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File 144254855726.png - (102.01KB , 800x600 , GoldeIsTryingToFitIn.png )
28107 No. 28107 ID: 2be160

Maybe it's time for me to be even *more* active?
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No. 45196 ID: bab0fb
File 158839638304.png - (615.62KB , 2443x2117 , 5-1-20+Zin+.png )

Zin, a gazelle with a guandao and fierce reaction time. Supposedly he's been known to slice bullets in two with his weapon.
No. 45219 ID: bab0fb
File 158873726643.png - (456.68KB , 1657x1958 , 5-5-20+Zipper_Kitty+.png )

After a few naps that were periodically interrupted by Twitter notifications, I woke up and doodled this.

Inside her mouth is a zipper. What's inside that zipper? Probably spiders.
No. 45220 ID: e51896

Inside her zipper is another zipper.
No. 45306 ID: bab0fb
File 159000944765.png - (298.30KB , 1262x1618 , 5-20-20+Goblin+.png )

New drawing tablet has come in. Had to test it out immediately with a space goblin

It's an XP-pen Artist 12!
No. 45315 ID: bab0fb
File 159012854372.png - (441.43KB , 1833x1614 , 5-22-20+KittyBo+.png )

Kitty-Bo got lots of fighting energy in him!
No. 45360 ID: bab0fb
File 159110841472.png - (439.68KB , 1776x1603 , 6-1-20+Abigail+.png )

Kitty cat with a habit of stealing valuable artifacts from museums. She sells them off to the black market and spends a night at the bar chatting up broads. Abigail's cane tail has helped her escape many guards in her lifetime.
No. 45363 ID: 9cba7b
File 159123996261.png - (409.09KB , 1592x1562 , 6-3-20+Iblis.png )

In a world where a high tech society has taken over what once was a world of magic, stories of the planet's former glory pass mouth to mouth in underground rings. Intrigued by these tales, Iblis hopes to climb the wall and enter the Dread Lands.
No. 45364 ID: e7c7d3

Some neat looking characters!
No. 45365 ID: 9cba7b
File 159133501830.png - (536.14KB , 1596x1690 , 6-4-20+PSO2+.png )

Thanks! I've been trying to work on making things more expressive and energetic again as I've been feeling like stuff is a bit stiff lately.

On PSO2 (Ship 2) my Gunner has become a bunny space pirate. And they have every right to do as many Matrix-style flips as they want.

(I really like doing shit tons of flips in the middle of combat. It looks as stupid but it's fun)
No. 45381 ID: 9cba7b
File 159149577596.png - (848.16KB , 2906x2174 , 6-6-20+Gaia_Darkside+.png )

I dunno, RPG races or something. Every now and then I just want to do that I guess

Human, bunny, moth goats, and gremlins
No. 45392 ID: 9cba7b
File 159169913531.png - (436.26KB , 914x1968 , 6-9-20+Telia+.png )

Telia is one of Lamya's projects. After losing a significant portion of her lower legs in battle, Lamya outfitted her with cybernetic prosthetics. Afterwards, Telia requested Lamya to keep modifying her body in hopes she can become the fastest thing alive.

Her lust for speed can also be seen in her preferred weaponry: light machine guns.
No. 45403 ID: 9cba7b
File 159185948343.png - (527.03KB , 1882x1494 , 6-11-20+Speckle+.png )

Speckle is a hobbyist archeologist, exploring ruins left behind of a long forgotten world. While they do not have arms, they are fully capable of utilizing their feet to grab things, and their mouth acts as a magical storage.
No. 45412 ID: 9cba7b
File 159221829332.png - (692.79KB , 2245x2021 , 6-15-20+Serv+.png )

Blue moon serval moment
No. 45414 ID: e7c7d3

Hmm, prolly would go with rabbit.

Oh my gosh this thing is adorable!

Me likey!
No. 45419 ID: 9cba7b
File 159279058682.png - (1.38MB , 3108x2121 , 6-20-20+Swamp_of_Myr+.png )

The Swamp of Myr. Full of oversized flora and monstrous fauna, leaving little reason for anyone in the right mind to travel to it. Despite it's treacherous nature, adventurers far and wide will occasionally dig around in the putrid waters in hopes of finding treasure.
No. 45434 ID: 9cba7b
File 159340789087.png - (844.20KB , 3186x2571 , 6-28-20+Agma+.png )

A beast of unknown origin. Agma appears to be only capable of saying her own name. Whether this is due to bizarre vocal chords or an even stranger limitation is unknown. She was found in a Myr Crater
No. 45435 ID: cdabe3

does she like hugs
No. 45437 ID: 9cba7b

She'd likely be somewhat like a dog and be mostly confused by the situation
No. 45458 ID: 9cba7b
File 159460862382.png - (1.54MB , 3678x2705 , 7-12-20+TF_Concepts+.png )

Character concepts for something. What their roles would be in that something is... mostly undecided, save for a couple of characters

The world they live in is wacky, weird, and magical
No. 45488 ID: 9cba7b
File 159581019976.png - (0.97MB , 2865x1201 , 7-26-20+Swan_Strider+.png )

The Swan Strider is a vehicle from a long gone era. No longer in production, the only way to snag one for yourself would be in ruin salvage.

These bipedal vehicles are capable of going up to speeds of 60 KMH. Normally it'd be recommended that you wear protective gear for such a machine, but the Swan Strider is capable of protecting it's rider with a magical bubble should it crash.
No. 45490 ID: e51896

I'm sure Swan Strider is also a strong kicker considering how fast it is.
No. 45491 ID: 9cba7b

While not really built for combat, should the Swan Strider be used offensively, it's no doubt it could kick pretty damn hard for sure
No. 45495 ID: 9cba7b
File 159607181581.png - (1.50MB , 2309x2171 , 7-29-20+TF_Goblins+.png )

Goblins are incredibly prone to hoarding objects of their interests. The most common hoard type being chips, primarily due to the shiny center. Whether the items in their hoards are stolen or obtained legitimately is determined by their morals.

Goblins are also renowned for their short tempers, obsession with hygiene and strange allergy to bananas.
No. 45505 ID: 9cba7b
File 159650137667.png - (3.43MB , 5923x2643 , 8-3-20+Tales_of_Terra_Facade_Characters+.png )

Some RPG party concepts

Nascha, Grebli, Googles, and Coney are DPS
Talnakk is a tank
and Tuba Wizard is a healer
No. 45507 ID: e7c7d3

I both love and hate tuba wizard
No. 45516 ID: 9cba7b
File 159684317251.png - (691.70KB , 1714x1907 , 8-7-20+Yummy_Bunny+.png )

We was kind of amusing to create, though he ends up being the strangest design of the bunch

Funny bunny
No. 45517 ID: 9cba7b
File 159684592039.png - (522.24KB , 1197x1505 , 8-7-20+Serval+.png )

Also serval
No. 45518 ID: e51896

Funny bunny, huh? What kind of jokes does she tell?
No. 45519 ID: 9cba7b
File 159695730942.png - (613.85KB , 2181x2128 , 8-9-20+Chu_Chu_Forest+.png )

Primarily jokes that fall under the category of "gallows humor"

I've been playing more casual games lately and I found myself kinda wanting to make something of that nature. Thus I drew a papercraft bunny surviving off the fat of the land.
No. 45521 ID: 9cba7b
File 159720827822.png - (666.73KB , 2175x2061 , 8-11-20+Coney+.png )

A shade who has made a name for herself by her quiet demeanor and swift movements with the blade. Coney tends not to butt into situations unless it somehow benefits her in the end.

Her poncho is full of sheathed blades, each blade adorning a name of her favorite characters in various comics she reads in her spare time.
No. 45523 ID: e7c7d3

Not just a blade master, but a nerdy blade master? We are doomed
No. 45524 ID: 9cba7b
File 159743130089.png - (610.79KB , 2274x1809 , 8-14-20+Grebli+.png )

Googles is probably a bigger threat than Coney is, but that doesn't prevent her from having a more opposing energy to her!

An Imp that started following Nascha around one day, no one really knows why. Grebli is rather adept at dealing with machinery despite their otherwise idiotic nature. Perhaps it's merely a matter of Grebli lacking interest in most other subjects.
No. 45525 ID: 9cba7b
File 159743133486.png - (1.15MB , 3417x2910 , 8-14-20+Googles+.png )

A Mewpew with a habit to distance themselves from anyone they don't trust. Googles has proven time and time again that he strongly dislikes other people... via firearms. People who survive Googles lashing out have a *chance* to befriend him.
No. 45537 ID: 9cba7b
File 159764163312.png - (1.36MB , 3288x2688 , 8-16-20+Nascha+.png )

Thanks to her parents, Nascha is skilled in all manners of thievery. She keeps a bag full of lockpicks with her at all times, as well as her demon fangs. Interestingly, her blades simply pass through people, causing some sort of distortion in their bodies, knocking them out instead of killing them.
No. 45559 ID: 9cba7b
File 159808061457.png - (413.10KB , 1366x1519 , 8-22-20+Everbats+.png )

The Everbats of Terra are known for being quite fluffy and *very* short when it comes to sentients, clocking in at about 92 cm average. Their fur varies wildly depending on the elemental environment they were born in. As a result, Everbats rarely ever move far from their birthplace.
No. 45560 ID: e7c7d3

My headcanon is that baby everbats are brown and look like pinecones when they hang upside-down on their mothers.
No. 45562 ID: 9cba7b
File 159815323278.png - (341.36KB , 1993x1386 , 8-22-20+EarlyEnemies+.png )

Funny thing is, you're pretty close.The babies do indeed look like that, though they tend to hang from their nest rather than their mother.

More enemy concepts or something. This time for more of a "early game enemy" type feel.
No. 45574 ID: 9cba7b
File 159856179352.png - (860.78KB , 3411x2204 , 8-27-20+Crystal_Pathways+.png )

I played a bit of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remaster for the first time ever. I had a lot of fun!

Kinda wish it wasn't region locked though
No. 45612 ID: 9cba7b
File 159884470526.png - (497.79KB , 2280x1984 , 8-30-20+Hikki+.png )

Fox/ Raccoon hybrid wizard critter

Basically a redesign of a character of mine
No. 45613 ID: e7c7d3

Very cute! Though I'm not sure if I'm really seeing the raccoon part
No. 45614 ID: 9cba7b
File 159894686249.png - (370.41KB , 1174x1895 , 9-1-20+Hobgoblin+.png )

It's incredibly minor, but it's mostly in the eyes, and somewhat in the tail (which is obscured by cloak in that doodle). I'm unsure if I'll keep those elements. I'll be toying with that design on and off.

Hobgoblins (sometimes referred to as Hoblins) are technically a sub species of Goblins. Their main difference involves their coloration which is purple to pink, rather than green to teal. Not to mention, their alignment tends to lean towards the Chaotic portion of the chart as opposed to Goblins' Neutral portions.
No. 45615 ID: 9cba7b
File 159899627478.png - (419.10KB , 1710x1930 , 9-1-20+ghost_vtuber+.png )

Serval V-tuber time

I feel like she'd be called Myst
No. 45620 ID: 9cba7b
File 159934674805.png - (1.13MB , 3476x3990 , 9-5-20+Goblin_Spectrum+.png )

Goblin culture sees gender through a spectrum, and it is expressed through clothing. Lo'Ka is typically vibrant and flowing and is the closest thing to "feminine" on the Goblin spectrum. Tih'Dei on the other hand tend to be duller colors, stiffer and closer to "masculine" on the spectrum. Dei and Ka typically refer to "vibrance" of the clothing which can be anything from color to the "soul" of the clothing. Lo and Tih refer to the "bond" of the clothing and how it interacts with the body.
No. 45629 ID: 9cba7b
File 159971469862.png - (0.98MB , 1518x3607 , 9-9-20+Ghouls+.png )

A ghoul of sorts. Whether they'll have a place in the world of Terra Facade or not, I am unsure as of yet.
No. 45630 ID: 9cba7b
File 159994004445.png - (498.72KB , 1563x2824 , 9-12-20+Nascha_Detailed+.png )

Nascha, but I try to put a *bit* more effort in the clothes than usual. I've made the shirt a bit more poofy lately and I've liked how that looks
No. 45632 ID: e7c7d3

Looking good
No. 45693 ID: 9cba7b
File 160083504044.png - (181.11KB , 1088x1019 , 9-22-20+ImGregory+.png )

I've gotten a wee too comfortable with the noodley arms lately so going back to a more rigid and "realistic" set-up was pretty strange. Glad it turned out well though

Greg spook show
No. 45694 ID: 9cba7b
File 160087135536.png - (733.45KB , 2830x2415 , 9-23-20+GhastlyAnimalFriendsUNCEN+.png )

Lumber and Embal since it's been a hot minute and we're getting really close to October once more!
No. 45695 ID: e51896

I want to watch that series again
No. 45703 ID: 9cba7b
File 160150364550.png - (2.37MB , 4094x4168 , 9-30-20+Ghastly_Animal_Friends+.png )

It's always fun to come back to the Gregory Horror Show

"As the clock ticks down to the month of terror, the power of a little town called Woodrot grows. Before you know it, it is once again time for the Ghastly Animal Friends."

It has been a bit since I worked on anything related to the Ghastly Animal Friends, but I've come back just in time for October to be tomorrow (or today depending on your timezone I suppose!)
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