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File 132457106419.png - (257.09KB , 600x600 , fruity.png )
9530 No. 9530 ID: f2abea
Fruity challenge:

Lately I've been studying what makes things so blatently appear to us as those things, even if theyre in an odd context, or highly stylised. After talking about it with some friends, to help them understand, I challenged them to draw fruits as some easily recognisable objects or stereotypes.

More specificly, the challenge is to draw a fruit of your choice as any (a few, or all) of the following: A tank, a vampire, a submarine, a motorcycle, a plane, a helecopter, a car, a computer, a TV, a hobo, a soldier, a (steam)train, a viking, a pirate, a speaker, an astronaut, a spacecraft, a robot, a boat, a mecha, any animal to name some examples.
If you can think of any better, or just other things in general you'd rather draw a fruit as, go ahead!

Designing this means that the fruit needs to be immediatly recogisable as also being something else, so a balance is needed. You cant just tape an apple to a tank and call it a day.
The idea with this is to go for the design, it doesnt have to be complicated, it doesnt have to be detailed, it doesnt have to be colored. If you want to do all of those, go ahead, its your drawing. Though thats not really the point, so no bonus points.

Just to help get the idea across, here's an example kindly provided by our beloved mrQ.
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No. 9531 ID: f2abea
File 132457240733.png - (199.22KB , 800x800 , pear.png )
Vytalibus was working on one too. His tank pear is quite excellent.
No. 9532 ID: aa7d51
File 132457257848.png - (7.29KB , 374x234 , dfghjk.png )
We all live in a yellow cirrmarine~
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