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File 139769454729.gif - (20.61KB , 307x301 , digprof.gif )
22792 No. 22792 ID: fe8b1a

I've been trying to redraw everything before hand so I can get it up and running. It's hard to keep drawing because I don't know if what I'm doing looks right or not so I thought I'd dump stuff here and discuss and maybe get some more gas to go and draw more again.
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No. 22799 ID: fe8b1a
File 139769482433.gif - (21.82KB , 182x410 , blanca1.gif )

No. 22801 ID: e1609c

you do good poses.
No. 22803 ID: fe8b1a


thanks! I really never expected anyone to say that
No. 22804 ID: fe8b1a


I think I need start by bringing her eyes closer together
No. 22805 ID: e1609c

I think its less that and more you need to add something to make the eyes stand out more? Like maybe one of those little white circle things you see in cartoons sometimes.
Take my word with a grain of salt as I am a terrible artist
No. 22806 ID: fe8b1a
File 139770610793.gif - (22.05KB , 374x392 , kick.gif )

No. 22810 ID: ca0da5

Those little shimmers? Yeah, that would probably work in a pure black eye. Shimmers always look better in my opinion, and I trust you won't prove me wrong Cathedial.
No. 22812 ID: 4a20fa

Honestly, I don't see any call for eyeshine here. If anything, her far eye is probably slightly too close to the centreline.

Sort out where the pelvis goes during sketching. It's sort of...pinched away to nothingness here. I'm guessing >>22794
and >>22796 used references? That's good, but identify the (rough!) skeletal components and muscle masses and project those into other drawings.

The bulge where his loincloth is wrapping around his loins is making him look weirdly twisted, and a kick where you're turning away from the target seems kind of awkward. Arm's kind of thin.

There are some pretty good anatomy concept cheatsheets here: >>1518, and the middle section of >>5196 is your general shape construction which should help you place the eyes right when rotating the head. Knowing how the character should exist all properly in 3D space helps you know where and how to simplify it for a fast 2D cartoon.

...just don't fall into the trap of spending nine hours sketching per update.
No. 22813 ID: fe8b1a


Thanks, the plan is to have a rough character sheet for each character drawn out ahead of time so that when it comes to the quest I only need to draw once in awhile and can focus on just placing things when need be while working mainly on the story
No. 22815 ID: 4a20fa

If that's your focus, cool, whatever gets updates out.

If you want to improve your drawing, just be aware that copypasting sprites won't help you grind technique.
No. 22816 ID: fe8b1a


Nope but I'm drawing all the sprites myself and any time there's something more complex that "person a talks to person b and does this motion" I will have to draw it. I draw decently often enough to be able to improve off of it but I really want more quality storytelling on the fly in reaction to the whims of the audience than what I have pulled out of my rear so far.
No. 22858 ID: fe8b1a
File 139793899366.gif - (28.00KB , 449x170 , Untitled-2.gif )

How's that look?
No. 22871 ID: e1609c

2 and four seem pretty good
No. 22872 ID: fe8b1a

so I should keep the eyes vertical then?
No. 22874 ID: e1609c

personally I think it could work either way. 2 works because it goes with the contours, while 4 has a more cartoony feel, I guess? It's really down to you dog
No. 22875 ID: fe8b1a
File 139800257673.gif - (72.86KB , 1500x1100 , 1392780545826.gif )


I went through my old quest pages and.....

I didn't have a standard....I just did whatever...this is frustrating
No. 22876 ID: fe8b1a


Opinions on 4 for more stationary poses and 2(without the glare) for movement?
No. 22878 ID: 4a20fa

The first of these is closest to correct positioning. The third is distorted and the fourth is developing a bad case of flounderface.

Personally I would avoid the eyeshine. It doesn't fit the rest of the style and makes them look more vacant.
No. 22879 ID: fe8b1a


But is the forth one not the best for displaying emotion?
No. 22883 ID: 4a20fa

Not really, no. Given your characters are mouthless and a bit blank-faced, you'll do better at conveying emotion with posture, and part of reading that right is having the head work as a proper 3D shape.

I mean, stylized flounderfacing (rather than just copying anime's cheap shortcuts) can work, but you have to stylistically commit to it. (See e.g. redic-nomad's daft cartoons.) It's not what you're doing with anything else here.

That, or just make your entire cast doobies.
No. 22886 ID: fe8b1a
File 139802340269.gif - (17.52KB , 489x199 , laying.gif )

No. 22887 ID: fe8b1a
File 139802344721.gif - (322.72KB , 3000x2000 , poses.gif )

No. 22891 ID: fe8b1a
File 139802951087.gif - (17.64KB , 528x252 , out-cold.gif )

No. 22892 ID: 53ba34

maybe they should invest in some shorts.
No. 22893 ID: fe8b1a


Shorts are a rare commodity on remote islands. Also I'm surprised no one ever asked about his pants before.
No. 22909 ID: fe8b1a
File 139812107892.gif - (21.66KB , 343x387 , punchingorslashing.gif )

No. 22911 ID: fe8b1a

Slowly trying to get the will to draw even if they're bad I'm still trying
No. 22912 ID: fe8b1a
File 139812774853.gif - (21.16KB , 477x346 , jumpatt.gif )

No. 22915 ID: fe8b1a
File 139822237430.gif - (25.05KB , 341x553 , victory.gif )

No. 22924 ID: ca65e6

It's... kindof weird that there's a bulge so often.
No. 22925 ID: e1609c

I think that was addressed in the quest, if I remember right
No. 22926 ID: fe8b1a

Was it? Or is it because he just has a package?
No. 22928 ID: e1609c

that was how it was addressed, yes
No. 22929 ID: fe8b1a

So gender means something? how would that even come handy?
No. 22940 ID: e1609c

cockslapping, assumedly.
Be aware that I read the first two updates and it was forever ago, so I may in fact be wrong
No. 22941 ID: ca0da5

Looking at the old progress you had for Able quest, you seemed to use a paintbrush instead of pencil. Have you changed to using a pencil tool or simply rendering the colors to a limit before you start drawing? For example, you can set it to five indexed colors: Black, White, 25%, 50%, and 75% gray. These five shades of grayscale are all you would need to draw that dog, after all.
No. 22942 ID: fe8b1a

0.0 I still use paintbrush it's just seems easier and softer.

I'm not very good at this
No. 22946 ID: fe8b1a
File 139830357880.gif - (21.72KB , 371x381 , sneak.gif )

No. 22947 ID: ca0da5
File 139830749039.png - (7.96KB , 202x326 , Pallet changer.png )

Well, here's the thing: The paintbrush can still be used but in a sharper way. I don't mean more intelligent, but sharper as in pointier. Being not anti-aliased. I don't know what program you use, but if it's GIMP, you can do it like so: Image>Mode>Indexed
Use custom pallet and open the pallet selection window. From there, you can make an entirely new one, and limit it to the few colors, such as five grayscale colors and red, since you seem to like red.

I've included an image of what the pallet editing screen should look like. You can click the "new color" button to add in a new square, though by default I believe it's always black. Using a pallet with a paintbrush gives you that sharp look a like of "Sprite" type quests use.
No. 22948 ID: ca0da5

I mean, don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with using the paintbrush on RBG mode, I just thought you were going for the sharper look.
No. 22954 ID: fe8b1a


I use CS2

But I think what I got going on atm is ok. Later I can go and change things.
No. 22955 ID: fe8b1a

thanks for the help though
No. 22959 ID: 4a20fa
File 139836454324.jpg - (179.62KB , 1053x1228 , bodypattern1.jpg )

>Big Head mutator
It can help to measure (at least eyeballing it) bodypart lengths in terms of the head.

It's fine for the total to differ from some platonic ideal (generally cartoon characters are fewer heads high, superheroes more), but it should be consistent across drawings of the same character, and largely across characters of the same build.
No. 22960 ID: fe8b1a

I was drawing with two of my previous pieces in the background...I am literally horrible at art
No. 22966 ID: ca0da5

That's why I was thinking you wanted to go for sprites, get a set appearance. That way you could get the head and varients, then a body, arms for when appropriate, and leg positions. Then all you'd have to do is draw the scene.
No. 22974 ID: fe8b1a


What I was planning on doing was copypasting this guys and then when it came to any other poses or close ups I'd try and do them on the fly. I only wanted to do everything beforehand because when I was doing the quest on /tg/ I was wearing myself out.

Mostly i'm just trying to take a step away and up from the ruby quest homage it used to be. I originally started a thread on /tg/ to see how many ruby quest fans I could get just by posting weaver's usual quest beginnings(black with two white things and a red thing) then thought "eh there's people maybe I could do something with it" and literally kept changing what I wanted to do with it till I came up with a solid plan. I want to let this run it's course and then figure out all the things i did right/wrong when it's done. I really like this style of story telling but I'm bad at remembering details.

TLDR: I'm trying to do all this because I enjoy quests, I'm just bad at them and I appreciate all the helpful suggestions.
No. 22978 ID: ca0da5

Well, something to keep in mind: You work through the use of gifs. Draw your image on its own layer, make sure it has no background it's being drawn on. The layer should be entirely transparent. This also means that once you are done and ready to flatten the image to one layer, you'll want to remove the background layer.

The reason for this is to avoid white outlines. They can be useful, do not misunderstand, but you want to be careful when making them. As a suggestion, you can use the "select like colors" wand and then Edit>Grow Selection by three to seven pixels, and then dump white paint "behind" it. If it gets an aliased sharpness to it, just undo, Edit>Feather Selection by two or three, then dump the paint again. It will get an anti-aliased feel to it, a smoothness, just from that feathering.
No. 22981 ID: fe8b1a

I work with photoshop files then save as gif
work the lines on one layer and the color on another
No. 22987 ID: 4a20fa

This is...pretty crazy. If you want antialiasing, supersample. Draw (and flood-fill) with crisp edges at several times the desired size, then downscale.

However I'm honestly not seeing that as a problem here, because the "fill behind" technique also works if you're careful.
No. 23164 ID: fe8b1a
File 140011242981.gif - (202.40KB , 900x899 , recap5.gif )

took waaaay to long to get it how i wanted it
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