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File 140563563797.png - (217.78KB , 800x600 , EmPandaPort.png )
23938 No. 23938 ID: 5341db
So here I am, I need to practice. I AM COMPELLED TO DRAW!

Suggestions? preferably NSFW or at least no HC.

Feel free to critique.
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No. 23939 ID: 7f0da5
Gnolls bonin kobolds
No. 23941 ID: e6f437
Jesus stealing a baby
No. 23943 ID: 2fd516
Kobolds boning kobolds.
No. 23944 ID: 5341db
File 140563893987.png - (210.77KB , 800x600 , GnollBKobold.png )
No. 23945 ID: 5341db
File 140564001634.png - (93.59KB , 800x600 , JesusStealingBaby.png )

I think I've drawn enough boning at the moment.
No. 23958 ID: 59295a
medieval stranners
No. 23959 ID: 2fd516
A bear riding a unicycle.
No. 23979 ID: 5341db
Ooh.. dis gon be gud. (I'll try really hard on this one.)
Would you mind if i made it a Bear Stranner? (i can do both for fun.)
No. 23982 ID: 2fd516
Sure, why not!
No. 23983 ID: 5341db
File 140588026396.png - (173.71KB , 800x600 , MedevalAstranians_lines.png )
Current line work of Medieval Stranners (note, not actual 'historical' medieval Stranners as they would have appeared in the LW setting)

from left to right they are: Barbarian, Heavy Fighter, Ranger, Wizard, Shield Knight.

feel free to come up with names for them.

I am pausing the drawing on this to update my quest.
No. 23985 ID: 59295a
Cool stuff, dawg! I might be doing some more medieval(fantasy?) Astranians soon here myself.
No. 23987 ID: 53548a
Gotta work on your muzzles, dude. Use a ref.
No. 23988 ID: 5341db
I'm glad you like it. Link me to the post when you finish!

I know, that and getting the stubbiness is hard. Thankfully this is why I'm practicing.
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