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File 149665668291.png - (15.86KB , 173x196 , newIcon.png )
34277 No. 34277 ID: d21b57
It's my birthday, might as well do a thing for once.
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No. 34278 ID: d21b57
File 149665732120.png - (576.65KB , 664x990 , Gulla.png )
Like this. My take on one of gullacass' OCs.
No. 34279 ID: 29c4aa
Happy Birthday! I like that Gulla picture, Do you have any other pages with your art?
No. 34301 ID: d21b57
File 149669443895.png - (181.91KB , 747x612 , itsaskull.png )
Thanks. And yeah, only one other here https://spinelessteddy.tumblr.com/

Here's progression map of sorts for a character's head I'm making up. Progress is a weird thing, sometimes. Hell, I didn't even intend to create said character.
No. 34381 ID: b1765c
No. 34914 ID: bcb28c
File 150050915968.png - (160.25KB , 750x750 , YEAAHHHHHHHsmall.png )
Lmao I died for a bit. Have a sketch.

No. 34916 ID: bcb28c
File 150051218043.png - (5.20KB , 79x87 , O~ho~.png )
and I guess this tiny thing now that I've drawn it
No. 35232 ID: bcb28c
File 150201710580.png - (257.60KB , 803x1093 , demondeomn2.png )
tryin' to design this punk-ass wannabe. Clothes are a problem :/
No. 35317 ID: bcb28c
File 150245236261.png - (77.56KB , 412x470 , WentOverboardLOL.png )
Here I am spending actual time and brain cells on this just to put it on a rag for the idiot OC in the pic above >:(
No. 35536 ID: bcb28c
File 150361615796.png - (920.70KB , 900x1099 , demondeomn2forReal.png )
I actually don't color too often, I don't know what I'm doing
No. 37082 ID: bcb28c
File 151169138879.png - (961.49KB , 1149x1334 , ElGoil.png )
I killed something to get this hell project finished jfc.

Is Kina Monjou from the manga Zero In. She’s immortal :]]]
No. 37859 ID: bcb28c
File 151930420122.png - (203.57KB , 726x845 , yooo.png )
I don't draw much, and I do need to change that. I made this to be a sort of anatomy guide for how I should approach drawing full bodies to help hasten my drawing process. Naturally, the more time I spent trying to iron out any issues reduced my desire to keep working on this. I ended up skimping out on the face and hands, but fortunately I feel I got those more so than everything else.

I'm lazy. I also might have just realized I left a question mark in >>34278 whoops
No. 40013 ID: bcb28c
File 153440280057.png - (34.46KB , 340x310 , winkyFace.png )
Have I ever mentioned that I'm lazy?

Doesn't help that I replaced my computer (mac to PC) and now I get to figure out how to get things to work comfortably again :\
No. 40714 ID: bcb28c
File 153959433894.png - (163.47KB , 722x998 , AAAAAA.png )
...now to slink away for another few months...
No. 41120 ID: 813d5c
File 154178014432.png - (57.56KB , 509x448 , hunga.png )
So I, uh, drank a lot of energy drinks and really wanted to draw a Pascal. Unfortunately my brain threw a fit at drawing an actual person and instead threw this... thing out. :(

It's leg day
No. 41187 ID: 0c3c2c
Still looks cool.
No. 42393 ID: 813d5c
File 155233553746.png - (94.21KB , 377x550 , fireSkullThing.png )
I forgot how to breathe...

+1 to me, 0 to being uncool. Thanks
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