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File 131647153732.png - (35.70KB , 640x400 , 1.png )
7128 No. 7128 ID: 5d68fd
Ok I have thinking about starting my own quest but I need to polish my drawing skill first.

I'm gonna show some of my old drawing first before I start showing my newer drawing.

By the way... I have tried graphic tablet but I find it difficult so that I decided to do the old fashion way instead.
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No. 7129 ID: 5d68fd
File 131647168715.jpg - (717.91KB , 4891x6874 , bikinilady.jpg )
Here is one of my old drawing where a woman in bikini are in the beach.
No. 7130 ID: 5d68fd
File 131647176631.jpg - (253.66KB , 1223x1719 , fightingwoman.jpg )
Here is another old drawing of a girl who is doing high kick.
No. 7132 ID: 5d68fd
File 131647211225.png - (318.07KB , 2079x2563 , toplesswoman1.png )
Here is latest drawing that I have recently drawn today and this time with exposed BOOBIES.
No. 25753 ID: 146891
What is this
No. 25754 ID: 687279
A dead thread? Why did you bump it?
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