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File 140790510305.png - (1.61MB , 2000x974 , spacemarine.png )
24298 No. 24298 ID: 4e41c3
I got a new tablet, so a new drawthread to go with it.

On the left is the first thing I drew with my old generation 2 Bamboo small, so with the new Intuos Pro large, I created the image on the right.

Not really into 40k anymore, but I have to credit it as the driving force behind my art in the earlier days.
Expand all images
No. 24299 ID: 4e41c3
File 140792139109.png - (2.09MB , 1415x1000 , dead.png )
No. 24307 ID: 4e41c3
File 140795184998.png - (520.21KB , 1000x1415 , nova.png )
No. 24315 ID: 4754ce
Holy shit, Overlord.
No. 24335 ID: 4e41c3
File 140810573001.png - (398.96KB , 800x964 , it-looks-better-zoomed-out.png )
No. 24366 ID: 6a4788

Fucking awesome Nova. Have you done any other warframes?
No. 24373 ID: 2e1470
File 140840216951.png - (2.21MB , 1000x1502 , ember.png )

Yeah, I did this Ember, too. But I dunno if the painterly style is right for it, and I don't like the lack of "contrapposto" in the figure, where the original pose has a lot of it.

I'm going to do more of them, with Valkyr as my next intention, but I have some work to do that I should finish before I get carried away on personal stuff.
No. 24397 ID: 2e1470
File 140852597588.jpg - (255.31KB , 1171x1230 , hi.jpg )
No. 24416 ID: 2e1470
File 140871877967.png - (534.90KB , 913x1000 , KLEM.png )
Kinda shitty Grineer, pretty obsessed with this game ATM.
No. 24433 ID: 2e1470
File 140880521403.png - (106.90KB , 1833x1933 , BalgrufColour.png )
My character for D&D 5E game in 9 hours.
No. 24434 ID: 2e1470
File 140880523606.png - (85.21KB , 2000x2000 , balgruuf.png )
Lines only
No. 24435 ID: 2e1470

Wait, those lines are outdated... shit
No. 24439 ID: ed4e93
Looks pretty barbarian.
(So dragonborn are back in 5th?)
No. 24451 ID: 2e1470
File 140896744959.png - (1.00MB , 924x1080 , gnoll.png )

Yep! Tieflings are also a base race now (dunno if they were before).
No. 24458 ID: bf9168
I believe they were in 4th, though they weren't from the start. What do you think of the changes to the Paladin's smite?
No. 24467 ID: 2e1470
File 140912271654.png - (360.66KB , 1200x834 , nyx.png )

Dunnno, haven't seen it, and didn't really know what it was before. I've never played Paladin :V
No. 24468 ID: bf9168
Basically it was a small change, that made it fueled by Paladin's spellcasting, rather than its own separate pool of charges, as well as making it available for use on any enemy, rather than just evil ones.
No. 24477 ID: 7f0da5
Yo dat gnoll tho. Happy to see you drawing stuff again!
No. 24505 ID: 12956a
File 140931132584.png - (658.36KB , 1920x1080 , mord-and-gryr.png )
I wish I could bring myself to update this shit, but I fucked up badly.
No. 24508 ID: 12956a
File 140932695040.png - (640.41KB , 1229x1000 , Kali-redesign.png )

Instead, Corporation Wars will return! I redesigned Kali's battle armour to be much sleeker (and sexier), with a focus on anatomical style, rather than blocky plates.

Let's face it; the old one was kinda boring to look at, and some features were silly (the upright ears...)
No. 24512 ID: 2b4635
does that armor have nipples or is that just a trick of the light
No. 24513 ID: 12956a

It's a trick of the nipples.
No. 24514 ID: 2fd516
I think there are bumps because of nipples under the armor.
No. 24515 ID: 434ce1
those are some strong nips
No. 24538 ID: 01745f
Nice. I can see some Warframe influence in parts like the neck.
No. 24569 ID: 12956a
File 140968124653.png - (816.71KB , 1800x896 , MasonHelmet-1.png )
No. 24572 ID: 38aa37
Overlord is my senpai of art and cool
No. 24576 ID: 12956a
File 140976426629.png - (416.56KB , 900x1379 , kali3.png )

More working on the Kali redesign. I don't like the helmet from the front, but maybe it's just the way I drew it. I like it in 3/4 view.

Part of why it's redesigned this way is for efficiency purposes. I can just draw roughly a female body, and add the 'technology parts' afterwards. Before, it was an ordeal of overlapping plates and consistency that was discouraging to redraw.

There are one or two other things I want to properly design (like a story that isn't shitty), but this could be a cool thing.
No. 24578 ID: 12956a
File 140981340528.png - (171.70KB , 1000x501 , masonhelmet2.png )
Orthographic drawing of >>24569 which I will use to create the model.
No. 24602 ID: c2b46d
Yo nigguh, better free up some earholes so you can hear stuff. Also conal designs are the best since you don't want sword blows being absorbed by your neck, but deflected onto the chainmail on your shoulders.

No. 24605 ID: 12956a
File 141002688324.png - (221.57KB , 300x480 , LnG2M1Z.png )

No. No ear-holes. And I know That conical designs are superior to flat-topped helmets, but the reason I chose this one was to deliberately diffuse the design from the original bascinets in-game, which are conical (see pic), and which are worn by the faction opposing the one for which this helmet is intended. There's enough TK in that game as it is :(
No. 24606 ID: 12956a
File 141002700649.png - (173.56KB , 900x506 , Untitled-1.png )
I watched a video on JewTube, tried to emulate the guy's technique. Hated it, but did not want to dispose of the drawing.
No. 24621 ID: 39b1b0
No. 24622 ID: 1f8505

Big flying metal bawkses?
No. 24623 ID: 4a20fa
No. 24657 ID: a9b849
File 141033348156.png - (352.37KB , 1000x1254 , kaliCasualDisguise.png )
Helmet's in the bag.
No. 24659 ID: 2fd516
The helmet includes all the neck bits?
No. 24662 ID: a9b849

Some of them.
No. 24668 ID: 53548a
Just draw Kali over and over until you die. She's clearly the best character you have.
No. 24669 ID: a9b849

You ain't wrong, cracka.
No. 24670 ID: a9b849
File 141051834609.jpg - (189.04KB , 1000x1200 , helmetangles.jpg )
Might be able to fudge it sometimes, but I need to get a better feel for this helmet
No. 24672 ID: a9b849
File 141051929063.png - (17.84KB , 800x600 , har.png )
Drew over a thing of her from PornQuest.
No. 24698 ID: a9b849
File 141096153009.jpg - (435.38KB , 1000x1415 , skeletonnge.jpg )
It's-a me!
No. 24706 ID: fd633b
Nice bonehead you got there.
No. 24745 ID: a9b849
File 141135414832.jpg - (151.12KB , 1000x1200 , vor.jpg )
Ha-ha! Strength to the grineer!
No. 24750 ID: a9b849
File 141139808131.jpg - (271.97KB , 1000x1200 , vor.jpg )
Last bit before bed.
No. 24770 ID: a9b849
File 141155143160.jpg - (417.29KB , 1000x1200 , vor.jpg )
No. 24839 ID: 7e7a31
File 141207443916.jpg - (432.68KB , 1000x1000 , Macaulay Culkin.jpg )
Just trying out Painter 2015.
No. 24889 ID: 7e7a31
File 141270454454.jpg - (209.65KB , 729x1000 , overlordexaggerated.jpg )
This sure is a depressing thread.
No. 24890 ID: aa92c7
The way you have his horns cuddling a tiny little skull is mega cute.
No. 24895 ID: 2fd516
Draw some fucking rainbow unicorns or something then.
No. 24902 ID: 7eb080
Draw a brütal ünicorn.
No. 24913 ID: 39b1b0
That's a normal unicorn then.
No. 24914 ID: 7e7a31
File 141287073099.png - (1.47MB , 1920x1080 , unikron.png )
Sorry, I cannot draw Brütal Ünicorns. Is a Brutål Unikøn okay instead?

No. 24926 ID: e3aff6
No. 24935 ID: 479357
I feel it still needs a sparking rainbow mane.
No. 24939 ID: 9ddf68
so this is what princess Celestia looks like after hitting heroine for that anti-drug episode
No. 25002 ID: 7e7a31
File 141320991401.png - (96.64KB , 800x1150 , Bold.png )
Wanted another go at lineart. Here is an ordinary Kobold. What is she doing?
Hide your shame! What kind of a drawthread do you think this is?!
No. 25004 ID: 2fd516
She's cute.
No. 25005 ID: 2f4b71
>brütal ünicorn

No. 25016 ID: e34da4
>kobold tits

Hide your shame indeed.
No. 25021 ID: 7e7a31
File 141329980948.jpg - (807.61KB , 1000x1202 , alien.jpg )
Now for something completely different.
No. 25022 ID: a002d5
No. 25031 ID: aee195
>Overlord drawing Warframe art

No. 25124 ID: a6610c
File 141399669073.png - (171.28KB , 1000x733 , Untitled-1.png )
No. 25152 ID: a6610c
File 141424176386.png - (1.21MB , 800x1338 , NPCs.png )
Skyrim's NPCs are truly a revolutionary kind of shit.
No. 25179 ID: 01745f
Hey there guy in full daedric armor who saved the town from a dragon yesterday, did someone steal your sweetroll?
No. 25253 ID: a6610c
File 141502323379.jpg - (551.47KB , 1200x1600 , 2014-11-03-11_53.jpg )
I managed to get a photo of this finally. It's the only traditional painting I have done (not including like primary school shit).

It's two years old, lol.
No. 25278 ID: a6610c
File 141518838219.png - (1.08MB , 1920x1080 , skynet-dating-sim.png )
>Want to get dinner?
>[Touch USB port]

Thanks Arhra.
No. 25301 ID: 888a93
Surely that painting is small enough to fit on a flatbed scanner?
No. 25303 ID: 83b81a

Nah, it's much too big, at least to fit the whole thing. The overall dimensions are something like 35cm by 60cm or thereabouts.

But to be fair the bottom quarter of the painting is rather boring, it would be no loss to cut it out.
No. 25340 ID: 83b81a
File 141545223724.png - (2.89MB , 900x3401 , High-Hrothgar.png )
No. 25348 ID: 83b81a
File 141553623171.png - (665.70KB , 833x1000 , fag.png )
Boring as fuck CSM.
No. 25354 ID: 3ed1f9
I thought you liked boring since you're playing Skyrim.
No. 25362 ID: e678fe

No. 25376 ID: 795da4

Your Khajit is cute as fuck

Would want to see more

Would cuddle
No. 25441 ID: 490784
File 141605959236.png - (342.21KB , 1000x1117 , Get-edged-all-on-fagget-top-kek-666.png )
Look at this fucking shitlord.
No. 25467 ID: d78e2f
You should really start loving yourself, man. Talking ill of yourself all the time will get you ulcers and shit.
No. 25488 ID: 490784
File 141657692769.png - (423.12KB , 1000x981 , Machines.png )

Death of the Ape, in which Mankind's final evolutionary step is achieved, and nature is defeated. Those who chose to not turn are left to die. Those who did transcend into immortality and limitless knowledge. They lead a brutal conquest to claim the galactic throne.

Even though it is just a speedpaint, I was able to get the vision out of my head and onto the page much better than usual.


No, it won't. While I agree it is unhealthy to speak badly of one's self, stomach ulcers are caused by a bacterial infection that can survive in the stomach by producing an alkalic shield. I don't have that.
No. 25516 ID: 98c82f
One of indirect causes for ulcers is stress, which allows the bacteria to wreak havoc due to weakened immune system. And you're stressing yourself with poor self-image.
No. 25517 ID: 2f4b71
By that measure everyone living in Britain is in a constant state of stress, given our national passtime of self-depreciation.
No. 25521 ID: 447d8d
I was pretty sure it was public self-deprecation and private other-loathing-so-you're-still-better-than-them-comparatively all masked in a language based upon negative politeness.

Then again I'm half-american so what do I know.
No. 25545 ID: e45825
File 141709997087.jpg - (146.29KB , 1000x1475 , a-is-for-aggressive-diarrhoea.jpg )

But I don't have the bacteria to begin with. Though I accept your general message.
No. 25564 ID: e45825
File 141744879057.png - (80.06KB , 1000x1415 , sis.png )
Kali at the beach with her younger sister, Henny. Henny did not take the corp-thug route like her sister, but was instead studying medicine. She committed suicide eight months after this picture.

On other note, this was a pain in the ass to draw. I want to colour it, but I'll probably not. Art has just been really annoying recently. Like it's a constantly uphill battle to draw something simple. Even a sketch like this and I just feel uncomfortable and impatient working on it.
No. 25650 ID: 0d453b
File 141822561347.jpg - (1.16MB , 2480x3508 , bergtroll.jpg )
They can smell Christian blood, you know.
No. 25656 ID: 01745f
>They can smell Christian blood, you know.
Kind of weirdly specific. No appetite for Buddhists or whatever?
No. 25669 ID: 0d453b

Maybe they can. I never said they can only smell Christain blood. I just said they can smell it. But presumably, they could only smell it since there were no/extremely few Buddhists or whatever in 12th century Scandinavia.
No. 25670 ID: 0d453b
File 141830774853.png - (48.35KB , 800x800 , mordtest.png )
No. 25702 ID: 0d453b
File 141847573397.png - (30.48KB , 800x800 , New Canvas.png )
No. 25737 ID: fe23be
File 141868664533.jpg - (2.19MB , 2000x2000 , Sketches.jpg )
I did some sketching when I was afk on the weekend. How dare real life interrupt my high-octane internet lifestyle? Fuck that faggot shit.

Here's a collaboration of less-interesting pages. The demon in the top left is actually from earlier this year, but I included him anyway.
No. 25738 ID: fe23be
File 141868692363.jpg - (1.70MB , 2428x1000 , Party.jpg )
Here's my D&D 5e party.

On the left, Hasseid: A drunk half-elf, to whom weapons seem magnetically drawn. Can summon his shield to his hand like Captain America.

Kroth: A Tiefling who can't hit with Scorching Ray to save his life. The things he says get us into life-or-death scenarios often.

My character, Balgruuf: Int 7 Dragonborn barbarian. She means well, but is easily manipulated and sometimes this causes trouble for the party. Uses a maul called 'guilt' which works quite well.
No. 25739 ID: fe23be
File 141868708941.jpg - (1.01MB , 1200x1326 , balgruuf.jpg )
I did a more realistic rendition of Balgruuf, which I quite liked. I WILL colour this one, but I just have to get some more important things out of the way first.
No. 25757 ID: e678fe
No. 25768 ID: 2f4b71
No. 25888 ID: 04b10c
File 141934642280.png - (31.18KB , 800x1000 , wat.png )
Really want to put another Corporation Wars out soon.

No. 25960 ID: 9396da
File 141984196848.jpg - (700.66KB , 1200x1600 , 2014-12-27 09_38_16.jpg )
Another traditional painting (traditional pain in the arse more like). It won't be done for a while.
No. 25966 ID: 687279
I'm surprised you let us see it before it was done. Most artists hate doing that!
No. 25972 ID: 9396da
File 141993811709.png - (962.32KB , 882x1200 , NSBM-feel.png )
For one of those genre feel threads on /mu/
No. 25974 ID: a863b2
>None of my friends burn churches and I'm too nervous to go alone

Fuckin cracked me up.

No. 25985 ID: 9396da
File 142000342503.jpg - (2.65MB , 3000x3000 , dickface.jpg )
Didn't mean for this to turn out as Giger-ripoff as it did, whatever.
No. 25986 ID: f7b961
In fairness, anything both vaguely phallic and metallic comes off as a Giger rip-off anyway.
No. 25987 ID: 9396da
File 142001026919.jpg - (146.23KB , 1000x1071 , mord.jpg )
No. 26000 ID: 9396da
File 142009641243.jpg - (157.02KB , 1000x1071 , mord.jpg )
I'm working on the values. Some people on /ic/ said it was too dark.

Too grimdark.
No. 26034 ID: 9396da
File 142033573799.jpg - (354.78KB , 1079x1200 , mord.jpg )
Well I finished this I suppose.
No. 26035 ID: 9396da
No. 26069 ID: 8b0d55
File 142052156860.jpg - (443.70KB , 800x770 , balg.jpg )
Not really sure how to go about this, might have another poke at it later.
No. 26072 ID: c0c685

Looks pretty good to me so far. Keep it up
No. 26073 ID: 687279
No. 26076 ID: 6a5c50
She has the same colour scheme like Katia...
No. 26079 ID: 8b0d55

Oh yeah! You're right... Well, at least Balgruuf's garments are not painted on.
No. 26085 ID: 8b0d55
File 142062399970.jpg - (270.88KB , 1000x1200 , Roman.jpg )
A couple /tg/ draw requests coming in.
No. 26086 ID: 8b0d55
File 142062403015.jpg - (232.78KB , 1000x1200 , dragon-knight.jpg )
A lizarfok
No. 26087 ID: 8b0d55
File 142062408820.jpg - (643.13KB , 1000x1200 , lizard.jpg )
Then I coloured it.
No. 26108 ID: 8b0d55
File 142085429651.jpg - (546.36KB , 1000x1200 , furry.jpg )
No. 26117 ID: 403181
Mien sides are in orbit
No. 26140 ID: 1c0be1
Not really into 40k anymore?

Awwh man, I'd feel kind of bad requesting anything now.
No. 26141 ID: 67551f
He didn't say he hates it now. If he did, he'd purge all of its influence from his art.

But I'm certain you can give him an offer he can't refuse.
It's furrification of the God-Emperor.
No. 26142 ID: dd578d

I still like 40k I guess. Chaos is still fucking awesome, and even though the setting takes itself too seriously now, it's still full of cool stuff.
It's just that GW turned into such a fucking shit company, it really put me off. They just did a series of really shitty behaviours that lost all the respect I had for them.

If your request is simple enough I might do it.
No. 26143 ID: d9522c
File 142112736635.png - (70.13KB , 400x431 , Updated_Owlglass.png )
Why do you have to trigger my overt-imagination with such visions of perdition?

I've recently rolled one of /tg/'s homebrew chapters as a character for DeathWatch and was hoping to get the character drawn, or at least his portrait. So whichever you feel like doing. Really.

He's basically an Assault Marine wearing classic mark 7 Aquila with a Beakie Helmet, green visor, he prefers Ranged weapons over melee, often blasting people apart with dual-wield pistols. Totally-not-cypher-i-swear.jpg

If you're not familiar with this chapter http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Emperor%27s_Nightmare you can read more about it there.

If you just want to draw the portrait of his face, I guess I can find a reference or some guy that looks similar to what I'd envision him to be.
No. 26144 ID: d9522c
File 142113610714.png - (143.37KB , 554x564 , e7f.png )
Oh and if you actually decide to take the request up, do feel free to use your amazing as hell artistic freedom.

I love that distinct metal-esque influence you give your marines throughout drawings. Shit like medieval style-d gauntles and whatnot. 2cool.
No. 26145 ID: dd578d

I'm more inclined to draw it helmet on, because I am not gr8 at faces (and obviously the solution is to avoid them hurrr). But sure. I remember that chapter from years back.
No. 26147 ID: d9522c
Well alright then! Awesome! Have fun with the pose too, or portrait angle, whichever you choose.
No. 26148 ID: dd578d
File 142115065022.png - (905.50KB , 1000x1200 , sassault.png )
Here you go.

It's kinda shoddy but alright for a quick thing (bit over an hour I think?)
No. 26149 ID: d9522c
Aww, he looks a bit sad!

But, I love it! I wasn't expecting colors at all, maybe a sketch or something, but it's looking good! Maybe a bit dark.

Is it just a wip or?
No. 26150 ID: dd578d
File 142115104753.png - (1.00MB , 1000x1200 , sassault.png )

Nah, pretty much done. Here's a lighter version if you prefer it.
No. 26151 ID: dd578d

Feel free to mention if I missed anything important though.
No. 26152 ID: d9522c
Nah, it's pretty amazing as is! The only thing that I wonder about are the eyelids on the helmet, they look.. weird, or maybe it's my lack of understanding on how proportions work.

Emperor's Nightmares have those Dreamcatcher charms that they wear around their elbows or belts, but it's no biggie.
No. 26153 ID: dd578d
File 142115282543.png - (109.95KB , 800x960 , autism.png )

It's prolly a little wonky, but the principle is outlined here in this unnecessary visual guide.Notice how the highlighted points of interest change with respect to one another as the angle of the helmet is elevated. A raised nose makes the eyes look sadder. Conversely, were it pointed downwards, the eyes would look more angry/evil.

Beakies are also hard to draw front-on in 2d linework, as I just learned.
No. 26154 ID: d9522c
>he even illustrates his point

I'm grateful as fuck.

No really. Thank you.
No. 26155 ID: dd578d
File 142115314783.jpg - (53.50KB , 820x820 , 1414423075048.jpg )

Lol no prob dude.
No. 26157 ID: dd578d
File 142119744521.png - (1.60MB , 1713x2000 , OverlordTournament2015.png )
For a thing.
No. 26160 ID: dd578d
File 142122468601.png - (587.45KB , 500x1000 , TournamentAvatar.png )
No. 26161 ID: 1f8505

If by "thing" you mean "Drawchan tournament."
No. 26162 ID: 2f4b71
>dat acid-etch
No. 26169 ID: 0cf0ef
1. I break into pieces
2. I destroy

Persequer (Latin)
1. I pursue
2. I hunt

Nice inscriptions, though can't quite make out his right foot. The use of a crest with torse is also cool.
No. 26299 ID: 621c58
Jousting armor?
No. 26338 ID: a591c5
File 142345736923.jpg - (170.34KB , 1423x884 , owowo.jpg )
For those who still remember that I exist, I am working on a skin for the SG-553 in Counter-Kike: Global Offensive.

I found the currently available skins for the poor gun to look like SHITTTTTT. Therefore, I am retexturing it in a way that appeals to me. Hopefully it will appeal to others, too. My end goal is to publish it in the twerkshop and have it put into the game as a drop.

There is still an enormous amount of work to go.

1.Barrel details
No. 26339 ID: a591c5
File 142345743463.jpg - (181.78KB , 1140x846 , fvddd.jpg )
2. back (you will see this little guy a lot)
No. 26340 ID: a591c5
File 142345751768.jpg - (209.88KB , 1390x820 , gfsgs.jpg )
3. Receiver(?), mag, and grip (which is unfortunately mostly hidden)
No. 26341 ID: a591c5
File 142345753961.jpg - (106.76KB , 618x861 , wwdwd.jpg )
4. More grip
No. 26342 ID: a591c5
File 142345755725.jpg - (90.43KB , 670x734 , ss+(2015-02-09+at+03_43_27).jpg )
5. Dunno what this is called.
No. 26343 ID: 1e62e7
charging handle
No. 26344 ID: 6a4788

I was going to say "Militarized Frat Paddle", but that works too.
No. 26349 ID: 7e294c
Well it looks like a shoulder thing that pops up so I'm gonna say it's a barrel shroud
No. 26363 ID: 53056b
File 142379573371.jpg - (255.07KB , 1000x1200 , Scottish-flour.jpg )
No. 26371 ID: 795da4

Mix with salty hebridean tears to make a flavourless, doughy mess, perfect to accompany those referendum results.
No. 26372 ID: 53056b
File 142390612196.png - (11.76KB , 605x620 , halftone.png )

No. 26511 ID: dcac1c
File 142573784201.png - (257.58KB , 994x1055 , fag.png )
I'm in such a fucking huge art rut.
No. 26532 ID: fb7162
File 142624913018.png - (192.64KB , 1000x907 , space-jihadist.png )
♫Saleel al-sawarim
No. 26533 ID: 5857f1
I feel like this is a metaphor.
No. 26534 ID: 02fea8
Do you still check on your drawthread here, Briggz?
No. 26543 ID: 78f4f8
File 142651028019.jpg - (506.06KB , 1570x2833 , gaylium.jpg )
No. 26550 ID: 496142
Art rut you say?

Would you consider drawing a Dragonborn portrait for DnD5E?
No. 26551 ID: cd3d0b
File 142692562286.jpg - (56.13KB , 500x499 , 1422813449089.jpg )

I could take some time out of my schedule of playing videogays, and less-importantly, Jewniversity, to consider it.
No. 26626 ID: c8ac4b
File 142795082667.png - (264.84KB , 671x785 , ethydfrhDGFRHSDGF.png )
No. 26629 ID: c8ac4b
File 142799166651.png - (418.01KB , 1000x1047 , faggot.png )
Two shitty artworks in 24 hours! What a shitty miracle.
No. 26630 ID: 9ddf68
I just shit myself!
No. 26636 ID: 384627
File 142813302424.png - (214.46KB , 768x1280 , Sketch46183013.png )
Made these on my phone with a shitty stylus of my own design.
No. 26637 ID: 384627
File 142813310263.png - (468.04KB , 768x1280 , Sketch46181658.png )
Autismdesk Shitbook Sexpress 4 Android is the application.
No. 26638 ID: 384627
File 142814796603.png - (502.22KB , 768x1280 , Sketch4622423.png )
This one is a little better. Still on phone with shitty MacGuyvered stylus. However as this is fairly enjoyable, I miht look into getting a real stylus soon.
No. 26657 ID: c8ac4b
File 142858682354.png - (647.66KB , 860x1119 , Norse.png )
30 min sketch, roughly based on 7th century Swedish Vendel helm.
No. 26761 ID: be20ee
File 142952679506.png - (41.15KB , 819x460 , Test.png )
anal queef
No. 27155 ID: 43f8ec
File 143331881437.png - (719.39KB , 800x5600 , shitbucket colonels.png )
I fucking hate this game.
No. 27156 ID: e114bc
Aimbots, bro.
No. 27167 ID: 3d374e
File 143338969439.jpg - (10.38KB , 234x250 , 1432934075210.jpg )
I need you to draw my grimdark as fuck black templar chaplain since teegee is a shitfest filled with 90% questthreads and everyone just wants slutty elves in their drawthreads
No. 27217 ID: 84a9c2
File 143398814296.gif - (562.64KB , 374x354 , 1428812088815.gif )

Post le descripscion, and I will try it out when my other priorities are clear.
No. 27233 ID: 653ccc
File 143412389175.png - (1.78MB , 1447x838 , Untitled.png )
Formerly a Tactical Marine within the DeathWatch, he's been through several campaigns within the Jericho Reach before returning to his Black Templars to receive the honors of becoming a Chaplain.

He's about to lead his own Crusade within the Reach against some heretics and former Battle Brothers for being pieces of shit, basically.

I'm not sure how far into detail you're going to go, or if you will draw just the portrait ( I'm fine with either, really) but I'm laying down as much as possible to hopefully help you here.

In the image attached, I've put two mace things which I envisioned meshed together as his Crozius. If you want to put your own spin on it, that'd be cool as well. Standard Stormbolter sidearm with Black Templar chains and cuffs.

The Helmet is simple, with an added Golden Laurel because he's been dubbed "Ancient" and is codex-compliant apparently.

As for the armor, well, it's Standard Black-Templar gear, with candles, effigies and whatever else you can think of.

I remember you once did a few Black Templar drawings with amazing as fuck crusade banners and pyres, so if you want to incorporate some of those within this guy's theme, that'd be swell as fuck.

Let me know if there's anything else you need, or if I've missed out important details for you to work with.
No. 27275 ID: 115709

Alright, neat. Well once I finish exams and this last commission I will try to doodle it.

When you say his helmet is "simple," I assume you mean a "simple skull," because of the chaplain thing?
No. 27284 ID: 653ccc
Oh hey, thank you for considering my request. It really means a lot to me.

And by simple, I meant, it should be simple for you to pin on the gold laurel thing. As for Chaplain helmet designs, I don't know, I've seen most of them either use Skull Faceplates on normal helmets, or have their own intricately designed thing with cables and mechanical oddities jutting inwards, animatronic jaws, etc.

Not sure if the Black Templars have anything specific within their ranks, so I guess it's yet again up to your interpretation!
No. 27419 ID: a515c2
File 143547519803.jpg - (523.85KB , 900x1163 , chapy.jpg )

Here, it's a bit ruff. I could not bring myself to render it, so it's like a coloured sketch. Hope it's accurate.
No. 27424 ID: d6c6fe
I'm in no position to complain. I absolutely adore it. Is this final? It's way better than I had imagined it. Only missing the gold laurels on that helmet.
No. 27785 ID: e04ec2
File 143904858228.png - (860.76KB , 995x1192 , Charr.png )

It's on his head, bro.

No new content. Dumping some stuff I did not post here yet. Some of you may have seen it elsewhere.
No. 27786 ID: e04ec2
File 143904860143.png - (887.14KB , 1000x1313 , Untitled-2 (2).png )
Towton 25
No. 27787 ID: e04ec2
File 143904864419.jpg - (299.43KB , 900x1051 , Bloke.jpg )
No. 27788 ID: e04ec2
File 143904867482.png - (1.14MB , 1000x1382 , Malric.png )
I sold my life to Chivalry
No. 27789 ID: e04ec2
File 143904873710.jpg - (1.29MB , 2000x1415 , greatwar.jpg )
Necropolis history.
More like Necropolis IS history, am I right?
No. 27790 ID: e04ec2
File 143904883972.png - (776.76KB , 1481x1000 , uruks.png )
I put Uruks underground without a sound, you orcs can't step to me, all goblins need to go.. back to Moria.
No. 27791 ID: e04ec2
File 143904906003.jpg - (6.63MB , 14080x1728 , 20150805_124858_Pano.jpg )
Photo-capture is almost a art.

The journey walking home was miserable.
No. 27894 ID: 27fd9f
File 144007847038.png - (173.00KB , 1170x1273 , fencingmask.png )
I want to paint my fencing mask with an edgy motif.
No. 27919 ID: 6bf901
File 144034104139.jpg - (1.28MB , 1200x1688 , necroc.jpg )
No. 27989 ID: 5857f1
Never thought about it, but is that a common thing?
No. 27991 ID: ebe396

Eh, sort of. Nobody I've seen in my group has done it. I think most people don't care enough, but it's definitely not a rare thing.
No. 28033 ID: f51c0f
will you be using some kind of special breath-through paint?
No. 28035 ID: f13f93

No... it's a mesh on the face of the mask. You just paint on the wire, the gaps stay there.
No. 28037 ID: d6f6ff
I'm not so sure that will be the case!
No. 28038 ID: f13f93
File 144160905272.jpg - (118.03KB , 406x364 , 1432785099051.jpg )

Well, I won't paint too thickly. And even if some gaps did get caked up with paint, it's not like the mask is airtight.
No. 28096 ID: 15134d
File 144230419547.png - (1.24MB , 1000x1056 , Untitled-1.png )
I made this as an avatar to use around the place. I thought I posted it here, but clearly I didn't.
No. 28113 ID: 962387
File 144267235750.jpg - (170.99KB , 1043x901 , ss+(2015-09-19+at+09_18_18).jpg )
Farkin love these brushes m9
No. 28114 ID: 962387
File 144267240117.jpg - (715.69KB , 1600x1434 , skelenight.jpg )

Fuck, that was the old version.
No. 28126 ID: 962387
File 144271906150.jpg - (690.59KB , 1600x1434 , ss+(2015-09-19+at+09_18_18).jpg )
A wolf became involved
No. 28128 ID: 0207a0
Holy fuck your art is seriously gorgeus
No. 28130 ID: 962387
File 144283890678.jpg - (751.39KB , 1600x1434 , skelenight.jpg )

Thanx bae ♥
No. 28137 ID: fb17e6
No. 28154 ID: b5dadc
File 144323102604.png - (3.90MB , 1240x1744 , IMG_20150926_0012.png )
Prepare to be dumped. This is from my sketchbook (one of those hardcover Moleskine ones that cost way too much).

The media vary, but often black Uniball Eye, some brushtip pens, and a Copic marker.

Oh god I have to shrink them. Just postan the smaller ones for now, I will cut up the bigger ones.
No. 28155 ID: b5dadc
File 144323128359.png - (5.56MB , 1363x2294 , sick cunt.png )
This is the first image in the book. Pencil with uniball
No. 28156 ID: b5dadc
File 144323135878.png - (6.48MB , 1488x2359 , bloke.png )
You may see a theme here.
No. 28157 ID: b5dadc
File 144323140160.png - (6.68MB , 1491x2460 , Bloke2.png )
No. 28158 ID: b5dadc
File 144323144797.png - (5.15MB , 1402x2233 , bloke three.png )
This is blue uniball with black also ball of the uni.
No. 28159 ID: b5dadc
File 144323150336.png - (6.10MB , 1465x2221 , Bloke the 4th.png )
This is actually an fArtLine calligraphy marker that was also overpriced.
No. 28160 ID: b5dadc
File 144323156088.png - (4.92MB , 1447x1909 , Bloke V.png )
I drew this in class because I am a pizza shit.
No. 28161 ID: b5dadc
File 144323163771.png - (7.70MB , 1524x2552 , sauron.png )
The eponymous lord of the things.
No. 28162 ID: b5dadc
File 144323172673.png - (8.44MB , 1580x2552 , lich.png )
It's like I enjoy drawing skeletons or something. Funnily enough, 'Funnybones' was what started this shit.
No. 28163 ID: b5dadc
File 144323181528.png - (5.79MB , 1471x2374 , IMG_20150926_0010.png )
O shit sun back into the copic marker and brown brushtip. I chose "warm greys" because they look better, fuck you
No. 28164 ID: b5dadc
File 144323189162.png - (6.22MB , 1426x2398 , IMG_20150926_0011.png )
Finishing it with this one. This is also a Black brushtip pen for the linework. I paid $20 for a mere three pens that day.
No. 28168 ID: 1f8505
That is a ton of medieval armors.
No. 28181 ID: b5dadc
File 144339658843.jpg - (869.95KB , 1600x1434 , skelenight.jpg )
Fuck it, done.
No. 28182 ID: 2f4b71
Turns out the ash from the crumbling flesh of the eternally damned makes for a great metal polish.
But seriously, that metallic shading is fantastic.
No. 28184 ID: bdc831
Just because you let yourself go doesn't mean you let what matters to you go to shit as well.

Just look at all them weeaboos and their Sailormoon figurines.
No. 28198 ID: f9cc7a
File 144370152933.jpg - (83.22KB , 480x640 , dildo.jpg )
I took a photo of my head and painted over it. The purpose is getting some idea of how my skull might look, as that interests me for some reason. The mouth is plainly wrong and simplified, but everything above that seems convincing. I might do others as the urge strikes me.
No. 28199 ID: f9cc7a
File 144370631120.jpg - (235.66KB , 900x1198 , buttplug.jpg )
Put more effort into this one. Kept referencing original photo and some additional references, but it's hard to know how accurate it is. It's an 'artist interpretation' after all.
No. 28208 ID: 2f4b71
>The purpose is getting some idea of how my skull might look, as that interests me for some reason. The mouth is plainly wrong and simplified, but everything above that seems convincing.
Skull-awareness tips, jaw edition!
- Face a mirror.
- Take two fingers of each hand (I find Middle and Ring easiest) and insert each pair into either side of your mouth, to the second knuckle
- Spread your fingers apart to splay your lips and the surrounding flesh open (similar to how a 'Predator' jaw opens).
- Open and close your teeth. The motion of your jaw and it's relation to your skull are much easier to see.
- You can move this 'window' around to see down the side of your jaw more easily
Lighting is tricky, you either need a mirror with surrounding lights, or a bright day and a mirror near a large window (or outside).
If you have someone to hold it, a bright LED torch with a red or 'warm-white' light can be pointed through the side of your cheek or the underside of your jaw so reveal bone structure in silhouette. This is better done in a dark room.
No. 28209 ID: f9cc7a

Oh yeah that's a good idea. CHeers
No. 28270 ID: 3d43fb
>someone to hold it
those would require you to be seen with both your hands halfway in your mouth while you're opening and closing your maw.
No. 28272 ID: 2f4b71
Having your mouth splayed wide open and clacking your jaw at them is a highly effective rubbernecker-repellent.
No. 28342 ID: 77e250
File 144488284798.jpg - (2.05MB , 1488x2359 , bloke.jpg )
Should prolly put this here
No. 28358 ID: 0e6ff2
Now I know why every game bulks the fuck out of their armoured skeletons.

Realistic armour looks kinda more silly than spooky on a skeleton.
No. 28555 ID: 1ac45c
File 144731725418.jpg - (222.36KB , 1000x1105 , aino.jpg )
Oi, not to make an "announcement" out of it, but for those of you who are not aware, a few weeks ago I made the decision to discontinue my participation in the TGChan community.

For those of you who enjoyed watching my art here, I consider it unfair to you, to suddenly go silent without informing you where you can find my sketches and whatnot in the future.

And I know this would appear somewhat ironic, but it's here: http://nazghoul.tumblr.com/

While my ultimate preference lies with the imageboard format, no other site provides a more convenient way to post scraps, WIPS, and general garbage, than tumblr does.

See you around!
No. 28559 ID: 88e46e
Is it a private thing or would you mind sharing your reasons why?
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