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File 145367846092.png - (190.62KB , 1000x1000 , scrab.png )
29144 No. 29144 ID: 2c322d
what can I do you for?
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No. 29145 ID: 4171d1
Depends on what kind of requests are prefered?
Quest related? Rynh or Sika doing Rynh or Sika things would be nice.
Non-Quest stuff? A snake and frog posing lewdly at/for a lizard, due to reasons. Interpret freely.
No. 29146 ID: f6442a
A Little Town Called Coxwette's nerd chic mouse and oblivious baker cat, please.
No. 29147 ID: 4201a2
Could you draw Tunamouth from Acid Soup?
No. 29148 ID: 6cb462
Long time no see

Draw an inkling. Woomy.
No. 29149 ID: 73c49c
if we can just throw out suggestions, then a small gnoll trying to lift a sword to big for them.
No. 29151 ID: 2c322d
File 145373987455.png - (206.47KB , 1000x1000 , lizerds.png )
lewd lizards and frogs and snakes.
No. 29152 ID: 4171d1
That's the stuff, indeed. Thanks!
No. 29154 ID: 2c322d
File 145376104473.png - (650.23KB , 1000x1000 , tuna.png )
No. 29155 ID: 5ad4a7
Lewd kobolds.
No. 29158 ID: b6178d
Scribble me unexpected heroism.

i.e. a cat fighting a tiger, a ten-year old standing up to the Big Bad, an old grandma using her umbrella to deflect a swordsman's blow. etc. Interpret freely.
No. 29159 ID: 1f8505
Draw Anita from TWWLHP: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/676806.html
No. 29160 ID: 211d83

Draw Anita from TWWLHP: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/676806.html

Doing something Anon44 would find to lewd.
No. 29161 ID: 1f8505

No, also shut up. >:I
No. 29162 ID: 9c6d36
Gonna have to request lots of Ryhn.
Also maybe some Kensuyata.
No. 29164 ID: 2b8563
File 145390049432.jpg - (108.32KB , 570x750 , resist.jpg )
Sorry, I'm not actually Orion.

I just misread this request when I glanced at it is all.
No. 29165 ID: b6178d

So I see.

(You hear the sound of someone's childhood applauding.)
No. 29166 ID: e8e4c4
fuckin perfect
No. 29170 ID: 4754ce
Frisk no
No. 29171 ID: fc1001
Frisk Yes
No. 29175 ID: 2c322d
File 145403770337.png - (475.96KB , 1000x1000 , squid kid.png )
Are you a squid?
No. 29176 ID: 6cb462
Awesome work. Splatoon is right now my favorite game. Thank you so much.
No. 29177 ID: 15a025
This makes want to see a picture of the cookie monster punching Gordon Ramsay in the dick with a fist full cookie now and I don't know why. Too drunk and sleepy mayve?
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