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File 126936715980.png - (1.90KB , 300x300 )
405 No. 405 ID: c05c83

Not me, of course. I expect people with more skills than I to draw whatever they feel like. Touchpad optional.

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No. 647 ID: b0dccb

Request: What would a paladin-rogue look like? She collects holy relics from dangerous locals and gets tougher holy warriors and battle-priests to evil they can smite. She uses lots of knives and a hand crossbow. The rest I'm interested in seeing from one of your imaginations!
No. 648 ID: d560d6
File 127512831681.gif - (17.16KB , 640x480 , i-hate-parasols.gif )

The last time I tried to draw an umbrella, it took about an hour to project the damn curves correctly.

So I could probably use the practice, true.
No. 649 ID: 0573d0

Steal ideas from /quest/ and post it as fanart. The kids love that shit.

Otherwise, make a separate request thread for yourself. That way everybody'll know you're taking requests, and I promise nobody'd accuse you of being egoistical or anything for making it.
No. 650 ID: 5a2e05

I would, but my opinion doesn't matter.
No. 651 ID: 0573d0

Well, except that guy. But nobody cares about his opinion.
No. 652 ID: 8bdb6a

Most of the threads on the front page of this board are from 2009. I think it's safe to say nobody's worried about pushing fresh content off the board.
No. 661 ID: d560d6
File 127523106996.gif - (24.47KB , 640x480 , the-bikini-was-a-bad-idea.gif )

Real life interfered and put a delay on this, so I'm afraid it's still a quick sketch even though it's not a real-time drawthread.

And I still hate umbrellas.

Enh. I'm not really good enough to hold up a thread by myself and, besides, the great thing about /tg/'s drawthreads is letting requests dispatch to people based on what they feel like tackling, and seeing the other drawfags at work---duplicates are a good thing.
No. 852 ID: d560d6
File 128097602151.png - (24.79KB , 330x480 , blank-white-sergal.png )

I strongly suggest that you get off his land.
No. 893 ID: 8d5850
File 128176414690.png - (26.99KB , 585x738 , Panny.png )

Pan wanted a picture and so here is her frolicking or something
No. 894 ID: c33cc8
File 128178650975.jpg - (57.63KB , 472x364 , dont need to be human to ROCK.jpg )

oh god how did this get here I am not good with yeah you know the drill.
No. 977 ID: db5ed6
File 12830477071.jpg - (64.66KB , 624x466 , 2007.jpg )

You know those drawings that you thought were like really good when you first drew them, and thought you couldn't possible top them, and then later on after drawing a bunch more you find it in a big pile of drawings and realize you have drawn better stuff than it? Idk, maybe only I do that. But this is one of those drawings.
No. 978 ID: db5ed6
File 128304783566.jpg - (1.96MB , 3296x2472 , 100_0851.jpg )

Then this one became the one I liked the best. (although his wings need to be better) But it was soon replaced by...
No. 980 ID: db5ed6
File 128304845699.jpg - (1.94MB , 3296x2472 , 100_0846.jpg )

This one. Although, I don't like his back feet.
No. 982 ID: db5ed6
File 128304877481.jpg - (1.87MB , 3296x2472 , Stego 3.jpg )

Here's another drawing. Not finished though.
No. 986 ID: f52552
File 128305980298.jpg - (32.86KB , 299x600 , 299px-Red_mantis.jpg )

Doctor Zoidberg dressed in Red Mantis Assassin armor, trying to pick up some Sawtooth sabers in a futile manner.
See, a friend was explaining how Fascination attack works (You wave a sword around in a hypnotic pattern and the target just stands there while you casually walk over and gut them) and he made a WOOB WOOB WOOB noise to add emphasis...

Pic is reference.
No. 987 ID: 7f8c79
File 128306004447.png - (94.91KB , 288x558 , Picture 87.png )

Picture is what I'm using currently, but he's basically got the trait "exo-skeleton". Free reign if anyone wants to draw him, just need a humanoid, noble, monstrous man with an exo-skeleton. Tzimisce from VTM.
No. 1077 ID: d677cc

:o I like the art style, though.

But yeah starting a quest without having any idea where it's going to go is not a good idea (unless this is the entire point of the quest, but I doubt that would have been the case here).
No. 1138 ID: 4a6c93
File 128465784226.jpg - (45.49KB , 800x600 , furry space gun.jpg )

spawned by IRC discussion about Space Furries with Guns.
No. 1180 ID: d5f0ed
File 128527309760.png - (76.71KB , 450x900 , 750.png )

/tg/chan related doodlan'.
No. 1181 ID: 5d5aec

oh my~
No. 1184 ID: d5f0ed
File 128528656565.png - (78.86KB , 900x900 , 1000.png )

Unrelated doodlan'.
No. 1185 ID: 5a2e05

Smugleaf > Derpig
No. 1186 ID: 27df22
File 128530712457.gif - (59.05KB , 504x360 , MITTENS.gif )

No. 1187 ID: c19a1d
File 12853685358.png - (82.24KB , 750x750 , Driblish.png )

Happy birthday!
No. 1188 ID: c71597
File 128536886487.gif - (1.38MB , 775x623 , Driblis birthday arts (not drawn by a 10 year old).gif )

Oh god what is this? I'm no good with paint. But happy birthday anyway.

By the way, it's a tilde at the end.
No. 1325 ID: 6550ad
File 12868390233.png - (390.34KB , 900x1080 , urr.png )

A crappy doodle. An idea for a quest I can't put into practice because my" art" isn't up to what I want to draw.
No. 1326 ID: 4531bc

No. 1327 ID: dc80ab

holy shit! if that is a crappy doodle then what the hell is a good try!?!?!
No. 1328 ID: 5a2e05

Stop the goddamn self-hating artist thing and start a goddamn quest. It'll work well enough for it, hell, you're already better than a few of the non-terrible authors.
No. 1329 ID: f13f54
File 128685527875.jpg - (206.48KB , 908x902 , penis.jpg )

No. 1334 ID: 6550ad


Ceci n'est pas un pénis.
No. 1335 ID: f49dcf

You tell em, Frenchy.
No. 1336 ID: f4963f

Cet une banane?
No. 1767 ID: 38e619
File 129118482883.png - (3.19KB , 300x300 )

I AM CONFUZED! NOW I HUNGER. So, I make Sandvich. It is made of delicious and ham. Also green thing.

View animation
No. 1772 ID: 9b6c31
File 129123825171.png - (86.29KB , 512x512 , so_fucking_bored.png )

I am bored.
No. 1773 ID: 9b6c31
File 129123986760.png - (49.30KB , 512x512 , huge_bitch.png )

No. 1790 ID: 3f093a
File 129136075185.jpg - (159.17KB , 1007x733 , Ritual.jpg )

No. 1804 ID: 7d596c

Any of you awesome drawfags up to a request? :)
No. 1831 ID: 3392ab

Post it and find out!
No. 1857 ID: 7d596c

A gnoll, standing tall and brave; one who is a warrior, a fighter. He walks with a group of adventurers, their leader sparing the life of the gnoll when he surrendered, and teaching him the ways of knighthood and, in a way, experimenting to see if one is born evil, or if one can be changed from evil.

He often wears platemail and uses a great sword. He's learned a love of elvish war poetry, since being taught to read the language. It's a language of beauty about war. he likes war. He feels alive in a battle.

Sorry if it's dumb. :)
No. 1869 ID: 79c4ad
File 129221098525.jpg - (57.68KB , 800x680 , Bearded lesbos!.jpg )

No. 1870 ID: 79c4ad
File 129221377373.jpg - (100.05KB , 800x680 , To the death!.jpg )

No. 1871 ID: 79c4ad
File 129221461037.jpg - (83.96KB , 800x680 , mobsters.jpg )

No. 1873 ID: 79c4ad
File 129221639035.jpg - (83.82KB , 800x1000 , oger.jpg )

No. 1875 ID: 79c4ad
File 129221752812.jpg - (38.80KB , 545x730 , Leotard!.jpg )

No. 1876 ID: 79c4ad
File 129222358096.jpg - (92.79KB , 800x1000 , Blackborn.jpg )

No. 1880 ID: 9804fb

Black Dragonborn = acidic cum.

Eat her out, get your face melted off.
Suck him off, get a messy tracheotomy.
No. 1882 ID: 383006

I don't think sexual fluids and breath weapons are the same thing. What, do you go to sleep when a brass dragon shoots a load in your mouth?
No. 1883 ID: 9804fb

Only if you swallow.
No. 1886 ID: 2563d4

I hate to break it to you, but I don't think you're going to get an empirically tested answer to that one.
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