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File 154734357543.png - (339.66KB , 1700x1700 , deer.png )
41788 No. 41788 ID: 6059bb
Had some lewds. Nowhere to put them. This'll do.

Welcome to the deerpression drawthread!


Could get NSFW potentially
Expand all images
No. 41789 ID: 6059bb
File 154734363151.png - (1.07MB , 1700x1700 , 1.png )
No. 41790 ID: 6059bb
File 154734364810.png - (1.14MB , 1700x1700 , 2.png )
No. 41791 ID: 6059bb
File 154734366616.png - (1.21MB , 1700x1700 , 3.png )
No. 41792 ID: 6059bb
File 154734437612.png - (638.46KB , 1700x1700 , Snek.png )
Might be worth posting again
No. 41793 ID: 6059bb
File 154734449495.png - (109.01KB , 1240x1240 , ItQLewd2.png )
Fully lewd version
No. 41799 ID: 06fdc0
>>Could get NSFW potentially

promptly posts lewds
No. 41802 ID: eeb7d9
It has begun.
No. 41803 ID: 2f83e5
Happy ending. So reptiles can breed with mammals?
No. 41806 ID: 1adab9
File 154751061751.gif - (177.40KB , 512x512 , leepicdeer.gif )
self portrait
No. 41823 ID: eeb7d9
I am not sure if i should be very upset about the dabbing, or admire the rhyme and the little dance. ARE you queer, or was it just for the rhyme?
No. 41824 ID: 1adab9
No. 41825 ID: eeb7d9
Cool. Do you skate?
No. 41826 ID: 0c3c2c
Your animation is great as ever.

This is relevant to my interests.
No. 41856 ID: 38a50c
File 154791868523.png - (300.59KB , 1682x1032 , 1.png )
Anyone who gets this is rad
No. 41857 ID: 38a50c
File 154791992861.png - (185.69KB , 1210x1244 , 147104012589.png )
>when you see the suggestions
No. 41858 ID: 51b8ec
I rate it ten out of ten AZ.
No. 41859 ID: eeb7d9
Ok, that definitely has to be sans. He looks like it's dying? I guess i am not rad enough.

WE don't even understand what we are writing.
No. 41860 ID: 38a50c
File 154793633807.png - (583.42KB , 1682x1642 , 147104012589.png )
No. 41868 ID: 6fb3de
File 154807503601.png - (666.81KB , 1700x1700 , Soybek Upload.png )
be gay do crime
No. 41869 ID: eeb7d9
This pleases me greatly.
No. 41878 ID: 2755f5
this is real good
No. 41971 ID: 753e60
File 154897131313.png - (5.63MB , 3000x3615 , Doe.png )
No. 41972 ID: b1b4f3
I like it.
No. 41973 ID: 2755f5
very cute I think!
No. 41992 ID: 40e25c
I didn't even know you could draw in that style, I'm impressed!

Berets remain forever the best of all headwear, not least because they can both be fashionable and a sign of militaristic prestige.

Cool picture.
No. 42002 ID: eeb7d9
I have a box full of those. I can't get enough of the things.
No. 42039 ID: befbdb
well the normal styled ones are usually hipster-ish (this being the exception), but the ones in military/special force's use are really, really badass
No. 42052 ID: 5037fb
File 154990433056.png - (97.56KB , 671x676 , Capture.png )
Not a big fan of the military, I just like looking like Papa Che
No. 42053 ID: 5037fb
File 154990436218.png - (930.05KB , 3200x3200 , Walk.png )
Important moment
No. 42054 ID: eeb7d9
Papa Che? Is that how they call him there? That is kinda cute.
No. 42055 ID: 5037fb
Nah, we call him Che Guevara. I call him papa Che because he's my daddy
No. 42056 ID: 5037fb
File 154992407187.png - (2.93MB , 1668x2720 , Synth.png )
in case you needed reminding that i cannot draw
No. 42057 ID: eeb7d9

No. 42065 ID: 06fdc0
for someone who can't draw, that's pretty damn good
No. 42066 ID: 3f46f9
Not to be the party-crusher but that's a pretty solid drawing, self-pity isn't gonna help. the breasts are off and the right hand is a bit strange as well as the shading but overall the drawing is solid
No. 42067 ID: ef43dd
90% of what i care about is the breasts tbh
No. 42068 ID: b1b4f3
Boobs are hard.

Actually they're soft but they're hard to DRAW
No. 42069 ID: eeb7d9
You know what else is hard about the boobs? The NIPPLES!
No. 42070 ID: 06fdc0
the solution is to draw more boobs

many more boobs
No. 42071 ID: b1b4f3
Yes, while looking at references.
No. 42072 ID: 3ef734
I assume having own boobs would make boobs easier to draw or something
No. 42073 ID: eeb7d9
If we base ourselves in that assumption, we all could be artist. Or all female could draw boobs, and all males could draw penises. And i am pretty sure that is not that case. Unfortunately.
No. 42077 ID: 065611
My breasts really aren't something you'd wanna look at haha

And besides, I also have hands, which I also can't draw, sooo
No. 42085 ID: d1faa9
File 155025699870.jpg - (2.30MB , 3120x4160 , IMG_20190106_230554.jpg )
No. 42113 ID: 568a84
File 155039660426.jpg - (2.43MB , 3120x4160 , IMG_20190217_103943.jpg )
I wasn't entirely sober when I did this
No. 42114 ID: f1fc29
And a couple of days ago we saw a claim that you can't draw... (holy shit that line depth and anatomy is glorious, lets just ignore the giant potato that it the moon)
No. 42115 ID: 568a84
Took the pic at an angle its perfectly round irl
No. 42118 ID: eeb7d9
Holly shit, i am not sure if you draw better while drunk or sober, you don't stop to surprise me. Is creepy and pretty at the same time.
No. 42119 ID: b52c39
I wasn't drunk just high
No. 42122 ID: b1b4f3
No. 42124 ID: eeb7d9
It still doesn't change the fact that your drawing is amazing while not being sober.
No. 42126 ID: f66e08
File 155052593509.jpg - (567.12KB , 1481x1438 , IMG_20181223_203028.jpg )
No. 42127 ID: 8f34ce
File 155052751846.jpg - (9.03KB , 251x201 , download.jpg )
this is the 3rd post that has something to do about an inability to draw (no offence)
No. 42134 ID: b1b4f3
Obviously the curse spectre is responsible.
No. 42137 ID: f66e08
Its my drawthread I do what I want
No. 42139 ID: 6fb3de
File 155058866985.png - (15.67KB , 512x512 , walkin.png )
as proof: heres a picture of me walking
No. 42140 ID: e60f6b
Being an artist is suffering, why do you think they call it PAINting?
No. 42141 ID: eeb7d9
File 155059728289.png - (22.67KB , 218x154 , Impactado.png )
No. 42142 ID: c82a2d
You know what happens to those who use puns.
No. 42149 ID: 6fb3de
File 155066501502.png - (1.41MB , 1536x1536 , unknown-44.png )
A render
No. 42150 ID: 6fb3de
File 155066505064.png - (2.00MB , 1536x1536 , unknown-46.png )
An edit
No. 42151 ID: 6fb3de
File 155066515383.png - (1.55MB , 3200x3200 , unknown-38.png )
A meme
No. 42152 ID: b1b4f3
What's the meme?
No. 42163 ID: 0abc1d
Anime in general
No. 42164 ID: 4294c6
File 155072452456.png - (1.95MB , 3200x3200 , dabonthedeer.png )
No. 42165 ID: eeb7d9
File 155079008425.jpg - (14.10KB , 282x282 , A Raundabout.jpg )
No one will ever know.
No. 42177 ID: bad12e

No. 42193 ID: d43602
File 155103132730.png - (902.26KB , 3200x2708 , Rae.png )
Ice cream
No. 42194 ID: d43602
File 155103901861.png - (236.71KB , 1600x1600 , 03.png )
Subraces for the Azadri, had they won
No. 42196 ID: bcc41d
In an alternate universe Swolerock won and the quest was better and far more hilarious for it.

"You like stories. Especially stories of kissing/banging, hugging/grinding and other such core-smelting tales.

You are a romantic."
No. 42197 ID: ad51b8
congratulations I think you just made an NPC
No. 42198 ID: 153551
Speaking of banging, not trying to be "that person" but will there be any mention of banging involving straight oriented people in the quest?
No. 42199 ID: 483971
What quest?
No. 42260 ID: 3e8537
File 155159056068.png - (1.25MB , 1600x1600 , Why Dont You Put Your Money Where Your Meat Is.png )
How i feel rn
No. 42261 ID: eeb7d9
Uhhhh... hungry, i hope?
No. 42262 ID: 70be57
Do you feel tenderized?
No. 42263 ID: 18d2ab
Don't butchers sell cows, chicken and pork rather than deer these days
No. 42265 ID: adb07a
der are for pats not eats
No. 42266 ID: 70be57
Whenever I look at the face of the deer only one thing comes to my mind

No. 42267 ID: 18d2ab
No. 42270 ID: eeb7d9
As in give love i guess? *PAT~PAT*
No. 42271 ID: 7769ba
Wish someone gave me love tbh
No. 42272 ID: 4ad3f7
Quests are a good way to get love here apparently
No. 42273 ID: eeb7d9
You are going to have to settle with us! Here have some love from me! <3 <3
No. 42279 ID: 6fb3de
UwU give me your hot gooey lovedaddy
No. 42280 ID: 0ff48c
File 155171972291.gif - (26.23KB , 724x512 , Metal Deer.gif )
this deserves to be posted here too
No. 42281 ID: e9d852

(La Li Lu Lei Lo)
No. 42282 ID: eeb7d9
Ssstap, i am the one who is supposed to flatter you, no the other way around! You're making me blush~

It's me, by the way, i was in another pc at the time.>>42273
No. 42286 ID: db4748
UwU awwww

Flatter me good and hard bb
No. 42295 ID: 06fdc0
you really know how to draw some good, hard wood
No. 42297 ID: db4748
I could use more reference images
No. 42298 ID: adb07a
You heard her, send dick pics
No. 42301 ID: 813ebb
On an unrelated note, shouldn't the relationship between Reno and Đ be a super secret thing, assuming that this quest takes place in medieval era, anything that was against religion was removed with extreme prejudice, since being GAY and all fits squarely into that category. So how does Reno deal with the public about this (I assume it's secret but if you're gay you likely wont do opposite sex so no continuation of the royal blood) and wouldn't it be really easy for Dana to take the throne simply by revealing their orientation, assuming that that kind of relationship is treated in such a way?
No. 42303 ID: 6655de
Isn't lizards the only illegal as hell thing in Ethquest? Huh.
No. 42304 ID: 349928
Just assuming that same sex relationships are illegal (both by law and religion), given that in 99.5% of religions (especially in medieval era) were considered a big ugly sin that requires a death sentence.
No. 42305 ID: eeb7d9
I was actually thinking about this for a long time too. Even more, what would happen with their relationship, given that Reno is the future queen and Eth is her bodyguard. Even if they weren't two girls, Reno should probably marry a royal male to preserve the lineage or something, wich Eth isn't. Being gay doesn't help either.
I didn't ask becouse it would probably be a part of the story.
No. 42306 ID: adb07a
She's the Queen. Everyone else that could bargain for position in her dynasty just died.

I don't specialize in historical realistic medieval law but I don't need to because this is more a sociology issue about power mechanics. In any case I think I know enough to say that the outcome is entirely dependent on the situation, as any kind of age-old traditions have been pushed off overnight for the right incentive. The main problem with lasagna sandwiches or sausage parties is that

- It's gross

To 97.4%. That's the amount of people you're gonna be asking to make some goodwill and adopt a modern view to a medieval problem.

Historically, whoever and whatever that got away with this was a random mix of culture and tradition. Gays were "tolerated" in some places, sometimes even 'worse' than gays (though the view that Greece had legalized gaysex is a false extrapolation of another cultural trait, they didn't). It's VERY HARD to change society, not so hard to make a law from the top; but the organism of the law, the base of your power, your powerful vassals, they all are part of that society, so when you say "gay marriage should be legal so we can have a Queen and a Queen consort" about 97.5% of your vassals (and their armies) will say yo wtf king/queen. You have to be either damn powerful and established to make everyone swallow the pill or find a lot of so-called 'allies' (god I hate that word in that context it reeks of internet politics), because hetero lord doesn't necessarily mean 'hates gays', but he probably doesn't want HIS vassals to look at him weird either. You'll also absolutely need godly diplomatic abilities, because then your work is one of getting over culture shock and uncomfortable ideas (which falls within the field of mediation) with people from a time where disputes are solved with swords *as a matter of principle*.

So, conclusion, openly and LEGALLY (cause plenty of rulers were barely contained turbogays and everyone more or less knew) gay queen is a realistically grim prospect but it's totally reasonable to imagine a story where the gay ruler changed her society from the top-down. I would have four pieces of advice for it and they would be: the people must absolutely love you. You must have strong, dependable, personal allies within your nobility. You have to solve the church's view situation one way or another. And you need a damn, damn good bodyguard, because kings have been stabbed over less.
No. 42308 ID: eeb7d9
Ok, first of all, that was a flawless exposition, in my eyes.
Secondly, i agree with all that you just said.
Thirdly, I am glad that you are in this website, i love all your suggestions.

If this is part of the story at some point, i think we can manage make it happen. I know we have the right bodyguard for the job, but that depends on us mainly. The rest, we'll just have to wait and see.
No. 42309 ID: 7f132b
File 155182333231.gif - (10.04KB , 512x512 , religion.gif )
It's more relaxed here. The Church of the Holy Cross is a thing in Eth, even if it's only slightly similar to our own catholic church. (Which is why a crucifix appears in https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/src/154684798125.gif and https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/src/155168774924.gif)
It does have similarly strict views of same-sex relationships to the catholic church. However, the Temple of the Spire is the official primary religion of the kingdom, and the CotHC is simply one of several others tolerated. The TotS is under the direct control of the monarch, and basically exists only to spread feudalistic propaganda and drive a sort of worship of the monarch among the common people. It has far fewer rigid guidelines, and doesn't care what anyone does, so long as they pay taxes and don't cause trouble. The actual monarch is alright whatever they do, so long as they announce a successor. Of course, not producing offspring is frowned upon, but not grounds for execution or excommunication or anything.

Basically, Reno probably wouldn't have married anyone, but wouldnt've bothered keeping her relationship with Eth a secret. Think Elizabeth I mixed with Elagabalus, I guess.
No. 42310 ID: adb07a
I... I don't think you want to cite Elagabalus as an inspiration
No. 42311 ID: 7f132b
Why? She was openly in a relationship with someone who, at the time, was considered the same sex.

Now they did both get murdered, but that's not the point here. Also, take this to the disthread, if you must.
No. 42312 ID: adb07a
I once made a convoluted scheme in a RP to get an alliance with another kingdom, which involved my character gay-marrying the throne heir. It wasn't against the law because my kingdom existed only in name and as my personal name but I had a minimum of legitimacy because I got foreign powers to recognize me through finding and returning their national treasures and royal artefacts to them, and somehow getting the nobles of the other kingdom to favour me as a designated heir rather than the bloodline prince (by impressing them a lot more and making friends). And since the kingdom was in a regency, and I could just take the authority and start ruling (I didn't because my goal was to recover my people's rightful lands not rule that one and also because I was a foreigner, I'd just have way too many enemies nad not last long), I basically had the authority over both titles. And I told him, "I'll give you your Kingdom title back if you ally with my dynasty" and he decided not to try to murder me and said "how can we be allies, you are the only member of your made-up royal family for your made-up landless kingdom" and I said "well you just marry me of course".

A lot of 'whaaah this shit isn't gonna fly' later, I told him I'm the King of the *other* Kingdom, and so that if we do the wedding by my law it's valid there, but since I'm also the de-facto king of his kingdom, and this is a decision that affects my personal majestic me, the legal effects carry over in their law and there's enough material to bullshit for this. I swore to him this was only ever for the politics of it but then of course I said we should 'consume our union as per the tradition'. So my....... King consort was then back as king of his people like he rightfully should have been but legally our kingdoms are allies as one and he doesn't even hate me for it. Right now a long-distance relationship while I sort my own shit out but yeah, this was fun.
No. 42313 ID: 7f132b
File 155183587134.png - (185.69KB , 1210x1244 , aaa.png )
No. 42315 ID: 62e76a
Judging by your reaction this probably wont be the way Reno gets back her kingdom.
No. 42316 ID: 8c46c9
File 155190823442.png - (376.11KB , 1920x1010 , NO COST TOO GREAT.png )
No. 42317 ID: 8c46c9
File 155190827058.png - (546.59KB , 1500x1648 , PRECEPT 58 DONT TRUST BIG CHARMA.png )
No. 42323 ID: 62e76a
No. 42324 ID: 4294c6
The blue Gatorade in Hollow Knight.
No. 42325 ID: eeb7d9
I appreciate the meme, but y tho.
No. 42326 ID: 57f319
The gushers you eat in bug Metroid that gives you extra hats
No. 42343 ID: 864b39
I'm not gonna lie, I would spray cum all over that tiny deer
No. 42344 ID: e20bdf
This thread is weird...
No. 42345 ID: eeb7d9
It's starting to look a lot like 4Chan.
No. 42346 ID: a9af05
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Because it sounds like you meant that as a bad thing, which I agree with.
No. 42347 ID: eeb7d9
I haven't been personaly in there. I entered once, it overwhelm me, and got out, too much information at once. I only seen things from there from videos and such. It's one of those things that ar so bad that is good, if you take it out of context. It is a strange place.

In this case, i meant that this was starting to look a little chaotic.
No. 42352 ID: 181f74
File 155208731994.png - (443.58KB , 913x1118 , tiny little cum deer.png )
Oh yes daddy <3
No. 42353 ID: fbfc06
About time we went back to being true to the thread description
No. 42354 ID: 181f74
For every horny comment i am forced to draw lewd self portraits
No. 42355 ID: 2159b9
that sounds like it can lead to an endless feedback loop
No. 42356 ID: 181f74
File 155209259811.png - (1.10MB , 1600x1600 , girls.png )
sketches for the posts in the fanart thread
No. 42359 ID: fbfc06
I thought that was just a little character you made for some funny interactions not a full on fursona
No. 42360 ID: fbfc06
and cum? isn't that a duderino only thing, didn't you mention you were gay (no offense, just confused)
No. 42361 ID: 9582af
Trans women.
No. 42362 ID: c72efa
bi online i guess? my sexual orientation has the simple and organized layout of a bowl of spaghetti
No. 42363 ID: eeb7d9
It was just a matter of time.

Same, i am a straight male irl, but here, i like everything and everyone.
No. 42379 ID: f04438
File 155225796308.png - (291.48KB , 1600x1600 , der3.png )
birthday doodle for myself <3
No. 42380 ID: bcc41d
Happy birthday!
No. 42381 ID: eeb7d9
Hey! Happy B Day! Love and Kisses!
No. 42382 ID: c8452a
Happy birthday!
No. 42383 ID: 06fdc0
happy birthday!
No. 42385 ID: 8d26c4
Happy birthday!
No. 42386 ID: e51896
Happy birthday!
No. 42387 ID: e49e3a
Happy Birthday!
No. 42389 ID: 6fb3de
Thanks all!
No. 42392 ID: 7e3ccd
Heard somewhere that in Germany congratulating birthday a day or two late is considered the ultimate fuck-you

So happy birthday anyway(no offense)...
No. 42399 ID: 6fb3de
I've never heard of that rule, but I appreciate the message haha
No. 42401 ID: d1946d
Hey Deer, happy birthday! Just for asking, do you want any sort of gift or character drawing? :o?
No. 42403 ID: 1dbfa2
I would LOVE that. Your art is incredible!!
No. 42428 ID: b694bc
File 155294901524.png - (2.31MB , 4000x4000 , marx daddy.png )
No. 42429 ID: 861056
*waits for an explanation in silence*
No. 42430 ID: d1946d
Jojo Bizarre Adventure part 9: Red Manifesto.
No. 42438 ID: eeb7d9
No. 42439 ID: c8452a
"Toki wo tomare" means "can I offer you an egg".
No. 42440 ID: b1b4f3
That cracks me up.
No. 42450 ID: 65c200
File 155320293511.png - (50.58KB , 400x400 , deeeere.png )
No. 42451 ID: 65c200
File 155320294456.png - (194.29KB , 1024x1024 , deeere.png )
No. 42452 ID: 65c200
File 155320295576.png - (710.78KB , 4000x1653 , bg.png )
No. 42453 ID: 286d74
from afar, or as a small picture, the cookie like texture of the eye makes it look like you (I'm assuming that's your fursona) haven't slept over a week, or are really, really high, I just find it hilarious
No. 42456 ID: 94796c
File 155321220114.png - (117.99KB , 920x400 , t2.png )
I have discord server now, at https://discord.gg/DVhDSj3! Come join the fun!
No. 42458 ID: 94796c
File 155327670086.png - (80.46KB , 920x400 , t4.png )
And now I have a patreon! If you like EthQuest and my art and want to help secure both their future, please consider pledging a buck or so!
No. 42459 ID: 94796c
Link is at: https://www.patreon.com/TGDeer
No. 42460 ID: bcc41d
A buck of appreciation patron'd.

Salesmanshipswise, you should also plug the opportunities for monthly patron art requests at 10$, two OC quest appearance slots at 30$ a pop and the fact that a mere collected monthly contribution of 35 dolz will guarantee twice-weekly quest updootz of your excellent quests.

Unless, y'know, a sap like me does it for you.
No. 42464 ID: 9bd6c5
File 155334545009.gif - (24.20KB , 724x512 , p12.gif )
At $10, you get monthly patron-only requests! At $30, you get to put your own character in one of my quests (only two slots available ACT NOW! You'll also get exclusive roles in my discord and possibly see me planning out my quest, see behind the scenes stuff, et cetera.

AND if I reach 20 a month, both my quests will update once a week; at 35, Eth will update twice a week! Act now!
No. 42470 ID: b1b4f3
How dead will these guest characters be
No. 42471 ID: ffdd87
Not dead at all, unless their patrons want them dead, or they stop paying! And maybe not even then, if they're good.
No. 42621 ID: 57d253
File 155462944580.png - (1.26MB , 3200x1800 , dream.png )
Dream I had
No. 42622 ID: 57d253
File 155462947309.png - (3.75MB , 9297x2000 , TFLouise2.png )
No. 42669 ID: aa2654
File 155510263549.png - (2.21MB , 5263x4961 , shade.png )
Shade from EthQuest
No. 42671 ID: aa2654
File 155510374739.png - (1.98MB , 5263x4961 , shade2.png )
Shade from EthQuest
No. 42674 ID: b1b4f3
Doesn't seem like a good idea to fuck these.
No. 42675 ID: e51896
at least, not without protection.
No. 42678 ID: c2daab
dear god, that looks so painful it almost hurts in real life, like Jesus H Christ that's nasty. With exposed "genitals" are you suggesting that there will be more than just a little nod to sexual intercourse (in other words, will we actually see some fucc action) in Đquest?
No. 42696 ID: 1101e8
It's not impossible <3
No. 42697 ID: 5e7f2e
do these stalkers change their appearance based on who entered the caves or is it just a coincidence, perhaps it's twisted stereotype or image of previous people who end up wandering into that place?
And you updates have been quite slow last couple of days, whats up with that?
No. 42698 ID: 1101e8
Stress, mostly. I'll do daily updates this week!

As for the shades, I'll leave that up to you to figure out.
No. 42703 ID: d5fbf4
daily? while a lack of updates for weeks sucks, daily updates sound like a burnout waiting to happen,in like 2-3 weeks (not saying that you're not creative, but that sounds quite demanding)
No. 42704 ID: 90198f
I have this week off lol
No. 42729 ID: 975dce
File 155569737373.png - (146.23KB , 1129x847 , unknown.png )
complex technology explained
No. 42730 ID: 975dce
File 155569739498.png - (217.48KB , 1000x1000 , shade2.png )
a shitpost
No. 42731 ID: 975dce
File 155569742312.png - (2.00MB , 4000x3500 , unknown.png )
lewder thorne
No. 42732 ID: eeb7d9
Someone had too much to drink.
No. 42734 ID: b1b4f3
>born to die
>life is a fuck
Okay I know how the rest goes.
No. 42739 ID: 39fdfa
File 155575477667.png - (1.46MB , 2148x2601 , unknown.png )
in light of recent events
No. 42740 ID: 39fdfa
File 155575727115.png - (206.06KB , 875x859 , butt.png )
deer butt
No. 42741 ID: 527023
I don't get it...
No. 42742 ID: 527023
If i saw someone like that the first instinct i'd have is to either walk away and never come to that place or attempt to crack that bottle, because someone scream in pain because of shards in their ass must be a high point of life if i've ever seen one.
No. 42743 ID: 39fdfa

It's in reference to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YamAsbzPKA
No. 42744 ID: eeb7d9
I didn't knew it was butts day again.

I would be happier if i were him.

Hey, Deer, this got me thinking: What is Thron's sexual preference? We already have a lesbian couple, and a child too young to have an idea, i think, but what about the big girl?
No. 42747 ID: 46f10a
I'm leaning panromantic/asexual

She doesn't have a particularly strong desire for relationships, sexual or otherwise, in any case

(This should really go in the disthread)
No. 42749 ID: eeb7d9
Yeah, sorry, i got carried way. Thanks for answering anyway!
No. 42793 ID: 5f9e6d
Thorne for most sexiest supporting character. Should do a bunch of edits of this pic, upping the lewdening as you go.
No. 42798 ID: 6d0565
Make Darwin proud as well and draw her with a cracked bottle if you wish to take up the process of fulfilling that request
No. 42799 ID: 6d0565
I mean loss of common sense in the "rush" is fun and all but stupidity still leads to punishment, and putting fragile objects in places where fragile objects really, really don't belong does fit that description
No. 42801 ID: 5f9e6d
Maybe this is just me; but that seems way out there. If you want that, sign up for her patreon. She offers a tier where you can request anything "no matter how kinky" and she'll draw it.
No. 42802 ID: 9aef52
Yeah im not drawing asshole gore no matter what, thanks
No. 42803 ID: 9aef52
File 155628418531.png - (441.16KB , 953x1000 , lesbisng.png )
Happy Lesbian Awareness Day! ♀❤♀
No. 42806 ID: a9af05
Who is gore and why are they an asshole?
No. 42946 ID: 186cba
I don't know. I feel like they were the president of Florida or something?
No. 42947 ID: ad51b8
No. 42992 ID: 3fbba5
File 155843612256.gif - (6.32MB , 1000x563 , turn.gif )
just fucking around tbh
No. 42993 ID: 3fbba5
File 155844853284.png - (941.04KB , 2481x2481 , honeypot.png )
Honeypot Ant
No. 42994 ID: 70be57
No. 42995 ID: 3fbba5
File 155847236960.jpg - (1.27MB , 2481x2481 , sketch.jpg )
No. 42996 ID: eeb7d9
Pretty bug lady.
No. 42998 ID: ad51b8
so have you been able to beat the god pantheon in HK?
No. 42999 ID: 9f17e3
nah lol im a fake gamer girl
No. 43000 ID: e20bdf
I couldn't even beat the radiance.
No. 43007 ID: 0fae41
She looks really cool! The translation of the honey butt is very original. Makes me wonder what they look like when they aren't storing food.
No. 43078 ID: a19416
File 155950506234.png - (1.72MB , 2857x2700 , deerlines.png )
older 3d model for school
No. 43127 ID: 94a718
File 156027358095.png - (637.38KB , 2430x2493 , mommy.png )
undead tit
No. 43128 ID: 94a718
File 156027361551.png - (361.19KB , 1000x1000 , slenpy.png )
No. 43129 ID: eeb7d9
Do you by any chance have a tatoo in your arm?
No. 43130 ID: cb6404

This is good~
No. 43131 ID: f3310b
[insert perverted comment]
No. 43132 ID: ad51b8
>undead tit
that's not a bird
No. 43145 ID: 72ea98
File 156046403688.jpg - (122.65KB , 800x533 , 800wm.jpg )
I have the constellation Lyra, which is also my name
No. 43146 ID: eeb7d9
That's so cool! I always liked the idea of having tattoos of constellations. It gives me this vibe of Elder Scrolls.
No. 43157 ID: 53753a
File 156070826420.png - (495.71KB , 1000x1000 , ganon.png )
No. 43158 ID: 791096
This is my response to that picture

No. 43160 ID: 53753a
File 156071127766.png - (336.46KB , 702x1000 , birb.png )
No. 43161 ID: 53753a
File 156071299917.png - (173.28KB , 1000x1000 , Untitled-3.png )
No. 43162 ID: 53753a
File 156071379828.png - (353.25KB , 1000x1000 , bitch of an earth.png )
No. 43163 ID: 2df440
~oh yes~


oh no


oh no
No. 43292 ID: 9fc02a
It's been almost a month since you uploaded, what happened? Hopefully nothing serious.
No. 43362 ID: bb186d
File 156348075705.png - (1.49MB , 2000x2000 , Deer.png )
Just crippling dysphoria and being overworked, thank you for your concern

Have a deer for your troubles
No. 43364 ID: bb186d
File 156348083021.png - (1.95MB , 2000x2000 , DeerCum.png )
No. 43366 ID: 56f59c
Deer butt
No. 43386 ID: d4cd6d
File 156384512225.png - (57.55KB , 1200x480 , Eye.png )
No. 43402 ID: eeb7d9
Uuuh~ that is a blond statement.
No. 43403 ID: d4cd6d
File 156389793370.png - (105.08KB , 500x500 , Eye.png )
No. 43429 ID: 8442ba
This is a good slogan for a trucker hat.

Also first time/long time, you're the coolest.
No. 43450 ID: a1ed0e
File 156462015913.png - (1.74MB , 1200x1200 , beajackie.png )
Bea and Jackie from Night in the Woods, inspired by Toxoglossa's recent artwork
No. 43506 ID: 769067
File 156508354279.png - (76.19KB , 450x827 , unknown.png )
she did it to all of us
No. 43966 ID: 4f4001
File 156952877076.png - (4.53MB , 4392x4936 , Moss.png )
No. 43967 ID: 4f4001
File 156953062770.png - (4.99MB , 4392x4936 , MossSnow.png )
No. 43968 ID: 4f4001
File 156953067761.png - (4.58MB , 4392x4936 , MossSpring.png )
No. 43969 ID: b1b4f3
No. 43970 ID: e6f10c
Very nice
No. 43975 ID: e7c7d3
Oh those are beautiful. I think snow is my favourite.
No. 43976 ID: eeb7d9
I like this one the most. Is like an embodiment of mother nature. Green and full of life. Mysterious, beautiful and deadly at the same time.
No. 43982 ID: 2776b6
File 156972210538.jpg - (4.04MB , 2500x2500 , AnubisComm.jpg )
Glad you like them! She'll probably show up in Mezzanine somewhere down the line
No. 44374 ID: 49ab02
File 157410609313.png - (1.21MB , 2068x2128 , it is.png )
Commissioned ref for a Kobold


No. 44375 ID: e7c7d3
I'm now obsessed with those boots. Footwear on digitigrade legs is always hard to make look good.
No. 44440 ID: 71e608
File 157498427480.png - (4.57MB , 5709x4961 , wolflink3.png )
No. 44441 ID: eeb7d9
Now who this big boy might be?
No. 44442 ID: 91ee5f
Wolf Link from Twilight Princess.
No. 44443 ID: cfc80f
No. 44448 ID: a708ba
File 157521010489.png - (4.86MB , 5709x4961 , wolflinkCum.png )
more lol
No. 44451 ID: eeb7d9
Now THAT is a really BIG boi.
No. 44462 ID: 8e1e16
File 157531492109.png - (4.42MB , 5709x4961 , wolflinkette.png )
girl, now. owned
No. 44463 ID: 8e1e16
File 157531494895.png - (2.22MB , 5600x1500 , Suuz.png )
No. 44464 ID: 8e1e16
File 157531497531.png - (2.60MB , 5600x1500 , LouiseUwU2.png )
No. 44734 ID: 89e622
File 158068791773.png - (670.79KB , 2000x1800 , bern.png )
Eth and Mezz are both voting for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Party Primaries - please join them if you can! It'd make them super happy!

(Eth is a staunch republican, but she's voting bernie to trigger her lib friends. Mezz wants free healthcare since her employer provides none. Vote!)
No. 44748 ID: e8c7fd
I doubt mezz's employer's healthcare would even be any good. Assuming it's the medieval era the best they could do is just pour some holy water and call it a day (unless it doesn't work that way in the quest, I sadly didn't read it yet)
No. 44752 ID: 64c222
its not exactly.... in an era?
No. 45310 ID: 1b1454
File 159008214921.jpg - (1.52MB , 1700x1381 , BirthdayColor02.jpg )
Happy birthday to Sportsdrink! Featuring Jenny and Vashti palling around
No. 45327 ID: 367619
File 159036728677.png - (263.57KB , 695x931 , unknown.png )
No. 45329 ID: e05ad0
Guess who's back, back again.
No. 45330 ID: e05ad0
Deer is back, with more hair.
No. 45335 ID: 367619
i dont trust myself to give me a haircut

updates soon!
No. 45336 ID: 367619
File 159041087621.png - (1.58MB , 1336x1764 , 046c93e1e0fbc949879db0ab042df066.png )
No. 45337 ID: d48ad1
Me neither! Also, good news!
No. 45340 ID: e7c7d3
That's a hawt Thorne

Not to be confused with a hawthorn
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