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File 149695331618.png - (219.96KB , 1212x826 , Drawthread!.png )
34354 No. 34354 ID: 8a947d
Here's where I draw stuff
More drawings here: https://krylonheretic.tumblr.com/
Expand all images
No. 34355 ID: 8a947d
File 149695340298.png - (183.92KB , 1212x826 , Theif and the Beater.png )
The other two characters that could've been chosen from The Thief The Beater, The Rotten People Eater.
No. 34356 ID: 8a947d
File 149695352271.png - (298.80KB , 1212x826 , Here it is you degenerates.png )
I know people are gonna ask for the Pagan in a dress, I can feel it coming. Well here it is I beat you to it! Now no one can ask for it anymore!
No. 34357 ID: f64d1f
I want Pagan in a bikini
No. 34358 ID: 8a947d
File 149695659840.png - (114.90KB , 797x798 , Jesus CHrist not again.png )
You absolute mad man
No. 34359 ID: f64d1f
Lol I was just joking. I didn't thought that you would actually do it XD
No. 34360 ID: f64d1f
But this raises one question. The way how he looks surprised make me wonder, how he ended in those clothes?
No. 34361 ID: 3583d1

Let's not ask that just yet...

I'd like to see some of the cultures of your world and what they look like. Like other pagan's for example, are those bandages common among them? And what about Shadowmen? Is their voodoo part of their gang or is it it's subculture?
No. 34362 ID: 8a947d
File 149696567191.png - (172.00KB , 1212x826 , Pagans.png )
The Pagans have no real dress code, but it tends to be robes, furs, and masks

Shadowmen are a gang that use Voodoo but Voodoo is its own subculture. There aren't a lot of them around.
No. 34363 ID: 8a947d
Oh and the Pagan wheres those bandages to conceal his scar tattoos for one reason or another
No. 34364 ID: 91ee5f
But the real reason is so that you don't have to constantly draw them all the time!
No. 34365 ID: b0784e
That's awesome! What about the church culture? So far it seems like the one church is the dominant religion of this world. But really I'm more interested in the world itself, what do the people look like based on where they are or what culture they belong to.

Also I finally realized what your art style of this world reminds me of, Akagame Ga Kill. It's very much a fantasy with swords and sorcery but modern day clothing and even guns don't feel out of place.
No. 34366 ID: f64d1f
So Dreamwalker you are fallowing this quest as well
No. 34367 ID: b0784e
Yep, R&B and D3 have quickly become my favorite quests on the board right now
No. 34368 ID: 8a947d
File 149697896639.png - (143.37KB , 1212x826 , Church.png )
I think the Church would be pretty militaristic, in a constant crusade against voodoo users and pagans along with constant prayer and faith in their gods, the usual. The first city The Pagan starts in, Itsdin wasn't original ruled by the Regent Church but was taken over at some point.

Children are taken from birth to be Priests or Priestesses and participate in the ongoing witch hunt, peasants are strong armed into giving tribute to gods, some Priests and Church-goers do good in the world but the Church is mostly a corrupt superpower.
No. 34370 ID: b0784e
I see, I'm assuming we'll learn more about the various cultures as they go on. Based on what you've said, would it be right in assuming that prophets powers depend on whatever god they serve?
No. 34371 ID: f64d1f
Are you Dreamwalker going to make fanart of his quest as well?
No. 34372 ID: 3583d1
If the fancy strikes me
No. 34373 ID: f64d1f
No. 34378 ID: 8a947d
File 149704487650.png - (224.78KB , 1212x826 , Prophet Margins.png )
Yes different gods give different powers, I imagined Prophets as basically stand users from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
No. 34379 ID: b0784e

No. 34393 ID: 8a947d
File 149710108779.png - (158.69KB , 1212x826 , Boss.png )
Voodoo users aren't evil, but The Shadowmen are against our Pagan.
No. 34394 ID: f64d1f
Every time when I see him I think about this guys
No. 34411 ID: 8a947d
File 149721674203.png - (136.08KB , 875x794 , Ada.png )
Gonna have to change that hat if Ada shows up again later
No. 34413 ID: 464660
I'm hoping she does, she was a cutie. Also what kind of hat is it anyway? Looks like a firemans helmet with a medieval helmet visor.
No. 34418 ID: 8a947d
I don't know, I don't know what I was thinking when I drew it. Now that I stare at it for more than 2 seconds it looks terrible.

Ada will show up as long as we return to her shop in Itsdin, and maybe more.
No. 34432 ID: 8a947d
File 149734488828.png - (322.16KB , 1102x1653 , Roboman.png )
No. 34444 ID: 8a947d
File 149745057515.png - (164.45KB , 830x806 , Roland Alt Cloths.png )
Gallows in Winter and Formal Clothing
No. 34520 ID: 8a947d
File 149809566149.jpg - (3.77MB , 5312x2988 , 20170621_183041.jpg )
Tablet pen's busted and It sucks to draw with it now so here are some sketches.
No. 34521 ID: 8a947d
File 149809578019.jpg - (3.83MB , 5312x2988 , 20170612_223336.jpg )
Sketchbook filled with the Demon summons before I started the quest
No. 34522 ID: 5abf51
It looks awesome!!!
No. 34524 ID: 34f035
What I love about the demons is how I've been naming them. Jefferey Cuddle-Trousers, Mr. Chompers, etc. I've mostly picked names like that because enemies will never forgive themselves for dying at the teeth of "The fluffy pink bunny." It seems I do that a lot... shit I was even the one who came up with Roland "Gallows" Conroy, albeit along with the other questers
No. 34543 ID: 8a947d
File 149824323157.jpg - (3.90MB , 5312x2988 , 20170623_035823.jpg )
Behold! The horrible eater of souls!

Roland: Oh he's adorable! I'm naming him Bobby
No. 34546 ID: 91ee5f
And then the monster starts talking to Roland and says, "You think I'm cute?! No one's ever called me that before! You're so sweet!"

Then starts giving Roland affectionate licks to the face! XD
No. 34664 ID: 8a947d
File 149888034155.png - (192.88KB , 1212x826 , Pagan Knights.png )
Two outfits of the Pagan Knights. The Striker (Left) and The Summoner (Right). The Pagan Knights are tasked with the defense of all pagan settlements, cities, and colonies along with their ongoing mission to take down the Reagent Church.

(Guys request stuff, it's hard to think up stuff to draw)
No. 34665 ID: 91ee5f
>(Guys request stuff, it's hard to think up stuff to draw)
What?! No, don't put me on the spot like that! I'll only think of boring things that pretty much everyone will think of when you do that to me! Uhhh...uhhh...uhhh...how about a dragon summon for Roland???
No. 34666 ID: 3740b1
Draw (demon) dicks. (demon) dicks everywhere.

Actually what would be cool to see is avatars of the usurper gods and big daddy Athmoor. Unless you're waiting to reveal them.
No. 34674 ID: 8a947d
File 149895255727.png - (124.06KB , 1212x826 , Bahonka Squee.png )
What do you mean when you say Avatar ? do you mean what they look like ?
No. 34675 ID: 91ee5f
Don't underestimate it Roland! Just because it's small, that doesn't mean it's weak!

Or you could throw it at your enemies and it'll bite their faces off or your enemies will become so distracted by its adorableness that they completely drop their guard and go "Awwwww!" XD
No. 34676 ID: 3740b1

Yeah, an avatar is a physical manifestation of a God or godlike being that normally resides on another plane of existence. So basically how they would look if they were at the top of the clock tower.
No. 34680 ID: f36501
Seconding avatars!!

Or just more Athmoor. Its story makes me sad. Maybe happy Athmoor instead?
No. 34681 ID: 8a947d
File 149904813553.png - (100.67KB , 1212x826 , Athmoor.png )
I kept trying to give Athmoor a monstrous appearance but I realized if Athmoor ever appeared on earth he would do his best to not scare people, he'd basically be a giant human with red eyes and horns.

Give the gods physical appearances might be hard since I imagined them as Lovecraftian horrors
No. 34682 ID: 91ee5f
He's even wearing clothes! I guess he didn't want to scare anyone with his nakedness either! XD

Hmmm, how about showing us what Troy's goddess looks like? I wanna see Freitast, The Goddess of Black Ice!
No. 34683 ID: 3740b1
Wooohooooo horrors. Neat. That's fine we'll leave it for when we eventually kick their asses in quest. More Athmoor works for me. He's definitely a likeable and interesting character. I hope end game we save or resurrect him in some fashion. (Btw drawing any inspiration from Bloodborne or is that just me projecting ever since we got to Olmec?)
No. 34685 ID: 8a947d
File 149905042098.png - (155.94KB , 1212x826 , Freitast.png )
Freitast being a Prophet god would be about human sized

There was an option in the second chapter of the quest during the dream at the beginning, The Large Figure option or something like that. If we had chosen that one our main quest would be to revive Athmoor, but it isn't so we probably won't. or we will who knows ?

And yes lots of Bloodborne inspiration for chapter 4
No. 34686 ID: f36501
It's too late, I'm already attached to the overly generous primordial being. If we're resetting the world, damn it all, we gotta make sure the one responsible for it all gets to see it!

Also for gods (and/or their avatars) is size a clear indication of power? Or are there OP small gods and weak large ones?
No. 34687 ID: 3740b1

Lol now I'm thinking of all the "huge dude" bosses in the souls series.
No. 34704 ID: b1b4f3
Well if we reset the world, won't athmoor come back?
No. 34707 ID: f36501
I mean we're kinda getting into disthread territory here but I would think that Athmoor could have the power to reset the world but might not be the only way to do so. Like, I'm going to root for that option every chance I get because I adore Athmoor, but it's not the only option and probably not the best one. Plus like... He might not have learned his lesson from his death. Might try to bring back the green but still allow the other gods their place. Which I'm not sure how Roland would take to.

(Although it would also allow Freitast to live and hang around and probably get more power which would be nice for Troy.)

Speaking of Troy, what would his and Issei's soul poker cards look like?
No. 34721 ID: 8a947d
File 149932633290.png - (69.07KB , 1212x826 , Soul Cards.png )
Maybe Athmoor will come back maybe he won't, I'm a little ashamed to say this but a lot of what's going on is being made up as I go. There's an ending in mind but it's subject to change depending on suggester actions.

In his life leading up to becoming a smuggler Troy did some less than legal things.
Troys Soul Card is Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. When a player cannot raise or check a bet made someone can play Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and let them skip their turn, but after the reveal the player who got to skip must pay 50G to the person who played the card.

Issei's life of hunting down rotten people has led to a rather skewed sense of justice.
Issei's Soul Card is Hunter of the Rotten. Issei's card has two separate effects.
1.) If someone plays a card that directly negatively effects someone else this card can block it.
2.) If someone is suspected of cheating and this card is played one of two things can happen: If they are cheating all of their gold will go to the person who played their card, if they aren't cheating the player of the card will have to give all of their gold to the person they've accused.

We'll probably never see these cards in action, I don't think I'll do another soul poker game in the same style as before.
No. 34723 ID: 8a947d
File 149934806439.png - (143.97KB , 712x826 , Chicken.png )
Almost beat Nuclear Throne
No. 34724 ID: 8a947d
File 149934809588.png - (122.11KB , 900x665 , Chicken 2.png )
The fucking Throne melted me but I unlocked Chicken and she's great.
No. 34738 ID: c88e6d
Chicken once was the best. Then they took away her time powers and gave her a worse version of the halo mutation. She's still the cutest.
No. 34747 ID: 8a947d
File 149955412541.png - (235.51KB , 1212x826 , Walker Tank.png )
No. 34750 ID: 91ee5f
This reminds me of Ghost in the Shell.
No. 34778 ID: 3583d1
File 149976432453.jpg - (2.13MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3947.jpg )
I was asked if I would ever make Fanart of your stuff, and I said "if the fancy strikes me." Well it struck me. This is actually an outfit I drew up for Gallows but just wasn't fast enough to sumbit (I also just sketch cuz that's what I am comfy with). If another moment arises where we need a change of atire I might just sumbit this again, this would all be in greys and darker colors, excluding his bandages and bandanna of course.
No. 34779 ID: 09b125
It looks awesome
No. 34782 ID: 8a947d
I don't know why, but it looks like he's ready to hunt vampires. I love it.
No. 34790 ID: 780a88
Glad you like it! He does have a "Vanhelsing" look about him. But ironically I modeled his outfit off a very certain real life Norse pagan god, who wears a wide brimmed hat that has a raven's feather tucked in it, and wears a long grey cloak when he walks the earth. I thought it would be fitting, especially since this particular Norse god has the title "Lord of the Gallows."
No. 34791 ID: 8a947d
File 149977815940.png - (520.75KB , 1212x1653 , Lord of Gallows.png )
Jesus Christ that's fucking awesome. I had no idea Odin was called Lord of Gallows, what are the odds that our pagan is named after an actual pagan god ? That outfits great though.
No. 34794 ID: 3583d1
Yes it is! All he needs now to complete his look is are two red-eyed demon raven around him his look would be set! Thinking about it though they both share some pretty interesting similarities. Both Odin and Gallows have one eye, and both were hung as a sacrifice as part of a ritual (in Odin's case though he hung himself for nine days and nights as a sacrifice to himself, all of which earned him the power of magic, and the Title of Lord of the Gallows), and they even want to build worlds, Odin made the worlds green along with his brothers, where as our Gallows wants to remake the world green again.
No. 34796 ID: f36501
Shit those parallels!!

If we ever summon two knock off Hunter-Killer Hawks, maybe we could get some sort of raven summons. Hugin and Mugin. Huggy and Muggy.

I wonder who Issei and Troy would closest parallel in Norse mythos? Issei always reminded me a bit of Ammut of Egyptian mythology, the demon that devours those who are deemed to be wicked after death.
No. 34797 ID: 3583d1
I would totally be down for Huggy and Muggy.

The closest parallels that I can think for Troy and Issei would have to be the gods Ullr, and Vidar. I'm sure there are better ones but this is my own guess.

Troy would be Ullr, as Ullr is a god of winter, and hey Troy's Jet Black could work there. But Ullr is also a god of duels and hunting. So troy's gunfighter abilities can work for these. I'm sure there are others that can work too but this is just my one guess.

Now, Issei however, the best parallel would be Vidar, god of vengeance, the forest, and silence. Now the vengeance part is easy, he's eats evil people. But he is not exactly a talkative guy, so the silence can do here. The only thing I am having trouble figuring out if the forest part can come into anything (his tentacles maybe>?).
No. 34798 ID: 3583d1
However if we are just going off of myth's in general I totally agree that Issei would be Ammut, eater of souls. I still don't really know about Troy though. Ullr can work (in stories i've read he's something of a cocky bastard) but there might be one that fits him better I just haven't found it yet.
No. 34831 ID: 8a947d
File 150007945257.png - (102.29KB , 1212x826 , The Cordepid.png )
I have a whole story about how I thought this thing up. Its on my tumblr and I don't want to type it again.
No. 34832 ID: ba506f
copy paste?
No. 34833 ID: 8a947d
Yeah, and copy paste forgot about that...

I had the weirdest fucking dream last night.
So for some reason these creatures had begun to live on earth , nobody really stops them or tries to learn more about them but everybody is terrified of them. I don’t know why but I think they were called Cordipeds or something like that. They were just sort of everywhere normal people where and everyone just tried their best not to look at them, but they liked deserts the best (I live in a desert so there were tons of them). The weirdest part was that I guess they could talk to rocks ? and the rocks would listen I guess, and it got even weirder when the rocks would start to roll along side them following the Cordipeds wherever they went.

In my dream I was at school and the bus left without me and a Cordiped came up to me with a giant group of rocks following it and offered me a ride home, it didn’t really speak It sort of made a high pitch sound like a school fire alarm.
I woke up before anything else happened. It was fucking weird.
Edit: and I forgot the best part! When the Cordiped offered me a ride he offered to take me in a truck, just a normal ford truck. This big scary monster thing rides a regular car.
No. 34834 ID: 91ee5f
>and I forgot the best part! When the Cordiped offered me a ride he offered to take me in a truck, just a normal ford truck. This big scary monster thing rides a regular car.
But was it driving in the driver's seat or was it in the back of the truck?

Logically, I'd say it was in the back so because that's the only place it could fit and someone else was driving. Maybe even a rock (golem)?

But according to dream logic, it could've been in the front and actually driving the truck.

So I've gotta know, was it driving or was someone else driving?
No. 34835 ID: 8a947d
The car belonged to the Cordiped so i'd assume it would be the one driving, I have no idea how these things work or function so maybe it was driving ?

or maybe it was driving from the truck bed because dream logic.

this was the weirdest dream I've had in years, but maybe I can do something with it...
No. 34837 ID: cc3193
It does look like a possible demon summon... perhaps another form of gluttony demon?
No. 34846 ID: 8a947d
File 150019723963.png - (146.82KB , 1212x826 , The Cordeped speaks.png )
They makes sounds ranging from low garbled growls to shrill screams, but regardless of their tone you always know what they are saying. They rarely say anything, so when they do speak, you’d better listen.
No. 34847 ID: 91ee5f
>you always know what they are saying.
You're right, I can understand what it's saying! It's telling me that.....my fly is down? Oh, shit! *zip* How embarrassing! >///< ;;
No. 34848 ID: e9ef8f
Cordiped say, "man who go to bed with itchy butt, wake up with sticky fingers..."
No. 34938 ID: 8a947d
File 150060549551.png - (90.34KB , 609x515 , Roland Gallows Conroy.png )
Head sizes are weird to keep consistent.
No. 34939 ID: 80b588
Alright so something occurred to me about the world in which you have D3 set in when I looked at this. But when you first out to create your quest world, did you intentionally add in western elements? Given that Gallows's personal quest is to remake the world to be green again, I can infer from that it's mostly all desert or harsh lands. From the way the quest started I had anticipated mostly fantasy-sci-fi, but what we've been given is almost more post acolalyptic fantasy western. I'm definitely cool with that but did you set out to create a world like that? Or is that just what it became? This also makes me think that maybe the whole western thing is just commonplace in our current area and if we moved into another one we would find different kinds of clothing to be more common.
No. 34941 ID: 91ee5f
These are things that are normally talked about in the disthread, not the drawthread.
No. 34942 ID: 8a947d
I never intended for old west themes, but I do enjoy that the quest has them now. I plan to put in more sci-fi stuff soon but for now it all seems to be really western stuff.

Technology's hard to come by and few have anything good, at least that's my excuse for it. Also I'm pretty sure the outfit Gallow's has is adding to the western theme along with his name. Roland Gallows Conroy is such a cowboy name to me.
No. 34944 ID: 80b588
The only reason I bring it up here was in reference to the drawing. I actually asked what other people in this world look like based on their country and place in the world, so that's an idea for a drawing too. So yeah.
No. 34961 ID: 8a947d
File 150078776690.png - (165.08KB , 1212x826 , Clothes in D3.png )
I haven't thought about it that much, but I'm sure I'll make sure different areas of Second Helchaim look different in environment and character.
No. 35033 ID: 8a947d
File 150113592117.png - (201.31KB , 1212x826 , Title Card.png )
I don't know if this is a drawthread thing or a dis thing but I was going to use this as chapter 5's title card.
No. 35037 ID: 8a947d
File 150115165509.png - (143.72KB , 464x793 , False Eye.png )
No. 35040 ID: 3583d1
Where is this person from?
No. 35042 ID: 91ee5f
No. 35058 ID: 8a947d
File 150122283569.png - (166.60KB , 753x801 , Ada.png )
No. 35059 ID: 3583d1
She is still a cutie-patootie.
No. 35060 ID: 8a947d
File 150122930762.png - (315.29KB , 1212x826 , Troy.png )
No. 35061 ID: ba506f
so random question, how does the black ice goddess feel about Gallows?
No. 35062 ID: 5d13f5
With seeming indifference probably. But maybe she is grateful for saving Troy's life a couple times.
No. 35075 ID: 8a947d
File 150130111418.png - (284.22KB , 1212x1653 , Ada 2.png )
No. 35080 ID: c88e6d
Absolutely cute.
No. 35107 ID: 8a947d
File 150146458695.png - (214.87KB , 1212x826 , Lavender Fanart.png )
Posted this in a fanart thread, might as well post it here too

Lavender from Spookquest
No. 35108 ID: 8a947d
File 150146491361.png - (247.17KB , 1212x1653 , Ollie.png )
My Eyeball Guy

No. 35109 ID: 91ee5f
She's adorable! X3
No. 35195 ID: 8a947d
File 150188430707.png - (122.32KB , 589x826 , Ms Mummy.png )
Ms Mummy from OK KO
No. 35196 ID: 8a947d
File 150188615395.jpg - (2.01MB , 2107x2318 , 2017-08-04 15_22_55.jpg )
Sketches for parts of chapter 4
No. 35197 ID: 8a947d
File 150188618240.jpg - (1.98MB , 2114x2215 , 2017-08-04 15_33_17.jpg )
No. 35210 ID: 8a947d
File 150192658250.png - (323.78KB , 1212x826 , Church Priests.png )
I look forward to us seeing more priests.

Also I need to learn how to keep characters proportional
No. 35417 ID: 8a947d
File 150309965652.png - (147.18KB , 1212x826 , Fiddler Imp.png )
No. 35418 ID: 3d5eb2
Every time I see fiddler, songs by Voltaire always play in my head...
No. 35497 ID: 8a947d
File 150345282535.png - (177.38KB , 769x1467 , Uma.png )
No. 35565 ID: 8a947d
File 150388933587.png - (787.42KB , 1073x801 , Ringed Dao Imp.png )
No. 35570 ID: 8a947d
File 150396131877.png - (285.26KB , 868x716 , Jaw Bone Club Imp.png )
No. 35586 ID: 8a947d
File 150405947614.png - (0.97MB , 1212x826 , Khopesh Imp.png )
No. 35609 ID: 8a947d
File 150423362895.png - (908.73KB , 1212x826 , Falchion Imp.png )
No. 35610 ID: 3ce125
When are we gonna get to summon an army of imps?
No. 35611 ID: 91ee5f
These all look like a bunch of really tough guys!

And a tough girl!

(No, I don't know why I think this one is a girl, it just looks like a girl to me.)
No. 35617 ID: 083a3b
I see thst girl too, I think it's something in the hips and near the chest area. The question I would want to know is can we summon all of them at once, the summon is called "army of imps"? Or would we have to summon them one at a time.
No. 35621 ID: 8a947d
File 150432057697.png - (704.75KB , 951x826 , Maori Imp.png )
That last one is a girl, and it'd probably be some sort of Aberrant Summon If you get it at all. Maybe one of your summons could put in a good word for you with some imp warriors, who knows ?
No. 35622 ID: 91ee5f
>Maybe one of your summons could put in a good word for you with some imp warriors, who knows?
I can now imagine Fiddler Imp coming here when he gets unsummoned and he says, "You guys won't believe what I just did!"
No. 35658 ID: 8a947d
File 150448550057.png - (141.25KB , 540x810 , Boar Lady.png )
Tried coloring differently, i feel like the palette looks weird on this one.

Anyway here's a boar lady with a gun.
No. 35666 ID: 8a947d
File 150456271654.png - (118.71KB , 540x810 , Hover Turret Bot.png )
No. 35667 ID: 8a947d
File 150456272942.png - (104.41KB , 540x810 , Robot 1.png )
No. 35722 ID: 8a947d
File 150492564833.png - (135.28KB , 513x640 , Tattooed Demon Woman.png )
No. 35755 ID: 8a947d
File 150521447303.jpg - (2.09MB , 1884x2837 , 2017-09-12 04_04_28.jpg )
I tried to draw a humanish Issei.
No. 35756 ID: 8a947d
File 150521475354.jpg - (1.92MB , 2075x2485 , 2017-09-12 04_03_43.jpg )
Issei's real mouth and a false mouth, he doesn't speak with the real one though it's just for eating. Issei speaks through unknown means.

When angry or frustrated sometimes his fake mouth won't sync with his words properly. If made mad enough his false mouth just won't move at all while he talks.
No. 35794 ID: 8a947d
File 150543286093.png - (374.60KB , 1027x1832 , Moth Lady.png )
Moth Lady
No. 35798 ID: 91ee5f
She's adorable!
No. 35799 ID: 16913c
Since gods can apparently possess a body for a time, and that body doesn't have to be human, can we get a drawing of Freitiast-kitty and Gya-goldfish maybe having and godly stare down at each other?
No. 35802 ID: 8a947d
File 150560466637.png - (51.25KB , 540x584 , Frecat and Gyfish.png )
No. 35810 ID: 91ee5f
But will Freitiast take Gya's powers by eating her like that? Or will Gya still be alive and just not have a body to inhabit anymore and go back to Uma?

Speaking of Gya, what does she look like? We've seen Freitiast so we might as well see Gya looks like too!
No. 35811 ID: 8a947d
File 150561384868.png - (102.30KB , 847x820 , Gya.png )
As long as it's not the Prophet's body the prophet god can die and not experience any ill effects. If Freicat died she'd just need a new body to possess if she wanted to talk to Troy Normally.

and here's a full Gya
No. 35812 ID: deec6e

Dat pantheon.
No. 35867 ID: 8a947d
File 150591507887.png - (211.84KB , 540x810 , The Hanged Man (Thorn Border).png )
No. 35889 ID: fd306a
tarot cards are pretty damn cool, so that makes this one extra cool.
Also thanks for basically reminding me that this thread existed.
No. 35900 ID: 8a947d
File 150609773023.png - (312.58KB , 540x810 , Strength.png )
No. 35902 ID: 963ae7
Issei would either be Justice or the Hermit. Troy I'm having trouble deciding if he would be wheel of fortune or the fool. I could see Athmoor as "The Devil" kind of a no brainer there. And I guess Gallows and Ada for the lovers...
No. 35903 ID: 8a947d
I thought Issei might be Death but I definitely see him as Judgement. I'm not sure if Troy fits the Fool card, but then again I don't know a lot about the tarot.
No. 35904 ID: 963ae7
I have a lot of friends who are real pagans and do tarot the fool represents carelessness and a free spirit, but also vulnerability. So I guess it wouldn't be quite indicative of Troy, it was more a shot in the dark anyway. I'd say the hermit or wheel of fortune for him. Karas the priest could also be wheel of fortune too (the filthy cheater).
No. 35905 ID: 963ae7
And why not Boss Shahdowman for death? I mean skulls and stuff?
No. 35932 ID: 8a947d
File 150626337676.png - (184.04KB , 540x810 , The Magician.png )
Flint as The Magician
No. 35933 ID: 8a947d
File 150626340601.png - (129.18KB , 540x810 , The Tower.png )
The Regent Church as The Tower
No. 35934 ID: 3abd97
I think you'd want the Voodoo leader as The Devil- that way the two voodoo minions can be the two people chained at the foot of his throne.
No. 35989 ID: 8a947d
File 150653031230.png - (252.08KB , 540x810 , Justice.png )
Issei as Justice.
No. 36031 ID: 8a947d
File 150665848609.png - (206.50KB , 540x810 , Judgment Tarot.png )
Athmoor and the Pagans as Judgment
No. 36040 ID: 8a947d
File 150678009418.png - (187.57KB , 540x810 , The Sun Tarot.png )
Fiddler Imp(s) as The Sun
No. 36041 ID: 8a947d
File 150678022407.png - (245.76KB , 540x810 , The Emperor Tarot.png )
Troy as The Emperor.

He probably doesn't fit the archetype of Emperor but i liked the image of him sitting on a throne. He may see himself as the authority of his underground smuggling business which I have neglected to show, but I mostly made him Emperor because it worked with...
No. 36042 ID: 8a947d
File 150678023991.png - (239.30KB , 540x810 , The Empress Tarot.png )
Freitast as The Empress
No. 36076 ID: 8a947d
File 150696500323.png - (137.26KB , 511x645 , Shelly.png )
Mouse Witch, her name's Shelly
No. 36115 ID: 8a947d
File 150704035548.png - (82.03KB , 511x569 , Mothman.png )
No. 36130 ID: 8a947d
File 150712851852.png - (96.68KB , 540x810 , Issei Hallowen.png )
Issei get's dressed up for Halloween
No. 36133 ID: 91ee5f
Nice costume! Here, take some candy!
*gives Issei a bunch of strawberry flavored candy*
No. 36405 ID: 8a947d
File 150826845997.png - (64.86KB , 461x542 , Hallowed Hearth.png )
No. 36463 ID: 8a947d
File 150854021518.png - (411.39KB , 1212x826 , Things in the Woods.png )
No. 36512 ID: 8a947d
File 150880116447.png - (203.80KB , 1144x724 , Ollie rides his Bke.png )
No. 36522 ID: d3602f
Uma giving Troy some Gya clam chowder.
No. 36748 ID: 8a947d
File 150994992340.png - (249.17KB , 1212x1653 , Demoness.png )
Maybe I should start doing NSFW stuff...
No. 36749 ID: 91ee5f
I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to. But odds are that if you do, none of us are gonna complain.
No. 36751 ID: ade112
Pretty much.
No. 36758 ID: d3602f
Do what you want, we aren't going to stop you if you go one way or another.
No. 36759 ID: fc0d38
What do you have exactly in mind, when you say that you are planning to do NSFW stuff...
No. 36764 ID: c88e6d
She looks pretty.
No. 36767 ID: 8a947d
File 151010242861.png - (139.96KB , 874x826 , Demoness 2.png )
No. 36768 ID: fc0d38
No. 36773 ID: c88e6d
Very pretty.
No. 36774 ID: 91ee5f
No. 36800 ID: 8a947d
File 151019096599.png - (348.27KB , 1212x1653 , Kobold Princess 60 OL.png )
Kobold Princess
No. 36802 ID: 3ce125
Her mouth looks weird...
No. 36803 ID: 8a947d
Y-yeah ? Well your face looks weird!

Seriously though how so ?
No. 36804 ID: 3ce125
Well, the side away from the camera doesn't follow her jawline. It's like a beak.
No. 36805 ID: 8a947d
File 151020841456.png - (346.57KB , 1212x1653 , Kobold Princess 2.png )
Not sure I understand fully, but is this any better ?
No. 36806 ID: be0718
Always a fan favorite, that Kobold!
No. 36807 ID: 3583d1
Nothing was wrong with the original as far as I can tell, but she is super cute
No. 36813 ID: 3ce125
Err okay let me rephrase that. Her jaw on that side doesn't attach to her cheekbone, it's going straight on into her face. So it looks like a thin straight (insectoid?) beak on a wide face, instead of a wedge shape which would be more appropriate for her.

It *does* look better with that change though.
No. 36815 ID: 8a947d
File 151026261611.png - (339.24KB , 1212x1653 , Kobold Princess 3.png )
I'm going to fix this if it kills me, is this better ?
No. 36817 ID: 3ce125
No. 36841 ID: 8a947d
File 151040594117.png - (341.97KB , 1195x1066 , Kobold Breeder.png )
Kobold Breeder
No. 36842 ID: fc0d38
No. 36843 ID: c88e6d
She seems well-suited for her job.
No. 36856 ID: 8a947d
File 151045634007.png - (516.08KB , 1212x1653 , Kobold Counciler.png )
Kobold Councilor
No. 36872 ID: 8a947d
File 151053658887.png - (804.73KB , 1129x1412 , Kobold Pricess and Hooded Knight.png )
No. 36873 ID: 91ee5f
I ship it! =3
No. 36963 ID: 8a947d
File 151110465727.png - (234.93KB , 1184x806 , Kobold Adventurer Voki.png )
No. 36964 ID: 8a947d
File 151110466824.png - (486.74KB , 1212x1653 , Orc Princess.png )
No. 36965 ID: 8a947d
File 151110469630.png - (323.43KB , 1212x1653 , Witch Princess.png )
No. 36966 ID: 8a947d
File 151110473266.png - (132.71KB , 818x705 , Witch Princess, Eye potion.png )
No. 36969 ID: c88e6d
She is a delight!
No. 36971 ID: 33cbe7
Speaking of big girls, might I request Amazon Princess next?
No. 36975 ID: 8a947d
File 151115460557.png - (465.72KB , 1212x1653 , Amazon Princess.png )
No. 36976 ID: 33cbe7
Very nice!
No. 36984 ID: 8a947d
File 151120138037.png - (488.58KB , 1195x1653 , Orc Date.png )
No. 36985 ID: 3583d1
Cute. The amazon princess would probably only court a man who could beat her in wrestling though.
No. 36986 ID: 91ee5f
I actually think she'd grab a guy by the arm and drag him off to her room while saying, "I want snu snu!"

And the guy's face would have a look of both joy and fear! XD
No. 37023 ID: 8a947d
File 151137632553.png - (386.41KB , 1163x1448 , Harpy Princess Colored Sketch.png )
No. 37068 ID: 8a947d
File 151153315395.png - (497.30KB , 1212x1653 , Kobold Princess.png )
No. 37069 ID: 8a947d
File 151153316836.png - (169.62KB , 836x824 , Demon Vacation.png )
No. 37070 ID: 8a947d
File 151153323526.png - (336.45KB , 893x1312 , Little Monster.png )
No. 37071 ID: 8a947d
File 151153324704.png - (278.03KB , 813x1436 , Little Demon.png )
No. 37136 ID: 8a947d
File 151200350524.png - (317.50KB , 1212x1653 , Koboutt.png )
No. 37146 ID: 8a947d
File 151207731955.png - (359.08KB , 1212x826 , A Bunny Named Kitty.png )
A Bunny Named Kitty
No. 37147 ID: f4762a
Your art is very cute, and so is Kitty!
No. 37193 ID: 8a947d
File 151250562665.png - (189.79KB , 1171x1547 , Bee.png )
No. 37194 ID: 0dfd9f
I’ll bet she has got one sweet honey-pot...
No. 37200 ID: 8a947d
File 151252116293.png - (324.00KB , 1212x1653 , Chinese Dress.png )
No. 37248 ID: 8a947d
File 151294811411.png - (386.14KB , 1212x1653 , Sleeping Voki.png )
No. 37249 ID: 8a947d
File 151294820557.png - (574.88KB , 1212x1653 , Faye.png )
No. 37344 ID: 8a947d
File 151424273674.png - (79.75KB , 743x826 , Roaming Gluttony.png )
No. 37345 ID: 8a947d
File 151424278063.png - (495.13KB , 1212x1653 , Big Tittie Moth.png )
Friend asked for a "Big Tittie Moth GF"
No. 37346 ID: 8a947d
File 151424280732.png - (510.84KB , 1212x1653 , Artyom Kennedy.png )
No. 37349 ID: 8a947d
File 151424711189.png - (162.62KB , 735x826 , Leather Cat.png )
I got a Persona 5 art book for Christmas and found some concept art of the character Morgana. I was trying to draw it and practice some lighting too.
No. 37361 ID: 8a947d
File 151450088035.png - (344.21KB , 1212x826 , Stand No City.png )
Ability: No City can attach objects together with durable stitches
No. 37362 ID: 8a947d
File 151450160157.png - (316.49KB , 1212x826 , Stand Kiss From A Rose Stats.png )
Ability: Kiss From a Rose can heal the wounds of anyone it touches, however doing so transfers the wound to KFaR's user. When the wound is transferred it heals much faster than it normally would if at all.

Kiss From a Rose can also unravel it's and it's user's body into rose vines.
No. 37363 ID: 8a947d
File 151450172740.png - (253.17KB , 1212x826 , Stand Back in Town.png )
Ability: Back in Town can alter outcomes of events nearby after a roll, the way event's are altered are always positive to it's user and anyone the user wants to come under it's effects. Even the lowest roll will be positive to the user in some way.
No. 37442 ID: 8a947d
File 151528793720.png - (221.84KB , 1212x826 , Blood Hound.png )
Had a dream about these things
No. 37443 ID: ad51b8
maybe you've been drawing to many cats?
No. 37444 ID: 8a947d
They were sort of dog things though, but yeah I have been drawing too many cats.
No. 37445 ID: d3602f
Maybe try something like a dachshund or a pitbull?
No. 37447 ID: 8a947d
File 151538004919.png - (448.09KB , 1212x1653 , Dream Squid.png )
Another freak from my dreams. She looks cute but this bitch shot my arms full of arrows.
No. 37448 ID: c69ce5
Uhhhh do you take pills before sleeping or are you just creative even in your dreams?
No. 37449 ID: 8a947d
I've just been having weird dreams recently and I don't know why.
No. 37456 ID: 91ee5f
Well, you probably deserved it for describing her as a freak.
No. 37473 ID: 8a947d
File 151555243132.png - (108.68KB , 1212x826 , Angry Dog Goop.png )
Angry dog goops
No. 37584 ID: 6c915b
I love her look! Doodle more of her!
No. 37586 ID: 8a947d
File 151677421158.png - (881.08KB , 2187x3814 , Leather Cat 2.png )
No. 37600 ID: 8a947d
File 151684032187.png - (524.83KB , 1212x1653 , Lighting Practice Demon.png )
Started as lighting practice turned into this.
No. 37626 ID: 8a947d
File 151710640123.png - (141.75KB , 1033x573 , Faces Sketch.png )
No. 37627 ID: 8a947d
File 151710641666.png - (279.03KB , 1124x1463 , Alien 1.png )
No. 37653 ID: 8a947d
File 151746180279.png - (96.27KB , 826x1212 , Minor Imp.png )
I was going to try and make a sort of trading card mini-game for D3. Then I realized that's a lot of work so I'm not going to really.
No. 37737 ID: 8a947d
File 151814812682.png - (287.52KB , 1118x1478 , Cat Hat.png )
No. 37739 ID: f6785d
This is Jotaro and no one can convince me of otherwise. Sick drawing tho, i like it.
No. 37765 ID: 8a947d
File 151844456473.png - (639.25KB , 1212x4129 , We'll Be Right Back.png )
No. 37768 ID: f6785d
wtf XD was that a shit-posting?
No. 37775 ID: 8a947d
No. 37780 ID: 499d93
I love this.
This is the true meaning of art right here.
No. 37784 ID: f6785d
No. 37786 ID: 8a947d
File 151861406280.png - (322.00KB , 826x1979 , It's Vinegar Pussy.png )
No. 37804 ID: 8a947d
File 151897555712.png - (493.70KB , 744x1328 , Shintaro Kago Self Portrait Tribute.png )
A self-portrait inspired by the art of Shintaro Kago
No. 37805 ID: 3583d1
Beautiful work, I just checked out some Kago’s Work and boy is that trippy. I got the same kind of vibes from him when I read Junji Ito’s work.
No. 38360 ID: 8a947d
File 152288039893.png - (235.94KB , 1317x1653 , Happy Roxy.png )
Sorry I don't update, too busy drawing foxes
No. 38361 ID: 8a947d
File 152288042292.png - (513.96KB , 2023x1653 , Roxy Headpats.png )
No. 38362 ID: 8a947d
File 152288043885.png - (398.95KB , 1212x1653 , Roxy Behind.png )
No. 38363 ID: 29390b
File 152288390266.jpg - (660.25KB , 2448x3264 , Gv7zPOB.jpg )
When I see this picture this is the first thing that comes to my mind
No. 38372 ID: eeb7d9
Yay! Heretic is back! With foxes! Cute, sexy foxes! Best comeback ever!
No. 38377 ID: c88e6d
Absolutely adorable.
No. 38379 ID: 3583d1
Welcome back! We missed you!
No. 38837 ID: 8a947d
File 152599573960.png - (393.34KB , 1117x1031 , Imp Conga.png )
No. 38839 ID: d3602f
Nobody parties like an imp.
No. 38848 ID: ad51b8
so random question, is this going to be something that Roland could see coming home one day if he left Vol behind to watch the house or something while he left to do something else?
No. 38924 ID: 8a947d
File 152661089318.png - (445.84KB , 1117x1031 , Cham Dokkeabi.png )
No. 38925 ID: 8a947d
File 152661092936.png - (641.25KB , 1117x1031 , Oenun Dokkaebi.png )
No. 38926 ID: 8a947d
File 152661094022.png - (396.27KB , 1117x1031 , Yasaeng Dokkaebi.png )
No. 38927 ID: 8a947d
File 152661094894.png - (422.58KB , 1117x1031 , Go Dokkaebi.png )
No. 38933 ID: d3602f
Now we have asian imps! I like how they are so similar yet really distinct.
No. 39011 ID: 8a947d
File 152721451360.png - (249.40KB , 1212x1653 , SR-Ada.png )
Weird to see nobody jump to flirt with Ada like before.
No. 39013 ID: 4d2d3a
No. 39014 ID: 91ee5f
Have patience.

The flirting will probably start happening the next time we go to her store.

Or possibly after doing at least 1 job for her.
No. 39015 ID: b1b4f3
She looks too different.
No. 39016 ID: d3602f
To be fair, the first time we were trying to get a discount and we weren't in a very good position to get money legally. I wouldn't be surprised if most people assumed we would never come back to that town again.

Really love her design by the way. I actually didn't notice that you switched the humans from black to white until recently.
No. 39026 ID: 166e1c
>I actually didn't notice that you switched the humans from black to white until recently.
Holy shit, your are right. Amazing!
No. 39027 ID: eb4715
Nobody is going to stop me, the shipping is real.
No. 39032 ID: eeb7d9
Wait, nobody noticed the skin change? I thought we were just ignoring it. It didn't look like a great change to me. I mean yeah, black to white is a radical change, but not that much, giving that. Heretic always draws in blacks and whites.

One of us literally suggested to kiss her. We didn't even thought of that in the original quest. The flame is still burning, and it won't be put out any time soon. We will have our chance in the future.
Say, Heretic, speaking about flirting, that is a charisma roll. Will the "SPECIAL" sistem come back for this SR, along with the level ups, or its diferent this time?
No. 39043 ID: 8a947d
File 152738187210.png - (225.82KB , 1212x1494 , Goat Incubus Clothed.png )
I changed the skin from black to white just because it's sorta easier for me and looks nicer to me too. Sometimes certain poses would look weird with the pitch black body parts overlapping when I drew them.

SPECIAL is gone, I thought I wanted stats but in the end, I really didn't. There will be some replacement for it but it'll probably be much different. I kind of know what I want and should have put it in sooner but if you've been following my threads for a while you should know I forget things.
No. 39044 ID: eeb7d9
Heh, good thing i asked them.
No. 39045 ID: eeb7d9
Say, who is this in the picture, is it a female?
No. 39046 ID: 3abd97
Considering the file name says it's an incubus, probably not.
No. 39096 ID: 06fdc0
You know, I wouldn't mind seeing more of this guy.
No. 39097 ID: eeb7d9
Neither would i. I really like it for some reason. Hell, i wouldn't mind seeing him in SR too.
No. 39098 ID: 8a947d
File 152748043064.png - (291.41KB , 1030x1603 , Morning Coffee.png )
Well SR is a family-friendly program and that picture doesn't show it but this guy is used in nsfw material. I just haven't posted all of it.
No. 39141 ID: 8a947d
File 152782712459.png - (483.52KB , 1212x1653 , SR_Troy.png )
Okay but what if he wasn't Troy? You guy's would've looked silly.
No. 39143 ID: 91ee5f
That’s what I said!

Also, you could’ve easily made it someone else, just to throw everyone off! It would’ve been hilarious! XD
No. 39151 ID: eeb7d9
You can't deceive me! NYEH!
No. 39191 ID: 8a947d
File 152815398172.png - (210.79KB , 1212x1653 , SR_Issei.png )
Honest to god didn't care that much about Issei until he got like 3 nat 20's and kept doing progressively more badass shit. Can't wait to introduce him again in SR.
No. 39203 ID: 8a947d
File 152816515646.png - (808.29KB , 1212x1653 , Centipede Aheago.png )
No. 39205 ID: b1b4f3
No. 39206 ID: 3583d1
Have you been reading Junji Ito? This strikes me as something he would draw.
No. 39207 ID: 33cbe7
Must be the loss of spiderbutt.
No. 39208 ID: 8a947d
File 152819337660.jpg - (54.90KB , 1192x671 , 20180604_160345.jpg )
It's more inspired by Shintaro Kago again but I see why you'd think Ito.
No. 39213 ID: eeb7d9
YAAAY best character is on the way!

WTF ahahaha, i wasn't expecting that!
No. 39237 ID: 8a947d
File 152833789439.png - (280.02KB , 1212x1653 , Goblin Princess.png )
No. 39240 ID: ca0e20
It was finally bumped off the frontpage and you post another version? You really should start using the spoiler tag, lol.
No. 39241 ID: 8a947d
File 152834226283.png - (809.13KB , 1212x1653 , Centipede Aheago 2.png )
You're right that's what it's there for
No. 39250 ID: ca0e20
Thank you. =)
No. 39254 ID: 166e1c
In my head Troy's cloths were dark blue and white and Issei's were similar shades of brown. They are almost the exactly opposite.
No. 39255 ID: d3602f
I also imagined Troy's newer clothes to be kind of light blue, but I always imagined Issei's cloak as being dark blue/gray. I must say, this iteration is a pretty dapper dresser for a walking squid filled with teeth. Kind of makes me think of military formal wear.
No. 39256 ID: 05ff2f
That's a damn fine rendition of the Goblin Princess you've done. Your art style works quite well for her.
No. 39265 ID: 8a947d
File 152866916253.png - (246.50KB , 1020x717 , Funnyman Car.png )
I need to get used to drawing cars
No. 39273 ID: 8a947d
File 152875562254.png - (316.25KB , 1212x826 , Love Machine.png )
No. 39276 ID: 3fe84f
This reminds me of Ra-ra-rasputin, somehow.
No. 39278 ID: 91ee5f
When I saw this, I just made up this conversation in my head!

Driver: “Hey, wanna see me do a wheelie?!”

Friend: “You’ve only got one wheel! You’re always doing a wheelie!”

Driver: “Well, when you put it like that, you make it sound lame.”
No. 39308 ID: 186f53
File 152918520510.jpg - (2.32MB , 5312x2988 , 1529185162108814687675.jpg )
No. 39309 ID: 186f53
File 152918524815.jpg - (2.42MB , 5312x2988 , 1529185217857217034853.jpg )
No. 39399 ID: 8a947d
File 153013237782.png - (403.84KB , 1212x1653 , Explorer.png )
No. 39400 ID: 8a947d
File 153013238679.png - (327.13KB , 1212x1653 , Bird Man.png )
No. 39422 ID: 09d241
Tiny goblin vulture bird...
No. 39423 ID: b1b4f3
Googly eye.
No. 39533 ID: 8a947d
File 153140632318.png - (154.15KB , 1039x638 , Knife Still.png )
Knife to meet you
No. 39534 ID: 896ddf
No. 39604 ID: 8a947d
File 153201912184.png - (946.40KB , 1039x1417 , Roxy Beach.png )
No. 39635 ID: f3ba9e
No. 39648 ID: 8a947d
File 153213388047.png - (201.49KB , 828x651 , Roxy Has Something to Say.png )
My friend posted the same thing when I shared that in discord
No. 39649 ID: 8a947d
File 153213400568.png - (349.71KB , 1039x1417 , Collared Roland.png )
Roland on a leash, Whoever's holding the other end is up to your imagination.
No. 39650 ID: 8a947d
File 153213419834.png - (365.12KB , 1039x1417 , Chest Day Ada.png )
Chestday 2018 Ada
No. 39651 ID: 8a947d
File 153213421272.png - (386.55KB , 1039x1417 , Chest Day Hazel.png )
Chestday 2018 Hazel
No. 39654 ID: 3c1fb0
Still best girl
No. 39657 ID: e26fa5
When we're going to dress Roland as a women again?
No. 39658 ID: 896ddf
Ahh the good old days
No. 39682 ID: eeb7d9
I don't know lad, Roland looks pretty femenine here >>39649.

No. 39695 ID: d3602f
I bet it's Peaches. Roland tried to get him to wear a leash, but the sneaky demon pulled a reversal.
No. 40017 ID: 8a947d
File 153444158988.png - (386.94KB , 1039x1417 , Iggy Remake.png )
My friends and I are trying to do a DnD game. Here's my Kobold Monk.
No. 40018 ID: d3602f
Kobolds are underutilized as PCs in tabletop games. Any backstory on him?
No. 40019 ID: 8a947d
His name's Iggy. He was a kobold tossed into a fighting pit to die for a quick show against someone bigger and stronger. He pulls through and kills the guy with a wrench somebody dropped in to the ring, then he takes the guys belt (which he's wearing in the picture) and carves an I in the front. Sick of being seen as a weak kobold he happily continues to fight and hone his skills. After killing 24 opponents and feeling like he's gotten everything he could out of his time in the pit he took his wrench and knocked a guard out then ran off. now he wanders around looking for bigger fights and more trophies and rewards to take from his opponents.
No. 40022 ID: 91ee5f
A kobold that’s really good at punching and is tall enough to be at crotch punching height. Just thinking about it makes me feel pain! >_<
No. 40023 ID: 8a947d
File 153445293951.png - (547.69KB , 1039x1417 , Iggy Remake Color.png )
No. 40024 ID: eeb7d9
That's a nice name there Heretic.
No. 40110 ID: 8a947d
File 153522970091.png - (445.88KB , 1039x1417 , Iggy Remake Colored 2 White BG.png )
No. 40167 ID: 8a947d
File 153559712058.png - (620.86KB , 1039x1243 , Iggy Drinking.png )
No. 40168 ID: 91ee5f
No. 40169 ID: d3602f
Based on his size, he probably isn't the best at handling alcohol. With a character who likes to pick fights, this could lead to hijinks.

Well, at least it isn't a drunk sorcerer. I can't think of anything more terrifying.
No. 40176 ID: 8a947d
Iggy holds his alcohol pretty well despite being like 3 feet tall. Especially since he's a drunken master monk.
No. 40177 ID: eeb7d9
Ok, first, that is a big as wrench.

Secondly, the more i see of this guy, the more i want to see a Quest of him. He looks so cool!
No. 40180 ID: d3602f
Did they give him a lot to drink in the pit?
No. 40181 ID: 8a947d
No more than he or his mentor managed to sneak in plus the few drinks he won from putting on some good fights.

I'd love to but I barely keep up with D3 as is
No. 40183 ID: eeb7d9
No worries, i can wait~
Besides, i am having a blast with D3-SR. I really like this "reboot". Gotta love those tournaments arcs.
No. 40184 ID: d3602f
Yeah, as >>40183 said, D3 is great and we don't really need you doing another quest right this minute. Don't bite off more than you think you can handle.
No. 40185 ID: 8a947d
File 153574653829.png - (325.42KB , 1039x1349 , Roxy Jacket.png )
No. 40186 ID: eeb7d9
YAY, moar fox lady!
No. 40187 ID: 8a947d
File 153576032955.png - (500.56KB , 1039x891 , Iggy Eats.png )
No. 40215 ID: 8a947d
File 153610042376.png - (392.63KB , 1023x1379 , Lisa Full.png )
No. 40360 ID: 8a947d
File 153688930746.png - (403.61KB , 1039x1417 , Patty.png )
No. 40599 ID: 8a947d
File 153868575260.png - (684.49KB , 1039x1417 , Everautumn Night One.png )
A Crown of Fireflies
No. 40600 ID: 8a947d
File 153868577179.png - (737.42KB , 1039x1403 , Everautumn Night Two.png )
Cutting Lyrics
No. 40601 ID: 8a947d
File 153868578518.png - (803.23KB , 1039x1417 , Everautumn Night Three.png )
Stolen Words
No. 40624 ID: a451fc
File 153886804603.png - (342.10KB , 1039x1417 , Everautumn Night Four.png )
Unintelligible Letter
No. 40625 ID: a451fc
File 153886806471.png - (594.24KB , 1039x1417 , Everautumn Night Five.png )
A Warning
No. 40633 ID: a451fc
File 153896324469.png - (380.08KB , 1039x1417 , Everautumn Night 6.png )
Electric Umbrella
No. 40738 ID: a451fc
File 153973443470.png - (479.78KB , 1039x1417 , Everautumn Night Seven.png )
A Company of Imps
No. 40739 ID: a451fc
File 153973445728.png - (414.08KB , 1039x1417 , Everautumn Night Eight.png )
A Wooden Heart
No. 40740 ID: a451fc
File 153973451946.png - (402.26KB , 1039x1417 , Everautumn Night Nine.png )
The Name the Earth Gave Me
No. 40741 ID: a451fc
File 153973454692.png - (341.46KB , 1039x1417 , Everautumn Night Ten.png )
A Talkative Piece of Candy
No. 40742 ID: a451fc
File 153973457828.png - (445.61KB , 1417x1039 , Everautumn Night Eleven.png )
A Confrontation
No. 40854 ID: a451fc
File 154034987454.png - (232.84KB , 541x696 , Hangman Roland.png )
Roland as The Hanged Man from JJBA
No. 40870 ID: fa2b06
Ah yes, The Roland Men and his Co-buddy, Troy Horse.
No. 41204 ID: a451fc
File 154268182454.png - (214.07KB , 1039x709 , D3.png )
I like the whole *Roland too busy being a nerd to notice Vol freaking out about encroaching danger* look
No. 41211 ID: eeb7d9
We need to see a demon like this some day. And Roland and Vol reacting accordingly. Like in this drawing.
No. 41219 ID: 91ee5f
Roland: “Hey, Vol, do you ever get the feeling we’re being watched?”
Vol: *incoherent fearful babbling*
Roland: “Yeah, you’re right. I’m probably just imagining things.”
No. 41314 ID: a451fc
File 154372475360.png - (158.63KB , 552x709 , Rabbit.png )
No. 41315 ID: a451fc
File 154372476908.png - (715.43KB , 1039x1417 , Alien Cyclops Woman.png )
No. 41318 ID: d3602f
Interesting clothing design.
No. 41332 ID: a451fc
File 154390427481.png - (129.86KB , 923x500 , Jumping Ship.png )
Guess Tumblr's going down, that's what I get for relying on one platform.
No. 41355 ID: d3602f
It really is one massive mess. Any ideas on where your going to post your work now?
No. 41358 ID: eeb7d9
You had an account? That sucks man. Well i mean, i am not surprised, shame i didn't saw it before. Where are you going to go now?
No. 41359 ID: b1b4f3
I wonder if Twitter is going to wind up absorbing most of the fleeing porn artists? The hashtag system kindof works for tagging art...
No. 41360 ID: 91ee5f
Look at the top. There’s a link to his tumblr up there.
No. 41361 ID: a451fc
Mostly Twitter https://twitter.com/Heretic7Hunter I've got an instagram and piczel I'm going to fill with the rest of my pictures in case.
No. 41365 ID: eeb7d9
Wow, now i feel dumb, or blind, or both.
No. 41467 ID: a451fc
File 154466196686.png - (507.69KB , 1039x1417 , Gun Imp.png )
Imps are fun to draw
No. 41470 ID: ad51b8
imp nerf gun fight when?
No. 41485 ID: a451fc
File 154481884671.png - (463.76KB , 1039x1317 , Inceniroar.png )
No. 41486 ID: 91ee5f
Are you trying to tell us who your main in Smash is?
No. 41487 ID: a451fc
Incineroar is a real fun addition and I love him yes, but my main mans always gonna be Bowser.
No. 41488 ID: a451fc
File 154483309976.png - (308.27KB , 1039x1417 , Goblin Wizard.png )
No. 41491 ID: 91ee5f
Hey, me too! Bowser is also my main!
No. 41637 ID: a451fc
File 154615384786.png - (501.29KB , 1039x1417 , Cleaver Kobold.png )
No. 41638 ID: a451fc
File 154615390855.png - (417.24KB , 1039x1417 , Cat Princess.png )
No. 41639 ID: a451fc
File 154615411151.png - (473.41KB , 1039x1417 , Mouse Princess.png )
No. 41640 ID: a451fc
File 154615412446.png - (466.44KB , 1039x1417 , Christmas Cogborn.png )
No. 41641 ID: a451fc
File 154615415391.png - (459.79KB , 1039x1417 , Cogborn Cheese.png )
No. 41642 ID: 080aaf
I wonder why Cat has two tails.
No. 41893 ID: a451fc
File 154845254238.png - (406.91KB , 1039x1417 , BurrowKnight.png )
No. 41894 ID: a451fc
File 154845255526.png - (507.96KB , 1039x1417 , CogbornDrunk.png )
No. 41895 ID: a451fc
File 154845259377.png - (407.52KB , 1039x1228 , Gearguard.png )
No. 41896 ID: a451fc
File 154845260396.png - (510.89KB , 1039x1417 , Ogre Princess.png )
No. 41897 ID: a451fc
File 154845262322.png - (313.76KB , 996x1176 , Cogborn Gun.png )
No. 41898 ID: a451fc
File 154845263392.jpg - (78.04KB , 771x807 , cogbornsmoke.jpg )
No. 41899 ID: a451fc
File 154845264564.png - (444.36KB , 1039x1651 , Cogborn Revolutionary.png )
No. 41900 ID: a451fc
File 154845266199.png - (268.73KB , 830x1200 , Cyclops Cat.png )
No. 41901 ID: a451fc
File 154845269273.png - (422.50KB , 1039x1417 , Monoloke.png )
No. 41902 ID: a451fc
File 154845269941.png - (177.72KB , 940x1303 , Adventure Imp.png )
No. 41903 ID: a451fc
File 154845271789.png - (591.16KB , 1039x1417 , Moth Princess V4.png )
No. 41904 ID: a451fc
File 154845273762.png - (838.82KB , 1039x1417 , HalucanogistDownload.png )
No. 41905 ID: b1b4f3
Who's this Cogborn character you've been drawing?
No. 41906 ID: a451fc
File 154846430522.png - (489.45KB , 1000x1500 , MousePrincessv4Card.png )
From Gat's Towergirl V4 Card https://twitter.com/acgats
No. 42006 ID: a451fc
File 154931412071.png - (887.07KB , 1711x1189 , Zygg.png )
No. 42358 ID: a451fc
File 155211929402.png - (2.79MB , 1634x2035 , TroyJJBASemistyle.png )
No. 42377 ID: a451fc
File 155225767714.png - (728.64KB , 1293x1505 , lessrudekobold.png )
No. 42378 ID: a451fc
File 155225769315.png - (527.56KB , 1072x1145 , Flyboy.png )
No. 42391 ID: a9af05
So what does Troy's stand yell when it's attacking? Does it go "Ora Ora Ora" or "Muda Muda Muda"? Maybe a "Dora Ra Ra Ra"? Or is it something else entirely?
No. 42394 ID: eeb7d9
I can't think of anything but a "Fuck you".
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