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File 131112089611.jpg - (504.45KB , 776x509 , ss13postcard.jpg )
17363 No. 17363 ID: d9d3ff

I need some help in the game. Ive read a bit of the wiki and some of the tutorial. I'm not done yet. But I wanted to know of good lag free server I can practice low level jobs on to get the hang of things. And if any on tg feels like helping me in game, that'd be awesome.
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No. 17364 ID: d9d3ff

Op here. dumb question but is every one on the ship played by other people or are there npcs?
No. 17371 ID: 7aedd2

Everyone's played by a character. Unfortunately I don't know of any decent servers
No. 17372 ID: a2a075

/tg/station is located over here, from what I have seen its one of the best ones up atm.

One of the best ways to learn is to just jump into the game. Make sure you have be syndi set to off till you get a good grasp on the controls and such. Lastly you could always just play as atmos/eng and ask tell the other engies you are new sometimes the chief or such will be willing to help.
No. 17375 ID: d9d3ff

No one on the tg server was much help. I guess it was to early in the morning for noobs to be wandering the halls to get shot up by rouge cyborgs.
No. 17376 ID: d9d3ff

No one on the tg server was much help. I guess it was to early in the morning for noobs to be wandering the halls to get shot up by rouge cyborgs.
No. 17377 ID: d9d3ff

goon servers might of also been a bad place to practice. I need a server where people dont freak out about new players.
No. 17380 ID: 711cd7

Every server will have a problem with new players.

Goon servers have IRON FIST admin justice. They are developing towards a non-grief, non bullshit stance on things. No memes, no clowns, no "fun" ("fun" as in things that generally piss off more serious players). RP here is forced as far as a two-part name (first and last name) and to try to refrain from metagaming.

Tg station based servers, from what I have seen, have more lax administration. They will still adminbus with noticable frequency. They also spout memes in chat and generally get pissed for discussing other servers. They keep to RP somewhat, I've only been yelled at for having the name "Boink" as a character name.

Baystation is more heavily RP enforced. You can get banned for doing things out of your job position. If you sign on as assistant, you can get banned for using a medkit. They also hide themselves away from the main server list to keep out the riff-raff.

Serious administration, Lax attitude, or Roleplaying, your choice.
No. 17383 ID: a2a075

Oh, so thats the faction that won?
Interesting, really though I miss the days when the old crew were in charge.
No. 17388 ID: 1854db

>banned for using a medkit
Wait, so... according to them, assistants don't have any medical training at all? I'd think anyone signed on to work on a space station would have at least basic first aid training.
No. 17397 ID: 711cd7

The people with medical training are the doctors. Are you a doctor? If no, don't heal people. That is their philosophy on things.

At least you know there is an admin hidden in the shadows at all times, waiting for someone to fuck up so they can be purged. The European server is p.bad in grief, so I hear. It is a popular hunting group for admins.

The problem is when they do something like the half baked meme filter they installed, which can get you kicked and even banned for innocent phrases ("I brought this guy to medbay" got a man banned because of "bro")
No. 17398 ID: 02cc57

>Tg station based servers, from what I have seen, have more lax administration. They will still adminbus with noticable frequency.
Admins send xenos or deathsquads on occasion, but it happens mostly on boring non-extended rounds.

>The people with medical training are the doctors. Are you a doctor? If no, don't heal people. That is their philosophy on things.
This is so weird. Medkits are supposed to be used as a first-aid thing, it's not like an assistant using a cloning machine or cryo. And if goons really want to enforce this... why won't they just code it in game?
No. 17400 ID: 711cd7

I'm talking about the bay12 server. Goons don't give a shit, assistants there are expected to run about doing whatever the fuck they are up to.

I didn't see a xeno or death squad invasion when I tried tgstation servers, but I did see an admin suddenly appear as death and go about gibbing people who just wanted to get a meal.
No. 17456 ID: 1963d1

I love SS13 so much. I am so glad we finally have thread for this here.

Incidentally, I've got three gameplay questions that may be addressed:

1) How do you slit a throat in-game?
2) How do you make the Mysterious Reagent?
3) How do you perform the CHAOS DUNK?
No. 17463 ID: 00f7d9

Damn the /tg/ site seems to have just been blasted the past few days. What the hell happened?
No. 17464 ID: 4793e8

/tg/station was really friendly to me when I started playing. People seemed happy to help me learn the game.
No. 17465 ID: 711cd7

1. Target your head with glass shard in your active hand, commit suicide
2. It involves holy water, something very mutagenic, and a common medical mixture
3. I think you need a plutonium core (admin spawned)

That is very odd, I usually get sec called on me for even the slightest "suspicious" behavior. Sec usually doesn't care unless I happened to have done something to make them angry that round, in which then they will beat me and give me a max sentence.

Suspicious includes breaking the windows of the autolathe room for glass, finding a dead body, and fixing things when engineering won't.
No. 17467 ID: f493df

Well, that's just shitcurity being shitcurity.
No. 17468 ID: 02cc57

>Suspicious includes breaking the windows of the autolathe room for glass
Technically, you should ask QM for some glass sheets, if he's not dead or riding a mulebot.
No. 17472 ID: 711cd7

I never bother with QM because QM it's own nation. If you want shit from them, they have to actually be there, actually be doing their job and taking orders, and feel nice enough to actually give you what you want.

The sec on TGstation is called facist for a reason. I would play as warden just to have one less prisoner beating fuck, but I bet arresting the HoS would cause a shootout between me and the rest of sec.
No. 17473 ID: ba4494
File 131196018157.jpg - (178.73KB , 936x329 , 1252724763037.jpg )

A not inaccurate representation of Nanotrasen Station Staff.
No. 17482 ID: 2563d4

That must have been one of the more sucessful rounds---the atmosphere is still breatheable.
No. 17485 ID: 00f7d9
File 131206361738.jpg - (112.58KB , 400x400 , tumblr_lkdqf3nlLs1qam6n0o1_400.jpg )

I was under the impression most branches of SS13 had removed the atmosphere anyhow. Due to how buggy/lag inducing Byond is.

I know /tg/ Station has some coder who's approach to speeessssss is basically "nope, nobody should be going into space... ever. Reduce the number of suits, aaand up the cold damage so they basically insta-freeze when you step outside."
No. 17487 ID: 2563d4

tgstation13 SVN, and I assume their own servers track that, still implements full-blown atmospherics.

As it should. Being able to flood the station with high-pressure pure oxygen then add a little plasma and the odd spark is a core part of the gameplay. As is running around with a bunch of metal sheets desperately trying to seal all the holes in the escape wing because there aren't enough suits and half the crew misplaced their air tanks too.

I haven't checked with the code, but based on 4chan/tg/ discussions, it does do a lot of the "obvious" optimisations like pausing simulation of bodies of air near equilibrium, and trying to deal with isolated, large-as-possible blocks. Fluid simulation, even on a coarse 2D grid, is just an expensive thing to do. :/

(And TBH it seems to handle it well enough. The real killer is how much UI stuff seems to wait for a round trip to the server before even giving an indication that it's taken the click, and it can be prone to ignoring them sometimes. Thanks, BYOND.)
No. 17508 ID: 2563d4

4chan/tg/'s server has apparently moved to
which I mention at least partly because I can never bleeding remember it.
No. 17512 ID: 00f7d9
File 131230802651.png - (429.72KB , 1280x1024 , jSTsy.png )


Not sure if everyone's seen it yet. But this project looks pretty damn encouraging.
Notable features already are working gravity (as in, locatable gravity in a radius from a set object, NOT just a general 'down'.) As well as a world so large it's planned to include some of the surface of a planet (so large it would take an IRL year to walk end to end at standard run speed.)

This screenshot is a considered possibility for 'AI camera mode.'
No. 17513 ID: 2563d4

Man that screenshot is giving me some serious System Shock 2 vibes. Must be the harsh, blue space-metal.

I wonder how he's handling vis. Doesn't look like he's been convinced to go open source yet. Someone hit him with a flash.
No. 17521 ID: 02cc57
File 131244422868.jpg - (36.33KB , 512x320 , apathy.jpg )

Dude is working alone and probably unorganized or without any specific plan. I'm afraid it won't go far.
No. 17522 ID: 2563d4

Read the thread. He's working with some fellow University students.

Although he's reluctant to put the code in version control, let alone open-source it, so '\o/`
No. 17581 ID: bccf7b

There goes any major chance of him getting support from other devs...
No. 17605 ID: f1972f

Small chance in that anyway if Errorage had his way.

Guy's so opposed to someone trying to rebuild the game in another system citing it as ('too complex to be done' and taking focus and coders away from an 'already working' game) that if I had to guess, I would say he's afraid of loosing the control he has over /tg/station and it's code.

He seems to do a shitload of stuff around there, but in the unlikely event that someone just popped out with a new and superior system all of his work would have been rendered utterly pointless.
No. 17606 ID: 2563d4

Yeah. :|

Popular guy! http://nanotrasen.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=4873
No. 17911 ID: cead4b
File 131603252170.jpg - (224.42KB , 500x650 , 1313906203082.jpg )

OP here. Ok so I started playing, I'm hooked. I pretty much only play on Bay station 12 because I like the strong RP and that they avoid the silly stuff like shit and piss.
But over time I became disenchanted from that server because of the community. Most of them are ass holes.
I got threatened with a ban once because I used the captains laser (I was the captain). Ask a question ooc or on the forums and get an insult. Suggest a game improvement, get insults. Post, get insults.
So I'm looking for a new sever along the same line as BS12 with a different community.

I tried TG station, but it was to crowded and chaotic. I got beat up as the janitor for cleaning graffiti. Then mugged and killed. In front of like 5 people. None of them did any thing.

Goon station, not serious enough for my tastes.

I know there are bunch of unlisted servers out there.

Any suggestions?
No. 17917 ID: d69a2f

I think I've only been murdered three times on /tg/ station (a librarian who charged into the hallways to beat cultists with a bible he'd freshly printed [turns out they'd just gotten their new blades and hoods that round], a librarian who was apparently a traitor target [para-pen and C4ed, a head of engineering beaten to death by revolutionaries), well four if you could that shuttle bomb that wiped me out once after I managed to be a good little cargo technician and unload lots of weapons to fend of the Syndicate.
No. 17923 ID: 1963d1

>Playing the game for the serious

Hey man whatever floats your boat I guess...
No. 17924 ID: 2563d4

Well, something of its kind would be a pretty awesome game played straight. If you could pull the scope back to a small enough set of crew that a) nobody has a desperately boring job b) you can actually find a full set of people you know to play with rather than hooting Internet morons, running around patching the station up against disasters could be Fun Times indeed. And take out the emergency shuttle. No ten-minute round killer for you.

Sort of The Thing, but with more (misplaced) optimism, and in spess.
No. 17932 ID: 43d730

I remember hearing about a game a while back that was sort of like that, a murder mystery on a boat with shenanigans.
I believe it eventually tanked, ironically for the same reasons SS13 is successful.
No. 17953 ID: cead4b
File 131623587409.jpg - (42.53KB , 961x770 , RED DWARF.jpg )


Alot of people are interested in starting a new server somewhere between BS12 and /TG/ on the spectrum of things. If you're interested in helping get on dem forums!
No. 17961 ID: cead4b

here is our forums. If you're interested get on dem forums!
No. 18103 ID: 30df25
File 131713550321.jpg - (65.17KB , 429x600 , 429px-The_Ship_-_Box_Front.jpg )

I'm pretty sure you're thinking of "The Ship: Murder Party"

In other news, there's a project to rebuild SpaceStation13 without using BYOND (yay!) and using C# and DirectX instead (...wat.)
No. 18123 ID: 2563d4

I thought of The Ship when they said that, but I thought it was a murder game, kind of like deathmatch but avoiding witnesses. Which I guess it a little bit like SS13 if everyone is a traitor but nobody knows, or Paranoia. (<3 Paranoia)

>SpaceStation13 without using BYOND (yay!) and using C# and DirectX instead (...wat)
Is the one using C and OpenGL dead yet? :V

(Hmm. Thread says it's moved to "when it's done".)

(So, yep.)
No. 20910 ID: a4b95e

Now that's a funny image

>Hey can I have some-
*gets gunned down by a cyborg*
No. 20911 ID: a4b95e

Holy shit dudes, no more clown? I looked up at my setup character sheet and it sad "pai candidates: [BANNED]"

Wow that's pretty fucked, clowns could be annoying at times but they were a central part of the fucking game. Jesus Christ.
No. 20912 ID: a4b95e

Ah man I love this game, I just started playing again.

Just one problem, why can't I use OOC talk?

When I type "OOC" and I space the ' " ' comes up for me to talk, I put in text and then I enter.

It says I am not authorized to talk on those channels. I do it again except I add an ' " ' to the end. I still can't do it.

And yet i can still talk in character. Anyone experience anything like this?
No. 20914 ID: 369d34

Could be that OOC chat was globally disabled by an admin when you tried using it. I know that GoonStation disables OOC during the round, and that tgStation usually keeps it on all round unless the players start abusing it.

If you want to see if it's a screwup with your client, look in the command verb tabs in the upper right for the OOC verb and test it with that.
No. 20915 ID: a4b95e
File 133426614334.jpg - (106.12KB , 999x721 , Testing.jpg )

No. 20916 ID: a4b95e
File 133426622259.jpg - (110.46KB , 1020x737 , You are not authorized to communicate over these c.jpg )

This shit is just plane ridiculous. I'm on the fornoreason server and everyone else is using OOC talk.
No. 20919 ID: 74a8e2

If it was because OOC was disabled, it would tell him OOC was disabled. This sounds it's treating him like he is trying to use asay or something.

Wait, the only reason you would type in pai in error is if you were talking about /tg/ station, they removed clown too?

Goon did it FYI because it was supposed to be a punishment position (like janitor) except it became the beacon of fucking up other people's days. Instead of staying like said janitor, the clown had to be removed because they became the rallying point of the crew and were immune to punishment mainly because the rest of the crew would break them out of the brig on a moment's notice.
No. 20920 ID: f795f0


Space station 13 that doesn't run on the BYOND client

No. 20921 ID: 369d34

I'm not even sure if this is possible, but are you sure you weren't banned from using OOC? Maybe try sending up a message to the admins during a low-pop late night round. Or try the tgStation IRC channels: #tgstation13 and #adminbus on rizon.net.
No. 20924 ID: 2563d4

Well, at least it's not dead yet, if it's the same one from >>18103. See how it goes.
No. 20972 ID: fd491d

I hope it's better than the beyond one.

The UI in this game is absolutely FUCKED and it's also laggy as hell. The lag in this game is insane.
No. 20973 ID: fd491d

Why doesn't it allow you to use the WASD keys? What the fuck is this bullshit? How am I supposed to play this game?
No. 20974 ID: fd491d

The combat system of this game is horrible, how can anyone find this fun to play?
No. 20976 ID: 943e7f

Because BYOND

Be more specific in your gripes. Is it the damage system? Is it the stun and win?
No. 20977 ID: fd491d

You need to click on a body part of a tiny little person while they are moving around cover and obstacle while lag (even though i have a good gaming pc) teleports them all over the place. Fucking aweful.
No. 20979 ID: 411a22

Bodypart targeting is done on the little paper doll on the top right, while actual attacks are done on the character proper. The only time you would actually need to deal with bodypart targeting is at round start (to switch to head), while healing someone with bruise packs (for head/chest), and for the bodypart severing of /tg/ (where you should have them down and have plenty of time to cut their legs off)

As for lag, yes that can suck at times. It is still possible to hit people while lag goes on, your movement will still be somewhat registered before everyone's screens update (provided you both are moving towards each other or somesuch)

I like to call SS13 lag matrix mode because I dodge gunshots even easier when it does happen. Nothing like dodging an entire taser's worth of power without running away from the officer.
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