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File 129601422476.jpg - (1.28MB , 2000x2200 , asscarab.jpg )
2393 No. 2393 ID: 6d4645
Well, since I don't want to flood the porn thread with stuff that won't necessarily be NSFW, I guess I'd rather open one myself.

Not sure about this one. The perspective/mirror effect is really erratic and the colouring looks more like some DA shit than like GM's technique.

At least I'm quite happy with the way I drew Sar'a. Looks more accurate than before.
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No. 2397 ID: fa1e59
awh poor xeno, also awesome! glad to see you over here!
No. 2424 ID: 2486ac
File 129616148546.jpg - (1.40MB , 3000x3200 , fishface.jpg )
Thanks, but that ain't Gzeenaw.

Also, some Tau. Old stuff. Made new ones recently, but lost them. Fuck.
No. 2441 ID: bb703a
File 129627898132.jpg - (1.09MB , 2800x2200 , fo\'science an\'shit yo!.jpg )
Should I try to color this one up?

In b4 anatomy fail; I like it that way.
No. 2446 ID: bb703a
File 129633174799.jpg - (1.02MB , 2000x2200 , moarsara.jpg )
Better Sar'a with better hips.
No. 2447 ID: 7b94ed
my eyes have been opened to astounding new vistas.
No. 2456 ID: c261c9
What is this I dont even
No. 2457 ID: bb703a
File 129643458322.jpg - (362.10KB , 1000x1200 , ci.jpg )
This, sir, is the consequence of the result of a bad pun itself born of a spelling error.

Also, dumping what I just uploaded at 4chan, for the greater good.
No. 2458 ID: bb703a
File 129643476850.jpg - (638.12KB , 1000x1200 , erf.jpg )
No. 2462 ID: a1d203
No. 2463 ID: d5c481
Air caste I presume?
No. 2464 ID: f58118
Dat hoove.
No. 2465 ID: bb703a
Water caste.
No. 2466 ID: 43d730
So then she's... a tall glass of water?
No. 2467 ID: aad1a8
File 129650989242.jpg - (535.99KB , 1300x1600 , eye-raping socks.jpg )


Anyway, some heresy
No. 2468 ID: 314e30
File 12965216922.jpg - (374.56KB , 800x1000 , pretty sparkly gauss weaponry.jpg )
and now lil Gzeenaw fairy.
No. 2469 ID: 314e30
File 129652223454.jpg - (515.60KB , 1000x900 , kinslayer.jpg )
Failcron failing.

Too bad Tauquest 2 stopped. So much delishus bawww. And having her being called "machine" by her own people was delightful as well.
No. 2470 ID: 99433a
What happened to Tau Quest 2?
No. 2471 ID: 9bdc9f

Is that a crotch bulge on the right? Oh Slaanesh, you kidder.
No. 2472 ID: 314e30
As far as I know, things just went so grimdark that everyone just dropped it.

Not necessarily a penis, mind you.
No. 2473 ID: 314e30
File 129658221591.jpg - (1.22MB , 1600x1400 , buying cultist-chan a new friend.jpg )
so much failanatomy and no room for dialogs left.
No. 2474 ID: 103735
Delicious heresy.
No. 2476 ID: 9bdc9f
Awesome. Are you going to continue the series and if so, any ideas what happens to her next?
No. 2477 ID: 314e30

Yep, two other images:

Some regular gang-bang with a little bit of tentacles and also some spanking.

And some public humiliation/bestiality: she gets mounted by a seeker of Slaanesh.
No. 2481 ID: 314e30
File 129669847490.jpg - (1.25MB , 1800x1900 , fairyfucksk.jpg )
No. 2492 ID: d752af
I'm seriously very, very tempted to convert and sculpt up this water caste diplomat.
It's at the limit of my skills, but not beyond them.
No. 2494 ID: aa4047
And I'm very tempted to start a cron army as soon as the new dex comes out, and heavily convert everything according to my drawings. With Gzeenaw as a cron lord. It'd be hard as fuck, especially given my slow converting pace.

If you ever do convert her, post it ITT.
No. 2495 ID: ec2741
File 129678044551.jpg - (2.97MB , 3000x3300 , awww-right.jpg )
first version of this. will perhaps add a little bit of colour to make it more understandable.
No. 2500 ID: 422f5e
You're gonna finish the rest of those, right?
No. 2501 ID: b94251
File 129681615394.jpg - (3.13MB , 3000x3300 , loiiiiighting stroiiiiking agaaaaaain.jpg )
Not sure. Here is the colored version. Hope it looks better.
No. 2502 ID: b94251
File 129681783242.jpg - (481.59KB , 1400x1600 , bad dreams.jpg )

No. 2503 ID: 49e530
Kawaii desu uguu~
No. 2522 ID: d752af
Alright, then, I'll do it.

Not only will it be a token of my appreciation for your art, but also just a wicked model in its own right.
No. 2524 ID: 9b4b16
This shall be awesome, doubtlessly.
No. 2525 ID: d752af
So, I'm ordering the forge world stuff tonight. The tau in the three-pack here have softer jaws, easier to work with, and less funky stuff on their cheeks than the two-pack.

It'll be easy enough- filing here, hacking out here, heating this joint so it'll bend to here, lots of greenstuff, and worst of all, working on the hair and smile.
I'm not sure whether to leave her in soiree mode or put her in a battlefield context (incidentally, now that I look at it, that's an insanely tall wine-glass.)

I'll post here when they arrive!
No. 2526 ID: fa1e59

No. 2528 ID: 9b4b16
As you'll probably have no opprotunity to use her on tabletop, I'd say go for the skimpy dress.
No. 2559 ID: 43001d
File 129712838575.jpg - (1.02MB , 1800x2000 , KEKEKEKE.jpg )
Fimir fuck yeah!
No. 2560 ID: cb4c37
File 129712880216.jpg - (3.14MB , 2508x3484 , elfrobot.jpg )
bah... rushed and horrible.
No. 2561 ID: cb4c37
or maybe I'm derping and sending it to the wrong guy. considering how tired I am...that is very likey
No. 2577 ID: 19b7b5
File 129748112154.jpg - (4.30MB , 3000x3300 , essence of the nightbringer up your ass.jpg )
Finally did it.

As he said, RIP AND TEAR.

But of course, He probably filled her with enough necrodermis for her to reconstruct herself once again.

Hope you guys like this one, I spent even more time than for the previous one.
No. 2578 ID: 19b7b5
File 129748506055.jpg - (572.84KB , 1100x900 , XENO GET.jpg )
Also, let me showcase this infographic collage I recently created.
No. 2579 ID: 7d51a2
File 129752797854.jpg - (296.98KB , 1100x900 , derpscarab.jpg )
No. 2580 ID: 7d51a2
File 12975459575.jpg - (368.82KB , 1100x900 , nôtto desu shito agen.jpg )
No. 2582 ID: 7d51a2
File 129756068327.jpg - (494.16KB , 1100x900 , ultrascrewed.jpg )
and this.
No. 2583 ID: ed2554
File 12975737791.jpg - (214.50KB , 600x800 , Rescue.jpg )
Impressive shtuff here, Technomancer. Even if most of it is bizarre, vaguely or blatantly pornographic material.

Do you have a DA account that I can check out? I tried looking for 'Technomancer,' but it was a lost cause.
No. 2587 ID: 7d51a2
Nope, no DA page, and I think I'll never make one, even when I'll start selling drawings.

Nice sketch, btw, I knew you could draw some females correctly.

Now, I think I will drown my frustration about how Dronequest turned out with some stupid indus-metal, if you don't mind.
No. 2588 ID: 7d51a2
File 129760752615.jpg - (1.13MB , 2100x2000 , derpsara.jpg )
Sa'Ra is not a clever woman...
No. 2589 ID: 2563d4
...wut? Explain these shenanigans!
No. 2590 ID: 7d51a2
That's how the last thread ended.

Sa'ra managed to escape to a safe place with a stolen vial containing a regenerating mutagen. When she noticed it was leaking, well, shit happened.
Instead of counting the number of posts that were in favor of/against using the vial, Shas'O decided to settle it down with a die roll. And there were at least twice more people who just wanted to repair the vial, or to stock it somewhere (such as her scarabutt) but no, Shas'O decided otherwise, because as she said, she wants to "try something new".

The most ironic detail is that I made this roll.
Now she just used it, started mutating, and made a short contact with the hivemind before collapsing..
I hope that Xeno will make an appearance and fix it because this is really as retarded as it sounds.
No. 2591 ID: 2563d4
Failcron gained a failprentice? Hunh.
...don't tell me that's a retcon of the one we brutally failed to save during the Abortive Escape Escapades. :|
No. 2592 ID: 7d51a2
I don't know if it will be retconned, I hope not.

All I know is that someone, at one point, radio-contacted Sa'Ra through the scarab. If I remember well, it was a female character, and she called the scarab "my little Drone" and said she'd help Sa'Ra eventually, so chances are high that it is Xeno.
No. 2594 ID: 622275
It was actually about even, as I recall, before it descended into bickering. The dice roll was a convenient way of ending the argument.

I'm sure that to Sar'a it seemed like a good idea at the time. We'll find out next week what happens!
No. 2597 ID: 2563d4
Nah, I mean I can't remember any Sar'a character; at the start of this thread I assumed I'd just forgotten Failcron's name. I lost the plot after >>2242 , and the last I remember is we mortally wounded some Tau lass and---in typical Failcron style---got all the wrong die rolls to prevent her from dying, the best we could manage being some kind of go-into-the-brain-and-comfort-her thing.
No. 2598 ID: 7d51a2
Yeah, and there was certainly some samefagging in it, but I still feel a little butthurt.

Wait, what, Shas'O?

Dammit, now I'll get my ass sued and banned from her threads because of my complaints and all the degrading rule34 I made of her characters.

No. 2599 ID: 7d51a2
Yeah, it wasn't her, and it did fail hard, since the whole comforting stuff ended up getting Xeno even more bitter and depressed.
Oh god, should I draw this?
No. 2601 ID: 7d51a2
File 129765085474.jpg - (383.63KB , 1100x1200 , DIETRICH.jpg )
Now, more rule 34 of other people's characters.

Dietrich, by mr Culexus.
No. 2602 ID: 127394
There is still hope for humanity. I do not see you using the baby servoskull.
No. 2605 ID: 46a25a
I actually thought about it, but didn't see any convenient use for it. She's already got more tools and limbs than needed. So I was just too lazy to draw the servoskull just staring at its "mother" fingering herself, though that might have been nice.
No. 2609 ID: 6bbb81
Ok, you can disregard my previous statement in that case
No. 2610 ID: c0cce5
File 129780322554.jpg - (229.43KB , 900x900 , augmentits.jpg )
No. 2612 ID: c0cce5
also, from now on, I'll be taking requests ITT.
No. 2616 ID: fe1c7d
Are you done with ATHF requests?
No. 2617 ID: 9bdc9f
File 129786406190.jpg - (206.32KB , 526x1149 , _4str_tank_anonib.jpg )
Awesome! Hey, I'd like to request the following, since you do transformations/sequences well; an Inquisitor underling or arch-militant being "upgraded" into a more effective combat monster. Not a full out servitor, but definitely a lot more than what she started with.

Pic is general idea. I like musclechicks but if that doesn't appeal to you, no worries, whatever you think of would be highly appreciated.
No. 2618 ID: c0cce5
Nice to see some answers already.

I think I'll go for the "BEHOLD: KHORNE!" but that's all.

If I feel inspired enough to make something original. No musclegirl indeed.
No. 2628 ID: c0cce5
File 12978932495.jpg - (689.16KB , 1100x900 , MENTLEGEN.jpg )
No. 2630 ID: 9bdc9f
File 12978998971.jpg - (165.92KB , 712x900 , 1016b.jpg )

Hot damn! Thanks for the consideration man.
No. 2631 ID: c0cce5
Hold on, I went to the link in this pic, and, just... Did you guy actually draw some of this? If so, tell me more about it, and if not, man, this is delishus.
No. 2633 ID: 02ffc4
No. 2634 ID: 275677
Roman Tyranids.

In particular a carnifex running a butcher shop or something.
No. 2635 ID: 42a512
File 129792779944.png - (567.47KB , 570x768 , Gally__Gunnm_Last_Order_by_Yuko99.png )

Necron Alita.

Reference pic provided.
No. 2636 ID: a8f792
That's not a bad rendition of Khorne.
No. 2637 ID: 9bdc9f
File 129794742138.jpg - (130.88KB , 500x750 , linn04.jpg )

Haha, sadly no. I drawfag but I'm not that good. Guy I posted is great though.

Mostly I was just pleased that someone else remembered Lynn. The kids born when the game came out are now old enough to legally drive.
No. 2638 ID: 9e0d66
Well, now scribbling both the archmilitant and Gally as a cron. I don't know how it will turn out and if I'll be satisfied enough to finish them, though.
It's directly inspired by Ian Miller's. GW should hire him back. Now that Blanche left and that Goodwin adopted a more modern style, he's the only guy who can bring the noise back.
No. 2639 ID: af218c
A grimdark Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I imagine it as a regular turtle buth with a Guardsman flak helm, some armor plating and a leman russ/chimera turret on top of its shell. Perhaps Pask or a commisar is waving a close combat weapon from the hatch.
No. 2640 ID: 9e0d66
File 129797988840.jpg - (345.05KB , 900x980 , crafts.jpg )

The shading is clearly random, but that was fun to draw.
No. 2648 ID: af218c
There can never be enough SCIENCE
No. 2661 ID: 9e0d66
File 129799269934.png - (78.21KB , 643x266 , VAGINAL SCARABS.png )

No. 2662 ID: 9bdc9f

What's it doing to her ass? Also, any chance to see the finished product, (of the character, I meant, not the drawing)?
No. 2663 ID: 9e0d66
>What's it doing to her ass?

Well, scientific stuff.

> Also, any chance to see the finished product, (of the character, I meant, not the drawing)?

I'm drawing other stuff right now. Maybe later if I can do something noice.
No. 2664 ID: 9bdc9f
Thanks! and man, I wish MY brutal anal rape with a forearm sized object was scientific.
No. 2665 ID: 9e0d66

guess that must be kinda itchy.
No. 2666 ID: 541353

I need a pic of the friendly coot scanner.

No. 2670 ID: eed75b

I was certainly amused. Good job.
No. 2674 ID: 9e0d66
File 129811652220.jpg - (621.11KB , 1100x1306 , lolamputee.jpg )
In b4 hueg tyranid arm with spiky bitz everywhere.

Now that this is done, I can serenely go on dronequesting.

I still suck at shading, though. Also, damn those metallic reflections.
No. 2678 ID: 4748b2

You most certainly do not suck at shading, my good man. It pays to study real-life objects. For example; take a digital photo of an object, and then look at how light bounces off the different surfaces. Take a colour picker and just examine the colours of the shadows and the highlights. Just put some more time into studying it, and you'll be more happy with future results. I think.
No. 2701 ID: 622275
File 129822026788.jpg - (87.39KB , 788x633 , the_end.jpg )
Remember when I said last week how we'd find out how >>2588 turns out? Well, that's not going to happen. Sorry.
No. 2702 ID: 9cae49

I've been F5 ing tg for five fucking hours!

What the fuck is this shit! do you have a mod against you or what!

I can't rage hard enough, I fucking can't I fucking can't zrsfreqzsdrfdqs
No. 2703 ID: 9cae49
Now that my RAEG calmed down a little, I'm asking:

wat do?

try again next week?

try to have a talk with the mods?

use tgchan as our new base?
No. 2704 ID: 8c0848
Oh boy. We all love anal fixation transformation fetish quests about various things being shoved up asses and talking robot asses attached to other asses as a replacement for an ass ruined by having things shoved up it.
No. 2705 ID: 70c94d
Always keep in mind tgchan-
-is open for almost everything
-is way slower than what you might be used to
-is inhabited by a "radical faction" which hates textquests
-is inhabited by a sub-faction of aforementioned radical faction which crusades against text-quest from /tg

Enjoy your stay.
No. 2708 ID: 342f16
-is FURRY AS FUCK JESUS CHRIST. Then again, Tau have hooves. How weird is that.
No. 2711 ID: 9cae49
Indeed, And as far as I could see, Shas'O's main concern is her quest being widely followed or not. She doesn't seem to care about shitspammers and such, so I guess that, anyway, a meer 1 week ban won't stop her from posting on /tg/.

I could be wrong, but I was just suggesting an alternative.

(still taking /r/, btw)
No. 2712 ID: 2563d4

During its run on 4chan/tg/, Failcron Quest was spammed with articles about the porn industry, images of diaperfurs, and just general SAAAAGE noise.

tgchan is a positive hugbox in comparison because the worst that happens is a tidal wave of rage in /meep/, the /questdis/ thread, and/or IRC. You're more likely to get ignored to death if anything (which is unfortunately particularly likely what with the story so far being on suptg and needing to be read through a thick Troll and Sage soup).
No. 2713 ID: 9cae49
Tauquest is indeed half-lost with a hueg pile of spam in what's left of it (speaking of which, if someone has the links for the threads from 10th up to those archived...) but Dronequest is fully archived, with close to no spam.
No. 2714 ID: 9cae49
File 129824218782.png - (104.80KB , 600x600 )
Very first oekaki.


View animation
No. 2715 ID: bf1e7e

Monstergirls are just as furry as (if not moreso than) any quests worth reading on thatquestsite. Let's not kid ourselves and pretend that tgchan is actually any furrier than /tg/.
No. 2716 ID: 9cae49
dunno about you, but I've always felt like the line between furry/non-furry characters was about their head: While characters with a human face (say, Taus) don't bother me, I feel disturbed by, say, a girl with a dog's head. Perhaps because the former is just more like a weird human, while the latter looks like a weird animal.

Whatcha think?
No. 2717 ID: 622275
In my defense, I described Drone grafting to Sar'a's spine - not her anus.
No. 2718 ID: 9cae49
Indeed, but you also mentionned it having its legs curled around her hips, which at least suggests it's onto her ass (not anus, of course)

Now, do you really think that, at this point, you still have to justify yourself? Haters gonna hate, fetishists gonna misinterpret and it will be all for the best as long as the quest is still entertaining in its own right.
No. 2719 ID: 622275
File 129825254138.jpg - (62.99KB , 788x486 , the_end.jpg )
I shouldn't need to justify myself.
No. 2720 ID: 9cae49

well, looks like we're fucked. Can't rage anymore, just facepalm.

Any idea?
No. 2721 ID: bf1e7e

Actually, the textquest slum is where you find the people whining about /tg/'s textquests. The 'radical faction' to which you are referring doesn't consider /tg/ text quests any worse than the tgchan ones.
No. 2722 ID: 8c0848
>fetishists gonna misinterpret


Good thing I'm misinterpreting this or else it would be creepy.
No. 2724 ID: 622275
File 129826993996.png - (7.60KB , 400x400 , 1268362997530.png )
No. 2726 ID: 9bdc9f

Shit, after I got banned for "random gar/b/age," with no clarification of what that meant, i have to conclude it's one or two mods on the rag.

/tg/, you used to be cool.
No. 2728 ID: 92520f
Well, now that it seems that even Shas'O dropped it, I think we can go for a fanon epilogue?

Guess it'd go like: after growing her arm back and a cute pair of antennaes as a byproduct of the mutation Sar'A waits as the mehreens and the nids kill each other off, but Xeno quickly rescues her with the help of Anima (yay, more fanon!) in some stolen imperial/tau spaceship and then they all... lived happily ever after.


Now if there are no objections, I feel like sketching this up as an excuse for a proper ending and as a tribute to everyone involved in this quest.
No. 2729 ID: d8054e

I have no objections.
No. 2732 ID: bd1dda

It was informed sometime in the january, that porn is prohibited in /tg/.

What a fucking bullshit. /tg/ -related porn is among the most entertaining there is.
No. 2733 ID: 358a94
>cute pair of antennaes

More like she turns into a scarab with tits. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
No. 2734 ID: 52601a
Y'know, I'm just using the antennaes as some sort of compromise with the chitinfags who might actually want her to become a scarab with tits. I'm not that kind of evil, evil fetishist cancerfag, I'm the other kind.
No. 2735 ID: 5f0943
No! She'll turn into a giant tyranid monster (with tits), then she eats everyone in the research installation, before proceeding to eat the rest of the galaxy.
She then declares herself queen bitch of the universe.


No. 2736 ID: 52601a

Heh, nearly had me.

Right, Starting now. I guess that Shas'O won't feel like objecting this, since she didn't object unsatisfied tauquest fans shipping Xeno with a completely made-up lesbian techpriestess. If she does object, well, dunno wat do.
No. 2737 ID: 70d9eb
4chan /tg/ is a worksafe board you fucking morons.
5. All boards that default to the Yotsuba B or Burichan (blue) theme are to be considered "work safe". Violators may be temporarily banned and their posts removed.
No. 2738 ID: 52601a

Of course, but as far as I'm concerned, I was just raging about her quest being mistaken for INTENTIONNAL fetish fuel. Btw, I always tried to keep the content I posted in dronequest worksafe, even when somewhat suggestive.

Now, stop arguing about /tg/ being SFW in my goddamn drawthread. Please.
No. 2739 ID: 52601a
File 129841130438.jpg - (270.03KB , 1800x2100 , first.jpg )
first page. colour still to come.
No. 2740 ID: 622275
I'm ambivalent about the antenna, but depending on how badly /tg/ rolls to regenerate, she might get a chitinous arm. Critical failure would make it two chitinous arms, genestealer cultist-style!
No. 2744 ID: 0acff1

seconding this, basically, everything on /tg/ can be constructed as fetish fuel, including spess mahrines, so unintentional fetish fuel type stuff is bog standard /tg/ fare.
No. 2746 ID: 8dde41
does that mean that we're not finished yet? That dronequest might continue?
No. 2749 ID: 488ce3
File 129847137151.jpg - (53.40KB , 200x192 , Dr Weird 3.jpg )
No. 2750 ID: 8dde41
That was just Xeno trying to manually open a door. Don't know if I will finish it, now that Shas'O said that.
No. 2753 ID: 8dde41
File 129847411210.jpg - (481.33KB , 2700x1300 , jetbike.jpg )
No. 2754 ID: 8dde41
File 129849388487.jpg - (509.53KB , 1200x1543 , toothfairy.jpg )
remember, sisters: never eat too much pudding.

Now, a lollipop is okay, but it's not like she can still chew on anything.
No. 2760 ID: 7f2f8b
holy shit
No. 2768 ID: 460943
File 129853526793.png - (227.95KB , 352x784 , Durp.png )
That outfit on the fire warrior instantly reminded me of something I did about a fortnight ago.

And srsly, you should draw more Chaos Marines. Your style works wonders with them.
No. 2770 ID: e7fccd
Damnit! Why do you force me to fap? What have I ever done to you?
No. 2772 ID: 460943

No. 2794 ID: 6a1123
fukken saved.

I haven't drawn a lot of CSM since three years and I'm terribly lacking ideas concerning them. If you have some, please share them or something because otherwise, I'd be more likely to keep on drawing porn.

And from the few I've seen, yours fits babes better than marines.
No. 2799 ID: 8d7a33
I can post requests here, right?

A afro techpriest looking really happy with a big grin on his face. He is looking up towards the camera for a few seconds and says "Check out the big brain on Brett!". Brett is an unfortunate that got his skull opened. He is looking very horrified if he is consious (painkillers!).

Perhaps the techpriest with the majestic afro is looking Brett in the eyes when he drop his line, with the top of Bretts skull bone in his hands.
No. 2801 ID: 173081
You have probably seen this idea in /tg/ already, but since you asked.

A space marine with armour painted black. The armour is scratched and partially broken, the marine has repaired it with orky bits. The armour is painted with orky red warpaint. He has a fuckload of ammobelts around his armour, and ork teef necklace on the top of the ammobelt pile.

The marine is firing a damaged Heavy Bolter with one hand, the ammo belts hold it up. He is flipping the bird to his enemies.

He has also chained a black cage to his back. He keeps his slave there.

Was captured by Orks, managed to escape, and it's payback time.
No. 2803 ID: 173081
Well...I had this character once.

A Red Corsair Space Marine, former Imperial Fist. The Fist of Dorn of the armour is now grasping eight-thorned whip coiled around to form the mark of Chaos. He has decorated his armor with steel collars and cuffs and tanned hides of his enemies, and has basically turned the discipline of the Chapter into masochism. Serves Slaanesh. Also has some power sword that is likely more or less possessed.

He and his crew attacked a little village outside a Hive that was technologically Feudal/Backwater. Searching for any live victims from all the dead, he found a woman who had lost her legs to exploding bolter rounds, and decided to play with her. (In non-sexual way. Sorry)

So there's the following scene: The marine holds his massive boot on the girl's back (I'd imagine her to look like a stereotypical peasant girl), watching in amusement as she struggles to breath, fighting the blood loss. He looks satisfied as he enjoys her suffering. I ask this because you draw damsels in distress so well.

The guy is basically space pirate catholic ubermench S/M space nazi pirate. Go wild. Or ignore.
No. 2805 ID: 173081
A Noise Marine. His left breast is bare, and full of all sorts of piercings, and basically anything pointy, rusty nails, spikes...

He has sliced his own throat open, and there are eight wires peeling back the skin of his throat, think Female Cenobite.

His waist is bare as well, and he as a combat knife struct to his side. Yeah, he keeps it there because it hurts good.

There is a dead woman impaled to his shoulder spike. She is a hive noble, and looks like one. The Noise Marine is smiling happily and holding from her hand, like they were on a walk. His helmet covers only half of his head, the other side has been intentionally removed so bullets and shrapnels could mutilate his face.

He also has small fans installed to his armour that he can make a dramatic intro with his cloak. Don't know how this detail could be included, but just said.
No. 2806 ID: 173081
Well...I had this character once.

A Red Corsair Space Marine, former Imperial Fist. The Fist of Dorn of the armour is now grasping eight-thorned whip coiled around to form the mark of Chaos. He has decorated his armor with steel collars and cuffs and tanned hides of his enemies, and has basically turned the discipline of the Chapter into masochism. Serves Slaanesh.

He and his crew attacked a little village outside a Hive that was technologically Feudal/Backwater. Searching for any live victims from all the dead, he found a woman who had lost her legs to exploding bolter rounds, and decided to play with her. (In non-sexual way. Sorry)

So there's the following scene: The marine holds his massive boot on the girl's back (I'd imagine her to look like a stereotypical peasant girl), watching in amusement as she struggles to breath, fighting the blood loss. He looks satisfied as he enjoys her suffering. I ask this because you draw damsels in distress so well.

Go wild. Or ignore.
No. 2807 ID: 173081
Ah, I reposted the request with few lines altered. Cannot remove the original post for some reason. Sorry about that.
No. 2808 ID: 187b80
Those three last requests sound awesome, all of them. I knew eloquen/tg/entlemen were still able to find cool ideas instead of asking for random character portraits.

I'll try to draw them all, but I don't know which ones will get finished.
No. 2809 ID: 173081
Oh hell, even considering to draw them makes me feel all happy and warm inside.
No. 2817 ID: d81306
File 129884078448.jpg - (1.16MB , 2600x2700 , DAKKA FOR THE DAKKA GOD.jpg )
I wish I had more time for these drawings, and Muju's awesome set of homemade brushes.

Have this.
This is now the official dakkasong:
No. 2821 ID: c5e41a
File 129886851266.jpg - (1.14MB , 1700x1700 , Untitled-1.jpg )
A blowjob? Looks like /tg/ really want to be the little girl. Find me a suitable ho and I'm okay.

Postan this here cause it doesn't work on /tg/.

Also, if you want some industrial stuff, have this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HETic5e0QcY

I think I may get a break the day after tomorrow. Not sure it'll be enough to finish those requests plus other projects (I really need to draw that space dragon and some Sanakan sexytiem.)
No. 2822 ID: 173081
>wish I had more time for these drawings
If it makes you feel better, I can tell you that you have now joined Muju's "Well this drawing is awesome but it could be better"-club.

I.O.U a blowjob.
No. 2831 ID: 173081
No hurry, really. I've been waiting for some request for a month, and seeing that you did that thing in a few days made my spurt my morning coffee all over the screen.

I prefer techno-industrial really.

No. 2834 ID: 4ea119
Just when I thought I couldn't love you more, I decided to visit GUROchan and saw your posts.

And why yes, I am a slowpoke.
No. 2842 ID: ef1936

was that just an excuse to troll people into going on GUROchan?
No. 2843 ID: 253a20
Well, there are actually one or two drawings over there that aren't ITT, but that's about all I left there.

Now drawing more mareen.
No. 2847 ID: 253a20
File 12989463763.jpg - (304.25KB , 800x1100 , blamming shit.jpg )
Just a sketch before the IF.

Can't believe nobody ever thought of this before.
No. 2849 ID: 4ea119
>troll people into going to GUROchan
Uh...I've been browsing GUROchan actively for two years so...
No. 2850 ID: 253a20
File 129898605822.jpg - (1.03MB , 1200x1266 , discipline.jpg )
No. 2852 ID: 173081
I read that with Hartman's voice for some reason. And it was hot.

I also love the design, and how you've managed to put symbols of Slaanesh to the armour.
No. 2854 ID: 253a20
>Hartman's voice

Funny, I did listen up to his speech just before drawing this.

Drawing marines is getting boring, I'm now on Sanakan.
No. 2855 ID: 173081
"This cat o' nine tails tails is the only dick you're going to get!"
No. 2856 ID: 9b6d32


You can totally troll people into going to sites you visit for fun and profit, but that doesn't make it less of a trolling action.

For example, if I say that there are awesome /tg/ related artists on say /FA/ and don't give fellow anons more of a thing besides search /tg/, and sneak attack in some transgender pron, I have done the same thing you have, in inspiring me to look at yet another 4chan derivative (which can be hard to get data out of) but with something I do not want so much.

That, and it's rather hard to troll into going onto furry image boards.
No. 2858 ID: 173081
Ah, my bad, I thought you meant Technomancer trolled people into going to GUROchan and I was a poor victim of this cruelty.

Heh, okay. I am sorry if I was not clear enough that there is guro in GUROchan. Hence the name.
No. 2867 ID: 253a20
File 129903495876.jpg - (192.36KB , 815x1795 , mai waifu best waifu.jpg )
Finally. Took me a few hours, but there she is. Subtly NSFW, so unfortunately, I'll never be allowed to post this up /tg/.

Also, yes, supple waist is exaggerately supple, and left arm isn't shown, but that would have been superfluous.
No. 2871 ID: 5672e2

Well, I don't dislike the idea of guro as a general rule of thumb but I don't like most version of it, so I had naively imagined it would be easy to find techno's stuff there, but it looks more like gurochan is like 4chan's /tg/ then tgchan's draw, in that stuff gets washed off the board.


not your fault that I wasn't aware of the speed of gurochan.

Also I had assumed that Techno hadn't posted there when I first posted ITT.

so now I know.
No. 2873 ID: 75d7a9
you COULD post a link directly to the thread it's in or heck, directly to the post.
No. 2874 ID: 4ea119
No. 2876 ID: 75d7a9
neat, learn something new every day. did not know i could use 'site:' to narrow a search like that, thanks.
No. 2878 ID: 6e9bc2
File 129909807573.jpg - (162.79KB , 1200x700 , madame butterfly.jpg )
Because I can.
No. 2882 ID: 896513

>a lmygtfy that isn't totally spiteful.

No. 2883 ID: 6e9bc2
> postan two pics
> five answers
> no comment upon my pics whatsoever.

I know it sounds damn like attention whorin (it is) , but I'm not using this thread solely as a porn dump, you know.
No. 2884 ID: 75d7a9
hahaha, sorry.
is rather funny. what is that little thing she is aiming the death arm cannon at?
No. 2885 ID: 6e9bc2
Fine, thanks.

This thing is one of the weird fairy-like drones that lived in Touha Heavy Industries. As she's programmed to terminate the rogue central AI of THI, and as she looks kinda like a fairy herself, I thought it'd be funny.
No. 2887 ID: 3db8ff

and she is a main character from BLAME! ?

just being .... something, because I am starting to see Xeno everwhere.
No. 2890 ID: 830a6f
Oh wow. Is that an actual, non-digital painting? In either case, that is undisputedly 'bodacious,' as they say!
Your painting just took its rightful place in my 'God-Tier Images' folder.
No. 2893 ID: bf1e7e

Sanakan isn't really that main a character. She's astonishingly minor if you actually read the whole thing. Pretty important plot-wise, but she just doesn't do much.
No. 2895 ID: 14974b
Actually, it is quite possible that some drawfag interpretations of Xeno were inspired by Sanakan (mine, and that fuckawesome drawfag's whose name I never remember) while others are more inspired by Aegis (The Scientist's, for instance)

Mh, her appearances are indeed quite scarce, but often crucial to the development of the story. But again, the only actual "main" characters are Killy and Cibo; Sanakan comes near behind, being the only recurrent secondary character.

Thanks, that's inks on paper. Takes an awful lot of time and concentration when you're working with a small format, but mai waifu deserves it.
No. 2897 ID: bf1e7e

Dhomochevsky and Seu were both just as important as Sanakan, if not moreso. Until Cibo makes the core, Sanakan is basically just a boss character who shows up every once in a while.
No. 2898 ID: 14974b
Good point.

Dhomochevsky was probably the only guy in this story who was more badass than Killy. I really like the way the loss of an arm becomes a subtle running joke. I didn't count the number of times characters lost their arms, but if you add up Killy, Dhomo and Sanakan, there must be about six or seven of those lost arms. I could draw something about this, I guess. Not sure what.
No. 2899 ID: bf1e7e

Go ahead and count the named silicon life and other safeguard too, while you're at it =V
No. 2901 ID: a41aaf
A relic joke? Going by the number of philatories & monstrances, most popular saints have on average 6 noses, 80 fingers and probably 8 or 9 left feet.
No. 2903 ID: 04231b
And Jesus has 2 penis foreskins, according to the orthodox church, IIRC.

That could work, I'll just have to make it derpy enough so that it isn't taken seriously.

the BLAME! univers has a few christian references, but I guess it's more to give it an even more contemplative and surreal atmosphere than an actual allegory. The whole transhuman resurrection with numeric dualism stuff is interesting enough in itself without it having to be a commentary upon religion.

>inb4 Mary has a child from Lilith and is rescued by Zarathustra commissioned by Xenu.
No. 2948 ID: 03286a
File 129946468328.jpg - (277.65KB , 900x900 , umad.jpg )
tautits. Check out the hair: that ISN't Shadowsun. The stim-injector tests had side-effects.
No. 2949 ID: 710c35
Hah, I thought it was your style (saw it on /tg/)
No. 2961 ID: bbdc8f
File 129961235557.jpg - (493.65KB , 1238x1486 , failtau.jpg )
IRL Sar'a ?
No. 2974 ID: 1264d2


Do I really suck so damn hard at drawing taus ?
No. 2975 ID: 8c73c8
lol, naw. guy was making a joke about tau faces in general. seems it was poorly made if that didn't come across.
No. 2976 ID: bbdc8f
Exaggery this.
No. 2977 ID: 1264d2
Ah, right. Actually, the lack of nose in this pic freaks me out far less than those psycho eyes.
No. 2978 ID: 595dc6
No. 2979 ID: fb8997
File 129972545592.jpg - (194.94KB , 900x1000 , brainiac.jpg )
No. 2981 ID: 7839a1
Cool shading there.
No. 2989 ID: 2f2a9d
No Drone?
No. 2993 ID: fdd670
That wasn't Sar'A,just a random Earth caste.

Reminds me I never drew drone alone. It's a major protagonist of this quest after all.
No. 2994 ID: fdd670
File 129984875595.jpg - (49.57KB , 400x900 , glissawip.jpg )
No. 2996 ID: fdd670
File 129986036480.jpg - (465.78KB , 1100x1000 , fryan.jpg )
No. 2998 ID: bc7124
Actually, you got it the other way around: /tg/ is the better place, THIS is where the rejects come.
No. 3000 ID: 8c73c8
both wrong. nether place is inherently better. this place is good for slow quests while /tg/ is good for fast quests.
No. 3001 ID: c32bfd
>ass fetish
>implying it's bad
Jeebus, cut some slack.
No. 3002 ID: 07416a
Technomancer is not Shas and it isn't that /tg/ didn't like Tau quest, the MOD didn't like tau quest. There's a difference.
No. 3003 ID: c3b811
Jesus, Leave the poor guy alone. Don't you think he's copped enough shit already?
No. 3004 ID: 7ca04d
Now this kind of remark does tend to piss me off. I know you're not being sarcastic, but you should know by now that the only thing that annoys me with haters is that they sometimes spread misconceptions about me.

As I said earlier ITT:
>I'm not that kind of evil, evil fetishist cancerfag, I'm the other kind.
No. 3005 ID: c32bfd
You are a gentleman and a scholar, and I like your drawings.
No. 3006 ID: 7ca04d
File 129988537551.jpg - (209.44KB , 925x1817 , cmm chp37d.jpg )
No. 3007 ID: 2f2a9d
The difference is, I haven't been banned form tgchan.
No. 3008 ID: 7ca04d
Stop giving them bad ideas!

Also, do you actually intend to continue the quest or not?
No. 3009 ID: cc04a7
You would get trolled off the boards if you started shit like that here.

I would give you three updates tops before you quit.

Text quests are already scorned by the majority, as well are fetish or oversexualized bullshit, and your quest? I'd rate it lower than any quest you would find here, even Sanya, Blake and Golem.
No. 3010 ID: 7ca04d
>fetish or oversexualized bullshit

Man, have you ever read tauquest or dronequest?

The only over-sexualized thing about tauquest was my openly-misinterpreted drawings and maybe a few guys getting off to it. Now if you look at all the fanart of tgchan quests, you'll find the exact same kind of thing: porn fanart of otherwise perfectly normal quests.
No. 3011 ID: 7ca04d
>openly-misinterpreted drawings

Just to make things clear because I suck at writing proper English:

I mean that my stuff is admittedly a misinterpretation of Shas'O's writefaggotry. And as far as I know, I'm the only guy who ever drew porn of it.
No. 3013 ID: 7ca04d
File 129990590562.jpg - (213.39KB , 1067x1396 , cmm chp37d 001.jpg )
No. 3014 ID: 6b2b68
File 129990871576.jpg - (43.71KB , 446x400 , 1290134687090.jpg )
>implying Tauquest isn't about cramming larger and larger things into a tau girl's ass.
No. 3015 ID: 8420fa

Whoa, sorry. I'm just trying to offer some kind of support.
No. 3016 ID: 4851ea

looks like phyrexian glissa... doing what exactly?

did you abandon the lesbian praetors idea?

.... just askin'.

assume I am rather blind.
No. 3018 ID: 87d53d
That's her, and I did not discard the praetors. It's just a part of the pic.

I know. Precisely.
No. 3021 ID: 059eef
>Do I really suck so damn hard at drawing anus?
Feel free to argue about the plural of 'anus' in the meantime.
No. 3022 ID: 87d53d
File 129997836335.jpg - (602.78KB , 1100x1000 , hoksh.jpg )
No. 3023 ID: 2f2a9d
I don't think that's what Tau Quest is about at all.
No. 3025 ID: e2a6ac

Then I do not understand the nature of your irritation.
I F5'd my last drawthread after I awoke, and noticed that you got bombarded for your fetishes. I was just sticking up for you. I don't see what's wrong with that.
No. 3033 ID: aef7d6
File 130005269842.jpg - (469.03KB , 1300x1800 , bzzzzzz.jpg )
Jo Pereira showed up on /tg/ today with nice sketches, and it inspired me, so I tried this.
No. 3034 ID: 59e76f
That's actually cute. I didn't know you could do that!
No. 3035 ID: aef7d6
There are other attempts at this ITT, but I guess that this style fits it better. Cleaner, too.
No. 3039 ID: 07416a
Is the thread still up? I love Jo's stuff.
No. 3040 ID: 8c73c8
No. 3041 ID: aef7d6
File 130011445440.jpg - (731.49KB , 1500x1780 , can we keep her.jpg )
How it should end.
No. 3042 ID: f9e8b4
His stated fetishes were along the lines of "I'm a proud and open misogynist, believe equal relationships are sick and wrong and I enjoy dismembering women in my head." There's little wonder that people reacted badly.
No. 3043 ID: c0e5fe

To each his own.
No. 3044 ID: f88f02
>To each their own

Well, I guess it's okay to be a bastard?
No. 3045 ID: c0e5fe

I think it's okay for me to be racist and homophobic, disgusted by mutants, and occasionally sexist if the situation pops up.
I'm certainly not offended if he is erm... perverse.

The thing is, it's fashionable to have a strong opinion on these matters.
No. 3047 ID: a5712c
Thanks for making it all clear. Wouldn't have put it better myself.

Now, OVERLORD, I think that you understand better why I don't want you to consider me as a victim in this shitstorm. As a lolsoedgy kid if you wish, but not as a troll either.

Now, since I reckon that you didn't show up solely to read about this, you've most likely progressed on Emps' request. Mind showing us more?
No. 3048 ID: 1854db
It's not really okay to be racist, sexist, and homophobic. Those are things you are supposed to try to not be. You're supposed to try to be tolerant of people who are different from you through no fault of their own. What do you mean by 'mutants' anyway?

I'm not sure what you're getting at with the 'fashionable' thing. Are you trying to discredit an opposing point of view by merely saying it is popular?
No. 3049 ID: f9e8b4
Either that or being openly bigoted for the purposes of garnering attention is now a requirement of being an artist.
No. 3050 ID: a5712c
File 130018182488.jpg - (326.33KB , 900x1100 , technomancercaek.jpg )
Oh boy here we go!

Hope you don't mind me sitting there enjoying a piece of cake.
No. 3051 ID: cd4cb4
File 130018184227.jpg - (549.98KB , 1600x1100 , 130003957460.jpg )
According to whom are you not supposed to be racist? To clam that racial differences are mythical is preposterous. Which brings me to my second answer:

>>Are you trying to discredit an opposing point of view by merely saying it is popular?

Yes. There's more to it than that, but that's the main reason I don't just 'let go of it.'


This is my second WIP, since the first one looked like dog shit. I can't say this one looks too great at this stage though. Also, some details have been lost as a result of shading, and I've tried to redraw them, although they're not so great.
No. 3052 ID: a5712c
Looks promising so far. My pics were intentionnaly unprecise so you can fix whatever you like anyway.
No. 3053 ID: cd4cb4
Lols, okay then. That's a relief.

Also; out of curiosity, from what country do you hail Technomancer? Your waking hours seem unusual.
No. 3055 ID: a5712c
Whether I'm from China or Hungary doesn't change the fact that my life rythms are fucked up. I don't leave home every day, and never for the same amount of time. Subsequently, I often sleep several times within a day, and never at the same hours.
No. 3056 ID: f7fa18

Hm, same. Over that last weekend, three of the four nights were spent staying up 'til 4AM drawfagging, or just for no reason. Unfortunately I've the obligation to get some rest when I have my studies the next day.

Heh, you trying one of those, whatchamacallits? Polyphasic sleep routines?
No. 3057 ID: a5712c
Not right now, but when i have more time, i'll try this. Increases your chances to dream, or so I've heard. I hate dreamless sleep, and I need to dream more.
No. 3058 ID: a5712c
File 130019583536.jpg - (326.68KB , 1488x1531 , cmm chp37d.jpg )
requested by guys from /d/. I'm not a big fan of futas myself, so I added up a touch of bondage.
No. 3059 ID: f9e8b4
So, differences in genetics gives you cause to act in a hateful fashion?
No. 3060 ID: bf1e7e

So not only are you scum, you're hipster scum.

No. 3062 ID: 9bdc9f
We're pretty cool with being bigoted against hateful bigots.

sage for unrelated.
No. 3064 ID: a5712c
File 130027023481.jpg - (450.92KB , 1100x1070 , grumpf.jpg )
Unrelated indeed. Take this boring argument off to IRC or even better, to /b/.

As for myself, Imma post this neandertal marine. Inb4 "Cro-Magnon master race" or something.
No. 3066 ID: d26aee
File 130028595386.jpg - (614.32KB , 1440x900 , urkh.jpg )
More cavemarines.



There's also Caveman. More obscure band. Less good, but they don't have actual lyrics, at least.
No. 3067 ID: e83bae
Actually, the place it belongs is the Big Dumb Arguments thread.
No. 3068 ID: 1854db
It's not even an argument. I told you it's not okay to be racist just because they're different and you went "Sure it is, they're different from me." That's... well, it makes me think you didn't read my post at all and just decided to vomit up a strawman to distract from the issue and prevent any meaningful discussion. Especially since you ignored almost everything else I said in it. So I guess you don't want to argue about it, and since you can't force someone to argue about something, there is no argument.

Since this is not an argument, there is no reason to make a post in that thread. Troll.
No. 3070 ID: d26aee
You're doing it wrong. I'm not OVERLORD, get your things straight.

Now I'd be fine with you all screwing about each other if that didn't magically prevent you from commenting upon my pics.
No. 3071 ID: 4851ea


any hopes for cave-man female Imperials?

SoB or Guard or SM support staff is fine.
No. 3072 ID: d26aee
I don't think it'd fit them in any way.

Maybe it could be funny, but I can't think of a proper situation. You've already got ogryns for this.
No. 3074 ID: d26aee
File 130031496039.jpg - (837.73KB , 1440x2900 , lil miss exterminatus.jpg )
MOAR Sanakan.

I might give it another try, based on her moe-verse version, with the cutesy gothic doll frilly robe.
No. 3076 ID: cf244d
It is, in fact, an argument.
Neither your opinion that his argument is not logically sound, nor your argument that this is not an argument change that fact.
See: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/argument

Also, do you even know what a troll is?
Check this shit out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet)

Props on using sage correctly, by the way. It's kind of pointless when the thread is at the top of the first page anyway, but it's good practice in theory at least.
No. 3080 ID: d26aee
File 130033480611.jpg - (241.30KB , 1048x1777 , a pretty butterfly.jpg )

I'm not quite satisfied with the reflections on this one. At least I tried some more original stuff on the angle.
No. 3081 ID: 8c73c8
she looks like some kind of fairy of death. nice.
No. 3088 ID: c3d518




(Yes, you have been banned)
No. 3089 ID: d26aee

Is that you again, OVERLORD? Well, I don't know, you've still got alternatives to upload stuff I guess. Maybe not here but anyway.
No. 3091 ID: d26aee
there's a drawthread running right now.
Kinda slow but anyway. If you show up I'll gladly request you stuff.
No. 3093 ID: d26aee
File 130040434558.jpg - (193.98KB , 900x900 , aw shit son.jpg )
aw shit.

I somehow felt like I was aiming at something I already knew with the two doll fanarts but now it's clear as a mountain lake:

I like Hans Bellmer because he reminds me of Nihei, who reminds me of Samuel Pouvereau, who reminds me of Goodwin, who reminds me of that guy who designed 4th ed nids, who reminds me of Giger.

But more immediaely, I can hope to directly compete with Gromuel because now I know he's just using Bellmer's style with grimdarkness.
No. 3094 ID: d77b31
>>being openly bigoted for the purposes of garnering attention is now a requirement of being an artist.

I disagree.
No. 3095 ID: c3d518
Thank you for clearing that up. If this works, can you tell me for what reason, and the duration of my ban?

Hopefully it isn't permanent, 'cause I do like this place.
No. 3096 ID: bf1e7e

Primarily for your trollishly hipster 'justifications' of being a hateful douche. Technomancer gets by just fine despite being a pretty creepy fucker because he doesn't start acting like a cunt about it.

The duration was a week, and started two days ago. I've been leaving messages concerning this in the ban messages, but I suppose that your dynamic IP has prevented you from seeing them =V
No. 3097 ID: c3d518
Okay, okay. Fine, I guess I can live with that.
No. 3098 ID: 63bbfd

Not entirely sure what the subject is, but the style is looking pretty interesting. Unexpected choice of inspiration, at that. Gonna be coloring it?
No. 3100 ID: d26aee
File 130041704388.jpg - (207.94KB , 900x900 , holy fucking shit guys.jpg )
holy sweet titcunts.

It feels like my brain is trying to communicate with all of my spiritual lieges. Too bad I'm too tired to draw more.
No. 3101 ID: d26aee
File 130041859742.jpg - (307.28KB , 1300x1900 , moecron.jpg )
Repostan corrected because it was just a tiny bit too freaky.
No. 3102 ID: 88a467
Skittles make everything better.
No. 3103 ID: 2f2a9d
I like the socks.
No. 3106 ID: 7150d8
Well I do NOT like the socks.
No. 3107 ID: 799f31

No, for Emps, but that's fucking awesome.

colour bands not straight enough?
No. 3108 ID: 5f0943
> colour bands not straight enough?

I dunno. I simply don't like the socks, easy as that.
No. 3110 ID: cf244d
oh hey let's make the signature jump out as much as it possibly can. Yep, that's the best way to serve this drawing, by making a huge fucking high contrast signature that draws all the fucking attention.
No. 3114 ID: 55c4cf
No. 3117 ID: 813f46

For me actually, I requested it!


No. 3143 ID: ffb831
Oh, you sooooo have to post a pic of the canvas version.
No. 3147 ID: 196bd2
File 13005714504.jpg - (313.63KB , 1200x1600 , DSC09426.jpg )

After im done with the Emprah and 2 commissions , I will start painting The Pandora Crusade, I owe it to Overlord and Technomancer...
No. 3148 ID: 476823
I don't know about OVERLORD, but as far as I'm concerned, I don't really care about this one getting painted. Just paint Konrad Curze and I'll be fine with it.
No. 3150 ID: 196bd2
File 130057886219.jpg - (348.25KB , 1200x1600 , DSC09448.jpg )

Kurze is a commission. dont worry. :)

Also progress!
No. 3151 ID: 476823
File 130059123478.jpg - (1.04MB , 1900x1700 , ntsk.jpg )
doesn't look 40k-related at all. Dunno if I will ever finish it. This drawing style is actually quite painful to produce. And my tablet is being lazy.
No. 3152 ID: 476823
actually, it's just the pen that isn't working. Half of it. Where can I find replacement ones? For the tablet I mean.
No. 3153 ID: 63bbfd

Very interesting how hard it is to distinguish between flesh and metal. Very bio-organic.
No. 3154 ID: 476823
Bio-organic is kinda redundant, dude. I guess you meant "biomechanical", but your lapsus shows that it looks more organic than anything. Not necessarily bad, mind you.
No. 3155 ID: 63bbfd

Derp, yes. I meant bio-mechanical. Don't mind me, just having a tard moment.
No. 3156 ID: 8c73c8
i dunno. try the manufacturers website. they may have a thing about those.
No. 3158 ID: 476823
Yeah, I'll try to find one asap. I still can draw using the other end of the pen but it's less precise. Bugger.
No. 3161 ID: 7d5936
File 130067409459.jpg - (507.96KB , 2200x1900 , science and stuff.jpg )
just a first draft. I'll finish it soon, but I don't really know if I should keep on using this style, or if this one >>2577 or even this one >>2640 would fit better. I actually don't really know how to make it "strong" enough. I mean that most porn pics I see and draw are kinda cold, and if I go for something artsy it's not sexy anymore at all...
No. 3162 ID: 2f2a9d
File 130067447835.jpg - (70.94KB , 450x631 , 1289674231574.jpg )
You should try Xeno's manufacturing sequence. I'm told that people really liked reading about Xeno's manufacturing sequence.
No. 3163 ID: 7d5936

I'd have to consider depicting some upgrade, because I don't have a shoulder blades fetish yet, but that's a fine suggestion.

Thanks for uploading this pic, I couldn't find it.
No. 3164 ID: e98661
Can you draw a picture of a female water caste and air caste? No idea how to tell them apart. Same with fire and earth.
No. 3165 ID: d48928
I know that I draw them wrong, no need to imply it. I'll do it.
No. 3166 ID: d48928
File 130074024049.jpg - (633.17KB , 2200x2300 , sc.jpg )
just a rough sketch. Til I get my new pen, it'll be either this or actual drawings/paintings.

At least that's how I fancy them. Wakfu babe/aerobic babe/eldar babe/Nihei babe.

And etherals are not there because they'd look too boring and anatomically accurate to draw.
No. 3167 ID: e98661
I actually wasn't implying that! I was just reading the lexicanum and they described air/water really similarly. >>3166 looks good though, thanks.
No. 3168 ID: d48928
Kay, but don't believe what's on lexicanum too much.

starting this.

Also, wtf is going on with captcha on /tg/?!
No. 3170 ID: d48928
File 130075263452.jpg - (161.41KB , 500x1600 , i really need to find her a name to better tell he.jpg )
still working on Gzeenaw, but here's another step on my road to eventually finding out how GM manages to draw such delicious-looking girls: use the background as a contrasting colour.
No. 3172 ID: d48928
File 130075713648.jpg - (310.21KB , 1600x1600 , Untitled-3.jpg )
porn dump, don't mind.
No. 3173 ID: 8c73c8
the machine spirit speak to me.
No. 3176 ID: 4ea119
Technomancer, never ever stop drawing amputees.
No. 3182 ID: 12b46b
Protip: Shadows are not black, light is not white. The big secret to interesting coloring lies on palette and theory, not so much brushes or technique.

The secret of sexiness lies in attitude and body language. Loving women also helps.
No. 3183 ID: ef78f7
>Protip: Shadows are not black, light is not white. The big secret to interesting coloring lies on palette and theory, not so much brushes or technique.

sweet. Tried working with coloured shadows, but I still need to practice more to learn what works better with which highlights. thxs 4 protip

>The secret of sexiness lies in attitude and body language. Loving women also helps.
gneh gneh gneh...
No. 3184 ID: ef78f7
File 130087080499.jpg - (200.01KB , 1000x684 , sparkly.jpg )
This is a first try. I'm currently trying to make a better version with inks, but if I don't manage to make the construction process more obvious, there'll at least be this one left.
No. 3185 ID: 8c73c8
dat lightning
No. 3186 ID: 4eeb4d

Better put on your sunglasses, bitch, the next one's going to be even more shinay. If I manage to do it right.
No. 3198 ID: 2f2a9d
>scarab vagina
It's more likely than you think.
No. 3199 ID: 0244ef

There you are.

I was told I could find you here.
No. 3203 ID: a6aecf
File 130119784376.jpg - (382.63KB , 1685x1630 , cmm chp37dggt.jpg )
Well, that ended up way more creepy than originally intended, but I'm quite okay with this. She was supposed to be kinda freaky anyway, so this might be the less canonically deviant pic, paradoxically.
No. 3204 ID: 8c73c8
No. 3205 ID: a37518
Next up; a scarabutt on Scaramanga!
No. 3206 ID: a6aecf

You did it on purpose, didn't you? Now I can't unthink it! You had your petty little revenge, huh?
No. 3208 ID: a6aecf
File 130124305023.jpg - (68.66KB , 600x600 , dat asscarab.jpg )
Bad end?
No. 3209 ID: a37518
You know you want to draw Sir Christopher lee with bugs on/up his ass.
No. 3210 ID: a6aecf
File 130124562890.jpg - (254.53KB , 1300x1600 , Untitled-5.jpg )

Here! have some blueberry pie and shut up while you're eating!
No. 3211 ID: a37518
Delicious pie...

...Lee as tau-necro-dracula with scarabutt and golden gun...
No. 3212 ID: a6aecf
Now YOU've got something going on about Lee's ass. He's a great actor, and performed voice acting for Rhapsody and ManowaR, so please stop speaking ill of his ass.
No. 3213 ID: a37518
>implying I speak ill of his ass
I have the Charlamagne CD. It is awesome!
No. 3216 ID: 904663
No. 3217 ID: a6aecf
There's already a gaping glowing cavity, dude, isn't that enough for you?
No. 3218 ID: 8c73c8
some people just like it like that. don't worry bout it.
No. 3220 ID: a6aecf
File 130131265197.jpg - (184.14KB , 1094x640 , whatthefuckwasthat.jpg )
She doesn't poop anymore, she constructs scarabs. Remember about one of the last threads, when she had to construct a whole swarm because she had absorbed too much necrodermis?

No. 3223 ID: 0b1ecc
Daaaaw! :3 x9001
No. 3226 ID: 27c62f
Yeah, I guess I was a bit butthurt, sorry. Unfortunately, I can't erase my post.
No. 3227 ID: 8c73c8
lol, anon, it's technomancer's thread. he can talk about whatever he wants. :P
No. 3228 ID: 27c62f
Sure, but that's a drawthread, and I shouldn't bring such shitstorm-inducing material in the first place.

If a mod is there, can he kindly erase this, and he related answers? >>3221
No. 3229 ID: 8e18cd

I don't care it's his drawthread. He came here with his creepy shit, whining about how intolerant /tg/ is.

His shit is creepy, he was banned for it. He needs to finally accept that.
No. 3249 ID: e4115d
Creepy is all a matter of perception, not an objective quality.

YOU find it creepy. I don't.
No. 3250 ID: 74edcb
Shh, don't even try to argue, just wait for a mod to come
No. 3252 ID: 51ee75

You find it creepy shit? You have'nt even seen creepy shit.

If i was a moderator, i'd ban stupid whiny ass immediately.

Keep it coming technomancer.
No. 3254 ID: 51ee75

Oh and the delete function is bugging up.
No. 3256 ID: cc04a7
What I don't understand is why Technomancer is posting his creepy shit here. It's unrelated to any quest on /tg/chan and generally serves as a porn dump for his works.

Unless of course he wants to discuss his work with all of us, which doesn't seem to be the case.
No. 3257 ID: 74edcb
See? A troll. A bad one, btw. Most things he said can be proved wrong only by reading this thread. I guess that reporting me for fictional infringements didn't work, now he's trying to make me rage into committing one.

As I said earlier,


Gentlemen, come at me.
No. 3258 ID: 51ee75

What fetishes are you willing to draw?
No. 3259 ID: 74edcb
Just suggest some and we'll see.
No. 3260 ID: 51ee75

Milky titted tau girl?

For example, a curvy tau girl is suddenly faced with her boobs leaking milk through her shirt, and pulls the other boob from the shirt and squeezes some milk out of one breast while other one is forming a growing wet spot on her shirt.

Yeah, i've got fetish for humanoid alien girls, and lactation fetish, among others - though a disgust towards pregnancy, and generally not being attracted towards MILF's, quite complicated. I did a similiar request to greenmarine/greenfag to which he did'nt respond, so i one of my own.


I'd like to draw more, but too bad im still very poor at speed drawing, and making a decent work takes an AWFUL LOT of time from me - and time is something which i will not be having for some 2 months.

I bet nobody has ever made you such a weird request.
No. 3261 ID: 51ee75

Oh and, if i had to pick an reference model, it would be >>3170
No. 3262 ID: 74edcb
Unfortunately, it's indeed quite rare.

I'll try to see what I can do with this. Tits are not really my thing, but I'll try to make it nice. If you've got other ideas, don't be shy.
No. 3264 ID: 51ee75

Holy crap, i was almost sure you would be so shocked and apalled, you'd not even reply.

Well, i doubt it'll that bad by looking at your recent work, which has been improving quite nicely over these last few months.
No. 3265 ID: bf1e7e

>If a mod is there, can he kindly erase this, and he related answers?

Just for the record:

>complain about how tgchan users are TOTALLY RUNNING OFF THINGS THEY DON'T LIKE even though you already know the mods have your back even when they think your stuff is gross
>ask mods for favors

Oh, you silly person. Perhaps it would behoove you to NOT try to play both sides of an issue?

Nod here, btw. Probably been the most active in chomping down on fags trolling the /tg/ drawfags who use the site for nothing but NSFW imagedumps. I'm sure you can understand why I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request, as I feel like you're basically acting like a two-faced hypocrite.

Wouldn't want to be a liar, after all.

Also seriously, Blake Quest is still here and you think people would troll tauquest off the boards? That's just stupid.
No. 3266 ID: 74edcb
As you said, I was just acting silly. Posting such stuff would stir up shitstorms, it nearly did, and I realized this only after posting it, now I have to assume the consequences, and I understand that. Sorry for bothering you, I was just trying to show that, precisely, I wasn't an hypocrite trying to troll my own thread and that I wanted to cooperate.

Btw, the most silly thing about my post was that I was probably not even banned for "being creepy", or even the only one. Most likely, the mod just erased the thread and banned everyone in it.

As for complaining about tgchan's attitude regarding my work or Shas'O's, I was only told that tauquest would be trolled off by several guys ITT, that's all. I never complained about guys ignoring me (they never did)

Actually, I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to tell me, and I want to avoid any misunderstanding.
No. 3267 ID: 74edcb
Oh, and btw, Is there something I should know about the deleting function? It seems that it only works for a few minutes after posting.

Is that intentionnal? To prevent people from erasing each other's posts? To incite them to better consider what they should post before doing it?
No. 3268 ID: 8c73c8
just that passwords need to be identical or it doesn't work.
No. 3269 ID: bf1e7e

What I'm trying to tell you is that it is disingenuous to take advantage of our goodwill (IE: we don't run people off the board just for doing things we don't like), say that the place is bad BECAUSE we don't run off things we don't like (IE: Furry Fap Shit like BlakeQuest), and then claim that we ARE running off things that we don't like to ... I don't know, gain cred with the people on /tg/ who hate tgchan for no adequately explored reason?

>I was only told that tauquest would be trolled off by several guys ITT, that's all.

It wouldn't be trolled off, since the mods delete trolling in actual quest threads. People are even told not to complain about quests in the threads proper, and to take their complaints to questdis.

A lot of the locals probably wouldn't read it, but there are already examples of quests (blake and golem, mostly) where the authors bring in people from other sites just to read/suggest in their quests and not pay any attention to anything else.


Something's wrong with the password cookie storage and sometimes it just fucks up. It's not intentional.
No. 3270 ID: 26bcc5

What about some sexy banshees ?
No. 3271 ID: 74edcb
I'm still not sure we understand each other:

I did tell the kind of erroneous stuff you mentioned, because I believed it was true (I don't lurk enough on tgchan, which leads me to believe commonplace criticisms such as "they all like furry fapquests", or "they don't like /tg/-style quests" without checking myself)
That was genuine, but kinda retarded.

On a completely unrelated note, I asked you to delete my own post, because I realized it would bring up a shitstorm about /tg/'s attitude towards tauquest, or towards me. Not tgchan's attitude, but /tg/'s. That was genuine as well.

I don't see how those two facts can be linked together.
No. 3272 ID: 74edcb
suggest an interesting way to exploit this.
No. 3273 ID: 072514

... rock star banshees doing lines of crystal coke off each others asses?
No. 3274 ID: 74edcb
Keeping it for later, but that sounds delicious
No. 3275 ID: 0244ef
Mr. Technomancer,

Did you not want to follow through with the idea you offered to me?
No. 3276 ID: 74edcb
I simply forgot, but don't worry, just waiting for the cron vibe to get back to me.

As for the tone of the quest, it would be some sort of reverse-tauquest, having much more to do with fantasy than sci-fi. See, tauquest was inspired by vidya games and generally-speaking sci-fi, an it became extremely relevant considering that it came to deal with transhumanism (well, transtauism) and its implications. Now, my idea draws a lot more upon Lovecraftian and gothic litterature (tauquest sometimes reminds me of this, but it's more of a second-hand influence, I guess. Shas'O will prove me wrong if needed)

So, when dealing with necrontyr technology and all the transformation business, try drawing more upon stuff like The Shadow out of Time or Through the Gates of the Silver Key. It should sound more like troll physics coupled with 20s pseudo-science parapsychology, than like SCIENCE! and hyper-futuristic stuff like AT-43 Therians.

Never forget that our protagonist perceives his surroundings in more than 3 dimensions and that his powers stem from the fact that his body is more than meets the eye. he controls a portion of space and matter greater than his 3-dimensionnal body. For instance: necrodermis is an actual living metal-like material that comes from other dimensions (other "phases" of reality, use this word as often as needed) and the nanomachines used to repair damages are actually there to "summon" it by acting like a link between this space and others. Our protagonist hates it because the C'tans master it perfectly, since it comes from other phases of space where their power is greater. That's why it makes a perfect interface for them and that's why they used it to enslave the necrontyrs.

Or to make matters even more complicated: Our protagonist isn't merely absorbing other beings' flesh: he acknowledges the complete extent of all the phases of their bodies, and compares it with all of his previous victims', as if completing a fifty-dimensionnal jigsaw puzzle, using each piece's shape to guess his original body's, thanks to his better perception of the big picture he gained from the C'tan he used to worship. He then uses their flesh (not only 3-dimensionnal) according to the informations he gathered, and becomes more and more like his former self, and more powerful with each try, until one day, he becomes familiar enough with the meta-space/omniverse/reality/whatever to reach his original body beyond time itself, and effectively become the very necrontyr he used to be, instead of, say, genetically-engineering a copy.

Dammit. Hope yo understand what I mean, and that you like it.
No. 3277 ID: 74edcb
Also, what about Ech-Pi-El or something like this? Pen name HPL used in some letters with Derleth or Ashton Smith IIRC.
No. 3278 ID: 8e18cd
Why don't you draw something from /quest/ like a Lohrke or Sergal?
No. 3280 ID: 74edcb
Because i'm only interested in dollquest for obvious purposes (and still, not that much). I tried reading other quests a bit, but the art and narrative process kinda repels me. reminds me of homestuck, dunno why.
No. 3281 ID: 8c73c8
it's because they both run on 'suggest an action for the protag' things.
No. 3282 ID: 74edcb
Yeah, this plus the art of a few ones, and the impossibility for the posters to discuss between each other.

tautits incoming.
No. 3283 ID: 8c0848
We all know it's because none of the other quests fulfill the fetishes that seem to rule every asspect of your life.
No. 3285 ID: d677cc
>the impossibility for the posters to discuss between each other.
Yeah, it's too bad we don't have an entire board for people who like QUESTs to DIScuss them with one another or anything... that would really be useful.
No. 3286 ID: 8c73c8
uhhh... that's why we use IRC. everyone talks to eachother there, and with the authors. can get clarifying questions and stuff.
No. 3287 ID: 74edcb
If you're so convinced to know this, why even bother posting it?

In the same thread, I mean. I know it's convenient for long-running quests, but I'm unfamiliar with this. That's also why I prefer /tg/'s quests. Things go quicker, the suspense doesn't drop off because of the quietness of the pace, and that stimulates everyone. When everything goes right.
Now, of course, it's less convenient.
No. 3288 ID: 788dee
>>I prefer /tg/'s quests.
You prefer mass-produced low-quality crap? Because that's what /tg/'s quests are.
No. 3289 ID: 74edcb
Oh, didn't knew you did that. I should try this.

Oh, and also: I'm a raging 40kfag. None of the quest I see here most of the time are 40k-related. Always bugs me to jump into a universe I don't know a damn thing about.
No. 3290 ID: 74edcb
Can't say most aren't.
No. 3291 ID: cc04a7
It's not a particularly high fraction of quests where you have to care about the universe they're set in.
No. 3292 ID: 8e18cd

I'm still wondering what the hell you're doing here if you don't want to integrate with the community at all and instead give out bullshit reasons why you won't read any of /quest/'s work.
No. 3293 ID: 74edcb
They aren't bullshit reasons, they might be weak, but they're strong enough for me not to bother questing here.

And I'm still there because this thread.
No. 3294 ID: 74edcb
File 130142550716.jpg - (259.82KB , 1200x1400 , leaky.jpg )
also, because It's the only place people would request me this.
No. 3295 ID: 8c73c8
hmmmm.... try Will of the Undermind
it may be a new universe but is for EVERYONE so everything was explained during the quest.

defective. involves cyborg aliens

My Life/My Story. more robot girls.
No. 3296 ID: 74edcb
You're a bro.

I'm also planning with Tomb Stalker to run a drawquest/textquest/whatever
No. 3297 ID: 59fe6f
This is not the only place where people would request that shit and it was likely requested by some guy that followed you here. Go get a deviantart if you want an online gallery, or furaffinity or sheezyart, but don't post that stuff here when you have one or two people being butthurt white knights.

Hell, if you want a board like this one, take your shot to Brofist, they'll love you there.
No. 3298 ID: 74edcb
I'm honestly beginning to wonder if even deviantart wouldn't be indeed better than here. I'm not getting much constructive feedback here either, be it positive or negative. As for the relative number of whiteknights/haters, I'm completely unable to tell, how are you?
No. 3299 ID: 8c73c8
it's the fault of not having a million people visit daily. and most that DO come here come for the quests. so only a handful of people actually see your work.
anyway, try drawing various quest characters. that always gets more feedback.
No. 3300 ID: 34930b
Your pics have, well, "special content". I say that without implying anything negative, just that it may not be too interesting for many people.

Also, things considered, the way you draw you seem to be one of the better artists who visit this place. Probably many honestly don't know how or what you could improve.

Some things I'd say: You show many pictures with rather sketchy linework. Maybe it's just your style, but why bother to offer critique for something which might have been just a quick sketch for you?
Your anatomy is sometimes a little off, but mostly you exagerate anatomy for comedic / "erotic" effect anyway.
As it was already mentioned, lightning and shadows do not consists off black and white. A suitabel colour palette gives pictures a natural feel and enhances the mood you want to convey.

Can't think of anything else right off the bat.
No. 3301 ID: 74edcb
Well, fine. I've only started using colour with toshop this year, so i'll go into more and more coloured stuff, don't worry. Post requests that might require this, please.

Anatomy is a recurring issue with me, I really need to get back to drawing live models, or at least use ref pics. But i often need them for more realistic, thus serious, thus complicated drawings, which makes finding them harder. Do you have a good site for these?

As for the sketchy look, it's because I don't master drawing well enough to deliver a satisfying result with a few strokes, like GM does. But that's working out.
No. 3305 ID: 9bdc9f
Hey Tech, any chance for a followup pic to
No. 3306 ID: 74edcb
That's not very likely, I already have a lot of other projects.
No. 3307 ID: 885b2a
Giant hugboxes are for Reaver and crew, if this is going to be unrestricted it should have unrestricted criticism too.
No. 3310 ID: 51ee75

That is VERY fap-worthy material!

No. 3311 ID: cc04a7
File 130144315380.jpg - (27.05KB , 254x296 , get_the_fuck_out.jpg )
To you and you alone.
No. 3312 ID: 74edcb
File 130144393476.jpg - (610.94KB , 1300x2000 , yo momma.jpg )
Was quite happy with the result for something done in 15 minutes.
No. 3313 ID: 51ee75

Make me.

No. 3314 ID: 51ee75
TM, Can you draw a tau female and human male (ig, gue'vesa or whatever) engaging in passionate act of heresy (as in 'making love' or something)?

There has been a couple of fanfics about something like this, but no art.
No. 3315 ID: 74edcb
File 130145030087.jpg - (347.96KB , 1100x1000 , hipsbump.jpg )
You mean like Love Can Bloom? No, sorry, romantic stuff kinda freaks me out.

still copying.
No. 3316 ID: e02378
... not entirely sure how to respond to that statement. can you clarify?
No. 3320 ID: 30d82a
dude said romance stuff freaks him out (sex involved or otherwise, apparantly), so he doesn't do it. don't know how much clearer you can get, really other than what specifically freaks him out about it.
No. 3321 ID: 4ea119
/r/ Yakui-esque Sister. Isn't even supposed to be pretty, but dirty and degraded. Needles sticking from arms etcetera.
No. 3322 ID: 74edcb
Oh, come on, Yakui is the prettiest junkie ever. I'll try that.
No. 3325 ID: 1854db
So... just solo porn? Or is that that you don't like male/female pairings? What about girl on girl action?

I find it hard to believe someone can be unnerved by physical AND emotional affection while still liking porn. Though I suppose it could be possible to have some sort of mental disorder or trauma that triggers it...
No. 3326 ID: d73135
Romantic just isn't his style. Can't be that hard to believe.
No. 3328 ID: 3f1b5c
>romantic stuff kinda freaks me out.

Suddenly I can see that running quest around here would likely 'not' work out well for you. Suggested romantic pairings and such tend to be the bread and butter of the /quest/ breakfast, unsurprising, a bit overused, yet a staple non the less.

Then again, much of your art (well the porn mostly) creeps me right the hell out in turn, and I happen to like necrons. I just dislike the the tau/cron species shipping that /tg/ seems so fond of.
No. 3329 ID: 74edcb
Questing here would be quite problematic, indeed. Again, what I planned (dunno 'bout The Tomb Stalker) doesn't even involve attractive female characters; it's just supposed to be a horror story in the grimdarkness of the 41st millenium, just like tauquest, but without any room for alt interpretations. We'll see if we will try on /tg/ or /quest/.

As for the tau/cron shipping, are you talking about those retarded theories saying that the crons are behind everything the tau do? Are you talking about my wishes of Sar'A getting taken home by Xeno? Are you talking about tau quest itself? I can totally understand that, tau and crons are complete opposites, so they don't work well together in the fluff. I don't want this quest to feature taus anyway, or anything akin to tauquest. In my "serious" drawings (non-porn), crons don't even look like actual robots anyway.

Oh, and just in case you didn't follow what it was about:

I and The Tomb Stalker plan on running a quest, based on a character concept I developped: The protagonist is a necron lord, who used to worship a minor C'tan. When he and his subjects were turned into crons, he freaked out when he realized they had all become slaves, inherently. He tried to rebel, but the C'tan infused him with a parcel of his essence so as to directly control him.
The C'tan got eaten by the Nightbringer/Outsider, leaving our protagonist free to master his new powers, and using these alchemical/vampiric/necromantic/trollphysics abilities to become a necrontyr again.
The Enslaver Plague showed up, he had to go in stasis, but now, he's alive again, ready to infiltrate the Imperium on a hijacked mechanicum ship with the tombs of his soldiers onboard, Dracula-style.

The idea originates from two things: the fact that I noticed a possible inspiration from Druillet's Nosferatu in Goodwin's cron concepts (the shape of the cron skulls is the very same as that of Druillet's Nosferatu, itself a caricature of HPL's face, and the fact that at one point in the comic, Nosferatu absorbs metal, peels off and becomes a biomechanical vampire with huge talons) that made me fantasize about a Count Orlok/HPL Flayed One lord.
Then, three months ago, a guy suggested that Flayed Ones probably went insane because they wanted to become necrontyrs again, and steal the flesh and skin of other beings in a vain attempt to do so. It sounded freaking lovecraftian, so I rolled up Dracula/Lovecraft/necrons into one character concept.

So, anyone here interested?
No. 3330 ID: e02378
ah. well as long as we don't actually see any females then the shipping should be kept down to few random outbursts by a couple people.
No. 3331 ID: 74edcb
File 130152143122.jpg - (566.07KB , 600x800 , slash.jpg )
stonersis. Went for something, huh, different.
No. 3332 ID: 265c69
>showcasing the grimdarkness of the 41st millennium

I'm sorry, but a) tau quest was a fetish quest and b) anyone who says grimdark in a serious sense is an idiot.

The necrons would never Borg someone with a scarab laying ass in 40k. Slaanesh maybe, but never the crons.
No. 3335 ID: 74edcb
File 130153514778.jpg - (714.05KB , 1500x1400 , lost again.jpg )
well, trying light effects.
No. 3336 ID: 0748f5
>Amputation and cyberguro is a-okay.
>Lactation is not.
Suddenly I think I'm getting why I don't jive with you people.
No. 3339 ID: 346206
File 130154257025.jpg - (25.39KB , 435x357 , PEELZ 1.jpg )
No. 3340 ID: e02378
it's not the picture that was wrong, notice it's still here. it was the person's comments.
No. 3342 ID: 4ea119
I love it. But I never expected anything else.

Thanks a lot.
No. 3345 ID: 51ee75

Im sorry, how should i have have known somebody here would be so delicate. Please excuse my indelicacy.

I will do my best to refrain myself from making indelicate comments.
No. 3346 ID: 74edcb
File 130160449388.jpg - (1.30MB , 1600x2057 , kalt.jpg )
not sure bout the perspective
No. 3347 ID: 74edcb
Sweet lord, I just realized I drew her with two arms, but without dem antennaes or an ahoge. I'll upload a corrected version on tg booru. with better-drawn eyes.
No. 3352 ID: 1854db
Are you saying you're the same guy?

Hmm, I guess it could've been a short ban.
No. 3356 ID: 2d0ade
uh, could I get someone's advice on the perspective instead?
No. 3357 ID: e02378
ah yes. i think it looks fine. guy is engaging a bone worm or snake.
No. 3358 ID: 2d0ade
a tupilak, actually, but that's not relevant to the point. Tried to make a high-angle shot, and didn't know how it would effect the horizon line and the pose of the guy relatively to it.
No. 3359 ID: e02378
ah. in that case the guy and bone worm are fine, but i don't think those mountains are doing to well. think at this angle you wouldn't even see the horizon. if it was a perfectly flat surface like middle of the ocean you may be able to see the edge at the top but not with those mountains.
No. 3360 ID: 2d0ade
okay, i'll try to crop that out to see the result.
No. 3361 ID: 2d0ade
File 130165117111.jpg - (1.23MB , 1600x2057 , qsc.jpg )
looks quite better indeed.
No. 3362 ID: e02378
ah yeah, looks a lot better.
No. 3363 ID: 32b1e5
File 130167042944.gif - (74.19KB , 300x203 , Awesome.gif )
Two versions of my (well, yours) pic?
.gif related
No. 3364 ID: 7c97d9
No. 3366 ID: 2d0ade
File 130170414347.jpg - (342.48KB , 1300x1300 , spehss moinahr.jpg )
tried avoiding highlights
No. 3367 ID: a4debf
Friggin' cool stuff, man.
No. 3369 ID: 2d0ade
File 130179513863.jpg - (127.43KB , 1900x1300 , BABALON.jpg )
No. 3370 ID: 2d0ade
File 130179519460.jpg - (379.45KB , 800x4600 , POIZAAAAHHN.jpg )
No. 3371 ID: 8c73c8
No. 3372 ID: 2d0ade
File 130180832384.jpg - (1.57MB , 1712x2896 , kheradruakh.jpg )
No. 3373 ID: 1536c4
Goddamn. That is amazing. I'd pay through the nose for a model like that.

Good show, sir.
No. 3374 ID: 9c587a
File 130181897878.jpg - (138.87KB , 1900x1300 , untitled.jpg )
Interesting anatomy in this one.
No. 3375 ID: 9a701a
the shoulders are derpy, but the legs don't go this way.

The weird shiny one belongs to the naked girl, and the other ones is the heretek's left one, hiding the right one. Was too focused on trying to make nice shiny effects, this time.
No. 3376 ID: 9c587a
Okay, that explains.
No. 3377 ID: 68132f
We could put requests here, right? I don't expect that it will get done though, considering what you usually draw. Anyway, here goes:

A back-shot, waist-up pic of a tall muscular man. His back, neck and back of his head is horribly burnt, both old and new scars. Some of it is dressed in gauze and other assortment of medical patches, some is clearly visible as burnt and water/pus filled boils here and there. Some is a raw pinkish hue as new skin has healed over some places. He got a zweihander resting on his shoulder, his hand gripping its hilt. He is either looking forward or to the side. Hints of his manly, blond mustach and beard can be seen.
No. 3378 ID: 8c73c8
eww. why would you want that?

i think what you should draw, technomancer, is the lady of pain. she seems like she would fit your style well.
No. 3379 ID: 68132f
Because I would very much like it drawn for a few reasons?
Gah, this can turn into a stupid flame war easily so I'll just resign with this post.
No. 3380 ID: 9a701a
hey, calm down, dude was certainly not serious, right?

On the one hand, I don't know shit about DnD, and the research I made on the Lady don't inspire me.

On the other hand, rugged textures are awright for me and I did a good lot of drawings on this already (not drawfaggotry) so working on this request would be quite useful for me. Which doesn't mean that I'll finish it if it doesn't turn out right, as usual.
No. 3381 ID: 9a701a
There's just one detail: do you realize that if we see him from behind, the perspective effect on the sword will make it completely unrecognizable? How are you even supposed to make such a big-ass sword rest on your shoulder without falling backwards or having to adopt a silly an uncomfortable pose?
No. 3383 ID: d07c59
IIRC, 2 handed swords are not that heavy per se, around 7-10kg/15-22lbs, so he would not fall over but it certainly would be heavy to swing around. Concerning perspectives I have no opinion as that is not something I am familiar with. But you could try something different instead, like the tip of the sword is pointed down in the ground and just the hilt and/or crossguard is resting on his shoulder.

And I thanks in advance for considering my request! If you don't feel like posting it here, you can post it in GM and your thread on /tg/ because I am monitor lizard.
No. 3385 ID: 9a701a
File 130189753521.jpg - (227.60KB , 900x1200 , Untitled-4.jpg )
ah, right. I'll see what I can do now that most of the basic shades are done.

also, scarabump
No. 3386 ID: 9a701a
File 130189756720.jpg - (214.21KB , 900x1200 , fund it!.jpg )
No. 3387 ID: d07c59
File 130190136409.jpg - (57.69KB , 468x537 , Scaramanga.jpg )
No. 3388 ID: 9a701a
File 130191554189.jpg - (204.82KB , 1300x1300 , sxdq_jpgefdc_jpgzeez_jpgzed.jpg )
Right, that's not what we both expected, but anyway, wasn't able to do th sword right; Do you really want to add patches and bandages all over these scars?

That's silly.
Is it just me, or does Xeno's scarab-hat really look like a retard-helmet?
No. 3389 ID: 7c7e08
File 130191632939.gif - (510.23KB , 324x216 , Awesome 4.gif )
HOLY INTERCOURSE FECES! I don't have a awesome smiley awesome enough so you get raving transformers instead!
No. 3390 ID: 7c7e08
Right, patches and bandages, yes... Perhpas some on one side. I could reason he got in the way of the first flamer to his right side and that second flamer burned is left side and one is more recent than the other, hence some part is bandaged/patched and the other is not.
No. 3391 ID: 9a701a
I'll try this.
No. 3392 ID: 7c7e08
>Is it just me, or does Xeno's scarab-hat really look like a retard-helmet?
Is the scarab hollowed out on the underside? Otherwise it looks like you cut off the top of her head and placed the scarab on top of it (which I wouldn't discount when we are talking about you)
No. 3393 ID: 9a701a
File 130191677628.png - (26.60KB , 600x600 , kitteh.png )
I'm just trying to conform to the Scientist's version (except that his had a lot more skin and clothing) so i guess that it's flat enough. Necron super-science. And funny hats. Don't ask.
No. 3394 ID: 7c7e08
I forgot about the 'living metal' stuff
No. 3395 ID: 7c7e08
Wait... living metal female stimulant toy for Xeno/Sa'ra...
No. 3396 ID: 9a701a
As I said, Shas'O's necrodermis is not actually living metal but lolnanomachines, which I strongly disapprove of, but given the newest changes of the cron fluff, it might become canon.
No. 3397 ID: 7c7e08
Huh, I wasn't aware of his version. Anyway, one (several) thing I like about >>3388
is his muscles. He got his core muscles developed so he looks proper strong!
No. 3399 ID: 7c7e08
>This link appears to be broken
What the hell? I saw the thumb and it looked really good but now even that is gone.

From what I saw, yes, it works very well and I can't ask for more. Thank you!
No. 3400 ID: 9a701a
File 130191841192.jpg - (214.03KB , 1300x1300 , sxdq_jpgefdc_jpgzeez_jpgzed.jpg )
If you're referring to Shas'O's version of necrodermis, well, it's explained a good lot of times in the quest (unless I read it all wrong?) and most of the time, the crons' technology in it is closer your typical sci-fi super-science, not so much to the weird trollphysics esoterical pseudo-science I long for.

If you're talking about The Scientist's artworks, well, the tauquest threads are full of it. He's the guy who produced the most of it, but Lapland also drew a good deal.

new version, won't work it any further
No. 3401 ID: 7c7e08
Ah, I never had the patience to follow a quest thread. I was only in the very first one and got a scolding iirc.

And as I said, I can't ask for more. I am very happy with the result! I would make sex with your penis if I was a homo.
No. 3402 ID: 9a701a
Just second my cheesecake requests when I ask for some in a drawthread and that will be enough.

As for quests, I can't tell, I wasn't there for tauquest (actually, I could have been, but I was a complete newfag on /tg/ at that time and it makes me rage hard) so I just read the threads I could find back. For Dronequest, I agree, it requires you to stay up and ready for several hours, which even Shas'O can't achieve all the time, or so it seems.
No. 3403 ID: 7c7e08
If I come across one, certinaly.
Did you 'discover' /tg/ around last winter too?
No. 3404 ID: 9a701a
yeah. I first lurked from time to time for at least three months, then went around, did two or three drawthreads (unsuccessful, with no name or avatar, as I sucked damn hard) and it's only at the end of the year that I started questing and actually drawfagging.

Now i'm going to need Tomb Stalker's help for a quest project, and also Shas'O's, as she seems to be reading The Fall of Damnos, which contains a few ideas that seem close to mine and that I'd like to exploit or subvert conveniently.
No. 3405 ID: 7c7e08
I was lurking /v/ and thinking 'this is quite nice... I think.', but after I checked /tg/ out, I knew I found my home on 4chan.
Anyway, have fun with your projects!
No. 3407 ID: d9ba26
I lurked /b/ for around a year before discovering my beautiful /tg/.
No. 3408 ID: 7c7e08
I was lurking /b/ and being a newfag, say, three years ago. I left after awhile and didn't visit 4chonz again until winter last year. And yeah, /tg/ was found and all you wonderful drawfriends.
No. 3409 ID: 349e47
Damnos necrons are described as dissolving into mercury and reforming as part of their regeneration cycle so... lol, nanomachines.

I hope the necron codex is up next, but I also hear that it could be tau instead. Funny world we live in.
No. 3411 ID: 9a701a
Ah, thanks for your help, I appreciate.

If they only say that they dissolve, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are made of nanomacines, so far. Even if it's a reference to the T-1000, that was never described as being made out of them.

Ah, also, is that Satakh-or-whatever-his-name-is, the Flayed One lord, a major character or is he just mentioned? Depending on his importance (and survival) it could be interesting to integrate him at some point.
No. 3412 ID: 9a701a
Oh, also, inb4 "just read it yourself".

I'd have to wait for it to get translated, if I don't want to engage in a tiresome offland ordering process, which I'm not currently even able to do, formality-wise.
No. 3431 ID: 822863
File 130217612366.jpg - (157.96KB , 1000x2000 , g.jpg )
why did I draw her naked?

I mean, I find completely naked girls nearly unappealing.

maybe because it's the first time I'm feeling satisfied about my highlights...
No. 3432 ID: 9c587a
Techno, hey Techno, I mean, seriously Techno

hey Techno

what if

hey, seriously

what if

...quadrupedal amputee catfight?

It's probably supposed to be a bit eerie. In that case, the lighting is great. I have always liked your random-ish lighting however. I dunno why. I just do.
No. 3433 ID: 822863
>quadrupedal amputee catfight?
Hilarious. I need to try this.
No. 3438 ID: 822863
File 130221433914.jpg - (262.07KB , 960x960 , biomass sketchlines.jpg )
maybe better with sketchlines
No. 3439 ID: 822863
File 130221438358.jpg - (214.20KB , 960x960 , harvest dat biomass.jpg )
maybe better without. dunno
No. 3440 ID: f9e8b4
Is there any chance we could see a Technomancer incarnation of SHAKARA?
No. 3441 ID: 822863
there will be some. as well as some Eva Procopio rule 34.

No. 3442 ID: 2d9220
File 130223103710.gif - (153.23KB , 623x727 , Weaver.gif )
I don't want to reveal too much of what I've learned. It may inadvertently give away some of my ideas.

However! I will say that Damnos has inspired me to revisit Weaver. Weaver was always my favorite.

Posting topless Weaver because drawthread.
No. 3444 ID: 822863
I like where this is going. Happy to see that you haven't abandonned the project.
No. 3445 ID: 822863
File 130223407197.jpg - (112.67KB , 960x960 , base.jpg )
speaking of crons, dumping some sketches
No. 3446 ID: 822863
File 130223411782.jpg - (111.51KB , 960x960 , destroyer.jpg )
No. 3447 ID: 822863
File 130223417152.jpg - (95.80KB , 960x960 , vizorz.jpg )
No. 3448 ID: 822863
File 130223421773.jpg - (99.13KB , 960x960 , ZA WARUDO.jpg )
No. 3449 ID: 822863
File 130223426849.jpg - (180.11KB , 960x960 , warriors.jpg )
No. 3450 ID: 822863
File 130223431883.jpg - (136.02KB , 960x960 , warriors2.jpg )
No. 3451 ID: 822863
File 130223438664.jpg - (189.17KB , 960x960 , warriors3.jpg )
No. 3452 ID: 822863
File 130223444114.jpg - (209.81KB , 960x960 , immortals.jpg )
No. 3453 ID: 822863
File 130223448688.jpg - (123.22KB , 960x960 , immortalsweapon.jpg )
No. 3454 ID: 822863
File 130223457525.jpg - (134.04KB , 960x1100 , wraithlord.jpg )
No. 3455 ID: 822863
File 130223466259.jpg - (187.88KB , 960x1200 , wraiths.jpg )
No. 3460 ID: 822863
File 130225927830.jpg - (145.34KB , 1500x1000 , xenobutts.jpg )
More shiny Xeno bitz, because I felt like working on light effects. Yeah.
No. 3461 ID: 822863
File 130226207071.jpg - (274.62KB , 1000x1900 , draculovecron.jpg )
And finally, a concept for that potential quest protagonist.


Too late...
No. 3463 ID: 062f33
A chrysalid bursting out of an X-Com rookie. And since I'm posting in a Technomancer thread, make it a female.
No. 3467 ID: c58d50
File 130232022613.jpg - (237.05KB , 900x1900 , rfgf.jpg )
erf, sorry but I don't know anything about that game.

also, this.
No. 3468 ID: af25ec
File 130232103688.jpg - (24.75KB , 350x258 , CRIPPLE FIGHT.jpg )
No. 3469 ID: c58d50
My monies are on the bluest one
No. 3470 ID: 51ee75

Oh TM, you so crazy.
No. 3471 ID: 2d9220
Then Xeno shows up and gives them new limbs so they can have a lesbian threesome.
No. 3472 ID: 34f252
What's stopping cripples having a threesome in the first place?
No. 3473 ID: 7705a0
delicious wriggling roundnesses and supple waists rubbing and pressing against each other without those pointless appendices getting in the way.
Speaking of which, did you ever notice how often Xeno had to wriggle in confined spaces during the early stages of the quest? Same for Sar'A, whose scarabutt probably made matters even worse.
No. 3476 ID: 9c587a
Technomancer, could you possibly draw honest guro one day. I don't mean /f/reakshow stuff you are more known of, but that more generic /g/, the people often associate the term guro with.

I've been reading the thread, browsing tg and tgbooru actively, and haven't really seen much /g/ stuff from you (discipline.jpg was great). Which is a shame, I love the way you draw faces. Not technique or anything, but no matter how shitscribbly the drawings are, it's always very easy to see how the character is feeling. Especially suffering.

Whaddya say about some gory goodness? Chainswords/axes are a great plus. Not a big fan of tau, unless they're the ones recieving punishement. In those cases, I'm their biggest fan.

And of course there is nothing wrong with /f/ material, I like it very much as well, but you know, it'd be good to see something different. Extra creepiness, as you put it, is most welcome.
No. 3477 ID: 7705a0
May not have the time needed tonight, and for the next week, I'll be off. So if I can't finish some tonight, i'll be back with something more polished within a week. I guess That's why I don't draw much gore stuff, my drawings are scribbly and unreadable enough without adding bitz of flesh everywhere. But I'll give it a try. That and maybe other suggestions I've read in the last thread.

You can still post requests in the meantime, of course.
No. 3478 ID: 9c587a
Techno, if I wanted everything done cheap and quick, I'd live in China. Take your time bro.
No. 3480 ID: 0ee393
Hey technomancer, stalker from /tg/ here.

I gotta say, I really love your work, especially your taucron pieces. It's like, humm, how do I put this? Like a scratchy, less involved HR Giger vibe from them. I feel like if you really worked at them for hours on end, you'd end up with ten million hidden biomechanical dicks in a single piece.
No. 3481 ID: 7705a0
So, it looks like I slept a bit too much, therefore i'll be back within a few days with pics.
Uh, not really. I intentionally avoid making Xeno too biomechanical, precisely so that I don't end up with a collection of dicks. You can dee dicks everywhere with even a very faint imagination, since it's a very simple shape. If I worked for hours on those pics, I'd end up with a pretty generic robot girl, only more realistic-looking. Perhaps closer to Hajime Sorayama's works, if I were skilled enough.

I actually even try to stay a bit away from Giger's influence, now, since I used to be VERY inspired by his works, which somewhat prevented me from doing different things.
No. 3483 ID: 9c587a
Gore/Death material, but gore is challenging...huh.

Then, would strangulation/hanging work? It's always nice.

How about a Blood Pacter assassin strangling a female Ethereal with a piano wire ala Hitman?
No. 3484 ID: 77c8a5
A picture featuring two consentual adults (one male, one female) having loving intercourse in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.


this night, they are feeling naughty and leaves the lights ON!
No. 3498 ID: 9c587a
File 130253630819.jpg - (369.36KB , 800x834 , Verg 2.jpg )
The robed guy has tripped a woman. She is trying to crawl away, but he has grabbed her ankle and has risen a meat cleaver above his head, ready to strike.

The woman is PDF general, so I'd image she has Commissar-ish clothing. They may be a little torn because of the fighting.

Prelude to this picture (thanks V-6!). The same characters much later. Two hands and two legs later, to be exact.

I just...though that you'd be the right guy to do this short of...thing. /tg/ has, rightfully, quite a low tolerance of creepy.
No. 3508 ID: 10c20a
no, I wouldn't say he's alone at all. Depravity is one thing, but certain fetishes, for many people are just crossing the line. Murder/ mutilation being one of the very common ones that does this
No. 3509 ID: 1854db
Fetishes which hurt the capability of the mate to rear the child are quite literally unnatural.
No. 3510 ID: 4ea119
...but at least we're not furries.
No. 3511 ID: 8e18cd

...you're worse
No. 3512 ID: 4ea119
I disagree, but I respect your opinion. Could we stop derailing this thread? No reason to wage some useless HURR WHICH FETISH IS WORSE flamewar.

As someone in the thread already said
>Technomancer gets by just fine despite being a pretty creepy fucker because he doesn't start acting like a cunt about it.
And we should follow his example.
No. 3513 ID: 8e18cd

On the contrary. He acts like a huge cunt with statements like

"I tried reading other quests a bit, but the art and narrative process kinda repels me. reminds me of homestuck, dunno why."
No. 3514 ID: 8c73c8
.. i don't see how that is cuntish. he said he tried but failed. cuntish would be saying he hates quests just because and he wont try or some shit.
No. 3517 ID: 33bfd1
No. 3518 ID: b34d75
Eh, Technomancer, you should probably look at the art spoilers for New Phyrexia.

I mean, the setting is basically your fetish, but a bit more evil.

(i.e. Glissa the Traitor isn't exactly piloted by /tg/ people with at least some white knight tendecities)

No. 3526 ID: a257c4
I like the hanging idea, but it could be better. I suggest a following scene: Multiple humans/xenos hanging. But their hands are left untied, so they tried to grab each other in their panic, trying to breath, but in doing so, causing them to choke because of the extra weight. There is also a Guardsman/Heretic/Inquisitor with a dumb smile and thumb up like in Guantanamo pics.
No. 3531 ID: e76f3b

Those kick three-hundred-and-one different flavours of arse. I am awestruck.
No. 3543 ID: 31b330
A tech priest saying the following:
>Gentlemen, behold! I have made love to this machine!

The machine in question can be a servitor, Xeno or... a wood chipper, I dunno.
No. 3550 ID: 5f9b22
Why not Fabius Bile instead of the tech priest and in the corner there needs to be a sobbing defiler.
No. 3559 ID: 301d6c
I kind of want to see those two having sex as well.

... Why is this turning me on? Why?
No. 3560 ID: 9c587a
Amputee-fetish must be contagious. But it's not like it's a bad thing, amputee fetishists are a happy bunch. I, for one, welcome you to our big family.
No. 3563 ID: 33d588
File 130286331667.jpg - (18.92KB , 276x696 , kimiko_nude.jpg )
I'm a fan of robot limbs, personally.
No. 3565 ID: 816561
Uhm... is that fan-made or fan-service? Either way, I approve.
No. 3566 ID: bca6be
It's Kim Ross from Dresden Codak.
No. 3568 ID: 816561
I know, and I was wondering if above image is fan-made or fan-service from the creator of said comic
No. 3569 ID: bca6be
It's on the creator's blog, so official-ish...
No. 3575 ID: 301d6c
I still feel kinda guilty about it. I mean, those poor Tau girls must go through quite a lot of pain over it. And they seem almost completely helpless.
No. 3576 ID: 9c587a
And that is, my boy, why it is so hot.
No. 3577 ID: 9802c4
It's like bondage without rope.
No. 3578 ID: 9c587a
In a way.
No. 3579 ID: c17d7a
File 130296656918.jpg - (62.76KB , 1000x1300 , lapland.jpg )
Well, I didn't draw everything that was requested, and did some extra stuff, as usual.

so, first, enormous tauquest/dronequest dump.

starting off with something a bit less weeaboo than usually.
No. 3580 ID: c17d7a
File 130296680762.jpg - (235.80KB , 400x1100 , xemo.jpg )
Also, this, because Xeno sometimes tends to get angsty
No. 3582 ID: c17d7a
File 130296712155.jpg - (69.22KB , 1300x1300 , sar'a louses.jpg )
shagg hair unclean hair?
No. 3583 ID: 9c587a
File 130296714668.jpg - (16.61KB , 294x294 , Here we go.jpg )
Keep on dumping. We missed you, and made a few posts while you were away.

So, where were you? Banging limbless chicks in some dirty Bosnian whorehouse?
No. 3584 ID: c17d7a
File 130296725361.jpg - (96.04KB , 900x900 , purge the xeno-bugs.jpg )
No. 3585 ID: c17d7a
File 130296738848.jpg - (391.88KB , 950x1200 , pomf xeno.jpg )
Oh you
No. 3586 ID: c17d7a
File 130296754608.jpg - (108.77KB , 1200x1200 , Failcron of JUSTICE.jpg )
This will probably be the only somewhat badass Xeno pic I'll draw in a while. But she's got the same hair as Hongo, only prettier, so that's coherent.
No. 3587 ID: 5adfd0

I find that offensive. We tended to kill them after torture, we didn't leave many alive down there.
No. 3588 ID: c17d7a
File 130296777305.jpg - (73.33KB , 1000x1000 , rustlecron.jpg )
Speaking of dat hair...

Moéblob Xeno. Why not.
No. 3589 ID: 9c587a
True, but when you give explosives to people drunken with patriotism and alcohol, and they start HUAHUE'ing, shit happens.

Nice job with the rape camps though. Official porno & grimdark seal of approval.
No. 3590 ID: c17d7a
File 130296792578.jpg - (360.99KB , 950x1200 , ribbon.jpg )
Don't dare speaking ill of the glorious slavic master-race, capitalist scumski.

Also, more hair dickery.
No. 3591 ID: c17d7a
File 130296806736.jpg - (352.88KB , 1080x1400 , necksleeve.jpg )
I don't remember how that kind of huge and loose collar is called but I find that awesome.

Tried working on quick and nice shading.
No. 3592 ID: c17d7a
File 130296815068.jpg - (62.76KB , 800x900 , derpcron.jpg )
because that happens a bit too often.
No. 3593 ID: c17d7a
File 130296822125.jpg - (49.27KB , 900x1200 , ladybug.jpg )
Something silly
No. 3594 ID: 9c587a
File 130296824420.gif - (936.50KB , 160x240 , animuted.gif )
Bydlo Pride World Wide.
No. 3595 ID: c17d7a
File 130296827815.jpg - (49.26KB , 900x1200 , ladybug drone.jpg )
Something even sillier.
No. 3596 ID: c17d7a
File 130296847329.jpg - (95.09KB , 300x700 , Fio'El'En'Ri'Plee.jpg )
And this. Tried to emulate that guy who drew the best Xeno pics, but I feel like I'm missing something obvious.

Also, filename. Why not?
No. 3598 ID: c17d7a
File 130296881145.jpg - (261.65KB , 1300x1700 , roasted chicks copy.jpg )
and a slice of blueberry pie.
No. 3599 ID: 9c587a
I requested the guro pic. I really like the intestines and how the stomach rips open.
No. 3600 ID: c17d7a
Fine, had the time to delete it. T'was a chance you were hanging around now.
No. 3601 ID: 9c587a
I have three chans up, slapping F5 12 hours a day.

That was really considerate of you, I must say.
No. 3602 ID: c17d7a
File 130296905001.jpg - (617.01KB , 1080x1000 , a sulfur rain copy.jpg )
And now, for something completely different, a new pic of that draculoveron guy, inb4 necrodermis.

How's the highlight job?
No. 3603 ID: c17d7a
File 130296932767.jpg - (728.57KB , 1080x1400 , Hetsh-Pyhel.jpg )
Ah, I do the same all the fucking time, so that might explain why my art studies are a wreck and why I just failed an admission exam. It didn't matter that much to me but I still feel a bit butthurt.

Now, a better pic. A pseudo-achievement, I hope.
No. 3604 ID: c17d7a
File 130296948510.jpg - (83.50KB , 1080x1400 , itch pyhel.jpg )
And this.

Say, Shas'O, can you tell me about The Enfleshed? Come on, it's not like you're gonna use him, right? Right? Because that would be a final blow to my OCDONOTSTEAL.
No. 3605 ID: 5adfd0

Dude, I am a Slav.
No. 3606 ID: 9c587a
Well, it was even worse before I got banned from 4chan (gore, what the fuck?). Static IP, what're you gonna do? Now it's only /int/, /cwc/, and /draw/.

I know that feel. "HURR KEBAB BLANDA UPP" and "WHAT IF CHRIS" all day long.
No. 3608 ID: 9c587a
Its quite hard to say, I can't even draw a straight line. Seriously, I have some proto-Alzheimer's. I haven't drawn since I was six or seven.

For me, it's just:

Art by me: SHIT

Art by everything else: AWESOME
No. 3609 ID: 7ac333
What country is Technomancer from?
No. 3610 ID: c17d7a
I thought it was Parkinson's

And I can't draw a straight line either, so I try to make it a strengths by basing my lolartworks on scribbly thingies.
No. 3613 ID: 9c587a
>I thought it was Parkinson's

Italian Regency of Carnaro.
No. 3615 ID: 9c587a
No, he lives in Molvania.
No. 3617 ID: 5f9b22
I might as well just ask for it here at the source. I was hoping to get a model sheet of a Water Caste girl dressed in black footless stockings, a black halter top, with a thong(or nothing). A Full body front shot, back shot and maybe a few close up details like face or genitals? You have been drawing Tau for some time and so I wondered about your take on the nose slits and the details of their reproductive organs.

I know you are not fond of water or air caste, but I really like the shape you draw them.
No. 3618 ID: c17d7a
File 130297549913.jpg - (84.37KB , 900x900 , elbonian technomancer.jpg )

Both of you lads are wrong
Gonna start a drwthread soon, so I'll do this while waiting for good requests.
No. 3619 ID: 9c587a
So you're a Sami then?

Good to have you back. Were any requests of your liking posted while you were gone, hmmm?
No. 3620 ID: c17d7a
Just a reference to another drawfag called lapland, who inspired me on this one.

You got told, I'm from the glorious Elbonian Empire.
No. 3621 ID: 9c587a
Et tu, Techno?
No. 3622 ID: c17d7a
No. 3623 ID: 9c587a
>a tau girl doing the haigure.
No. 3624 ID: 19112f
No. 3625 ID: 9c587a
No, no, I mean, didn't you request that?
No. 3626 ID: c2d85d
I had my name on. Yeah.
No. 3627 ID: 5f9b22
Thanks man. Would it be better if I requested her clothes be slick black latex?
No. 3628 ID: 5d84a4
all according o keikaku
No. 3630 ID: afb66a
File 130299275948.jpg - (1.82MB , 2482x1892 , corpus christi.jpg )
No. 3632 ID: 3642c9
Art dump?

Yet again, great work. I'm sure you don't need to be told that, though.

My new desktop, because 16:9 is for wankers. Real men choose 5:4 screens.
No. 3639 ID: 33d588
File 130301379124.jpg - (65.88KB , 1000x1000 , 1303002250243.jpg )
I saw this on /tg/ and I thought it was Drone as a facehugger.

Obviously, this is where necromorphs come from.
No. 3646 ID: 26e3a0
Nah, that's just Xeno's braid looking like a tail, but I screwed up the angle.
No. 3647 ID: 33d588
He misses his flesh. Damnos necrons apparently don't have any physical sensation at all, but he can vividly remember what it was like and flashes back to it.

Apparently, the inability to distinguish between past and present is a common problem among necrons.
No. 3649 ID: 26e3a0
Ah, thanks. From what i've read about him on Warseer, he doesn't sound like a plot-important character, more like an anecdotical weirdo, amirite?
No. 3650 ID: 424be6
Doesn't an anecdote have to be based on actual events or somesuch?
No. 3671 ID: 6e7801
File 130335064145.jpg - (968.90KB , 1700x1500 , worship.jpg )
Thought the colours were somewhat pretty.

Also, New Phyrexia. and haigure. more to come. new fetish. Thanks japan.
No. 3672 ID: 1d6241


original requester here BTW. and just saw it, so you know.
No. 3674 ID: 9c587a
File 130339384049.jpg - (60.11KB , 315x315 , skeptic.jpg )
It's cool and all but...I...


No. 3675 ID: 5f9b22
Hey can you scan the pic of the wasp shaman in ultra high-rez? I would like to print a poster of her to stick on my wall.
No. 3677 ID: a41aaf
... Can't unsee them dancing to Thriller.
No. 3678 ID: b7747d
can't upload anything big enough to make a poster. The original painting is 1 inch tall, it's already stretched out.
No. 3679 ID: 5f9b22
One inch tall? That is pretty amazing by itself. If you feel like drawing anymore of her she tended to use some nasty paralytic poisons on people. from either a big syringe or from darts fired from that rifle. She managed to kill half the party after she paralyzed one guy and then filled him up with explosive "Eggs", when the others came to get him the eggs hatched and that was the end of most of us. Thank god she was not the end boss, we just avoided her from then on.
No. 3680 ID: 5f9b22
You could probably draw her in a bikini and the other players would still be terrified. There are some villains that just unnerve people and she was one of them, she was not evil, she was just alien to human thoughts.
No. 3681 ID: 07416a
The fuck.
No. 3682 ID: b7747d
The best thing is that is works with ANY kind of female, as you can see.
that's something I will consider, but not now. spent my day unable to work because I was sleepy, and too bothered about my work to sleep.
No. 3683 ID: 5f9b22
That is cool no rush. I will be around as Wasp here and on /tg/ if you want any ideas.
No. 3686 ID: 4fad3c

I really like this. It still shines with your personal style, but I don't know, it looks really refined or something; nice.


Ling Chi?
No. 3687 ID: 56eb1f
File 130349239208.jpg - (223.26KB , 1350x1800 , be70499ae34766ac01360996082f10f051323621.jpg )
>don't know, it looks really refined or something; nice.

first did a preliminary linesketch, but then I went for a more instinctive shading. Works better than the few "tricks" I learnt, but not as well as said guy's technique. I can't manage to tell whether he uses a lot of different shades of grey and corrects it over and over, or if he highlights/shades it with successive strokes of low-opacity brushes. Or both or even something else. It's extremely frustrating.

>Ling Chi?
Nope, dark eldar gastronomy. But was too lazy to draw more.

Will maybe draw a few things requested here this afternoon.
No. 3699 ID: e2ce20
Well, I'll request something. A marine from my favourite legion, the Thousand Sons, shooting an alien bitch of your preference in the face.
No. 3700 ID: 56eb1f
engaging it right now. Also, latex-clad water/air caste, and maybe the wasp in a bikini
No. 3701 ID: aea45a
Excellent. I look forward to it.
No. 3702 ID: 5f9b22
Cool,looking forward to it.
No. 3703 ID: 56eb1f
now I realize something: pre or post-heresy?
No. 3704 ID: aea45a
I meant post-heresy, but pre heresy is totally fine with me as well. I think they're awesome regardless of heretical status.
No. 3709 ID: 56eb1f
File 130352761620.png - (6.26MB , 1958x1818 , die xeno bitch 4.png )
well, clearly not my bestest one.
No. 3710 ID: 56eb1f
File 130353319210.jpg - (415.65KB , 1400x1500 , morewasp.jpg )
neither will this one
No. 3711 ID: 56eb1f
File 130353973665.jpg - (79.55KB , 1300x1200 , blind seer.jpg )
Dammit, I should cut down on the EBM/industrial metal...
No. 3712 ID: b0818b

Wow, that's amazing! It's actual ink and everything! I certainly hope you didn't go out of your way to create this.

If you have a request in return, I'll be happily obligated to complete it for you.

I'm also going to be initiating a drawthread in about three or so hours, I predict, so feel free to drop in and request/assist.

How are they standing with an arm like that?
No. 3713 ID: 56eb1f
Hold on, brah, I use ink very often for more serious works. Digital paining is only for drawfaggotry.
There's already a thread going (slowly) http://boards.4chan.org/tg/res/14686960

But I'll have to work and sleep, then.
No. 3714 ID: b0818b

No worries. I have a ten day Easturd break, so I have an obligation to do fuck-all for a while. If you have a request, just stick it around here somewhere, and I'll get on to it.
No. 3718 ID: 5f9b22
Awesome. Cut down on the EBM/Industrial? Never.
No. 3719 ID: 5f9b22
No. 3720 ID: 5f9b22
Did you say latex clad Tau?
No. 3721 ID: 56eb1f
as I said, still doing it. Hesitating much about the amount and modality of effort I should put in it.
No. 3722 ID: 5f9b22
I had planed to use it as a reference when asking other people to draw Water Caste. I Really like the way you draw Tau, and especially the taller water and air caste, but I am not going to pester you if you don't enjoy drawing them. Put as much effort and detail as you thing is going to be needed for another artist to understand Water Caste anatomy and proportions. The fact that is it a sexy Tau girl in latex is just the icing on the cake. If you heart is just not in it, come back later, I am not in a rush. I do want to sincerely thank you for doing this at all though.
No. 3730 ID: 56eb1f
Huh, still drawing her. I'm not sure about the genitals. As you may have noticed, I very rarely draw some, mostly because their sight doesn't arouse me. So, in order to draw something that I may find interesting, I'd have to create something radically different from a vagina (or from a dick). I don't know if you'd be okay with this.
No. 3732 ID: b0818b

A chainsaw.
No. 3735 ID: 56eb1f
File 130356524922.png - (78.00KB , 500x475 , PORN_FOR_THE_PORN_GOD_by_IndagoFeather.png )
urh urh urh!

No. 3738 ID: b0818b

I have Debauchery's entire discography. Personally, my favourite song am's 'Blood For The Blood God.' I swear it has to be some of the heaviest Death Metal I have heard.
No. 3741 ID: 56eb1f
I enjoy Wolves of the North greatly as well. It's a shame their last album didn't get deeper into the epic stuff and got back to the same usual stuff.
But when I first heard Blood for the Blood God, I squealed like an retarded boar for about 20 minutes and spent the rest of my day in a state of complete gleeful excitement.
i was all like:
"Oh fuck man! I just LISTENED to 40k itself! It's like they slammed all of that post-V3 delightful grimderpness right into my ears with a powerhammer !"
No. 3744 ID: b0818b

I agree. 'Wolves Of The North' is about Archaon or something, isn't it? Doesn't matter. I think it's got a really insiring sound. Although, I thought the other half of that album was shit. It sounded like AC-DC, and where I -and they- come from, that's regarded as bogan shite.

Now- latest album? I thought R&W WAS the last album!?
No. 3745 ID: 56eb1f
No, those guys make a new album every 18 months! It's called "Germany's next death metal" and from the few i've heard, it's like the second part of R&W, but with less balls, a less deep sound, and less interesting riffs. As if he wee trying to do Back in Blood again, but failed hard
No. 3747 ID: b0818b

Yeah, just downloading it now. I haven't read much good about it. Nonetheless, it's my responsibility to decide for myself.
No. 3755 ID: 5f9b22
Radically different? Hmm I think xenology said their bits are similar to a humans, so if you don't think it is going to be any different just don't draw it. There is this one http://rule34-images.paheal.net/_images/4a0d6a61f3d1e31911a038905d8a7096/448038%20-%20Tau%20Warhammer_40k.jpg

It kinda reminds me of the alien fleshlight actually http://www.fleshturbate.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/alien-fleshlight-orifice-2.jpg

But if you don't think that Tau parts are different enough to need to be shown, then just put a thong on her.
No. 3756 ID: 3d24e8

Good grief, aren't normal fleshlights bad enough?
No. 3758 ID: 5f9b22
I guess some people wanted to bang blue alien chicks bad enough that there was a market for it.
No. 3765 ID: 3d24e8
Eh, I guess so.
No. 3790 ID: 56eb1f
File 130357756486.jpg - (1.37MB , 1800x1900 , orky.jpg )
orky lad.

screwed up perspective and anatomy.
No. 3794 ID: 3d24e8
File 130357844694.png - (145.88KB , 384x377 , ffffff.png )

Cool. Looks like he belongs in some aggrotech band.

Is that supposed to be what I think it is? (see image)
No. 3796 ID: 56eb1f
The ork glyph that denotes their racial pride, from the supplement WAAARGH The orks? Yes.
No. 3797 ID: 3d24e8
Ha! Brillaint!

I'll have to go download that book at some point. It looks interesting. Like I said before, back in those days Games Workshop was interested in making fluffy documents like that. Now it's all just about raking in more money.
No. 3798 ID: 56eb1f
at least, they now understood that to rake up monies, they had to re-introduce good old fluff elements. But they simultaneously make the fluff even more grimderp. Bah. At least I'll have enough stuff to make my little bubble-interpretation.
No. 3801 ID: 3d24e8
File 130358012407.jpg - (98.76KB , 600x680 , img41691ca58b2e9.jpg )

Make no mistake, I admire the excessively grim, cyberpunk world that is 40k, but there is something about shitty '80s artwork and fluff that makes it shine.

So long as they don't vomit out more of the diarrhoea that Ultrashit: The Movie was, maybe things will go okay. I think that they need to remember that not all of their customers are 14 year-olds.

Pic related. I died a bit inside when I asked to buy some of these at my FLGS last year.
No. 3802 ID: 56eb1f
Yeah, one of the rare things that were really good under Tom Kirby's rule. it i'm not mistaken. I agree with you; the old fluff had at the same time a bit more depth (chaos and its philosophical implications...) and was sillier. Again, 2000AD. But I have to admit that 90s grimderp has a bit of that essence of pure over-the-top ridiculous but glorious flavor that takes itself so seriously or so un-seriously that you don't care whether it's serious or not. Like Manowar and Gurren Lagann. What really bothers me is when different versions of the fluff are mutually exclusive. That's what happened with the cron, and what's going to happen to them again. That's sad, because it invalidates material that could have been combined with other parts of the fluff to create more riches, subtlety and variety.
No. 3804 ID: db21a5

Holy....oh gawd. :O
No. 3807 ID: 5f9b22
Haha I got banned for a day. Her name is Ioana Spangenberg. There is an Avi of her on /rs/ as Ioana_4 I think.
No. 3808 ID: 56eb1f
Thank you. Really.
No. 3809 ID: 5f9b22
You can also google her as Mrs. Waspwaist. Just give me a giant pic and getting banned will have been so worth it.
No. 3812 ID: 56eb1f
File 130358647084.jpg - (609.78KB , 1800x1900 , jjj.jpg )
Phew, damn latex.

Gonna sleep
No. 3813 ID: 5f9b22
Thank you. She is beautiful, that is one xenos I can get behind. Sleep well.
No. 3819 ID: 196105

Really nice. Aren't Air Caste supposed to be extremely frail and weak, so much so that they can sometimes be killed by gravity?
No. 3820 ID: 8c73c8
they are almost always in space ships though.
No. 3821 ID: 5f9b22
I think she is water caste, I have a air cast from Technomancer and she is even more skinny.
No. 3825 ID: 32e4d3
File 130362062127.png - (106.40KB , 400x400 , YESTHISISHOWIPICTUREYOU.png )
Hey Technomancer, Can I crash this in your thread?
No. 3830 ID: 4c8814
File 130364549192.jpg - (64.08KB , 478x720 , tumblr_lazbjcXTYP1qaaowno1_1280.jpg )
No. 3843 ID: 11fa54

Pure genius.
No. 3844 ID: 11fa54
You know, I kind of pictured him the same way.
No. 3846 ID: 32e4d3
Minus the whole "Childishly colored and drawn by a derp" thing, right?

I can't do serious drawings, can't shade, can't color.
No. 3848 ID: 11fa54

Yeah. Pretty much.
No. 3863 ID: 39f273
File 130377502868.jpg - (681.35KB , 1800x1300 , wasp bike.jpg )
wasp. Not really big pic, but I wouldn't have been able to manage doing proper highlights on a bigger pic.
No. 3867 ID: f82030
I like it!
No. 3869 ID: 5f9b22
Awesome, thanks again.
No. 3882 ID: e3695b
Id like to request something , when and if you got teh time for it :3.
No. 3884 ID: 762f86
do it now. I'm having less and less available time.
No. 3885 ID: e3695b

A nurgle Dreadnought

The sarcophagus is burst and so is the left side of the dread , the corpse inside is basically a bloated monstrosity, ill let you fill in the decaying details with your awesome artstyle. The left weapon is also a corrupted flamer thing, with a puss bag instead of a gas tank, as for the left flesy arm , Id like to see flesh melding into a fist or something.

If you find the above too heavy of a workload id settle for a female Krieg Commissar portrait.
No. 3886 ID: e3695b
DOH, Right arm is flamer, left is nurglish fist.

Sorry for responding so late, its 3:39 AM in romania. :(
No. 3902 ID: 762f86
Okay, I"ll see what I can do, knowing that I have to prepare other exams (those do matter to me) and that my pen is off for at least one day.

Found an electronic hardware shop, and the guy that runs it finally accepted to take the pen to another guy so that I can get another one. This might take a lot of time. Yes, it's been one month since the pen stopped working and so far, that dude hasn't been able to get me another one and even tried to sell me a non-electronic one for Ipads and Iphones, even though I gave him the brand, type and specifications of mine.

Sorry to bother you with this, but it really pisses me off. He's got some relationship issues with his kids and I think that he's operating an emotional transfer of his frustration and bitterness onto me or something.

Basically, he may be actively trolling me.

so, not before one day at least because of pen. And failing that, not before two weeks because of exams.
No. 3903 ID: a41aaf
>local computer store
Oh jeez, that's pot luck right there between someone vaguely competent and the kind of people who thing taping pennies to RAM chips is a valid solution to overheating issues.

Look, what model tablet do you have? We can probably find you a cheap replacement stylus online within a couple of hours (what part of the world do you live in?)
No. 3904 ID: 762f86
File 130393387070.jpg - (52.04KB , 530x430 , wacom-bamboo-fun.jpg )
Thank you deeply, man.

Pic related (don't laugh, I didn't have much to invest back then) and I live in France.
No. 3905 ID: 56e30e

No problem Techno, Don't worry about it! :)

I hope everything goes well for your pen and exams <3.
No. 3906 ID: fc650f

This tablet is awesome and you should feel awesome.
No. 3907 ID: 911e41
This tablet is full of win.
No. 3908 ID: d8c854
File 130394614880.jpg - (28.90KB , 452x393 , Wacom-Bamboo-Pen.jpg )

Hey man, small tablets are boss. Pic is mine. It does everything I need it for.
No. 3909 ID: a41aaf
Hmmm, it appears Wacom produced a few different models of the bamboo Fun, with different (incompatible) styli for each. Could you have a look for the actual model number? It's probably on the bottom of the tablet itself somewhere, and should start with CTE- or CTH- (or similar) followed by 3 digits.
No. 3921 ID: fc650f
This specific model of bamboo fun has been discontinued.
No. 3923 ID: 762f86
Well, fuck. Looks like i'm going to need a new tablet.
No. 3927 ID: e9c103

That's pretty shit. Doesn't it come with a warranty or something? Although, if it's no longer in production, it's likely long expired.

Heh, still got 31 months left on mine.
No. 3931 ID: a41aaf
Whoa, no need to be hasty. If it's just the stylus that's broken, then that's all that needs to be replaced. Parts are available for long after a manufacturer stops production, especially if it's a popular product (e.g. you can still buy replacement PS2 laser modules).

Of course, if it's a reason to upgrade to a tablet with a larger drawing area, then go for it.
No. 3932 ID: e9c103

No. It's been dicontinued, accoring to Liar.
No. 3933 ID: a41aaf
'Discontinued' means "we don't manufacture it or send new units to distributors anymore", not "we have destroyed all spare parts everywhere forever". Even if the statutory warranty period has expired, spare parts still exist, either from the OEM or third-party. Depending on the price of spare parts it may still be cheaper to buy a new model, but not usually.
No. 3934 ID: e9c103
Games Workshop disagrees.
No. 3940 ID: bf1e7e

He has a Wacom.

Wacom immediately removes all older products from their store once they release a new product in the same line, and makes a concerted effort to prevent other sellers from continuing to sell the backstock of their now-older models.
No. 3946 ID: 762f86
Right, I won't get my pen back til monday, and I'll be off for about three days, which means that I may be back to drawfagging after six days.
No. 3959 ID: a41aaf
This has no effect on spare parts or 3rd party replacements, only on buying a new retail boxed product.
No. 4041 ID: 762f86
File 130430320792.png - (2.83MB , 1224x1486 , abadoo 9.png )
Re-designed Abbadon

he's also getting a de-tarded fluff.

It's not shown here, but underneath the custodian helmet, he's got Skeletor's face.
No. 4042 ID: 301d6c
I kind of want to see more of these two...
No. 4048 ID: 8c73c8
do you have any minis, techno? with how well you paint pictures i am wondering how they turned out.
No. 4049 ID: b1f64d

Looks great! I always thought Abaddon's current appearance was pretty gay. The custodian helmet adds a lot, in my opinion.
No. 4057 ID: 762f86
I haven't painted/converted a mini in years. I'm quite proud of the very few ones I did so far (only special characters, cool miniatures and conversions, no army) but they don't look really great or anything. I'm not even able to do blended highlights without making horrible drying residuals. Let's say it's right above tabletop quality.

If I get back to them (and I will) I'll first have to finish a few conversions that have some potential but take an awful lot of time. namely Astragoth. But as I can't find tiny clockwork parts, I have to sculpt 60% of him and his exoskeleton.

But I swear that if the next cron codex is not too shitty, i'll make a cron army that looks like those concepts I posted and start playing.
No. 4063 ID: b0903d
I've seen a couple of your drawthreads in /tg/, and I've been pleased to see that you have no problem handling, eh, more questionable content. Too bad they always have some >300 posts by the time I find them.

Luckily, apparantly, you can leave requests to this thread as well, yes? I'm aware of your certain table-related technical problems, but I've got all the time in the world, and the threads here in /tg/chan don't seem to sunk too fast.

So; A Chaos Space Wolf, with a symbol of Khorne scar tattoo on his forehead (or something Chaosy, feel free to use imagination) with long manly viking-hair. He is eating a woman alive. Not swallowing, but eating, piece by piece, limb by limb, tearing bloody chunks off her body with his claws.

The more blood, tears and guts the better. Especially tears, sadistic cruelity would be nice and rather fitting.

I don't know about you, but I feel that Space Wolves are way too "nice" in the official art. The most extreme thing they do is drink, while they're supposed to be vikings...in Space.

So, again, absolutely no hurry if you choose to draw this. Thanks in advance.
No. 4064 ID: 762f86
I'll fucking draw this, man.

I was thinking about the Dornian heresy today, coincidence.
No. 4074 ID: 8e18cd

I think this is more fit for gurochan than this board.
No. 4075 ID: 762f86
read sticky.
And I'm not the only dude here who posts that kind of stuff.

However, to avoid shitstorming, and unless other people are interested in seeing it on the board, I will rather e-mail it to the requester, if he doesn't mind.

Also, unless I feel fucking proud of it, artistically.
No. 4079 ID: 762f86
all right, I'l e-mail it even if I like the result very much.
No. 4082 ID: e41ad5
I may not like what he's posting, but I'll defend to the death the right he has to post it. Look at the sticky, hide the thread. Not that hard.
No. 4083 ID: f5fe2f
You sir, are a knave and a faggot. If anyone should leave, it is you.

'anyone telling anyone on this board to leave the site during the month of may will be banned from the site for the remainder of the month of may. '
No. 4092 ID: 07416a
File 130439817118.jpg - (262.51KB , 481x699 , dollgirl.jpg )
Is this your fetish?
No. 4097 ID: aa2164
Why the hostility? If you don't like something here, then just don't look at it; problem solved.
No. 4099 ID: 8c0848
Oh just leave them alone. They're just some tiny faction of the worst kind of furry. As long as they don't shit up everything else with their weird, yiffy fetishes.
No. 4102 ID: fd9b6e
Guys, don't leave. Don't listen to the troll(s).
No. 4107 ID: bf1e7e

The rules basically come to not posting shit that will get the guy hosting the server in trouble (like actually illegal stuff) and not being a faghat. If you feel that someone is being a faghat, report the post and the mods will decide if they're being enough of a faghat to warrant punishment.

There's a rules page with a bit more clarifications if "don't be a faghat" isn't specific enough for you.
No. 4114 ID: 906405
I personally don't care what you draw, as long as it involves Slaaneshi daemonettes with long tongues being forcibly fucked in the mouth.
No. 4115 ID: 5286e8
Hey, Techno, any chance of reposting the Tau ponygirls thing you drawfagged on /tg/?
No. 4116 ID: 4ea119
Or maybe you could, instead of adding it as a file, give a link to it so that the guro-allergics wouldn't suffer so?
No. 4146 ID: b0c912
File 130460089225.jpg - (725.55KB , 1900x1900 , SCHNELLER.jpg )
All right, back from the exams (which I might well have failed again)
will get my pen back soon.
Just a bit. Bellmer FTW.
You mean pic related? Didn't find it good enough to post it so far.
Uh, ok, I'll post the most hardcore ones in gurochan, then. When it's finished.
No. 4167 ID: 07dc00
Hey, Technomancer, any chance we could see another latex-clad quadruple amputee tau girl? Only one that seems happy with her predicament?
No. 4168 ID: b0c912
That's likely.
No. 4171 ID: b0c912
I hope I didn't screw up the face too much. I'd like to have your opinion about the face.

Not very detailed or gory, but anyway.

No. 4172 ID: 60ca9f
The destruction on her back leg came out pretty well, I think. Same with the faces.
No. 4173 ID: f20d02
This pretty much. I've always loved the way you draw faces. Great job, once again.
No. 4179 ID: df5b15
Please don't mind if I dump a request.

A SoB Dark Heresy character. She got pale skin and she is a redhead with that classic bob cut. She got a best craftmanship right bionic arm and both her eyes are replaced by common craftmanship bionic eyes (so it is very obvious looking) with no special doodads. She may wield either a melta pistol, heavy flamer, boltgun or a bundle of grenades (frag, krak, photon flash). If she is in her power armor, add a seraphim jump pack. If she is in her sheild robes, have her instead wield a Scoriada (a whip for self-flaggelation). She may have the upper parts of her robes lowered so she can access her back with above mentioned implement of discomfort.


Considering this is a Technomancer thread, draw her getting her eyes poked out by heretics after having her right arm blow off. How they go about doing it is up to you, however, she should be rage-crying and cursing the heretics for their vile acts.
No. 4181 ID: 4c724e
The potential fun lies in the fact that the girl is so deeply broken that she starts enjoying the pain and humiliation as her right deserts. kind of an ambivalent attitude that makes it even more embarrassing. It's hard to draw, as it's a completely twisted and unusual reaction, but I'll take it as a challenge. I just need to think of a precise situation that can best justify her to be like this.

Oh, and I love the artworks of the guy who made your pic. Sauce?
Mite b cool. If I feel like it afterwards.
No. 4182 ID: 4c724e
So, I just installed the CS5 version of toshop, which mean that I first have to get used to it (dem neat strokes, perfectly sensitive to pressure) before experimenting stuff, so I'm opening a drawthread for training purposes.
No. 4185 ID: 5a76c6
CS5 is brilliant. Initially, I had a lot of brush-lag, but that's only until you turn the OpenGL features off.
No. 4186 ID: 4c724e
File 130472337426.jpg - (177.24KB , 700x900 , gunman.jpg )
No. 4187 ID: 5a76c6
His teeth are bullets?
No. 4188 ID: 4c724e
No. 4209 ID: 9670c9
File 130482139083.jpg - (181.40KB , 1300x1400 , factdrone.jpg )
We should have had a talk with Drone/Xeno long ago. Shit wouldn't have turned out so badly.
No. 4215 ID: e6e3a2
I think of Drone as more of an adventure scarab.
No. 4217 ID: 49f50a
I've got another idea for eye play:

Two wholly augmented techpriests trying to figure out dick goes where, and the techpriest is screwing the another one's bionic eye out.
No. 4218 ID: 9670c9
File 130485606829.jpg - (151.24KB , 1024x768 , 40cores.jpg )
So now Drone is male? That explains everything.
trying this.
Then, latex and stumps.
No. 4219 ID: 9670c9
File 130486217132.jpg - (349.20KB , 1300x1400 , bleur.jpg )
looks like I still need practice
No. 4220 ID: 9670c9
File 130486231796.jpg - (258.22KB , 1100x1800 , turrets.jpg )
also, turrets.
No. 4221 ID: 49f50a
"The meatbags make it look so easy..."
No. 4222 ID: b33be6
Is this your take on that scene in Austin Powers: Goldmember?
No. 4223 ID: 9670c9
Never seen that one. Watched the second one a long time ago, but that's all.
No. 4224 ID: b33be6
Oh. Well the villain, named Goldmember, puts his golden member in a machine to start it iirc.
No. 4235 ID: 07dc00
>>4167 Here.
I approve immensely!
No. 4243 ID: 9670c9
File 130496014993.jpg - (921.38KB , 1780x2000 , tu\'shan.jpg )
good light effects?
No. 4246 ID: 9670c9
File 130496393032.jpg - (137.55KB , 900x1300 , happiness in slavery.jpg )
re-did the face.
No. 4247 ID: 5adfd0

Ah, I was wondering where that image was gone. I clicked on your previous post and got a 404. And that image is very, very HNNNNbonerGGGG for me. Also, my thanks for your contributions in that thread on /d/.
No. 4248 ID: 71dbc8
And her ass got a polish too
No. 4249 ID: 1d7e8a
Guess the ashling pic from the drawthread got back tracked?
No. 4250 ID: 9670c9
quite so. Found another opportunity to work on fire effects:>>4243
No. 4254 ID: 9670c9
File 130498580111.jpg - (1.51MB , 1880x3900 , m.jpg )
No. 4255 ID: 9670c9
File 130498661577.jpg - (383.03KB , 1160x1303 , leich.jpg )
No. 4259 ID: 9670c9
File 130507662350.jpg - (621.03KB , 1000x1639 , rhys3.jpg )
No. 4260 ID: 9670c9
File 130507677407.jpg - (1.71MB , 2500x2000 , reapers.jpg )
Watched Casshern recently (the grimdark live-action movie, not the anime), it's nice to see that the sentai genre still has potential.
No. 4261 ID: 9670c9
File 130507687458.jpg - (139.70KB , 1000x1400 , building the empire.jpg )
now with limbs, not doing anything useful with them.
No. 4271 ID: 4f7204
Daaaw! You get 5 rainbows out of 5 possible!
No. 4275 ID: 4ea119

/r/ her with another, human amputee missing her hands and feet playing in a dog play pen.
No. 4278 ID: ee8298
File 130523069651.jpg - (497.90KB , 1500x1500 , TaLOS d.jpg )

had to adjust the levels just a little bit, but won't do it again.
No. 4279 ID: ee8298
File 130523881787.jpg - (1.18MB , 1500x1900 , yel.jpg )
someday I'll paint something similar with gold on a wooden background or something.
No. 4280 ID: 85968b
First I thought it had massive pierced testicles and lol'd.

I'm so tired.
No. 4281 ID: ee8298
that's not my style.

sleep a bit, bro.
No. 4284 ID: ec82fc

These are quite exceptional. >>4259 made me think of that part from The Lion King, for some reason.
No. 4291 ID: 078c45
The thread over on /tg/ 404'd, but I'm still with you. As for what I'm going to do with the hair, I was thinking a bright red, something like what they have in GW's studio hellions. I've painted hair like that before and it comes out really cool. After working some on my reavers last night, I'm thinking I may try an alabaster look on the armor, but I'm honestly not sure yet.
No. 4293 ID: ee8298
white armour? Clearly not what I had in mind. Unless you want it to look like a banshee.

I did think about a white-coloured scheme, but I figured out it'd work better with blue contrasting, so I don't recommend you this.
No. 4296 ID: b1bec5
Yeah, it looked cool on the test reaver, but you're right it'll look funny on that model. I can definitely do a dark blue scheme, but painting it will probably have to wait a week or so.
No. 4307 ID: 9b3b32
File 130539922147.jpg - (78.06KB , 930x620 , 449C_001bis.jpg )
awright, just went to an exhibition where a lot of voodoo fetishes were exposed, and that lit up something in my guts, but I don't know how to exploit it yet.

See that pic? One of the bocio that were there, and all of them were basically about people bound up with ropes, chains, locks, with keys nailed in their bodies, with missing limbs, over-emphasized sexual features, and various objects attached to their bodies, like jars and skulls.

Considering how my sexuality echoes this, I feel like there's a huge artistic potential in the connection of these elements, but I can't really figure out how to use them. Do you have any ideas/know some artists who tackled this?

thanks in advance.
No. 4315 ID: 9b3b32
File 130542432130.jpg - (521.60KB , 1300x1600 , stitches.jpg )
yandere Xeno and Sar'A?
No. 4318 ID: 9b3b32
File 130542592434.jpg - (75.83KB , 900x1038 , purplebutt.jpg )
15-minutes sketch.
No. 4324 ID: 9b3b32
File 130544565998.jpg - (312.60KB , 1200x1400 , everythingwentbetterthanexpected.jpg )
recent stuff, done with lack of sleep and all. One of my most photorealistic ones so far, I think. Thought I was fucking it up at first.
No. 4325 ID: 5e5c09
I don't think I've ever seen you draw a human woman before. It looks pretty good. I dunno though, looks like some of the edges could use sharpening. Kind of like it's blurry or something.
No. 4328 ID: 9b3b32
drew one or two sororitas a long time ago. Humans aren't enough.

Yeah, I also think that, for a more cartoonesque drawing like this, a better definition of the shapes is important, I'll try that with the next one i'll do in that style.

dammit, must stay awake to balance my sleep rhythm.
No. 4329 ID: 1854db
If that's supposed to be human you should probably make her have humanlike proportions. For instance, her abdomen is way too thin, especially compared to her hips. Compared to her hips everything else is too small, really.
No. 4330 ID: e7d119
He likes it that way.
No. 4331 ID: 07416a
This is the favorite thing of yours I've ever seen.
No. 4336 ID: 342eb7
File 130547263860.jpg - (539.36KB , 1200x1400 , bros%22.jpg )
No. 4337 ID: 342eb7
File 130548264252.jpg - (506.74KB , 1200x1400 , predalol.jpg )
aw shit nigga!
No. 4341 ID: 342eb7
File 130549671626.jpg - (1.16MB , 1920x1900 , silent king.jpg )
No. 4342 ID: 342eb7
File 130550085703.jpg - (170.10KB , 1100x1100 , yss.jpg )
No. 4343 ID: affe99
well i got here from:

my idea of the voodoo marines. came from a mix of role-play and random talks. basically i live in Dominican republic. next to Haiti i work with lots of Haitians and you get to know about their culture.

i've always been a fan of scyfy coming from games. red-alert, star craft then dow 40k but i haven't played much the tabletop. i've always wanted to but there is no market here. anyway. this idea of the voodoo marines came to me. with the book of rites of battle. which talked about chapter creations. i had decided to make a chapter. but there were too many space marines. so i decided to take away some of the Christianity demons from the chaos and from there came the voodoo idea. so far i want to create some sort of fluff and then buy models. to start editing.

il be posting now my left hand has a cast and gets tired.
No. 4344 ID: 9d4209
Daaw, Happy-Cron is so happy!
No. 4345 ID: 342eb7
I hate you.
No. 4346 ID: 9d4209
Don't be angry, Techno-oniisan o(^_^)0
No. 4347 ID: affe99
rolled 0 = 0


right now i'm making the chapter using the rites of battle and rolling random numbers. so far ive got something. though i dont know if i can roll in here.
No. 4348 ID: 342eb7
File 130551047942.jpg - (3.31MB , 2500x2500 , zorrrg.jpg )
You might as well do it here, at least it won't 404.
No. 4349 ID: 6f0025


40k needs more tech powered by murdered gods.

actually, looks like crons have gotten into that game late


still, too much necro- can be bad.
No. 4358 ID: 342eb7
File 130562152402.jpg - (1.61MB , 1500x2500 , allan.jpg )
No. 4359 ID: a41aaf
... Is that a space marine, in a pith helmet, with an elephant gun, hunting nids?
No. 4360 ID: 342eb7
File 130562468447.jpg - (804.89KB , 1500x2500 , schl.jpg )
It is.

I was more expecting comments about the jungle, but anyway.
No. 4361 ID: b6c2d6
Don't forget! Rule 34 on ms. Norn's gaping ass!

"I can't think of a better way to compleat, can you?"
No. 4362 ID: 2d5a67
You up for some 40K related drawfaggin?

No. 4363 ID: 342eb7
File 130566530784.jpg - (2.55MB , 2700x2600 , bonegnawer.jpg )
I think that the canonical primarchs are already girly enough as they are.
No. 4364 ID: 0748f5
I'd be okay with this.jpg
No. 4365 ID: 342eb7
okay, tomorrow, then.