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File 145161871820.png - (2.59KB , 148x160 , RedCircleIconLarge.png )
28967 No. 28967 ID: d9d503
Planning to start a quest today, I figured I would post some things here as well, and also test some things like colored text
Expand all images
No. 28969 ID: d9d503
File 145162010289.png - (891B , 64x64 , redCircleIconWorkaround.png )
Testing Krita export color bug workaround...
No. 28970 ID: d9d503
So apparently to get the color to not mess up when exporting from Krita I need to save as a BMP than save the BMP as a PNG to upload it. If anyone knows a better way to do this it would be appreiated.
No. 28973 ID: d9d503
File 145162123598.png - (1.47KB , 129x64 , redCircleIconDifferenceExample.png )
Example of the color difference, intended on the left (as it appears in Krita), bugged on the right (as it appears sometimes in firefox and in MS Paint when saving directly from Krita to PNG).
No. 28974 ID: c9f250
File 145162234243.png - (2.59KB , 148x160 , 14516187182c.png )
computers are dumb
No. 28975 ID: d9d503
File 145162237541.png - (707B , 64x64 , redCircleIconTest.png )
Test to see if setting Convert Image Color Space -> Rendering Intent to Absolute Colormetric works
No. 29015 ID: 8f836c
File 145189459626.png - (4.89KB , 382x256 , Sketch_1_4_2015.png )
No update today (to wait for more comments), so posting some (still horribly novice) drawings. Today's post: what I have been playing far too much today.

(As a side note, the ignorant, stabbing-obsessed, ambush plotting and shiny loving personality of the Starbound plant people is hilarious and the perfect distillation of how a standard open world rpg protagonist actually behaves in practice.)
No. 29040 ID: 8f836c
File 145206611615.png - (3.03KB , 206x192 , AgoPortrait.png )
Writing/drawing always takes longer than I think it will, but making multiple npcs is more so. Here is one of them: Ago Kazasmustu. She is a gobin ex-immortal who uses stillness magic to straighten monofilament wire into a sword and make force armor (and a seperate force armor spell on the shield to soak up anti-spell attacks).
Now that character creation is done writing will also take longer and I am not sure what my update rate will be like, but I am hoping I can have either an update or something posted here every day.
No. 29046 ID: e221a1
File 145223879907.png - (3.89KB , 280x222 , RedClericsPortrait.png )
Red Clerics. A bit like paladins, except dedicated entirely to hunting monsters and demons, and instead of light or healing magic they have things like fireballs and eye beams. They are almost all dwarves, but there is that one elf in the local chapter who joined because HIS PARENTS ARE DEEEAD by demonspawn.
No. 29048 ID: 713803
:wwUrist: Is this thing on?
No. 29068 ID: b7ef4f
File 145240881957.png - (1.94KB , 147x163 , GuardSketch.png )
Today's sketch, a generic dorf guard.
No. 29072 ID: 458fed
File 145255584502.png - (4.38KB , 236x272 , AgoAndMish.png )
Yesterday's drawing, posted today because the internet was out.

So I really liked the Florans in Starbound, and needed more npcs... And it isn't like elves or dwarves aren't from other sources.
No. 29077 ID: 763404
Spent too much time working on large scene to draw something for here. Also, first day of classes tomorrow.
No. 29078 ID: 83adbf
File 145275172740.png - (3.42KB , 247x162 , NorthPlazaFight1WIPSection.png )
Still drawing for next update (partly due to procrastination), but I want to stay in the habit of posting here (more or less) every day, so here is a corner of the work in progress scene of tiny people getting shot at.
No. 29079 ID: 59cd84
On the planning of my latest update (and the previous one):
>Plan ahead for a reason to have only three or so allies with the main character in most fights
>Immediately decide to have the first fight in the quest occur before that point, with 15 allies present
No. 29102 ID: 30f6e2
File 145318769503.png - (7.81KB , 303x394 , ElfTitanConcept.png )
Today's drawing: More concept art for my quest that almost nobody reads.
This is a Steppe Elf Titan, the combined Creation magic of several elves coordinated to conjure and fuel basically a cross between Jagers from Pacific Rim and Titans from Attack on Titan. This sort of thing combined with a recent history like a more genocidal Mongol Horde has resulted with Steppe Elves being by far the most hated and feared people in my setting (even more so among non-dwarves than actual demons).

Fortunately for our protagonist, these guys probably won't be appearing for a while in the quest.
No. 29104 ID: 30f6e2
Too much homework + procrastination today. Posting here as a reminder to self to try to not make that a habit.
No. 29106 ID: 84bc3a
File 145335782830.png - (5.71KB , 400x312 , maaath.png )
Auuuuugh this math class.
No. 29134 ID: fa9bb9
File 145361236304.png - (5.12KB , 450x352 , LinebladeReference.png )
So today I spent a third of the day designing a fancy weapon and glove that (unless I change my drawing style signifigantly) will be too small for any of the details to be visible when it shows up in the actual quest.

This is a redesign of the Goblin lineblade, with accompanying glove. The signature weapon of the Goblin Immortals elite infantry, the lineblade is a spool of razor wire that with a specific Stillness spell can be straightened out and reinforced into an incredibly thin and lightyet durable and inflexible sword-like weapon. The lineblade is primarily a thrusting weapon (able to pierce even metal plating) but has significant slashing ability as well against less armored foes, sort of like a supernaturally sharp cross between a rapier and a katar. It is not a very good weapon for parrying, but the Immortals who use it rely instead on a shield and protective magic for defense. The blade can be set to varying lengths and the spool is spring-loaded to quickly retract when the blade is inactive, but adjusting the blade length takes a re-casting of the blade spell. The glove typically worn with the lineblade has overlapping metal plates on the fingers to serve sort of like a crossguard, but it is otherwise unarmored. (I originally designed a proper gauntlet for it, but after drawing that I figured that the Goblins don't have enough knowledge of plate armor to make a full gauntlet due to their use of magic instead of heavy armor.)
No. 29157 ID: 5517ae
File 145379097218.png - (1.84KB , 172x357 , GoblinFlagSketch.png )
Not much time for drawing today; just posting a quick tangentially goblin-related (goblin adjacent?) sketch.
No. 29182 ID: b10c1b
Destruction__ Q A R L H H T T C R F U O O A G E
Creation____ Q A R L H H T T C R F U O
Stillness____ Q A R L H H T T C
Movement__ Q A R L H
No. 29183 ID: b10c1b
Destruction__ C Y E N G E I O A E F L
Creation____. C Y E N G E I O A
Stillness____. C Y E N G E
Movement__. C Y E
No. 29184 ID: b10c1b
Destruction__ Y M L D I M L N O E
Creation ____ Y M L D I M L N
Stillness ____ Y M L D I
Movement __ Y M L
No. 29201 ID: f28285
File 145422441680.png - (4.47KB , 400x300 , NorthPlazaFight5.png )
Working on multi-part update but need to get some sleep...
No. 29203 ID: 889ae9
Testing testing
No. 29254 ID: 2c4c23
File 145497865472.png - (71.07KB , 800x3500 , AminoAcidPractice.png )
I finally have internet back where I am staying after almost a week. I have been really busy lately as well, but hopefully I will be able to get back to updating today.
No. 29255 ID: b17b81
That organic chem? Show Glycolosis! (metabolic conversion of glucose)
No. 29260 ID: 2c4c23
Biochem. We will be getting to Glycolosis later I think, so I will draw it then.
And while I was planning to update today (or yesterday... this sleep cycle), I instead ended up re-reading Kill Six Billion Demons until ~3 AM and then working on homework until ~7 AM. I don't actually feel that bad now but from when I wake up at 11 AM onward it is probably going to be a rough day.
No. 29265 ID: 2c4c23
File 145517043595.png - (3.30KB , 306x228 , GoblinImmortalSketch.png )
Here's another drawing as I try to get back into the habit of art.
Pictured is a goblin immortal with mask and re-designed version of the shield and Lineblade. They manage to use a fighting style similar to fencing with such a large shield because only the center is particularly solid; the rest is lightweight wire mesh that only has any defensive use when a force field is applied to it. The mail and mask are a similar mesh material that is very lightweight but relies on magical reinforcement for most of its defensive ability. The reason the immortals even use a shield with a force field when they already have force field based armor is that the armor field can only protect so much while being flexible and the shield can also block spells that might disrupt their main force field. The handle on the side of the shield is there to be grabbed with the Lineblade hand to put force from both hands behind an attack.
No. 29269 ID: 502e6f
File 145525542344.png - (5.43KB , 237x270 , AgoAndMishPortrait.png )
I have finally gotten around to working on the update but it is taking longer than I thought. Probably largely because of the two new party members with gear and spells I need to finalize for it. Equipment to redesign, spell casting systems to tweak, that sort of thing.
No. 29274 ID: 502e6f
I really should be updating, but I spent too much time playing a game (Reassembly) where you can design and fly a giant nuke-slinging space buzzsaw. So now it is late and I need to go to sleep soon because I will be dissecting a pig's heart tomorrow morning.
No. 29312 ID: 502e6f
File 145569426430.png - (5.08KB , 400x400 , LeavingAmostom2.png )
Doop de doo, gradually working on the next update. Pictured: the north gate security corridor, with reinforced gates and some holes for ceiling spikes and magma reservoir piping. Pretty standard dwarven infrastructure.
No. 29342 ID: 502e6f
Midterm exams :(
No. 29553 ID: 0d6c82
File 145810761484.png - (63.32KB , 800x3300 , Glycolysis.png )
Here you go; have a Glycolysis.
No. 29579 ID: b17b81
No. 29686 ID: b7dfa3
File 145888124701.png - (3.35KB , 292x221 , ShardWitchConcept.png )
A concept drawing for a Shard Witch. The specifics of how they work is still being decided, but the general idea is to use telekinesis to shoot lots and lots of sharp stone shards.
No. 29713 ID: b7dfa3
File 145914673728.png - (82.39KB , 1112x3500 , Glycolysis.png )
No time to update this weekend, too much midterm preparation.
...And Brom quests reading.

Have a Glycolysis with more fiddly bits
No. 29714 ID: b7dfa3
File 145914679955.png - (85.90KB , 1800x2000 , KrebsCycle.png )
And a slightly updated Krebs
No. 29715 ID: b7dfa3
File 145914683972.png - (52.12KB , 1700x1050 , OxidativePhosphorylation.png )
And some Oxidative Phosphorylation
No. 29725 ID: b7dfa3
File 145923428606.png - (93.65KB , 1112x3644 , Glycolysis.png )
Glycolysis with even more added bits.
No. 29799 ID: 196951
MMMMmmmmmm~ Such Catabolism. Very Energetic.
No. 30046 ID: 59a537
File 146216955890.png - (154.10KB , 1355x595 , MattersOfTheHeart.png )
No update this week. Busy investigating secrets of the heart.
No. 31610 ID: b7883c
File 147729072197.png - (683.16KB , 1800x1184 , ProsthesisControlDiagram.png )
Posting here to say that I haven't given up on Word Witch, but the semester started at grad school and I have been very busy (and also lazy) so I might not be able to continue it until the semester ends or I get better at not procrastinating.
Here is a thing I did for a class project:
No. 31617 ID: b9aa79
Just FYI word witch as at the bottom of the sixth page of quests. I don't know how long mods keep them before sending them to the graveyard but with what, six more weeks left in the semester? It might be worth reaching out to one of them and asking them not to do away with it
No. 31622 ID: 398fe1
It will be in the graveyard within days, in fact. The last post is past the 2 month expiration date.
No. 31623 ID: 726a91
Neat, been a while since I've done any biocyb stuff. It's such a shame EEG is so limited in capability, any really useful I/O still needs invasive arrays.
No. 31627 ID: b7883c
Really I'm thinking that instead of messaging the mods now to get it graveyard delayed I will message them when I am ready to update again to have it de-graveyarded. The result should be the same, right?
No. 33811 ID: b7883c
Been busy with grad school, but I do have stated using this as a drawing prompt:

(Via http://lewisandquark.tumblr.com/post/160014619217/story-titles-invented-by-neural-network):
So Prof. Mark Reidl of Georgia Tech is the best kind of geek, and used some cool scripting to extract all the things on Wikipedia with plot summaries: movies, books, tv episodes, video games, etc. That’s a lot of plot summaries: 112,936, to be exact.

With a dataset this large, a neural network can achieve impressive results. Sure enough, when I trained this open-source neural network framework on just the titles alone, it consistently came up with titles that were both varied and (usually) plausible.

Below are some of my favorites, arranged roughly by apparent genre:


Titanic Buffalo
Pirates: A Fight Dance Story
The Bad Legend
Conan the Pirate
O Bullets
Home Transformers
Shurk Hat Dies!
An Enemy of Bob (Homicide: Life on the Street)
Cannibal Spy II
American Hero: Fire of Crusty
Lego Man Hunt
Nancy Drew: The Last Day (film)
Surf Crisis
Legend of the Experience of Scarlet Freedom Damageboo
American Midnight: Swear Dragon


Under the Daleks
Batman and Flancles: The Fun Tree
The Legends of World Planet
Bomberman’s Love
The Enchanted Feed
The Star Wars: The Santa Contact
The Long Ninja Dove in the Air (film)
The History of the Galaxy Bunny Lada
City of the Stupid (film)
Shy Castle
Hamburger (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Swords and Batman: Summer Party ?


The Boordeeple (2011 film)
A Dog’s Toy Friends
Boop (Adventure Time)
A Dinosaur Quest
Colonel Corn (video game)
New Bear
Borky the Pig (film)
Excellent Very Broken Christmas
The Great Bother Cat (film)
Happy Cat in the Yaku Wonder
Fireman and Halloween Rules
Big Can Flower Home
The Green Yaurglar Pig
Scooby-Doo'Wagon Traps (video game)
Book Dog (film)


Terror Dog
Tree Screaming
Zombies of Florence
The Trunkelling
A Vampire Time for Monster
Murder’s Eagle
Frozen Bat (film)
Haunted Place
The Sheep of Evil
Barney’s The Devil’s Treachery
Merry Scroobers: Crown of Evil
The Steel-Pounted Murder King
The Shadow of Life of Very Worgy (film)
The Mystical Booged of California


Market that Knave
Spork at Bliss
The White Soup
An Indiana Office
The Last Fish Show
The Fish of Education

Restricted section (there were quite a few more of these)

Absilloved Lovers 2: Black Bearfly Dawn
Horse Man Academy 5-R: Cowboy Sheeper Wydex
Breed Bot 3: The Journey Kitchen
Wild Bad Party 109
Pink Moon
Indiscreet Maidman

And finally, a list of the most quintessential story titles, obtained by setting the creativity to near zero on a highly-trained network:

The Story of the Stranger (1994 film)
The Last Day of the Story
The Lost Princess (film)
The Stranger (1994 film)
The Last Star (1994 film)
The Secret of the Story of the Stranger (1996 film)
The Stranger (2014 film)
The Story of the Stars
The Story of the Stranger (1999 film)
The Last Day of the Sun
The Story of the Star Trek: The Secret of the Story of the Star Wars
No. 33812 ID: b7883c
File 149343819787.png - (43.72KB , 662x840 , NanceyDrewLastDay.png )
No. 33864 ID: b7883c
File 149368320449.png - (42.18KB , 270x326 , MarketThatKnave.png )
Getting the hang of image sizes.

Bringing you the worst villains with the best makeovers, its MARKET THAT KNAVE!
No. 33876 ID: b7883c
File 149380419796.png - (29.83KB , 265x350 , MurdersEagle.png )
Can you survive...
No. 33883 ID: dd4df2

Holy shit. These are great!
No. 33933 ID: b7883c
Thanks! Do you have any suggestion of which to do next?
No. 33934 ID: b7883c
File 149440750107.png - (114.66KB , 500x600 , AmericanMidnightSwearDragon.png )
Are you a bad enough dragon to save the city from ninjas with SICK STUNTS?
No. 33940 ID: dd4df2

Lego Man Hunt and Home Transformers are both good ones.
No. 33987 ID: b7883c
File 149487774155.png - (5.10KB , 198x226 , Zossome.png )
I got a meme in my head and had to get it out.

my naym is King,
of all the worls.
I lef my power,
to dis girl.
cos I alone,
know dat sum day,
six billyon demons
she wil slay.
No. 34000 ID: 3ce125
Good meme.
No. 34077 ID: b7883c
File 149534223684.png - (138.08KB , 500x600 , OblivionDoom.png )
>I cant stop thinking about the fact that, during the oblivion crisis, the Argonians in Blackmarsh kicked dagon’s ass so hard, they launched a counter-invasion into Oblivion, and forced the daedra to start closing their own oblivion gates to keep the argonians out
>And keep in mind, Dagon’s plane of Oblivion is the Deadlands, literally hell
>You basically had a bunch of Lizard Doomguys launching an invasion on Hell

Imperials be like “Akatosh save us!“
Argonians be like: (Image)
No. 34191 ID: b7883c
File 149603753302.png - (161.65KB , 417x625 , DinoKamina.png )
No. 34491 ID: b7883c
File 149776495334.png - (29.95KB , 500x600 , HomeTransformers.png )
Home Transformers - Its just another day in the lives of the Autobuilders: Transforming into power tools, remodeling houses and competing their rivals, the underhanded Constructacons. Featuring Optimus Powerdrill and Bumblebuzz.

(Hopefully the next one takes me less than a month to get around to.)
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