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Audio preview.mp3 - (3.45MB )
385 No. 385 ID: aebc1f

welp, this is me testing my music... hopefully it works in the other threads as welll, meh
No. 386 ID: aebc1f

*crosses fingers*
No. 389 ID: aebc1f

alright, so it turns out it has to be all one word without symbols or spaces...

so the file name preview.mp3
is just .... preview with the colon marks on it.... i should bookmark this info to keep remembering it.
No. 418 ID: 597dc4
Audio thistleandweeds.mp3 - (11.06MB )

No. 419 ID: 597dc4

No. 931 ID: 34cbef
Audio loseyoursoul.mp3 - (8.35MB )

gonna test this again
No. 932 ID: 34cbef

well, here we go

No. 933 ID: 34cbef

well damn, that's not what i wanted
No. 934 ID: 34cbef
Audio Chumbawumba.mp3 - (3.78MB )

try it again
No. 935 ID: 34cbef


No. 936 ID: 34cbef

No. 937 ID: 34cbef

No. 938 ID: 34cbef

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