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File 130276852341.png - (1.48MB , 2000x1904 , pilot.png )
3530 No. 3530 ID: a2fd21
I've been busy as all Hell lately, but now seems to be an appropriate time to finally get a new drawthread going.

Here's some stuff on which I have been working. I'm constantly battling that part of myself that says 'I can't be bothered going on with this one,' so it doesn't look good for this artwork.
Expand all images
No. 3533 ID: e76f3b
File 130279003886.png - (2.18MB , 2000x2000 , Freak.png )
One-hour speedpaint. I'm trying out a bunch of new techniques.

The problem with this one is that the fine details are, well, fine and sharp. The overall shape is far too undefined and blurry, as I'm sure you can see. On the other hand, it's beena while since I drew a normal person.
No. 3564 ID: 9e8bfe
File 130287715377.jpg - (948.57KB , 1953x1902 , Psychosis engine.jpg )
Whaddya think?

I just finished it.
No. 3567 ID: bca6be
Awesome as fuck.
No. 3570 ID: 816561
Of the three so far posted, I like the sketch one the most. It is clear what and where everything is.
You said it best yourself. It messes with my eyes a bit.
So, uhm... oh yeah, there is the visor! Waitaminute... no, on second thought, that thing is. Eh, I think. Hey, is that a direction cross from a console gamepad on the side of the, uh, thing?
The point with the above text is that I as the viewer don't immediately know where to find crucial information at a glance. Like, I want to find the eyes/eye area but I am not 100% sure what or where that area is.
The coloring is good however.
No. 3571 ID: 29fbe3
I seriously dig those highlights, I'll let you know that much. Not all that into 40K stuff though, if that's what this is. Still awesome, though.
No. 3572 ID: 47f585
It's not from 40k, but from my own imagination.

It's a reasonably exotic-looking helmet design, so I know what you mean. It does look like a gamepad, doesn't it? CAN'T UNSEE!
No. 3581 ID: c17d7a
Hell yeah, OVERLORD is back!
those highlights get better and better. Nice to see something so well-polished in here.
No. 3631 ID: 26bcc5
Hey !
What about the stupid sexy banshees ?
No. 3633 ID: 3642c9
There'll be more well-polished stuff here, so don't worry.

No. 3634 ID: 26e3a0
I think he means that he wants you to draw EVEN MOAR stupid sexy banshee booty
No. 3635 ID: 829bb3
Oh. Well, maybe. It's immensely difficult for me, you see. In the time it takes me to create a decent, female figure, I could have almost finished something like >>3564
No. 3636 ID: 26bcc5
There is never enought stupid sexy banshees booty !
Really ? That's not obvious in Caught in the Chaos ^^
No. 3637 ID: 69d1f5
Yeah, but that's semi-rushed, so the Banshee looks different every single time she appears. Ugh, I really need to practice more.
No. 3641 ID: 6046a6
File 130303483947.png - (151.78KB , 380x707 , Capture.png )
Not Banshee, but Scorpion this time. I have no idea how it'll turn out. Right now it's just a preliminary sketch.

Give me suggestions on pose and stuff while I go research what Striking Scorpion armour actually looks like.
No. 3644 ID: 26e3a0
aspect warriors have fancy makeup. Those of scorpions mimic antennas and mandibles, but look like their usual runes. Otherwise, dunno, the pose is cool, a sword in one hand would be enough. Dreadlocks/antennas topknot?
No. 3658 ID: 1854db
You know, in a drawthread I expect pictures, and not a dream diary.
No. 3685 ID: 4fad3c
File 130345716554.png - (1.61MB , 1572x2142 , skeletard.png )

Pfft. To Hell with you. It's the first one I can remember having in over a year, at least.

Since you made your expectations clear, here is some art. I think it's rubbish below the skull.
No. 3688 ID: 56eb1f
I love those textures, but it looks kinda flat. That's a problem I always have to face when it comes to more serious works.
No. 3705 ID: aea45a
File 130352261681.png - (213.07KB , 701x697 , Lazing About.png )
I completely agree. I often have trouble adding depth to an image without unbalancing it.

Also, here is a preliminary sketch of things to come. I'm quite fond of it so far.
No. 3723 ID: db21a5
File 130356210989.png - (297.77KB , 1024x768 , Marinefistfinal.png )
Overlord and Technomancer Collab effort 2.0?

Grey Knights or chapter of your choice vs Sergals

Hows that sound? :) I love you two.
No. 3724 ID: b0818b

I'm cool with it, yes.

Man, that picture rocks. There's something about that depiction of crushing brutality that just looks so convincing. I think it's the face of the sergal.
No. 3725 ID: db21a5

A friend of mine made it , he usually posts with "The Laughing God" On /tg/.
No. 3727 ID: b0818b
Can't say I'm familiar with him. Nonetheless, I'm impressed.
No. 3728 ID: db21a5

Cant wait to see you do the landscape battle, will you be collaborating again with Technomancer? :D
No. 3729 ID: 56eb1f
Nope, I don't find sergals or sergalfag irritating enough to spend time doing something I already did.
No. 3731 ID: b0818b
Hey Emperor/Technomancer, what about standard, run-of-the-mill furries? I have an intense loathing for their kind.
No. 3733 ID: 56eb1f
Not much. I don't enjoy drawing furfags, or other things that repel me. One time was funny, with a bit of gore, but now, not anymore. That's why I never took the time to draw Chemrat getting murdered myself, and instead requested it.
No. 3734 ID: db21a5

In the words of the great Dimmu : "We'll do away with your kind."

Sergals, Furries, Does it matter? I understand Technomancers point of view :), I could help coloring if you do the lineart Overlord. Altho you are better at it than me D:
No. 3736 ID: b0818b
Who's Dimmu?

It's okay. I will do it myself. I need to practice my gore.
No. 3737 ID: db21a5


"We'll do away with your kind"

Just a random line... T-T
No. 3739 ID: 56eb1f
Oh come on, I know that they are huge pretentious sell-offs but their last album was a major kick in the ass that felt even more martial, majestic and epic than Samael's best works. they finally put some brain back into the music and the lyrics. Don't ignore them.

Haters gonna hate anyway. Their concert was awesome. Headbang'd till collapsing.
No. 3740 ID: b0818b
File 130356608328.jpg - (8.86KB , 400x300 , thumbnail_3112.jpg )

Oh, them. I liked them for a little while, but they're a little bit... Eh. How do I put this? Too digital.
No. 3742 ID: db21a5

No. 3743 ID: 56eb1f
Not TRVE KVLT enough?

YAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHhhhhhllll... urkhs!

Also, requestan:
Gorgoroth, with grotz.
No. 3746 ID: b0818b

No way! I bet Euronymous would have been totally reluctant to give Dimmu Borgir bits of Dead's skull! Honestly!

One day, I want to be just like Euronymous; sitting in my underpants, wearing corpsepaint, and playing awesome guitars! I don't want to be stabbed in the face though.
No. 3749 ID: 56eb1f
But he slipped on the pool of Jack Daniel's he just vomited, fell onto his bottle and THAT killed him! How can you accuse Varg of doing such dirty things?

Also, my spiritual liege is Nergal, except that one day I will be HIS spiritual liege.
No. 3750 ID: db21a5

So whats up next on your draw que?
No. 3751 ID: b0818b

Yeah, everything Grishnackh did was in self defence, like chasing him down the hall, stabbing him in the shoulder. Same with all the explosives he had. No way did he intend to demolish Nidaros Cathedral. It was to defend Norway!

Speaking of Norway, I just noticed it's officially Easter Sunday, so I'm going to help myself to some chocolate. Might try out this GORGOROTZ thing.
Did you mean the Awesome Infernus Gorgoroth, or the shit one with Gaahl?
No. 3752 ID: 56eb1f
I'd say the good ol' one, but a Ghaal one would be funny as hell:
"Wut doz Blakk Metal means fer you?
Gork an' Mork!
Shoor, but wot else?
No. 3753 ID: db21a5
File 130356871304.jpg - (47.28KB , 540x720 , DSC09927.jpg )
I have no idea what you two are talking about but it sounds cool :D
No. 3754 ID: b0818b

It certainly does. Listen for yourself:

No. 3757 ID: db21a5

Okay my turn!

Play along with me, I'll try to emulate the mood in my living room atm.

Grab a glass of gin whiskey or whatever your drink of choice is.

I has pepsi twist atm :(

sit down, relax, and open up




aaand then


I already know Gorgoroth and Burzum, thought you guys were talking about a D&D session with all those cool names and stuff :3
No. 3759 ID: 56eb1f
That's because Black Metal is nothing but dark-medfan roleplay.
No. 3760 ID: db21a5

How so?


DOH! I failed the last link :(

No. 3761 ID: 3d24e8

I got a 404 on that last one. The other two more-or-less sum up what it's like here at the moment. Actually, the rain stopped an hour or two ago.
No. 3762 ID: db21a5

Just linked the good version above, what are you working on now? ;3
No. 3763 ID: 3d24e8
File 130356995274.png - (78.93KB , 306x522 , weird.png )
Okay, it's working fine now.

I'm working this. (See image)
No. 3764 ID: db21a5

A gawblin!
No. 3766 ID: 3d24e8

A Grot!
No. 3767 ID: 56eb1f
The day after he killed Euronymous, Varg allegedly showed up in his recording studio, high on booze and PEELZ, cosplaying as a viking and yelling stuff like "I HATH SLAIN A TREACHEROUS FOE THAT ENGAGED IN A SHAMEFUL DISPLAY OF COWARDICE! BLEEEEUUUUARGH!"

But that's just a legend.
No. 3768 ID: 56eb1f
that's... bootiful... Looks like me!
No. 3769 ID: db21a5

That sounds creepy!
No. 3770 ID: 56eb1f
That sounds manly and epic!
No. 3771 ID: 3d24e8

Varg Vikernes is a viking. Everyone knows that. He's the son of Baldur. Trufax.

Really? Then I'll have to include a grot version of myself there somewhere, just for shits and giggles.
No. 3773 ID: 3d24e8
File 130357112015.png - (210.15KB , 753x397 , weird.png )
Funny thing is, it's not going to get much more colourful than this.
No. 3774 ID: 56eb1f
hilarious. cheers, man, you draw gobs fine.
No. 3775 ID: 3d24e8

Oh, it isn't done yet. I'm just refining it.
No. 3776 ID: 3d24e8
File 130357228686.jpg - (416.05KB , 1280x1024 , Gorgorgrot.jpg )
All done. I'm rather pleased with the result.
No. 3777 ID: 56eb1f
so am I. That would be perfectly convenient for a comics or some serious work.
No. 3778 ID: 3d24e8
I personally would be interested in hearing some of their material.
No. 3779 ID: 56eb1f
I think it would be quite close to Gorgoroth's. BM shrieks must be the natural voice tone of grots. As for the complexity of the music writing, it would also be just within reach of a grot's abilities. Same for the quality of the hardware.
No. 3780 ID: 3d24e8
File 130357307821.png - (402.93KB , 822x825 , Lazing About.png )

I'm thinking Gorgoroth's really old stuff. I can imagine a Grot being behind Hat's shrill shrieking. Maybe something like 'Gathering At Blakulla'.

Also, an update on >>3705

Final lineart is almost done. Then I can discard the sketch and start colouring. These are only screen caps. The actual image is 2000x2000 px.
No. 3781 ID: db21a5

Lookin gooood!
No. 3782 ID: 3d24e8
Thanks. Applying colour in the first stages at the moment.
No. 3783 ID: db21a5

What do you have qued after this? ;3
No. 3784 ID: 3d24e8
I'd say your furry-hunting crusade picture. I might go Silver Skulls again, since I like them so much. Funny to note that I have never drawn a furry that wasn't being murdered in some way.
No. 3785 ID: db21a5

TBH we should craft our own chapter.

Im dissapointed of the current /tg/ homebrewed ones

Emperors children :/

Rising Sons (weaboo faggots with power katanas)
No. 3786 ID: 3d24e8

Emperor's Children are an actual chapter, though. Well, Chaos Legion actually.
No. 3787 ID: db21a5
Emperors Nightmare!

shoot, sorry im stoopehd
No. 3788 ID: 3d24e8

Oh! That makes more sense.
No. 3789 ID: 56eb1f
File 130357747584.jpg - (66.72KB , 525x600 , 525px-Technomancer_emperorsnightmare.jpg )
I disagree.

Their chapter master is Randolph Carter in a Dreadnought, goddamn!
No. 3791 ID: db21a5

I love the artwork you did for them, but the fluff seems too farfetched :(

Reminds me of inception.
No. 3792 ID: 3d24e8
Oh, I like it. Particularly the helm and pauldron.
No. 3793 ID: 56eb1f
compared to the actual inception marines, it's ver subtle. Compared to ANYTHING /tg/ ever did. The only thing that bugs me is the stealthy dreadnought.
No. 3799 ID: 3d24e8
File 130357958116.png - (324.35KB , 820x823 , Lazing About.png )
Since it's 3:25 in the morning, I guess I should go to bed. I'm not actually tired, but I'd feel worse if I didn't go to sleep at all.

Here is my shitty colouring job so far. It looks bad now, but the trick is to just have faith in my ability to make it work and keep going. It pays off sometimes.
No. 3800 ID: 56eb1f
nope, looks better than that emperor pic you did a while ago, for instance. Also, re-shade the background simultaneously, it helps finding a balance.
No. 3803 ID: db21a5
No. 3828 ID: 08e670
File 130363994550.jpg - (203.69KB , 768x1024 , Stupid Sexy Eldar.jpg )
Took a small break from the Emperor's Child to draw this. I thought it came out nicely. Still, there are a lot of things I need to improve.

Am I the only person here who doesn't have a Tau fetish?
No. 3829 ID: 4c8814
Now, I think that you can understand why, canon or not, dem hips are always required. Saying this because water caste taus may be very thin, but eldars have very narrow hips.

Liking this one much. looks more consistent than previous ones.Scorpion again, huh?
No. 3832 ID: fc650f

Eldar, best dar
No. 3833 ID: 4c8814
Just noticed the flower motifs of panties, because I was distracted by dem tits.
not only male eldars are highly girly, then?
No. 3834 ID: 575d93
Now I'm just gonna... wohoo, say how 'bout some buggery?
No. 3838 ID: 11fa54

Dunno. I was going to go for runes or somethingon her underpants, but I know little about Eldar runes. Same with the glyph on her shoulder. Is that Scorpions? I just chucked the first one on there that I could think of.
No. 3839 ID: 11fa54

Isn't buggery traditionally designated to refer to two men copulating via the anus?
No. 3840 ID: 11fa54
File 130368642528.jpg - (53.26KB , 732x731 , Lazing about.jpg )
Also: Update. My favourite key is the Alt key, let me tell you.
No. 3856 ID: 227189
File 130373567425.jpg - (178.42KB , 491x1024 , Take a fucking guess.jpg )
Took a small break from drawing Emperor's Child (almost finished) and did this. Came out pretty well, I think.
No. 3862 ID: 8e85db


Where mah dead sergals at?
No. 3868 ID: f82030
Won't be done until I've completed:

a) My Emperor's Child. Not long now.
b) At least another half hour of Ace of Spades.
No. 3870 ID: aad509
File 130381051790.jpg - (1.10MB , 2085x2085 , Lazing About 2.jpg )
Finally done. Postan it here first for you guys to see. You can also finally view it in its trve resolution of 2000x2000.
No. 3872 ID: 344f2a
File 130381767361.jpg - (181.53KB , 768x1024 , Stupid Sexy Daemon.jpg )
Also, tits.

Moving onto Furfag Massacre.
No. 3873 ID: e0c3cd
Dat stonerface.
No. 3875 ID: 762f86
No. 3877 ID: e3695b




First you blast me away with pure awesome, then you boil my brain into fantasy with stupid sexy daemons.

All thats left is the massacre.

Question is, will it give me an internet orgasm? :D
No. 3878 ID: 22ccf7
File 130385866819.jpg - (273.33KB , 1245x685 , FurMassacre.jpg )
Here's the WIP.
No. 3879 ID: e3695b

No. 3880 ID: 762f86
wow, the bolt just went through it without exploding?
soft and squishy. AINT NO PROPA ORKY SKULLZ
No. 3881 ID: e3695b

I think that IS the explosion.
No. 3887 ID: d78528
File 130386803360.jpg - (260.20KB , 1245x685 , FurMassacre.jpg )

Yes, that is correct.
No. 3888 ID: e3695b

This is better than I bargained for, except I was imagining a more wider perspective of the battlefield.

No. 3893 ID: d78528

Yeah, I have trouble with those. Also, the middle scumfag is not s Sergal, because I suffered brain trauma trying to draw one of their sharky heads at that angle.
No. 3895 ID: c79d29
File 130390015168.jpg - (491.00KB , 1280x1024 , 1303564716898.jpg )

Doesn't matter. They must die. >:)
No. 3896 ID: 08643a
File 130390309599.jpg - (111.10KB , 800x498 , lolforce.jpg )
I lol'd!
No. 3897 ID: 911e41
You're fighting the good fight. Rock on, drawfags.
No. 3898 ID: 2ff99a
File 130392549549.jpg - (252.24KB , 1245x685 , FurMassacre.jpg )

Also, update. Progress has been slow on account of me playing lots of Ace Of Spades.

Feel like drawing more porn, just for practice, but I'm just going to bed instead. It's too late.
No. 3911 ID: 839202
File 130395299841.jpg - (515.88KB , 1284x724 , FurMassacre.jpg )
Okay, done. It took longer than intended, but the end result is pleasing enough.
No. 3922 ID: a83966
File 130397438276.jpg - (350.61KB , 1024x1280 , Euronymous.jpg )
Forty minute speed painting of my spiritual liege, Euronymous.
No. 3924 ID: e9c103
Tossing up between songwriting and drawing right now. If anyone's got some simplistic requests, let me hear them.
No. 3925 ID: 762f86
File 130398154898.jpg - (133.89KB , 299x523 , Silicone_life_1.jpg )
A Silicon-Life maid. With a silly hat.
No. 3926 ID: 762f86
Oh, or also: Shas'O Nii'Chan
because tauaboo
No. 3928 ID: e9c103

What's Shas'O Nii'Chan?

Google heralds no results.
No. 3929 ID: 762f86
that's just a lame pun, with "Onii-chan" as in all those moeshit shows, just thought using a new weeaboo reference with the tau could be fun.
No. 3930 ID: 4ea119
Chaos Space Wolf cannibalizing someone. Maybe Mark of Khorne scar tattoo on the forehead or something. It can be as complicated or as simple as you want.
No. 3935 ID: 762f86
Oh, uh, maybe a wraithlord that looks like GLaDOS? We've already got The Lady as SHODAN, but anyway...
No. 3936 ID: e9c103

Lols, never played Portal before. Nah, I was thinking something to practice female anatomy. Man am's easy. Womens am's real trickies.

Maybe like some Tau or something. Really, I'm just chucking ideas around. I also want to do more shitty fanarts of Dead and Count Grishnackh.
No. 3937 ID: 762f86
then this: >>3767

tau girl with tricky pose?

also, I don't play vidya games, I just find the character funny.
No. 3938 ID: e9c103

Haigure, eh? Sure.

What's funny about >>3767
is this (from the official Burzum page):

>'...I was arrested for slaying Euronymous these fights were described as "nocturnal Satanic rituals"'

I've gone trough most of his prison journals. He actually seems like a pretty relatable guy in some respects.
No. 3939 ID: 762f86
precisely, he's kind of a pretty cool guy, that's why I thought it'd be funny.

but I'm nitpicking
No. 3941 ID: e9c103
File 130400519946.png - (7.28KB , 366x411 , VoxelHelm.png )

Oh man, now I read everything you write with an over-the-top French accent. I can't help it.

But yeah, he seems like the kind of guy with whom you could enjoy a glass of Mountain Dew over a D&D game. Also bitch about how real life is too mundane/no magic.

Also, this. Since Game Modding is a long-time hobby of mine, I couldn't resist the opportunity to play around with Ace Of Spades.

Check out my radical helmet.
No. 3942 ID: 762f86

Listening to the last Septicflesh right now.

I can't begin to describe how awesome (I mean, literally) it is. And Spiros is my new Spiritual Liege. And I recently found out that he's got the same mustache as I. And I'd even go as far as to say that this album is as excellent as Behemoth's Evangelion, even though I haven't finished it yet.

Just wanted to share my impressions and to recommend something that I'd like you to take inspiration from.
No. 3943 ID: 762f86

Listening to the last Septicflesh right now on deezer.

I can't begin to describe how awesome (I mean, literally) it is. And Spiros is my new Spiritual Liege. And I recently found out that he's got the same mustache as I. And I'd even go as far as to say that this album is as excellent as Behemoth's Evangelion, even though I haven't finished it yet.

Just wanted to share my impressions and to recommend something that I'd like you to take inspiration from.
No. 3944 ID: e9c103
No worries. I'll be sure to down- er, I mean, 'buy' that ablum.

Never heard Evangelion. Just Demigod (one of the three albums I ever paid for - first Death Metal I'd ever heard) and Apostasy, which is better in my opinion.

Oh, if you didn't already hear the new Debauchery album, it's not bad. Most songs are pretty standard 'skip them as they come,' but 'Zombie Blitzkrieg' and 'School Shooter' stood out for me.

I'm going to bed now, because I had a really uncomfortable awakening this morning (technically yesterday). Nunnight.
No. 3945 ID: 762f86
The Apostasy is an entirely different schtick. Sounds more primitive, more raw (but also more flat). Evangelion is closer to Demigod, but more majestic. Its sound is one of the most massive and powerful I've ever heard, while quite subtle and not as messy as Demigod's. And the oriental influences are more present than ever. It simply makes you feel like dancing, which is quite rare with death metal.
It's really worth a try, even though you might find it too close to their previous releases. I'd say it's just a perfect balance between what they have done so far. The last track even feels a bit like stuff from Pandemonic Incantations.
No. 3947 ID: bc0540
File 130404641930.jpg - (213.67KB , 627x840 , Stormy.jpg )
Listened to Septicflesh's latest album. I like it. I enjoy the inclusion of warlike drums, and general atmosphere.

Also, 40m (approx) speedpaint. I've barely done any stormtroopers in probably almost a decade.
No. 3948 ID: 3416ec

I like this a lot. You shade quite well.
No. 3949 ID: 896e96
File 130406419843.jpg - (208.54KB , 620x992 , WobotWady.jpg )

Many thanks, Brotassium nitrate.

Also just did this. Took about two hours. I can has critique plz?
No. 3950 ID: 7665ec
No. 3951 ID: 762f86
are you a wizard? also, you're getting better and better at metal reflections
That white looks cool and natural. I approve.
No. 3952 ID: 762f86
However, to make it look more like chromium, more contrast is necessary.

the cranium doesn't looks wide enough, too.

apart from this, can't tell.
No. 3953 ID: b93eaf
File 130407065160.jpg - (328.98KB , 768x1024 , Grieven-tan.jpg )

Cheers. Heh, no this one isn't supposed to be chrome, rather just metallic silver.

Is there something wrong with them? I was going for a less-extreme physiqe. Still decent enough, but not like >>3872

Also, I have something for you, Technomancer. It's kinda shitty, but...
No. 3954 ID: 762f86
this ams nots dildos.
No. 3956 ID: 6b2b68
Okay, why are space marines killing sergals? Sergals are not furries.
No. 3957 ID: 2563d4
>Sergals are not furries.
Oh boy. We've not only got the EXTERMINATUS THE FURFAG dumb leaking over from 4chan, we've got the rampant denial as well.
No. 3958 ID: 8e18cd

Let's sanitize both of them
No. 3960 ID: 31f7cf

(though by definition they are not, furries are anthropomorphic animals which sergals are not)
No. 3961 ID: 2563d4
You keep telling yourself that while you shamefap to them, then.
No. 3962 ID: 31f7cf
>implying I shamefap
>implying I find sergals sexually attractive
No. 3963 ID: 43d730
Drawfriend, can I get a serpentish creature with a bunch of tiny human arms arrayed randomly around the middle section, and with a bat's head? No eyes, and bleeding gums instead of teeth.

It's a magical experiment masquerading as a demon in a game I'm running.
No. 3964 ID: 1854db
Sergals have animal-like characteristics. They're furries.
No. 3965 ID: 31f7cf
By that definition so are humans, or if you wrongly define animal characteristics as non-human Characteristics every single sapient race that is not human, especially your precious Tau.
No. 3971 ID: 2563d4
Oh hey, he's figured out that Tau are furry. Progress!

oh murr dem hooves
No. 3972 ID: 485b9c

Actually, I could dispute that. Tau to me are aliens. Furries are animals with human characteristics, Tau are just Tau, that's how they appear. That could be said about Sergals too, I guess.

Also, Sergals do appear in the furry wiki, just to point that out.
No. 3973 ID: 6b2b68
>Tau to me are aliens
Aliens meaning extraterrestrials? Sergals are a race of sapient beings living on the world of Vilous and were created by an unknown race capable of terraforming, they're one of only a few instances of a low-tech extraterrestrial races in fiction.

>Furries are animals with human characteristics
"Furries" is a subjective term. You can define it however you like but I highly doubt you will stand by this definition if I start throwing out examples like The Lion King or Aesop's Fables, which are both closer to your definition of furry than Star Fox.

Trying to give "furry" a definition is entirely pointless. It's too widespread and yet without real definition, and the most common one is "anthropomorphic animals" when "therianthropic people" is closer to what most think of when they think of "furry."

Still, on either point, sergals are not based on any animal on earth, so they are neither anthropomorphic animals nor therianthropic humans. They have vaguely shark-like faces, fur akin to some mammals, bipedal structure that resembles a human with a dash of Dinosaur thrown in, four-fingered hands and feet that can be described as monkey-like and almost feline tails. They're true chimeras, you can't accurately describe them without naming a lot of different creatures and really, that's just to get a good description, they don't literally have anything like the head of a shark.

The furry wiki is a wiki, anyone can edit it and include anything they want. If you want to suddenly change your definition of furry to whatever the so-called "Fur fandom" likes, then the entire internet culture is furry. If you want to restrict it to what is popular in the fur fandom, then most nintendo games, MMORPG's, cartoons, and role-playing games or even tabletop wargames are furry.

There is no way to argue a definition of the term "Furry" that includes sergals but also does not include many other things that you would not consider furry, therefore even as a subjective term, I can safely say that sergals are not furry by any definition you can come up with, Overlord.

Any questions?
No. 3974 ID: 43d730
Why aren't these last few posts in the Big Dumb Arguments Thread?
No. 3977 ID: 66a4bb

Just one:

Can you shut the fuck up?

But seriously, let's take this over to the BDA thread. This isn't the place.
No. 3978 ID: 66a4bb
File 130416239493.jpg - (223.64KB , 768x1024 , durp.jpg )

Here's that monster. This is only a WIP. How's it look?
No. 3979 ID: 3da238

Thank you for yet another awesome drawing Overlord <3 I love it.

Furries must die.
No. 3981 ID: 6b2b68
>can you shut the fuck up?
Nope. This ain't no hugbox, if you don't like it here you have two options: deal with it or leave.

Since you seem to have no intent on leaving I suggest you deal with it.

I do agree on taking this to the BDA thread however.
No. 3982 ID: f5b19d
Chill out, bromermang. I had to say that since you asked for questions at the end...
No. 3983 ID: bf1e7e
>They're true chimeras, you can't accurately describe them without naming a lot of different creatures and really, that's just to get a good description,

So, what you're saying is that they're kind of like bipedal sparkledogs.
No. 3985 ID: f520ea
File 130416891066.jpg - (255.42KB , 768x1024 , MONSTURD.jpg )
Here, it's finished. This is for >>3963 by the way, you know, if you forgot who you are...
No. 3992 ID: a659dd

No, newfag, a bipedal sparkledog would be a neon-colored anthro dog with belts, zippers, piercings and bracelets everywhere. Do you even know what a sparkledog is? Lurk moar.
No. 3993 ID: 43d730


This is awesome, but I was thinking smaller arms and more random placement. Its characterisation was basically realising that going 'KIIIIIILLLLLLLL MEEEEEEE' sucked, so it went along with a cult leader's plans, got addicted to demon cocaine that keeps it from feeling the pain of existence, and works as a high-level hench.
It's got a voice like honey, and spits acid blood at things.
No. 3994 ID: 762f86
Yeah, but that looks kinda like some sort of Naga/hindu divinity.
No. 3995 ID: 467bf4
Yeah, I remembered you saying about random arms, but I couldn't do that. Was too hard.
No. 3996 ID: 6169fb
File 130422238677.png - (241.47KB , 750x781 , Capture.png )
Doing a Space Wolf artwork nao. Never done Space Wolves before, so I'll need a few references. Also managed to do a more dynamic pose this time.

Also, this art was inspired by the song 'Rolandskvadet' by Glittertind.
No. 3998 ID: 6d014e
I thought you said you hated furries, and here you are drawing fanart of them.

Sheesh, make up your mind.
No. 3999 ID: 37a634
There is a MASSIVE difference between Space Wolves and Furfaggot scum.

Besides of which, I'm only really interested in the Viking aspect of Space Wolves anyway. It's that "We am's Sharptoofbattlewerwolfz of the night" that turns me away a bit.
No. 4000 ID: 6b2b68
File 130422784633.png - (275.31KB , 487x627 , space furry.png )

This is an official GW mini, by the way, unaltered.
No. 4001 ID: 37a634

Okay okay, so that does look like an armoured fursuit. Still, mine doesn't have that, does it? If it weren't for the colours (which you haven't seen yet), it would be indistinquishable from, say, a Blood Angel.
No. 4002 ID: 7665ec
But furries sexualize the shit out of their chosen animal and prey.

Nice trips.
No. 4003 ID: 6b2b68
I think that's even more evidence the space wolves are furries, given their fluff. Also they have that thing where some of them turn into furries.

And yet the furry space marines are pretty much the best space marines out there in the tabletop, so apparently furries > humans according to warhammer 40k.
No. 4004 ID: 8f7ec0
[ ] Told
[ ] Not Told
[X] Toldius Toldum, Captain of the Told company of the Space Tolds aboard the Litany of Told Told.
No. 4005 ID: 8c0848
>There is a MASSIVE difference between Space Wolves and Space Wolves.

How can that be? They are the same thing.
No. 4006 ID: 6b2b68
Guys, I'm pretty sure that since Space Wolves are undoubtedly furry that means the entire setting is furry, because furries are in it and can enjoy it as good guys that are not purged and get along just fine with all other space marines except Dark Angels, who are closet gay. No really, look up "Lionel Johnson" and his poem "Dark Angel" which they are all based on.

Oh yeah, and the space furries are the single best faction of the mary-sue space marines, so that's pretty faggoty too. Actually, the imperial guardsmen across the entire imperium use tanks named after Leman Russ, the leader of the space furries and thus the most furry of all, therefore all of the imperial guard tanks are furry too, so warhammer 40k is quite literally filled with furry shit.
No. 4007 ID: a659dd
Don't forget that tau are anthropomorphic space grazing plains animals uplifted by the elfdar. That one is important. Wanting to fuck one is not only heresy, but bestiality.
No. 4008 ID: 1eb6c2
File 130423001449.jpg - (496.72KB , 1024x824 , yiffyiffyiff.jpg )

No. 4009 ID: 43d730
I think with all the tizzy about furry that we should try to furry say furry as many furry times as furry possible furry in a furry furry furry furry furry furry yiffs.
Big dumb arguments thread.
No. 4010 ID: 444e26
File 130423257409.png - (233.75KB , 609x658 , Capture.png )
Look, you made me change it!
No. 4011 ID: 28f75b
I wish I were sarcastic, but this is actually better drawn than most furry porn.
No. 4012 ID: 8e18cd

It's funny because a bunch of children from 4chan is offended by the word furry.
No. 4016 ID: 15b51b
File 130423706212.jpg - (125.88KB , 600x600 , great_success_sergal.jpg )
>Look, you made me change it!
No. 4017 ID: 7665ec
File 130423800844.jpg - (32.48KB , 431x441 , Thundercats.jpg )
I completly agree with all of you!

Also, anyone who watched this show as a prepubescent kid did so because they got sexually aroused by the human/feline hybrids, not because the show was badass.
No. 4019 ID: ab1044
File 130424695813.jpg - (196.79KB , 527x943 , Nevar enough.jpg )
Did this. Took about an hour.
No. 4026 ID: 762f86
Now that's better.

Loving that skin tone.
No. 4028 ID: 6b2b68
Blood Angels? Really? I didn't take you for a Twilight fan, Overlord.
No. 4029 ID: bf1e7e

At least it isn't sanguinus, the biggest mary-sue since that one inquisitor from rogue trader.

The blood angels basically worship the Edward Cullen of Warhammer 40k.
No. 4030 ID: 762f86
Now, Corax looks like Conan, so the BA don't even have a backup.
No. 4031 ID: 6b2b68
Let's not get started on him.

Corax, aka "The Raven," captain of the Raven Guard, disappeared into the warp and his last recorded words were "Never more."

Y'see what they did there?
No. 4032 ID: 8e18cd

Corax? The OH SO SUBTLE reference to Edgar Allan Poe.
No. 4033 ID: 762f86
Precisely, but the new book about the Raven Guard has him on the cover, looking damn like Conan.
No. 4037 ID: 6b2b68
File 130428356533.png - (69.38KB , 800x450 , shark tits.png )
obviously you haven't seen a lot of furry porn.
No. 4039 ID: 1854db
Her hips go up too far into her abdomen.
No. 4040 ID: 762f86
Thought about this as well, but wasn't sure, since your drew other ones that seemed more anatomically believable.

But heck, she's an eldar, her hips should be narrower than an average human male's. Also, I like them that way.
No. 4043 ID: 360b06
Why'd you post the small one?

And please don't feed the trolls.
No. 4051 ID: b1f64d

It's pre-heresy Thousand Sons, you fucking cro-mag.

I think there are problems as well. I think a lot of issues arise from her having an arm across the midsection. It kind of obscures visibility, and makes it hard to decide if something's right.

What would've been smarter would have been to drawn the torso, get it right, and then do the arm.
Doesn't matter, though really. Shitscribblez.
No. 4052 ID: 31f7cf
What's that? I can't hear you over how much you love Edward and wish you were Bella.
No. 4053 ID: 4110a3
You can't really blame a man for liking some lesbian action
No. 4054 ID: 870497

That was pretty good.
No. 4055 ID: 987ea2
File 130433884895.png - (452.26KB , 732x837 , Capture.png )
Added some rudimentary shadows and highlights, but I'm not sure about this one anymore. I'm not feeling it.
No. 4056 ID: 762f86
the shadows look neat, but the pose is weird: the pauldrons are too vertical and the arms too close to the body. makes it look flat and not naturally dynamic enough. But that's always the problem with meticulous colouring, you lose the raw vitality of a sketch.
If I were you, I'd start a new one. Maybe with a more intuitive and quick coloring/shading.
No. 4058 ID: 987ea2

Yeah, I'm with you on that. Most of my best works are done in one go, or if that's for some reason not possible, continued at the very next opportunity.

Leave it too long and I lose the original inspiration, energy, and general drive to finish the piece.
No. 4059 ID: 762f86
File 130434179135.jpg - (31.61KB , 401x480 , klink.jpg )
Suggestion: Colonel Klink as a krieger commissar
No. 4060 ID: 987ea2
File 130434238965.png - (300.26KB , 712x621 , Capture.png )
Lols, no I'm already onto something. I should gtfo to bed soon though, since I've a jam-packed day tomorrow.

I just wanted to draw something quick, but inspired, so I went with what was most prevalent in my mind at the time:

Props if you can guess who it is. It's not done yet.
No. 4061 ID: 987ea2
File 130434434103.png - (740.39KB , 1280x1024 , Arckanum.png )

Okay, nobody guessed.

It's my other Spiritual Liege, Shamaatae.

What I find interesting is that, while only a sloppy 45-minute piece, this image bears much more character than many of my other artworks, because I did it in a state of inspiration.

If I could apply this same ability to everything else, I could produce far more dynamic artwork. After the initial inspired blocking and sketching, the uninspired rendering would not be a difficult task. Just time consuming.

By the time, that looks like a challenge for another day.
No. 4108 ID: 544dd4
Ever noticed that when redrawing, coloring, or refining a work one occasionally loses that certain dynamism more often than gain it? At least, that's something that's certainly happened to me.

Wondering if that is why I'm more likely to collect an artist's 'sketchy' work than the finished product of the same piece.
No. 4177 ID: 60ca9f
File 130469602848.jpg - (165.45KB , 768x1024 , Argonian.jpg )
I agree.

Also, another practice painting. As you can plainly see, I stopped giving half a shit on the armour. Main focus was the head anyway.
No. 4178 ID: 4c724e
The armor looks quite convincing, though.

The shading is believable and quite realistic compared to your earlier works, but the design in itself isn't really appealing. It's a practice drawing, anyway, so that's okay.
No. 4192 ID: b4f69d

I like it, even tho it looks more daedra than argonian, see Argonians rarely show a full set of teeth.
No. 4193 ID: 62beb2
File 130475964841.jpg - (181.00KB , 768x1024 , devil.jpg )
They're actually supposed to be his lips, but I see what you mean.

Also, another practice. One hour this time.
No. 4194 ID: 62beb2

Whoops, forgot the trip.
No. 4237 ID: b05bbe
Can I have some suggestions?

I want suggestions.

I can't think of what to draw.
No. 4238 ID: 9670c9
my request of some haigure-performing tau girl is still holding.

otherwise, a homonculus hierarch: think of a regular warlock/priest/king, with robes, fancy bling, cool hat and a staff, but entirely made of flesh. More precisely of several magically-bred squishy transluscent creatures grafted together. Weird body structure, but the general figure of a tall man. flowing membranes instead of fabric. maybe tentacles/pseudopods/extra limbs. also, sigils engraved/tattooed in his flesh, Wayne Barlowe-style.

Or maybe Nihei-inspired stuff? I have lots of ideas for this.
No. 4239 ID: 01e5a5
Sounds pretty cool. I'll try it. I haven't drawn translucent flesh before.
No. 4240 ID: 2fc57f
File 130494431682.jpg - (271.35KB , 1206x2000 , KingOvJellyBabies.jpg )
Dunno what you think, but this ended up happening. Eh, it's okay, but I ended up losing interest.
No. 4241 ID: 9670c9
well, cool textures. Nice use of the background colour.
No. 4285 ID: ec82fc
File 130527495348.jpg - (938.09KB , 2000x2000 , Khroneberserker.jpg )
Played around with this. Proportions are shameful.
No. 4286 ID: ee8298
File 130528424663.gif - (91.02KB , 300x300 , partyzerker.gif )
Cool shading job on the gold, but the proportions don't shock me. More the pose and the lack of background.
No. 4287 ID: ee8298
Since you're good at drawing consistent-looking marines, how'bout this:

an ex-Black Templar khornate lord. If possible, kicking a Grey Knight's ass. Anyway, the idea is to exploit the whole honorable aspect of Khorne, and the hate of psykers he shares with BTs. His love of CC, too.

So, basically, khornate knight dude, big ass sword, archaic helmet and armor, chains, fire, tabard and whatnot. Maybe those >>4285 fancy helmet wings like on teutonic knights.
No. 4289 ID: db15db

Funny that when I opened it, the dancing was precisely in-sync with the song I'm listening to.

That sounds pretty fun, actually. Let me garner my accoutrements of art (tablet, tea and biscuits).
No. 4290 ID: db15db
File 130529369979.png - (130.03KB , 370x410 , helmet.png )
Here's a cap of the helmet, since there's not much to show elsewhere.

In other interesting news, I herd Games-Derpshop is looking for a new artist. I wonder who the lucky bugger will be.
No. 4292 ID: ee8298
most likely a generic vidya concept artist, seems fashionable.

I miss the time when they would hire comic book artists and actual illustrators like Ian Miller.
No. 4294 ID: 9d8b42
Can't say for sure. I don't really keep up with the current GW times. I want it to be another artist with a unique stlye, like:

Adrian Smith
Jes Goodwyn
Dave Gallagher
Wayne England
John Blanche

I try to aim for a combination of Gallagher and Smith. My style's kind of like the resulting frappé after you put the two of them in a blender along with a big pile of horse shit.
No. 4295 ID: ee8298
ah, I'd say that you chose the two worst if you want to build a recognizable style, theirs are quite less powerful and original than the others', so basing yourself off them would require more tricks to make your art stand out.

I prefer the other ones, and I try to find out where their inspiration stems from so as to understand them deeper. usually, it's either expressionist artists or pre-renaissance/nordic school. and that's cool as fuck. I can't find such comparisons with the artists you've mentioned.
No. 4297 ID: 9d8b42

Ah, I see. That's not inappropriate, though. My own art has little to no background. I'm self-taught, and have had little to no external input aside from the odd internet tutorial here and there. I just draw to the best of my abilites, hoping I'll get better with time.
Sometimes I just look at other artists and try to steer in their direction a little bit.

Also, starting again. I was dissatisfied with the overall composure of the last attempt.
No. 4300 ID: 995641
I was wondering if I could get this particular sketch/drawing. A large T-Rex weight-lifting, lying on a bench (possibly with a headband), sweating and wearing a muscle shirt, pumping his faggy little arms.
No. 4303 ID: 7d9844

Yes, I can do that.
No. 4304 ID: 7d9844
Almost done, but I can't be bothered staying up 'til 3AM again working on it. I'll post the whole thing when it's done, because it seems arbitrary posting a WIP at its current stage.
No. 4306 ID: 995641
Great! Thanks muchly!
No. 4308 ID: 9b3b32
"meow" ???
No. 4313 ID: 362377

I didn't write that. I actually wrote a small paragraph, explaining some WIP progress. I submit it, and all I see is 'Meow.'
No. 4314 ID: 0af47a
File 130542257580.jpg - (406.37KB , 1280x1024 , dino.jpg )
No. 4316 ID: 995641
>>No. 4314

I was put in mind of this idea watching
the "You are Umasou"
anime with a t-rex doing one armed push-ups :)
No. 4317 ID: 9b3b32

an old-fluff, mute C'tan-worshipping TRVE KVLT Necron, arguing with a ward-fluff, lolatheist Tomb-King-poser Nü-cron.
No. 4319 ID: 0af47a

Wait, he's mute, but arguing?

No. 4320 ID: 9b3b32
yeah, if the rumors are believable, they're tomb-kings wannabees (which could have been good, if they were something more than just this) who gave the c'tans the same treatment Wheatley gave to GLaDOS, and who all behave like 80s cartoon villains.

Basically, it's tauquest made canon, without the robotits, the suspense and the artistic license.
No. 4321 ID: 0af47a
That sounds immensely retarded.

So yeah, I'll do it. Means I'm going to have to put the templar on hold a bit again, though.

On that mention of GLaDOS, I'm going to play some Portal 2 first, though.
No. 4322 ID: 9b3b32
I can wait, man.
No. 4332 ID: e7d119
File 130545317360.jpg - (558.62KB , 1516x1024 , necons.jpg )
I know the little one's shit, but that's not important.
No. 4333 ID: 2b9776
File 130545727861.jpg - (2.08MB , 2000x3000 , ChaosTemplar.jpg )
Ah, not feeling it anymore. Sorry.
No. 4334 ID: 9b3b32
no problem, brah, very cool as it stands;
dem references;and also these textures!
No. 4335 ID: 342eb7
actually, there are very nice graphic ideas in those two, exactly what I needed to do my own versions. maybe.
No. 4351 ID: 52144e
I just applied my pen method to those two. A medium through which I haven't worked seriously in quite a while.
No. 4352 ID: 87f238
File 130553992665.png - (290.51KB , 757x772 , robo.png )
Current WIP. Coming out nicely so far.
No. 4381 ID: 780844
File 130576527811.jpg - (2.57KB , 61x60 , smasher.jpg )
Are you accepting requests at the moment? I like your art style, and I would like to have a character portrait for a Mutants and Masterminds game I'm going to be joining soonish.

> Male teenager, average build.
> Glasses, gray eyes, messy short hair.
> Wearing a hooded jacket with a black-white checker pattern and blue jeans.
> Has pic related hovering by him. If you care about scale, it would be nine inches tall, while the guy is six foot even.
No. 4384 ID: c19415
Yeah, I guess I am. I've been a bit carried away with Meinkraft lately, but I'm sure I'll get around to it.

Also, I can't figure out what that thing is.
No. 4385 ID: e8a4ed
The image I posted is basically a stylized six-sided die.
No. 4389 ID: 311ba5
Alright, I suppose I'll be starting this now, then.
No. 4395 ID: 91eb3f
File 130590548366.jpg - (268.35KB , 1024x1280 , bloke.jpg )

Here's a sketch so far. Looks like a sex offender. God I'm fucking tired.
No. 4396 ID: a06441
yeah, this time I'm really not convinced. It looks flat (except for his crotch, strangely enough), I'm not sure about the proportions and the pose is stiff an unnatural. Get some rest, man.
No. 4400 ID: 2aef94

Yeah, it's not good. The crotch looks prominent because I daven't erased the guidelines fully in that area, hah.

Going to try again in Painter 11.
No. 4414 ID: 2aef94
File 130597677215.png - (232.97KB , 477x803 , Capture.png )
Here's take two. Just a sketch at the minute.

Proportions are less fucking absurd and the pose is hopefully less retarded too.

I hope the dude who requested this is still around, because I'm putting more work than I care to into this.
No. 4415 ID: 2aef94
File 130597863484.png - (53.00KB , 28x28 , Com2e.png )
Just bought this Scheißkerl off Forge World. It's still going to be about five hundred fucking years 'til I actually see it though.

I haven't ever layed with a resin kit before, aside from the little bitz I got with the 40k basing kit.
No. 4416 ID: 7746b7
have fun with washing your minis, man. Protip: when washing them becomes more time-consuming, rage-inducing and potentially dangerous than painting them with lube residuals, you can stop washing them. Not before.
No. 4417 ID: 2aef94
File 130598540179.jpg - (248.19KB , 1192x1428 , 1294572886265.jpg )

Wait, what? I'm completely unfamiliar with resin model preparation. Or do you mean by using 'The Tears of God?'

Pic related.
No. 4419 ID: 7746b7
I mean that resin models are covered in lube. Paint doesn't adhere on it, even spray paint, so you have to wash the fuck out of them before painting them (water, soap...). So be careful not to damage them while washing, and it takes an awful lot of time and you have to rub a lot.
There are also casting residuals that you'll have to cut up. Which will be hard, since resin is a lot harder than plastic. And use superglue. After washing them. And still, it doesn't work perfectly, so try to counter-pierce the parts you're gluing together (which will be hard because resin...)

working with resin is a pain, but the result is pretty damn awesome.
No. 4420 ID: 7746b7
also, resin breaks more easily.
No. 4425 ID: 7dbb8d
I'm still oot and aboot. Thanks so much for trying, even if you're not feeling that great about it.
No. 4427 ID: e22589

Since you're still here, I'll keep going. If there's one thing I hate it's when requesters bugger off when I'm working on their request. Especially if there are other people legitimately waiting for their request to be done (although I get few requests here).
No. 4431 ID: 6763de
File 130603945292.png - (254.85KB , 633x826 , Capture.png )
Third time lucky I suppose.

It obviously isn't finished, but I'm going away for a day or two, and won't be able to work on it until I return. Maybe I'll get it done this afternoon, but I don't guarantee it.
No. 4446 ID: 8376fb
File 130622364279.jpg - (279.39KB , 1024x1280 , guy.jpg )

Done, I guess.
No. 4447 ID: 5460a8
Huzzah! Thank you so much!
No. 4463 ID: 02556c
File 130639611040.png - (455.05KB , 768x1024 , Wordbearer.png )
Putting the 'dump' in 'art-dump.'
No. 4465 ID: 4e76dd
smooth highlights.
No. 4466 ID: 618e5c

Wish I could say the same about the linework.
No. 4467 ID: 5adfd0
What are the chance of you Overlord doing some Night Lord art? Specifically, a Night Lord Rhino in the battlefield, on its front a crucified Ultramarine with his chest opened but still alive?
No. 4468 ID: 4a8eeb
Dunno. I'm pretty shit at drawing vehicles, but I can give it a go if you really want.
No. 4537 ID: cd1398
File 130680215245.jpg - (178.89KB , 768x1024 , DeathguardTermie.jpg )
Cancelled attempt. I'm working on something different again.
No. 4538 ID: 3416ec

Pretty cool, though.
No. 4539 ID: 79f1c2
That's extremely cool, though.
No. 4548 ID: e902a8

No. 4552 ID: b7e733
File 130684009364.jpg - (357.34KB , 768x1024 , bleh.jpg )
Tanks guis.

Here's a request I did off-chan.

Generic background is generic. Probably other stuff could'a been fixed as well.
No. 4553 ID: 79f1c2
I'd say that there's a lot of subtle details that don't work very well together and make the result quite uncanny: pointy chin shaded like a round one, eyes a bit too wide, fingers a bit too flat... I'm not sure, but there might also be something wrong with the skirt, and the shading of the boobs compared to the abdomen. I won't argue about the proportions because I don't know shit about it and it's probably just the pose, but it also looks a bit strange.
No. 4577 ID: 9fa701
To put it very bluntly, it looks like a picture made by somebody who is very apt at shading and colouring, but knows nothing about human anatomy.
No. 4578 ID: 07416a
*cough* http://rs.4chan.org/?s=loomis&from=ALL *cough*
No. 4579 ID: 79f1c2
No. 4580 ID: 9fa701
File 130687320312.jpg - (53.63KB , 600x750 , you_r_awesome.jpg )
A gentleman and a scholar in unison has graced us with his presence.
No. 4581 ID: 996662
File 130688372031.png - (55.63KB , 287x299 , Capture.png )
No. 4586 ID: c4c1a2

dat face is so "HUUUUUUUURP"
No. 4607 ID: 58432e
File 130710591633.jpg - (156.89KB , 1280x1024 , UltraNatiomn.jpg )
Ultranationalist propaganda in-the-making.

Haven't thought of a new flag yet. The Union Jack is obviously inappropriate, and I never really liked the Crux, although it is, when realised in its most basic form, relatively bodacious. I also wanted to lose the tacky, bright blue colour, since it pisses me off.
No. 4608 ID: 9ba7d6
Just use some worn-out red, and to the rest with values of grey. propaganda effect achieved. Just remember: grey, and worn-out, vaaguely orange-ish red.
No. 4610 ID: 87aa1d
File 130710898795.png - (39.07KB , 800x480 , 800px-Deutsche_Arbeitsfront_svg.png )

Adeptus Mechanicus Reich IG Regiment Flag.
No. 4611 ID: 58432e
That's actually the symbol for the German Labour Front (DAF). I won't use a Swastika, since I'm not a National-Socialist (Swastika obviously having been the official emblem of the Nazi party). I don't really know or care to know about the other >9000 uses for the Swastika. However I was going to go with a red/black theme. They seem to work well with Fascist ideologies.

Seems viable. And ideas for the pattern on the flag itself?
No. 4612 ID: 9ba7d6
a freaking cog
No. 4614 ID: 58432e

Dunno. Seems a bit generic, don't you think?
No. 4617 ID: 9ba7d6
It's simple enough, but you can combine it with other symbols. Just try to check out the logos of a few industrial bands, it's very inspiring.
No. 4618 ID: 59ed09
Horizontal wolfsangel inside the cogwheel?
No. 4619 ID: 9ba7d6
or rather an Othalan, so that it makes some sort of steampunk Ahnenerbe militant corps.
No. 4620 ID: 59ed09
File 130711226432.gif - (6.68KB , 110x130 , 23adivss.gif )
Eh...needs more spikes.

This is also a great read:

No. 4621 ID: 58432e
Well again, they seem to be almost synonymous with Nazism. I mean, the Ahnenerbe was literally a Nazi group. I was thinking something Neo-Mediæval, but the problem there lies in that Australia has no recorded history from that period in time, and whatever aboriginals did during that time frankly doesn't count.

Perhaps something like a stylised snake or spider, since that's both relevant and potentially rad.
No. 4622 ID: 58432e

Interesting thread, by the way.

Since I have a good chunk of Scottish heritage, it mightn't be unreasonable to include some related imagery, like weapons or something into the fray. Then again, from an 'Ultranationalist' standpoint, that mignt not hold. Fuck! Why does this country have to be so fucking young?
No. 4624 ID: 59ed09
File 130711381377.png - (98.53KB , 500x593 , Vaakuna.png )
I have an idea:

Similar to the coat of arms in the picture, the symbol would be several flames bundled together. Maybe symboling unity?

Flame and fire is also present in fascist symbolism.
No. 4625 ID: 59ed09
Oh, the flame would symbolize bushfires or something. I dunno.
No. 4626 ID: 9ba7d6
yeah, but if you use fire, try to make it classier than the logo of the FN, which looks weak.

oh, god, the FN, so much lulz...
No. 4627 ID: 59ed09
File 130711433626.jpg - (8.09KB , 176x256 , nf_flame[1].jpg )
It looks like a duster or something. Brits had more class. U mad, cheese-eating surrender monkeys?
No. 4628 ID: 9ba7d6
not even mad, It's not like I support their incredibly sexy and brand new reincarnation of Joan of Arc and the General De Gaulle (whom her father indirectly tried to get killed, mind you) or her program.

Sightly amused, yes, but not mad for a fly's shit.
No. 4629 ID: 58432e

Okay, I have had an idea or two. Gimme a second to sketch it up, and see what you think.
No. 4630 ID: 58432e
File 130711652370.jpg - (76.80KB , 512x512 , emblem.jpg )
Okay, here is a basic thingy.

The snake is the Inland Taipan; the world's most venomous snake. It's approximately ten times as venomous as the Mojave Rattlesnake, or so I'm lead to believe. Obviously that has some dominant symbolism. The Taipan is also an extremely aggressive snake, unlike most.

Sword has some generic militaristic value, and really just is there for decoration. Generic latin, lols.
No. 4631 ID: 9ba7d6
dunno, seems a bit heterogenous. But the snake is a good idea.
No. 4633 ID: 6d3834

What, like with the sword and latin stuff? Change those a bit? Also, I think I'll refine the structure of the snake a bit. It seems a little non-uniform. Then again, it's just a sketch.
No. 4641 ID: c00ae8
File 130715859249.jpg - (354.47KB , 1280x1024 , UltraNatiomn.jpg )
Here it is with colour and basic shading. Coming out okay so far. I think I'll dull it down a bit, but we'll see.
No. 4642 ID: c00ae8
File 130717010005.jpg - (418.58KB , 1280x1024 , UltraNatiomn.jpg )
Almost there.
No. 4649 ID: 9ba7d6
that is quite cool.
No. 4650 ID: ba32a4
File 130718258320.jpg - (420.63KB , 1327x1071 , UltraNatiomn.jpg )
Why thank you.

It is done.
No. 4651 ID: c8f70d

This is looking bad ass, reminds me of the very OLD game, Tiberium Sun, Nod Trooper.
No. 4652 ID: 1963d1
Damn, I haven't played C&C for so long that this guy looks like SS13 security to me. Which is also awesome, if not a little unrealistic.
No. 4653 ID: 2563d4
1999 is "very" old now? :|

But, yeah, that's a pretty nice pic, and certainly NOD-ish. Good job on the fabric creasing.
No. 4655 ID: c8f70d

I was eight when I played it :(
No. 4672 ID: 0d9a5c
I only played the first C&C game. I used to try run over soldiers with my Tiberium harvester.
No. 4686 ID: 0d9a5c
File 130724137771.jpg - (343.04KB , 768x1024 , Shark.jpg )
Carchie the magnificent.
No. 4702 ID: 82da46
Is he doing a fapping gesture? :/

I liked the "your_single_commando_is_good_against_infantry_but_NOD_has tanks_and_artillery_also_trollolo"- missions. They don't do that sort of missions anymore.
And the obelisks. Goddamn, the obelisks.
No. 4703 ID: 2563d4
C&C1 is bristling with really good missions and well-worth a replay in DOSBox. If you google about EA released all the way up to Tiberium Sun with Firestorm for free on the Internet a few years back.
No. 4707 ID: fba916
File 130734360173.jpg - (211.76KB , 768x1024 , Shark.jpg )
Got some cool OOP miniatures off eBay just before.
No. 4798 ID: c06d14

Broverlord, you still alive?
No. 4807 ID: 152ddb
File 130783263630.jpg - (177.55KB , 768x1024 , Dunno.jpg )
Apparently, yes.

Here, I have an art dump. Playing around with various techniques, I guess. Chronologically ordered.
No. 4808 ID: 152ddb
File 130783267987.jpg - (154.27KB , 768x1024 , SpellofDestruction.jpg )
Too Much Burzum.
No. 4809 ID: 152ddb
File 130783270854.jpg - (209.70KB , 768x1024 , Ultra.jpg )
No. 4810 ID: 152ddb
File 130783274483.jpg - (253.98KB , 768x1024 , TzeentchKnight.jpg )
No. 4811 ID: 152ddb
File 130783278840.jpg - (180.41KB , 768x1024 , Skeleton.jpg )
No. 4812 ID: 152ddb
File 130783392949.jpg - (104.15KB , 768x1024 , UltraHelm.jpg )
This came out well, aside from the darkness of it.
No. 4814 ID: 152ddb
File 130783474621.jpg - (160.92KB , 768x1024 , Hand.jpg )
Let me give you a hand...
...That is shittlity drawn.
No. 4815 ID: 152ddb
File 130783488091.jpg - (1.56MB , 2480x3508 , derp.jpg )
Resolution's bigger than I intended. Didn't come out too badly.
No. 4816 ID: 152ddb
File 130783498852.jpg - (1.93MB , 2598x3626 , miner.jpg )
This was pretty neat. Only thing is I think it lacks a bit of depth. Also, filler text on the LCD display.
No. 4819 ID: 152ddb
File 130783583461.jpg - (771.50KB , 3508x2480 , Pumpkin.jpg )
And whatever the fuck this is supposed to be about. Maybe I'll finish it.
No. 4820 ID: 599138
cool. But try to work the cliff's textures
dat elongated body

The other ones are a bit meh.
No. 4821 ID: 152ddb
Yeah, the other ones are mostly sketches.

I was thinking of making the crevices and cracks in the cliff in >>4816 a bit more prominent, but I don't knoe, I decided against it for some reason.
No. 4822 ID: 152ddb
Turns out ImagineFX has a fuckton of tutorials, or 'workshops' on their site, which I will be attempting some of. We'll see how it goes.
No. 4829 ID: 152ddb
File 130785396311.jpg - (1.24MB , 2261x2050 , Overlord.jpg )
Also, just finished this. Worked on it for about two days, so I don't feel like bothering further. (actual file dimensions are double this)

It's a self-portrait, obviously.
No. 4831 ID: 57f32b

And thats your new drawthread logo.

Great works so far. Good to see you again.
No. 4838 ID: 3416ec

Slave girl's arms are super-skinny.
No. 4839 ID: fba6e0
and the face looks tiny, but I think that the main problem is that most of the picture doesn't look very solid and grounded, consistent, which is weird compared to your earlier artworks.
No. 4840 ID: fba6e0
oh, wait, I know why: the perspective described by the pavement doesn't seem to match the rest of the pic, and there are no cast shadows.
No. 4846 ID: 7b9269

Correct. I tried some shadows, but oh god how hard that was! Really I'm trying to figure a technique that works for me, and I don't think it's that one.
No. 4848 ID: 21c08b
File 130794041390.png - (506.68KB , 600x1084 , Helmet Techniques.png )
Since I'm having an artistic crisis of sorts, I made this reference for myself. Might potentially be useful to others, so here.
No. 4852 ID: 5ef1f1
File 130796959347.jpg - (287.57KB , 768x981 , FurryHate.jpg )
Working on this. For a competition, of sorts.
No. 4853 ID: 09e8a0

Khorne is a pretty cool guy.
No. 4857 ID: 4bca74
File 130800800347.jpg - (548.04KB , 796x1009 , FurryHateDaemonPateratch.jpg )
Eh kills furries and doesn't afraid of anything.
No. 4876 ID: 63a4f7
No. 4877 ID: 8e18cd
You might want to work on that anatomy and foreshadowing, chief.

The whole image looks as flat as being ran over by a steamroller.
No. 4904 ID: d05e11
How so?
No. 4907 ID: eaf58c
that's an hyperbole, but the rigid, monolithic pose, and the lighting at some places (mostly the lack of variations in the contrasts) make it lack depth a bit. I'm still trying to figure out how to fix it without reference pics myself.
No. 4908 ID: d05e11

Hmm, I knew that. I do see some lack of depth, and I think it's prominent on the left hand side (his right), around the arm. Not sure what I would do to fix it aside from adding a bit extra AO around the trophies and such. I won't actually change anything since I consider it finished, but it's always good to have references.
No. 4914 ID: f34bd5
File 130821717263.jpg - (167.22KB , 768x992 , Xan10K.jpg )

Greatest FPS game, or greatest FPS game, amirite?
You disagree, and you can go enjoy a hearty self-fucking.
No. 4916 ID: 2563d4
That's either a weirdly short AMSD Shock Rifle, or a weirdly long Enforcer.
No. 4917 ID: 0ad9ca
that's more convincing, visually speaking.
No. 4921 ID: b449a7

It's an ASMD rifle. I didn't look at any references, so that one went by memory. I noticed later on that a lot of bits are wrong, but I don't care, really.
No. 4922 ID: 271137

ASMD has so many variations lately.

but cheers for the one of the greatest, if not the greatest gun in gaming.
No. 4927 ID: f949b3
I shall raise a horn of ale to it.

Flak cannon is for low-brow children.
No. 4948 ID: 4ae394
File 130837855063.jpg - (254.63KB , 600x800 , Horror.jpg )
This is coming out pretty neat. Didn't use any lineart here, either. I just began by blocking in purple.
No. 4949 ID: 8e18cd

Again with the flatness. You need to learn proper shading to understand how to properly foreshorten limbs.

Start doing some training in that regard.
No. 4950 ID: 7aedd2
Wow. Rude.
No. 4952 ID: 900aec

Bearing in mind, of course, that it is only about half-way done.
No. 4953 ID: 900aec
File 130839429802.jpg - (248.40KB , 600x800 , Horror.jpg )
No. 4956 ID: 8e18cd

Yeah that's a lot better. What about the horror's left arm (right on the picture). Is it extended all the way forward? Because if so you should diffuse the shadows on the face a bit, They're rarely that sharp unless something is a cardboard cut-out put against a light.

If he's not extending it like that, I don't really see the elbow or the rest of the bent arm showing anywhere, which makes the hand look 'suspended in mid-air'.
No. 4958 ID: 18380e
oh wow.
how is that rude? I wish someone could tell me the same kind of things when needed.
No. 4965 ID: d25899
I certainly don't consider it rude, so long as there are suggestions for improvement accompanying it. It's not very useful to say 'this is wrong' without clarifying it.

Okay, I'll try to fuzz the shadows a bit.
No. 4969 ID: d25899
File 130844670305.jpg - (243.55KB , 600x762 , Horror.jpg )
Well, it's as done as I feel like it being.
No. 4970 ID: d25899
File 130844992265.jpg - (66.99KB , 600x800 , fisty.jpg )
New wip.
No. 4973 ID: a2bc7b
File 130845131437.jpg - (94.60KB , 600x800 , fisty.jpg )
Bit more.
No. 4976 ID: 9a0aad
File 130845422612.jpg - (107.48KB , 600x800 , fisty.jpg )
Trying to bring up the contrast.
No. 4977 ID: 3416ec
I am impressed with your space marine stuff, Overlord.

Ever think about starting a quest?
No. 4978 ID: 38ef39
I actually was thinking about starting a quest since yesterday, as it happens. There isn't already a space marine quest is there?
No. 4980 ID: 3416ec

Not that I know of.
No. 4981 ID: 572e52

Well, I can start writing then.
No. 4983 ID: 3416ec

Go for it!
No. 4984 ID: 2022d8
The quest is going.

No. 5018 ID: 576ff1
File 130864996497.jpg - (276.27KB , 768x855 , Space Marine quest.jpg )
Postan some art from Spacederp Quest. Although the general skill level was kept low (or 'lazy')for this, it has a nice atmosphere.
No. 5028 ID: 5e9cbd
File 130873682245.jpg - (160.33KB , 600x800 , fisty.jpg )
Made this just after >>4976 but didn't bother posting. I'm bored of it.
No. 5054 ID: 4e9007
File 130884044673.png - (407.95KB , 1000x1000 , OrcConcepts.png )
Working with another bloke on DA to come up with a design for an orc. Well, it's his idea, but I'm trying to make a more tangible vision of it.
No. 5056 ID: b33270

Remember the Slaanesh Daemon prince sitting on his awesome throne you drew?

I saved every picture I could of those stages and tried to mimic stuff, Id like to ask you if you could do one of those step by step guides to something of that proportion. When you got the time of course. It can be with anything you like aswell. Just that it would be cool If it had step by step instructions , brush selections and all =3 ... Sound cool?
No. 5057 ID: 4e9007

Yes, of course. Perhaps I can record my next painting with a programme like FRAPS (or a superior substitute) and upload it to something. That way, you can just watch/download the video, which is the next best thing to being showed first-hand.

It would have to be into sections though, as it tends to take a long time to do, and I imagine that would make up quite the file-size.
No. 5058 ID: b33270

Holy shit yes! Will it be something 40k?

MFW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX4ad3a6ato&NR=1
No. 5062 ID: 8ac5c9
Okay, part 1 is done, which covers linework and base colouring. I broke it up so that filesize doesn't get too obscene. I was going to host them from some video site, but I think it would be better to just download them, so you don't have to stream them everytime you want to watch them.

I also compressed it to about 50% its original size, so you should be good.

Sorry about the kinda jumpy framerate, but nonetheless I think it's clear what's going on.

Here's the link to video 1 (number 2 isn't made yet):
No. 5065 ID: d77433
Here's the second part, which covers the all-important shading aspect, to the best part.

I think I have enough to do left to fill in another video. I'm doing some colour-correction out of the video, because it's no more than colouring in, and is very simple.

Hopefully I'll get it done in the next one.
No. 5067 ID: b1398d

GASP! Downloading!
No. 5071 ID: cbcbc9
Thanky you! :D
No. 5072 ID: b1398d
Alright, I has questions!

why dont you use separate layers for coloring, so you dont end up crossing the wrong ones?

Why dont you use pen tool to cover areas, is it easier for you this way?

What brush presets do you have?

Why did you make the "lightning" layer so dark? if it was brighter would you still have to meddle the layers?

And what exactly do you use on the light spots, another brush? and some blur perhaps?

Sorry for sounding like a chore D:
No. 5081 ID: 7f488a
File 130896777490.jpg - (349.49KB , 796x1052 , CommissionSpaceMarine.jpg )
Here's the final part (and the final image):


To answer your questions:

>why dont you use separate layers for coloring, so you dont end up crossing the wrong ones?

I do have a separate layer. The one named 'colours.'

>Why dont you use pen tool to cover areas, is it easier for you this way?

The pen tool is hard to use for me, and it is only practical for linework.

>What brush presets do you have?

For this, I only used the default 'Hard Round' and 'Soft Round' brushes.

>Why did you make the "lightning" layer so dark? if it was brighter would you still have to meddle the layers?

That was to get a kind of mid-range level, so I don't need to go so hard on the shadows.

>And what exactly do you use on the light spots, another brush? and some blur perhaps?

Nope, just the standard brush. I have the opacity down, and just colour pick with the Alt key.
No. 5082 ID: 7f488a

As well as a couple of custom textured brushes, which I only used at the end.
No. 5086 ID: 058da5
File 130899331038.jpg - (151.55KB , 600x800 , Captain.jpg )
I would honestly buy a game like this.
No. 5087 ID: 058da5
File 130899362968.jpg - (410.76KB , 1667x2179 , ImperialFist.jpg )
Keep forgetting the name.

Also, here is my current WIP. It really shits me that Ultrasmurfs and Raw-butt Girlyman (Spiritual Liege) are the 'chapter to which all others aspire' instead of Imperial Fists.
No. 5088 ID: 7d4c78

I like Ultramarines and The Imperial Fists, but you are right, Fists deserve more attention.

Btw aren't the helm muzzles too big?
No. 5089 ID: 64fb84

It looks fine to me at this stage, but time will tell. I was going for more realistic kind of proportions this time, so the helmet looks bigger.
No. 5090 ID: 7d4c78
File 130899775278.jpg - (116.11KB , 1363x2043 , IMG_0145fd.jpg )

Also about the layer question, I wanted to ask why dont you use multiple layers of color.

Also when coloring a portrait for example. I think there should be more color tones ( not just one color and variations of dark and light), what do you do then?

Oh and why do you make a layer with less aparent shadows, doesnt it get covered by the deeper shadows?

Heres what I've tried using your tutorial
No. 5091 ID: ac6887
"At least we don't fart in each other's faces during ceremonies..."

"yeah, but our Chapter master isn't a quad-amputee who can't even wipe his own ass because of his massive fists"

"you just jelly because they're bigger than yours even though you're called "Imperial Fists". Maybe that's where the name comes from..."

"They're not this big, not as big as his ego, but certainly larger than his di... Oh, wait! he doesn't have a dick anymore, forgot about that, too."

"Nobody even knows your Master's name, anyway.."

"VLADIMIR PUGH, FAGGOT! Sounds manlier than any of yours; we make war, not gay orgies."

"It's a cultural tradition, it's noble and classy, just like our iconography and attire!"

"yeah, those fancy golden helmets with plumes, and studded leather stripes miniskirts, are a most virile paraphernalia."

No. 5092 ID: 7d4c78
>you brute

No. 5093 ID: 64fb84
File 130899872162.jpg - (114.32KB , 1363x2043 , 130899775278.jpg )

Well, that's certainly coming along. Overall it has a lot more depth than the previous ones, which is a good improvement (obviously). One thing I noticed is that you have still got very saturated colour. Near his eyes there it's almost pure magenta, and looks quite artificial. I've done a quick paintover to illustrate what I think needed to be improved most to enhance realism. You're doing quite well, though.

>Also about the layer question, I wanted to ask why dont you use multiple layers of color.

It's just easier, in my opinion. So long as I stay inside the lines it comes out alright.

>Also when coloring a portrait for example. I think there should be more color tones ( not just one color and variations of dark and light), what do you do then?

Good question. That's usually solved on the colour layer. You figure out what colours you want, and you just paint them onto the colour layer so that they pick up the same shadows and highlights.

>Oh and why do you make a layer with less aparent shadows, doesnt it get covered by the deeper shadows?
No. 5095 ID: 7d4c78
File 130899994084.jpg - (147.28KB , 1165x833 , IMG_0190.jpg )


My latest project.
No. 5096 ID: 64fb84
File 130900005301.jpg - (304.64KB , 1667x2179 , ImperialFist.jpg )

Oh god, now I have a Monty Python-esque sketch involving space marines pictured in my head.

Also, progress.
No. 5097 ID: 64fb84

You're very good at pencil drawing, but the perspective seems off. The image looks square-on, but I can see the other hole in the muzzle. If anything, that should appear as a slightly smaller circle in the very middle, or not appear at all.

Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks like I can see the underside of the gun above the handle. That might be my eyes messing around though.
No. 5098 ID: 7d4c78
File 130900045557.jpg - (103.90KB , 1363x2043 , IMG_0145saa.jpg )

I think its mutating.
No. 5099 ID: ac6887
No trigger?
No. 5101 ID: 7d4c78
File 130900064381.jpg - (79.42KB , 1165x833 , IMG_0190sds.jpg )

I thought I should go with one of those triggers that are embedded in the handle. Should I try and give it a normal one?
No. 5102 ID: 3f747a
File 130900898847.jpg - (354.86KB , 1667x2179 , ImperialFist.jpg )
I thought that was 3d from the thumbnail.
No. 5103 ID: 7d4c78
File 130901194632.jpg - (90.70KB , 1165x833 , IMG_0190gf.jpg )

Then I hope you love this one.
No. 5109 ID: fc95d9
File 130904230461.jpg - (342.80KB , 1667x2179 , ImperialFist.jpg )

Very good. It just dawned on me that the lines in the magazine don't match the contour of the magazine itself, unfortunately.

Also, progress.
No. 5114 ID: e1c058
File 130905056716.jpg - (342.91KB , 1667x2179 , ImperialFist.jpg )
Almost done with blocking, but I haven't even begun rendering yet. Still, I'm happy with how this is panning out.
No. 5116 ID: ca4e86
File 130907687455.jpg - (101.60KB , 1165x833 , IMG_0190dddss.jpg )

I know what you mean, but I feel it could have been done better if I had a drawpad.
No. 5117 ID: f0ee90
File 130909655428.jpg - (357.38KB , 1667x2179 , ImperialFist.jpg )

They're certainly worth the money. Mine was about $100, and I use it for at least an hour every day. Since today was a lazy Sunday, I've done nothing but draw (and play UT2004). Certainly invest in one if you can.

Also, I'm almost done with blocking this guy in! If you look, the brushstrokes are very crude, and will all be refined into something alot nicer. I say this is about 3/4 done. I think I still need to bring it out a bit with regards to darker shadows.
No. 5118 ID: ca4e86


This good? Sorry bout the Romanian Babble.
No. 5119 ID: 66003a
As far as I know, you might as well get the basest model, using the tactile function is only a gadget if you really want to use your fingers. Then it depends on which size you're more comfortable with, keeping in mind that small ones aren't necessarily bad.
No. 5120 ID: ca4e86

What do you guys use?
No. 5121 ID: 66003a
I just bought a new bamboo fun pad, small size, and i'll start using it very soon. Same as the old one, but more recent. Wacom only has spare parts for the Intuos models, though, that all cost about 1000 $.
No. 5122 ID: ca4e86


No. 5123 ID: 66003a
No. 5124 ID: ca4e86

Ordering then.
No. 5130 ID: aa926c

That's pretty much the same as mine, except mine's black.
No. 5134 ID: ca4e86
File 130912943122.jpg - (586.76KB , 3494x2506 , bolt guns.jpg )

Oh dear. This took me a while.
No. 5137 ID: c63b29
File 130914086225.png - (20.74KB , 300x300 )
It's good but the perspective on the middle one is all muddled up. It's like some erratic two-point perspective that makes little sense.

Colouring's good, and so is the perspective on the other two.

View animation
No. 5147 ID: 775158
I guess her goal was to achieve depth, like when you take a high-angle shot of a city. The difference being of course that, unlike a bolter, a city is spread over a convex surface. Which here results in a fourth dimension, or more exactly another perspective space merging nearly perfectly with the other one.

But that's the kind of mistake that I find very interesting. So I may have a request for Emps: trying to draw R'lyeh, or at least one of its buildings. Interested?
No. 5149 ID: c2f1bd
File 130917370162.jpg - (355.61KB , 1667x2179 , ImperialFist.jpg )

Well said. It's strange. In the thumbnail it looks perfect, but when you click on it... I dunno, it's weird. It's like my brain accidentally bent over in the prison showers in front of 'Tyrone 'butch' Johnson.'

Moving right along, here's a bit more. I't trying to render this thing up now. I have to still implement a bit more texture into it, but that will come with good time. I'm trying to not take shortcuts with this.
No. 5154 ID: 36c804
File 130918836813.jpg - (100.97KB , 600x450 , warhammer_40k_bolt_pistol_from_ultramarines_movie_.jpg )
The picture in question was modeled from this one...

I think this angle is what is confusing you guys.

And Techno, I have little to no knowledge of Cthulu Mythos or the city of R'yleh, but Id be up for it with a sound description and possible refrence?
No. 5155 ID: 775158
what the fuck am I seeing? Why doesn't yours make sense if it's possible? Why can even I draw it this way without being shocked? What has science done?
No. 5156 ID: 36c804
File 130918898150.jpg - (120.18KB , 1165x850 , IMG_0192sdds.jpg )

No. 5157 ID: 775158
File 130918922147.jpg - (54.91KB , 1600x1100 , boltor.jpg )
Don't worry, I fixed it.
No. 5158 ID: 775158
As for R'lyeh, it's described as a "corpse-city", or as a "Babylon built by daemons". It's a huge city in ruins, filled with the putrefaction of a million years, exhaling sun-blotting black fumes from every orifice. Architecturally, it's carved out of massive greenish monoliths covered with glyphs and gargoyles, eroded and patched with rotten algae.

It also bends space around itself, which means that it's full of visual paradoxes and cannot be understood by a human mind properly. Think Commorragh, but looking more ancient, primitive and decayed. Like the fossil of a city. Cyclopean and baroque at the same time.
It's more of a gigantic temple/prison than an actual city, and was built to shelter things that are too big for space itself, not for human-sized creatures. It's impossible to have a proper idea of its topography, but it's topped by a mausoleum with a white obelisk, that houses Cthulhu, while the lower levels are cells/gates to the other Great Old Ones.

Most visual references on the internet are quite lame, the only two artists I can recommend you are Philippe Druillet (most notably the first pages of Yragaël and Ürm the Madman, and maybe Salammbô) and Giger's New York City series. Some panels of BLAME! are also worth checking out; as well as Escher's works, and that XVIIth century Italian architect/artist whose name I can't remember, but who inspired Escher and was fascinated with prisons.

I wish Nihei would give R'lyeh a shot.
No. 5159 ID: 775158
Also: Shadow of the Colossus.
No. 5161 ID: 36c804
File 130919574192.jpg - (98.95KB , 1165x850 , IMG_0192_fgfg.jpg )


And Oh shit fuck, I knew I was missing a truckload of delicious stuff from Lovecraft.
No. 5162 ID: 775158
The barrel is OK, but now, there's still the upper bit of the casing to correct.
No. 5163 ID: 36c804
File 130919632239.jpg - (149.87KB , 1701x2330 , IMG_0147dssss.jpg )

I'll get on that once I finish touching up these portraits.
No. 5211 ID: c5abfa
Well, week's over. I've come to accept that I'm going to fail my ICT course, since I have the attention span of a newt.

Anyway, tonight I'm going to finish this painting, because I don't even give a fuck. This shit's getting done.

(No point posting WIP since it's not that different from the last one.)
No. 5219 ID: 6ca917
File 130948745680.jpg - (370.94KB , 1667x2179 , ImperialFist.jpg )
Whoops, maybe not! A kind and skillful Nazi gave me a bunch of advice on how to make this better, and I intend to make this perfect as I can.
No. 5220 ID: 8acba7
tell me more.
No. 5221 ID: 172f65

Basically, he said that there was no 'interaction' between the colours on the armour. I have three distinct hues in the image: red, yellow and blue, yet none of them can be seen on one another.

For example. the semi-gloss finish of the yellow paint reflected (at the time) none of the blue sky. He gave me some simple advice regarding how to set myself up better for this next time, and that was to just block in the base colours using a low-opacity brush. That way, the environment is carried over better, and it doesn't look like they are from two different paintings.

I have a lot of trouble with this sort of thing.
No. 5226 ID: c4c8c3
File 130952014171.png - (1.55MB , 1200x907 , revised.png )
The request from 4chan's /tg/ repeated here. Thanks for your time!

>All of them as Daemonettes please.

For others sake so they know what the request was.
No. 5227 ID: b3805e
Just restating a request made over on /tg/.

Orc Shakespear. He's an NPC for an upcoming D&D game I'm running. Playwright commisioned by an elf noble to write a play that's pretty much pure pro-elf propaganda. Breakspear is getting old, he needs money to support his brood and he's not too proud to sell out.
No. 5228 ID: 581dad

Alright, sure. When my drawthread dies off, I'll have a go at these.
No. 5241 ID: 533409
File 130956894995.jpg - (1.27MB , 1785x2297 , ImperialFist.jpg )

I'm pretty happy with it.
No. 5242 ID: 056b52
you can.
No. 5252 ID: 43490b

I am loving the purity seal. And everything else.
No. 5256 ID: 6d8493
Overlord, that is really god damn cool. I can feel the amount of effort you put into this muhreen pouring out of every scratch of paint. This may be the first drawing I've ever seen that includes a purity seal that actually has text on it.
No. 5257 ID: e26973
>goes as far into details as to write text on the purity seal with hymns taken from the fluff
>takes them from the Black Templar fluff instead of the IFs
>doesn't translate them into High Gothic
what the fuck, bro?
No. 5259 ID: 43490b

Maybe he's not a lore fanatic.
No. 5265 ID: 0821aa

Interesting that you picked up that they're from Black Templars. IF's are just a generally fluff-deprived chapter, in my opinion. Overshadowed by GLORIOUS ULTRAMARINES and the heinous codex astartes 'deviants,' like Space Wolves and Black Templars.

Since Black Templars are derived from Imperial Fists, I figured 'close enough,' since I could find no prayers of the Imperial Fists, and a zillion from Black Templars.

...and I don't know pseudo-latin.
No. 5269 ID: 242e08
File 130968952173.jpg - (58.62KB , 300x400 , bleh.jpg )
Shitty self-portrait that I completely forgot to scale up before painting.

Anyway, gotta practice some 'nice' things. What do nice things look like? Any suggestions on what to draw?
No. 5270 ID: 29b582
told you: dynamic scenes (like an eversor punching a daemonette in the dick) and more fanciful points of view (like a low-angle shot)
No. 5271 ID: 242e08

Ah yes. Well, we'll see what I can come up with.
No. 5272 ID: 242e08
File 130969183067.jpg - (198.27KB , 772x1058 , EnglishGuy.jpg )
Oh yeah, and this.

No. 5273 ID: 29b582
looks quite flat, I'm afraid. But shows well that lineart isn't an absolute necessity.
No. 5274 ID: 242e08
File 130969379511.jpg - (147.44KB , 600x800 , Breakspeare.jpg )
Yeah, didn't have much drive for that one.

Oh yeah, and a request from before. Breakspeare.
No. 5316 ID: 4b150c
File 130994689926.png - (239.51KB , 768x1024 , ROR.png )
Sai Paint tool kicks butt.
No. 5323 ID: ff8b76
File 131005537181.png - (135.60KB , 422x559 , zombie.png )
Woo, semester's over! Did I pass? Probably not.

15 minutes in photoshop. No brush opacity experiment thing.
No. 5325 ID: 0bbcbf
Better than most stuff you've done so far. You've got something interesting going on there, exploit it.
No. 5327 ID: 5e11ba

Congratulations! And nice work. I can't wait to see some of the requests :D
No. 5336 ID: 629ae8
File 131009772423.jpg - (360.01KB , 768x1024 , mertt.jpg )
My gn... gn... favourite of all the ghosts.

Extension of previous experminent, done in GIMP this time.
No. 5437 ID: bfb42c
File Marine.swf - (39.62KB , 1000x1000 )
Okay, here's me having a go of the new Adobe Flash CS5 programme. Thanks to Slow Drawfag for getting me in the mood to animate.

Okay, so there's this new 'bone tool,' which lets me create a puppet of sorts. Back in the day, I needed a separate layer (and tween) for every body part on a character. Now it's simpler, so I can do better stuff more easily.

Anyway, can't remember how to make a loader, since it's been 5 years since I last made one. It's only 40Kb anyway, so it should be fine.

Make sure you have the latest flash player installed.
No. 5438 ID: 6729a7
File 131038169972.jpg - (219.65KB , 1250x938 , LastMan.jpg )
Okay, bored of that now.

Here's the new WIP. What dost thou think? I wanted to do something epic.
No. 5439 ID: 0e6d1e
That's cool, less monolithic than usually.

But still, try to do something actually dynamic, with less blunt, square shapes.
No. 5440 ID: 3efa4f
File 131038610106.jpg - (186.12KB , 1250x938 , LastMan.jpg )
Indeed. I think the key is to move away from Space marines in general. Still, here's where I'm at so far:
No. 5441 ID: 06834c

It looks awesome so far, the only thing thats bugging me is the awkward waist line, it seems too fat, yanno how SM armors are layered...
No. 5442 ID: 74c9dd
don't forget fancy Native stuff, if they're from the Deathwing.

Btw did you know that the Deathwing was the "Emperor's mount" according to their traditions?

I'd like to draw a Deathwing termie carrying around Lil'E on his massive back but nobody would get the reference. Too obscure and deep.
No. 5450 ID: 1ceaa5
Looks good, though his upper legs twist painfully when sitting down. Maybe try "skewing" them instead of only rotating the clips at the hip. Might result in some strange distortion of the lines, though.
No. 5462 ID: de9697
File 131042873933.jpg - (234.76KB , 1250x938 , LastMan.jpg )

I wa thinking of using the 'replace symbol' feature, but I don't know how clunky that would look a a transformation. Maybe if I used a shape tween to blend it, if possible.
No. 5469 ID: 0b6a51
Well, another option would be to draw the frames between standing and sitting down by hand. Much more time-consuming, but usually wields better resuls than tweens.
No. 5487 ID: a19008
File 131053039032.jpg - (151.14KB , 768x1024 , Krieg.jpg )
Speedpainty practice business.

No. 5488 ID: a19008
File 131053043045.jpg - (266.00KB , 768x1024 , New Man.jpg )
Speedpainty practice business trip.

No. 5493 ID: 80ef31
File 131054658942.jpg - (201.57KB , 768x874 , Marine.jpg )
2 hours.
No. 5505 ID: 74d630
Animate this >>5449

For the love of All delicious trolling purposes.
No. 5506 ID: 544101
I can give it a go, I guess. Get me away from this FUCKING GUITAR.
No. 5507 ID: 74d630
File 131064155577.jpg - (1.32MB , 1536x2048 , 2011-07-03 14_24_50.jpg )

No. 5508 ID: 544101
I'm working on it! Don't expect it tonight, though. I got a meeting at like 8 in the morning tomorrow, so I'm into bed soon.
No. 5513 ID: 0599cb
File Haters.swf - (169.72KB , 600x700 )

I tried to get it into .GIF, but the quality was less than satisfactory. Have a SWF instead.
No. 5515 ID: 5404f0

No. 5516 ID: 0599cb
Hwee sehrve!
No. 5517 ID: 5404f0

Draw Cultist Chan kissing me.

No. 5518 ID: 0599cb
File 131074469699.jpg - (324.64KB , 768x1024 , WTF am I looking at.jpg )
What, like this?
No. 5519 ID: 5404f0

I was actually reffering to myself. the RL me... D:

Why is emps gobbling her up?
No. 5520 ID: 0599cb

I wasn't sure what you meant, so I went the safe route, in case I was wrong and came across as some weirdo.

I dunno, I guess that's how TGEoM handles his bitches. Or maybe it's a sign of Cultist's incompetence.

Anyway, I'm going to bed. Have fun in the afterlife.
No. 5527 ID: a7bd51
File 131079767405.jpg - (302.33KB , 768x1024 , Reeclis.jpg )
Did this for a friend. Painting's getting easier, but I think it was better before I put colour on it.
No. 5530 ID: cfb58a

That looks pretty great, is it an undead swashbuckler thing? haha , heres some odd and random fact about it, it reminded me of a villain from Batman beyond, that was basically this undead dude fused with the earth and he could control mud golems, he looked pretty much like this guy.
No. 5532 ID: b60448
Meh, it was a lot nicer in the beginning. It's a character made up by one of my friends I.R.L. and it's like a pirate that turns undead at night, who cannot ever be killed.

Normally I'd charge for a request that takes five hours, but I think that Furfag thing you requested a few months ago >>3911 actually took longer.
No. 5538 ID: b60448
File 131083228642.jpg - (316.71KB , 744x1024 , Dunno.jpg )
I know nothing about this character; what she's from, not even a name. If one of you neckbearded warriors could tell me I'd appreciate it.

2 hours approx. 1 layer all the time.
No. 5539 ID: b60448
Also, smexy dress and old school UT soundtrack means I need to change my underpants.
No. 5540 ID: c344d3
let it dry and then scratch it off with your nail. Assuming that you're not referring to poop and that you have reasonably long nails, that is.
No. 5541 ID: b60448


That was a joke, man. A joke.
No. 5542 ID: cfb58a

Shits and giggles. HAHAHAHHAHA
No. 5543 ID: b60448

Okay, went to /a/ and found out her name's Taokaka, from a game called Blazblue. Now I can upload this to DA without looking like too much of a dumbass.
No. 5558 ID: faa790

Will this be done at some point? Not the end of the world if it ain't but I reckon your end result would look pretty bitchin.
No. 5563 ID: 03c794
Oh, haha. Yeah, hm. I kinda gave up on it. I got the faces done, mostly, but when it came to the bodies I shat myself and did something else.
No. 5567 ID: b2b929
File 131086851501.jpg - (225.29KB , 768x1024 , Angmar.jpg )
Was going for a more moody atmosphere.
No. 5575 ID: faa790

oh. Ok...well if you ever come back to it, I am sure it would be fine.
No. 5577 ID: 59ed09
File 131090542611.png - (560.14KB , 714x706 , untitled.png )
I think I'll request dat face soldier aka accordion playing Serbian soldier in Kasrkin uniform, playing accordion. Still has his legendary hat though.

I don't know why I thought of this. It's probably the mugshot you draw earlier that made me think of him.

The downside is that good refpics are hard to come by.


No. 5578 ID: 06985a

Wouldn't Vostroyan uniforms be rather fitting?
No. 5581 ID: 59ed09
Nah, not really. He wore camo uniform.
No. 5596 ID: 5adfd0
File 131093489018.jpg - (1.18MB , 4274x5000 , remove kebab 1.jpg )

We'll never be rid of this.
No. 5597 ID: 06985a
File 131093498458.jpg - (8.47KB , 145x128 , 6.jpg )
No. 5598 ID: 431681
>collective rape

i'm okay with this.
No. 5599 ID: 06985a
File 131093523584.jpg - (901.83KB , 1202x2914 , 1308041654979.jpg )

This thing always makes me laugh
No. 5601 ID: 59ed09
File 131093578727.png - (874.42KB , 967x807 , kebab removed.png )
Happy Srebrenica day to everyone!

No. 5604 ID: 2a1645
>Leave for one night
>Come back
>Handfuls of Serbian accordion-playing soldiers squatting here...

What is going on?
No. 5605 ID: 41f736
Okay, so I today enrolled in a tertiary graphic design course, starting tomorrow. I guess this will be my first formal art education, not including shitty high school art class, which was a waste of my time and skill.
No. 5606 ID: 431681
dunno, graphic design is about communication, not about art, but you will certainly learn some useful stuff there. GM seemingly does this as a living.
No. 5607 ID: 41f736
Well if nothing else, it will give me experience with more software, as well as a qualification to use when I'm done with the Defence Force (which I haven't entered yet), should I want to do graphic design for a living.
No. 5653 ID: cf6b2d
File 131115589372.jpg - (327.19KB , 1024x1024 , armour.jpg )
Okay, so it's my second day and graphic design already kicks copious ass. It's generally a nicer campus than the one I did I.T. at, smaller class, plentiful resources, hah.

So they've even got a 3d printer and graphics tablets for me to use, so here's something I did in my afternoon break yesterday.

Also, first thing I painted on a Macintosh.
No. 5654 ID: 316fa3

I like the Orange light effect a lot! adds character to everything.
No. 5668 ID: 07416a
Damn. I wish I spent my breaks that productively.
No. 5669 ID: ae1555
Haha, if I had spent my free time in I.T. studying instead of drawing, playing CS:S or trying to learn Bokmål, then I would have two more nationally recognised qualifications by now.
No. 5670 ID: 07416a

stop playin counterstrike tho.
No. 5671 ID: ae1555
File 131123830343.jpg - (380.72KB , 942x1114 , IMG_colour.jpg )

Well, in a way you're right. My art has improved immensely in the last year.

Case in point: my art, June 25 2010.
No. 5685 ID: 1bb999
File 131132357488.jpg - (1.40MB , 1229x922 , kvlt.jpg )
Uhm, does photography count? I went into the woods this evening to get some inspiration, and so I took some photos.

Here's some entrance to a small enclosure in the woods where I live.
No. 5686 ID: 1bb999
File 131132376255.jpg - (1.46MB , 1229x922 , Erik.jpg )
Here are some of Erik's chewed remains. That fool.
No. 5687 ID: 1bb999
File 131132413950.jpg - (2.41MB , 3072x2304 , Breath.jpg )
...Aaand a picture of my breath that's actually a pretty awesome photograph, even though I was actually trying to capture whatever's behind it.
No. 5689 ID: 0d7a83
I can say without doubt you have the prettiest breath I've ever seen.
No. 5690 ID: affcf5

Story behind this? XD
No. 5691 ID: 1bb999
:3 Well, thanks.

Yes. He was a ram named Erik. One night he became cast, and died as a result. Stupid animal. His remains have been chewed by Quolls and Devils, spread all around the place.
No. 5692 ID: 1bb999
File 131133711409.jpg - (240.63KB , 796x1052 , Cabalite.jpg )
Also, this. It took about 5 hours of work, but distractions meant that was spread over three days.

I got some critique from the guys in IRC, so thanks to them.
No. 5693 ID: 2b4630
Why so static? It's like she doesn't remember what she's doing here holding these weapons.

Nice shiny effects, but they would have made a dynamic scene so much more dramatic than this kinda awkward pose.

Cool helmet too.
No. 5695 ID: 1bb999
Hm, yes. You are right. I will have to try this fight scene that you suggested next time.
No. 5696 ID: 2eac65
I'm just glad to see some badass Eldar fanart. They don't get enough love.
No. 5761 ID: 607f35
File 131176465396.jpg - (1.98MB , 2480x3508 , Marine.jpg )
Here is something I did at lunch yesterday during class. I probably won't finish it at home, but maybe at school...

Done on a Macintosh again. Contrast looks different on my own monitor than when I was making it.
No. 5779 ID: c0c1bd
File 131183851593.jpg - (335.73KB , 1422x1024 , Asotil.jpg )
Current WIP.

Particular scene from Prequel.
No. 5780 ID: 07416a
I love you.
No. 5781 ID: c0c1bd

I love me too, but you know what else I love?

Katia Fucking Managan and the Prequel Adventure. It is hilarious questing at its finest. I never got into the other MSPAs, but this is an instant classic.
No. 5783 ID: 6d300f

Criminal Scum sence is tingling.
No. 5789 ID: 0d7a83
Haha wow thats great. ASOTIL's eyes are perfect; they burn with THE LIGHT THAT IS JUSTICE.
No. 5798 ID: 25a84c
File 131189471233.jpg - (324.05KB , 1422x1024 , Asotil.jpg )
No. 5799 ID: 34badf
No. 5802 ID: 3416ec

And drugs.
No. 5803 ID: 25a84c

And Justice.
No. 5812 ID: 831ef6
File 131193651254.jpg - (282.86KB , 1422x1024 , Asotil.jpg )
No. 5863 ID: c19bf3
File 131211181397.jpg - (441.21KB , 1450x1052 , Asotil.jpg )
No. 5865 ID: 07416a
File 131212094618.jpg - (214.91KB , 1450x1052 , eyes have it.jpg )
No. 5866 ID: a3241e
No. 5867 ID: 2563d4
No. 5870 ID: 3416ec

Are you going to post that in the MSPA PREQUEL thread?
No. 5894 ID: 7cb6a1

Heh, this is amazing. I love the look on his face.
No. 5903 ID: c0e5fe

Couldn't have done a better job myself, bravo.
No. 5908 ID: 07416a
Actually, if you look carefully there's a spot on his neck where the shading looks off...
No. 5936 ID: 58380b
File 131243203305.jpg - (171.91KB , 691x760 , Troopah.jpg )
No. 5940 ID: 4723a0
File 131244710486.jpg - (214.59KB , 1000x1000 , DarkThrone.jpg )
I hope I'm not the only one who gets this.
No. 5941 ID: da2f07
who ripped off the other? Mayhem or DT?
No. 5945 ID: 4723a0
One ripped off the other? I hear a lot about Darkthrone being liek, the trvest, best, svartmetall kvlt, but I think their songs are a lot less orignal and generally good. Even a shitty guitar player such as I can handle Transylvanian hunger, but I get caught up on some of Euronymous' work.

Anyway, wasn't Darkthrone a Death Metal band first? So I'd say Mayhem were copied, if what you say is the truth.
No. 5947 ID: da2f07
I'm only talking about the album artwork.
No. 5965 ID: 06adbd

Oh, then I have no idea. Neither are particularly creative, presuming that you are talking about the only important albums from either band.
No. 5967 ID: 686aad
You people sprout up every time I go to bed. Im sadfacing.
No. 5972 ID: da2f07
File 131250294756.jpg - (10.74KB , 300x300 , Live_in_Leipzig_cover.jpg )
Seemingly, Darkthrone copied Mayhem, pic attached predates Transylvanian Hunger by one year.

But it doesn't mean a lot, since this visual is simply an enactment of Dracula's first appearance in the book.
No. 5974 ID: 06adbd
Hm, haven't heard this one before, but yeah I see what you mean. Just 'legally acquiring' it now.

...Like I could actually buy it anywhere.
No. 5984 ID: f6f2d4
File 131255105861.jpg - (272.43KB , 768x1024 , heartsbane.jpg )
Heartsbane, of Bitequest.
No. 5985 ID: 839a0e
Thank you kindly.
No. 5986 ID: f6f2d4
Most welcome.
No. 5988 ID: a89ef2

That looks interesting, whats the story behind it?
No. 5993 ID: 07416a
Welcome to the other 99% of tgchan.org.
No. 6038 ID: 6e1234
File 131269990454.gif - (592.84KB , 500x393 , red-s-smile.gif )
No. 6039 ID: 1cf821

That smile of his reminds me of Cuddles.
No. 6115 ID: 1d543f
File 131315723921.jpg - (235.89KB , 768x1024 , BlackKnight.jpg )
1 hour speedpaint.
No. 6117 ID: 21fdc5
Whats with the antlers?
No. 6118 ID: 324fe4
House Baratheon?
No. 6119 ID: 21fdc5

Oh my! You are totally right!

I'm such a dork.
No. 6121 ID: 1d543f

No. 6130 ID: 4c08e9
File 131320582798.jpg - (864.20KB , 2000x2000 , Egg.jpg )
Attempts at drawing maybe a 'cuter' female character with more advanced posing, expression and foreshortening.
No. 6131 ID: 4c08e9
File 131320961311.jpg - (787.50KB , 1561x1757 , sit.jpg )
Tried a sitting pose, and working on this cartoony facial style a bit.
No. 6132 ID: 4c08e9
File 131321776895.jpg - (918.62KB , 2000x2000 , Faces.jpg )
I decided all of a sudden to become better at drawing realistic female faces, it seems.
No. 6133 ID: 4c08e9
File 131321930746.jpg - (1.11MB , 2000x2000 , Kvinne.jpg )
It's necessary to master this bawlsheet in addition to other bits. Reasonably hum-drum physique.
No. 6134 ID: 4c08e9
File 131323134074.jpg - (342.19KB , 2000x2000 , Derpppt.jpg )
A thing pertaining to a certain other thing.
No. 6135 ID: 0e6d9b
File 131323285126.jpg - (34.97KB , 540x700 , 4367wooden_puppet.jpg )
These are AMAZING!

I think I will grab myself 2 of these to help with poses and whatnot, they were quite usefull in school.
No. 6136 ID: 4c08e9

Well I made all these poses from imagination, but I would sometimes use an old Action Man figure or similar to simulate poses. I never found much use for it, but again, back then I never properly constructed images, rather drawing 'from the head down.'

Next time I'm in the city I might see if I can find one of those things. It might be useful.
No. 6137 ID: 0e6d9b
Like I said, your drawings are awesome. Specially the hands, I've always had trouble with them.
No. 6138 ID: 4c08e9
File 131323651107.jpg - (67.56KB , 600x800 , Hand.jpg )

Well I'm not that great at more complex gestures, but it's simple enough if you break it up into its most basic form; a box and 16 cylinders.

Guiding the expression of the hand with lines, it's fairly easy to flesh out the hand.

Observe: here is a small illustration which I have just prepared. It took about five minutes. It's sloppy, though it shows my point well enough...
No. 6143 ID: 204d12
File 131328594753.jpg - (207.90KB , 1000x1000 , Manfaecs.jpg )
Filename says it all, really.
No. 6147 ID: 204d12
File 131332008434.png - (804.75KB , 1000x1000 , Grr.png )
Wanted to try Liefeld's style.
No. 6148 ID: 01e890
File 131332072316.png - (26.90KB , 170x182 , wierd as hell.png )
Darius had some wierd fetishes. It seems he creeped the hell out of our hero.
No. 6149 ID: 204d12

Fetishes like... dying?
No. 6150 ID: 01e890

I have absolutely no idea. The story is awesome btw.
No. 6151 ID: b3a631
Dude, that was Venar. OVERLORD's hiding Reinhardt's face because it seems to be gruesome if you judge by the reactions of everyone around him when he removes the helmet.
No. 6152 ID: 01e890

Sorry, Must'v misread it.
No. 6174 ID: 947cc0
there are ways to draw a hand a lot more simply and easily, you know. This is hardly its most basic form.


No. 6204 ID: f1b937
File 131356997683.jpg - (455.16KB , 2480x3508 , Marine.jpg )
Here's an update on this guy. Been drawing him exclusively during my lunch breaks.
No. 6207 ID: 880e00
File 131364317099.jpg - (290.51KB , 1000x1000 , Svart.jpg )
Painting practice. Points if you can name them all.
No. 6208 ID: 709678
File 131364741639.png - (357.24KB , 1000x1000 , PhrixGuy.png )
No. 6209 ID: 709678
File 131365035236.png - (479.26KB , 1000x1000 , PhrixGuy.png )
With Blood and Background
No. 6210 ID: 709678
File 131365401724.jpg - (430.85KB , 1000x1000 , New Canvas.jpg )
Liefeld 2
No. 6212 ID: 7114e8

URGGHH HHJRJJJJ TYLER!!!!!!!!!! ( Xman refrence, this guy reminds me of a really buffed up Cable . )
No. 6213 ID: 3eb330
okay... Kanwulf, Abbath, a dude that vaguely looks like he's from Dodheimsgard which is probably not true, and Satyr. Right?
No. 6214 ID: 709678
Nope. 1/4 correct. They're more obvious figures than that. I think.

Euronymous [facial structure's off], Abbath, Shamaatae [in glorious sepia], and Lord Ahriman.

I was going to include Satyr, but I ran out of room. Plus, Satyricon's a bit too digital these days.
No. 6215 ID: 709678

My mistake. That last one's actually Emperor Magus Caligula.
No. 6216 ID: 7114e8

No. 6353 ID: 52917d
File 131425909116.jpg - (35.48KB , 1000x1000 , Guardian.jpg )
Current WIP.
No. 6354 ID: 52917d
File 131426773607.jpg - (42.11KB , 1000x1000 , Guardian.jpg )

No. 6355 ID: 8a2bb6

I like the Ice pattern style and curving, and the dude's weapon, is it an axe or hammer? Looks awesome so far anyway!
No. 6356 ID: 1a21eb
looks cool. Very unrealistic, but pretty damn cool

why don't you try something more surreal/abstract for the sake of working dem textures and light effects deeper?
No. 6357 ID: 52917d
Thanks guise. I'm going for a sort of 'supernatural' ice formations for the background. Like, warped by whatever magical doo-hicky that guy is guarding.
No. 6358 ID: 92d617
File 131427969862.jpg - (46.83KB , 1000x1000 , Guardian.jpg )
Derp the third. Getting close.
No. 6359 ID: 8a2bb6

Now I am really curious about what is he guarding.

Its looking pretty awesome. I still cant tell if that is an axe or hammer, but you probably didnt get tot that part yet.
No. 6362 ID: bab287
No. 6363 ID: 461670
File 131434964144.jpg - (487.27KB , 1028x1028 , Guardian.jpg )
Done it.
No. 6364 ID: 8e12f4
something is not quite right with the perspective and the progression of contrast according to depth, but that's a hard one.

>no feet
No. 6365 ID: 461670
Yes, this is true. If I'd included feet I would have had to wrestle with shadows of the guy himself, reflections and tonnes of other shit.

Still, first 'proper' try at a background, and I am pleasantly surprised.
No. 6366 ID: 8e12f4
welp, that's why Liefeld never draws them when the character is standing
he can actually draw them pretty well, but not if they're set on the ground
No. 6367 ID: e9d7b9
And we all know that, with all the lights Liefeld draws, shadows would drive any man insane.
No. 6368 ID: bdc36c
File 131436166534.jpg - (223.59KB , 900x1244 , Cable_1_Liefeld_Variant.jpg )
I hate Liefeld, he ruined one of the best characters for me. Take a look at Cable.
No. 6369 ID: e9d7b9

Why? What is wrong with that?
No. 6370 ID: f1972f
Huh, something seems just a bit 'wrong' about that gun he's holding. Like it's not interacting with his hand correctly... foot's a little weird too, but not really 'bad'.

Aside from that, I wouldn't call that archtypically 'Leifeldian'. I mean, I don't even see a plethora of extraneous pouches.
No. 6371 ID: 8e12f4
File 131437812644.jpg - (51.12KB , 400x600 , magog.jpg )
It's like someone tried a different artstyle to fix Liefeld's bullshit and ended up doing the very fucking same mistakes

Didn't he fucking invent Cable?

By the way, if you want an actual "fixed" 90s x-treme anti hero, there's Magog (at least in his early appearances, I'm not sure his own series is very decent). Say whatever you want about Alex Ross being a bad person and his comics lacking vividness, but he fucking managed to make something cool out of the retarded Liefeld character design protocol. Pic related
No. 6372 ID: 35e1a0
also, those guns only have one barrel, he almost always draws them with two. i am pretty sure this is just made by a Cable fan.
No. 6373 ID: bdc36c

I fell in love with the Cable from the television series. Although he appeared in only about 10 episodes or something. His design was pretty god damned awesome compared to the ever constantly shifting design in the comics and series. All of them approved by Liefeld.
No. 6374 ID: 8e12f4
I haven't seen the X-men series, so I can't tell about him as a character, as a person.
But all I can say about his design is that it looks like the action-man version of the typical teenage DA-user Mary Sue: take a lot of potentially cool elements (scars over one eye, bionic arm, white hair, massive pauldron, paramilitary accessories, glowing eye, psychic powers; let's not even talk about his backstory) and just toss them up grossly into one character. Cable is a heterogenous patchwork (pleonasm to stress my point) of character ideas.

If the writers managed to make it somehow work, then fine, but it still looks off.
Also, notice how most recent artists who have a take at him usually try to make him look more consistent by emphasizing the "tacticool" aspect of his appearance so that the rest can fit in.
No. 6375 ID: bdc36c
File 131438517174.png - (264.61KB , 429x323 , cable.png )

EXACTLY. Cable in the animated series wasn't all that Sue at all. He kicked ass as much as he could till he got his ass handed back to him by many characters.

Worf syndrome basically.
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