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File 130255509348.png - (18.65KB , 601x489 , artcrudd.png )
3504 No. 3504 ID: 1f2692
doodle crap
Expand all images
No. 3505 ID: 1f2692
File 130255512473.png - (18.44KB , 601x489 , rudy.png )
because we are gentlemen
No. 3506 ID: 1f2692
File 130255608344.png - (38.49KB , 747x1035 , safetytrash.png )
actually this made me laugh.


safety trash is safe
No. 3516 ID: f7aa74
File 130262223190.png - (35.29KB , 754x1013 , babybuzz.png )
i have named these things cuddle bees, and with them i will take over the world
No. 3541 ID: a9197b
Resistance is probably not necessary.
No. 3545 ID: ee658d
No. 3546 ID: 54b969
that's adorable, just sayin'
No. 3548 ID: 8c73c8
i read a manga with giant mutant bot fly larva things. they pupate and turn into sexy girls, who after you fuck them, lay eggs in someone's stomach and die.
No. 3558 ID: cf244d
What could possibly be more erotic than that?
No. 3689 ID: f7aa74

No. 3690 ID: 43d730
If they wore cat ears and maid outfits.

No. 3901 ID: f7aa74
File 130393071078.png - (10.57KB , 397x350 , umsure.png )

how bout just cat ears?
No. 4120 ID: f7aa74
File 130452777852.png - (3.54KB , 163x162 , somethingindigo.png )
welp, i attempted to copy that panty and stocking style... but i guess i suck at it?

anyway, i will never try to draw like this again, it was sooo hard.
No. 4242 ID: f7aa74
File 130495586203.png - (49.47KB , 765x1110 , freedom.png )
scandalous anti-sdf art that got deleted from the fanart thread!!!
No. 4372 ID: 1f2692
File 130574318536.png - (25.57KB , 850x502 , conceptart1.png )
just some concept art
No. 4373 ID: 1f2692
File 130574321668.png - (70.21KB , 850x682 , conceptart2.png )
more concept art... maybe i'll get them into a quest... maybe
No. 4491 ID: f7aa74
File 130651448546.png - (3.71KB , 300x300 )
quick doodle

View animation
No. 4720 ID: 1f2692
File 130739117760.png - (81.81KB , 1030x730 , doodlesketch.png )
i haven't drawn in like forever

plus i felt like drawing these two again
No. 4743 ID: 83a2d2
You have a really crazy drawing style, but it somehow conveys character and emotion.
No. 5846 ID: f7aa74
File 131204790664.png - (12.27KB , 535x313 , swimming.png )
so i went swimming today at the river with my harem of devoted lovers and had a blast.
I'm actually serious about this too, like, aside from my boyfriend there are 5 others guys that i... oh nevermind... i went swimming and had a blast.
No. 7481 ID: 5a8055
File 131761824803.png - (25.23KB , 565x666 , dogkick.png )
No. 7646 ID: f7aa74
File 131826900178.png - (13.65KB , 409x523 , leferranmaybe.png )
this is a leferran, right guys? this is what they're supposed to look like? Are they supposed to look like kangaroos, or am i getting that wrong?
No. 7647 ID: 432449
Tbh I don't know them SUPER well but their muzzles are definitely pretty damn narrow and angular. That one there's a bit wide and rounded, and even if that's a part of your style or something, there should still be the "feel" of the species' face contained within the drawing itself. Part of drawing is capturing that feel inside whatever you choose to portray, I think!
No. 7648 ID: 55c4cf

Are you sure it isn't that you are so wrong you wish you could kick LD irl for being right?
No. 8255 ID: e98cf6
File 132060899403.jpg - (21.07KB , 530x222 , woahwhat.jpg )
you guys are jumping to all sorts of odd conclusions. but whatever.

Crusade time Will continue
no matter if you hate me or not, meh to you all.
so now, i'm making this my art thread, so giddoutta here... unless your admiring my scriblbles, then sit down and make yourself at home.
No. 8256 ID: e98cf6
File 132060909067.jpg - (514.25KB , 600x784 , leedy.jpg )
also this
No. 8284 ID: e98cf6
File 132065181598.jpg - (39.26KB , 600x439 , bullfish.jpg )
oh, it might be the smell of fish.

No. 8318 ID: d6ae01
No. 8336 ID: e98cf6
i see what you did thar!!!

if anyone wants the pics from the originial thread, i still have them(I will not go over the troll story again though).
These i'll post only on special request, so i don't get banned again.
No. 8337 ID: e98cf6
File 132073262079.jpg - (219.41KB , 600x750 , okola.jpg )
and now to commemorate this new art thread, I break the bottle with Okola concept art.

i got the idea at work during lunch, "if a leferan was similar to a kangaroo, then what would a koala be like?"

and i went and drew it.
No. 8349 ID: 0448b9
Coolest dood is the bottom right.
No. 8362 ID: bc5b9a
File 132083624151.png - (133.41KB , 1280x636 , kalor.png )
just cus, this is the main antagonist for Crusade Time.

he'll be one of those villains you'll love to hate.
No. 8497 ID: aebc1f
File 132149961154.jpg - (355.30KB , 600x824 , IMG_0002.jpg )
this is oooold artwork, from my first sketch pad
No. 8498 ID: aebc1f
File 132149982725.jpg - (424.56KB , 600x780 , IMG.jpg )
castle moria, still in doodle phase and needs more background scenery
No. 8499 ID: aebc1f
File 132150102474.jpg - (611.71KB , 600x789 , IMG_0003.jpg )
here's something that i have to upload, this was when i was watching gurren lagann and drew all sorts of oc alien man stuff.
No. 8582 ID: aebc1f
File 132178889665.png - (10.63KB , 439x380 , sick.png )
what the hell, is there some "thing" going around that makes people sick or injured?

had a minor cough a few days ago, now it's a full blown catastrophe and i can't seem to keep a drop of food down.... i blame winter!!! damn you season of snow.
No. 8655 ID: aebc1f

if this works, tgchan, you all would be awesome
No. 8656 ID: aebc1f
File 132203469108.png - (13.02KB , 535x376 , YESSSSSSSSSS.png )

i'm so happy, you guys don't even know
No. 8662 ID: 55f0cc
I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but you requested a request and here am I! A lesbian bifauxnen shoving an entire bagel covered in strawberry cream cheese up the nose of her siamese sister while doing some other normal fetish! DO IT!
No. 8689 ID: aebc1f
... you uh... don't mean conjoined do you? that'd be crazy, i could do it- but still crazy
No. 8690 ID: 55f0cc
I'm totally serious about my craziness. Yes, I meant conjoined.
No. 8692 ID: aebc1f
File 132212204076.jpg - (42.95KB , 509x508 , thatfirstcommission.jpg )
Welp... here it is... not real sexy cus i couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole time i was doodling this. Also, i would have drawn them naked, but.... i couldn't stop laughing while drawing this and messed up some parts so i had to put clothes on them.
so here it is
>A lesbian bifauxnen shoving an entire bagel covered in strawberry cream cheese up the nose of her siamese sister
No. 8693 ID: 55f0cc
No, no! Even better with clothes! Glorious! This is glorious! I can't stop laughing! Oh, I surrender! You bested me on my own challenge! Can't thank you enough! Until I pull off something better, I'm in debt with you!
No. 8706 ID: de7eea
I request something involving a jetpack.
No. 8712 ID: aebc1f
File 132218598979.jpg - (56.76KB , 506x703 , jetpackmonkey.jpg )
i might have just the thing
No. 8713 ID: de7eea
Banannas. The one weakness of jetpacks.
No. 8714 ID: 72a031
I would like to request el presedente from tropico laughing maniacly laughing as he throws bananas at flying jetpack monkeys.
No. 8716 ID: aebc1f
File 132219758409.jpg - (53.12KB , 546x430 , elmonkeybusiness.jpg )
i had to google this one, but here it is
No. 8718 ID: c7b6c2
fukken saved.

Would you mind drawing a visibly disappointed bluejay? Pleeeease?
No. 8719 ID: aebc1f
cartoony, or realistic with certain parts emphasized?
No. 8720 ID: c7b6c2
Cartoony would be best, thanks.
No. 8722 ID: aebc1f
i'm having a little trouble comeing up with a good disappointed look. can you tell me in weeaboo what reaction you want?

:^7 or >B^[ or what you have in mind?
No. 8723 ID: c7b6c2
File 132220278515.png - (3.87KB , 500x500 , example.png )
I was thinking something like this, so uh, I guess the closest equivalent would be ¬_¬
No. 8725 ID: aebc1f
File 132220361129.jpg - (7.35KB , 176x206 , thejay.jpg )
welp, tried as hard as i could but i didn't come up with an epic version of that look. at first i was running through all sorts of looks that i saw as disappointment but couldn't get it down.

welp, i got this though, hope it's close
No. 8726 ID: c7b6c2
Hey, man, that's awesome! Thanks a bunch. No worries.
No. 8790 ID: da696f
ho shit i thought it would actually take longer for you to do, I really like it! Thanks!
No. 8921 ID: 4b1c10
File 132279562818.jpg - (171.36KB , 1193x759 , dragonconcept.jpg )
yeah, this is a month old but it's a dragon concept.

Furgraut, the gnoll dragon
No. 9032 ID: b6edd6
A half-gnoll dragon?
What about a half-mimic dragon, which is its own horde?
Or a half-gelatinous-cube dragon, just because?
No. 9033 ID: 9c7c3b
I can't get this image of an infinitely recursive mimicdragon hoard out of my head.
No. 9049 ID: 597dc4
File 132308493210.jpg - (45.10KB , 570x330 , dwarfshenanigans.jpg )

it seems that everyone forgets that a mimic is similar to a doppelganger, but can only imitate objects. They don't produce gold, they just look like chests and any object of the same size category- the gold they collect from dead adventurers that they have killed.

take the picture for example. A dwarf sized mimic an imitate a chest, a barrel, or anything with the same dimensions or size of any object. But they do not have gold or jewels in them until they are placed inside.
No. 9066 ID: b6edd6
But what if the mimic disguises itself as a pile of gold?
No. 9122 ID: 597dc4
File 132334372807.jpg - (120.75KB , 600x784 , IMG_0051.jpg )
i would not know, maybe the end of the world

and speaking of world, here's some scenery
No. 9127 ID: 597dc4
File 132339106282.jpg - (9.50KB , 342x175 , beehimingbyrd.jpg )
irc request
No. 9226 ID: 597dc4
File 132377020604.png - (791.14KB , 1280x657 , harmonyjacob.png )
i like harmony, it makes things look epic. and listening to 2cellos makes the world stop and teh sky fall down.
No. 9227 ID: 597dc4
File 132377142233.png - (710.13KB , 1280x657 , holycrapratmole.png )
seriously, my mediocre stuff turns into epic proportions.

No. 9228 ID: 597dc4
File 132377214427.png - (857.52KB , 1280x657 , holycrapratmole2.png )
my god, f-ing masterpiece
No. 9293 ID: 597dc4
File 132394394172.jpg - (189.54KB , 600x775 , IMG_0028.jpg )
"freaks" concept art
No. 9353 ID: 597dc4
File 132411549094.jpg - (29.90KB , 435x430 , carrotworld.jpg )
yep, cute moria is cute
No. 9379 ID: 597dc4
Audio faultyai.mp3 - (608.19KB )
working with audacity to see if i can do some neat voice actin... so far this only sounds good to me- and this is terrible stuff
No. 9449 ID: 597dc4
File 132436713287.jpg - (40.90KB , 499x509 , girrafewizard.jpg )
idiom alphas request
No. 9450 ID: 597dc4
File 132436871073.png - (5.11KB , 250x220 , jellyfishbamump.png )
no seriously guys, i'm a jelly fish.
No. 9467 ID: 0448b9
Holy crap man.
It's like you're a jelly fish or something.

No. 9500 ID: cfe790
File 132444772981.jpg - (16.12KB , 457x313 , gaybirds.jpg )
no idea, gay birds?

also, first time ever in drawing dicks... i am just taking one step closer to being another bitequest, i just need to drink more
No. 9507 ID: 0448b9
You're on your way. I remember way back in the day when you were just a little boy, saying "I wanna be the next bitequest one day!"
Now is your chance.
No. 9517 ID: b88147
File 132454236997.jpg - (38.49KB , 341x340 , bolerostrollface.jpg )
Bolero's trollface, Bolero is the name of the black guard that wants to kill all the villagers in Moria Quest
No. 9526 ID: b88147
File 132455272570.jpg - (43.69KB , 625x620 , myinternets.jpg )
and the finished version
No. 9905 ID: becb83
File 132593159736.png - (23.44KB , 740x430 , shockedbymasterpiece.png )
yep, finally got some fanart, it made me cray tears of joy
No. 9966 ID: becb83
File 132617244317.jpg - (173.82KB , 600x770 , IMG_0068.jpg )
haven't uploaded in a while, so here's concept work of a doobie smith
No. 10213 ID: becb83
File 132676633159.jpg - (1.03MB , 800x1028 , IMG_0075.jpg )
just a thing i doodled up quickly, listened to some of that creepy good muzak that sometimes i like and decided to make a robot god. still just concept work.
No. 10214 ID: becb83
File 132677662021.png - (74.26KB , 367x529 , ockobold.png )
so i was on oc, by myself because schoolies had schoolies- so i just did me a sexy kobold(the original version) and found out that if i put some effort on something, it turns out pretty good.
No. 10215 ID: 1854db
Once you have the basics down solidly, making good art is like 70% polish. No joke.
No. 10216 ID: becb83
i would like to believe that i'm fairly okay with the artsy thing, but then when i see either green or overlord just doing arts i become a little less inside....
No. 10218 ID: becb83
File 132679701087.jpg - (392.34KB , 800x1031 , IMG_0076.jpg )
my funny bone twisted my leg to get me to do this before i went to bed.

Just some humble fanart for greenmarine and OVERLORD, if anyone happens to see them tell'em to stop by- maybe drop in for some burgers and fries. Or some chit-chat.
No. 10219 ID: e572b9
File 132680281444.jpg - (258.81KB , 600x600 , 1245816431544.jpg )

>Lined paper.
No. 10229 ID: 4fa8ce
Probably the same way i feel when i watch my favorite artists work. In the end you will have to man up and start giving more importance to what you can do and how to make it better and less importance to the things other people can do.

>>Implying i would even come close to that thing.
No. 10272 ID: becb83
File 132696928719.png - (6.50KB , 286x297 , derp.png )
it's my mspaint abstract stuff, i remember doing something like this before... this goes under the list of things that take effort.
No. 10273 ID: becb83
File 132696939465.png - (23.09KB , 716x554 , talkboxtemplate.png )
and this is that other abstract mspaint thing that i did
No. 10306 ID: becb83
Audio bamumpbump.mp3 - (3.29MB )
just made some crazy background noise, sent in for a midi-keys and hopefully it will have something like violins or something when i work on it again.
No. 10308 ID: becb83
File 132711101804.png - (12.40KB , 478x531 , skoon.png )
spaceship design in abstract style
No. 10571 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132766311947.png - (9.60KB , 506x369 , catman.png )
so i haven't doodled up anything in a while, so here we go... it's catman.

I was trying to draw batman, but the ear things went shoop into space, so i changed it to catman.
No. 10572 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132766546485.png - (12.39KB , 506x369 , aooooooda.png )
i don't even know what this is... i just made it
No. 10639 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132800536429.png - (220.15KB , 500x500 , Msodj.png )
this is a thing done by Medic from irc, i'd say he's a cool guy- but then i noticed that he made me a hipster

but aside from that, this was bestest so far
No. 10642 ID: 0a1dbb
Audio warbeastantipersperant.mp3 - (302.93KB )
medic's voice shenanigans inspired me to do voice shenanigans myself
No. 10643 ID: 0a1dbb
Audio koboldbar.mp3 - (306.18KB )
and another one
No. 10666 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132809009790.png - (8.99KB , 451x330 , jellyfishbamump.png )
welp, tired .... dunno why i drew this, but here it is
No. 10669 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132809616914.jpg - (28.36KB , 524x274 , cuddlebeelarvae.jpg )
cuddlebees are still cute, right guys?

i mean it's not like i'm the only one who likes them, eh?
No. 10736 ID: d12795
File 132851183909.png - (238.74KB , 3000x1059 , 2012-2-6-0.png )
laugh out loud, slow day. could not get anyone to oc.
No. 10875 ID: d12795
File 132896077861.png - (15.61KB , 497x399 , fumbles.png )
here's a fumbles
No. 10883 ID: f72f26
Fumbles the goblin is a major character in the webcomic "GOBLINS: life through their eyes"

you probably want to think of a new name for this character
No. 10886 ID: 8fbba5
Also, for a layer of delicious irony, Weaver apparently hates the hell out of that comic, so considering the first time you drew your fumbles...
No. 10888 ID: ed57e8
i actually hate the parts that have the actual goblins in them. minmax is hilarous though.
No. 10894 ID: d12795
File 132899898334.png - (120.04KB , 609x942 , fumbles.png )
Hm, so someone shares the same name as me, no big deal. But to be curious i might as well find out who it is.


No. 11315 ID: 53aede
File 133042435379.png - (86.37KB , 351x481 , whiteboard.png )
so i was on zchan and went to this flock draw thing... well let me tell you-

it changed me
No. 11317 ID: 9c7c3b
What happened to the Bamump that drew quests about people with crazy hair winning races? And pointy-faced dudes with power gloves?

No. 11393 ID: 53aede
lol, but to give you a serious answer i dunno if i have the gusto to stick around. I guess it's come to the time which I've grown tired of derping around with the quests and may want to move on- i might even attempt a webcomic. I dunno, I just don't feel like coming here as often anymore.
No. 11669 ID: a2853b
Fumbles needs a more extreme expression of disgust.
No. 25876 ID: dff0a8
hope i'm saging correctly... so, didn't expect this to be on front page of the art section- it's old and i'm not using this thread anymore.... though maybe i should have a mod merge my art threads together
No. 25877 ID: dff0a8
this is old, wowee zowee- where's my current one and why isn't that one getting attention?
No. 25996 ID: dd4ed3
A spambot got the draw threads out of order, is all. Lots of old things got bumped up. Mods removing the posts doesn't unbump them.
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