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File 127907381257.png - (15.73KB , 491x651 , Arbitrarygobbotits.png )
782 No. 782 ID: 8c0848
For Driblis.
Keep drawan them gobbos.
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No. 783 ID: a83ce3
Thanks gnoll, it's better than mine but hey :V
No. 784 ID: b4b04d
You should basically draw more of this, like, all the time.
No. 785 ID: 620bfb
He did, but then we all yelled at him about plot.
No. 786 ID: b4b04d
Well fuck those people. Nobody complained about the hj in the inn, and now everyone's trying to get them to do more. At least some people can say we have been on this boat from the start.
No. 787 ID: 8ce2bf
Plot is for babies.
No. 788 ID: 506441
have the plot be about tits
No. 789 ID: 7b710d
while i may indeed be trying to make them go further i know that it has a time and a place. in the middle of a sandy desert = never no. on a nice cushy bed = very yes. what we can do in the desert is make her think over the idea enough that she wouldn't dislike the idea od taking things further.
No. 790 ID: 4531bc
gnoll sghould do two quests: a plotquest, and a we-exploit-his-drawing-ability-for-shenanigans quest.
No. 791 ID: c2c011
Or one where he goes back to the goblins at the Fort. I miss Atu and her waifu Ozud (we all know who wears the pants there), would be fun to get back to her and her crazy shenanigans and exploits alongside with her life partner (and the rape on top of a pile of dead dorfs, such fun times).
No. 792 ID: 8bdb6a
I think switching back and forth between plot and shenanigans can be perfectly workable.
No. 793 ID: b4b04d
Well okay but there has been a dearth of shenanigans of any real severity.
No. 794 ID: 620bfb
I say Gnoll runs two quests, one where he goes about his usual shenanigans and another where he works with someone who can't draw for shit but is a capable textquest-writer. Together they fight crime!
No. 803 ID: 8c0848
>Text Quest Writer

No. 804 ID: 0657bf
hey! don't start that again. we are not getting into the 'are text quests good' debate again.
No. 805 ID: c1c607
So you're saying it's safe to conclude all text quests are terrible?
No. 806 ID: bc237d
Mods: Wordfilter "text quest" to "drama"
No. 809 ID: c1c607
And now you're likening text quests to furries? That's harsh, man.
No. 831 ID: d3dfb8
Say, have you met Bob?
No. 832 ID: 8e18cd

You're trying to say that Bob is a capable text quest writer?

Is that what you're saying?

No. 833 ID: f1823c
Seriously, cut it out. If you people want to argue about text quests, make a thread in /questdis/, not here.
No. 835 ID: 7a28df
I never yelled at him about plot. I basically just want him to draw goblin titties. All the time.
No. 1112 ID: 8c0848
File 128431614150.png - (8.49KB , 314x510 , ThodrenxJehralbuttsechs.png )
<%Numbers> Well I'm still waiting on my Thorden x Jehral and I won't update PD until I get it

Get back to work.
No. 1115 ID: 9406d6
That's not goblin titties, Gnoll. You've let me down. You let me down, Gnoll.
No. 1123 ID: d6a592

She died.
No. 1127 ID: d8aa80
No. 1130 ID: d6a592

I guess i menat 'he' i'm sorry i'm sorry
No. 1132 ID: 5a2e05
No. 1133 ID: f35afd
That is a picture of two dudes fucking. It is a dude fucking another dude in the ass. Buttfucking. In the butt.
No. 1134 ID: ee38fb
I still want to find out what happens to the half-elf/half gobbo and her dad.
No. 1135 ID: 8c0848
File 128459664034.png - (98.82KB , 608x501 , ridan.png )
For Cockhole
No. 1136 ID: 87181c

It menaces with spikes of obsidian.
No. 1144 ID: ef8293
That is so cute...but also so mean.

Gnoll is having so much fun, but poor cutebold.
No. 1719 ID: 8c0848
File 129078373353.png - (279.62KB , 1024x768 , yrra.png )
I was streaming last night and kind of crapped out, so I finished that red circle I drew. It turned into this.

(Reuploaded with more vagina.)
No. 1720 ID: 2563d4
Given the quest context, I can only assume that she is nurse dancing.
No. 1721 ID: 8c0848
The request when I was drawing it was for it to be Yrr'a and when I asked for a pose, someone said, "Gyrating" or "Undulating" or something to that effect.
No. 1723 ID: 2563d4
( http://nethackwiki.com/wiki/Nurse_dancing )
No. 1987 ID: 7ebaca
What is this and where can I find more?
No. 1988 ID: f1df52

It's a naked gnoll chick. You can get more by throwing money at Gnoll.
No. 1990 ID: b6c6fc
File 129287183945.png - (142.96KB , 542x583 , Yrra1.png )
here's the other one he did
No. 2018 ID: 7ebaca
File 129301075363.gif - (1.60MB , 350x197 , fillion_hushed.gif )
Huh. Odd coincidence.
Anyway, I have no money.

But I guiltily admit, more naked gnoll sounds great. Do want. Dowantdowantdowant.
No. 2039 ID: 8c0848

I'll see what I can do.
No. 2041 ID: 7ebaca
A gentleman and a scholar, I see.

I'm in no rush, comrade.
And regular porn is quite dandy, too.
In fact, I'm nearing the 245GB mark in my porn folder.

No. 2057 ID: f1df52

How about dorf porn?
No. 2058 ID: 8bbd68
Some Gnollsgnollinggnolls will be pretty awesome.
No. 2059 ID: ba9d11
Y'rra x Fireclaw you say?
No. 2092 ID: 8c0848
File 129393034656.png - (266.72KB , 966x692 , Canagnoll.png )
<ElNakedo> Why have you never drawn yourself with your winterfur?

Okay, fine.
No. 2099 ID: 6d4402
Well played. Now go draw goblin titties.
No. 3525 ID: 2563d4
So how do you get such smooth shading?
No. 3528 ID: 8c0848
Just things in SAI. I'll stream something sometime.
No. 3629 ID: 8c0848
File 130299040134.png - (29.34KB , 381x298 , Theodren.png )
Theodren from the stream
No. 4117 ID: 8c0848
File 130450661420.png - (230.97KB , 1024x1026 , Sexy Pastry Explosion.png )
All the donut related erotica Anon44 refused to draw. There's a churro in there too.
No. 4119 ID: 2563d4
Oh hey, this reminded me to take the profiteroles out of the freezer. Thanks!
No. 4124 ID: 3416ec

No. 4153 ID: 6930ef
Hot damn, look at that churro's moustache. It is GLORIOUS.
No. 4169 ID: 60ca9f

That is honestly perhaps the strangest thing I have seen on this site.
No. 4170 ID: b0c912
Oh pastry, you so crazy!
No. 4183 ID: 8c0848
No way, I've seen some weird ass amputee, extreme anal insertion, bondage rape on here. That's way, way worse.
No. 4189 ID: 35cea2
This is going right into my enormous baked goods porn collection.
No. 4190 ID: 3416ec

Why would you even have such a thing.
No. 4191 ID: 43d730
You thought the name was just a name?
No. 4424 ID: 8c0848
File 130602238661.png - (40.71KB , 770x768 , Dryad.png )
Oh no! A slime is attacking the Dryad! Whatever can be done?
No. 4432 ID: a6ab09
naked dryad slime wrestling sounds like a great idea
No. 4725 ID: 8c0848
File 130739540777.jpg - (1.36MB , 1176x1058 , TinySpider.jpg )
This isn't drawn, but I need somewhere to post tiny spiders.
No. 4738 ID: 383006
No. 4748 ID: 0d7a83
It's cute until it does one of those long, pointless strings of web at face height and you walk into it and go "Ohgoditsonmyfacepfffft".
No. 4749 ID: 2563d4
That's not pointless! That's probably little spider babbies trying to take flight. ::::3c
No. 4765 ID: 8c0848
File 130766534911.jpg - (6.50MB , 4608x3456 , DSC00092.jpg )
A picture of a harvestman at full res. Because lazy.
No. 4767 ID: 3416ec

I think you mean "Daddy Long-Legs."
No. 4832 ID: 8c0848
File 130789305168.jpg - (1.85MB , 1597x1223 , Spiderbutt.jpg )
Spiders need hugs too
No. 4833 ID: 8c0848
File 130789483606.jpg - (2.12MB , 1602x1378 , Beeclover.jpg )
Bug pictures are not drawings. I should draw more.
No. 4836 ID: 0d7a83
Obviously the only outcome is bug porn.
No. 4837 ID: 3416ec

Plenty of spider hugs in Slinkoboy's thread.
No. 12978 ID: 14a1d0
File 133696264004.png - (219.05KB , 1300x1000 , Indahlfencing.png )
Toastline wanted an Indahl and a cutebold fencing.
No. 12979 ID: 14a1d0
File 133696270560.png - (118.45KB , 445x684 , Rynhdi.png )
Rynh dressed as Shaundi from Saint's Row.
Numbers wanted this one.
No. 12980 ID: 14a1d0
File 133696287574.png - (274.46KB , 1024x768 , Roqan.png )
Roqan from Riarda Legends in a bikini for Lonelyworld with bonus Goz.
No. 12982 ID: 14a1d0
File 133696327608.png - (61.89KB , 629x589 , Liamhasthis.png )
Liam from Hatch Quest for Beakie.
He is killing all the bad guys.
No. 12986 ID: 14a1d0
File 133699132156.png - (176.15KB , 813x595 , Mech makeout.png )
A Blackhawk-D making out with a Cauldron Born.
ClockworkSeal's Request.

No references, no perspective, no color, Final Destination!
No. 13403 ID: 14a1d0
File 133895093399.png - (246.55KB , 650x754 , snufflesnuffle.png )
The filthy stranner is trying to sniff out the Solars.
Good luck. How can they smell anything over their own horrible poo stench?
No. 13404 ID: 14a1d0
File 133895532406.png - (39.72KB , 326x405 , Tiny Shrew.png )
Tiny Shrew is indignant about being in underwear.
No. 13405 ID: d5ee6f
If tiny shrew hates underwear so much tiny shrew can take it off.
No. 13412 ID: c460ad
Perhaps she should be out of it then.
No. 13415 ID: f72f26
Astranians tend to have problems taking off their underwear in public, they usually need help
No. 13436 ID: eea689
Perhaps a wandering tentacle beast will be kind enough to assist her?
No. 13446 ID: 14a1d0
File 133916409562.png - (309.65KB , 1024x768 , HellaEroticfuntime.png )
So erotic~
No. 13473 ID: 27d278

I am schlicking furiously at this precise moment of time.
No. 13991 ID: 14a1d0
File 134169877570.png - (99.98KB , 696x864 , allgoatedupandbeggingforit.png )
Some quest on /tg/ had a goatgirl stick figure protagonist for about 4 posts, so I drew this, because tiny hooves.
No. 13997 ID: b18143
She's rather cute!
No. 14698 ID: 14a1d0
File 134488542536.png - (150.18KB , 640x679 , venisonisdelicious.png )
Rynh holding up Oken by the back of the neck.
Because LonelyWorld.
No. 14701 ID: 14a1d0
File 134488715932.png - (142.28KB , 616x768 , Ivet.png )
Ivet by whathisname.
Requested by whosisface.
No. 14705 ID: 87d89c
No. 14707 ID: 4a20fa
All this needs now is for Shyen to pick Rynh up by the scruff of her neck.
No. 14803 ID: 14a1d0
File 134552505979.png - (141.16KB , 936x762 , Tliqu.png )
Someone said to draw Tliqu, so I drew her as a lizard.
No. 14806 ID: b85f8c
No. 14828 ID: 14a1d0
File 134566078017.png - (287.54KB , 705x720 , Howitshouldhavehappened.png )
I needed to draw blowjobs. Here is blowjobs.
Nothing like having your penis inside a monster that excretes flesh-melting acid to get the heart rate up.
No. 14846 ID: 9dfc5c

... Isn't she already a lizardgirl?
No. 14847 ID: bf54a8
she was more a girl lizard. a chick with lizard bits stuck on.
No. 14866 ID: 87d89c
no she's an anime
No. 15330 ID: 14a1d0
File 134837450656.png - (708.58KB , 1536x1152 , Leimahtah.png )
All nude dragons. So nude, all the time.
No. 15338 ID: 87d89c
This is the most erotic picture in the thread by far
No. 15341 ID: bf54a8
no wonder ryhn's dad was all over that.
No. 15353 ID: e3f578
Man, I wonder what she looked like as a kobold now.
We know she's smokin' hot in any form, but can she possibly work one of the most ugly-cute races in roleplaying history?
No. 17330 ID: 14a1d0
File 135844892166.png - (127.27KB , 484x480 , wat.png )
>I asked M-Bot to draw Rynh in a Marylin Monroe dress getting blown up

No. 17335 ID: 7a6214
That is... not quite how I drew it!
No. 17338 ID: 1c68f7

No. 17355 ID: 1f8505

Most excellent.
No. 17370 ID: b3dd38
No. 21022 ID: 593f45
File 138240382852.png - (181.28KB , 692x600 , nom.png )
This came out so well, I'm going to get depressed when I can't replicate the quality on a regular basis.
I'm just going to plaster it around everywhere so people will praise me.
No. 21023 ID: 735f4f
+1 Praise.
No. 21024 ID: 761017
+1 Praise

I find the scene adorable, yet surprisingly intimate. Was that intented?
No. 21027 ID: bd48c5
Morrigan Disapproves -10
No. 21029 ID: fd4c5e
aww hell yeah shirtless jehral

and it's a pretty darn good draw too I GUESS
No. 21032 ID: 1f8505

+2 Praise
No. 22468 ID: 7e0def
File 139548966572.png - (227.38KB , 1024x768 , Sarah is always doing this kind of thing.png )
I need to make sure tgchan gets it's share of exposure to things Sarah canonically does as a matter of routine.
No. 22484 ID: 7e0def
File 139560069747.png - (293.92KB , 723x926 , FastGnoll.png )
Gnoll for Lonelyworld
No. 22882 ID: 7e0def
File 139801377176.png - (107.82KB , 716x595 , dookpeep.png )
Dookpeep, stop pushing that pot toward the edge of the counter. It is full of liquid.
No. 22897 ID: 7e0def
File 139803778524.png - (257.30KB , 716x595 , dookpeep.png )
That is only going to cause noise and mess, Dookpeep. Why are you so inconsiderate?
No. 28954 ID: 265534
File 145116437119.png - (572.28KB , 959x892 , Candy Cane.png )
Christmas dicks must look like candy canes by law.
No. 28957 ID: 0e8da1
It's a good law.
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