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File 131021337263.jpg - (3.10MB , 3384x2236 , Primarch Project.jpg )
5384 No. 5384 ID: 23311f
Time to start my own thread where I can dump my stuff.
Expand all images
No. 5385 ID: 23311f
File 131021349468.jpg - (243.71KB , 850x1165 , Rogal Dorn.jpg )
Yes, I am pretty happy with this one.
No. 5386 ID: 9d13f0
Most of it is perfect. But the left pauldron is distorted, the backpack looks weird, and that piece of cloth too.
No. 5387 ID: 23311f

I think I am going to get rid of the pack in the final photoshop version and the cloth , I want it to be see through silk, like a decorative scarf or something, thats why it looks wierd.

What I've "worked" on is his face and Moustache. Thats the manhood.
No. 5388 ID: 9d13f0
The fact that we can see through it doesn't disturb me, but the folds look strange. drawing cloth is hard, I'm still trying to make it look decent, but it's worth working on it.
No. 5390 ID: 23311f

Oh you are trying to fix it for me?
No. 5391 ID: 9d13f0
No, just pointing out that I have the same issues.
No. 5392 ID: 23311f
File 131022793145.jpg - (154.57KB , 850x1165 , IMG_0214.jpg )

Ah , I see.

Here's Ferrus Manus
No. 5393 ID: 9d13f0
The proportions are strange, and he seems lo lack a bit of his jawbone. If I were you i'd start it again, while sketching roughly the proportions of his actual body.
No. 5394 ID: 23311f

It feels normal to me T_T

whats actually wrong there?
No. 5395 ID: 9d13f0
actually, I tried drawing it back for myself, and it is okay. It looks a bit awkward because of the discrepancy between the armor and the guy in it, but it' okay.
No. 5400 ID: 23311f
File 131024600945.jpg - (162.46KB , 850x1165 , ferrus manus (7).jpg )
I think this is as far as I can go with Ferrus.

Time for Vulkan.
No. 5401 ID: 23311f
File 131025576703.jpg - (177.84KB , 850x1165 , vulkan (3).jpg )
Hopefully...Its something.
No. 5407 ID: 23311f

I am not happy with it. Revamping it.
No. 5408 ID: 23311f
File 131029347435.jpg - (335.65KB , 1200x1600 , DSC00054.jpg )
Uploading this for a friend. Its easier to link from here than imageshack or whatnot.
No. 5410 ID: 23311f
File 131030219237.jpg - (141.18KB , 850x1165 , vulkan.jpg )

Diffrent approach, still feel something is wrong..
No. 5412 ID: e755b2
the halo looks pasty, and the eyes are too close to each other. Otherwise, looks solid.
No. 5414 ID: e755b2
Idea: turning the aquila on his chest into a basilisk. Not sure.
No. 5418 ID: 23311f
File 131030795442.jpg - (137.47KB , 850x1165 , vulkan (9).jpg )

Polished up this one further. I love these scales, but I didnt know how to arrange them at first.
No. 5419 ID: e755b2
Careful with the scales, as they are, they make the torso look flat because they don't follow a very distinguishable curve. That's why I didn't suggest you to include them on the armor, but only on the hide. That being said, actual scales can be a lot harder to draw than sculpted, stylized ones, but at least, they don't require such geometrical precision.
No. 5420 ID: 23311f

The way I envisioned it was basically a pelt over the armor, obscuring the actual curves and stuff. Because I tried a version without it, and it doesnt feel right. I don't really know how I could represent the salamander feel to it.
No. 5421 ID: e755b2
You mean, how to make it look like actual dragon skin?
ref pics, Emps, I can only say that.
No. 5422 ID: 23311f

No, I meant the Iconography, It doesnt even feel like primarch Vulkan if I do the flat armor version, nor does it look like he's a Salamander, it just looks like an odd dude in plate with a dragon skull on a shoulder...

I am not sure how to explain this feeling.
No. 5423 ID: c3481a
I suggested you visual elements you can include. As for the scales, check out how they are on most GW minis: they don't look like a snake's, but like a lizard's.
No. 5424 ID: 23311f
File 131031160185.jpg - (74.35KB , 400x400 , 12343045497GvsGT.jpg )

I used these
No. 5425 ID: c3481a
File 131031222959.jpg - (893.32KB , 900x900 , 1209401415Le31PEl.jpg )
that's what I thought. most lizards, especially big ones, don't have smooth, angled scales (or not as much as snakes) they have a more rugose texture, and the scales don't necessarily overlap.
pic related
No. 5426 ID: 23311f
File 131031268064.jpg - (83.64KB , 450x331 , stock-photo-lizard-scales-35048698.jpg )

Hmm, maybe I should add variation like so
No. 5427 ID: c3481a
No. 5435 ID: c38f64
Neat, good to see you finally made a thread.
No. 5443 ID: 548239
File 131040835601.jpg - (177.32KB , 1165x850 , IMG_0231.jpg )
While trying numerous stuff for vulkan, about 11 papers scrapped away I was hit with this awesome idea for Lorgar!
No. 5445 ID: 74c9dd
And there will be some sort of warpfire gizmo up the book, with maybe a daemon face, right?

You better not screw up this effect, fire is damn hard to get.
No. 5446 ID: 548239

Maybe holy radiance, in the form of vapors seeping from the writings on pages?
No. 5478 ID: a79c6b
File 131051229495.jpg - (789.60KB , 1500x1817 , fabulous fulgrim.jpg )
No. 5547 ID: cfb58a
File 131085277610.jpg - (157.45KB , 850x1165 , IMG_0266.jpg )
Bumping with content.

Horus Lupercal
No. 5548 ID: cfb58a
File 131085281588.jpg - (190.74KB , 850x1165 , IMG_0269.jpg )
Redesigned Lion El'Jonson.
No. 5549 ID: cfb58a
File 131085284642.jpg - (207.56KB , 850x1165 , IMG_0272.jpg )
Roboute Guilliman, His fist will be the one that pierces the heavens.
No. 5550 ID: cfb58a
File 131085287388.jpg - (220.65KB , 1165x850 , IMG_0240.jpg )
Alpharius Omegon.
No. 5552 ID: c344d3
flat fist is flat
No. 5553 ID: cfb58a

Modeled after Marneus Calgar's Gauntlets of Ultramar.
No. 5579 ID: 06985a
File 131091574279.jpg - (221.27KB , 850x1165 , IMG_0244.jpg )

Feathers must be fixed, they look like leaves.
No. 5580 ID: 431681
What is this fancy-looking, not avian skull doing on his chest?

nice face, though. Hair is still a bit bulky, but I guess it works.
No. 5582 ID: 06985a
File 131092148248.jpg - (40.68KB , 800x600 , corax_final_scale.jpg )

I tried my best to include a crow skull there, but failed misserably. So I went with whatever I could find.
No. 5583 ID: 431681
File 131092287812.jpg - (197.60KB , 553x792 , Crow-skull.jpg )
What's the problem, exactly?
Ref. Pics.
No. 5584 ID: 06985a

Well thanks. I'll get on that right away.
No. 5589 ID: 06985a
File 131093206408.jpg - (217.96KB , 850x1165 , IMG_0276.jpg )
No. 5590 ID: 431681
No. 5591 ID: 431681
File 131093357882.jpg - (21.47KB , 306x320 , brandon_lee.jpg )
Using real people's face as a reference can help you.

As I suggested you to use Michael Wincott as a reference for Fulgrim, Curze or Corax, using Brandon Lee for Corax could be of some help. Also, big forehead, and lolreference.

I would even go as far as to suggest Ron Perlman for Lyyn Elgonsen, but he doesn't look like Emps enough.
No. 5592 ID: 431681
Oh lord...

You DID use him as a reference.
No. 5593 ID: 06985a

No. 5594 ID: 431681
Actually, it's the head's angle that gave it away.
No. 5595 ID: 06985a

Sand people demand your Glistening Guy be finished!
No. 5623 ID: d7f3ef
File 131108753025.jpg - (205.94KB , 850x1165 , IMG_0286.jpg )
Stupid sexy Magnus.
No. 5624 ID: 22db35
Ah, sorry but nope. This doesn't look good. The pose is awkward, the muscles are just round curves, there's not enough depth or distinction between plans, the cloth does not fold realistically around the shoulders or the horns, and the head is strangely conical.

Your preliminary sketch was a lot better.
No. 5625 ID: d7f3ef

Preliminary sketch was a copy off something. I was not contempt with it at all, since it didn't feel like mine. Whats wrong with the pose?
No. 5626 ID: 22db35
It feels artificial and hunched. try standing in this pose, it's not natural at all.
No. 5627 ID: d7f3ef

Oh damn, that feels awkward as hell, could you fast sketch something over it? show me what I could do to fix? Or I should just try something completely new?
No. 5628 ID: 22db35
in an hour.
No. 5629 ID: d7f3ef

Alright I'll wait.
No. 5634 ID: d7f3ef
File 131111022393.jpg - (255.20KB , 850x1165 , IMG_0289.jpg )
While I wait... Sanguinius!
No. 5638 ID: 22db35
File 131111496728.jpg - (184.96KB , 1000x1333 , magnus.jpg )
Right. If you go for a non-natural pose, try to make it a bit dynamic.

Here. Because when you look closely, Magnus isn't so much Egyptian than he is Indian, visually speaking.
No. 5640 ID: d7f3ef

He looks a bit passive, and he's lacking the Wrestling style beefy arms, I am loving the pose and hands, but I am not sure how or if they fit him...
No. 5641 ID: 22db35
well, it's a lot more dynamic than the one you did. I'd say it's meant to look quiet, not really passive. As for the arms, bulk the out as you wish, I'm just suggesting a pose. An alternative would be to make him look actually passive, like most of those you did.
No. 5642 ID: 22db35
also, if you look at most illustrations of him or at his fluff, he's not a CQC monster, and the bare arms are probably more a reference to depictions of hindu heroes than simply here to show that he's strong. That's why I chose this pose, instead of a more generic spellcasting pose.
No. 5643 ID: d7f3ef
Thanks for your support, I'll see what I can do, but I asked if my current sketch could be salvaged.
No. 5644 ID: 22db35
maybe by letting both arms hang down, and by working on the volumes. Frankly, I'd say you should have sketched out several ones first with your tablet.

If it doesn't work, trying to "salvage" it will end up worse, most of the time.
No. 5645 ID: d7f3ef
What do you mean by volumes?
No. 5646 ID: 22db35
depth. As I said, it looks quite flat, mostly because the cloth looks like it's hanging loose while his torso is supposed to be massive. and you drew each arm sockets with a different angle.

That's why we don't know if he's supposed to be completely facing, slightly 3/4, or something else. That's a problem with the structure itself, and correcting it on the same drawing will be more tiresome and time-wasting than starting a new one with a clearly defined angle with a proper use of masses.
No. 5662 ID: 316fa3
File 131120139741.jpg - (165.45KB , 850x1165 , IMG_0296.jpg )
What is a Primarch?
No. 5688 ID: affcf5
File 131133173293.jpg - (128.25KB , 850x1165 , magnus.jpg )
Many shades of Magnus.
No. 5746 ID: 0ca886
File 131163695668.jpg - (229.27KB , 1701x2330 , Fulgrim60.jpg )
No. 5750 ID: 37b986
File 131169767451.jpg - (97.57KB , 800x939 , granny.jpg )
Hey, granny Emps, I drew it for you! You like it? You like it?
(I can take it off if you want)

I wonder how coloring it will turn out but the lighting is perfect.
No. 5752 ID: 093675

I lold a lot, don't worry! :D
No. 5760 ID: 607f35

Interesting. So you are taking the greyscale with colour overlay approach? I used to do that sometimes as well. I find that greyscale is really nice and easy to work with, but doesn;t translate into colour very well.

Maybe that's just me doing it wrong, but still. Good luck anyway.
No. 5762 ID: e415a7
File 131176554496.jpg - (214.98KB , 1701x2330 , Fulgrim68.jpg )

Dark Pink or Deep Purple for Emperor's Children?

And I dunno about this grayscale. I find it better this way, but whats this about colors not transferring well?
No. 5763 ID: 607f35

Well, I dunno, I use the technique for Space Marine Quest art, but little else. I just find that colour never seem to come out realistically [for me]. Maybe it's a stylistic choice, but I never am satisfied with how it results.
There seems to be no way to effectively vary a hue, which I find necessary.
No. 5764 ID: 607f35

Erk! Forgot to comment on the actual image. I dunno, what you have there is pretty good. Maybe mixing it up with some gold (which I assume you'll be doing) will make it look a lot nicer altogether.
No. 5765 ID: d214a4
File 131177527250.jpg - (761.08KB , 1701x2330 , LemanRuss Final.jpg )
Well Silly as it may sound I consider doing these things this way because firstly, you are building the armor (lineart) then you are casting it in Ceramite! (shading and whatnot) Then you apply the rigorous rituals of painting and proper litanies untill you end up with something like this.
No. 5772 ID: 8f59e8

Wow! Fuck, that's awesome.
No. 5773 ID: d214a4
File 131180715399.png - (467.98KB , 886x665 , Duke Nukem.png )

Thanks, I like your marine guy, he's awesome!
No. 5775 ID: 8f59e8

Duke Nukem? Well, I guess I see the resemblance.
No. 5784 ID: 6d300f

I always call dudes with that hairstyle duke nukems.
No. 5785 ID: 6d300f
File 131185649957.jpg - (1.15MB , 3476x2328 , FALGRM.jpg )
I kind of need some help here...I really am stumped a bit
I don't know what can i do to make the lighting more impressive and or to add some atmosphere? (maybe from the background)

I also feel like the head isnt placed right, his chin seems to be touching the armor, should i move it more upright or something? see the picture.

Im not sure if his face is shaped correctly, or if i placed all his features right, this seems to be the hardest part for me , since side glances tend to shave off some of the features depending on lighting

and any other suggestions are welcome?

And is the hair flowing okay?
No. 5787 ID: bf00a9
Uhm, yes. Moving it up seems to help, but you don't want it to seem like he has an elongated neck. Especially in such hefty armour.

I don't really know about how to aid in the highlighting area, that seems to be one of the problems I ahve encountered with the technique you are using.
No. 5792 ID: 5f3a8e
the lighting thing may be due to the background and foreground both being gray?
No. 5794 ID: 34badf
File 131187786220.jpg - (236.86KB , 1701x2330 , Fulgrim84.jpg )
Revamped his eagle...

I think I am going to go with this pose and posture ( speaking of head positioning )
No. 5797 ID: 07416a
There are gaps in his hair where we should be able to see his neck. Kinda looks like his head is just floating there right now.
No. 5801 ID: be305a
File 131189752258.jpg - (239.36KB , 1701x2330 , Fulgrim90.jpg )

I've noticed it, dont worry, it was 5 hours ago tho.
No. 5818 ID: 3c67fd
File 131194796139.jpg - (177.66KB , 1701x2330 , Fulgrim93.jpg )
Guys, I need a bit of advice here, I got an interesting comment from an Anon, and I quote : "The hair shouldn't go over the edge of the hole for the head. Since the head is neatly tucked inside said hole (Fulgrim's chin is not on the same plane as the little bump on the foreground), and the hole's perspective implies it's a round hole, the hair should be inside the hole.
You could throw your hair out over the armor if you really wanted to, at least in the front of your head. The real issue is that the distance between the collar and the neck doesn't match up at all with the length of hair spilling over the collar on the right. It looks like the head under the hair is some hideous shape that follows the lines of the armor. "

I am not sure wether I really fucked it up or just need to edit the hair spilling inside the armor a bit.
No. 5819 ID: 37b986
I say you should completely avoid making it spill out; the collar would need to be extremely close to his face for the hair to spill out.
No. 5820 ID: 3c67fd

Alright, thanks.
No. 5822 ID: 3c67fd
File 131196130778.jpg - (259.28KB , 1701x2330 , Fulgrim96.jpg )
I believe I have achieved vibrancy!

What do you guys think? Too colorfull?
No. 5823 ID: 37b986
the whole pic? No, but the recesses or the armor arre too saturated. It makes his body look flat and his arms, too.
No. 5824 ID: 3c67fd
File 131196280471.jpg - (258.29KB , 1701x2330 , Fulgrim97.jpg )

Is this any better? Am I doing it right?

Hows stuff on your end? Hows that Angel coming along?
No. 5825 ID: 37b986
It's slightly better.

I'm currently working on a commission, not on Alphonse Tétons-en-Marbre.
No. 5826 ID: 3c67fd


Oh! Commish! Coolio! All the best!
No. 5827 ID: bfadd7
File 131197742043.jpg - (390.71KB , 1701x2330 , Fulgrim99.jpg )
I think it is done.
No. 5828 ID: 37b986
okay, it looks good. There are still a few minor glitches (the shading of the waist, the nose a bit too flat, and maybe a lack of visual coherence between the various elements of the pic) but they don't shock me.
No. 5831 ID: dd99b3

Great! Even though I didn't really see it as a problem, tucking he hair in really fixed the head issues.
No. 5850 ID: ebfe66
File 131206325804.jpg - (540.85KB , 1276x1748 , IMG_0296.jpg )
Bumping with a quick wip of Perturabo!

No. 5852 ID: f7a401
I don't know that I like the little point at the front of the collar. It suited Fulgrim, but I don't think it goes with Perty.
No. 5853 ID: ebfe66

Anything else? I don't know anything about Iron Warriors.
No. 5854 ID: d01f22
File 131207442698.jpg - (1.91MB , 1701x2330 , Fulgrim Final.jpg )
Anyways , Final High-Definition , cleaned up nooks and crannies, version of Fulgrim.
No. 5855 ID: 71ec71
One word: tacticool

Not pretty. Harsh, effective, blunt, precise and simple.
No. 5860 ID: 26a8d0

Keep it blocky. To exaggerate, if there's a curved line anywhere, it's probably wrong. The closest thing you should have to decorations are rivets, cables and obnoxious black and yellow caution strips. And skulls.
No. 5861 ID: 5adfd0
File 131211077068.jpg - (1.09MB , 1037x3197 , hhcv 212.jpg )

Here's one example of how Perturabo looks, this is from the Horus Heresy Visions.... book.
No. 5868 ID: ea6ca2
He looks so fabulous!!
No. 5869 ID: a3241e

That he does, I love him. He's one of my fave primarchs.
No. 5873 ID: a3241e
File 131215397275.jpg - (175.32KB , 1701x2330 , perturabo9.jpg )
I am going wrong somewhere, But I don't know where.
No. 5874 ID: 88e205
the head seems to be floating in the collar, since it doesn't follow the same angle. Also, the collar isn't deep enough. add a backpack and stuff behind it
No. 5875 ID: 88e205
the pauldrons are a bit too low.
No. 5876 ID: a3241e
File 131215744032.jpg - (170.66KB , 1701x2330 , perturabo10.jpg )

Feels better now?
No. 5882 ID: 329648
File 131220800746.jpg - (206.92KB , 1701x2330 , perturabo13.jpg )

Or this?
No. 5883 ID: 88e205
this is better, but still, add a tank, or a backpack, or an exhaust, or something behind the collar. It doesn't look like it's deep enough to reach his back.
No. 5884 ID: 329648
File 131222078719.jpg - (210.75KB , 1701x2330 , perturabo15.jpg )

I'll get to that when I finish the right proportions on this guy, god, terminator armor is such a bitch to draw.
No. 5895 ID: fbf44f
File 131231734144.jpg - (144.79KB , 1701x2330 , perturabo19.jpg )

This is going pretty swell actually :o
No. 5904 ID: fbf44f
File 131233401525.jpg - (158.08KB , 1701x2330 , perturabo21.jpg )

I hope this is the last time I have to reinstall windows.
No. 5905 ID: 992433

Also, even Perturabo disapproves. Look at his face, he knows that it's not how you get shit done.
No. 5907 ID: 28e94e
No. 5922 ID: 0d5b61
File 131241474379.jpg - (159.95KB , 1701x2330 , perturabo24.jpg )
They took mah melons.
No. 5926 ID: 992433
The mouth looks a bit low, but the color of the skin doesn't shock me. Mayb the shading could be more radical on the cranium to better show its mass.
No. 5928 ID: 58380b
Face looks good but maybe you need to work on making the pipes appear to be entering his skull, because they look as though they are behind it right now.
No. 5944 ID: bea4e3
File 131246129602.jpg - (161.47KB , 1701x2330 , perturabo25.jpg )

That is not his skin color.
No. 5953 ID: 686aad
File 131248792462.jpg - (276.99KB , 1701x2330 , perturabo27.jpg )

I really need to learn how to do paint scratches and battle damage.
No. 5954 ID: 1854db
His head reminds me of Dr. Weird for some reason.
No. 5955 ID: 686aad
File 131249197450.jpg - (11.02KB , 215x161 , dr-weird.jpg )

Why ? Rofl.
No. 5969 ID: 06adbd
Dem textures. Well it looked goob, but it sees you have taken it away. I dunno, to me the scratches looked inverted, but that was my only concern, really.
No. 5971 ID: 686aad

I just found out an error that bugs me, alongside the scars and scratches. See the previous version up there, the cable going inwards to his right shoulder, its resting over the texture. It should be inside.
No. 5973 ID: 686aad
File 131250642151.jpg - (3.06MB , 1701x2330 , perturabo31.jpg )
And done.
No. 5975 ID: 06adbd
'Sweet,' as they say. Fukken saved. Which one are you going to do next?
No. 5976 ID: 686aad

Its a gamble between Ferrus Manus and Alpharius/Omegon.

Since I love them both the same.
No. 5977 ID: 06adbd

Alpharius and Omegon would be pretty cool, so I vote for that.
No. 5978 ID: 686aad
File 131250881444.jpg - (48.25KB , 1348x813 , SKWISGAAR.jpg )

It has been decided, Have an epic solo


Good Night.
No. 5987 ID: a89ef2
File 131255234581.jpg - (272.69KB , 2330x1701 , Alpharius & Omegon2 .jpg )
Lets kickstart this.
No. 5995 ID: a89ef2
File 131256778933.jpg - (264.40KB , 2330x1701 , Alpharius & Omegon4.jpg )

I think I need some advice for Alpharius over there. I have no clue how to cross his arms without fucking up the proportions or giving him wacky wavy long arms.
No. 5996 ID: da2f07
completely re-do the arms, pauldrons included.

his torso is super thick, you need to take it into account.
No. 5997 ID: a89ef2

No. 5999 ID: 5adfd0

I have only thing to say about this: the tubes/wiring don't look like they enter his head, more like they're simply glued on.
No. 6001 ID: 6e78d0
File 131258326285.jpg - (275.61KB , 2330x1701 , Alpharius & Omegon8.jpg )

No. 6002 ID: da2f07
still no.

let me work a bit on it
No. 6003 ID: da2f07
There. And it's still a bit too flat.

Try to cross your arms properly when your torso and arms are about five times thicker than an average human male's, while being only twice as long. your arms will be nearly horizontal and each hand will barely be touching the opposite arm.
No. 6004 ID: da2f07
File 131258427726.jpg - (93.02KB , 800x1161 , arms.jpg )
forgot pic, derp

that's why you never see marines with their arms crossed in proper illustrations, even if it looks badass on a regular person, on someone with a power armor, it looks nearly awkward if not done perfectly under the right angle (a low-angle shot, I'd say)
No. 6005 ID: 6e78d0

I love you.
No. 6006 ID: 6e78d0
File 131258645144.jpg - (280.11KB , 2330x1701 , Alpharius & Omegon9.jpg )
Eventually I'll get it there.
No. 6007 ID: da2f07
okay, it's better.

Don't be afraid of drawing in-perspective shapes, even if it's hard (don't know how to put it in English, I mean, when a simple shape is nearly facing you in its length rather than its width) it will give your drawings a bit of depth.
No. 6008 ID: 6e78d0

Any suggestion for Omegon? I feel like he's got a very hunched pose...

And how are things on your end? :)
No. 6009 ID: da2f07
Maybe the Mussolini pose. Like the Carl Brutananadilewski pose, but badass.
No. 6010 ID: 6e78d0

Awesome! I'll get on that tommorow, Any news on Tetons de Marble?
No. 6011 ID: da2f07
doing the daemon weapon right now, which means that I'm about 2/3 done.

and it's marbRe.
No. 6012 ID: 6e78d0

no, Marmură!

Oh boy can't wait!
No. 6023 ID: 739cfd
File 131265178002.jpg - (228.19KB , 2330x1701 , Alpharius & Omegon16.jpg )
Alright so far so good, this is where I'm at. Technomancer, any thoughts?
No. 6024 ID: da2f07
looks okay
No. 6025 ID: 739cfd

Thats it? Anything to point out?
No. 6026 ID: da2f07
uh, Omegon's left pauldron looks weird, and his face too. Maybe with a more stern look it would be better, not looking at the viewer, because right now it's a bit as if he was like "so? whatcha think of this?" or even paralyzed and asking for help with his eyes alone....
No. 6031 ID: b8304c
He looks like he's in the beginning stages of card-crushering.
Which is somewhat appropriate, I guess.
No. 6033 ID: 739cfd
File 131267282255.jpg - (242.83KB , 2330x1701 , Alpharius & Omegon17.jpg )

I think I got them now.
No. 6034 ID: 739cfd
File 131267287411.jpg - (202.28KB , 2330x1701 , Alpharius & Omegon18.jpg )

But then again, I am not sure Ultramarines the movie is pretty accurate in proportions..
No. 6059 ID: 63d6f9
File 131280324321.jpg - (275.35KB , 2330x1701 , Alpharius & Omegon20.jpg )
Well, this is a new leap in terms of autistic faces.

Thoughts so far?
No. 6064 ID: a7386d
File 131281025079.jpg - (18.87KB , 385x383 , babby.jpg )
I know that all the primarchs are brothers, but you tend to make them all look too much alike. A guy even accused you of resizing and copypasting them on each character.
maybe you should try constructing the faces differently.

Alpharius here specifically reminds me of this:
No. 6069 ID: 63d6f9

Would Adrien Brody be a good Alpharius?

And whom exactly did he refer to?
No. 6075 ID: de9739
Careful with Alphie's anatomy. Omegy's ok, but his neck is a bit weak compared to the rest of his super big, bald, burly person.
No. 6076 ID: de9739
File 131285825133.jpg - (537.70KB , 2330x1701 , guyswholooklikepenises.jpg )
No. 6078 ID: 7d0453
File 131288671629.jpg - (262.67KB , 2330x1701 , Alpharius & Omegon27.jpg )

Oh shit Greenmarine <3! I am taking them one at a time, This is where I am at currently.
No. 6088 ID: d68961
File 131300292723.jpg - (245.22KB , 2501x1701 , Alpharius & Omegon41.jpg )

Maybe this bulky approach is better. what do you guys think?
No. 6094 ID: bcca52
Bulk wins always, everytime.

These guys are Primarchs, remember!

Looks a lor better with the added bulk, but I still don't like so much how Alphie's arms fold, but maybe that could be due to armour...
No. 6095 ID: 220a14

Well, like you guys said. Try crossing your arms , then imagine them when you are wearing freakeshly huge awesome power armor.
No. 6106 ID: 220a14
File 131309551242.jpg - (300.25KB , 2501x1701 , da_.jpg )
No. 6111 ID: 1d543f
File 131315249230.jpg - (735.36KB , 2501x1701 , AlphyAndOmeggy.jpg )
Can't say I'm convinced by the proportions on them. I wouldn't take Ultramarines the Movie as a particularly good guide for how Space Marines should look. Though maybe that is a matter of taste.

I feel that Omegon looks wrong especially. I have taken fifteen minutes to prepare this demonstrative image.
No. 6112 ID: 21fdc5
File 131315412517.jpg - (121.44KB , 901x1024 , SpaceMarineAnatomyPhilipGibbering.jpg )

It tends to vary on style. I mean, look at Marneus Calgar, huge ass fists and whatnot.

But this particular style you used, is sexy as hell.

Also, I've been meaning to ask you. Would you consider embarking on the dreaded Space Marine Anatomy thing?

It'd be really nice to have a decent look on it, because I am sure you feel the same about this .
No. 6114 ID: 1d543f
What do you mean?
No. 6116 ID: 21fdc5

What do I mean about what?

The anatomy thing? i'd like to see your take on it, because surely the picture I linked above is unsatisfactory.
No. 6122 ID: 1d543f

Yeah, maybe if I muster the time and effort required (with the latter being the challenge there) I could have a go.
No. 6123 ID: b3dc85
File 131317569847.jpg - (259.46KB , 2501x1701 , Alpharius & Omegon52.jpg )

Well its no rush. Really. I thought it could help us out more.

I hope you don't mind I am nicking your design here...
No. 6126 ID: 4c08e9

No, I don't mind. I put it out there for you to reference in the first place, remember?
No. 6158 ID: e74f40
File 131337349250.png - (125.02KB , 1197x1021 , Epic.png )
No. 6160 ID: 9cb4b3
Praise the Emprah for that one.

Sergalfag is one of the reasons I left /tg/.
No. 6162 ID: 4ea119
Oh god yes, this is better than sex.
No. 6164 ID: 947cc0
Mods and Anons...
>do one stupid thing
>do one nice thing

And I've barely grown out of this...
No. 6169 ID: 4ea119
Well, mods are like dictators. They only descend from their ivory towers from some serious shit.

Moot came down to kill Jim Profit = OLAWDS BEST DAY OF MY LIFE
Moot destroyed r9k and new = Moot sold out to jews ZOG CONTROLS 4chan
No. 6170 ID: 947cc0
Serious shit? If everything works as it should, not so much when they go into INTERNET SRS BSNS like last year...
No. 6171 ID: 4ea119
>not so much when they go into INTERNET SRS BSNS like last year...
Well, yeah. But then /tg/ gets mads and it turns into serious shit.
No. 6186 ID: e74f40
File 131345558019.jpg - (203.34KB , 2501x1701 , Alpharius & Omegon67.jpg )
I cannot find any vivid description for these dudes, so I am going with average features, but feel free to suggest actors that could resemble them better or anything else.
No. 6192 ID: 4ea119
Edward Norton?
No. 6224 ID: 7114e8
File 131370493801.jpg - (200.99KB , 2501x1701 , Alpharius & Omegon87.jpg )
Oh Omegon, you have no fashion taste whatsoever.

Shut up Alpharius, you always whine about the legion's attire.

Yep. These two give me headaches.
No. 6225 ID: bd6646
That's pretty cool. I like the sort of marble-y look of the armour, but some of the parts aren't well defined from the overlaying textures.
No. 6227 ID: 7114e8

Well it is certainly not done yet. I want Omegon's armor to be pristine obsidian black...
No. 6229 ID: bd6646

Well, it's looking good so far.
No. 6248 ID: 76f917
Holy moley, the lightning is absolutely fantastic! And I love their facial expressions. They are like "Oh my, I'm bored. Let's slaughter xenos and mock them while doing so."
No. 6272 ID: 090d49
File 131387432720.jpg - (2.84MB , 2501x1701 , AlphariusOmegon.jpg )
Its done.. I hope.
No. 6273 ID: 3fd72a
Good job!
No. 6274 ID: 090d49

Thank you! Alexander Skarsgard as Sanguinius? Y/N?
No. 6275 ID: 3fd72a
File 131388113591.jpg - (33.56KB , 409x500 , Picture-of-Norway-gunman.jpg )
You could do that, or...
No. 6276 ID: 090d49

HAHAA, i actually considered him to be honest, but sadly he doesn't fit the sexy Sanguinius type. Forehead too huge...
No. 6281 ID: 3fd72a
File 131388741013.jpg - (65.25KB , 409x500 , Picture-of-Sanguinius.jpg )
No. 6283 ID: 3eb330
I don't know why, but on his early pics (not the recent ones where he's got some girth and less hair) he looks extremely charismatic to me, like the evil twin of DiCaprio, some sort of animal magnetism, a distant yet familiar air, a mysterious and fierce glamour. I woudn't mind fashion anymore if this guy was a model. Even douchebag popped collars look good on him.
No. 6284 ID: 3fd72a
File 131389046384.png - (193.94KB , 1000x1000 , Kidding.png )
No. 6292 ID: 1854db
The waist doesn't fit in there. The armor models at the top are even different, apparently to obscure this fact.

I hate it when people obscure facts so that they look like they've discovered something clever. Fact of the matter is, powered armor like that can't contain something that has proper proportions- the shoulders are too far apart compared to the rest of the body.
No. 6294 ID: d0b309
File 131393040424.jpg - (50.34KB , 400x300 , 500full.jpg )
I do believe this hunk wins.
No. 6295 ID: db8a52
File 131393107465.jpg - (432.42KB , 1321x1997 , fabio.jpg )

...but ...but!
No. 6296 ID: d0b309

No. 6297 ID: d0b309
File 131393192793.jpg - (308.58KB , 1065x1600 , Eric-eric-northman-2562835-1065-1600.jpg )

Great, now I really can't choose!
No. 6299 ID: 59ed09
File 131394123743.gif - (478.72KB , 300x226 , burzum.gif )
Why not Varg? He's so cute with that smile :3
No. 6300 ID: d0b309
No. 6310 ID: c0e5fe
File 131396706672.jpg - (5.20KB , 136x170 , m.jpg )

Or you could use Dead.
No. 6312 ID: d0b309
File 131397104473.jpg - (223.58KB , 1633x2282 , Sanguinius14.jpg )

Trying a different approach.
No. 6317 ID: 5adfd0
File 131404541405.jpg - (160.10KB , 1424x1424 , Chuck.jpg )
I believe someone else entirely is far more suited as a model.
No. 6320 ID: fea99b
File 131405670732.jpg - (180.46KB , 1633x2282 , Sanguinius19.jpg )
Sorry guys, but Alexander Skarsgard won by miles. <3
No. 6321 ID: c0e5fe
No. 6322 ID: 3111de
the head looks tiny compared to other portraits
also, you tend to make the hair look like a compact mass.

but I'm rather eager to know how you'll work on large gold plates.
No. 6323 ID: fea99b

Oh my. You are absolutely right!
No. 6328 ID: fc2fa4

Tbh I just lined all of them up, and they look fine to me, judging by all the depth and individual poses
No. 6330 ID: 652886
File 131412990682.jpg - (162.85KB , 1633x2282 , Sanguinius21.jpg )
Then again...
No. 6341 ID: 5eaedb

This one's coming out really well so far.
No. 6360 ID: 8a2bb6
File 131429237078.jpg - (211.00KB , 1633x2282 , Sanguinius25.jpg )

He's just too fabulous.
No. 6382 ID: b33270
File 131447989033.jpg - (2.48MB , 1633x2282 , Sanguinius.jpg )
Sanguinius. It should have been him. He has the vision and strength to carry us to victory, and the wisdom to rule once victory is won. For all his aloof coolness, he alone has the Emperor's soul in his blood. Each of us carries part of our father within us, whether it is his hunger for battle, his psychic talent or his determination to succeed. Sanguinius holds it all. It should have been his...
No. 6383 ID: d8eabe

Fucking cool. This is probably the best yet.
No. 6384 ID: b33270

I am learning stuff as I go.
No. 6385 ID: da3f56
best one so far
very good use of contrasting colors
No. 6386 ID: b33270
Thank you!

Did the golden plates come out fine, or as you expected?

I remember you mentioning something about them.
No. 6388 ID: da3f56
yep, they're fine.
No. 6410 ID: a88acc
Guys guys, Asirnoth the wyrm thing, that Ferrus drowned in magma, was it actually a Necron thing or?

Should I use a mercury type blend for his hands?

oh and I have a DA now. Sort of.

No. 6411 ID: 751c25
nah, it's fluff from waaay before the necrons and the tomb stalker.

It's just a serpent/worm thing with a skin of metal.
No. 6461 ID: 4923ba

I'm sure everyone here's played the Space Marine demo, thoughts and opinions? Specially on the proportions and general "feel" ? Did they pull it off? I certainly believe so.

And one more request, any clue on a good facial reff for Ferrus ? I absolutely got stumped.
No. 6462 ID: dbfb75
File 131490532995.jpg - (110.59KB , 601x301 , michael chiklis.jpg )
No. 6463 ID: dbfb75
File 131490548056.jpg - (439.17KB , 3447x2263 , brando-marlon-apocalypse-now-15.jpg )
No. 6464 ID: dbfb75
File 131490558153.jpg - (20.12KB , 356x480 , Mussolini_biografia.jpg )
No. 6465 ID: dbfb75
File 131490633759.jpg - (39.62KB , 248x284 , bruce-willis-est---paris_21_10_2010_big.jpg )
No. 6466 ID: 4923ba
Thanks for the input!

I thought about Bruce Willis but then I said to myself it might be too cheesy. Now I feel that it just might work.
No. 6471 ID: 36c804
File 131498617660.jpg - (119.07KB , 300x300 , AlbumArt02.jpg )
Hey guys, guess what :D
No. 6476 ID: 36c804
File 131501023227.jpg - (331.95KB , 1701x2330 , ferrus manus26.jpg )
No. 6477 ID: 501e6e

Lols, that's to make up for lost sales on the shitty movie. Sadly, GW's motion picture exploits will not see a single cent from me.
No. 6478 ID: 501e6e

Also that wasn't there when I posted! Nice work. Terminator armour came out a lot better than the Perturabo one.
No. 6479 ID: 36c804

Its the same as Perturabo's only Ferrus has the bulky high squared shoulders.

I find the Soundtrack to be one of the only redeemable elements from the Ultramarine thing.
No. 6499 ID: 59ed09
"Bring me his MOJO!"
No. 6502 ID: 44a4e0
So I'm not the only one who thought about it...
No. 6504 ID: 19c735

Oh God , what have I done?
No. 6505 ID: 5adfd0
Out of curiosity, when's Curze gonna get some spotlight here?
No. 6506 ID: 19c735

Right after Ferrus.

I've postponed him enough as it is.
No. 6531 ID: 6963e9
File 131517534559.jpg - (2.66MB , 1701x2330 , Ferrus Manus.jpg )
And done.

Reminiscing over that dragon thing. yeeeap.

Kurze next.
No. 6535 ID: 799f31
rather nice shiny effects; any specific method or efforts put into it, or just painting until it looks good?
No. 6537 ID: 8636c8

Mostly effects. You know how I work with the gray/color overlay. I used the gradient tool to set get the light source properly directed from below, and the color balance option. All set to overlay. Hope this helps.
No. 6538 ID: 8636c8

-The face was painted in color, as for the armor, some parts were painted grey, and some with direct colors
-The background was painted on a normal layer, and so was the fogg, I usually use a layer mask for it, its quite helpful
-I used a layer set to color to add some orange or purple effects
-I made a normal layer and painted some highlights and a few colors
-I made a multiply layer and addded a few shadows
-I used the gradient tool to set the light sources, the sky and the light coming from the lava, erasing the bits i didnt like.
-I also made use of the color balance option, shadows/higlights and brightness/contrast on the main layer, which contained the armor and the face

Because I felt it was not explicit enough.
No. 6539 ID: 799f31
okay, I understand better how you proceed; Actually, I was more wondering about the arm: if you were using a specific system/technique or just proceeding empirically.

But anyway, you might rely too much on layers, perhaps that's why your portraits tend to look heterogenous, especially the faces contrasting a lot with the armor.

But as I haven't seen what you can do while working on a single layer, I can't say if it's really a problem.
No. 6540 ID: 8636c8

For the silver arm?

No. 6613 ID: f6c637
File 131540015203.jpg - (180.55KB , 1701x2330 , Konrad Curze5.jpg )
I think I'll go with interlinking bones and a spinal cord down on the abdomen plates, sounds Night Lordish?
No. 6614 ID: 800e68
good, but correct his right eye, first.
No. 6615 ID: f6c637

Thats the eye from the initial paper sketch. I will get onto that as well. I just need to get through the pose and general idea, to avoid makin his armor look like Fulgrim 2.0
No. 6616 ID: 800e68
You know, if it were only my choice, I'd put a lot of elements from gothic architecture on his armor. Like, ogives and stuff.

In fact, i'd even put dripping candles on his shoulders or something, but that's taking it too far for your style.

Oh, well, bones and stuff are nice.
No. 6617 ID: f6c637
File 131540176921.jpg - (143.05KB , 900x1201 , Mortarion.jpg )

That sounds awesome but Id like to avoid turning these guys into walking chandeliers , I mean sure some of them look impressive with Loads of details and tidbits but then they start to seem too crowded
No. 6618 ID: 800e68
No. 6619 ID: f6c637

No. 6620 ID: 800e68

Well, now, I don't call this over-detailed. But again, one has to be able to handle contrasts and composition well enough to make it look harmonious and understandable.
No. 6621 ID: 800e68
Red/green contrast is the most underrated thing. I'm still trying to think up a way of exploiting it.
No. 6622 ID: f6c637

Never said it was . What I wanted to say about this is that it doesn't really look like Mortarion, once you take away the scythe and or replace the head with a normal SM head.

Needless to say his primarchs are awesome! Specially the one he came up with for one of the lost ones.
No. 6623 ID: f6c637

You know what I liked about your stuff but didn't get to see much of? Syringes and the brightly colored receptacles with good knows what chemicals accompanying them.
No. 6624 ID: 800e68
but this depiction is extremely close to the few canonical illustrations we have of him, though. Maybe it lacks a few more robes or bandages, but it's otherwise quite similar.

Uh, dunno, I'm waiting for a good occasion to use this. I ain't Torture Device.
No. 6625 ID: f6c637

The only thing that bothers me about this Mortarion is the head. Seems too small. Everything else is awesome!

And what about Torture device? his Slaanesh Raptors are cool.

But I was reffering to your chem gas masked dark eldar things. I cant find them on tg booru ...I had them saved on my laptop.
No. 6626 ID: 800e68
no idea what you're referring to.

anyway, Torture Device's self-insert raptor looks good (except the atrocious scene kid head) I was just pointing out that his works nearly always include those fancy vials, it nearly characterizes his works, not mine.
No. 6628 ID: f6c637

GRR Cant find the folders where I stuffed all the artwork for those custom /tg/ dark eldar chapters. you made some things for them that had syringes for fingers or something along those edges.

Oh and a bee thing!
No. 6629 ID: 800e68
aaaaah, yeah


No. 6630 ID: f6c637

meh? they were sexy for something you took 15 mins to wip up...
No. 6631 ID: 5adfd0


Hers, rather. She likes to troll people on the internet into thinking that she's a guy, who just happens to be a NS as well.
No. 6632 ID: f6c637

Oh really? Wierd.
No. 6633 ID: 800e68
Unlikely. If you're talking about Deathwisher, I've identified her most recent DA account (or so I think, the profile pics and the user informations are extremely similar anyway) and her drawing style is deeply different from TD's.

I never understood where this theory comes from anyway. People showed me an encyclopedia-dramatica page in russian that supposedly proves that Deathwisher and Torture Device are the same person. I google-translated it, and no such thing was mentioned or even alluded in it.

There are tons of kids like this in eastern europe; on DA they are pretty easy to spot, and even their art style is similar. Doesn't mean they are a single troll.
No. 6646 ID: f6c637
File 131544475766.jpg - (333.32KB , 1701x2330 , logic.jpg )
Should the blue line be parallel to the red line from a perspective point of view?
No. 6647 ID: 72b1cd

Torture Device a girl? Nah, you are fooling yourself. I've spoken to him in chat a few times. He's an okay guy.

If anything, he could pretend to be female maybe, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is, in reality, a man.
No. 6648 ID: 35e1a0
what if that is just what she WANT'S you to think? DUN DUN DUN!
No. 6649 ID: 196f82

Doubt it. This sounds like the kind of stuff a bunch of vagabonds discuss around a drum fire.


Perspective looks wrong, but I can't pinpoint how. It just doesn't look right to me. Even Tzeentch scratches his head over your perspective definitions, Emps.
No. 6657 ID: b57f3a
File 131548489177.png - (117.22KB , 703x655 , CreedvTzeentch.png )
No. 6663 ID: b57f3a
File 131550652796.jpg - (261.21KB , 1701x2330 , Konrad Curze16.jpg )

Rage consumes me beyond belief. I am still fucking it up somewhere, but its as hard as trying to figure out how Tzeentch's toilet works for example.

To make things worse, theres a friend of mine that keeps going like Fry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Isjgc0oX0s
No. 6664 ID: ba051d
Start all over again. It combines at least three points of view.
No. 6666 ID: b57f3a
File 131550860945.jpg - (379.64KB , 3000x3900 , Titus.jpg )

You sure bro?
No. 6667 ID: ba051d
pretty sure, yeah. Your reference pic is a subtly high-angle shot compared to your portrait. Of course it doesn't work the same way. And you treated the abdominal plates as if they were facing you, same for a bit of the pauldron's ridge. The backpack doesn't seem to be as foreshoertened as it should be either. As for the face itself, I don't know how to fix it.

Do you at least sketch out the lines that you don't see before doing the linework? Because it will help you understand the masses of the armor. You can even do it with lines that run over the surface of the figures. Just to help you comprehend it, I mean.
No. 6677 ID: b57f3a
File 131553016683.jpg - (543.36KB , 1300x1380 , Haemonculus.jpg )
all rights belong to you on this one. Managed to find it.

Do you reckon >>6613

was better?
No. 6685 ID: ba051d
I don't think it was better. Well, it had other problems on the pauldrons...
No. 6687 ID: c71597
That one relly reminds of the killer robot named Sakara, or whatever it was. Was an avenging robot out to kill everyone responsible for the genocide of the species that built it.
No. 6688 ID: ba051d
The Shakara was not a robot, it was a bio-soup in a power armor
No. 6703 ID: 5adfd0

Hmmm, this is just me, but you might wanna add some skulls to his belt (both aliens and humans), otherwise the final product might look too "clean".
No. 6816 ID: 67d3d3
File 131574861966.jpg - (227.92KB , 3000x2330 , Konrad Curze30.jpg )
Placeholder shoulders and head, general perspective practice. Added a claw for a better grasp on this issue. I really don't know what type of power claw should I use.

And I know its not his color scheme.
No. 6818 ID: 31a68f
it works better than before
No. 6819 ID: 5ad838
Yeah, it's a lot better.
No. 6820 ID: 67d3d3
File 131574906119.png - (2.15MB , 1920x1080 , DO IT FAGGOT.png )


Overlord, I really want to gauge your reaction after you read that story I linked.
No. 6822 ID: 5ad838
File 131575694819.jpg - (76.99KB , 300x305 , 1279423543104.jpg )

That was a terrible story. Somebody needs to be slapped for writing it.
No. 6823 ID: 31a68f
File 131575849901.jpg - (58.80KB , 454x340 , boner.jpg )
I made a quick diagram
No. 6824 ID: 33cce9
File 131575886989.jpg - (4.03MB , 3000x4000 , DSC00988.jpg )

Oh god. xD Guess that means there won't be a tribute anytime soon.


Hahahaha I love how the line gets bigger as it descends into the DO NOT WANT area

Also, did you guys play this game?
No. 6825 ID: 31a68f
what game? Is eating considered an olympic discipline in Romania?
No. 6826 ID: 33cce9

HERETIC! yeah.. Its the Purity seal you get with the Collectors edition of Space Marine.

I posted this picture instead of a screenshot so I can avoid possible spoilers.
No. 6841 ID: e8ee9c
The machine spirit of that fridge looks happy as can be!
No. 6848 ID: 5adfd0
File 131585314953.jpg - (333.36KB , 890x890 , 1311738958671.jpg )

>not putting your purity seal in the fridge

You had it coming.
No. 6849 ID: 027a99

I am now afraid opening the fridge might release a contained daemon.
No. 6875 ID: 027a99
File 131587313451.jpg - (222.81KB , 1200x798 , hr_giger_facehugger_II.jpg )
Well this ones interesting.
No. 6879 ID: e8ee9c
No. 6883 ID: 042369
File 131592490649.jpg - (171.21KB , 1200x872 , hr_giger_facehugger_IV.jpg )

Why do I like these things so much. I cannot put it into words.
No. 6911 ID: 196bd2
File 131602582298.jpg - (656.55KB , 1184x1957 , therewego.jpg )
Everyone else is doing porn...
No. 6912 ID: 515257
On the latest news, you were straight, what happened, you turned lesbian overnight?
No. 6913 ID: 196bd2

I am bisexual. To say the least. I think. With all these fantasies its confusing.
No. 6914 ID: 196bd2
File 131603099727.jpg - (1.28MB , 2480x3508 , Untitled-2.jpg )
I should stop...
No. 6915 ID: 515257
you should
No. 6916 ID: 196bd2

That bad eh?
No. 6917 ID: df4fb6
it doesn't look like you're putting significant efforts into it, and since I cannot fap to it, regardless of its quality, I won't encourage you to keep on drawing that.
No. 6918 ID: 196bd2

Oh uhm. I can put efforts into it, but I didnt know how people would react to it being, yanno, fully fleshed out and such. I just thought it may be egotistical of me to slap myself and cultist chan together.
No. 6919 ID: 1444d5
I believe there are very few who would object to well-drawn porn.
No. 6920 ID: 196bd2

Well, you might be right, I mean... Artwork number 23412125.jpg can't please everyone.
No. 6921 ID: df4fb6
/h/, that's who.
No. 6922 ID: 196bd2

There are other boards other than /tg/ and /co/ ?
No. 6923 ID: df4fb6
I cannot believe anymore that you don't frequent /d/.

And, to go back on topic, I would be ok with a "fully fleshed-out" version, I just want to see other drawfags do their best; or failing that, making me laugh or fap.
No. 6924 ID: 196bd2

I gander at /b/ and /d/ sometimes /h/

But never for something specific. Or opinions of said boards on anything.
No. 6925 ID: e8ee9c
I have been waiting for this. I approve.
No. 6926 ID: d4aa19


No. 6927 ID: e8ee9c
No. 6928 ID: e8ee9c
Sole reason I bookmarked this thread to begin with, if I'm perfectly honest. Way back in THAT THREAD. But then I discovered all the other good stuff and stuck around. Hell, I didn't actually know about tgchan until then. Good times all around.
No. 6929 ID: d4aa19

You must be THATGUY. the one with the trip.
No. 6930 ID: e8ee9c
And to add; not sure why you even find it surprising, two reasonably cute girls who are familiar together is a winning combination for a buttload of guys if /u/ is any indication.
No. 6931 ID: e8ee9c
Fuck no. Always Anon All The Time. I'm just a casual admirer. Don't fret too much though, I didn't even save the pictures of you in them so I'm not a stalker. I just like your 40k stuff and have a serious sweet-spot for delicious lesbians.
No. 6932 ID: d4aa19

Well its not like someone leaked them. I posted them. Knowing full well the possible stalkage.
No. 6933 ID: e8ee9c
Indeed, I just didn't want to make you feel ill at ease and therefore would abandon this little project. It's difficult to not sound a bit like a freak in this situation though I feel. Perhaps I am. Actually, I definitely am, in more ways than one, but not in that way! So that's probably good. I think. Anwyay, hoping you will flesh them out for my, and I'd wager other peoples, pleasure. Yours too, from the sound of things.
No. 6934 ID: d4aa19

After Konrad Curze, maybe.
No. 6935 ID: e8ee9c
File 131605289753.jpg - (36.90KB , 300x340 , 1303412054644.jpg )
That's cool, Primarchs need love too! At the bottom of it all, I just wanted to say I LIKE THAT(pic related) and that your work was appreciated, as well as alleviating any concerns about it being a selfish concept. Now, back to lurking. Also bedtime.
No. 7006 ID: 2a2fa4
File 131620303340.jpg - (329.20KB , 3000x2330 , Konrad Curze41.jpg )
Still working on the claw. And other details.
No. 7007 ID: 2a2fa4
File 131620306852.jpg - (1.24MB , 3424x1152 , SM.jpg )
Also check these out. They are amazing. Finally found good refrences.
No. 7008 ID: 7a044d
Wait, Blood Angels really wear this kind of flimsy loincloth underneath the armor?
No. 7009 ID: 2a2fa4

Isn't like that part of the Space marine harness that gets attached to their black carapace in order to help marines interface with their armors?

I'd hardly call it loincloth !!
No. 7010 ID: 2a2fa4
oh shit , I just noticed the string loincloth in the last panel! DAYUM.
No. 7011 ID: 7a044d
fourth page. That marine clearly is wearing a tiny loincloth made of light fabric, barely held upon his massive hips by a simple string adorned with little skulls and bones.

That's ridiculous.
No. 7012 ID: 2a2fa4

Yeah I noticed. reminds me of skimpy amazonian wear.
No. 7015 ID: e8ee9c
Hand's starting to look at lot better. I know you're going for the whole expressionless face thing, which I approve of, but I can't help but think he looks a little too...happy. I'd say he should at least look ever so slightly annoyed like that classic Vlad Tepes(excuse the lack of a romanian s thing) painting.

Also I'm curious about how you intend to do the armour lightning once you get to that part, since there's no real canon on what it actually looks like or even if it's just paint or something high tech.
No. 7016 ID: 2a2fa4
File 131622334045.jpg - (341.16KB , 3000x2330 , Konrad Curze43.jpg )

Noted. I am just trying to get this power claw right. At the moment you are right about the face.But shading and coloring should bring out the general deathstare and disgust.

As for the armor. I am still looking into stuff.
No. 7017 ID: e8ee9c
Fair fucks, I've seen incredible stuff done with shading before so I believe you when you say it. Re: that hand, I believe I have seen a similar looking design before, but it had not only the pinkie finger seperate but the index as well, which kind of makes sense when you think about it. Might consider making the posture something in between the two last pics, too. The last one looks like it'd feel a little bit awkward, trying it with my own hand.
No. 7018 ID: 2a2fa4

Mostly God-Emperor and Horus gauntlets.

Trying it with your own hand? You mean doing a sketch to help me out or?

Just so I know if I hang around and monitor some more.
No. 7020 ID: 98572e
File 131622595396.jpg - (368.68KB , 3000x2330 , 131622334045.jpg )

I dunno; claw gesture looks fine to me, aside from the claw itself seeming too thin, and the unsightly cable. I can't help but to think you made the torso wrong. Maybe it's a subjective style yadda yadda thing, but I redlined it anyway.
No. 7021 ID: e8ee9c
No, I mean putting my hand in a pose where my pinkie is in that position. It feels weird to hold it like that for an extended period of time. Alas my creative skills are SEVERELY limited.
No. 7022 ID: e8ee9c
Damn, I like it. A lot. It looks dextrous in its brutality, which is befitting of Night Haunter.
No. 7023 ID: 2a2fa4

OHGOD. You are a bit right about the torso. I am not too keen on the ribcage design,altho it is cool, it kind of makes it look unprotected without the plates inbetween. Claw is amazing! I am having difficulty portraying the underlaying parts I got in my head. I'll post my version when its "Acceptable" for me at least.


If you had augmented fingers controlled remotely by a powerclaw it wouldn't feel awkward at all, would it ?

Also, can't help but feel I am going overboard on the detail level / chaos side.
No. 7024 ID: 98572e

Well, he is a primarch. I don't think there's too much risk of over-detailing. Especially with someone like Rawbutt Girlyman. Remember that this guy looks like mega chaos lord of the imperium. More skulls! More spikes!
No. 7025 ID: 2a2fa4
File 131622776821.jpg - (1.73MB , 5952x2328 , crazy.jpg )

You are kind of right. But your tips and tricks over there , struck me with a crazy idea.

Semblance of dualism.mp3

Night Haunter / Konrad Curze
No. 7026 ID: e8ee9c
Well I assumed they move their hand in the glove to move the claw fingers. But thinking about it, that might not be the case.
No. 7027 ID: e8ee9c
That's actually a really good idea, having a mirrored image like that for him, maybe with a lightning strike between...it would mean double the work though. But damn it looks awesome in my head.
No. 7030 ID: 2a2fa4

Thats what I thought, It would give me the opportunity to portray both his personalities.
No. 7031 ID: 2a2fa4
File 131623455123.jpg - (1.32MB , 3000x2330 , Konrad Curze42.jpg )
No. 7032 ID: 98572e
Much better, but I say that the arm going to the claw looks too long. Like, start the claw from the elbow.
No. 7033 ID: 2a2fa4
File 131623891776.jpg - (1.36MB , 3000x2330 , alternate.jpg )

This is an alternate take, I felt the one above was too tyranid-ish.

Also your design bro. Your fucking design bro.

basically MFW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCNICT2en_U
No. 7034 ID: 98572e

Yes. This is the way. The cable looks a lot nicer as well. Less... awkward.
No. 7035 ID: 2a2fa4

Like less of an umbilical cord? yeah. its going to be classic ridged one, possibly with a Gellar field active into the claw.

What do you think about the two portraits, should I take the dual personality route? Do both Night Haunter and Konrad in one?
No. 7036 ID: 98572e

It sounds pretty ambitious. Up to you, ultimately.
No. 7059 ID: 2a2fa4
File 131630202425.jpg - (382.13KB , 3100x2282 , magnus8.jpg )
" Think of it Ahriman, the power to save our Legion from damnation, how can our Father consider it an abomination? "
No. 7060 ID: c73d99
good pose, but the arm is really long (oh, well, it's the case on most illustrations), and the chest horns too tiny. Over all, you often tend to make everything look reasonable, moderated, clean and simple. It looks very efficient and relevant on some Primarchs like Alpharius/Omegon and Ferrus, but not on others. I liked your Konrad and your Sanguinius the most because they look more extravagant. And, considering that Magnus already looks rather freaky, why not also doing it on his armor?
No. 7061 ID: 2a2fa4
File 131630308592.jpg - (246.75KB , 1633x2282 , magnus5.jpg )

I know what you mean. The one above is more of an anatomy practice, and trying to make them more dynamic, as you so put it a while ago. For extravagance I had this planned. I may transfer elements from one to another. But only after I am satisfied with the anatomy and proportions.
No. 7062 ID: c73d99
well, the problem is that it looks like you added a segment of arm beyond the biceps.
No. 7063 ID: 2a2fa4

His left arm? Yeah, I haven't gotten to that part, I need to buff his arms up a bit. At the moment I am experimenting with alternative shoulders.
No. 7064 ID: c73d99
oh, not really, more the right arm. It's like the biceps and the triceps stop midway, leaving only a cylinder
No. 7065 ID: 2a2fa4

Confused. Are you talking about the portrait or the posed one?
No. 7066 ID: c73d99
No. 7067 ID: 2a2fa4

Oh! I see it! the bracer looks like its melded into his flesh and muscle structure is missing, yeah, I was right about his arms needing a beef up. Thanks for pointing it out.
No. 7069 ID: 2a2fa4
File 131630652679.jpg - (361.68KB , 1920x1200 , skyrim3.jpg )
Btw, is anyone fucking jittery and absolutely blown away by Skyrim's content / level of detail?

I sure as fuck can't wait to play this...
No. 7081 ID: ec6ef7
File 131636612926.jpg - (470.80KB , 3296x2282 , magnus12.jpg )
There. Fixed. Now to stare at it for 2 hours thinking how to pimp and bling him up.
No. 7082 ID: 2b4290
File 131636775091.jpg - (487.02KB , 3296x2282 , mgns.jpg )
okay, sorry for not being clearer
No. 7083 ID: ec6ef7

fsfsghfg On it, thanks.
No. 7086 ID: ec6ef7
File 131637658547.jpg - (384.84KB , 3296x2282 , magnus13.jpg )
No. 7087 ID: 2b4290
I think the right solution would rather be to shorten the forearm

not sure.
No. 7089 ID: ec6ef7
File 131638141905.jpg - (387.09KB , 3296x2282 , magnus14.jpg )

Like so?
No. 7099 ID: 044560
File 131641617623.jpg - (1.96MB , 3296x2282 , hugemuscles.jpg )
I think it's more of a foreshortening / perspective issue. Also remeber that there are huge muscles underneath the huge armor.
No. 7100 ID: c99e3d
File 131643166250.jpg - (622.64KB , 1484x1140 , space marine proportions.jpg )

Well my teacher said its fine, thanks for the input, tho I am a little bit thrown off by your anatomy under the armor, you seem to be forgetting that between the armor and skin they have the black carapace rubbery layer.
No. 7101 ID: fbc0e5
Well, it's the only way to account for the position of the arms.

but didn't you try yourself to draw his body underneath the armor?
No. 7102 ID: c99e3d
File 131644919435.jpg - (483.69KB , 4200x2282 , magnus17.jpg )

Yep. I think its a thing about style or taste?

my teacher who is a brotastic dude that loves fantasy warhamms, is okay with it, I don't really visualize the problem anymore , considering all the things that go on UNDERNEATH the astartes armor. I mean, its really impossible and stupid to put ceramite RIGHT on top of the flesh. Thinking of the friction makes me cringe.
No. 7103 ID: fbc0e5
well it looks okay for most of the body

this arm will keep on bugging me forever but if your teacher is okay with it..
No. 7104 ID: c99e3d
Did you draw the red line up there? I think you forgot to put your name in.

Feel free to tell me what is wrong, or even go ahead and correct it. Even art teachers might fuck stuff up.

I mean, is there a bit of diffrence in Astartes Anatomy and Human one? maybe thats just it, giving a Primarch too humane features?
No. 7105 ID: fbc0e5
he still suffers from the naked EVA syndrome, though. By this, I mean shoulders that are too wide to be properly attached to the chest

but it's the case of pretty much every marine
No. 7106 ID: fbc0e5
no, I didn't

I will, if you want.

The main problems one meets with a marine is the junction of limbs
No. 7107 ID: c99e3d
File 131645038789.png - (101.20KB , 536x559 , powerhouse.png )

Like I said before, feel free to help out, I appreciate criticism and any tips as it helps improve my work. As for the too wide shoulders... I tried to avoid making Space Marines and primarchs look like huge powerhouses.
No. 7108 ID: fbc0e5
i'm gonna do it

the problem isn't that they are wide, it's that they are barely connected to the torso

but Imma show you
No. 7109 ID: c99e3d

The Astartes shoulders are not connected to the chestplate. They are wired in by cables entering the black carapace, and actually are linked directly into the muscle structure of the astartes via insertion of a needle thing in one of those round things.

But okay! Thanks again for the input and OH Loads of thanks for the Magnus picture you drew a while ago. It's got me thinking on various alternate poses for primarchs.
No. 7110 ID: fbc0e5
File 131645154794.jpg - (1.15MB , 3296x2282 , meugnusse.jpg )
okay, basically, the shoulder muscles are merely extensions of the chest, not of the arms, the deltoids start deep in the collar/torso, and then wrap around the articulation and over the pectorals, which themselves are supposed to connect to the humerus. That means that most of the muscles that move an arm are located on the torso, are not clearly distinguishable, and you need to show it.

So, to reach the shoulders where you placed them, his torso would need to be even thicker than his power armor.

The solution consists in drawing the arm accordingly to his body, and not the contrary
No. 7111 ID: fbc0e5
>deep into the collar
I mean, below the collar bones. But still deeply.
No. 7112 ID: c99e3d



Thanks. I really need to study muscle structure instead of basing stuff just by pure looks.
No. 7113 ID: fbc0e5
File 131645279037.jpg - (589.53KB , 1960x1600 , MUSSELS.jpg )
I don't know mush about anatomy myself, but by practicing a bit with a trick I learnt, you can get a very useful intuition of how it all works (don't forget to back it up with anatomical references, of course)

I already mentioned it, but it really helps to do a first draft with only one line if possible. this way, you "weave" the musculature over the skeleton (you know, not only the actual one, but the one you can sketch up to get the length of the limbs right and stuff), instead of just "cobbling" the outlines together. It gives a basic idea of how the masses work together, and of the dynamics and tensions of the musculature

you can also use this technique for other things, but it works best for anatomy.
No. 7114 ID: c99e3d

Well you sure as hell know how to explain shit to me. Our teacher, as brotastic as he may be, is retarded.

Thank you. I shall give it a go.
No. 7118 ID: c99e3d
File 131646295363.jpg - (385.12KB , 4200x2282 , magnus18.jpg )

Now its looking too thin...
No. 7119 ID: fbc0e5
the pauldrons give this effect, and the lack of collars on the arms too.

give him his "canonical" oriental pauldrons, set lower, it should work better
No. 7142 ID: 5ddeef
File 131652705789.jpg - (294.70KB , 850x1165 , IMG_0047.jpg )
No. 7144 ID: 5ddeef
File 131655047353.jpg - (453.81KB , 4200x2282 , magnus20.jpg )
Roid Rage!
No. 7145 ID: a3eb69
better, now.

a thinner collar around the biceps would be cool, too. It looks antique and makes arms look tougher.

are you really going for the regular marine pauldrons?

they look better than on the previous image, however.
No. 7146 ID: 5ddeef
File 131655588380.jpg - (369.22KB , 4200x2282 , magnus21.jpg )

Yes I am using the normal pauldrons because I cannot find any fitting oriental style,gandered at other artwork, tried to create my own, but it just doesn't really feel like a Primarch, without the typical Astartes shoulders.

I've also overgrown the fear of him being too thin, Turns out I was missing the general "flex" of the muscles, so to speak.

I thought the same thing about the collar, but I started working on the Tusknipples and it started looking even better.
No. 7148 ID: a3eb69
I know it is tricky because of the subtle curves, but you drew both spikes as if they were facing us.

the left one looks wrong, at its base.
No. 7149 ID: 5ddeef

Why yes! They are curving inward then outward. Thought about that extravagant thing you told me about. Should I add Tusks coming from the back as well?

And are they supposed to be equal in size and simmetry? I always thought these were actual animal horns...
No. 7150 ID: a3eb69
I'm just saying that, in order to be coming out of the chestplate through a circular opening, they have to be pointing frontwards at the base (and then inwards, then outwards, then inwards...)
otherwise, the opening should be an ellipse pointing towards the center of his chest (which would look rather incongruous)

basically, the cross-section you drew (the opening) does not match the inclination of the tusks as you drew them.

also, yes, do add some in the back.
No. 7151 ID: a3eb69
again, it's only the left one that is at stake, the right one looks rather okay.
No. 7152 ID: 5ddeef

Alright we are talking about HIS left right? I can see that the horn with the little bracer on it has the problem with the base. I just hurried up a bit with some colors for a friend, and to get a better feel on how it would stand out.

I dont really know what color scheme to choose tho. I'd like to pick out a proper color spectrum.

Oh and I haven't mentioned yet, I want to add warpfire or something around his hand. And maybe some flowing out of his open eye.
No. 7153 ID: a3eb69
for the color range, try dusk/evening sky colors with strong contrasts

terracotta, pale blue, salmon pink, bright red, deep indigo...

and yes, when referring to left/right, I'm always talking about the character's side.
No. 7154 ID: 5ddeef

Oh wow that sounds awesome.

And about this warpfire thing, colors, and how would you envision it? Misty smoke? Flame? combination?
No. 7156 ID: a3eb69
more exotic

maybe like an incandescent splash of water, that dissolves into light smoke, or something involving thick smoke that looks almost solid and burns out from the outside (reverse-fire)

I don't know, try stuff with unusual textures

the forgeworld lord of change has a whirling mass of flesh in his hand, with the right paintjob it can look like fire.

try stuff
No. 7197 ID: 15ffc7
File 131663899295.jpg - (395.48KB , 4200x2282 , magnus22.jpg )
Trying out other things than Photoshop!

What do you guys use besides photoshop, and why? :)
No. 7198 ID: 51eb74
looking good, so far

some use the SAI paint tool, mostly because it has a stabilizing function (prevents you from messing up strokes too much) and because it can somewhat simulate oil painting mixing (basically a fancy version of the smudge tool under photoshop)
but there are other things that I'm not aware of. I don't even know if I can put it on my mac.
No. 7199 ID: 15ffc7

This Magnus now , is done with Corel Painter.What is this SAI tool you speak of?
No. 7208 ID: c633e7
SAI is some pretty cool software. I use it a fair bit, but not as much as Photoshop. I have painter 11, which is good. I also sometimes use GIMP.
No. 7225 ID: a67448
File 131669967414.jpg - (223.51KB , 850x1165 , IMG_0048.jpg )
More roids!
No. 7231 ID: a67448
File 131672870050.jpg - (540.37KB , 4200x2282 , magnus25.jpg )
No. 7245 ID: 82fcc1
Any chance of a female version, for, say, fem-Catachans?
No. 7246 ID: 9a50aa
File 131678836816.jpg - (202.74KB , 838x1165 , IMG_0052.jpg )

This is a muscle study I am doing at school. I like Cata-chan and co. So yeah, I will probably do some. But on a more serious tone, not just paper sketches.
No. 7248 ID: 82fcc1
Awesome, if you need any ref, (either catachan or musclegirls in general) just let me know.
No. 7249 ID: 9a50aa

Not really. What I could use, is guidelines, like, what would you like to see there.

Reminder tho, Primarchs have a priority!
No. 7254 ID: e8ee9c
Looking good. Are you still adding back horns or not? I think he needs them.
No. 7255 ID: 82fcc1

My brain immediately coughed up the mental
image of Cata-chan and bunch of of generic, pint-sized guardsmen with helmets over their eyes tromping through the hell-jungle, like Snow White & the Seven Dwarves.

Just, you know, with machetes and flame throwers.
No. 7256 ID: cc4d14
>Cata-chan and the seven squats

that sounds awfully familiar...
No. 7267 ID: 3eee44

I'll see what I can do.


HA! HAAAAW! Yes... noted.
No. 7300 ID: 3eee44
File 131691391704.jpg - (607.21KB , 4200x2282 , magnus32.jpg )

I think i overdid the hair. Added backhorns, and stuff.
No. 7301 ID: 0491c8

I dunno, looks too 'flat' to me still.
No. 7309 ID: b9127b

What? The whole thing? or the hair?
No. 7310 ID: a99a3c
the hair doesn't look like hair. it's just a big red mass with three lines in it...

the torso is a bit flat, you might need to put more contrasted shading

there's again the problem of the torso spikes

but other than that, nothing too shocking
No. 7311 ID: b9127b

Oh well, keep in mind, this is Corel painter thing, I barely started using it. The shading and stuff will come from photoshop.
No. 7313 ID: b9127b
Fuck you games workshop. I will dig out every single piece of fluff on How SPESS MUHREENS are made and draw every single stage of their evolution even if it is the last thing I do.
No. 7314 ID: a99a3c
No. 7315 ID: b9127b

Read about the implants again, trying to grasp how does one fit them inside the body. The expansion works.

Then I got to the part where, Space Marines subjects are picked from the tender age of 10.

Wich kind of conflicts the tale of Brother Gerhart or whatever his name is from the Black Templar comics where they picked him from gladiatorial battles. And he was obviously older than an 18 year old.

Am I missing something, Maybe I am misinterpreting this wrong.
No. 7316 ID: a99a3c
This comic is awful. It's got a pretty bland scenario, the storytelling is either boring or barely understandable, the art is mediocre, and it doesn't respect many fluff elements. The only worse thing is the French translation of it.

Ignore it.
No. 7317 ID: b9127b

The only thing I liked about it was the Dread, TANKRED.

That is all.
No. 7321 ID: b9127b
File 131698235891.jpg - (514.17KB , 4200x2282 , magnus35.jpg )

Not the faggy vampire shit.
No. 7322 ID: a99a3c
that looks pretty; go on
No. 7325 ID: b9127b
File 131698910045.jpg - (515.10KB , 4200x2282 , magnus36.jpg )

No. 7326 ID: b9127b

Ah shit, forgot the tzeentch purple layer in. This must be what fatigue feels like.
No. 7373 ID: c0e5fe
Looks better, depth wise, but I can't help buy think lately that all your faces look very similar, aside from more obvious characteristics like hairstyles or missing eyes. Try mixing it up next time, even if it doesn't come out as well.
No. 7374 ID: 059ff4
File 131716909358.jpg - (494.17KB , 4200x2282 , magnus40.jpg )

I am working on faces.
No. 7376 ID: 059ff4

Need to add anger in dem lips.

But then again, theres not much facework I can do on Magnus, I'll try different stuff on everyone else, learning as I go. I think I'm going to try out something dynamic, like screaming next time.
No. 7377 ID: ac36fa
Awright shading, so far, time to get rid of those outlines

the hair doesn't look like it's flowing, will you come back on it?
No. 7379 ID: 059ff4

Definately, still working on shading and face details atm, to avoid making him look like a nigger. ( see left arm )
No. 7385 ID: c0e5fe

Okay nice. Although, I think the purple/blue light on the right (his left) horn looks pretty bad. It seems as though it's not 'illuminated' rather than just discoloured.
No. 7386 ID: 059ff4

I know, but before I do that, i need to figure out if I am done with them. I'd like to add something like engraved stuff. or rings.

And its harder to show this piece off properly since I am constantly switching between Corel and Photoshop, and some layers are missing from photoshop, when I save progress in Corel.
No. 7389 ID: 62c84f
File 131718067197.jpg - (23.84KB , 364x430 , 1275600830944.jpg )
No. 7396 ID: 1c475a
File 131720879193.jpg - (59.81KB , 750x600 , silly-bitch.jpg )

No. 7397 ID: 9e799f
Sorry for thread de-rail. GEoM; some marvelous anon over on 4chan told me you had written some awesome things. I was considering writing some similar things, wondered if you had time to chat? :3

No. 7398 ID: 1c475a

Uh sure, do you have any MSN , YAHOO or Steam account?
No. 7399 ID: 9e799f

Drop me an email, rather not post details on public board. Thx!
No. 7401 ID: 1c475a
File 131721236926.jpg - (168.59KB , 1280x960 , DSC0042.jpg )

No. 7431 ID: 686aad
File 131732400365.jpg - (807.77KB , 1536x2048 , 2011-09-29 22_04_49.jpg )
Someone really knows how to push my fancy buttons.
No. 7436 ID: 686aad
File 131733495754.jpg - (556.90KB , 4200x2282 , magnus46.jpg )

Playing with textures. Not sure if Marble is the way to go.
No. 7444 ID: 4ea119
>super cheap and uncomfortable commie mask
Someone's fucking with you. My friend got five of those for free.
No. 7447 ID: 2ee88d

Ofc they are free. Army reserve surplus.

But I love Death Korps of Krieg. :D
No. 7448 ID: f6b136

No. 7449 ID: 2ee88d

They are like 12 bucks on Ebay or something. I think it would cost me more to ship them , than it would for you to buy from ebay :(
No. 7450 ID: 2ee88d
File 131738598703.jpg - (601.82KB , 2836x1044 , IMG_5000.jpg )


I also beg to differ. They fit like a glove.

In other news, school sucks and I draw cavemen.
No. 7451 ID: c50d4e
GP5s are cheap as chips, and ever-plentiful. I don't own one, but I have a full head PBF. Hurts to take off.
No. 7452 ID: 2ee88d

Its the bulky one, rubbery like the one you have on your DA. Why does it hurt? I tried one on and it fit okay, and slid off pretty well.

Maybe its one measure too low for you.
No. 7460 ID: 8a6b6f
File 131742533759.jpg - (15.97KB , 440x440 , 50020a.jpg )

Yeah, that's the one. I have two of those. I don't think it's a sizing thing. It's comfortable enough when actually on, just taking it off is unpleasant.

I also have an Avon S-10 (pictured), which is a far more sophisticated mask, though now outdated. It's not a full-head mask, so it is far nicer to put on and take off. I don't have any filters for it, though.

I used to have a Czech M10 as well, but I sold that. So yeah, they're cool.
No. 7463 ID: cb17be
File 131747256851.jpg - (543.97KB , 4200x2282 , magnus49.jpg )
No. 7486 ID: e8ee9c
Damn, coming together nicely. He's really starting to look "alive".
No. 7498 ID: e43e71
File 131775891052.jpg - (35.84KB , 332x479 , bishie konrad.jpg )
those bodies seem familiar...
No. 7499 ID: b15b4b
File 131775999857.jpg - (167.21KB , 1389x796 , IMG_0060.jpg )

Where have you been and why is that Bishie Curze making me uncomfortable?
No. 7500 ID: e43e71
actually it's Szo Sahal.

I've simply started studying again. Philosophy and whatnot, maybe I'll end up understanding whether contemporary art actually makes sense or if it's really a clusterfuck of bad humor and out-of-place pretentiousness.
No. 7501 ID: b15b4b
File 131776050807.png - (63.95KB , 190x180 , sad.png )

College started for me too.

No. 7503 ID: e43e71
It's great, actually. There's a bunch of homework, and the Logic course is a gigantic spergfest, but otherwise, I'm having a lot of fun.

And there are at least 7 bars in the nearby street! Each one with a different range of beers available! Plus a supermarket if I want it canned and cheaper!
No. 7504 ID: b15b4b

Wow, sounds great.

My schedule is fucked up at the moment, but it will get decongested once the first semester is over. They usually knock off 60% of classes or turn them into optional stuff.

And yeash, good stuff about college is peeps and local stuff around, theres a mall 3 minute walk away with everything.
No. 7512 ID: c0e5fe
>And there are at least 7 bars in the nearby street! Each one with a different range of beers available!

Well I'd be sold on that!
No. 7606 ID: f1c253
File 131812114936.jpg - (525.34KB , 4200x2282 , magnus69.jpg )

Details! Subconscious nitpicking...
No. 7607 ID: 8140e3
that looks very good.

your best one. by far.
No. 7608 ID: f1c253

Thank you, I can't wait to see what are you doing, besides the commissions which may be private I mean, I was curious for quite some time as to how the cooling system of a pc could inspire you xD
No. 7609 ID: 8b7459
Great! It looked 3d from the thumbnail. You've achieved a lot more depth this time around.
No. 7616 ID: 8140e3
nothing else done, actually. And the PC cooling system only inspired me insofar as it reminded me of Xeno getting an enema... (there, now you'll have to think about this every time you set it on)

but hey, can we see another version of this with more intense colors? You had to hush them down a bit to give more depth, but I found it prettier in the previous sketches
No. 7628 ID: 74d630
Yes, I hoped so.


Prettier colors will come with the warpfire effects! Still need to smooth out skin textures and armor details , work on the hair...
No. 7654 ID: 27d638
File 131828881826.jpg - (145.10KB , 1024x753 , primarchs big.jpg )
This is amazing. Can't wait for the book to come out.
No. 7659 ID: 5adfd0

What books is that?

And will Curze be finally finished?
No. 7664 ID: a42a1d


and Curze is coming soon™
No. 7665 ID: 5adfd0

>Created in the Emperor’s own image, the primarchs had long thought themselves to be princes of the universe
>princes of the universe

Haah waaw.

>Gathered within this anthology are four novellas focusing on some of the mightiest warriors and leaders that mankind has ever known – Fulgrim, Lion El’Johnson, Ferrus Manus and Konrad Curze
>Konrad Curze

Oh boy, guess what I'll be getting next year as an early Christmas present?
No. 7753 ID: 481c6c
File 131860709447.jpg - (702.26KB , 4200x2282 , magnus80.jpg )

I still don't have a grasp on how I want this warpfire to look like because there are so many elements to consider, and piling them up will only make it look like a clusterfuck

Also, should I revert to dusk, before piling on the light glows and effects?
No. 7762 ID: ccf1d3
I think you should revert to dusk, it would add some contrast, make the whole picture darker and incidentally the fire brighter.
No. 7767 ID: cebe07

Damn, Emps. This has come a long way. Yeah, I say go back to dusk. The flame is a pretty important part, so it should stand out more, imo.
No. 7862 ID: f9504e
Very nice. Stolen.
No. 7875 ID: 1da36e
File 131898608460.jpg - (799.10KB , 4200x2282 , magnus95.jpg )


I'd say it's nearly there, needs a few tweaks on the BG and effects. Too tired to push on right now tho.
No. 7893 ID: 4406dd

I don't even like beakies, and this is awesome.
No. 7904 ID: 61da40
Looks great, but I don't like the 'effect' on the flame so much, I don't think...
No. 7906 ID: 739cfd

I'm not too happy with it either.

All I got to work with is Nemeroth's warp storms and some shitty adrian smith lightning rods.
No. 7944 ID: 1d918b
File 131933315661.jpg - (5.42MB , 4200x2282 , magnus108.jpg )

Beakies? You mean the Corvus armor pattern?

Me neither.


How's this?
No. 7946 ID: 4406dd

I use the term to refer to space marines in general.
No. 7963 ID: 743b29
it looks satisfying
No. 7992 ID: e8ee9c
Awesome! Has a visceral feel to it. Certainly one of your best ones I'd say.
No. 7993 ID: 20bad5
Yes, I like how it is.
No. 8013 ID: bb5938
File 131966476901.jpg - (142.97KB , 1084x1421 , 34534.jpg )
That Update I was talking about, Overlord.

I took your advice on working on a smaller scale.
No. 8014 ID: cd9ed7
that lacks depth and structure.
No. 8015 ID: bb5938

For a 10 minute sketch, I think its pretty decent.

I am trying to learn how to work without any refrence.

Its quite hard for me at least.
No. 8016 ID: f2a43b
Well, I meant like, it doesn't actually need to be Curze, but just working on a regular old Night Lord will help you understand what makes people recognise a marine as a 'Night Lord,' more than just a colour scheme.

I.e, work on skulls, spines, spikes, chains and more skulls, and then, when you do Curze, the knowledge and understanding will help you make the most of him.
No. 8017 ID: cd9ed7
File 131968118052.jpg - (195.53KB , 570x871 , otto-1649738c8d.jpg )

also, Olivier Fucking Ledroit
No. 8019 ID: f2a43b
Zog me! That... is the most beautiful thing I've seen in my entire life.
No. 8021 ID: cd9ed7
File 131968372309.jpg - (43.32KB , 361x500 , Requiem-chevalier-vampire-tome-1.jpg )
You ain't seen shit. Yet.

Don't know about Requiem, Vampire Knight (Chevalier Vampire in OV)? Pat Mills does the writing, Ledroit does the art.
It's basically yet another version of Moorcock's Eternal Champion, but with vampires, nazi vampires, teutonic vampires, japanese vampires... Post-apocalyptic ghost jews, Mutant Inquisitor Werewolves, Nun-bitches, Magitek Mummies from the Future, with Romance, Fate, Treason, Courage, and a lot of even more fucked up shit. It comes right next to 40k in terms of senseless grimdarkness.
And it's fucking glorious.
No. 8022 ID: cd9ed7
oh, and the ENTIRE COMIC is painted as well as these two pics. Sometimes better.
No. 8023 ID: f2a43b
File 131968414707.jpg - (162.46KB , 1211x616 , 1299212881412.jpg )
Aaah! Is that where this is from?
No. 8024 ID: cd9ed7
No. 8025 ID: f2a43b
Downloadan it already.
No. 8026 ID: f2a43b
File 131968549245.jpg - (471.85KB , 1203x1620 , Requiem 016.jpg )
This is probably the coolest thing I have ever read! Thank you so much for making it known to me.
No. 8031 ID: 739fd9

Holy shit.
No. 8032 ID: 739fd9
File 131974653130.jpg - (229.21KB , 1084x1617 , 4324.jpg )
Does anyone know where can I find a good torrent or website where I can download M.D Geist I and II in a reasonable quality?

All I got is I, with a very shitty resolution kind of like 240p on youtube...
No. 8037 ID: 1444d5

Protip: if it's anime, check tokyosho and bakabt.
No. 8038 ID: e51413
File 131979568070.png - (284.84KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2011-10-28-02h35m26s199.png )

Thanks bro
No. 8046 ID: e51413
File 131983436233.jpg - (176.65KB , 1429x1282 , vampiredicks.jpg )
No. 8048 ID: 7e811c
Top one I like most.
No. 8049 ID: e51413

Yeah It's the one I chose for Kurze up there as well.

Btw, have you ever tried "Thumbnail sketching" ?
No. 8052 ID: e51413
File 131983919359.jpg - (390.78KB , 2563x2699 , violence.jpg )


Whilst drawing these.

I know, they don't mix.

But yeah Broverlord. Skulls.
No. 8053 ID: cf31cc
Most are pretty good, but there's a pretty heavy theme of 'one big skull' and 'wings.' Try adding smaller decorations, like multiple normal-sized skulls or some chains or maybe even parchment.
No. 8054 ID: e51413

I agree! But I probably should have mentioned what I am doing right there...

The way I imagine things, is that the right shoulder is filled with the parent chapter / legion iconography representation. (In our case its the Night lords Skull/wings, The huge daemon skulls used as Trophies).

Whilst the left shoulders are exactly what you said, smaller decorations, lighter things such as iconography representing their rank, or "role" in said chapter, or custom trophies, flayed skins, purity seals, or chaotic parchments , spell wards etc.
No. 8055 ID: cf31cc
Oh ok, that makes sense.
No. 8068 ID: ae6e0b
File 131988811106.jpg - (0.97MB , 900x2400 , skin__a_tutorial___part_1_by_navate-d2dwqgc.jpg )
Holy shit, check these out.
No. 8069 ID: ae6e0b
File 131988813524.jpg - (1.87MB , 900x4500 , SKIN__a_tutorial___Part_2_by_navate.jpg )
No. 8071 ID: 54a0bd
NOW that's useful shit.
No. 8072 ID: cf31cc
I could learn some stuff there, thanks for sharing them.
No. 8073 ID: 0448b9
I can't even use half of these tips yet, but I can feel the usefulness glistening through my silver body..
No. 8088 ID: ae6e0b
File 131992430988.jpg - (477.77KB , 2563x2699 , asd.jpg )
I felt I was not very clear on your blue berry quandry, so I went into research for her and Magnus. Hope it helped.


Glad I could help!


I was saying the same things 2 months ago! Feel the rush , and experiment! You will unlock magical gifts.

And here, Overlord, the second part.
No. 8091 ID: ae6e0b
File 131992861418.jpg - (550.92KB , 2563x2699 , asdads.jpg )

first table finished.
No. 8112 ID: ac1f5c
File 131997226671.jpg - (156.73KB , 800x600 , Untitled-1(1).jpg )
Minecraft. I seriously hope this isn't some hipster stuff.

I like Minecraft...
No. 8115 ID: 54a0bd
it's okay, hipster things are things that aren't supposed to be enjoyed for themselves.

for instance: brightly-colored Marvel shirts with old-school Jack Kirby drawings printed on them, are not meant to be worn by people who like old Marvel comics, but by hipsters who have no idea how to dress up tastefully, and choose to put purposefully ridiculous clothing instead so that, with a bit of chance, nobody will take their lack of taste seriously.

Minecraft is genuinely enjoyable, it's okay if you enjoy it genuinely.
No. 8116 ID: ac1f5c
File 131998152886.jpg - (764.27KB , 3000x2330 , Untitled-1.jpg )

Like the people that watch the big bang theory comedy thing, wear Green Lantern T-shirts and have no clue what a Green Lantern is!

Skeptical marines are dissapoint.
No. 8117 ID: ac1f5c
File 131999412443.jpg - (817.33KB , 2507x2518 , Slaanesh(1).jpg )
I am bored.
No. 8118 ID: 8f6d5c
Cool. If you have any freetime in the future, any chance of the Cata-chan and the Seven Squats thing from >>7255 ?
No. 8119 ID: ac1f5c
File 132000047147.jpg - (1.70MB , 2507x2518 , Fleishkunstler Heinrich (2).jpg )
So I named this guy Fleishkunstler Heinrich.

This is my very first "OC DONUTSTEEL" thing.


I have not written it off. I am just not very comfortable with that many characters in one painting.

I can't really draw squats, I barely pull off dwarves >>8112

But I do like Cata-chan, and the idea. Just not right now.
No. 8120 ID: 8f6d5c
No worries man, feel free to alter the idea as you want, I certainly don't want to impose on you.

And HAHAHAHA, man, bare space marine midriff never ceases to be hilarious.
No. 8121 ID: ac1f5c

Why would it be funny?
No. 8122 ID: 8f6d5c
Just...it's a space marine, a huge macho dude, wearing a tiny tube top like a teenage girl.
No. 8123 ID: ac1f5c
File 132000863694.jpg - (1.41MB , 1500x2055 , 1319735112695.jpg )

Isn't like that the point of Slaanesh?
No. 8124 ID: 8f6d5c
Oh of course. There's no other place, other than maybe the Elfdar, to be Fabulous in 40k.
No. 8136 ID: de64e3
File 132006408879.jpg - (1.88MB , 2507x2518 , Fleishkunstler Heinrich (2).jpg )

Thanks to Anon, the abs were starting to piss me off too. Now I fixed them in a most delicious way!
No. 8137 ID: de64e3
File 132006440077.jpg - (274.30KB , 2044x1727 , night haunter7.jpg )
I WILL Get Curze done.

No. 8138 ID: de64e3
File 132008661428.jpg - (135.88KB , 1012x760 , Fleishkunstler Heinrich2.jpg )
Succumb to the glorious visions of Slaanesh!
No. 8141 ID: de64e3
File 132009513126.jpg - (166.33KB , 1531x1294 , night haunter8.jpg )
added some tormented skulls on the pauldrons and cleaned it up a bit.

I think I got the depth just right, I am not sure about the chestplate design, or the collar tip.
No. 8142 ID: c0e5fe
File 132009973521.jpg - (80.52KB , 894x894 , throne_of_excess_by_daemon_patriarch-d3ex5a7.jpg )

Looks good. Reminds me of that thing I drew a while ago. I love the general image of enthroned astartes.
No. 8156 ID: def540
File 132013548737.jpg - (318.11KB , 4271x1727 , 345343.jpg )

HAHA! Oh wow, they look similar!

What I wanted with this particular scene was to depict Konrad Curze's last words, yanno, before M'shen jumped him.

But perspective was being a bitch to me, so I had to cut down on size...
No. 8197 ID: a7ed03
File 132045043974.jpg - (219.90KB , 1531x1294 , night haunter25.jpg )

Cleaned this mess up.

I still have some work to do on the hairstyle , facial expression.

And I am not sure the blades are satisfactory.

Also Throne Design.
No. 8198 ID: e13b84
I am beginning to like this a lot more. Thicken those legs up a bit, though.
No. 8222 ID: aa8bbc
File 132052407119.jpg - (231.86KB , 1531x1294 , night haunter27.jpg )

Done, now I got to decide colorscheme and painting style.
No. 8224 ID: 39fadf
>the perspective

arrr.... that'll take a lot of work with the coloring to make it look believable.
No. 8227 ID: aa8bbc

Vote of confidence right there.

Alas, I do love a challenge.
No. 8286 ID: 7c8930
File 132066578486.png - (169.79KB , 492x885 , Dwarfperor.png )
I am the Emperor of Dwarfkind and this are serius thread.
No. 8300 ID: 2b67dc
now this is awesome! you should draw a bit more cartoonish stuff from time to time, just to get more used to simple, efficient linework.

some parts of the toga are a bit weird, though.
No. 8301 ID: 7c8930
File 132068334719.jpg - (680.03KB , 1663x1686 , Dorfs.jpg )

Hah, thanks. I went overboard with cloth, because I couldn't draw the creases accordingly. So I just went with shoving some towels here and there. But its nice for a 20 min sketch, I guess. Glad you like it.

No. 8338 ID: 7dc7f2
File 132075512104.jpg - (168.74KB , 1207x410 , gentlemen.jpg )
No. 8341 ID: 7dc7f2
File 132076416348.jpg - (0.98MB , 2988x2152 , Heinrich.jpg )

No. 8456 ID: 0bd097
File 132130800786.jpg - (183.06KB , 800x800 , 1316204326646.jpg )
Feels good to fire people for not knowing what the hell an HDMI is.

Even though they've been working as QAtesters for over 4 months.
No. 8462 ID: b3d229
Dear, this is NOT what I had expected.
There aren't even any negative silhouette skulls.
But it's very nice.
And who did you fire?
No. 8474 ID: c118c9

Negative sillhouettes usually come with shading after you pick a lightsource, in Lineart it doesnt really have to show, unless you plan it to stay lineart.

I fired a fucking jackoff tester that couldn't keep his quota up. He apparently was working for 4 months without knowing how to plug in an Xbox or how an HDMI worked.

The wonders you see as a HR/Community Manager for EA Romania never ceases to end.
No. 8476 ID: 51361a

EA as in the EA that killed Westwood Studios?
No. 8477 ID: cd42cc
File 132139611611.jpg - (82.85KB , 418x816 , Quisitrix.jpg )

Sadly yes.

But I doubt the Bucharest section, also known as Jamdat which started out originally as a mobile phone division , had anything to do with killing westwood.

But I do agree. EA kills games.

At least it pays my bills.
No. 46478 ID: 410416
Locking due to recurring spam seeing the last author post was almost ten years ago!
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