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File 127327856964.png - (51.58KB , 300x400 )
583 No. 583 ID: a693e4
Strategy, leadership, practicality, skepticism. Balanced between extremes, master of his own making. Muschio?

I dunno, just felt like it.

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No. 584 ID: 1ac39d
you get 11 out of 10 awesomes.
No. 585 ID: 1ac39d
so what cards would the others be? i think Ridder would be good for chariot. maybe ash as the lovers cause of how ridder reacted to her.
No. 586 ID: 95ab41
why not an actual romantic couple from quest for the Lovers?
No. 587 ID: 1ac39d
because while it often has two people on it, it doesn't represent people in love but Love itself.
No. 588 ID: f3abfa
Why not use characters from OTHER quests as cards instead of providing more dicksucking to Knight Blades/DiveQuest?

Just saying.

Deck full of Reaver/Weaver characters is kind of gay.
No. 589 ID: a693e4
File 127331622538.png - (61.33KB , 300x400 )
Power, action, awareness, application, resourcefulness. We are born with the tools and resources within us to accomplish our goals, and the magician is master of their tools, not mastered by them. The ouroboros signifies rebirth and regeneration.

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No. 590 ID: a594b9
That's pretty spot on.
No. 591 ID: 1ac39d
i like the random fork.
No. 592 ID: 0fc814
This is neat.

I think it's this thing: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/src/127320653121.png
No. 593 ID: 8bb533
File 127333952922.png - (19.99KB , 556x786 , hangedbold.png )
Symbolic or just an inevitable outcome when Glukmil climbs a tree?
No. 594 ID: 1ac39d
hmmmm.... he is risking his life to steal from the dwarves for his tribes sake, not his own.
No. 595 ID: 0fc814
I spent like 45 minutes making something look okay and then it didn't upload.
No. 597 ID: 1ac39d
did you save it or is gone forever?
No. 598 ID: 0fc814
It's gone. Maybe I'll redraw it.
No. 600 ID: 0fc814
File 127334653757.png - (93.51KB , 300x400 , XV-TheDevil.png )
Ignorance, Anger, Lust, Vice, Sexuality, Instinct, Hedonism.
Slave to addiction and obsession, preventing real growth or progress, yet representing a bottomless source of strength and energy.
No. 601 ID: 1ac39d
and ice cream, don't forget the unlimited ice cream.
No. 602 ID: 691f26
File 127336028239.png - (83.55KB , 300x400 , hurr.png )
Yes, I'm terrible.
No. 603 ID: 1ac39d
ha, that is exactly what he was planning to do.
No. 604 ID: 43d730
I propose Jim from Jimquest for the Chariot.
No. 605 ID: 1ac39d
what about the orb as the fool? or would it be the world?
No. 606 ID: 43d730
World or wheel.
How about Nimi for fool?
No. 607 ID: 1ac39d
makes sense. we can be really bad or really good luck to whoever picks us up.
and nimi looks the part of the fool. has the cloth on a stick thing going on.
No. 608 ID: ff8d14
File 127345063581.png - (6.05KB , 300x400 )
Not sure this works, but... maybe it does. Change, transition, transformation. Termination, inevitability. Things end, bringing freedom.

Probably should have stuck some more nevers in there.

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No. 609 ID: 1ac39d
he died in ruby quest then was reborn as Xom.
No. 610 ID: a594b9
More like, he simply died, and Gnome decided to steal the character. Kindof.
No. 611 ID: 1963d1
Maybe he was Xom all along, who took mortal form in order to fuck with everybody.
No. 612 ID: 3441fa
It was an homage, not theft!
No. 613 ID: 620bfb
Keep telling yourself that.
No. 615 ID: 697b23
Whatever helps you sleep at night.
No. 616 ID: 0b2a05
Drugs, mostly.
No. 20244 ID: 8b9215
Why is the tozol not death?
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