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File 132098795961.jpg - (39.28KB , 521x664 , greenmarinenimue.jpg )
8414 No. 8414 ID: 86ff7e

New thread because i want to see a little green marine every time i post.
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No. 17380 ID: feab56

I am not sure what I should feel here so I will just write a short list.
No. 17382 ID: 34cbef

that's not how you play support- but i'm not gonnna argue with it.
No. 17387 ID: feab56

This song is appropiate
No. 17558 ID: 4cdcc3

I Wish to Infuse her Astral Blessing, if you know what I mean.
No. 17562 ID: 4439d7

Hey GreenMang, this is pretty cool. My girl would like to ask to temporarily borrow this pic, if you don't mind? She does Dark Souls streaming on NicoNicoDouga sometimes and was excited to see it (as there are not a very many female Solaire images available)
No. 17563 ID: 117433

How do you temporarily borrow an image?
No. 17564 ID: fd1a27

I'm guessing he means to use it as an image on the stream (for whatever reason) for a while.
No. 17567 ID: 77a7b7

Requesting Troll girl foot fetish!
No. 17572 ID: 4439d7

That is exactly what she wants to use it for (only for a little while). But, I wanted to ask for permission first, since it is his work.
No. 17648 ID: 5649f3

... I'd still like to see more dragonborn girls.
No. 17656 ID: 0b0563

Hey green, I don't know if you got around to it, but I requested rule 63 War from Darksiders a long time ago and you sounded interested. Still interested?
No. 17672 ID: 39239e

If you want a break from sexy ladies, then may I humbly request an Imperial Guard psyker with a nice greatcoat and a lasgun slung over his shoulder? Bald head, gloves, staff, the usual stuff.

If you still want to do ladies, then a chubby chick of some odd variety with stockings would be dynamite.
No. 17673 ID: 39239e

Any chance of a Navigator gal?
No. 17674 ID: 39239e


goat giiiiirl
No. 17675 ID: 1ace6e

No. 17679 ID: eff9b6
File 136047925565.jpg - (198.04KB , 450x553 , lina.jpg )

Sorry, guys. I've been kidnapped my /vg/'s mobafags.
No. 17680 ID: feab56
File 136048823473.jpg - (81.41KB , 430x374 , Reaction 2133.jpg )

Coffee you say?
No. 17686 ID: 1f8505

At least tell us what threads you hang out in so we can stalk follow you.
No. 17698 ID: cdccad

I usually float around /vg/ draw general. I put most of the stuff i do for them here.

No. 17702 ID: c592e8

No longer /v/ or /tg/?
No. 17727 ID: 52de59

I've never been around /v/ drawthreads. They don't like ANYTHING, be it games or art. I sometimes lurk /tg/ but honestly i rather draw stupid moba/fighting game shit.
No. 17748 ID: 5649f3

As long as you're drawing fighting game shit, how 'bout some Cammy?
No. 17759 ID: 7e9807


Or some Elena
No. 17766 ID: c592e8

seconding Elena
No. 17785 ID: 5d98c3

Thirding Elena?

I'd rather see Guile
No. 17816 ID: 90b6d9

What's yr favorite fite gaem?
No. 17837 ID: cdccad

I really enjoy most of them a lot. SF, KoF, Tekken.

If i had to choose only one as my all time favorite it would be the Darkstalkers franchise.
No. 17840 ID: feab56

Iron Tager from Blazblue and Zangief brofisting. Alternatively Zangief in pain because of his bruised/broken hand after brofisting Iron Tager, perhaps holding his wrist and blowing on the hand or something like that.
No. 17880 ID: 06b36e


I'm obligated to request Taokaka and Felicia wrestling in jello, with Zangief watching with approval in the background.

Said approval could be sexual, though it could be more of a "They learn so fast" sort of thing.
No. 17942 ID: 71b937

Yo Greenmarine- I don't suppose you're open for commissions?
No. 17945 ID: 44cc74


i would pay many dollars for a greenfag drawing.
No. 17987 ID: 1f8505


So would I.
No. 18016 ID: 90b6d9



mah nigga
No. 18112 ID: 60e51a
File 136262864307.jpg - (1.05MB , 1750x1484 , shit.jpg )

I'll be open soon ™

Have some stuff i did last week.
No. 18120 ID: 1f8505


SWAT Kats! Yessssssssssssssssssss.
No. 18123 ID: 86c8c6

Hey green, could you upload bigger versions of the two tiefling chicks, if there are any? I'm the same faggot that asked this before, so forgive me if I'm being annoying
No. 18128 ID: 22c8cd
File 136271435884.jpg - (124.33KB , 851x1468 , vava.jpg )

Nah, it's all cool.
No. 18129 ID: 22c8cd
File 136271443286.jpg - (143.67KB , 814x1342 , jammies.jpg )

No. 18145 ID: 21758c

No. 18147 ID: 10165a


No. 18227 ID: fee990

Hey green. Could you draw me a half-orc muscle girl wearing chainmail with one of those round battle-girdle things that protects the abdomen and duel-wielding 3-chained scourges? Busty but no boob window.
No. 18228 ID: fee990


Oh and with hair in a mohawk and pouty lips with tusks.
No. 18291 ID: acf812

Green, how about Celestine or Ephrael Stern?

Maybe both together
No. 18426 ID: 90b6d9

greenie how do you keep your lines so soft and loose but clean when yr sketching and/or not try-harding?

I'm a bit envious. Also trying to make my sketches more comprehensible, less line-heavy, so clean up isn't a complete nightmare like it has been for me in the past.
No. 18458 ID: 10165a

draw more stuff plox
No. 18459 ID: 60ec98

That's what practice does to people.
No. 18520 ID: da5086

I don't know what you're talking about. My sketches are incredibly messy. Working over them is what makes the lineart look softer.

I'm drawing stuff. I just dump it all on tumblr, though.
No. 18805 ID: 21758c

where is Greenmarine's tumblr?
No. 18806 ID: feab56

No. 19255 ID: 4c1918

I wonder if this is ever going to be finished.
It would seriously make my day. No, week.
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