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File 138808660916.png - (266.65KB , 900x501 , ad2013.png )
21590 No. 21590 ID: 2859f2
My old drawthread was gathering cobwebs, and was generally out of date. I have created this new thread for the purposes of NEWER art as well as COMMISSIONS within the TGchan community.

Announcing: I will take small B/W commissions for $10. NOTE: this price will most likely be subject to change, and is on a FCFS basis. If you like that price, you ought to get in on it.

One person is currently en queue! Commissions drawn for TGchanners will appear in this thread unless they request that they not be. Otherwise, I will just drop relevant artwork here for you all to disenjoy.
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No. 21591 ID: 46bcf8
My commission idea is this Bangles and your thick gnoll naked with ball and chains at their ankles as if they're in prison
No. 21592 ID: f23f0a
Wasteland rat here, looking to snag up five commissions because I do have me some ideas to get drawn~
No. 21593 ID: 2859f2
File 138810864754.png - (347.49KB , 1029x883 , starbo.png )
Footjobs for starbo birds
No. 21595 ID: 2859f2
File 138811852613.png - (178.63KB , 950x618 , LW.png )
These gnolls aren't going anywhere soon
No. 21596 ID: 233fdf
New breeding stock? :}
No. 21598 ID: 46bcf8
they're just doing jail time for biting/tasting the local populous

it's not their fault bazaars look like buffets!
No. 21603 ID: 795da4
oh I like your art but I don't how to commission

I do sort of want to gift you steam gifts regardless just because all the birds
No. 21605 ID: 2859f2
File 138817389530.png - (402.77KB , 1139x859 , horsecock.png )
Cuthbert the dashing man-at-arms (also a rooster)
No. 21610 ID: 2859f2
File 138820271695.png - (152.29KB , 1200x1022 , WLR2.png )
A hylotl
No. 21613 ID: 2859f2
File 138821219536.png - (232.60KB , 628x965 , tugma.png )
Tugma "Loincloth" Gfulgtrithd, kobold abolitionist and former slave
No. 21626 ID: 9833c2
I laughed. Tug my loincloth.
No. 21755 ID: 2859f2
File 138878323214.png - (283.70KB , 900x971 , MEDIC2.png )
General avian sex

another for our very own Medic
No. 21767 ID: 857855
p cool yo
No. 21769 ID: 2859f2
File 138880167385.png - (191.21KB , 1200x1200 , tugma2.png )
Another Tugma

not very good table manners there

Sorry I have been drawing so much porn lately, I know it is improper u N u
No. 21772 ID: 233fdf
I for one welcome the smut. ;3
No. 21847 ID: 67bfa9
I would like to purchase an additional commission
No. 21927 ID: e1609c
thats quite a lot of lip gloss there
No. 22747 ID: c12703
File 139740669090.png - (15.61KB , 474x1013 , sexygina.png )
Here is on lewd at the request of IRC
No. 22760 ID: dea113
Gina is pretty hot actually.
No. 22763 ID: c12703
File 139753304415.png - (30.67KB , 900x900 , letitshout.png )
Colors for reference.
No. 22775 ID: 2eac65
That's an oddly-angled mouth.
No. 22790 ID: ca0da5
Take a look at the mouths on >>22763 , I think it's supposed to resemble the muzzle (even cats have a slight muzzle) being slightly to the side.
No. 24204 ID: bac58f
File 140739415202.png - (211.65KB , 1100x1600 , gartrutandsalzen.png )
Gartrut and Salzen from Bastion of Innocence.
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