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File 148300243964.png - (199.03KB , 693x579 , GenesisJourney0.png )
32519 No. 32519 ID: dedc6b
Through-out 2017 I'll be drawing using my non-dominant hand (my left) save for updates to my quest, HALL. Feel free to join along!


-Use non-dominant hand (Ambidextrous? Draw using your mouth or something crazy like that)

-No line tools, Brush stabilizers (Smoothing), or anything like that. Just you and the brush tool... and maybe a couple layers.

-Have fun!
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No. 32520 ID: af6e04
File 148305229402.png - (2.91KB , 223x239 , lefthand1.png )
No. 32559 ID: dedc6b
File 148325763713.png - (61.62KB , 525x600 , GenesisJourney001.png )
Like to get a head-start, eh? Nice, let's see if you can keep up!

And now, it's begun. 2017 is here.
No. 32562 ID: af6e04
File 148331606685.png - (4.35KB , 400x423 , joshylh.png )
More quest related art. This is hard!! I typed this post with my left hand too
No. 32563 ID: ca0e20
File 148331875850.png - (12.43KB , 800x600 , 001.png )
I dunno how much I'll stick to it and etc, but my plan is to maybe make my JiggyDino mascot go on some sort of adventure for this. Mostly cause it'll be easier to give me something to do for this.

But man! Right this instant, it feels like I'll never get better, lol. It's like impossible to tell my hand to make smooth strokes.

Also this time I cheated and used area selection and autofill (with my left hand and it was still hard) to color him cause my brain is dumb and only read the first half of the second rule, but I won't use it again! Still using layers though. =P
No. 32564 ID: dedc6b
File 148332245095.png - (287.48KB , 960x1280 , GenesisJourney002.png )
I suppose bucket usage and the like is fine, it's still hard to actually make your mark on those kinds of tools.

Fair warning, making comics this way is a pain in the butt.
No. 32565 ID: 91ee5f
>my plan is to maybe make my JiggyDino mascot go on some sort of adventure
Maybe an adventure where the little dino gets some lessons so that he can learn how to properly dance a little jig? That way he can live up to his name of JiggyDino! XD
No. 32566 ID: ca0e20
I'm planning on just doing the quest update approach of having a panel with accompanying text. But I can always sometimes do a more comic style for some of them... and maybe some light animation. Not looking forward to those, haha.
No. 32570 ID: dedc6b
File 148335366661.png - (386.18KB , 960x1280 , GenesisJourney003.png )

My left hand was shifting between wanting to compete with my right and dying with every character doodle.
No. 32574 ID: 3abd97
"I wish your restrictions didn't exist!"


"I wish for unlimited wishes!"

>"I'm sorry, per your first wish, I am no longer required to grant wishes."

No. 32586 ID: ca0e20
File 148341160867.gif - (79.55KB , 800x600 , 002.gif )
JiggyDino: "What?!? What are you implying? That I can't dance?!? I can dance! Watch this!"


JiggyDino: "... Alright fine! If you insist, I'll at least consider that as a side quest..."
No. 32587 ID: af6e04
Heehee nice moves!!
No. 32588 ID: 91ee5f
Well, look on the bright side! You at least danced better than that dancing flower behind you! You're already making progress, JiggyDino! XD
No. 32594 ID: 959a5d
File 148349109715.png - (40.09KB , 331x332 , GenesisJourney004.png )
Even with my left-hand my biggest weakness is still apparent. I can work on faces well enough, but I need to work on bodies more.

I suppose I should work on that during this year as well. Haha
No. 32610 ID: ca0e20
File 148358311374.png - (10.82KB , 800x600 , 003.png )
JiggyDino: "Anyway! In the meantime, I found this convenient adventure cave! And Imma gonna explore it!"
No. 32612 ID: 959a5d
File 148359437993.png - (331.59KB , 960x1280 , GenesisJourney005.png )

I always imagined that being germophobic would be really tough to deal with.
No. 32643 ID: 959a5d
File 148392404195.png - (71.87KB , 688x502 , GenesisJourney006.png )
"Ya city slickers sure are strange..."

I'm working on making clothing look... well, like clothing. It's a slow process, like cooking rice.
No. 32655 ID: ca0e20
File 148410216209.png - (13.86KB , 800x600 , 004.png )
JiggyDino: "Mmm, so far so good..."
No. 32657 ID: ca0e20
Also, I just have to say, I have to scroll past this and it's great every time. I really like scribbly Genesis with it's constant :3 face, hahah.
No. 32704 ID: 959a5d
File 148460218211.png - (58.02KB , 302x545 , GenesisJourney007.png )
Glad you enjoy Genesis' unending kitty face.
Always nice to see you contributing to this as well!

I've been a bit slow with this since we got two puppies (Brings us to six dogs total), so now most of my free time is taken up by making sure these puppies are raised properly.

Regardless, I'll still be chipping away at this. Though, it seems my left hand is starting to catch up a little faster than I expected... hmm.
No. 32735 ID: ca0e20
File 148478986908.png - (16.99KB , 800x600 , 005.png )
JiggyDino: "DANGIT"
No. 32736 ID: 697726
>Most quester's left handed scribbles are better than the attempts I make with my right hand
I'll git gud someday
No. 32737 ID: ca0e20
Don't forget there are many layers to being skilled at drawing. Drawing with my left hand only means that I impair my hand-eye coordination by using my inexperienced hand. I still draw by what I learned or by using my usual drawing process.

You will "get gud", but only if you practice a lot. And in the process get better at many aspect of drawing, not just your ability to control your drawing hand.

No idea how Golde draws their lines this smooth with their non dominant hand though. All my left hand drawings look soggy. Background are easier for some reason though, haha. Probably cause there's less pressure to make it look consistent.
No. 32739 ID: 21153e
File 148495027351.png - (43.20KB , 229x312 , 12-19-16+LH_Genesisah+.png )
I use one layer to sketch out what I want, then from there I zoom in and take my time to draw the lines on another layer. It smoothes things out significantly. Though, the sketches look... interesting. It's the same thing I do with my right hand.

Also, there is quite a bit of erasing when it comes to faces (which happens to be the hardest part for me when using my left hand)
No. 32740 ID: ca0e20
Oh yeah, sketches. I've been trying to slowly rely less on them, even though part of that tactic is drawing simpler character. For this I have not used sketches.

Also polishing is something I normally do, but I've only started to do introduce it slowly to my left hand during these drawings. I think the first drawing had no polish at all though. Maybe the dance one also cause I wanted to move on to the next frame instead of taking too much time on each one. Other than that, I fixed a couple of things that bugged me extra, also/especially including face related ones, but I guess I like to leave some of the faults in for whatever reason.
No. 33093 ID: ca0e20
File 148754940002.gif - (41.29KB , 800x600 , 006.gif )

I've neglected doing left hand drawings and I shouldn't cause man, I feel like I was starting to get the hang of it and today it was as tough as the first time I tried drawing with my left hand. Anyway.
No. 33271 ID: ca0e20
File 148894066142.png - (14.58KB , 800x600 , 007.png )
JiggyDino: "OOOF!"
No. 33275 ID: 91ee5f
No. 33459 ID: 792835
File 149065196784.png - (68.22KB , 307x868 , GenesisJourney008.png )
I've taken too long to do anything on this for a while and managed to forget out to draw Genesis temporarily. Also, I found the materials in Medibang.

This one was done without any sketches.
No. 34908 ID: ca0e20
File 150042626656.png - (10.77KB , 800x600 , 008.png )
JiggyDino: "Well that wasn't fun. Now I have no idea where I am."

JiggyDino: "... This looks promising?"

Guess what I just remembered exists.

No. 34909 ID: 91ee5f
Your left hand? XD
No. 34912 ID: ca0e20
Well, this thread really. But non dominant hands really are mostly on standby most of the time anyway. =P
No. 34913 ID: b19703
File 150050531173.png - (413.52KB , 802x2028 , GenesisJourney009.png )
I'll be honest, I forgot about the thing myself. Kind of embarrassing, actually.

I should probably get back to it.
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