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File 138939264453.jpg - (154.46KB , 1170x1362 , lucy_with_armor_cropped_sketch.jpg )
21837 No. 21837 ID: eaa372
I'm not dodging quest updates or anything. Honest. Have a sketch of a quest protagonist.
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No. 21850 ID: 74c4ad
Does that quest you're not not updating have a name, or a title, by the way? Wasn't sure if Lucy's name should be read as the quest title.
No. 21926 ID: eaa372
File 139011098963.jpg - (426.21KB , 2792x2623 , alia_and_veechy.jpg )
Had the urge to draw the twins in detail between classes and writing up plans for the quest I haven't namedropped yet.
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