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File 147570023920.png - (23.69KB , 800x600 , Drawthread Title.png )
31418 No. 31418 ID: ca0e20
With Inktober going on, I thought I could try and make a Drawthread and maybe I'll keep posting stuff after October too.

Things can get NSFW here.
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No. 31419 ID: ca0e20
File 147570049373.png - (164.79KB , 450x600 , DnD character Concept 1.png )
After watching a bunch of Critical Role, I made this Dragonborn character. No character sheet though. Just him and a backstory and personality. His name right now is Filth.

Since I don't have high hopes of ever playing a tabletop game, it's possible that he, and whoever else I come up with, just end up making a party that I could use in a quest or something! Who knows?
No. 31420 ID: ca0e20
File 147570060538.png - (153.42KB , 560x675 , Inktober 1 - Potion Inspection.png )
Inktober 1 - Potion Inspection

First Inktober, using Filth. Based on an idea where I wanted to play around with glow. I might still go back and finish this drawing to do that.
No. 31421 ID: ca0e20
File 147570067072.png - (140.99KB , 720x750 , Inktober 2 - Ratfolk Fighter.png )
Inktober 2 - Ratfolk Fighter

Inktober version of the next drawing.
No. 31422 ID: ca0e20
File 147570084941.png - (308.82KB , 850x850 , Pathfinder - Ratfolk Fighter.png )
After looking at some info related to Pathfinder, I ended up wanting to make a ratfolk, probably cause of the Skritt from Guild Wars 2 which are really cute. Purposely made him a bit more simple than Filth, so if I were to play a tabletop RPG, I might use this rat dude before Filth. Still no name right now.
No. 31423 ID: ca0e20
File 147570101731.png - (190.85KB , 850x850 , Inktober 3 - Messy Eater Dragonite.png )
Inktober 3 - Messy Eater Dragonite

My true colors! The nude anthro part I mean.

Just felt like drawing something easy for that day and ended up drawing the chubbiest character I've ever drawn. I probably wouldn't draw a bigger character than this.
No. 31424 ID: ca0e20
File 147570116515.png - (144.11KB , 850x850 , Inktober 4 - Downtimes.png )
Inktober 4 - Downtime

First cheat-y entry for this year's Inktober! Another one I wanted to keep simple. Although it was gonna be only Raven and the fire on a white background and I ended up adding the BG and making things look a bit more night-like.

Down time in between adventure can be boring.
No. 31425 ID: ca0e20
File 147570130516.png - (215.55KB , 850x850 , Inktober 5 - Robot.png )
Inktober 5 - Bulky Robot

Someone I follow on Tumblr drew some bulky robots/power armor and I wanted to draw something like that. I didn't use reference though and I bet it looks like that one Sonic robot. Damn you Game Grumps!
No. 31426 ID: ca0e20
File 147570140179.png - (429.53KB , 850x850 , New Retro Robot.png )
Also, I was listening to a New Retro Wave tune and ended up continuing the drawing, whoops!

Tune in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Fw9zdPvV68
No. 31444 ID: b412df
That is a good robot, pretty good tunes as well.
No. 31448 ID: ca0e20
File 147578131620.png - (176.25KB , 850x850 , Inktober 6 - NidoQueen.png )
Inktober 6 - Nidoqueen

Another naked Pokemon for today.
No. 31453 ID: ca0e20
File 147585189166.png - (124.07KB , 850x850 , Wretch pink version.png )
Inktober 7 - Wretch

From Tiny Cat People!

This is kind of a cheat-y version, but the "non-cheat-y" version is basically the same, but without the pink. I don't think I wanna bother posting both versions for such a minor change. So this version is the Inktober version now!
No. 31454 ID: 91ee5f
This qualifies as something that can go in the fanart thread.
No. 31455 ID: ca0e20
Ah I forgot again: Thank you! =3 And yeah it's a pretty good tune!

Yeah, I'm never sure how many times I should post things on here. Like I can post it on this drawthread, the fanart thread and the TCP thread, technically. And sometimes I wonder if 2 places is already too much for regulars on the site since people seems to get annoyed easy on the site. But I guess since the drawthread and the fanart thread are on different boards, it's probably fine.
No. 31459 ID: a107fd
http://tgchan.org/wiki/Please_do_not_Take_these_Organs is still accepting new players.
No. 31463 ID: ca0e20
File 147596222515.png - (264.86KB , 850x850 , Inktober 8 - Werewolf and Witch Cat.png )
Inktober 8 - Trying on Clothes

Quick version of the context: Werewolf girl (actually a tabby cat) recently got the werewolf curse. But because I'm weird, I decided that instead of at full moons, she turns during Fall. So now she has to deal with being a werewolf all season! But she's not really all that great at handling big changes like that, so she went to her friend, who's a Witchy Black cat, for help. She did help her, in her own way... Giving her ill fitting clothes but still way into making her friend wear some old clothes that is lying around for a werewolf.

"See? Cause you're like a dog now!"

These characters were made during last's year Inktober.

Witchy Cat: http://d.facdn.net/art/jiggydino/1445296338/1445296338.jiggydino_inktober_19_-_witchy_cat.png

Werewolf Lady (NSFW and silly, really): http://d.facdn.net/art/jiggydino/1446334790/1446334790.jiggydino_inktober_31_-_werewolf.png
No. 31480 ID: 91ee5f
The link to the last picture you drew of the werewolf lady makes her look fat. Glad her diet worked for her. Now if only she can keep her werewolf hunger under control for all of fall, especially since Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner! XD
No. 31482 ID: ca0e20
File 147603832222.png - (109.62KB , 420x850 , Inktober 9 - Tengu Sorcerer.png )
Inktober 9 - Tengu Sorcerer

Yet another RPG character! Main difference with him is that I made the character within the rules first, with a vague idea of what I wanted (magic user) and then came up with the actual character with the backstory and etc. The dagger, which is a simple weapon that sorcerers can use, is mostly for show or emergencies, really.
No. 31483 ID: ca0e20
File 147604008052.png - (189.25KB , 590x850 , Pathfinder - Tengu Sorcerer.png )
Saujaijai Ajer the Tengu Sorcerer V1

Tengu that wants to be fancier. Learned tailoring to have a better presentation. Also tries to stand up straighter to appear less feral.

I had more, but after writing it down, I wasn't super happy with what I came up with. So for now, that's all he's about, haha. There's a reason why I put "V1" on these characters. =P

Also this lil' guy's name is probably Chinik.
No. 31484 ID: ca0e20
File 147612358791.png - (151.05KB , 700x850 , Inktober 10 - Hot Horse.png )
Inkotber 10 - Hot Horse Lady

After seeing another artist draw horse ladies with ... well developed breasts, I wanted to try and draw a "hot horse". Considering how hard it is to draw horse anthros, I'm actually somewhat happy with how this came out. Would still change some stuff if I were to complete it, but still, overall, it's alright.

Probably doesn't need the spoiler image, but I'm pretty sure most people on this site aren't into anthros. At least not as much as a site like FA.
No. 31485 ID: d3c670
>Probably doesn't need the spoiler image, but I'm pretty sure most people on this site aren't into anthros. At least not as much as a site like FA.

have you even looked at the rest of this board
No. 31486 ID: ca0e20
Seems like people are into Sergals and aliens.
No. 31487 ID: 141621
No. 31491 ID: ca0e20
File 147621721882.png - (76.99KB , 400x400 , Inktober 10 - Spider with a Top Hat.png )
Inktober 11 - Spider with a Tophat

Small thing today. Wanted to draw something quick to focus on other things.

From Star vs the Force of Evil.
No. 31494 ID: ca0e20
File 147630550378.png - (63.06KB , 450x570 , Inktober 12 - Raven with a Lantern.png )
Inktober 12 - Raven with a Lantern

Another Raven and another simple one. Again, cause I wanted to focus on something else.
No. 31504 ID: ca0e20
File 147638853799.png - (49.13KB , 500x430 , Inktober 13 - Goofy Riptide.png )
Inktober 13 - Goofy Riptide

Same deal as usual. This time though, I spent all day doing the other thing before I did this Inktober drawing and the only thing I could come up with was Riptide sitting on the floor with a goofy smile.

Gotta have those days I guess.
No. 31517 ID: ca0e20
File 147646444417.png - (143.72KB , 630x850 , Inktober 14 - Imp Lady Concept.png )
Inktober 14 - Imp Lady Concept

Pretty sure this isn't the most original character, but anyway.

While reading Journey quest, My mind made up this character that can get through small gaps and grates or chain link fence, if she comes across one, by momentarily turning into a dark puff of smoke. But she has to go through them at speed and is not a cool badass so she usually slide and or tumble on the other side. Very excitable and panicky. Be nice to her and she'll be on board with travelling with you and the rest of your party. Otherwise she wanders alone mostly to find food and maybe something shiny once in a while.

Dunno what I'll use her for, if I do. Could be a quest, could be a game once I get around to try and do those.
No. 31520 ID: ca0e20
File 147654745494.png - (134.05KB , 530x700 , Inktober 15 - Sophie.png )
Inktober 15 - Sophie

Sophie from Coxwette. She's a cutie!
No. 31538 ID: ca0e20
File 147664144411.png - (145.78KB , 750x720 , Inktober 16 - Lapras Lady.png )
Inktober 16 - Lapras Lady

Another Pokemon Lady on all four, but from another angle and in water this time! Creativity!

Was suppose to be a quick pic cause, again, I have to work on other pics. So nude lady anthro is usually good enough for a quick pic sometimes.
No. 31540 ID: 91ee5f
What a chubby cutie! X3
No. 31541 ID: ca0e20
File 147671695745.png - (54.52KB , 500x470 , Inktober 17 - Computer Build.png )
Inktober 17 - Computer Build

Lil' lizard/dino dude that is suppose to represent me, holding a 1TB hard drive. Kinda my state of mind lately when I'm not working on commissions.

I don't really want to go in depth since I know that some of it is silly and stuff but I dunno, lol.
No. 31554 ID: ca0e20
File 147682295067.png - (49.69KB , 820x310 , Inktober 18 - Ink Spill.png )
Inktober 18 - Ink Spill

I try to draw whatever I can before 5pm and since I had to focus on another drawing, I tried to get in a drawing quick. I guess while drawing this other thing, I couldn't help but come up with yet another Inktober for my Lil'Dino dude.

Which is fine cause yesterday's drawing was kinda wonky for those types of lil'lizard that I drew a bunch of that one time. Was real rusty! So if I can come up with more things to draw with this persona, I wouldn't mind too much.
No. 31555 ID: 91ee5f
Ha ha! You spilled ink on yourself! XD
No. 31561 ID: ca0e20
File 147691539831.png - (176.05KB , 740x820 , Inktober 19 - Lucy.png )
Inktober 19 - Lucy

Been meaning to draw Lucy again. Decided to do so for today's Inktober.
No. 31568 ID: ca0e20
File 147700544947.png - (156.74KB , 730x850 , Inktober 20 - Ceridwen.png )
Inktober 20 - Ceridwen

Finally got around to draw her. Been meaning to for a while!

Colored version coming to the Slinko's disthread once it's done.
No. 31569 ID: ca0e20
File 147700763761.png - (368.55KB , 730x850 , Ceridwen.png )
And I remembered that I post it here too. Here she is in color.
No. 31582 ID: ca0e20
File 147707823663.png - (75.13KB , 522x772 , Inktober 21 - Sick.png )
Inktober 21 - Sick

Yeah. Title. It's why this is the simplest drawing so far.

I'm not super sick, but still enough to have less energy to do much and after trying to work on another drawing most of the day, I was ready to go rest and remembered Inktober. So I doodled this super quick and I'll go lie down now.
No. 31585 ID: ca0e20
File 147714719979.png - (32.24KB , 569x271 , Inktober 22 - Sick2 Sick Harder.png )
Inktober 22 - Sick 2: Sick Harder

I'm sicker so here's a suppose-to-be worst drawing! Cause I think it turned out better than yesterday's drawing somehow. Anyway, I'm gonna go continue do nothing for the rest of the day.
No. 31590 ID: ca0e20
File 147724712766.png - (42.60KB , 385x485 , Inktober 23 - Sick3 the Medication.png )
Inktober 23 - Sick 3: The Medication

Hopefully this will be the last entry in this god awful series.

Today I woke up feeling like the title would be "The Revenge of the Immune System" since I was feeling better, but I just finally got some day medication so I'm gonna rest up a bit today too. I actually spent most of the morning working on a drawing. So again, doodling up a quick pic of my dino dude being sick an tired is really all I can do with my current energy.

Anyway, gonna go lie down again.
No. 31611 ID: af6e04
Dino dude is cute. Hope you're feeling better
No. 31614 ID: ca0e20
File 147734472233.png - (299.78KB , 950x850 , Inktober 24 - Spider Skull.png )
Inktober 24 - Spider Skull

From Devil Daggers.

Gotta start with more Halloween drawings, right?

These things makes a nice noise when they die. Might be cause they're kind of assholes, sucking all the red gems. But really it's just one of the many great sounds from that game. And the designs of most enemies are pretty great. This in particular I really like.

This might be darkest thing I've drawn in a while. For me I mean. In the grand scheme of things, I bet this is nothing to most people unless you're arachnophobic and cartilogenophobic. But it does make an impression when you first see it in the game slowly floating to the arena from the darkness. And it's times bigger than you.

Also I would have preferred to use a binary pen for this guy, but I guess that's one Inktober rule I didn't want to break lol.
No. 31615 ID: ca0e20
As of now, I finally am. still some sickness leftover, but nothing major anymore.

And thanks!

Also whoops I wanted to put this link in too.
No. 31624 ID: ca0e20
File 147742963536.png - (94.71KB , 470x790 , Inktober 25 - Emerald's Gruntilda Costume.png )
Inktober 25 - Emerald's Gruntilda Costume

I'm probably not gonna participate in the Halloween thread, but if I was, Emerald showing up to hunt ghosts might have been something I would have done. Had it happened, she might have dressed up as Gruntilda from Banjo-Kazooie. Doesn't come across that much without colors though.
No. 31630 ID: ca0e20
File 147750726055.png - (69.95KB , 450x700 , Inktober 26 - Ramona.png )
Inktober 26 - Ramona Plath

Usually when I draw someone else's character, I try to draw them in a "new" way based on their personality. This time though, Ramona gave Chuck such a nice warm smile that I couldn't help but to want to make a panel redraw for it. Even if I didn't do it right away, haha.
No. 31670 ID: ca0e20
File 147758673321.png - (145.09KB , 730x620 , Inktober 27 - Lucy's Krystal Costume.png )
Inktober 27 - Lucy's Krystal Costume

I actually think Krystal is kinda meh. But she's the only character I could think of that has a skimpy costume that was similar to Lucy's since Lucy think lots of clothes is a bit stuffy. I mean I guess there's slave Leah, but Star Wars is even more meh.

For some reason, this costume makes Lucy want to FIGHT!

More muscle practice I guess. Maybe one day I'll draw Lucy "right" when drawn outside of her 2Frames style. Today is not that day.
No. 31678 ID: ca0e20
File 147768069433.png - (196.33KB , 640x760 , Inktober 28 - Rip's Ezio Costume.png )
Inktober 28 - Rip's Ezio Costume

Rip thinks that the hidden blade is pretty neat.

I think this is the only time I ever drew him smiling.
No. 31682 ID: 91ee5f
Does he actually have one of those in the quest? Because he looks like he would have one of those in quest.
No. 31690 ID: ca0e20
File 147775408008.png - (83.46KB , 390x690 , Inktober 29 - Raven's Journey Costume.png )
Inktober 29 - Raven's Journey Costume

Taking a break from adventures to go on a journey!
No. 31712 ID: ca0e20
File 147785504323.png - (197.33KB , 840x680 , Inktober 30 - Alchemy.png )
Inktober 30 - Alchemy

I'm really liking this character.

One of the many drawings I wanted to draw of him. This might get colored and finished at some point. Also I know nothing of Alchemy, something I should at least look into faking better, so let's say he's just preparing stuff so that it'll be easier to make potions next time he's at a proper alchemy table/lab.
No. 31721 ID: 91ee5f
Just think Full Metal Alchemist rules for alchemy.

But if you don't use those rules, then the way I think of it is: You make drugs. Healing drugs, poisonous drugs, buff/debuff drugs, exploding drugs, recreational drugs, etc. That's how I think of alchemy, which to be honest, is probably very wrong.
No. 31728 ID: ca0e20
I meant more in the sense of like, which bottles would do what to "imbue" if that is even an Alchemy word and then if I look at the Skyrim alchemy table there's like this weird bottle with the bottle neck pointing down and there's probably gonna need a heat source and some pipes. Things like that. That's what I have to figure out how to fake, haha.

Here's he has the mortar and pestle and I added a thingie to the bottom of the biggest bottle and... just kinda left it like that, lol.

As for what Alchemy does, I already have a vague idea of what he could do with Alchemy, but it would mostly be based on key ingredients and how he prepares them off camera.

And I didn't watch much Full Metal Alchemist. Something about doing a spell to bring back their mother at the cost of the little brother's body and the other guys arm or something. Don't fully remember the episodes I watched.
No. 31730 ID: 188451
Honestly if you're looking for that, go with what a real chemistry set would look like. Stuff like distillation flasks, and those curlycue glass things that link bottles to other bottles. Just have a magic symbol or something be the base of a Bunsen burner. Maybe have some powders steeping in an open top glass or bottles using Cannula transfer to move liquids around. Alchemy with bottles is pretty much actual chemistry with pretty colors. Do that and put a simple transmutation circle somewhere (under an empty stand that would in the future hold a bottle?) and you've got that kind of alchemy.
No. 31731 ID: 91ee5f
Since I'm terrible at explaining things, here's a link for how alchemy works in the Fullmetal Alchemist series: http://fma.wikia.com/wiki/Alchemy

If that's not what you're looking for, then I guess you can just do what >>31730 said.
No. 31732 ID: ca0e20
Yeah, I assumed that most fantasy Alchemy would use the real world version as a base since most fictional stuff is derivative of the real world anyway. But I guess I didn't know where to start since I didn't pay attention in Chemistry in High School and everything was in french. So the names you mentioned there would at least give me a place to look into to at least maybe coming up with what I'd want Fantasy Alchemy to look like in whatever world it's in.
No. 31734 ID: ca0e20
File 147794248760.png - (595.29KB , 950x1350 , Inktober 31 - Pumpkin Lady Monster.png )
Inktober 31 - Pumpkin Lady Monster

A friend suggested that I draw a Pumpkin girl for today's Inktober when I didn't know what I could draw for Halloween. Thought I might as well try!


And that's it for Inktober! Whew! Have not drawn this much in a single month in a while. With that done, it'll be easier for me to update 2Frames more often again, even if I'm drawing a commission. This year's Inktober I ended up trying to draw everyday on a schedule. This ended up working pretty well, all thing considered.

I intend to try and keep that schedule going in an attempt to make sure I not only draw as often as I can, but also update quests also as often. The rules will be less strict though. With Inktober, I had to make an inked drawing and have it ready to post on my FA gallery for 7 - 7:30pm, but now I can pretty much draw anyway I want and add to it as much as I want, instead of posting an inked drawing alongside the colored/finished one. Or use other pens and brushes. And I don't have to post everyday, if all I do in a day is commission work and end up not posting that day, that's fine. And that also means that if I get sick again, I don't have to force myself to draw haha.
No. 31735 ID: ca0e20
File 147794256758.png - (1.08MB , 950x1350 , Pumpkin Lady Monster.png )
And I ended up "finishing" it for a more proper Halloween pic.

Happy Halloween!
No. 31736 ID: ca0e20
Aaaand I forgot the Spoiler image. Dang it lol.
No. 31752 ID: 9e21cd
Congratulations! You did it!
No. 31753 ID: ca0e20
Lol, thanks! =3
No. 31792 ID: ca0e20
File 147830692837.png - (296.95KB , 651x800 , Mordecai.png )
Middle of the Night

Guess he couldn't stop dreaming about Margaret's lady features.


Thing I drew some week ago. Was still debating on if I wanted to post these types of drawing here. But heh.
No. 31793 ID: ca0e20
File 147830693571.png - (296.29KB , 800x600 , Margaret.png )
Midnight Wake

Guess she couldn't stop dreaming about Mordecai's manly features.


Decided to make a partner pic to the last one.
No. 31794 ID: 398fe1
Haha wow it's everywhere
No. 31872 ID: ca0e20
File 147855911732.png - (292.28KB , 800x600 , Goblin Girl.png )
Been re-reading DiveQuest alongside Knight Quest (following that one Diveverse guide: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Crossover_Guide#Diveverse ) and it reminded me that I wanted to try and draw that one type of cute Goblin that I sometimes see around quests, specifically the way the ears are drawn. That's cute to me. But I drew this without any references, so obviously it looks like nothing like how Weaver do them, and may or may not look like another style I saw somewhere, so I dunno.

I don't know if I'll ever do a quest with these types of characters. But whatever! If I do this is what my brain made:

She's a slave that just became an adult. So whatever the Goblin equivalent of 18? Or is it 21? I never know anymore. And she's just done with the place. She wants to leave and escape. So if this was a quest, that would be the goal, at least for the first thread. Breaking out.
No. 31968 ID: ca0e20
File 147900730503.png - (102.87KB , 800x600 , Background with Tree practice.png )
Was listening to an album while wanting to draw something real quick and simple, so I decided to draw something I would find pleasant.

No. 31984 ID: ca0e20
File 147916679411.png - (267.03KB , 800x1000 , Space Lizard.png )
A friend of mine has this character and I wanted to draw them. Will probably finish this.
No. 32131 ID: ca0e20
File 147994539795.png - (338.04KB , 1200x500 , Com 13 - Salandit.png )
Commission for someone on FurAffinity.
No. 32147 ID: ca0e20
File 148010903360.png - (513.58KB , 800x1050 , Sangheili Butt.png )
Wanted to draw something from reference and ended up putting a Sangheili in and then giving her random clothes.

Here's a Sangheili butt.
No. 32207 ID: ca0e20
File 148055004769.png - (541.48KB , 1200x1200 , Com 14 - King Lizard.png )
No. 32305 ID: ca0e20
File 148142876522.png - (191.79KB , 680x560 , Brook playing with a friend.png )
I actually have an Elephant gal character over on FA. I haven't drawn her much though since elephant anthros are hard to draw.

But anyway, today was kinda boring and I ended up trying to doodle her just now after remembering her and wanting to draw some of her jewelry/tattoos. Which the tats are not all that apparent in this pic. I might do another to have them more visible eventually but shrug. We'll see. This pic was meant to be done quicker than what I usually do.

Also decided to make it dirty cause I didn't know what else to do.
No. 32306 ID: 398fe1
Oh wow, a trunkjob. Don't see that often.
No. 32307 ID: ca0e20
Yeah, there's some extra stuff you can do with an elephant character. It's super old and crapily drawn, but here's another example with the first drawing I ever did of her.

No. 32309 ID: 398fe1
That link is 403 FORBIDDEN
No. 32310 ID: ca0e20
File 148149343682.jpg - (144.84KB , 900x619 , Elephant Girl 69.jpg )
Weird. Those are usually not. Anyway, main reason I didn't just post the image was because of how old and crappy it was, but I guess it's the best option.

Here's a weird thing I drew in 2012. Weird compared to what I usually did or do at least.
No. 32312 ID: ca0e20
File 148150053962.png - (417.73KB , 800x1000 , Lieutenant Radina Shakarr.png )
And done!
No. 32510 ID: ca0e20
File 148288937623.png - (664.86KB , 800x600 , Goat Lady.png )
Felt like doodling something in a pen/brush I don't really use and decided to draw a Goat lady since it was a species I was meaning to get around to draw.
No. 32700 ID: ca0e20
File 148453122625.png - (457.37KB , 800x600 , Kalypso.png )
Felt like drawing Kalypso again. And also a scalie lady in a bikini, which I had not done in a too long time.
No. 32701 ID: 398fe1
Looks like she's only half in that bikini!
No. 32703 ID: ca0e20
It's still on her though!
No. 32745 ID: ca0e20
File 148503265349.png - (42.86KB , 800x600 , Nonsense.png )
Been having a day of not knowing what to do in general, so I decided to draw something random and not care about the colors for some reason.

So here's what I barfed out.
No. 32918 ID: ca0e20
File 148598977388.png - (11.40KB , 250x320 , Shark Warmup.png )
Quick warm up doodle shark I drew earlier before working on the Shark Quest update. Drawing hand was feeling sluggish before starting so I decided to do something I rarely do and doodle something to test this whole warm up thing that good artists usually do.

She's proud of her squishy tits! =D
No. 32927 ID: ca0e20
File 148616844183.png - (450.24KB , 657x1200 , Com 17 - Proud Varren.png )
Commission for someone on FA of an anthro Varren from the Mass Effect games, puffing up her chest to display her titties. She's also proud of them!
No. 32954 ID: ca0e20
File 148643573672.png - (613.56KB , 800x600 , Looks like Mordecai.png )
This is one of those time where I get a dumb idea and decide to draw it for some reason.
No. 32970 ID: ca0e20
File 148659531160.png - (606.20KB , 800x1000 , Laughing Lactaid Kiss.png )
Been meaning to draw:
-A lesbian pic again, cause it's been a while since I did a proper one.
-Another Lactaid cow pic
-A pic of the Lactaid cow and the Laughing cow doing lesbian stuff.

So this quick doodle after finishing a commission took care of those things.
No. 33064 ID: ca0e20
File 148721320670.png - (227.96KB , 800x600 , Bloody Filth.png )
You guys remember my Dragonborn, Filth? Man, he's suppose to be way better at handling blood, what's up with him?

Been a long time since I've drawn this much blood. But I've been wanting to draw Filth in different situations and this one here is one I thought of some weeks ago.
No. 33066 ID: 7b7ab3
Boy, he picked a fight with a giantess at the WRONG time of the month!
No. 33067 ID: 398fe1
No. 33071 ID: 91ee5f
It looks like he's saying, "AAAAHHHHH!!!!! IT'S EVERYWHERE!!!!! IT'S ALL OVER MY FACE AND---*makes spitting noises* AUGH IT'S IN MY MOUTH!!!!! I THINK I'M GONNA---*vomits*"
No. 33206 ID: ca0e20
File 148816303766.png - (194.66KB , 1000x708 , RoboDino JiggyDino.png )
Thing I doodled cause I'm in a robot centric Discord Server. Robo-Dino 1.0! Also regular Dino dude mascot.

Might finish this later, line-less even!
No. 33207 ID: ca0e20
File 148816313307.png - (63.24KB , 325x325 , Moth Chip V3.png )
Also that server didn't have an icon and it bugged me.

pun not intentional, but someone pointed it out on FA so I might as well use it again
No. 33226 ID: ca0e20
File 148841194375.png - (238.93KB , 800x600 , Vaka treasure.png )
Someone on that one Discord server I mentioned earlier has a this super adorable Dragonborn that thinks she's a Kobold after being raised by them. She also thinks other Dragonborn are big Kobolds like her. My heart melted just typing that, lol.

Anyway, wanted to draw her. This is mostly a doodle though. I don't like how parts of it came out and, even before starting this drawing, am and was intending on drawing her again. Hopefully better too lol.
No. 33227 ID: ca0e20
File 148841200483.png - (775.00KB , 873x1200 , Com 19 - Zergling.png )
Internet Jokes.

Commission of an anthro Zergling.
No. 33233 ID: 398fe1
She's real cute.
No. 33234 ID: 91ee5f
Awwww! She's adorable! X3 <3


No. 33245 ID: 395c02
i'm just going to quote a meme from my old group circa 2000:

"That ain't creep!" (and then a winky face)

(also i guess in this instance it's lava)

No. 33259 ID: 696fed
*notices your creep* OwO what's this?
No. 33261 ID: ca0e20
File 148867053876.png - (717.36KB , 800x1200 , Vi Ebony.png )
Gift for a friend of their character as a thanks for being extremely helpful.
No. 33270 ID: ca0e20
File 148892978051.png - (846.90KB , 1000x1500 , Sad Robo.png )
Robo-Dino being sad.
No. 33273 ID: 91ee5f
"Why wasn't I programed to know how to do the robot dance?" D-':>
No. 33274 ID: ca0e20
I think I actually joked about that around the time I made him. He knows all dances, but the robot dance was the only dance not programmed in. lol
No. 33368 ID: ca0e20
File 148970337650.png - (1.04MB , 1143x1200 , Com 20 - Under Red.png )
No. 33432 ID: ca0e20
File 149048160912.png - (504.88KB , 950x750 , Bee Butt.png )
Based on this: http://i.imgur.com/iQRtAPs.jpg !

Someone posted that pic on Discord and I wanted to draw an anthro version. Cute thick Bumble Bee!
No. 33528 ID: ca0e20
File 149117233426.png - (106.15KB , 800x600 , Yooka and Laylee.png )
Small simple silly pic of Yooka and Laylee. Wanted to draw something before the launch, which I will miss.

No I don't think Laylee would actually say "yeehaw". Although I've been avoiding most promotional stuff for the game since I'd want to discover it for myself, like I did Banjo-Kazooie way back when. So as far as I know, "yeehaw" is her catch phrase. But it wasn't Kazooie's so I assume it isn't lol.
No. 33546 ID: ca0e20
File 149135654582.png - (403.97KB , 800x600 , Air-lifted Lesbian Girlfriend.png )
Air-lifted Lesbian Girlfriend.

I guess I'm at a point where I feel like I have to practice perspective a lot, so I decided to try my best to make those angle work (I know there's mistakes) then putting a random R34 character in there.

Been a bit since I drew an anthro Guilmon lady. And then I put Biyomon in the BG cause I dunno. I should draw Biyomon proper, but this "idea" popped into my head and I decided to go with it. I'm pretending that both characters here are lesbians and Biyomon is going to have sex with Guilmon or something. Porn!
No. 33614 ID: ca0e20
File 149196625057.png - (266.66KB , 800x600 , Horny Sangheili.png )
Bleh drawing for a bleh mood. Here's a scrappily drawn horny Sangheili. Silly pic.
No. 33668 ID: ca0e20
File 149220784611.gif - (9.17KB , 120x120 , Dino Jetpack.gif )
Super simple thing I made within an hour cause I've used Aseprite to make tiles sprite for fun the other day and it reminded me that Aseprite is super fun to use, so I wanted to animate something quick.

And all I could come up with that wasn't another dance was a jetpack.

Although I do want to try to animate more and I shouldn't avoid mundane or cliched themes I guess.
No. 33699 ID: ca0e20
File 149239712036.png - (181.45KB , 750x750 , Chain Thing Concept.png )
Quick thing I made after thinking about some sort of demon lady with chains attached to her arms. Or rather her arms ends into chains. I also made a chain brush for this with the thought that I would maybe use this character for a quest sometimes. So drawing chain quick like a brush would be good for fast drawing.

I'm also thinking of maybe having her appear in the same quest as that one Imp girl from way back when, the one that can poof through grates. Both being early concepts. I should maybe revisit that Imp girl though. Both characters are not final in their designs.
No. 33715 ID: ca0e20
File 149246845662.png - (769.90KB , 764x1200 , Com 21 - Ariana Coast.png )

Never drawn tentacles before, but I've always been thinking about maybe drawing it one day, just never got around to it. So since it was asked for commission, it was a good time to try eh? =P
No. 33719 ID: ca0e20
File 149255518673.png - (43.56KB , 500x500 , Dino Spray.png )
I made a spray for Source games!

Dino wasn't train for this!
No. 33720 ID: 638191
wait, does E.Y.E count for source game spays?
No. 33728 ID: ca0e20
I haven't played it so I wouldn't know, but I guess I kinda forgot that Source were used by developers other than Valve. I guess I should have used "most Valve games" instead. But I was also pressed for time since some people I was playing with were waiting on me while I was posting this on sites. Cause Steam was down but went back up while I was posting.

Anyway, I can correct the mistake everywhere but here since I would have to delete the post to change it.
No. 33734 ID: af6e04
Possible new Jiggy quest? With demons?? Sign me up
No. 33736 ID: ca0e20
I've definitely been thinking about making a quest that is a little rougher, as in more violent or less light-hearted. I mean, I'm probably still gonna try to make some things be silly or cute, cause too much edge-y-ness is too boring.

But with this potential idea, I also would like to have characters be less "standard furries". I mean I like furries, but it be cool to get something that is more "widely interesting" or something.
No. 33771 ID: ca0e20
File 149298948112.png - (654.39KB , 1200x1159 , FemBearTrout 2 s.png )
I've been meaning to draw FemBearTrout again.

Here it is. Big bear lady!

Previous version on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16507942/
It's similar, just pretend it's a sequel.
No. 33800 ID: ca0e20
File 149324534728.png - (696.46KB , 800x1000 , Dragonair Boi.png )
Been meaning to draw a Dragonair "femboi". Although this is the second I've drawn and I drew this one's lines some time ago. And I don't super like how it turned out. So anyway!
No. 33807 ID: ca0e20
File 149342687586.png - (1.97MB , 2000x2000 , Random Environnement.png )
Something I think I drew yesterday. I was in a really bad mental spot and felt like working on nothing, but decided to make myself work on something mindless instead. So I decided to just make an environment and try to put as much stuff in it as possible.

So for about 4 hours, I used my schedule work time to draw this. There's probably many mistakes with perspectives and etc. but it's not meant to be polished.

And considering how close things are from one another, this could work better as some kind of fuzzy map made by someone with too much time on their hands.
No. 33808 ID: 91ee5f
Neat! Is that Raven's village?
No. 33809 ID: ca0e20
Heheh, no. Just random stuff. I could almost use it for another project, really.
No. 33886 ID: ca0e20
File 149402407898.png - (784.65KB , 965x1200 , April Poll Drawing - Banjo and Kazooie postsize.png )
This pic was made as a result of a Monthly Patreon poll!

-Banjo-Kazooie - 50%
-Sexy Blaziken - 50%
-Rocket Raccoon - 0%
-"Psychedelic" Picture - 0%

As a tie breaker, I decided what I wanted to draw among the winners. Want to help decide next time? Consider throwing $5 my way to be part of the poll!


Anyway, copy and paste aside, I like drawing these two. So it was fun getting to draw them as the first poll drawing. =3
No. 33981 ID: ca0e20
File 149481189061.png - (749.01KB , 1800x2000 , Grizzo Strong Gal post.png )
Remember that one bear from Kirby? Yeah that one, but as a chubby strong anthro gal.
Just felt like sketching one in this general body type while watching some people play Kirby Superstar. I might polish this later, but for now, here it is.

I miiiiiight start posting more sketches. This isn't the first time I tell myself that I'll try to draw more sketch and posting them. So I'm not convinced I'll start yet again. But maybe this time, I dunno.
No. 34041 ID: ca0e20
File 149506093689.gif - (113.71KB , 320x320 , Com 22 - Animated Reading Robot.gif )

Basically a pixelated animation version of this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21419225/
We were both willing to make a custom commission to make it happen since I don't have anything formally setup for animated pixels. But it was fun! =3
No. 34061 ID: ca0e20
File 149522868630.gif - (108.05KB , 320x320 , Com 23 - Animated Curious Serpent.gif )

Another animated pixel version, this time of this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21544093/
No. 34079 ID: ca0e20
File 149541584270.png - (573.48KB , 1052x1200 , Gwen post.png )

For MakestheOnionCry on Tumblr, of his cutie Gwen!


Wait, what is she holding...?
No. 34080 ID: 6f97db
>what is she holding...
It has to be a.. selfie stick!
No. 34081 ID: ca0e20
And again, modern trends ruins everything. =P
No. 34153 ID: ca0e20
File 149557574959.gif - (135.57KB , 400x320 , Com 24 - Frank Natlu Plasma Bolt.gif )
Commission for someone on FA!

Animating is fun. =3
No. 34212 ID: ca0e20
File 149609729432.png - (344.97KB , 990x1200 , Night in the Wood - Bombshell.png )
Minor character from Night in the Woods, nicknamed Bombshell. Artist SignirSol drew some nice pics of her and I wanted to draw her as a result.
No. 34313 ID: ca0e20
File 149670444572.png - (558.98KB , 864x1200 , May Poll Drawing - Sexy Blaziken Post.png )
This pic was made as a result of a Monthly Patreon poll!

-Sexy Blaziken - 50%
-Bikini Goodra - 50%
-Argonian- 0%

Again, as a tie breaker, I decided what I wanted to draw among the winners. Want to help decide next time? Consider throwing $5 my way to be part of the poll!


Not sure I did the sexy part enough, I am pretty directionless with clothing. Speaking of which...
No. 34314 ID: ca0e20
File 149670445383.png - (531.16KB , 864x1200 , May Poll Drawing - Sexy Blaziken Nude Post.png )
Nude Version.
No. 34329 ID: ca0e20
File 149678793327.png - (330.04KB , 600x800 , SpeedDraw - Typo 1.png )
Patreon Speed drawing for Typo!


One of the quest goal, I think, is for her to use magic to get giant. Here she is if she succeed and didn't bother transforming into her feral dragon form, heheh. =P

Cameo by Skif.


... Gotta get better at drawing fast, lol.
No. 34330 ID: ca0e20
File 149680369834.png - (330.04KB , 528x1041 , Tasha Kimono.png )
I asked for an outfit suggestion and the same person suggested Kimono, then Tasha (one of my FA characters). So here's Tasha in a Kimono. Attempting to draw more clothes. =P
No. 34474 ID: ca0e20
File 149771572588.png - (222.63KB , 634x1200 , Big Dragoness.png )
I made a new character to make porn on FA. More rambling in the description for it: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/23860380/
No. 34478 ID: 91ee5f
No. 34489 ID: ca0e20
Pizza pls
No. 34512 ID: ca0e20
File 149808486742.png - (891.63KB , 1122x1200 , Big Liv and Vi Ebony.png )
Collab with a friend from FA! He did the art/lines, I did the color/BG.

No. 34630 ID: ca0e20
File 149876605808.png - (588.22KB , 1200x775 , Big Liv - Magic post.png )
Doodle scrappily made of that blue dragoness gal of mine, Liv.
No. 34634 ID: ca0e20
File 149877362330.png - (459.61KB , 1500x2000 , Liv Warmup.png )
Forgot to post this. Warmup of Liv. I should have warmups as a more common thing, but it's really not in my routine.
No. 34644 ID: ca0e20
File 149885138465.png - (691.75KB , 1200x900 , SpeedDraw - Typo 2 post.png )
Patreon Speed drawing for Typo!

No. 34677 ID: ca0e20
File 149896681252.png - (434.49KB , 1028x1200 , Quick Slime.png )
Random quick slime attempt.
No. 34688 ID: ca0e20
File 149911935965.png - (224.96KB , 1200x1200 , Com 25 - Koko the Tarentula.png )
Spider anthro commission.
No. 34701 ID: ca0e20
File 149920544943.png - (452.80KB , 1200x655 , Com 26 - Liv and Pyron.png )
Another Commission! For someone on FA!
No. 34708 ID: ca0e20
File 149928414046.png - (581.11KB , 1200x1200 , Big Liv - Big Sticky Fun.png )
I couldn't work on the commission I was working on, waiting on the payer to approve the sketch before I color + FA was down. So here's a couple of sketches.


Wanted to make a messy pic of Liv at some point and ended up making it a messier pic than I was planning. There was gonna only be one cock and only cum on her tits and face and inside of mouth.
No. 34709 ID: ca0e20
File 149928414497.png - (210.76KB , 1200x1200 , Horny Silly Moth.png )
I often add dumb dialogue to porn sketches, and since I plan on trying to sketch more, of you guys that follow my art will have read it, lol.
No. 34710 ID: ca0e20
File 149928414764.png - (285.12KB , 929x1200 , Random Bot.png )
Random probably poorly designed robot doodle.
No. 34711 ID: c88e6d
No. 34712 ID: a363ac
put this Bee back in the friend-zone where it belongs
No. 34714 ID: ca0e20

That's a moth. =3
No. 34729 ID: ca0e20
File 149938023406.png - (192.03KB , 867x1200 , Com 27 - Simple Gnoll Ref cleanver.png )

First Gnoll I ever draw. =O

Which reminds me, I did draw some lewd-ish Kobolds for the first time some months ago. I could post those here later.
No. 34734 ID: c88e6d
Go for it. I'd be interested in seeing that. This gnoll is like an inverse of my gnoll. He's got black sclera as opposed to black hide.
No. 34735 ID: ca0e20
File 149944905158.png - (112.55KB , 898x525 , Lewdbolds.png )
I almost forgot, lol.

Anyway, yeah, tried to make my version of cute Kobolds. But also made them lewd.
No. 34737 ID: c88e6d
They look kind of like my lizardcats!
No. 34740 ID: ca0e20
File 149946657195.png - (122.21KB , 800x600 , Dildos Charizard.png )
Random Charizard I drew some months ago.

I found a FA under your username but there were no submissions. =P
No. 34743 ID: c88e6d
One sec, I'll discord ya!
No. 34772 ID: ca0e20
File 149973011696.png - (166.79KB , 1200x1115 , Red Panda Bran post.png )
Giftart for a friend.
No. 34815 ID: ca0e20
File 149997142355.png - (862.95KB , 1200x1200 , June Poll Drawing - Bikini Goodra Post.png )
Monthly Poll pic for my Patreon for June! Late cause I had to work on commissions first.

-Bikini Goodra (Pokemon) - 100%
-Tawna Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot Series) - 0%
-Kass (Breath of the Wild) - 0%
-Feraligatr Lady (Pokemon) - 0%

Only one vote this month. But anyway. I think the Blaziken might have been drawn during an art block cause looking back, I'd rather try and make sure the Patreon pics are not too skimped on. The BK pic and this one is more what I want to at least not go under the bar they set. And hopefully, they should get better with time. Hopefully, I stay inspired.

No. 34862 ID: ca0e20
File 150033101598.png - (181.87KB , 1000x1000 , Giik.png )
Friend's character as a lady. Maybe someone here already knows them. =P
No. 34863 ID: ca0e20
File 150033101945.png - (175.84KB , 1000x1000 , Pineapple Moth.png )
I missed a conversation, but pineapples was the important part anyway.
No. 34864 ID: ca0e20
File 150033102342.png - (113.00KB , 1000x651 , Naga Squirt.png )
I have 2 Naga characters but I prefer one of them. Here she is!

Fun fact: This Naga character was made a while ago, before I started visiting tgchan. But I think I could maybe use her and her girlfriend for a quest. It's another concept that could be used for a lewd quest. As the comic idea I was gonna use her for kinda has not really wearing clothes for comfort. And turning it into a quest could work since I didn't really think of anything for plots and etc. yet. We'll see I guess.
No. 34865 ID: ca0e20
File 150033102764.png - (214.27KB , 1000x1000 , Sling Charizard.png )
Sling Bikinis are silly, but I still like them. Charizard anthro ladies are also nice.
No. 34903 ID: ca0e20
File 150041704298.png - (292.38KB , 727x1200 , High Heels.png )
Female Alien version of a friend's character I pretty much draw like that all the time.
No. 34904 ID: ca0e20
File 150041742785.png - (159.39KB , 1000x1000 , Lady Harry Touch.png )
Same character, but with Many Touchy Hands.
No. 34915 ID: ca0e20
File 150051179646.png - (244.50KB , 1000x1000 , Lapras Ticklish.png )
So ticklish that cumshots/bukakke makes her giggle.
No. 34917 ID: ca0e20
File 150051668015.png - (5.21KB , 254x345 , Jiggle and Wiggle - Feeding.png )
Giik's Jiggle sucking on Wiggle's cock.
No. 34932 ID: ca0e20
File 150058876306.png - (738.93KB , 1171x1200 , Com 29 - Naga and Worgen.png )
No. 34955 ID: ca0e20
File 150069061550.png - (108.04KB , 653x749 , sketch - Blue Mud Dauber.png )
Someone showed a pic of a blue mud dauber and I was like, that’s too cute to not draw! But I drew this a while ago and was never reminding to post it.

Google image some Blue Mud Dauber!
No. 34982 ID: ca0e20
File 150093582472.png - (393.96KB , 1046x1200 , Com 28 - Shannon and Lukas.png )
Commission on FA for the Shark Week sale I'm holding!
No. 34986 ID: ca0e20
File 150094303668.png - (26.60KB , 800x600 , Dino Flee.png )
I saw the word "flee" and it reminded me that it's a funny/silly/cute word.
No. 34989 ID: 91ee5f
I must confess something silly to you.

Every time I see your name, I keep reading it as "JigglyDino" instead of "JiggyDino". And every time I read your name as "JigglyDino", I keep imagining your little dino guy here: >>34986 , with a pair of jiggly boobs.

Am I weird for imagining that every time I read your name wrong?
No. 34991 ID: 638191
oh god I am not the only one?
No. 34992 ID: ca0e20
Maybe not the boob part, but yeah, the number one thing people keep changing my name to is JigglyDino, lol. The boobs part, they might be keeping that to themselves usually so I have no idea how many people go that far..

I do have a friend that made a porn lizard character called Jiggle, though I saw them call em Jiggly once. Hey boyfriend is called Wiggle and he was apparently "inspired" by my simple art style lol.

... And I apparently never posted the art I made of them on this thread. Gonna look into that I guess lol.

I mean this is here, but I made one where they actually jiggle and wiggle.
No. 34993 ID: ca0e20
File 150095154011.png - (11.72KB , 531x498 , Jiggle and Wiggle.png )
A friend's characters I decided to draw cause they be silly lewd lizards.

Their FA post: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/23862555/
Direct Link: http://d.facdn.net/art/giik/1497665588/1497665588.giik_dragontits.png
Bonus: https://i.gyazo.com/dfdfdb65dd9bab42a10aaccd185ba955.png
No. 34994 ID: 91ee5f
Ok, I wasn't entirely honest. I actually imagined 2 things when I read your name as "JigglyDino".

1 was the boobs thing and the other was that I imagined your little dino guy was fat and he jiggles every time he moves!

.....now that I think about it, sometimes I imagine the dino guy as both fat and having boobs and does a lot of jiggling when in motion. So I guess that would make 3 things I imagine when I misread your name.

..........ok, now I feel really weird for imagining these things! I'm so sorry! >///<;;
No. 35004 ID: ca0e20
He technically is a "Chubbier Compy" who's also 4" tall cause I don't follow the rules. But anyway, lol.
No. 35012 ID: ca0e20
File 150102179616.png - (924.83KB , 1200x1200 , Flower Moth.png )
This week isn't just Shark Week, it's also Moth Week! =O
No. 35024 ID: ca0e20
File 150110826733.png - (801.99KB , 1200x1085 , Shark Week - Stretch post.png )
Happy Shark Week! Here's a sleepy shark lady! =3
No. 35043 ID: ca0e20
File 150119271501.png - (667.95KB , 1200x823 , Com 30 - Mothbot and Worgen V3.png )
Commission for Fernier and Giik!
No. 35044 ID: ca0e20
File 150119273340.png - (310.01KB , 1200x907 , Com 31 - Mayor Moth.png )
Commission for someone on FA!
No. 35067 ID: ca0e20
File 150128084527.png - (347.87KB , 867x1000 , Nursery Shark Nurse.png )
Nursery Shark Nurse that someone in the multistream that I was also in suggested.
No. 35069 ID: 91ee5f
No. 35083 ID: ca0e20
File 150136545993.gif - (91.30KB , 320x320 , Com 32 - Shark Wrench Flip.gif )
Animated commission for someone on FA!
No. 35193 ID: ca0e20
File 150188390753.png - (1.17MB , 1171x1200 , July Poll Drawing - Miura's secret Oasis post.png )
July's Patreon Poll drawing!

-Strong Kangaskhan Lady Flexing, Vaporeon Lady is impressed (clean) - 0%
-Mordecai from Regular Show - 0%
-Miura from Ever Oasis - 100%

No. 35198 ID: 91ee5f
Miura is one thicc Drauk! X3

Although, that's not saying much, considering all of the Drauk are pretty thicc! XD
No. 35199 ID: ca0e20
Haven't played the game, but it's good to hear her species are well designed. =P
No. 35200 ID: 91ee5f
I got the game a few days ago and I'm enjoying it!

And, as far as I can tell, the Drauk seem to be an all female species of spear wielding warrior lizard ladies! And all of them are THICC! =D
No. 35202 ID: ca0e20
Oh, heheh. =P
No. 35225 ID: ca0e20
File 150197079649.png - (587.83KB , 1000x956 , Lewd Calleta Moth.png )
WHOOPS. I forgot to post this lewd Calleta moth during Moth/Shark Week. Here she is now!
No. 35288 ID: ca0e20
File 150231644290.png - (948.36KB , 800x3000 , Wolfbot and Dino Comic.png )
A friend of mine wanted me to play Oneshot, so he bought it for me and I drew him this!
No. 35289 ID: 91ee5f
Wow! I didn't know you had such an electrifying personality! XD

You must've really brightened up his day! XD
No. 35291 ID: ca0e20
I'm bright enough to keep light on my feet. haaaaahahah
No. 35292 ID: 91ee5f
Careful though! You might start feeling a little lightheaded! XD
No. 35293 ID: 894beb
I keep wondering where you all are getting these bright ideas from.
No. 35318 ID: ca0e20
File 150249103033.png - (383.36KB , 1200x1200 , Lady Harry Syrup Mage.png )
Fordoxia is the syrup mage now, but got into an accident while practicing with her new power. She's squirming and struggling but the color of her eyes betrays how much she's enjoying this predicament. =P
No. 35322 ID: 91ee5f
I wonder how she plans on getting out of this sticky situation? XD

But seriously, I'll help!
*throws a bunch of pancakes and sticks of butter on her*
There you go! Now you've got some breakfast! XD
No. 35401 ID: ca0e20
File 150285400427.png - (243.61KB , 1200x966 , Mantis Adventurer.png )
I tried to draw some Oneshot characters in a multistream just now but I can't draw them right lol. So instead of trying to figure them out while people were watching, I decided to just doodle a Mantis. Mood was still inspired by Oneshot since I was listening to the OST while drawing and Niko (from Oneshot) carries a glowing Macguffin. I've also been meaning to make some sort of Mantis character.

He has this important glowy that he likes cause it's glowy.
No. 35491 ID: ca0e20
File 150344106929.png - (172.89KB , 1200x706 , Scalie Femboi.png )
I had no motivation to draw earlier today and I ended up doodling a feminine scalie dude.
No. 35492 ID: 73af06
That looks pretty close to Slinko's style. Well, if he ever drew dudes.
Anyway, nice work! I like his.. uh.. charisma haha
No. 35494 ID: ca0e20
Slinko do draw dudes. Usually on their FA gallery though.


And thanks! I'll admit I don't see the resemblance though lol.
No. 35498 ID: 36de2e
Here comes dat smoothboy.
No. 35569 ID: ca0e20
File 150395802020.gif - (169.09KB , 400x400 , Commission 34 - Kobold Mask2.gif )
No. 35584 ID: ca0e20
File 150404569348.gif - (364.26KB , 500x500 , Com 35 - Gnoll Jerk.gif )
Another animated Commission!

The last post was also animated, I forgot to say. But it's probably obvious enough.
No. 35694 ID: ca0e20
File 150472654049.png - (261.83KB , 1200x873 , Liv and Fernier Bottomless.png )
Felt like drawing some bottomless gals yesterday evening.

Both were done in 30 mins each and independently of one another. So they don't match a whole lot, but I felt like only posting in one post since the theme is pretty much the same for both.

The dragoness shirt's is magic.
No. 35695 ID: 91ee5f
What are you talking about? They clearly have butts and their butts are connected to their bodies!

They're obviously not bottomless!
No. 35698 ID: ca0e20
File 150473851364.png - (189.46KB , 1000x1000 , Com 37 - Gulu Collar Pleasure.png )
No. 35702 ID: ba506f
The face you get when you overeat
No. 35715 ID: ca0e20
File 150483586539.png - (139.44KB , 840x1200 , Jill Bottomless.png )
Another bottomless gal!
No. 35716 ID: 91ee5f
She's not bottomless! You can clearly see her ass right there!
No. 35758 ID: ca0e20
File 150525185010.png - (230.71KB , 1280x1280 , Dragoness Bottomless.png )
Another bottomless dragon gal!
No. 35759 ID: ca0e20
File 150525224180.png - (160.12KB , 500x500 , Commission 38 - Wolfbot Crown Icon.png )
No. 35760 ID: ca0e20
File 150525302914.png - (403.54KB , 600x600 , Server Icon Post.png )
I have a private server for general hangout that isn't related to quests and this is the icon I made for it.
No. 35761 ID: 91ee5f
GAAAAAH!!!!! She's not bottomless either!

You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?! DX

No. 35762 ID: ca0e20
No. 35793 ID: ca0e20
File 150542820013.png - (913.82KB , 1400x1400 , Com 39 - Bottomless Fernier.png )
Commission for the person who owns the character who wanted me to finish it the pic! =3
No. 35824 ID: ca0e20
File 150569472914.png - (599.48KB , 1038x1200 , Dino Jerk Post.png )
Reminder that I sometimes draw lewd dudes I guess, lol.
No. 35825 ID: ca0e20
File 150569558363.png - (150.30KB , 733x1200 , Random Dragon Gal.png )
A friend drew a thing that made me want to draw this thing.
No. 35835 ID: ca0e20
File 150577243846.png - (215.30KB , 985x1200 , Com 40 - Lizardfolk Gazz Ref.png )
No. 35888 ID: ca0e20
File 150595874196.png - (155.40KB , 800x600 , Find a Way Out.png )
Felt like doodling a Moth in the same vein as the Mantis from last time. I even listened to the OneShot OST while drawing it lol.

Also, I saw some old art of mine from when I drew more clean stuff and I miss it. I noticed certain aspect that made it look like I had more of an effort put into pics. Even a passion I might have lost. If I can remember, I want to draw neat stuff again. Lewd is fun, but it's just not the same.

Mantis: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/res/31418.html#35401
No. 35891 ID: ca0e20
File 150603140701.png - (414.47KB , 720x1200 , Playful Lady Dragon post.png )
Clean version that will be used in the upcoming commission sheet revision that I'm making.
No. 35892 ID: ca0e20
File 150603240291.png - (395.43KB , 720x1200 , Playful Lady Dragon Nude post.png )
And now she's nude.
No. 36069 ID: ca0e20
File 150689540276.png - (232.96KB , 821x1000 , Inktober2017 - 1.png )
Inktober 1 - She's Back!

First day of October, I'm doing Inktober again this year! =3

Werewolf gal - which I still have not named her, wow - just after she turned! She's smaller in her normal form so if she's not prepared to turn, she usually loses some clothes. Though I guess she enjoys this form. =P

For anyone wondering, she turns for the Fall season instead of only at full moons, lol. More fun to me that way. =3
No. 36070 ID: ca0e20
File 150689573422.png - (116.64KB , 600x600 , Demon Dino.png )
I made an October icon for Discord. =3
No. 36087 ID: ca0e20
File 150698699802.png - (160.56KB , 773x1000 , Inktober2017 - 2.png )

That one stripper gal from that one Rick and Morty episode. She seems fun. =P
No. 36110 ID: ca0e20
File 150698945240.png - (432.25KB , 1002x1200 , Alien Stripper post.png )
Decided to color her quick lol.
No. 36124 ID: ca0e20
File 150706963223.png - (256.02KB , 1000x955 , Inktober2017 - 3.png )
Inktober 3 - Initial Heat

This was suppose to be for yesterday, but then impromptu Alien Stripper, lol.

But yeah, anytime she turns, she's overcome by a huge wave of lust that can last a while, whether she takes care of it or not. At least, she can think to masturbate this year to help. Unlike some other years. =P
No. 36125 ID: ca0e20
File 150707001805.gif - (271.07KB , 400x400 , Commission 41 - Coin Flip.gif )
No. 36126 ID: ca0e20
File 150707040359.gif - (316.09KB , 400x400 , Commission 42 - Sproing Reveal.gif )
This time lewd!
No. 36142 ID: ca0e20
File 150715530797.png - (163.59KB , 732x1000 , Inktober2017 - 4.png )
Pose might be odd, but it's because I'm gonna draw Raven at a later Inktober and then combine them for their own pic.

Also, this might be the best pic of Lucy I've done and will probably refer to it when I want to draw her in a non-simple style.

Hands are still hard to draw.
No. 36144 ID: ca0e20
File 150715610298.gif - (134.78KB , 400x400 , Com 43 - Sleepy Gloo.gif )

I keep not calling out when something is animated, but if it's lineless pixel and in gif format, it's a safe bet that it is.
No. 36172 ID: ca0e20
File 150724029068.png - (35.42KB , 800x285 , Inktober2017 - 5.png )
Inktober 5 - Lazy Flop

Today's Inktober was brought to you by laziness. I draw too slow and I don't want to draw all evening lol.
No. 36173 ID: ca0e20
File 150724074406.png - (678.52KB , 1058x1200 , Com 44 - Sarah Showing Off.png )
No. 36181 ID: ca0e20
File 150732871438.png - (125.16KB , 477x1200 , Com 45 - Swimsuit Guffin.png )
No. 36182 ID: ca0e20
File 150733219064.png - (162.92KB , 583x1000 , Inktober2017 - 6.png )
Inktober 6 - Raven

The other half!
No. 36184 ID: ca0e20
File 150741418057.png - (134.94KB , 665x800 , Inktober2017 - 7.png )
Inktober 7 - Soon?

Almost enough money to get that GPU. =O
No. 36185 ID: 91ee5f
Jiggly Dino!
No. 36197 ID: ca0e20
File 150750100837.png - (110.81KB , 800x549 , Inktober2017 - 8.png )
Inktober 8 - Dino Plunge

I dunno if it's because I watched that one BrutalMoose vid about that one kid who's a merman, but that's what I came up for today's Inktober.
No. 36221 ID: ca0e20
File 150758701802.png - (132.72KB , 845x1000 , Inktober2017 - 9.png )
Inktober 9 - Charlotte

From Anxiety Quest!

No. 36235 ID: ca0e20
File 150759332838.png - (1.30MB , 2000x1979 , Jill and Mouse girl post.png )
Trade with a friend! =D
No. 36255 ID: ca0e20
File 150767570573.png - (246.96KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober2017 - 10.png )
Inktober 10 - Quick Slash

Today's Inktober is based on this pic I made a while ago. >>32745
No. 36277 ID: ca0e20
File 150776627644.png - (119.21KB , 718x1000 , Inktober2017 - 11.png )
Inktober 11 - Fierce Kobold

I didn't know what to draw today and ended up drawing a Kobold for some reason. He's small and weak, but that won't stop him from taking down his enemies! To battle!
No. 36300 ID: ca0e20
File 150784731417.png - (164.74KB , 860x1000 , Inktober2017 - 12.png )
Inktober 12 - Bea

She should stop smoking, lol. And find a way to be happy.
No. 36336 ID: ca0e20
File 150793368704.png - (239.21KB , 954x1000 , Inktober2017 - 13.png )
Inktober 13 - Potion Addition

Black witch cat I draw every Inktober! Kinda of a different style? I couldn't decide between making it simple or normal style and then had real trouble with certain parts, lol.
No. 36345 ID: ca0e20
File 150802031130.png - (224.87KB , 858x1000 , Inktober2017 - 14.png )
Inktober 14 - Liv is ready!

Ready to give you a pep talk!

I don’t know, the pose is goofy, and best guess that someone pointed out what that it’s kind of a fighting pose. Was mostly thinking “with gusto” or “You/we can do it!”.

Also, the sweater is probably magic.
No. 36360 ID: ca0e20
File 150809711779.png - (58.94KB , 800x455 , Inktober2017 - 15.png )
Inktober 15 - Poomf on the big pillow

And here’s all I have the energy to do today. Spent most of the day moving a bed around with included cleaning up some drawers and taking the bed thingy apart, cause it’s all “fancy” or whatever. anyway. I'mm gonna chill for the rest of today, lol.
No. 36361 ID: 91ee5f
*covers the tired dino with a warm fuzzy blanket*
No. 36380 ID: ca0e20
File 150819252764.png - (186.92KB , 871x1000 , Inktober2017 - 16.png )
Inktober 16 - Filth is Mad

I dunno who pissed him off, but they about to be sploded!

I probably should draw him more often, at this point, he’s another Inktober character, lol.

Hey, it's the dude from the first pic I posted here. =O
No. 36412 ID: ca0e20
File 150827813804.png - (299.46KB , 1000x967 , Inktober2017 - 17.png )
Inktober 17 - Hauling Robot

Robot thing that I made for a mini-RP-quest thing I was holding on a server. This Robot hangs out with a cat lady and helps her collect scraps to bring to her warehouse!
No. 36433 ID: ca0e20
File 150836559702.png - (743.05KB , 1132x1200 , Com 46 - Juicy Kiwi.png )
No. 36435 ID: ca0e20
File 150836634688.png - (231.14KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober2017 - 18.png )
Inktober 18 - Giik’s LIAUA

Today’s Inktober is Giik!
No. 36452 ID: ca0e20
File 150844089015.png - (113.26KB , 748x800 , Inktober2017 - 19.png )
Inktober 19 - My Mind Right Now

I'm pretty tired.Dino don't wear shirt, but he had to wear one to show just how tired he is.

I need a break.

Maybe a girlfriend for emotional support.

Welp. Into the Lion's den...

... that's over dramatic. I'm just tired and I'm weak.
No. 36462 ID: ca0e20
File 150853886431.png - (634.75KB , 1200x1200 , Com 47 - Trick or Treat Break.png )
No. 36464 ID: ca0e20
File 150854244871.png - (168.67KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober2017 - 20.png )
Inktober 20 - Escape Rip

Rip using skills and bendy limbs and quick drawing to escape a dire situation. I guess he pissed someone off?

that one that looks like it's in the foot isn't in the foot.
No. 36470 ID: 91ee5f
Aka Rip before he got his invisible suit.
No. 36473 ID: a363ac
thats nice jiggy
No. 36475 ID: ca0e20
File 150860830913.png - (229.29KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober2017 - 21.png )
Inktober 21 - Cave Exploring

Me and and a friend, Sealer, were talking and, I forget why, but at some point I suggested that I could have my dino put his bot's head on a stick to use as a torch cause at least it would make the bot easy to draw. Anyway, that seemed like a fun simple thing to do for today's Inktober. =D
No. 36476 ID: ca0e20
... I forgot he could do that,

But anyway, it's mostly just a "fun" pic. Not sure how canon it is, heheh.

Thanks! =D
No. 36495 ID: ca0e20
File 150869869033.png - (103.58KB , 800x574 , Inktober2017 - 22.png )
Inktober 22 - Pump

I drew this as a, I guess, type of enemy I could put in a game. more like a concept since I'd have to simplify it into pixels. Though yes, It's probably too close to that one pumpkin in Steven Universe.

He'll chomp ya.
No. 36510 ID: ca0e20
File 150879803647.png - (98.79KB , 1000x688 , Inktober2017 - 23.png )
Inktober 23 - Goblin Slave Quest Panel 1

Mockup of panel 1 for a quest if I'd make one with that one Goblin girl seen over there: >>31872

I didn't know what to do for today's Inktober lol. Nothing here is official.
No. 36543 ID: ca0e20
File 150888397167.gif - (1.78MB , 600x400 , Commission 48 - Lakeside.gif )
Animated Commission!
No. 36544 ID: ca0e20
File 150888455386.png - (204.17KB , 829x1000 , Inktober2017 - 24.png )
Inktober 24 - Molly

Alternate title: Minotaur's Fury

Today, fanart of SlightlySimian's Molly! She's a cute gal. So I drew her in an action pose? I dunno. Seemed cool to so, Hahah.

Also, I like this enough I might color it. After fixing that eye at least.
No. 36557 ID: ca0e20
File 150896612906.png - (104.25KB , 800x784 , Inktober2017 - 25.png )
Inktober 25 - Archer Dino

I was gonna give him an outfit, but I don't think I slept all that great last night and yeah, not in the physical mood to draw an extra pic today, lol. Dino is great cause he's simple and he's "easy" to draw. =P
No. 36561 ID: ca0e20
File 150905541331.gif - (794.81KB , 400x400 , Commission 49- Birds and Robot.gif )
Animated Commission!
No. 36562 ID: ca0e20
File 150905901003.png - (539.68KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober2017 - 26.png )
Inktober 26 - Boat in Post Apocalypse

Wanted to make at least one background pic for Inktober and I've been playing Call or Pripyat again. =P
No. 36579 ID: ca0e20
File 150915731346.png - (148.06KB , 880x1000 , Inktober2017 - 27.png )
Inktober 27 - Marsh Computer

Whoops, I drew this earlier and forgot to post it!

Marsh from The Herd being an expert at computers and anger management. =P
No. 36582 ID: 91ee5f
She's a wolf, so why is she wearing wool?

Unless she's a literal "wolf in sheep's clothing" traitor?
No. 36625 ID: ca0e20
File 150921821490.png - (116.44KB , 1000x734 , Inktober2017 - 28.png )
Inktober 28 - Warm and Comfy

Been watching Stranger Things Season 2 and was reminded of heat lamps for reptiles. Here's Dino enjoying some comfortable heat. =3

Which we're really not getting now over here lol.
No. 36636 ID: 87353e
For a moment, from just the thumbnail I thought this was the Shard of the Traveler.
No. 36638 ID: ca0e20
Time for you to play less Destiny. =P
No. 36641 ID: ca0e20
File 150929857213.png - (319.51KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober2017 - 29.png )
Inktober 29 - Dragon Hunter

As in a dragon who is a hunter.

This is weird I feel cause it's like: Here's my chubby dragoness dressed up as a character from Bloodborne that fights Eldritch monsters. I dunno. There's an underlying silly about it, but I do like how it's looking overall.
No. 36642 ID: c88e6d
This is great! Though I do have a question... is she pregnant?
No. 36643 ID: 91ee5f
I think it looks great! There's nothing wrong with a chubby dragon being a badass!

He literally said that she was chubby, not pregnant.
No. 36644 ID: ca0e20
Yeah, she's just chubby. But the leather the Hunter wears looks "thick" and stiff enough that you can't really see the actual shape of the guts. Also, I could have done way better with general anatomy here but I guess I wanted to focus on the actual clothes. So she's kinda "off model" here.
No. 36650 ID: c88e6d
Sorry! I'm dyslexic sometimes, mea culpa! The picture looks good.
No. 36684 ID: ca0e20
File 150940243015.png - (760.17KB , 1200x1200 , Com 50 - Distracted Candy Duty.png )
No. 36685 ID: ca0e20
File 150940306602.png - (160.58KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober2017 - 30.png )
Inktober 30 - Padre

I dunno if this is old enough/there's enough new people on this site for me to have to say what this is, but just in case:

The Padre from NanQuest!

No. 36686 ID: 5191f1
All hail our lord and savior, the patron god of questing, Tgweaver.
No. 36687 ID: 91ee5f
No. 36692 ID: c88e6d
That is very lewd and entirely enjoyable~
No. 36700 ID: 66a4ca
Good stuff. What was she thinking!
No. 36701 ID: ca0e20
Thanks! =D
That character tends to very much makes messes anytime she gets bored. I'm guessing there was a gap in Trick-or-Treaters and she assumed she was in the clear, lol.
No. 36706 ID: ca0e20
File 150948574210.png - (176.07KB , 833x1000 , Inktober2017 - 31.png )
Inktober 31 - Happy Halloween!!!

Another Inktober done! Happy Halloween! =D
No. 36714 ID: ca0e20
File 150957252505.gif - (854.90KB , 400x400 , Commission 51 - Forest Bounce.gif )
Animated Commission!
No. 36720 ID: 3ce125
No. 36722 ID: ca0e20
Pretty much, lol.
No. 36723 ID: a363ac
No. 36907 ID: ca0e20
File 151070098091.gif - (623.90KB , 584x344 , Commission 52 - Mango Pillow Pile.gif )
Lewd Animated Commission!
No. 36926 ID: ca0e20
File 151078821807.gif - (1.76MB , 560x400 , Commission 53 - Beastie Swamp.gif )
Another lewd animated Commission!
No. 36927 ID: 3ce125
These are v. lewd
No. 36928 ID: ca0e20
People keep throwing money at me for them, lol.
No. 36937 ID: a363ac
Thats cause they are worth it!
No. 37125 ID: ca0e20
File 151199834737.gif - (691.30KB , 400x400 , Commission 54 - Staying Warm.gif )
Animated Commission!
No. 37138 ID: c88e6d
At least she has that fluffy tail to hide in.
No. 37139 ID: ca0e20
File 151201525409.png - (274.93KB , 1200x1200 , Liv Summer Wear.png )
Quick Liv pic. Felt like it's been a while since I drew her and etc. Also, can you tell I already miss summer? lol

Lol, yep =P
No. 37140 ID: f4762a
Hopefully she is alright with the heat! I do really bad with it, so I’m moreso excited for Winter honestly...
Also, cute art!!
No. 37141 ID: ca0e20
Thank you!

I actually way prefer the heat over the cold and is one of the many reason I already miss summer. So I definitely made her not mind, heheh.
No. 37142 ID: b4793d
I've got a fever and the only cure is more sexy dragons.
No. 37144 ID: ca0e20
Sexy dragons are a very effective medicine. =P

Dragoness pussy juice can probably cure a cold, lol.
No. 37145 ID: f0e789
And if they have milk, then it could probably cure any sort of bone disease ever
No. 37148 ID: ca0e20
lol yep. Also I totally let my dragoness/scalie anthros produce milk. =P
Yes, I know, blasphemy.

No. 37149 ID: 91ee5f
Prove it!
No. 37232 ID: ca0e20
File 151268417955.gif - (1.74MB , 540x512 , Commission 55 - Star Troubles.gif )
Animated Commission!
No. 37233 ID: 0614f0
This is awesome and I love it.
No. 37234 ID: ca0e20
Glad you like it! =D
No. 37235 ID: 5b39db
No. 37253 ID: ca0e20
File 151295566768.png - (599.13KB , 1114x1200 , Molly Attack post.png )
Giftart for someone!
No. 37266 ID: ca0e20
File 151311894564.gif - (1.19MB , 400x400 , Commission 56 - Fern Sipping Cocoa.gif )
No. 37270 ID: ca0e20
File 151321417565.gif - (521.55KB , 420x400 , Commission 57 - Catching Snowflakes.gif )
Animated Commission!
No. 37311 ID: ca0e20
File 151372430424.gif - (1.40MB , 400x400 , Commission 58 - Just a Present.gif )
Animated commission!
No. 37319 ID: ca0e20
File 151398471801.gif - (648.68KB , 400x400 , Commission 59 - Sleigh Girlfriends.gif )
Animated Lewd Commission!
No. 37325 ID: a363ac
No. 37329 ID: 6cc25a
That's a lot of juices. Nicely done.
No. 37348 ID: ca0e20
File 151424432223.gif - (277.21KB , 400x400 , Commission 60 - Candy Cane.gif )
Animated Commission!

Merry Christmas! =P
No. 37386 ID: ca0e20
File 151477904307.png - (309.73KB , 1000x1000 , Liv - Happy New Year.png )
Last art of 2017!

Liv believes in you!!!
No. 37388 ID: ca0e20
File 151483077718.png - (514.40KB , 1280x1067 , Sketch Doodle 2017.png )
I'm cleaning out 2017 files so I'll be posting stuff here throughout the day. =3
No. 37389 ID: ca0e20
File 151483275289.png - (450.81KB , 1200x1056 , sketch Doodle 2017 Lewd.png )
Same as last time, but now lewd! Also yes, humans. Poorly drawn ones at least, lol.
No. 37390 ID: ca0e20
File 151483328109.png - (82.27KB , 1000x1000 , Sketch - Dino Flower.png )
Uploaded on it's own since the cropping/composition matters.

Dino's friend noncanon died and Dino has no way to know about it.
No. 37391 ID: ca0e20
File 151483410492.png - (179.42KB , 1200x479 , Sketch - Harry Flash.png )
Making a friend's lady version of a character Flash.
No. 37392 ID: ca0e20
File 151483539740.png - (209.37KB , 1200x1118 , Sexbot.png )
A friend wanted me and someone else to draw sexy robot and see what we come up with. This was what what I did and was planning on picking better colors or whatever, but I ended up not doing so and I'm probably not gonna do more with this.

The pink body part are all squishy. =P

Frost's Bot!: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24870827/
No. 37393 ID: ca0e20
File 151483570850.png - (49.76KB , 1000x1000 , Sketch - Misotus.png )
I forget if I posted this on tgchan already. Well, here it is again I guess!

From Riotmode's Snakecharmer!

No. 37394 ID: ca0e20
File 151483800244.png - (251.46KB , 1000x1000 , Rip Random Scene.png )
Random Scene with Rip. No idea what is going on.
No. 37395 ID: ca0e20
File 151483942997.png - (365.16KB , 896x1000 , Sketch - Jiggy Dino Pack.png )
Bunch of JiggyDino doing injokes from Discord servers I go to.

I think that's it for the 2017 posting for now! =3

... actually there's the recap but we'll see if I'll post this here.
No. 37507 ID: ca0e20
File 151605236399.png - (424.53KB , 1200x1200 , Liv - Milky Dragon post.png )
Liv: "Here's your proof. Now come here and get some stronger bones!"

Took my sweet ol' time, but here it is, lol. Proof. =P
No. 37508 ID: 6cc25a
That's very kind of her!
Definitely need more of.. uhh.. such kinds of proof.
No. 37537 ID: c88e6d
Glorious picture, Jiggy~
No. 37704 ID: ca0e20
File 151794919393.png - (468.89KB , 933x1200 , Goblin Gal - Cheap Lingerie post.png )
It's that one Golbin gal I should name!

This is the outfit hanged on the wall in this pic. >>36510

Also drew her a bit different to try.

This is a repost cause the sword looked too much like it was pointed at her and I quickly realized there should be shading near it to imply that it was touching the wall. Only got around to fix it now. Might be fixed now, I dunno.
No. 37713 ID: ca0e20
File 151804553409.gif - (2.55MB , 400x400 , Commission 61 - Channel Surfing.gif )
Lewd Animated Commission!
No. 37767 ID: ca0e20
File 151847606854.png - (678.48KB , 1200x1200 , Com 62 - Mirror Pose.png )
No. 37791 ID: ca0e20
File 151864916495.png - (319.45KB , 938x1200 , Com 63 - Lady Dragon Taverntender.png )
No. 37939 ID: ca0e20
File 151970398768.png - (427.83KB , 691x1200 , Mordecai Belly Rub post.png )
Felt like drawing lewd of Mordecai and something I was thinking about months ago.
No. 38319 ID: ca0e20
File 152253535295.png - (173.24KB , 877x1200 , MickyMerc Ref post.png )
Random quick ref for someone. =3
No. 38347 ID: ca0e20
File 152280217838.png - (791.24KB , 848x1200 , Yoshi Gal Tongue post.png )
Redraw of an old sketch of mine.
No. 38425 ID: ca0e20
File 152329647812.png - (378.43KB , 823x1774 , Random Lewd Lizard Gal.png )
Feeling bleh about drawing today so I drew these this morning.
No. 38457 ID: 0c3c2c
Hahaha, your 'bleh day' drawings are fantastic.
No. 38467 ID: bccf1a
File 152347815428.png - (183.18KB , 1093x819 , D140007E-CF21-46C8-9690-C1EE2ECBA1C4.png )
A big hug from me to you, I know you recently had something of a ‘bleh’ day. I’m just happy you did something productive out of it, even though it was porn, haha. Hope you’re having a much better day today.
No. 38470 ID: ca0e20
Most bleh days results in me drawing nothing though, lol.

Thanks =P

Woah, neat! =D

Yeah, the day after was already normal enough for me to be way more productive, so that was nice. =P
No. 38558 ID: ca0e20
I've been doodling on Weaver's site's Tegaki and I forget why I have not posted the pics on here. I might do that later (it's late right now lol).
No. 38561 ID: 91ee5f
>Weaver's site's Tegaki
No. 38564 ID: ca0e20
File 152405260167.png - (18.05KB , 512x512 , 1-Nan Pizza.png )
Nan from NanQuest eating some pizza.


At the top where it says Tegaki.
No. 38565 ID: ca0e20
File 152405263670.png - (20.48KB , 512x512 , 2-Alphys Butt.png )
Currently only porn I ever made with any Undertale characters.
No. 38566 ID: ca0e20
File 152405273228.png - (27.07KB , 512x512 , 3-Ridder Fight.png )
Anyone remember this dude?!?!?

It's Ridder from Knight Blades.
No. 38567 ID: 51137e
Sir Ridder, made by Reaver as a parallel story to DiveQuest
No. 38568 ID: ca0e20
File 152406689507.png - (11.04KB , 512x256 , 4-Bolds Everywhere.png )
Bunch of 'bolds.
No. 38569 ID: ca0e20
File 152406695103.png - (41.45KB , 512x640 , 5-Judy Shower.png )
This is suppose to be Judy, but I forgot to draw her pattern so I think most thought it was Ruby, whoops. Anyway, only Zootopia lewd I ever done.
No. 38570 ID: ca0e20
File 152406699832.png - (14.39KB , 512x256 , 6-Monster Kid.png )
This might be the second time I've drawn Monster Kid.
No. 38573 ID: ca0e20
File 152408790788.png - (10.69KB , 512x256 , 7-Weaver Horror.png )
Felt like drawing that one Weaver persona and couldn't think of a better way than to have him present horror. Also made it cute cause I dunno. That's my bag I guess lol.
No. 38574 ID: ca0e20
File 152408794227.png - (39.29KB , 512x640 , 8-The Pilgrim.png )
This was a tough one to do. The Pilgrim from Nanquest.
No. 38575 ID: ca0e20
File 152408803469.png - (27.44KB , 512x512 , 9-Agua.png )
Agua is cute! From Monstro Village.
No. 38577 ID: 9071b8
Hey, a lot of cool character draws. 👍
The ones I like the most are the lewd ones, but I think I'm too biased.
It's interesting to see Ridder and cutebolds in your style, very well done. The other characters I could also instantly recognize as they're very close to the originals.
Dat booty..
No. 38590 ID: ca0e20
File 152409964139.png - (30.28KB , 512x512 , 10-Elinda.png )
Elinda! Another Monstro Village cutie!

Glad you enjoyed them. =P
No. 38591 ID: ca0e20
File 152409966932.png - (23.00KB , 512x512 , 11-Gumberry.png )
Yet another cute gal from Monstro Village. Gumberry!
No. 38592 ID: ca0e20
File 152409969716.png - (28.12KB , 512x512 , 12-Ashedel.png )
Ashedel from DiveQuest!
No. 38593 ID: ca0e20
File 152409984840.png - (45.88KB , 512x640 , 13-Applejack.png )
Applejack from everyone knows. Only MLP stuff I ever done and probably will stay that way I think but I dunno. Fun fact, I never watched the show. Kinda waiting for it to end before maybe checking it out.


Caught up! From now on I should be posting them as I make them, or maybe I'll post them in batch of 3 since I dunno how much worth some of these were alone. We'll see if I remember to do anything.
No. 38798 ID: ca0e20
File 152580711713.png - (46.34KB , 512x640 , 14-Silvya.png )
Any Wander Over Yonder fans around? =P
No. 38808 ID: 992200
Can't say I'm a fan (I don't like Wander), but Sylvia makes the show worth watching heh. So great job!
No. 38809 ID: ca0e20
Yeah. I do like the show a bunch, but Wander fills his role and that's mostly it, though it is a pretty good role. Sylvia is pretty great though. =P
No. 38828 ID: ce4759
WOY is great and Sylvia is a big cutie!
No. 38831 ID: ca0e20
Yeah! =D
No. 38841 ID: ca0e20
File 152600350828.png - (788.97KB , 1110x1200 , Liv One Peice Swimsuit post.png )
Wanted to try and cheer me up, so I quickly drew Liv again. Drawing my own characters I like can help. And Liv was overdue to be drawn again anyway.
No. 38843 ID: 770b34
Ohhhhh she's very cute!!!
No. 38849 ID: ca0e20
Glad you like her! =D
No. 38873 ID: ca0e20
File 152617173727.png - (38.23KB , 512x640 , 15-Chichi and Beanie.png )
Beanie and Chichi, where I make Beanie reluctantly enjoy Chichi's hugging. Heavily based on the 4th panel here:


(minus the stickers)
No. 38877 ID: d887c0
Roommates a good.
No. 39085 ID: ca0e20
File 152746642147.png - (235.16KB , 1200x1200 , Liv Bouncin post.png )
Made some lewd doodle with Liv. Kinda forgot I can post them on sites instead of just around Discord lol. Quickly made though, so very sketchy.
No. 39086 ID: ca0e20
File 152746647883.png - (221.20KB , 1200x1052 , Liv POV fellatio post.png )
A friend liked her face here.
No. 39087 ID: ca0e20
File 152746650479.png - (239.51KB , 1016x1200 , Liv Gooped post.png )
Personal fav from the first three which I drew all in one go.
No. 39088 ID: ca0e20
File 152746665510.png - (245.85KB , 840x1200 , Liv - Jacket Butt post.png )
Fav of the whole bunch, though I made this some times after the other. Inspired by someone else's drawing of the same theme. (Jacket and naked lady butt)

Also made this in 10 minutes since I had a video going about that length that ended when I was done doodling this lol.
No. 39089 ID: ca0e20
File 152746677608.png - (29.49KB , 512x640 , 16-Bonbon.png )
Bonbon from Roommates. Dunno why I drew her this early since I don't really find her to be one of the best characters on there. I guess I wanted to draw butt and thighs and exercise and tackiness. =P
No. 39178 ID: ca0e20
File 152806711433.png - (42.97KB , 512x640 , 17-Cheekys Ample Hips.png )
Cheeky this time! =P
No. 39179 ID: 69bdf1
Cheeky=best girl
No. 39326 ID: 40197f
File 152936308487.png - (255.20KB , 1200x1200 , Chain Demon Doodle 2 post.png )
Wanted to draw this demon gal again:


Mostly a doodle. Made a new chain brush cause the other one is on my previous computer. I wanted to make it rougher anyway, but whoops the lightning don't reflect it cause I was lazy with it. Ah well. One day maybe.
No. 39332 ID: 40197f
File 152937713084.png - (174.33KB , 1000x800 , Chain Lady Demon Sketch sequence.png )
Ok, here's more doodle I guess I felt like doodling, lol. Might be the bloodiest thing I did since, I think, that one where Filth has blood poured all over him.
No. 39350 ID: 40197f
File 152954879463.png - (38.40KB , 512x640 , 18-Another Nisha Secret.png )
I guess it's fun to pretend she has many secrets. =P

Big Bear Lady. Nisha Marigold from Roommates.
No. 39460 ID: 40197f
File 153074610856.png - (701.66KB , 1080x1200 , Com 65 - Shark Red.png )
No. 39486 ID: 40197f
File 153091757899.png - (1.06MB , 1175x1200 , Com 66 - Liv and Fern.png )
No. 39502 ID: 40197f
File 153100276833.gif - (0.96MB , 516x400 , Commission 67 - Shark Splish Splash.gif )
Simple Animated Commission!
No. 39535 ID: 40197f
File 153152149412.gif - (2.68MB , 400x400 , Commission 68 - Shark Gal Juicy.gif )
Animated Commission!
No. 39555 ID: 40197f
File 153160731916.png - (875.37KB , 1110x1200 , Com 69 - Shark Bikini Chomp.png )
No. 39556 ID: 40197f
File 153161981779.gif - (32.43KB , 500x500 , Taswel Tik Tok Devil.gif )
A friend did a thing here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/27991308/

I got inspired, lol.
No. 39564 ID: ff82d2
Haha, could totally use the tail to knock over stuff as well
No. 39577 ID: 40197f
File 153179803009.png - (48.99KB , 512x640 , 19-Cheeky Combat Medic.png )
Cheeky again! The imagery as Cheeky as a "Combat Medic" was kinda cool to me lol. And then she went and showed off her strong muscles which was also rad.

Anyway, fire was suggested by someone, but yeah overall, I just wanted to draw her in the getup described in that one chapter near the end. =P

Hah, yeah, pretty much. =P
No. 39618 ID: 40197f
File 153204213392.png - (1.21MB , 1200x1200 , Com 70 - Thieve of Tops.png )
No. 39652 ID: 40197f
File 153213613734.png - (272.15KB , 900x1200 , Drea Slut Hat post.png )
Giftart for a friend!
No. 39694 ID: 40197f
File 153230303122.png - (1.22MB , 1070x1200 , Shark Week Jessica post.png )
An FA character of mine I have not drawn in a really long time. Celebrating the start of Shark Week with her butt, lol. "Quick" drawing.
No. 39761 ID: 40197f
File 153282928967.png - (1.08MB , 1080x1200 , Shark Week Drea post.png )
Another shark Week pic! I got artblocked and sick this week so I didn't get to draw more sharks. =(
No. 39866 ID: 40197f
File 153350979962.png - (533.81KB , 800x1280 , Drea Snapping.png )
Another pic of this gal, theme suggested by her owner. =3
No. 39867 ID: 06fdc0
that's a clever perspective trick
No. 39868 ID: 40197f
It was a meme for a little while too.


Here's some furry examples, lol.
No. 39870 ID: 40197f
File 153359489992.png - (875.89KB , 1200x1082 , Com 64 - Beach Fun.png )
Big special commission! =O
No. 40061 ID: 40197f
File 153480407723.png - (957.51KB , 1200x1200 , Yala - R-Rova Trade post.png )
No. 40062 ID: 40197f
File 153480547485.png - (1.45MB , 1100x1025 , Liv Spread by R-Rova.png )

This is the other artist's half of the trade! check em out over yonder!:


No. 40178 ID: 40197f
File 153566466555.gif - (635.75KB , 996x1200 , Liv Self Massage.gif )
Thing I sketch animated last year and finally got around to finish in the last week or so.
No. 40179 ID: ff82d2
She seems to be enjoying herself in ways I'm most jealous of hehe.

This looks like it took a lot of work. All the subtle movement really puts this animation to life. Great job!
No. 40182 ID: 40197f
Thank you! =D
No. 40353 ID: 40197f
File 153680566896.png - (39.31KB , 512x640 , 20-Commander Coriander Salamander.png )
Commander Coriander Salamander is a fun name and a fun reptilian gal. =3
No. 40415 ID: 40197f
File 153715468330.png - (233.69KB , 1200x1200 , Cute Cow Lady Butt post.png )
Random Cow Lady Butt doodle. Been meaning to draw one again.
No. 40546 ID: 40197f
File 153827554205.png - (42.33KB , 512x640 , 21-Lady Fred.png )
Another Weaver Tegaki thing.

This time, I guess you could say it's a lady version of Fred from Roommate, though I drew it as a reaction to a lady version of bot Freddy in Weaver's gallery. Also her personality is different from the non-robotic Lady Freddie I have drawn before. lol
No. 40555 ID: 40197f
File 153843295891.png - (304.74KB , 924x1000 , Inktober 1 - WereWolf and WitchCat are Back.png )
Inktober 1 - Werewolf Lady and Witch Cat are Back!

Doing another Inktober, hope you like my art! =P
No. 40580 ID: 40197f
File 153852821282.png - (419.92KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 2 - Haunted Capitalism.png )
Inktober 2 - Modern Haunting

I'm probably not gonna do comic pages everyday and might not continue with these characters, but who knows! Maybe I'm crazy!

But yeah, I felt like continuing from yesterday's pic. =P
No. 40582 ID: 91ee5f
Why is the “WOOF” on her shirt backwards when it wasn’t in the last page?

>Maybe I'm crazy!
You mean you weren’t already crazy? XD
No. 40583 ID: 05ff2f
>Why is the “WOOF” on her shirt backwards when it wasn’t in the last page?
And it's backwards in both the first and second panels too. I suspect JiggyDino drew those panels then discovered Witch Cat was on the wrong side of the first panel for her speech balloon to fit and mirrored that panel left to right. Then he mirrored the second panel so the characters' positions would match the first panel. Was my guess close, Jiggy?
No. 40585 ID: 40197f
Oh whoops. Maybe? I did change the cat position in the first panel mostly cause of speech bubble shenanigans and maybe I had written WOOF on werewolf gal already at that point and didn't catch it. And once I wrote it in the second panel I might have based it on the first without realizing I had flipped the canvas, lol. This is what happens when I try to do something fast I guess lol.
No. 40586 ID: 40197f
Real reason: SpoooOOoOOoooky Ghosts!
No. 40593 ID: 40197f
File 153860617383.png - (335.88KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 3 - Oh Look a Cat.png )
Inktober 3 - A Cat Being a Cat

Yes, this is still a continuation of the previous things. Though I guess it could practically work alone too, lol.
No. 40607 ID: 40197f
File 153869566975.png - (141.60KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 4 - Lucy Training.png )
Inktober 4 - Lucy Training

Today is a bit of a cop out day. Been thinking about Lucy exercising since she do have muscles to maintain. Though I do want to try to draw better pics of it at some point, but yeah. Just wanted to draw something small today, lol. And drawing Lucy is always something I enjoy. =3
No. 40608 ID: 40197f
File 153869743418.png - (1.22MB , 1200x1200 , Com 71 - Who Chose the Costumes.png )
Halloween Commission!
No. 40615 ID: 40197f
File 153876962402.png - (1.88MB , 1200x1200 , Inktober 5 - Aux Oculo.png )
Inktober 5 - Aux Oculo

Aux Oculo looks spooky and I've been thinking of drawing something of it, so here's this day's Inktober. =P

No. 40620 ID: 40197f
File 153885475185.png - (537.24KB , 1200x1200 , Inktober 6 - Riveting Mess.png )
Inktober 6 - Riveting Mess

This silly thing continues!
No. 40630 ID: 40197f
File 153893553871.png - (391.95KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 7 - Riveting Cleanup.png )
Inktober 7 - Riveting Cleanup

The thing about comics is sometimes you need boring pages to move the story forward. Here's another one! =P
No. 40641 ID: 40197f
File 153902711762.png - (98.03KB , 716x720 , Inktober 8 - Inktober Tradition.png )
Inktober 8 - Inktober Tradition

So I guess I just have to get sick at some point during Inktober lol. Luckily, today is just a sore throat, but I have no idea if it will get better or worse.

Dino going through a "this is fine" denial phase as he deals with sick.

(This is the second time I forget to post the pic, lol)
No. 40651 ID: 40197f
File 153911284174.png - (117.47KB , 924x459 , Inktober 9 - Resting.png )
Inktober 9 - Resting

This is the only thing I'm making myself do today. Also I ink shaded this for some reason, but I didn't put much thought into it, so try not to put much mind to it, lol.
No. 40657 ID: 40197f
File 153919633802.png - (84.39KB , 771x865 , Inktober 10 - Recovering.png )
Inktober 10 - Recovering

Still sick, feel a lil better. Felt like I drew Dino miserable too much when I'm sick, so here's him enjoying a toasty beverage. =3
No. 40675 ID: 40197f
File 153929279398.png - (154.05KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 11 - Cute Okapi.png )
Inktober 11 - Cutie Okapi

Drea​ makes a return for today's Inktober! I'm still sick but whatever. lol
No. 40682 ID: 40197f
File 153938165421.png - (172.57KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 12 - Action Cat.png )
Inktober 12 - Action Cat

Today's Inktober is Taswel​‘s Mateo! It's a boy I should draw more often.

I dunno what this pose even is, lol.
No. 40684 ID: 91ee5f
>I dunno what this pose even is, lol.
It looks like a JoJo pose.
No. 40696 ID: 40197f
File 153946520809.png - (137.87KB , 737x1000 , Inktober 13 - Actual Sleepy Jiggy.png )
Inktober 13 - Sleepy Actual Jiggy

Yeah, this is suppose to be like the "anthro/full" version of my sona. Well, kinda since Dino is a Compy and this is a weird generic fake reptilian type that I draw Tasha and Pat as. I've only drawn this version of him like once. I been meaning to draw him being sleepy. Now that I have, I dunno what will be the next way I'll draw him cause I'm super boring, lol.
No. 40706 ID: 40197f
Mostly was saying that cause I drew the pose with no ref and was definitely wondering where I should pose the arms and what the hands should do and had no idea what to do.

So I guess that means Jojo poses are random lol.
No. 40708 ID: 40197f
File 153954382383.png - (250.30KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 14 - Friendo Photo.png )
Inktober 14 - Friendos Photo

Idea that popped up in my head the other day and I suspected it be super cute. I was right! =D
I dunno why but I was so into drawing this. Anytime I zoomed out I was so happy about how it was coming along!
No. 40728 ID: 40197f
File 153965127029.png - (160.88KB , 691x1000 , Inktober 15 - Uzza Goreclaw.png )
Inktober 15 - Uzza Goreclaw

Kobold Sorcerer I made that will potentially be used for a game?! Of DnD?! =P
No. 40730 ID: 40197f
File 153965514801.png - (259.09KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 14 - Friendo Photo Alter.png )
Colored version of one of the Inktober pics!
No. 40735 ID: 40197f
File 153973154807.png - (158.47KB , 794x1000 , Inktober 16 - Modern Lucy.png )
Inktober 16 - Modern Lucy

Just a thing I wanted to try!

I'd definitely imagine that with the comfort of modern life, Lucy would spend a lot of her time working out and jogging, lol.
I also tried to give more cow features with her nose and ears since those were drawn in a simpler style most times.
No. 40752 ID: 40197f
File 153981351373.png - (148.92KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 17 - Festive Stabbing.png )
Inktober 17 - Festive Stabbing

Another simple day, so here's Dino. I bet that pumpkin will totally be beautiful. =3
No. 40753 ID: 40197f
File 153981483981.png - (1.05MB , 1200x1200 , Com 72 - Gaming Bounce.png )

Fun thing about unrealistic furry porn is how much they can come and how often. =3
No. 40775 ID: 40197f
File 153990931289.png - (161.11KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 18 - Reina Samurai Kimono.png )
Inktober 18 - Reina Samurai Kimono Cosplay Thing

Wanted a simple thing without resorting to Dino, so I went with those types of, I guess, kimono. Cause apparently "kimono" is just "thing to wear". Anyway, Reina is dressed up/cosplaying as a casual samurai I guess (was gonna be Samurai Jack, but heh, I went anime wild with the hair lol.)
No. 40776 ID: 40197f
File 153998641080.png - (278.91KB , 1200x1230 , Com 73 - Desert Hug.png )
Commission for Rufran!
No. 40778 ID: 40197f
File 153999657953.png - (188.71KB , 1200x594 , Inktober 19 - Liv in Armor.png )
Inktober 19 - Liv in Armor

I asked my discord server what I should draw Liv in and someone said armor and yep. That was something I very much wanted to try. Some of the others too maybe, but probably not in Inktober. Also, I might come back to this pic after Inktober to make it complete. Maybe even for a wallpaper! =O
No. 40783 ID: 40197f
File 154006552943.png - (105.71KB , 763x1000 , Inktober 20 - Shib Bran.png )
Inktober 20 - Majestic Shib

Here we see Bran​ blepping majestically.
No. 40812 ID: 40197f
File 154015137446.png - (304.57KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 21 - Besties.png )
Inktober 21 - Besties

Ok. Not officially, but whatever lol.

Samantha Thott belongs to Stedilnik,

Peggy Patterson belongs to Savagelyrandom​!
No. 40838 ID: 40197f
File 154025047411.png - (89.73KB , 673x1000 , Inktober 22 - Reaching.png )
Inktober 22 - Reaching

I spent longer on commission today so here's another Dino for today. I feel like I drew Dino sitting/crouching a lot this Inktober so I made a point to have him not only stand this time, but also reach I guess, lol. Simple pose. =P
No. 40852 ID: 40197f
File 154033999587.png - (590.47KB , 1200x1200 , Com 74 - Tease Result.png )
Commission for Fernier, also XsomeoneX's Tempest is there!
No. 40853 ID: 40197f
File 154034074321.png - (353.37KB , 909x1000 , Inktober 23 - Action Filth.png )
Inktober 23 - Action Filth

Wanted to have at least one pic with Filth this Inktober, as usual. Decided to basically have him escape a crazy plan involving multiple explosive potions. He is meant to be a Tabletop RPG character after all. If I ever use him, crazy thing could happen, lol.

Where's the rest of his party? Ooh... I'm sure they are fine...
No. 40871 ID: 40197f
File 154042724757.png - (163.51KB , 1000x943 , Inktober 24 - Lucy Vaulting.png )
Inktober 24 - Lucy Vaulting

Wow, I guess I really want to draw Lucy this Inktober lol. Anyway, another action-y pose.
No. 40876 ID: b1b4f3
Tip: the legbone is attached to the hipbone.
No. 40877 ID: 40197f
No. 40886 ID: 40197f
File 154050590641.png - (63.91KB , 398x583 , Inktober 25 - Raven.png )
Inktober 25 - Raven

Another simple day.
No. 40887 ID: 40197f
File 154050768272.png - (877.68KB , 1200x1200 , Com 75 - Succubus Costume.png )
Commission for Vulthra!
No. 40890 ID: 40197f
File 154052609754.png - (178.20KB , 830x1016 , Modern Lucy.png )
Modern Lucy

Decided to color this real quick cause I liked it enough to do so.
No. 40899 ID: 40197f
File 154058481774.png - (190.04KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 26 - Uzza Soup.png )
Inktober 26 - Uzza Soup

Uzza again, enjoying a warm soup... Or he’s waiting for it to cool down a bit while blepping.
No. 40903 ID: 40197f
File 154059376216.png - (224.12KB , 747x998 , Uzza Goreclaw.png )
Wanted to color this one too!
No. 40917 ID: 40197f
File 154067970026.png - (119.28KB , 836x952 , Inktober 27 - Rosie Cool Clothes.png )
Inktober 27 - Rosie's New Style

Someone made Rosie wear a leather jacket and tight jeans. She might not be sold on it though.
No. 40934 ID: 40197f
File 154076363803.png - (122.43KB , 997x691 , Inktober 28 - Bat.png )
Inktober 28 - Bat

Today is technically a cheat day in the sense that I used my Inktober to try and get used to draw this lil' guy. =3
Used no ref for the gun, this is what I usually draw when I use my brain to draw a pistol.
No. 40944 ID: 40197f
File 154084382289.png - (242.49KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 29 - Sci-fi Rosie.png )
Inktober 29 - Sci-fi Rosie

Rosie fighting mean alien robots I'm sure!!!

I actually drew most of the sketch for this the other day I drew Rosie and decided to fix it up and finish it for today lol. This might be one of the pics I turn into a full pic/colored one cause man, it already took a while and I dunno lol. Might be worth it. We'll see.
No. 40963 ID: 40197f
File 154092038444.png - (1.61MB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 30 - Spooky Robot.png )
Inktober 30 - Spooky Robot

I played through Soma this month, after it was one of the free Discord nitro games, and I really liked it! Today I wanted to draw something inspired from it.

I tried to mostly only use one pen and never changing it's size, though near the end I did start messing with layer and such, lol.

Only inspired, cause my mind breaks anytime I look at big games's design and how much stuff there is to them. It would take me forever to draw a robot like anything that is actually in Soma, so I just kinda drew whatever while thinking about aspects of the game, rather than directly reference it.
No. 40975 ID: 40197f
File 154100968237.png - (196.61KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 31 - Candies for All.png )
Inktober 31 - Happy Halloween!

Candies for All!!!

Unless you don't want them! Kinda like me! Which is why I'm giving them all away!!!

Yeah, I kinda prefer salt stuff like chips over candies. Candies are fine but I can't eat lots. But anyway, I just thought this pic would be cute!

Happy Halloween!
No. 40976 ID: 70be57
Happy Halloween to you as well!
No. 41094 ID: 40197f
File 154154439217.png - (1.20MB , 1146x1200 , Scifi Rosie post.png )
Sci-Fi Rosie

This Inktober entry turned out to be the most popular one (without popular character owners reblogging it!) so I decided to go almost full on with it! Hope I didn't mess it up!

"Almost" cause I "celshaded" it instead of doing full shade. I wanted to play around with that more since it's way faster and am thinking to offer that option when I do commissions next time I change my prices (coming soon-ish, probably not this year).

Also glowies. I really like those and reeeeaaaaaally should put more glowy objects and parts in my pics lol. Though here, I went a bit over board with how I made them cause I dunno. I guess I was in glowy withdrawal, lol.
No. 41176 ID: 40197f
File 154241300184.png - (722.23KB , 1204x1232 , Llyana Armor 1 post.png )
Body and Armor

"Giftart" for Sealer4258! He knew about it the entire time I drew this.

Been meaning to draw her and finally did so! Based on that one knight lady with the hearts.

Check here: https://jiggydinoadultart.tumblr.com/post/180187019208/body-and-armor-giftart-for-sealer4258fa-he
for the Tumblr post containing more versions, including some with a helmet!
No. 41229 ID: 40197f
File 154301920166.gif - (3.03MB , 400x400 , Commission 76 - Tigress Concentration.gif )
Composure Training

Commission for Nazo on FA!

Master Tigress training in keeping her composure with the anachronistic wonders of vibrators! She's not prepare for that kind of technology. =P
No. 41266 ID: 40197f
File 154335263419.png - (223.79KB , 640x1280 , Liv Titfuck.png )
Liv Tittyfuck with Top Sketch

I think I said I wanted to post sketches more often months ago.

Anyway, here's my quota of drawing Liv, but also tittyfucking. Kinda surprising how long it's been since the last time I drew that theme since it's one of my favs.

Ok, I just checked and I guess it was a year ago. Yep. Way too long, lol.
No. 41284 ID: 40197f
File 154353456818.png - (542.56KB , 1024x1241 , Liv and Ceridwen.png )
Liv and Ceridwen lewd sketches

Slinko has been trying to make a CSP pen that was similar to the SAI pen. They apparently succeeded as close as ever before and stuck that pen into their server and I decided to doodle their dragoness Ceridwen a bit with it. With appearance by Liv!

Only the left and bottom pics were made today though. When I thought about posting, I didn't like how the souple of pics I had fit together on a page and thought of drawing something new to fill the extra space, but I remembered that I drew Ceri and Liv together some other time this year. So that's why the kissing one looks different, lol.

But whatever. Dragoness gals partaking in lesbian activities is goooood. =3
No. 41369 ID: 40197f
File 154397279137.png - (1.23MB , 1260x1230 , Com 77 - Sauna Shenanigans.png )
Sauna Shenanigans

Commission for SkiesofSilver on FA!
No. 41418 ID: f5c62a
It's fun to see the role reversal from the Halloween pic.
No. 41430 ID: 40197f
Yeah. =3
No. 41479 ID: 40197f
File 154474542086.png - (755.88KB , 1008x1204 , Com 78 - Liv Pyron Mistletoe.png )
Lewd Traditions

Commission for Narokh on FA!

Liv enjoying some Dragon Holiday activities. =P
No. 41489 ID: 40197f
File 154483677098.png - (206.63KB , 1200x600 , Com 79 - Boxer and Ampharos Icons.png )
-Boxing and Snowing Icons-

Commission for Crzy-Rage-Guy on FA!
No. 41546 ID: 40197f
File 154534779343.png - (888.19KB , 830x1200 , Com 80 - Holiday Picture Shoot.png )
Getting Ready for a Holiday Pic!

Commission for SkiesofSilver on FA!
No. 41591 ID: 40197f
File 154575484911.png - (801.71KB , 1200x1200 , Holiday Pals post.png )
-Holiday Pals-

Wanted to make a extra thing for Christmas that wasn't a commission, so I did this including a couple of friends. =3
(I should draw him more often, but yeah, that green scalie dude is meant to be my "anthro" persona. Dino in the title card is my "mascot" persona.)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
No. 41592 ID: 40197f
File 154575608871.png - (155.98KB , 643x1000 , Drea Festive post.png )
Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to post this? While drawing that commission with Liv, I felt like drawing more of the theme of "lady wearing revealing Christmas clothes" and decided to do a quick draw with Drea for it in my spare time during that time.

Another Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! =3
No. 41613 ID: 40197f
File 154611278607.png - (219.45KB , 554x638 , Chichi and Rackham.png )
I'm gonna clear out my art folders of sketches and such so I'll be posting some things in the coming hours (depending on how distracted I am/how many things I have to prepare)


Chichi and Rackham from Roommates, were Rackham is a very happy and lucky fox. Though he was also not prepared. =P

Also, it would probably be more in character if he'd say "Oh fuck lass..." instead, so that's on me and letting my way of talking bleed into the pic I drew, whoops.
No. 41614 ID: 40197f
File 154611414374.png - (245.73KB , 1206x1142 , Lady BowserxKoopa Peach.png )
Around the time the whole Bowsette nonsense was happening, I was super bummed out cause I do like lady version of Bowser... but if it actually look like a lady version of Bowser. I know it underlines how much of a furry I am, but I don't care for random anime girl being called anything similar to Bowser, lol.

Anyway, it also reminded me that I did want to draw Koopa Peach from that one 3D model so at the time after all the Bowsette, I decided to just draw a proper Bowser lady along Koopa Peach! Well not fully proper, she could be bigger and have bigger arms and etc. I still have trouble with all that especially since I'm just learning about muscles.

Still, to me this is a proper pairing! Scalie lesbians! YEAH!

I did want to finish this more than just this sketch but I had to focus more on commissions and etc.
No. 41615 ID: 40197f
File 154611501824.png - (317.58KB , 1234x955 , Lady Freddie's Brothel Ad sketch.png )
Something I've had in mind but never did much with was turning the characters from the first Five nights at Freddy's into not robots ladies and have them run a Brothel of sort. Or whatever the right word would be, I dunno. this pic as meant to show all the gals together for an ad, but yeah I didn't get to actually finish it.

Some of these pics, like the Lady Bowser x Koopa Peach one, I do still want to go back and maybe finish in the future, but yeah, I'm pretty much in the point where I feel like I'm wasting time if I'm not drawing stuff that people paid for. So for now, this sketch is all that will be with that.
No. 41616 ID: 40197f
File 154611570253.png - (182.29KB , 738x1000 , ReinaxLiondude Creampie.png )
Another one I'd like to finish, this was actually re-purposed from a previous version I couldn't use. I like the pic enough to change the lady character and decided to put my character Reina in instead.

She love furry birth control. =3
No. 41617 ID: 40197f
File 154611652063.png - (297.08KB , 1152x1142 , Raven and Lucy.png )
I posted these separately and uncolored before, but here how they were meant to be together. I did want to do a BG and shade it, but I dunno at this point. especially since I drew Lucy way better since. This will stay this way I think.
No. 41618 ID: 40197f
File 154611827261.png - (270.75KB , 1200x1200 , Noxan Comic.png )
I made a Noxan this year, species owned by Raptie, and made this comic to introduce her in a way... I still need a name for her and come up with a power and a drawback I think they are called? I'm good at this.

Anyway, my Noxan saw how some other Noxans wore purple minimal clothe so she decided to find something suitable in the ways of the sling bikini. =P
I dunno if she'll keep it though, might fall off all the time. Also, that Noxan is on my long list of things I should draw again, ugh that list it long.
No. 41619 ID: 40197f
File 154612349871.png - (164.64KB , 600x1200 , Giik's New Mouth Virus.png )
Some people were doodling what would Giik's mothbot mouth would look like and I decided to pitch in when this came to mind.

He can catch fists with that mouth.
No. 41621 ID: 40197f
File 154612518479.png - (149.51KB , 878x656 , Drea Flexible.png )
Fun Fact: Drea's Okapi is very flexible.
No. 41622 ID: 40197f
File 154612540466.png - (295.51KB , 705x1200 , Drea Amazing Butt.png )
Gotta be proud of big butts!
No. 41623 ID: 40197f
File 154612588651.png - (246.52KB , 1127x871 , Drea Masturbation.png )
Lewder. =3
No. 41624 ID: 40197f
File 154612631275.png - (250.72KB , 853x972 , Drea Outfit.png )
Drea saw an outfit she liked so I drew her Okapi in it for funsies.

Man I drew this Okapi often. She is pretty fun to draw. Still more to come!
No. 41625 ID: 40197f
File 154612663099.png - (226.58KB , 1065x1200 , Drea Switch.png )
This was actually based on another pic which I dunno where it went or who made it. But if you see something similar out there with a human lady, then it might be what it was based on. I forget if she was using a Switch though.

Anyway, another Drea Doodle.
No. 41626 ID: 40197f
File 154612704827.png - (334.58KB , 964x1190 , Marcus Shirt.png )
Woah! A dude!

Taswel's Marcus wearing only a flannel. Also, I think that was like one of the first flaccid nude dude I've drawn. I prefer boners, but I imagined the parties involved when I drew this would have enjoyed a more casual... cock. lol. anyways... =P
No. 41627 ID: 40197f
File 154612816563.png - (467.61KB , 1205x966 , Random Sketches 2018.png )
And here's a random handful of sketches that I felt didn't need their own upload for whatever reasons!
No. 41628 ID: 40197f
File 154612861171.png - (502.43KB , 1208x1046 , Random Lewd Sketches 2018.png )
And more, but lewd!


And that should be it, if I didn't miss anything! I plan on trying to do another pic for New Year, probably of Liv like last year
No. 41643 ID: 91ee5f
Finally, someone drew Female Bowser correctly!
No. 41650 ID: 70be57
No. 41652 ID: 40197f
File 154628892464.png - (290.75KB , 1000x1000 , Liv Warmup.png )
Quick warm up with Liv since I didn't draw much last week.
No. 41653 ID: 40197f
That works both ways. =P
No. 41654 ID: 40197f
File 154629126642.png - (485.76KB , 1200x1200 , Liv Happy New Year 2019.png )
Liv is back this year to give you more Dragon Encouragements for the New Year!

Happy New Year!!!! =D
No. 41655 ID: 70be57
tu shay
No. 41688 ID: a9af05
I agree. That's what Female Bowser is supposed to look like!
No. 41715 ID: 40197f
File 154664295032.png - (695.45KB , 1200x1056 , Drea and Jiggy - Mutual.png )

Yes, the dialogue is really silly, but silly is fun sometimes.

I expressed, in a Discord server I'm active on, that I wanted to maybe make my dude mutual masturbate with a volunteer and Drea ended up answering the call with her Okapi. I got nothing against that. =P

This is a theme I've been meaning to do for a while, so it's about time I do so. =P
Like yeah, 2 characters could be fucking, but there's something nice about doing this instead. Like lewd cozy type things. =3
No. 41716 ID: 40197f
File 154664317518.png - (623.33KB , 1200x1056 , Drea and Jiggy - Mutual Orgasm.png )

And the expected result. =P
No. 41839 ID: 40197f
File 154767857553.gif - (1.16MB , 400x400 , Commission 81 - Apply Fire Everywhere.gif )
-Apply Fire Everywhere-

Commission for crzy-rage-guy on FA!
No. 41886 ID: 40197f
File 154829992445.png - (884.40KB , 1200x1190 , YCH 1 - Gay Ride post.png )
YCH for Skie_Strife on FA!
No. 41891 ID: 40197f
File 154837734218.gif - (1.27MB , 400x400 , Commission 83 - Boppin.gif )

Commission for Aquilak on FA!
No. 41931 ID: 40197f
File 154870855729.png - (477.33KB , 1018x1200 , Dragnonesses doodles.png )
-Dragonesses Doodles-

Low art energy today, so I doodled some naked Dragonesses.
No. 41948 ID: 40197f
File 154889024329.png - (562.63KB , 1058x1200 , Drea and Jiggy - Sauna Sitting 69 post.png )
-Extra Fun-

Yeah, they could just sit around in the sauna. But unrealistic anthros can just do fun stuff and not worry about the heat! They are naked, they gotta! =P

Oh yeah,this is more celshaded-y style, since I do want to offer that once I update my prices, gotta have more pics that shows what it can look like.
No. 41991 ID: 40197f
File 154913986272.png - (185.39KB , 974x983 , Yeen Birf.png )
Birthday doodle for a friend!
No. 42007 ID: 40197f
File 154931447927.png - (242.30KB , 789x964 , Brooklyn.png )
Been meaning to draw Brooklyn from Gargoyles for a really long time and finally got around to it since I'm trying to warmup more. Though this warmup took a bit longer than it should have though, lol.
No. 42078 ID: 40197f
File 155018368141.gif - (1.01MB , 480x480 , Commission 84 - Kobold Cuddles.gif )
-Kobold Cuddles!-

Commission for Rufran!
No. 42081 ID: b1b4f3
No. 42143 ID: 40197f
File 155061650629.gif - (2.13MB , 352x480 , Commission 85 - Chargin and Waitin.gif )
-Chargin' and Waitin'-

Commission for Athyn on FA!
No. 42147 ID: 40197f
File 155063491146.png - (95.22KB , 800x800 , Action Goodra.png )
-Random Action Goodra Doodle-

Felt like doodlin' and didn't know what to do. Goodra was a result of bleh and Charizard is pretty much me trying to continue the theme but after I warmed up with the Goodra, lol.
No. 42148 ID: 40197f
File 155063492097.png - (155.77KB , 897x1000 , Action Charizard.png )
-Random Action Charizard Doodle-
No. 42166 ID: 40197f
File 155079614879.gif - (698.19KB , 448x516 , Commission 86 - Throne Jackal.gif )
-Check out the Boss-

Commission for InconspicuousIndividual on FA!
No. 42215 ID: 40197f
File 155130812755.png - (186.74KB , 899x1000 , Quinn post.png )

Drea has a new Sergal gal and I felt like trying my hand at drawing her!

First Sergal and transgender pic! Fed 2 birds with one millet. =P
No. 42216 ID: 40197f
File 155130865903.png - (904.45KB , 960x1178 , Liv by Taswel post.png )
-Autumn Walk-

I commissioned taswel some months ago to draw Liv! But I only made him do the lines cause I wanted to complete it. But then I procrastinate a lot/had other priorities so I only got to finish it today.

Anyway, it is done!

No. 42285 ID: 40197f
File 155175781653.png - (109.35KB , 1000x610 , Pool Hens.png )
-Pool Hens-

The chicken gals from Roommates are neat. =3

This was meant to be a Tegaki pic on Weaver's site but I didn't like how it was panning out and the Tegaki is down right now so I decided to bring it into Clip Studio Paint and finish it there. Way easier to fix stuff there, lol.

I do want to do more with these gals. =P
No. 42338 ID: e51896
This reminds me of the Pink Floyd back catalogue picture.
No. 42349 ID: 40197f
Yeah, this was brought up when I only did the characters. Might have been influenced, but really, pools, wet and outdoor nude are all stuff I like so I dunno, lol. I wasn't thinking about the album when I picked the BG.
No. 42350 ID: 40197f
File 155205975118.png - (172.46KB , 1000x1000 , Lapras Pool.png )
I actually did this some days ago as warmup.
No. 42400 ID: 54f3e7
File 155242936139.png - (280.90KB , 1000x1000 , Drea and Jiggy - Ropes post.png )

There was a surplus of ropes!

Drea the Okapi belongs to https://twitter.com/FrickerThigh

I'm not into bondage much, but this is light enough. Though I do like that one rope that leads the muzzle around. =P
No. 42494 ID: 54f3e7
File 155363849151.gif - (3.50MB , 600x600 , Commission 87 - Underwater Friend.gif )
-Underwater Friend-

Commission for Aquilak on FA!

I think this is the longest I took to make an animation. that type of frame by frame full body animation can take time, heh. Hopefully the result is good. I'll only know some days from now, lol. =P
No. 42511 ID: fa1b33
File 155389815484.gif - (3.35MB , 500x500 , Commission 88 - Liquid Metal Show.gif )
-Liquid Metal Show-

Commission for Nazo on FA!
No. 42592 ID: fa1b33
File 155450507437.gif - (1.36MB , 440x600 , Commission 89 - Sci Fi Raptor.gif )
-This Alert isn't For Me-

Commission for DrrkDragon on FA!

That gun... was a tricky to animate, lol.
No. 42631 ID: fa1b33
File 155484922719.gif - (7.68MB , 964x960 , Commission 90 - Casual Conversation mood.gif )
-Casual Conversation-

Commission for Crzy-Rage-Guy on FA!
No. 42673 ID: cbf32b
File 155510634604.gif - (560.40KB , 400x400 , Commission 91 - Dragoness Synth Ride.gif )
-Fun Bot Testing-

Commission for Aquilak!

That bot dude is a Synth, by Vader-San!
No. 42725 ID: cbf32b
File 155562548851.gif - (129.69KB , 400x400 , Commission 92 - Leonos Icon.gif )
-Leonos Icon-

Mini Commission for InconspicuousIndividual on FA!
No. 42726 ID: cbf32b
File 155562602453.gif - (2.16MB , 500x496 , Commission 93 - Big Ride.gif )
-Big Ride-

Commission for InconspicuousIndividual on FA!
No. 42733 ID: cbf32b
File 155571509696.gif - (536.07KB , 1200x1200 , Liv Plap.gif )
-Heavy Slams-

If you're hanging out at a nude pool with a boner, you can't expect Liv to not be interested in slamming her big butt on you lap. =P


Silly comment aside, at least I didn't take a year to do this one compared to the boob massage animation, but I still made most of the sketch months ago. Anyway, feeling out CSP's animation tools especially after a couple of tweaks since last time. It's still not the most ideal, but at this point, CSP is my current best option for non pixel animation. And I would like to offer this type of animation for commissions, but man it would be expensive.

I might just practice more and once I feel like I can figure out prices, make em available while continuing pixel animations. that way if someone goes crazy with money and wants to try me, it'll be possible. I still have to look into shading though. Maybe next time I'll go in with that in mind. Maybe once I have a tablet monitor or something lol.
No. 42762 ID: cbf32b
File 155597893815.png - (392.70KB , 979x1055 , Sonas Doodles.png )
-Doodles of Sonas!-

Drew this late last night so I didn't have the energy to post it much places.

My Dino dude with fluffier hair since I've been letting my hair grow out this winter.
Okap, for head angle practice: https://twitter.com/FrickerThigh/
Cute Yeen for: https://twitter.com/Tasw3l/
Bleppin' Shib is: https://twitter.com/Bran_the_Onion/
No. 42777 ID: cbf32b
File 155605053762.png - (186.37KB , 700x900 , JiggyDino - Alone 1.png )
-Post Jerkin'-

My Dino dude doing stuff.
No. 42782 ID: cbf32b
File 155607374028.png - (137.80KB , 1027x521 , JiggyDino - Okap Help 1.png )
Okap offered cleaning assistance after the last pic. =3
No. 42783 ID: cbf32b
File 155607376552.png - (138.45KB , 906x704 , JiggyDino - Okap Help 2.png )
And my Dino dude just had to thank her! =D
No. 42797 ID: cbf32b
File 155621215275.png - (289.16KB , 759x1258 , JiggyDino - Yeen Handholding.png )
-Try Handholding-

Taswel 's Yeen has to be careful where he suggests such activities. =3

This is kinda related but also just straight up cute: https://twitter.com/Tasw3l/status/1121239376959299585
No. 42837 ID: cbf32b
File 155684851022.png - (123.98KB , 683x402 , JiggyDino - Okap Full Glass.png )
https://twitter.com/FrickerThigh wanted a glass full so I had to oblige. =3

Furry World has pills or something that makes you cum more, right? Well, my porn universe probably has 'em, lol.
No. 42874 ID: cbf32b
File 155720319126.png - (700.97KB , 1046x1111 , Liv Waving post.png )
-Pool Greeting-

Doodled that turned into this. Liv again!
No. 42879 ID: cbf32b
File 155725164011.png - (285.64KB , 820x901 , Pajuna Doodle.png )
So I didn't know but there's a Puss and Boot show and there's a cute Moo in it.

Quick doodle of her!

I did mess with her design. Which yes, includes adding big tits.
No. 42880 ID: a9af05
EXTRA THICC Liv brings me joy whenever I see her! <3
No. 42883 ID: 91ee5f
I can agree with that!
No. 42884 ID: cbf32b
Always nice to see people liking her! =D
And yeah I accidentally made her bigger bottomed than usual I think. Enjoy it for this pic! =P
No. 42888 ID: a9af05
>And yeah I accidentally made her bigger bottomed than usual I think.
It was not an accident! That's how she's supposed to look!
No. 42889 ID: cbf32b
I'm mostly pretending it's winter weight. =P
No. 42997 ID: cbf32b
File 155847642450.gif - (2.63MB , 625x500 , Commission 94 - Shooting Range.gif )
-Snipe Snipe-

Commission for Crzy-Rage-Guy on FA!
No. 43008 ID: cbf32b
File 155864943723.gif - (517.86KB , 835x655 , Commission 95 - Couch Friends.gif )
-Taken it Lazy-

Commission for softspacedragon on Twitter!
No. 43013 ID: cbf32b
File 155873242702.png - (125.43KB , 680x730 , Seraph Sip.png )
Doodle for Tasw3l on Twitter!!
No. 43014 ID: cbf32b
File 155873247035.png - (180.76KB , 875x910 , Molly cute.png )
Doodle for SlightlySimian on Twitter!
No. 43038 ID: cbf32b
File 155908272867.gif - (1.18MB , 500x500 , Commission 96 - Raptor Spook and Poof.gif )
-Spook and Poof-

Commission for Watarigarasu on FA!
No. 43039 ID: cbf32b
File 155908388520.png - (200.48KB , 1122x775 , Liv for Banner.png )
Drew Liv for an updated Patreon banner and since I drew her as a regular drawing, felt like I could post her as is. Not shaded, but still, lol.
No. 43061 ID: cbf32b
File 155934349679.gif - (494.57KB , 800x600 , Charizard Mastur.gif )
-Charigal Mastur-

Random Charizard Gal masturbating! Had some extra time to do whatever and decided to animate something in CSP in one go instead of having year/month gap inbetween.

This was interesting to try and I do want to attempt to use CSP more even just to figure out what workflow I could use more. Aseprite workflow might not work as well just cause of the way the interface is different and etc.
No. 43098 ID: cbf32b
File 155986373014.gif - (2.15MB , 650x565 , Commission 97 - Dragon Guard.gif )
-At Least the Rain is Relaxing-

Commission for Crzy-Rage-Guy on FA!
No. 43118 ID: cbf32b
File 156020457638.gif - (1.01MB , 500x500 , Commission 98 - Baily Fun.gif )
-Badger Mess-

Commission for Momosukida on FA!
No. 43147 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156054908927.png - (189.97KB , 800x600 , Nirilith Bust.png )

Doodle gift for Athyn on FA!

He made this character recently and he's real neat!
No. 43202 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156131736363.png - (206.86KB , 1050x570 , JiggyDino - Horny Inconveniences.png )
-Horny Inconveniences-

Not the end of the world, but yeah I dunno. Drawing this dude again.
No. 43263 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156235748506.png - (575.22KB , 1000x1004 , Liv - Tiny Shirt.png )
-Tiny Shirt-

Wanted to do a doodle and decided to make Liv wear that one bandwagon shirt Remanedur started!
No. 43371 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156365928580.gif - (2.47MB , 575x575 , Commission 99 - Elegant Dancer.gif )
-Starry Dance-

Commission for Athyn on FA!

This animation took the longest to do that I've ever done on one thing! =0
No. 43415 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156410816952.png - (317.07KB , 1000x744 , Liv - Tailjob.png )
-Liv's Tail-

I've been meaning to do more with scalies tails, but kept forgetting, so here's Liv making a mess with hers. =3

This is something I might have not posted right away, but I did want to show it since it's the first doodle I've drawn with this new Cintiq 16 I saved up for!!! Woah! I didn't calibrate it right for half this pic though, so it's a bit wonky. but yeah, my pics might be wonky for a bit while i get used to drawing with this new tablet! And I wanted to draw Liv as the first thing I did with it, heheh. =P
No. 43416 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156410820999.png - (811.25KB , 3779x4000 , Weavil gal Sketch.png )
-Weavil Gal Sketch-

Second Cintiq pic! This time, it's calibrated and I drew at a higher resolution. I also took more time, lol.
No. 43418 ID: b1b4f3
Oh jeez that's not where the anus should be at all.
No. 43419 ID: 0d5cb3
Meh, I was tired by the time I placed it and even moved around using refs and my brain just could not make the connection.
No. 43420 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156417687922.gif - (3.29MB , 625x625 , Commission 100 - Underneat the Umbrella.gif )
-Making Hot Messes, but the beach waiter has to clean it-

We're you thinking of the sex mess? Nah, I meant the drinks!

Commission for Agent-Ferret on FA, also with LadyBlackCobra on FA!
No. 43421 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156417872628.png - (394.33KB , 900x1000 , Wet Weavile.png )
-Wet Weavile-

And finished!
No. 43461 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156469561909.png - (904.01KB , 1200x1000 , Drea and Jiggy - Shark Week 2019post.png )
-Shark Week Celebration-

Something for Shark Week!
No. 43470 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156486743170.gif - (67.16KB , 600x450 , Shark Sway WIP1.gif )
-Playful Shark Gal-

Last minute Shark Week thingie!
I did this yesterday though, lol.
I also want to do sketch animation more with Clip Studio Paint. So I might do these more often.
No. 43498 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156505954624.png - (105.54KB , 600x675 , Friendly Yeen.png )
-Friendly Yeen-

Doodle for taswel!
No. 43549 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156539025079.gif - (347.76KB , 1000x500 , ThatOneSaint 1 - Kissy Icons.gif )
-Kissy Icons-

Patreon Reward for ThatOneSaint!
No. 43565 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156573033359.gif - (615.81KB , 775x580 , Phox 1 - RPG Card.gif )
-RPG Ready!-

Patreon Reward for Axonias on FA!
No. 43589 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156590624530.gif - (128.80KB , 650x725 , Aquilak 1 - On the Bed.gif )
-Good Old Fashion Bed Fun-

Patreon Reward for Aquilak on FA!
No. 43688 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156711874329.png - (876.98KB , 1161x1124 , Com 101 - Friendly Magmoor Gal Lava.png )
-New Lava Friend-

Lookee here at this Magmoor! She's stoked that you're here!

This started as a suggestion by Aquilak on FA for the $5 Patreon tier, but once they saw the sketch, they paid to turn it into a fully shaded and completed pic! =D

There's a version where she's not covered in fantasy lava that you can see here: https://twitter.com/JiggyDinoL/status/1167206415695568896
No. 43737 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156746793107.gif - (197.19KB , 500x500 , Aquilak 2 - Orca Shower.gif )
-Orca Butt Wash-

Patreon Reward for Aquilak on FA!
No. 43762 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156780936387.gif - (148.69KB , 550x550 , Phox 2 - Mudsale in the Forest simple mood.gif )
-This Plant is Native to This Forest?-

Patreon reward for Axionas on FA!
No. 43763 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156780989095.gif - (475.92KB , 1000x650 , ThatOneSaint 3 - Wholesome Salandit.gif )
-Wholesome Salandits-

Patreon Reward for Agent-Ferret on FA!
No. 43765 ID: 0fb3be
Yes, this is good
No. 43770 ID: e51896
I can only imagine what might happen if a Salazzle was thrown into the mix.
No. 43795 ID: 19fdd8
Something less wholesome, if the internet is to be believed.
No. 43854 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156849927687.png - (646.91KB , 1200x893 , Liv - Kissies.png )

Liv likes to give kissies. =3

I actually made the sketch before I got a Cintiq, but liked how it looked enough to want to finally finish it. Plus more Liv pics!
No. 43909 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156911034152.gif - (2.04MB , 800x600 , Poll - September 2019 - Katia and Quille-Weave.gif )
-Crank the Lesbian Dial Up-

Result of this months Patreon poll!
No. 43912 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156919582394.png - (535.82KB , 1000x1000 , Kazooie's Footwear.png )
-Kazooie's Shoes and Boot-

I do like it when anthros wear nothing but footwear. And I realized that's normal for Kazooie sometimes. So I doodled Kazooie wearing nothing but her various special shoes and boot. =3
No. 44012 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156997255976.png - (365.30KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 1 - Change of Plans.png )
I guess I'll do a couple more pages with these 2! =P
For those that have not read the other 5 pages, first one is here: >>40555
No. 44013 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156997356254.png - (724.43KB , 1173x1130 , Phox 3 - Witchy Leopard post.png )
-Witchy Ride!-

Patreon Reward for Axionas on FA!
No. 44020 ID: cb6404

Okay, this one is quite cute. Well done!
No. 44026 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157005673891.png - (342.05KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 2 - That Can Be Spooky.png )
-Inktober 1 - That Can Be Spooky-

Oh yeah for those who don't know, I allow myself to cheat on Inktober sometimes. Already on day 2, for this year, lol.
No. 44027 ID: a9af05
She might have a fear of needles and hospitals have needles in them.
No. 44051 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157014525711.png - (195.95KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 3 - Marigold Flight.png )
-Inktober 3 - Marigold Flight-

Not a page today, but the other week I doodled one of my bees and realized I missed drawing em, so here's Marigold!
No. 44052 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157014577694.gif - (544.21KB , 500x500 , Aquilak 3 - Pumpkin Thief.gif )
-Pumpkin Thief-

Patreon Reward for Aquilak on FA!
No. 44062 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157023043848.png - (148.09KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 4 - Uzza Short Rest.png )
-Inktober 4 - Uzza Short Rest-

Another random pic. Uzza, my DnD Kobold Sorcerer character, taking a short rest!
No. 44069 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157031192274.png - (307.23KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 5 - Badass Werewolf.png )
-Inktober 5 - Badass Werewolf-

The baddest werewolf, braving the ghosts!
No. 44084 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157038637020.png - (183.13KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 6 - Raven and Lucy.png )
-Inktober 6 - Lucy and Raven-

Lucy might be a tad bit more confident here, result is that Raven is freaking out. =P
No. 44088 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157049098355.png - (384.38KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 7 - Talking About Ghosts.png )
-Inktober 7 - Talkin' 'Bout 'hosts-

Another page of all this!
No. 44096 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157056861108.png - (134.02KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 8 - Veisar Blush.png )
-Inktober 8 - Cutie Frills-

Today, I decided to doodle Veisar again, in a cuter cleaner manner. =3

He belongs to Sarcopholacooda and appears in Huron!
No. 44105 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157066247386.png - (120.82KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 9 - Nan Ice Cream.png )
-Inktober 9 - Ice Cream Nan-

Nan from NanQuest!
No. 44118 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157074486474.png - (258.28KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 10 - Uzza Long Rest.png )
[-Inktober 10 - Uzza Long Rest-

Gotta do the other resting!
No. 44119 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157074622720.gif - (747.83KB , 500x500 , Poll - October 2019 - Kobolds are Default Cute.gif )
-Kobolds are Default Cute-

October Poll result!!!
No. 44121 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157083048915.png - (283.23KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 11 - Lucy and Raven.png )
-Inktober 11 - Raven and Lucy-

I often draw Raven blushing at Lucy, it was about time I made Lucy blush at Raven! =P
No. 44122 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157091724109.png - (315.05KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 12 - Okaptober.png )
-Inktober 12 - Okaptober!-

Okapi ears for okapi awareness! (They are endangered. D=)
No. 44130 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157100258001.png - (448.93KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 13 - Good Ears.png )
-Inktober 13 - Good Ears!-

Wolf ears can hear lots!
No. 44137 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157108993041.png - (312.96KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 14 - Mountain Lucy.png )
-Inktober 14 - Mountain Lucy-

I like drawing Lucy.
No. 44138 ID: e7c7d3

This animation is still amazing! I keep coming back to t, it's just so hypnotic.
No. 44146 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157117972209.png - (408.67KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 15 - Filth Night in the City.png )
-Inktober 15 - Filth's Night in the City-

Today's Inktober is cheat-y and sketchy cause today was not super great physically.

Here's Filth again though.
No. 44147 ID: 0d5cb3
Glad you enjoy it so! =P
No. 44155 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157126880754.png - (235.89KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 16 - Chocobo Dad.png )
-Inktober 16 - Chocobo Dad-

Didn't know what to draw today, so, impromptu Discord Commission/sold an Inktober day for Phox!
No. 44168 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157135326866.png - (331.96KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 17 - Liv and Veisar Ice Cream.png )
-Inktober 17 - Ice Cream Treat-

Liv hanging out with Sarcopholacooda's Veisar! =3
No. 44169 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157135376704.gif - (571.09KB , 560x480 , ThatOneSaint 4 - Corruption.gif )
-Spooky Stuff Happens-

Patreon reward for Agent-Ferret!

... Where I used the wrong character. Oops. Well I like how the animation turned out. but still, stand-by...
No. 44170 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157135415676.gif - (608.63KB , 500x500 , Commission 102 - Wisp Takeover.gif )
-This is probably F- ah maybe not-

Commission for Agent-Ferret!

After the fumble from before, Agent Ferret offered to commission me to make the animation again, but with the right character! It worked out. =3
No. 44172 ID: 19fdd8
Clearly he needs another kiss from a boy.
No. 44173 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157143396809.png - (303.98KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 18 - Maybe Next Year.png )
-Inktober 18 - Maybe Next Year-

Poor lil' Kobold.
No. 44178 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157152469055.png - (156.27KB , 1000x1000 , Inktober 19 - Here a Sheep.png )
-Inktober 19 - Here a Sheep!-

Friend made a sona recently, so I decided to doodle them for today! =3
No. 44184 ID: 0d5cb3
File 157160658377.png - (503.74KB , 1137x800 , Inktober 20 - The First Hunter.png )
-Inktober 20 - The First Hunter-

I remembered this character I made for Batty Quest and felt like drawing a pic for them for Inktober. It's also sketchy because of the "shading" and details, it still took longer than most other days.
No. 44185 ID: 0d5cb3