhole. (the eastern-looking dragon from the S1 pilot is probably a different sort of guy).

So, I like the direction that the writers have moved in without Faust, and think their changes are generally positive.

The only thing that I find regrettable are the lack of "adventure" episodes in S2. Faust pushed very hard for there to be monsters and danger in the series, more like G1- less like the abysmal G2. Hasbro was apparently always against including content like that, and it shows in S2.

When we have had monsters and danger, they've curiously been a level removed from our protagonist: the winter pageant episode had windigoes, and the Daring Do episode had a cool villain, but those were both dangers not faced by our actual characters, and were both removed from reality to a degree. We did have the cool rock eels, but it was still a structured threat that Rainbow Dash intentionally exposed herself to.

The other episodes (besides the pilot) that had "dangers" were the spike episode, which didn't really introduce a new threat, and the great dragon migration episode, where the characters intentionally went along and didn't think they were in any real danger.

COmpare that to S1: The hydra, cockatrice, red dragon, manticore, Ursas, and the Parasprites were interesting creatures that were external dangers the ponies happened upon and had to defeat, and were usually encountered in dangerous circumstances outside of the pony's control.

I'm not saying the spike epsiode or the great dragon migration episode weren't dangerous for the characters, but it's still not as significant as the above-listed threats.

Even without as much "adventure," I feel that season 2 is at least as strong as Season 1, it was just a shift I noticed, and one that made sense considering that Faust had to fight for those elements and Hasbro was against them.

I look forward to the final episode. We'll see what they do with the other "alicorns."

(I don't really like that they use that term for the unipegs or whatever. The word means a unicorn's horn)
No. 20986 ID: ce4a4d

>(I don't really like that they use that term for the unipegs or whatever. The word means a unicorn's horn)
Apparently it's been used for unipegs for at least a few decades, which is good enough for me.

Plus, "unipeg" sounds worse. So does pegacorn.
No. 20987 ID: 049dfa
File 133503108785.png - (1.14MB , 895x1077 , ponywaifu.png )

holy shit dat wedding
No. 20988 ID: b1f8a0

And she already has porn and plenty of fanart. Well played, internet.
No. 20996 ID: b9e291
File 133519657522.gif - (645.63KB , 720x405 , <_< >_>.gif )

Well it's official now. The term for a horse with both a horn and wings is a "princess".
No. 20997 ID: 2563d4

You act like it's surprising that the royal bloodline are genetically superior.
No. 21014 ID: 12c7d6

Looking at real world royalty, yeah I kinda am.
No. 21361 ID: 2eac65
File 133867505379.png - (3.04MB , 1280x4000 , darkness_of_the_unknown.png )

I really like the new villains they came up with for the finale. Chrysalis has a clear motive that isn't simply petty villainy, and the changelings have a well-defined theme to their powers which are useful for a variety of plots without being too overpowered. They'd make good recurring enemies in later episodes.

Their design is nice, too. Very similar to the ponies, but different enough to be unsettling. I just wished they'd chosen a different color scheme for Chrysalis; we already had one "black winged unicorn with a dark blue mane".

Random thought: It's neat how they several of the major villains in Equestria have motives that, while antagonistic to pony society, are also mutually antagonistic to each other. Makes it seem more like a matter of good and evil individuals instead of simply Good versus Evil.
No. 21362 ID: e3d099


I liked the new villains but goddamn Chrysalis has got to learn not to reveal all her evil plans to the one pony who stopped being suspicious of her.
No. 21363 ID: 77556e

No. 21371 ID: 2eac65

Fortunately for her, she has minions who can hopefully think of a plan she couldn't.
No. 21380 ID: 197830

Next Season: The Mane Six discover that Chrysalis laid eggs in Twilight Sparkle! Now they have to decide whether changeling babies can be raised among ponies to not be evil, while Twilight recovers in the hospital.
No. 21386 ID: e3d099
File 133906527002.jpg - (8.90KB , 240x240 , topper no.jpg )

No. 21518 ID: 2eac65

It looks like Ponibooru is going to shut down soon.

That's about all I can say on the matter.
No. 21564 ID: 197830

Damn, that's awful...
I'll have to try to make some time to archive everything cool I can find on Ponibooru while it's still up.
No. 21593 ID: 927efa
File 134043735781.jpg - (104.88KB , 720x720 , O3o.jpg )



No. 22341 ID: 4a20fa

Yes, I'm bumping the pony thread with something a month old which is also uncomfortably close to rap music. But bloody hell, the animation quality on this is unbelievable.
No. 22375 ID: 2eac65

It really is amazing what some people can make when they've found the right inspiration.

Which could be said about the show itself, in a way.
No. 22391 ID: c74c7d
File 134686894993.gif - (603.45KB , 240x135 , mylittledickbutt.gif )

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