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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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No. 12812 ID: fa1e59


there is a crab serenading a dragonborn with a saxophone while she's laying an egg on the front page. i think you can leave prudish comments about a penis at the door :D
No. 12813 ID: 844ba4

Shut up you insufferable faggot.
It's a really gross looking failanatomy penis and not a matter of prudishness.
No. 12814 ID: b6c6fc

It's difficult to figure out what's worst about this picture
the fail anatomy, the fail perspective or the fag hat concept
final grade F--
No. 12815 ID: 2563d4

90% of the stuff the 4chan drawfags are dumping here is just plain terrible.

Honestly, get FurAffinity accounts or something.
No. 12816 ID: dc38c6

u mad?
No. 12817 ID: b6c6fc

mad? no
turned off yes
Porn is supposed to be sexy yes?
No. 12818 ID: 43d730

I think the real problem here is that everyone's become...
No. 12819 ID: 2563d4

No, the problem is that 4chan are dumping their shitscribbles here.
No. 12820 ID: 70d9eb

It's just kind of odd to art dump here when you're not a part of the community at all, not posting anywhere but /draw/.
No. 12821 ID: 4812df

Seriously I mean I can forgive a little porn but when it's all you contribute then really just get an imagedump service and stop filling the board with it.
Especially if it's terrible.
No. 12822 ID: 09c60e

So "dumping" porn on this site is only acceptable when you're also getting yiffy with popufurs on IRC, am I getting that right?
No. 12823 ID: 9edc46

More or less, yes.
No. 12824 ID: b6c6fc

yup as long as you do that, it's cool
No. 12825 ID: bf1e7e

None of this is against the site rules. Sure it's silly, but that's no reason to be big gay babies about it.

Also, some of these people have totally made posts outside of these threads.

Also it's kind of silly to whine about quality here specifically, it's not like the whiskey for dinner thread is full of HIGHLY DETAILED WORKS OF ART or something.
No. 12826 ID: 2563d4

They are from people who are actually around on this board, though. It's questers doing drawings that aren't fanart (...much) and thus don't go in /dis/.

What we have here is 4chan drawfags purely using this board for image-hosting, with their actual drawthreads, requests, non-porn art et. al. still on 4chan.

It's like they've never heard of image hosting sites or something.

Yes we're all terribly furry and you should run away now before we stick our knots in your murrhole.
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