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File 146731189030.png - (412.79KB , 630x886 , hitropos.png )
30473 No. 30473 ID: 3641d7
Hey there, tgchan! I've never been to this place before. Not even sure how I found it. But the community seems pretty cool!

Perhaps you'll be seeing me around.
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No. 30474 ID: ca14fb
No. 30475 ID: 3641d7
Hey there! Does this website move at a decent pace?

There is so much to look at here, its crazy.
No. 30476 ID: 595d54
Depends on what you're used to. It's much slower than 4chan's /tg/ board.
No. 30477 ID: 3641d7
I'm used to /i/. So I think that might qualify for lower tier update speed haha.
No. 30478 ID: 9a6193
I get what you mean by there being so much. At first I read all the comics off the wiki and thought it was a weird layout. A year or so later I found the site itself.
Stuff is kinda separate here. Draw is each artist's pictures/sketches, General is a barren irradiated wasteland, quest is the main interactive story bit, quest dis is discussion for those quests (back story, author answers, related pics they drew, fan art), tg is traditional games (or board game/ old-school stuff) Icons is for either favicons(the little pictures that show up for the tabs) or small character potraits for in quest dialogue.

The wiki has a list of major completed quests if you want to start there, or you can dive into the current stuff. Always nice to have more faces.
No. 30479 ID: 3641d7
Thank you for the introduction! I gave some quests in the archive a read, and went ahead and saw what was currently going on.

Gonna draw neutral in the mean time, until I think of a good quest to start!
No. 30480 ID: 47160d
Welcome Sigma, look forward to what you create if that level of art is any indication!
No. 30481 ID: 3641d7

I'll do what I can to keep up the quality haha.
No. 30485 ID: 3641d7
Before I start with a quest I have some newbie questions I couldn't find in the FAQ!

1. Can I start a new Quest on a whim? As easy as posting a new thread?

2. I've been looking through some quests and they are dialogue-heavy. Would a suggestion based comic with some story be accepted?

That is basically it. I'm currently thinking of an interesting adventure/goal to achieve for an engaging new quest.
No. 30487 ID: a075ba
1. Yes, anyone who wants can start a quest whenever they want.

2. Format is fairly flexible. There have been quests in the past that were more comic like. There's no requirement to focus on dialog. (There have, in fact, been quests without dialog. A few wholly without words).
No. 30488 ID: b1960b
1) heck yeah you can

2) heck yeah it would
No. 30489 ID: 3641d7
File 146742166456.png - (848.53KB , 600x600 , atroresearch.png )

Excellent! Going to figure out a good story/adventure in the mean time. Been doing lots of research! Will feature this character here, that is all I know so far.
No. 30529 ID: 3641d7
File 146768014559.png - (217.08KB , 369x600 , AtroposButt.png )
Experimenting with some techniques before I start my own quest!
No. 30530 ID: 47160d
Sense from your style I feel lie it is safe to say you will be doing a lewd quest there have been a weird amount of those lately
No. 30531 ID: 3641d7
Not entirely! I'm contemplating a quest with a little more substance, but fair amount of choice driven distractions.
No. 30532 ID: 47160d
Got any setting considerations you might care to share?
No. 30533 ID: 3641d7
Setting Consideration? As in the environment and how it plays out?

Not sure what it will be exactly. But I'd like there to be a free-roaming system within a confined space. From there, a mystery can be solved. Like an escape room, but featuring multiple ways to get through obstacles.
No. 30534 ID: 47160d
That along with like is it sci-fi, fantasy, et cetera.
No. 30535 ID: 3641d7
Definitely would be a sci-fi and paranormal flair!
No. 30539 ID: 1f8505
Hi Sigma! I remember you from Sketch!
No. 30540 ID: 3641d7
Hey! Like, garyc Sketch?
No. 30541 ID: 3641d7
Wait. Duh I know you haha. Whats up!
No. 30546 ID: a107fd
Presence of lewd is not the same as absence of substance.
No. 30547 ID: 3641d7
Of course. But, I've seen substance drop regardless.
No. 30560 ID: 1f8505

No. 33137 ID: a979e2
File 148772862888.png - (1.16MB , 1548x2161 , atronewestwhitebg.png )
Hey there TGchan! Been away for a super long time, trying to refine my style!
No. 33167 ID: 0553b2
That is a really solid style. The coloring is fantastic.
No. 33291 ID: a979e2
Thank you!
No. 33357 ID: 1f8505

You seem to have a thing for the huge tiddy.
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