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File 142005255404.png - (690.48KB , 640x640 , fire.png )
25994 No. 25994 ID: 23661e
been working on a theory recently.
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No. 25995 ID: 23661e
File 142005305666.png - (617.71KB , 640x640 , lava.png )
you know, if I just focus on what I'm supposed to do, my role, then this whole relationship with people wouldn't be as hard.

I smile just like the rest of you.
but maybe I'm a little bit more protective
No. 25998 ID: 687279
Uh, what?
No. 26010 ID: 23661e
File 142022224836.png - (128.63KB , 640x640 , moon.png )
honestly, that's the only reaction i want out of you

i know
No. 26011 ID: 53688c
Cool design. Let's see it on an ocean background next.
No. 26077 ID: 23661e
File 142058028342.png - (946.87KB , 820x640 , heveja.png )
you're funny. you know i already have.
>I stopped talking to jezebel. and I feel like total shit. i can't go back. i can't even say sorry. there is no turning back.
> i was excited that she may have had a kid. maybe I could be human again.
> then i see something. that makes me flash back. "History repeats itself" she tweets.
> that's hard too look at. because she's right.
> i have been unstable and unsure.
> my most stable plan is to be without her
> I flash back to the times, where, she needed too much of my time.
> I am afraid one of us can't have children.
> we've "tried" for a year and a half now.
> and i can't bare that thought.
> I wished to be alone far long ago.
> and I think I got what I asked for.
> i ... am ... BARELY okay with that.
> atleast I have a plan
No. 26078 ID: 687279
Is this some sort of performance art piece?
No. 26102 ID: 987c92
I was thinking this exact thing when I scrolled down a bit and lo and behold!
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