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File 133376760506.jpg - (91.11KB , 700x525 )
929 No. 929 ID: 61da19

This board is for making icons up to 64x64, which can be used in posts.

To do so, post the icon here, then use it elsewhere by typing :nameoficon: in your post. You don't need to type .png or .gif. This works for all boards.

This board is not intended for discussion, so please keep all icon-related discussion in this thread. Feel free to ask questions here, too.
No. 930 ID: d9d1e5

is there any way to get vertical alignment with these icons alongside text ? it would be a tremendous help to presentation
No. 939 ID: 34cbef

can we have the music back?
it'd be pretty cool to have a picture update that can also have music
No. 940 ID: de9231

music is broken unless you use lowercase everything, fixing it is on the todo list
No. 1107 ID: dff0a8

has the music been fixed yet
No. 2515 ID: f0e552

how about now
No. 4266 ID: e9f8bf

I have a question.

Can players use the icons posted here, during quests, or only QMs?

I'm trying to create a multiplayer quest, where the actions of each mc, are controlled by a specific MC player, who also writes their dialogue. the players instead play on the side of the QM, making suggestions, and voting on options, to determine world actions, and outcomes,derived from influences outside of the MCs control.

I'm a visual artist, and i'd like to create each of them an avatar, with expression icons, to use, and allow them complete control of their characters posts.
No. 4267 ID: 080aaf

No. 4273 ID: 395c02

I'd say it's up to the Quest author if they're ok with it or not.

Folks should err on the side of caution though and try not to do it unless the author gives the go ahead!

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