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File 138788175424.png - (12.78KB , 716x564 , knight.png )
21563 No. 21563 ID: 233fdf
A general drawthread where I'll be displaying various TG fanarts, smut, and general drawfaggotry.

Hope to see you there! ;)
Expand all images
No. 21564 ID: 233fdf
File 138788186522.png - (36.64KB , 832x628 , smut dump.png )
Sketches of LonelyWorld's tiny deer.
No. 21565 ID: 233fdf
File 138788228922.png - (17.34KB , 465x546 , Moar feckin\' furries.png )
Why am I doing this so late? WHO KNOWS!?

But, here's a topless dog.
No. 21567 ID: 233fdf
File 138788469351.jpg - (364.38KB , 1024x806 , Yawning_Raccoon.jpg )
Perhaps a more realistic depiction of an Astranian space marine.
No. 21568 ID: 233fdf
Evidently donning only the top half of her armor. >.>
No. 21569 ID: ccf689

As far as I remember... Oken does have bigger tits.
No. 21570 ID: 67bfa9
this is really Awesome! thanks for the fanart

No. 21573 ID: 233fdf
Heh heh. There's more to come.
No. 21574 ID: 233fdf
File 138796533873.png - (58.77KB , 400x400 , upset deer.png )
"There's nothing wrong with the size of my breasts, you disgusting Solar FREAK!"
No. 21575 ID: 233fdf
File 138796666593.png - (77.86KB , 600x600 , ZaneSideProfile.png )
Y'know Zane has some freaky hair.
No. 21576 ID: 233fdf
File 138797308295.png - (77.27KB , 600x600 , OGRE.png )
Rule 63 of Oken and Dompag. Sorry,I got tired of drawing them.
No. 21578 ID: 46bcf8
oh wow! so I see! these are all amazing! I guess you like my characters?

poor Oken, the world is so judgemental of her looks.

Zane spends many many minutes each morning to get it that freaky!

the concept of female dompag is pretty amusing, hitting on all of the TGchan boys
No. 21587 ID: 233fdf
File 138806613207.png - (130.72KB , 600x600 , Foxy Lady.png )
Big afro, big breasts.
No. 21588 ID: 233fdf
File 138806660123.png - (58.48KB , 600x600 , SirRidderSuckingIt.png )
Sir Ridder at his finest.
No. 21599 ID: 233fdf
File 138813314764.png - (131.05KB , 600x600 , Ancient Astranian.png )
More Lonelyverse fanart! This time it's an ancient astranian! Well, maybe the alliance had yet to form. So, I guess it would be an ancient Nokkin... probably one of Zane's ancestors.
No. 21600 ID: 233fdf
I might finish the piece one of these days.
No. 21601 ID: 233fdf
File 138813408243.png - (48.74KB , 600x600 , Vaccuum.png )
The rare dick nosed cat.
No. 21602 ID: 233fdf
File 138813430533.png - (37.31KB , 600x600 , DickNosedCat.png )
If you look closely at the dick nose, it kind of looks like a cute dino.
No. 21604 ID: 46bcf8
a tiny legionaire, adorable!

the Zane clan does have a history of great warriors
No. 21612 ID: 233fdf
File 138821200448.png - (134.33KB , 600x600 , pikemouse.png )
More primitive Astranians! I based this one off of Commander Ekia's wine assistant.

Btw, I realize a lot of these drawings are light, sketchy, and a little bit rough looking, but this is first time working with a tablet, so bear with me.
No. 21614 ID: 46bcf8
this is really good for a tablet first try!
a thousand times better than mine(see vampire twins 1st thread is you don't believe me)

by the way, Ekia's attendants name is Mook
No. 21617 ID: 233fdf
File 138821564422.png - (78.70KB , 600x600 , LWGift1.png )
Thanks LW, I really do appreciate the compliment.
Because of that, I've drawn you a bit of gift art, free of charge
No. 21618 ID: 46bcf8
haha unfortunately people with dicks for noses really isn't my thing

you've already drawn plenty of free gift art for me!
you are the one deserving thanks not me

though I'm not opposed to the possibility of providing compensation for art in the future either
No. 21619 ID: 233fdf
Come now, LonelyWorld. Just imagine the her mouth... the soft caressing of her tongue against your erect member! Oh yes. And as her muzzle buries ever further down its taught form, her LARGE schnozz, glistening with pre-cum, rests firmly against your stomach.

But, if you insist, then her cock must GO!
No. 21620 ID: 233fdf
File 138822125960.png - (77.08KB , 600x600 , LWGift1dickless.png )
No. 21622 ID: 233fdf
File 138822154275.png - (218.59KB , 600x800 , Apexbabe1.png )
Just a quick sketch for some more practice.
No. 21624 ID: 233fdf
File 138823238826.png - (125.16KB , 800x600 , AstranianRoyalty.png )
This time around it's an Astranian royal. Well, actually she's not actually royalty, but around the joint she's known as "Princess."
No. 21625 ID: 233fdf
Yep, it's relatively late again. However, I just really wanted to do more sketches... heh heh.
No. 21629 ID: 67bfa9
thank you I like this much better!

very nice, very sexy
I really love the pose!
No. 21630 ID: 233fdf
Ugh.Looks like I,m up. Time to draw some more.
No. 21632 ID: 233fdf
At this moment I will be accepting requests.

As for my criteria, there really won't be one, just don't request any TOO disgustingly fetishistic. However, smut will be tolerated.

Also, my selection of pieces will be based on a first come first serve process.

Further, one of the reasons I'm doing this is to exercise my own creative juices and as such, I will very much be biased with whether I choose draw up a request, or not. So, don't be offended or alarmed if I don't.

Secondly, I'm doing this to ride TG's cock some more.

I hope that sums up just about everything.
No. 21633 ID: 233fdf
Oh and friend making will be nice too.
No. 21634 ID: 67bfa9
well if no one else makes requests, I'm gonna just request more of the same!

all the Astranian stuff you've been doing is amazing!
if you feel extra generous I wouldn't mind some stranner pics with embarrassed nakedness or clothing damage
No. 21635 ID: 233fdf
File 138828035261.png - (66.13KB , 500x600 , LWrequest.png )
Solars have often found that the best way to detain an Astranian is to simply strip them (the collar and chain is added for the purpose of improving moral.)
No. 21636 ID: 233fdf
File 138828055499.png - (96.08KB , 600x600 , AlienConcepts.png )
An alien infantry man, lacking lore.
Aliens are pretty cool.
No. 21637 ID: 233fdf
EH, art blocking. I think I'll draw more primitive astranians.
No. 21639 ID: 233fdf
File 138829011617.png - (109.31KB , 600x600 , Battle.png )
Prilorian Zane's days as an initiate, testing her worth in glorious battle.
No. 21640 ID: 05dce8
How about 'stranian OCs like Duke and Quil?
No. 21642 ID: 67bfa9
Exellent! so adorable~
you are so good at drawing my characters . . .

stripping has been proven to reduce escape attempts by 92%

so vicious! Zane is quite the scrapper!
. . . you're making me want to run a medival stranner quest

should I submit more requestd?
No. 21643 ID: 233fdf
You kidding me, LW? I'm like a dirty, fucking fanboy of your work, it's sickening. If you couldn't tell from the art already.
Of course I would want you to submit more requests.
No. 21644 ID: 67bfa9
well in that case I wouldn't mind seeing more nudes of my chars,

seeing medival versions of Hoft, Oken or Giraffe engineer might also be neat!
No. 21645 ID: 233fdf
Yes, I'll do fan characters. However, i'm unfamiliar with the two your mentioned.
No. 21646 ID: 1f8505
Do you draw human peoples, Mr. Paladin?
No. 21647 ID: 83d5e7
Hey FilthyPaladin, can you draw Pyan doing lewd things? She's the most recent stranner in LW's thread.
No. 21648 ID: 233fdf
File 138829651797.png - (185.53KB , 800x600 , we.png )
That seems like a worth while project.
Though, atm I'll be AFK, but here's a WIP doodle i've been working on while listening to radio.
Hope it holds y'all over for a bit.
No. 21649 ID: 233fdf
It's not one of my strong suits, but I'm willing to give it a shot.
No. 21651 ID: 233fdf
File 138831148230.png - (106.50KB , 600x600 , Giraffe Sapper.png )
Sapper Giraffe Whatsherface surveying the field for the upcoming battle.
No. 21652 ID: 233fdf
File 138831259544.png - (225.90KB , 600x600 , Giraffe Sapper Paint.png )
Experimenting with color.
No. 21653 ID: c7fe19
No. 21654 ID: c7fe19
Oi filthypaladin I have a special request for you, hit me up on skype. Just guess who I am.
No. 21655 ID: 67bfa9
Neat! Canonically Astranians have many dino-like creatures living on their homeworld, it figures they might use some of them as mounts!

awesome as usual!
her name is Taes btw
No. 21656 ID: 233fdf
Well, I figured if they rode tiny horse it would be odd. Glad I hit the nail on the head there.

Will be heading for bed now, just wanted to quickly check the thread.
No. 21657 ID: 233fdf
Back on.
No. 21658 ID: 233fdf
File 138837026827.png - (171.99KB , 600x600 , BattyCommanderColor1flip.png )
Commander Ekia: "Strip for me, Mook. Show those supple breasts to your Commander!"
No. 21659 ID: 53ba34
she's totally bonkers, and we love her for it.
No. 21660 ID: 67bfa9
wow, so pretty, so comfy
also this is shockingly close to canon . . . have you been stealing my notes?

. . . so are we going to see the results of Ekia's latest order?
No. 21661 ID: 233fdf
I've hit a creative road block here.
But, I assure you there will be more to come.
No. 21663 ID: 233fdf
File 138838039454.png - (213.96KB , 600x600 , Scribbles1.png )
I was working on >>21647 request, but the file got corrupted so I drew this to relieve my frustration.
No. 21664 ID: 233fdf
File 138838123719.png - (79.21KB , 600x600 , HoftsDad.png )
My interpretation of Hoft's daddy.
No. 21667 ID: 67bfa9
aww man that's super lame about losing the pic, I feel your pain

wow!, so bark!
. . . I'm sure he's a nice guy once you get to know him!
No. 21668 ID: 233fdf
Yeah, losing the piece was a shame, but I'll have a go at it again soon.
Also, in response to a medieval Crashquest idea, that would be pretty fun to see. Another cool thing I'd like to see is some of the lore between Solars and the Astranians prior to the war, or even just early contact.
No. 21669 ID: 67bfa9
unfortunately I won't have any time for new quests in a long while, but I do intend to give more insight into Solar and Astranian history in my existing quests
No. 21670 ID: 233fdf
File 138838949392.png - (117.25KB , 600x600 , Payn3.png )
Ehhh... I ain't feelin' it right now. Anyways, here's the WIP for Payn.
No. 21671 ID: 233fdf
File 138838967321.png - (113.41KB , 600x600 , MookXEkia.png )
I forgot I did this, but I feel like it's something to share.
No. 21673 ID: 233fdf
File 138839557458.png - (160.13KB , 600x600 , RaccoonDonuts.png )
Zane looking menacing whilst eating a doughnut.
No. 21674 ID: 233fdf
That will likely be my final post for tonight. Later y'all.
No. 21675 ID: 67bfa9
Looks like she's reading a book, that doesn't seem lewd at all, still very nice looking though!

Mook is sure taking her time with that order, if she doesn't hurry Ekia might get mad!

"Zane if you eat all of those donuts you're gonna get fa-"
". . ."
"I'm gonna go now"

adorable and angry, how Zane is meant to be!
No. 21676 ID: 233fdf
Astranian erotica novel, I guess.
No. 21677 ID: 233fdf
File 138841685290.png - (29.37KB , 800x600 , wat.png )
I woke up for this shit.
No. 21678 ID: 233fdf
Btw, it's another one of LW' creation.
No. 21679 ID: 233fdf
I added tits tho >.>
No. 21680 ID: 233fdf
Guess who figured out how to activate pressure sensitivity in GIMP. :|
No. 21682 ID: 67bfa9
yeah I need to redesign that demon, it's a really bad design . . .
No. 21683 ID: 233fdf
File 138842987564.png - (208.33KB , 600x600 , EkiaXMook2paint.png )
Mook: "S-Sir, does this p-please you?"
No. 21684 ID: 233fdf
I wanted to experiment with another style, but I wasn't really feeling that one.
No. 21685 ID: 67bfa9
Excellent as usual~
Mook should just be happy Ekia didn't ask to see more
No. 21686 ID: 233fdf
File 138843255537.png - (121.13KB , 600x800 , SleepyDeer.png )
Have sweet bug dreams, tiny deer.
No. 21687 ID: 05dce8
Astranian erotica does sound hilarious. Tiny animals writing short stories.
No. 21688 ID: 67bfa9
aww poor tiny deer
. . . I'm sure the bug at the end of her bed watching her sleep isn't helping!

also,dat ass~
No. 21689 ID: 233fdf
'Aight, I'll be taking a break here.
But, before I do I just want to remind everyone that I am currently taking requests. My criteria is pretty lenient, but if you want more in depth information on how i'm conducting things, then scroll up.

Cya later!
No. 21690 ID: 67bfa9
I wouldn't mind seeing your take on Glubben or Princess Sulshi if you're interested
No. 21691 ID: ccf689

Oken in a rubber jumpsuit
No. 21693 ID: 67bfa9
god damnit Numbers . . .
No. 21694 ID: 27ccf7
pfff! Since you like LW stuff, would you accept to draw Necro? I would love to see it in your style :3
No. 21695 ID: 18ef0e
Pyan touching herself while fantazising about a doctor.
No. 21700 ID: 233fdf
Necro... Necro... Who's Necro again?

I think it would be best to implement a new rule, to avoid circumstances like this.

When requesting a character of any kind, please provide some sort of context to who the character is: quest titles, images, descriptions, etc.

Makes me feel like an ass not knowing, but, y,know no harm done and all. :-)
No. 21701 ID: f44ca3
The main character of The Relic quest. A cyborg on a ship with a bunch of Astranian's.

Should be on the main page right now. Its good stuff.
No. 21702 ID: 233fdf
File 138847272231.png - (169.25KB , 600x700 , Payn.png )
Her name is PAYN and Fuze IS doctor...
No. 21703 ID: 233fdf
Pyan >.>
No. 21704 ID: 233fdf
File 138847297765.png - (188.18KB , 600x700 , Payn.png )

I just realized i've been phonetically pronouncing "Pyan" as "Pain".
No. 21705 ID: 67bfa9
poor fuze doesn't deserve that kid of treatment . . .
No. 21707 ID: 233fdf
File 138852240771.png - (194.53KB , 600x600 , Necro2.png )
I had experimented with a style I'm unfamiliar with while doing this one.
No. 21708 ID: 1ab2ad
If you're still taking requests, I have a couple of OC requests of my own. Astranian OCs, oh no!


This deer medic >>21499
Treating a burn on this weasel engineer's hand >>20617

.. Failing that, you're welcome to draw whatever comes to you of them?
No. 21709 ID: 233fdf
File 138859554725.png - (121.96KB , 600x600 , LoveBugsColored.png )
The Voices... The Voices, they made me...

The premise of this piece was based off a stray idea that I just so happened to have in the shower. >.>

I thought it would make a good opportunity to practice layers and coloring.
No. 21710 ID: 67bfa9
ooo! very pretty I love her haunting face and the lighting
No. 21711 ID: 233fdf
Not to mention the fact that shes fucking a tech leech. >.>
No. 21712 ID: 67bfa9
I'm not really into sex porn much, more prefer nudes/embarrassement/clothing damage

that's not a Tech-Leech, Techleaches are huge.what you've drawn is a Crawler technically they're genderless drones . . . but a Techleech could theoretically spawn one with "unique traits" if for some reason it chose to do so.
No. 21713 ID: 233fdf
Thanks for the clarification!
Y'know I've been reading back through your various "Lonelyverse" quests for reference sake and I've begun to notice that I either overlooked critical points in a larger emerging plot, or I simply can't remember them due to having read them so long ago. Either way, it can't be excused.

Also, it's good to know what fetishes you got. :P
No. 21714 ID: 233fdf
I think I'll start work on Oken in a... rubber jumpsuit.
Looking at you, >>21691
No. 21716 ID: 233fdf
File 138860500317.png - (120.73KB , 400x500 , RubberJumpsuitDeer.png )
>>21691 Request
No. 21717 ID: 67bfa9
adorable! your Okens are so cute!
No. 21718 ID: 233fdf
Thank you! Thank you!
No. 21722 ID: ccf689

That's cute, thanks
No. 21723 ID: 8e5777
No. 21724 ID: 233fdf
File 138867381354.png - (513.46KB , 700x800 , Scellor.png )
Kicking 'stranner ass and looking good too.

Wasn't going to post this one, but eh.
And yes, I know he's missing his bits.
No. 21730 ID: 233fdf
File 138871134098.png - (191.50KB , 400x500 , Yeli.png )
Necro's skunk waifu.
No. 21732 ID: 67bfa9
YeliXnecro OTP
No. 21734 ID: 8e5777
No. 21766 ID: 233fdf
File 138879212937.png - (317.55KB , 658x576 , OTP4EVR.png )
what tru love is
No. 21775 ID: 8e5777
No. 21779 ID: 233fdf
I just came on to provide some insight into my activities at the moment.

As far as art goes, I will be working to complete some backlogged request including >>21708, >>21690, as well as Crashquest fantasy interpretations; >>21644
That being said, anyone want to give input into how they imagine the gang would look thrust into the Age of Swords and Magic?

Also, coming up soon here, I won't have as much free time due to winter break ending and all.
No. 21780 ID: 233fdf
File 138886255276.png - (259.45KB , 600x600 , StrigonRequest.png )
>>21708 Request

I'm the laziest at coloring.
No. 21782 ID: 233fdf
File 138887199677.png - (698.88KB , 1000x1100 , DrawdumpGore.png )
This began as a figure study of a boar. I just don't know what went wrong.
No. 21787 ID: 1ab2ad

It is still really cute! Thanks a bunch. :3
No. 21789 ID: 67bfa9
so romantic~

dwaa, so cute!

this is what happens when your boob energy isn't properly vented!, if you don't draw boobs often enough they'll show up unintended!
No. 21813 ID: 233fdf
Computer is down, won't be uploading for a bit.
No. 21824 ID: 1ab2ad
that's no good. hope it's a quick enough fix.
No. 21832 ID: 8474cd
Sirry to ear that, I know your pan
No. 21833 ID: 67bfa9
aw man that's lame, hope you get it fixed soon!
No. 21846 ID: 8474cd
I may know your pain but sure as hell I don't know how to type...
No. 21855 ID: 233fdf
Still here. Still kickin'!
No. 21869 ID: 1ab2ad
Hooray. Is the computer issue fixed, at last?
No. 21872 ID: 233fdf
Provs not. I've not found much time to work at it. I attempted one fix to no avail.

I'll probs just post some sketchbook doodles in the mean time.
No. 21874 ID: 1ab2ad
Ah, that sucks. Hope you find time to fix it, then. Computer woes are never fun.
No. 21991 ID: 233fdf
Computer is back up.
No. 21992 ID: 67bfa9
No. 21993 ID: 1ab2ad
No. 22214 ID: 233fdf
File 139296703976.jpg - (63.01KB , 600x600 , Stupidcrap.jpg )
I'm back y'all, after a hiatus of computer issues, gaming, and general laziness! Also, dorking around with new styles. :\
No. 22220 ID: 1ab2ad
Welcome back then. Cute suit~
No. 22293 ID: 233fdf
File 139372707605.jpg - (125.63KB , 800x1000 , Knight Cat.jpg )
I believe I forgot how to draw... :0
No. 22297 ID: 67bfa9
I don't think so your pictures are still very nice!
No. 22303 ID: 233fdf
File 139373599806.jpg - (183.83KB , 1500x2000 , Priesty Doge.jpg )
been donging around with new styles
No. 22304 ID: 233fdf
I think its about that time again...

'Aight, I'm taking requests once more! I'll take anything and everything, whilst exerting my own biased on whether or not I'll decide to do it. For lack of a better criteria.

However, don 't let that put you off, because I typically just for for it.
Anyways, if you want a specific characters or OC to be done, please post in the request a description or pic of said character.

Also, have fun!
No. 22308 ID: 761017
File 139374673096.jpg - (613.03KB , 901x829 , Untitled-1.jpg )
I will take you up on that offer with this anonymous OC request:

A man with his skin covered entirely with mummyesque cloth bandages, wearing only a black hooded cloak. The bandages comform entirely to the skin. Only eyes are exposed.
Sleeves reach halfway down his forearms; hem of cloak reaches to just above his ankles.
He is standing straight with his arms hanging at his sides.
A single circle of glowing yellow gibberish runes hovers behind him.
Inside the circle shows a reddish stellar nebula and stars.
The background sky is gradient purple, the ground is cracked dirt.

I made a quick mockup in Photoshop to better communicate this request.
No. 22309 ID: 761017
One missing detail: his pupils shine with the same yellow light as the circle behind him.
No. 22310 ID: 1ab2ad
I think your art is still good, Paladin. |P And quite adorable.

If you are taking requests again though, I am now curious how a tozol ( http://tgchan.org/wiki/Tozol ) would look in your style. So.

My OC Veles http://i.imgur.com/0ORhO2s.jpg / http://sta.sh/0o9r48e4t2v enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. In keeping with my silly cutestuff.
No. 22318 ID: 233fdf
File 139383052842.jpg - (100.29KB , 1000x1000 , cat wizzard.jpg )
No. 22320 ID: 1ab2ad
The little wizard that could. Hee.
No. 22807 ID: a109a0
File 139771639413.png - (15.38KB , 421x508 , crappy mspaint.png )
No. 22808 ID: a109a0
I'll always drop in and out.
No. 22809 ID: a109a0
No. 22811 ID: a109a0
File 139771795862.png - (31.62KB , 783x692 , crappy barb.png )
more mspaint shiz
No. 23726 ID: 59295a
File 140436108170.jpg - (78.12KB , 450x450 , Oken #RIP crashquest.jpg )
clearly i've gotten shitter at drawing
No. 23727 ID: 9dd1ee
I don't think so!
also welcome back
No. 23739 ID: 59295a
File 140446024976.jpg - (101.13KB , 550x900 , OkenSwimsuit1.jpg )
What Astranian standard issue military swimwear lacks in attractiveness, is made up for in pinups!

PS: My coloring stanks.

PSS: Naked, upset Oken is best Oken.
No. 23740 ID: 59295a
PSS: I found where the lens flare is in photoshop
No. 23742 ID: 9dd1ee
>PSS: Naked, upset Oken is best Oken.
I support this notion

implying there will be more?
No. 23744 ID: ef7fd2
No. 23747 ID: 59295a
File 140453714628.jpg - (29.72KB , 350x550 , ScienceCatStranner.jpg )
Drew a reserved, little cat stranner OC. She's a weapons research scientist and is rather passionate about bounty hunters. Also tsundere.
No. 23749 ID: 59295a
File 140454935338.jpg - (88.01KB , 600x600 , Zanepinup.jpg )
something... something i'm still shite at coloring.
No. 23750 ID: ba59e8
Hey filthy, if requests are open, can you draw more Pyan?
No. 23756 ID: 9d7f75
I like her! she's cute. does she have a name?

exellent! I love how you drew Zane's face
No. 23760 ID: 59295a
Hrm... didn't happen to think of a name. Eh, I guess we can call her Weapons Analyst R'issa Vo. We'll see how that works out for an on the spot name.

She's sort of been bouncing around in my noggin for a bit, apart of some quest i've been conceptualizing, which i'll likely not bring to fruition.
It's funny though, I tend to toy with character personalities before naming them.

Also, much thanks for the complement!
No. 23770 ID: 963e99
Not to be a creativity killer, but if I may point out, Astranians almost all have four letter names to my memory.


ect ect...
No. 23771 ID: 59295a
Nah, is cool. It's good to stay lore friendly, if indeed it is definite that stranners have four letter surnames.

Lets call her "Weapons Analyst Vovo" then. ;0
No. 23772 ID: 59295a
File 140462858728.jpg - (106.86KB , 1296x864 , AutismCat.jpg )
Here's a little sketch of a little character I've been working on. The reference I used for this pic is probably a bit obvious.
No. 23774 ID: 59295a
WAIT NO! Fuck vovo is grandma in portugeuse. Shit... we'll just call the little hoe "Voax" pronounced "Vo". In hindsight that should have been my first choice. Whatevs tho, if that doesn't make phonetic/spelling sense, then we'll work on it later.
No. 23775 ID: ba59e8
Dude your art has improved fantastically.
No. 23778 ID: 59295a
File 140464171358.jpg - (137.95KB , 1296x864 , AutismCat(B&W).jpg )
This was my horrific attempt to finish >>23772 in the black and white style that Lucid does The Island of Onigashima in. Suffice to say it is a hard as shit style to pull off(for me anyway) so I gave up in frustration. :P

That's not to say I've given up on future attempts, but at the moment I'm pulling my hair out over it.

Heh. If anything though, i'm really just venting my thoughts, which I think is necessary sense of recent i've been trying to branch out of my comfort zone for the sake of improvement.

Anyways, thanks to those of you who have taken notice to my shoddy work, and give their, rather unexpected, support.
I don't mean to come off as sappy, I just can't help but feel I owe ya'll my courtesies.
No. 23805 ID: 59295a
File 140478588276.jpg - (128.14KB , 600x600 , ApocalypseCatSipping.jpg )
More of the cat character I've been debating to use as the protagonist in a potential quest.
No. 23809 ID: 59295a
File 140481082363.jpg - (63.75KB , 600x600 )
I like this character. I think her name is Duke? She's pretty cute. Anyone else think she's cute? 'Cuz I think she's a pretty cute character, eh?
No. 23811 ID: 59295a
File 140481903686.jpg - (72.06KB , 576x720 , DukeSwimsuit.jpg )
She's still cute, just sayin'.
No. 23812 ID: 59295a
Not sure if I got the hair correct, but whatevs.
No. 23813 ID: 4754ce
Hey filthypally, how about Pyan in a swimsuit that's a few sizes too small? It strokes both the summer vibe and the ENF vibe!
No. 23814 ID: 9dd1ee
Duke is definitly one of the cutest fan-stranners
I've even drawn her myself

that swimsuit seems pretty small on her, hope it doesn't snap or anything . . .
No. 23827 ID: 59295a
File 140488417078.jpg - (74.17KB , 576x720 , DukeSwimsuit(TopLess).jpg )
Is my metamorphosis into a furry porn art yet complete? :|
No. 23830 ID: 59295a
File 140489370264.jpg - (247.50KB , 600x600 , Filta.jpg )
In life we all must walk our separate roads. However, some roads happen to have more filters... sometimes all the filters!
No. 23832 ID: 9dd1ee
>Is my metamorphosis into a furry porn art yet complete? :|
well considering the first thing I saw you draw was Oken lewds, I'm gonna say it was complete a long time ago

I thought for sure she was gonna get pegged in the head.
I like this outcome much better!

Duke shouldn't feel too bad, at least she got to keep half her modesty this time
No. 23833 ID: 6e85c8

I approve of this Duke is a cutie patootie
No. 23837 ID: 59295a
'Aight, point taken.
No. 23838 ID: 59295a
No. 23891 ID: 59295a
File 140523995635.jpg - (181.93KB , 600x600 , KappaFeel.jpg )
"Kappas are notoriously good at wrestling..."
No. 23893 ID: 59295a
I kind of feel like doing a series of Kensuyata engaged in all sorts of lewd and unsavory acts.

But, I thought it would be more fun to have those who actually pay any mind to my thread, post their requests/ input on what perverse and depraved activities or situations Lucid's little tanuki should find herself in.

With that said, the criteria will be simple:
1. Refrain from requesting any gross paraphilias.
2. No overly complex requests (I'm not a very good artist)
3. No fantasy fulfillment pairing your unheard of OC with the series' character. Existing characters from other quests are fine.

Ulitmately, I'm the final filter, so what is not covered in the criteria will be left to my discretion.

And finally, requests I would like to see would be ones involving the character going through alternate turn of events of their respective quest or discussions they took place in.

I'll attempt to try my best drawing the requests in the art style the character was originally portrayed in.
No. 23894 ID: dc4b80
Ok my first thought is Kensuyata being horribly embarrassed by giant Tanooki testicles.
No. 23895 ID: 6e85c8
The Baku decides not to turn Kensuyata's dream into a nightmare, but instead turns it into a wet dream.

With his trunk.
No. 23896 ID: 6e85c8
man, I am really bad at coming up with suggestions/ requests... maybe Kensuyata and a bunch of Ryu shadow clones?

and thanks for the awesome fanart too
No. 23897 ID: 59295a
File 140534772953.jpg - (163.82KB , 600x600 , KensuyataXBaku.jpg )

Kensuyata: "LET GO OF ME YOU FREAK!"

Baku: "Ah! It's been so long since I've tasted a woman of your quality. Kunoichi, as long as you are trapped within my domain you'll submit to me, all the while I'll be ravishing your body in the waking world!"

Kensuyata: "N-no... "

No. 23898 ID: 59295a
Lol. Whatever I tried my best with this piece. I have no idea how Lucid gets his pictures looking so smooth.
No. 23899 ID: 6e85c8


Other Pornigashima Alternate Scenarios/Bad Ends:

Captured by the Lantern Ghosts, Kensuyata is presented to their boss, the day manager, while forced to present!

Megumi traps Kensuyata, paralyzing her with pleasure by grabbing and molesting her reflection in Megumi's Mirror

The Tiger Suit Oni catches Kensuyata destroying Megumi's mirror, and forces her to take Megumi's place as a punishment! The first job she has to take over is bending over the desk for his personal use

Things get even steamier in the boiler room as Kintaro snags Kensuyata in his webs!

After Kensuyata awakens Manewis, he isn't sure if he can trust a Yokai, so to prove that she isn't from Onigashima she has to suck on his 'truth probe'

Having lost to Kojiro, Kensuyata is stripped and marched across the island as punishment for her deception and invasion

Kensuyata does a 'favor' for the Akashita to get him to open the floodgates, which involves definitive proof that she doesn't have any balls to flash
No. 23900 ID: 59295a
Island of Onigashima the Hentai Doujin
No. 23901 ID: 6e85c8
I think you're actually doing a pretty damn good job mimicing the style of the quest
No. 23903 ID: 59295a
File 140540976857.jpg - (165.55KB , 600x600 , KensuyataXRyuPlusSomeMore.jpg )

Kensuyata undergoes Ryu Hayabusa's special ninjutsu training.
No. 23906 ID: 451e45
Perhaps Kensuyata in some tight leathery/rubber bondage as part of her escaping from binds training.
No. 23908 ID: 59295a
File 140544528618.jpg - (163.63KB , 500x1000 , KensuyataSwagger.jpg )
Just a quick and dirty I made in response to a stray thought. I might as well share it with y'all.
No. 23909 ID: 79391f
I'd just like to see her in a worse state of undress in these. Outfit torn or removed so she's more exposed.

...Actually, seeing the real world version of what the baku is doing would be great, or just more with that scenario in general.
No. 23910 ID: 59295a
I'm beginning to actually feel bad for this character. Lol
No. 23911 ID: 79391f
She's an adventurer and amateur ninja, these things happen. Part of getting experience is making mistakes and getting messy along the way!
No. 23918 ID: 59295a
File 140551658973.jpg - (191.93KB , 600x600 , KensuyataGetsAJob.jpg )

Kensuyata: "What do you think you're doing!? N-no STOP!"

*Kensuyata is penetrated by the Oni's member*

Kensuyata: "Nnnnh... I-I'll slay e-every... one of you!"

*The Oni pierces into Kensuyata's cervix*

Kensuyata: "Nnnnnnh-AHHHHHHH!"

Oni: "How does it feel to be violated so thoroughly little tanuki?"


Kensuyata: "H-hah... F-fuck you... "

Oni: "HAH! What a pathetic Kunoichi you are! You'll make an excellent asset as the company's new cum dumpster... "

*Kensuyata's begins to cry from the pain*

From that moment Kensuyata's dream to avenge her clan remains forever crushed. Fortunately, the company is contractually obligated to give her full employee benefits as well as a minimum wage salary for her quite skilled work as a cum dump.
Not only that, but, company morale has gone up by a whole 10% since Kensuyata's employment.

Keep up the great work!
No. 23919 ID: 59295a
Sheesh! To go around vandalizing like that? What a hooligan! I think Kensuyata got her just deserts.

Anyways, please forgive my horrible dialogue. I just couldn't help myself.
No. 23922 ID: 59295a

I was just practicing on how to draw some fine shelf booty and I thought it would be a nice summer pic to share.

And yes, I've taken a shine to Lucid's fat hipped tanuki.
No. 23923 ID: 59295a
Wow just fucking up left right and center here.
No. 23924 ID: 59295a
File 140553515794.jpg - (54.34KB , 600x600 , KensuyataButtFoReal.jpg )

Let's try and get this right, no gaurentees tho.
No. 23925 ID: 6e85c8
File 140554043630.png - (296.76KB , 608x481 , 1384210103975.png )
I just want you to know that I greatly appreciate all this fanart you're producing of Kensuyata, and that you're doing a wonderful job.

also this image came to mind
No. 23926 ID: bb78f2
So is that straight up the first internal view on tgchan?
Honestly shocked it took this long.
No. 23956 ID: 59295a
File 140570577112.jpg - (82.04KB , 600x600 , KensuyataPosin\'.jpg )
I got carried away with a simple sketch. It turned out not looking so bad tho.
No. 23957 ID: 59295a
Eh- I think I'm done with that now. Just a heads to end requests.

Probably do another series on another character some time in the future tho, so look forward to that.
No. 23960 ID: 59295a
Aww shucks, I just enjoy drawing her. You have a great caste of characters in Island of Onigashima tho, and I look forward to the ambitions you have for them.
No. 23968 ID: 79391f
Awww, no more? These were great...
No. 23978 ID: 59295a
File 140586022090.jpg - (53.52KB , 600x600 , Kensu- wait a minute.jpg )
Oken in her standard issue battle ar- eh! THAT'S NOT STANDARD ISSUE!!
No. 23980 ID: 9dd1ee
Ace Ninja Oken!

Kensu is gonna be mad that Oken took her clothes!
No. 23992 ID: 59295a
File 140605821327.jpg - (52.06KB , 600x600 , Balls.jpg )
Been feeling a bit art blocky lately. Drawing in other peoples styles tends to cure that for me.
No. 24001 ID: 59295a
File 140608730953.jpg - (38.27KB , 400x700 , Voax.jpg )
More stranner oc Voax.
No. 24098 ID: 59295a
File 140679791147.jpg - (70.58KB , 576x720 , LagoArcher.jpg )

It's been a while since I've did some digital stuff. Sketched a bit to get back into the speed of things.
No. 24133 ID: 59295a
File 140697122867.jpg - (44.84KB , 432x504 , RatMerchant.jpg )
Feelin' dumpy, g.
No. 24144 ID: 59295a
File 140698754757.jpg - (38.79KB , 360x432 , Chestcat.jpg )
ppfffbbt. Postin' this here.
No. 24153 ID: 59295a
File 140703657059.jpg - (65.83KB , 576x720 , Hugmecomrade.jpg )
Such a platonic, loving embrace epitomizes Astranian camaraderie and kinship. In this moment these two shine with all the values and dreams that our alliance has built itself upon.

Haven't done any fanart in a while.

Also tall Oken.
No. 24154 ID: 59295a
I also like to think Zane is making a very awkward apology.
No. 24156 ID: 9dd1ee
so cute! Oken however doesn't seem entirely comfortable with the situation . . .
No. 24189 ID: 59295a
File 140732588542.jpg - (74.00KB , 400x600 , Asnia Swollken.jpg )
Somewhere in an alternate universe, Oken stands proudly having completed her space marine training, top less of course.
No. 24190 ID: 59295a
Some say she has the tightest butt in the Alliance.
No. 24191 ID: 9dd1ee
ain't nobody gonna call her "tinydeer" now
No. 24205 ID: 59295a
Whew! I feel like it's been ages since I've done requests.

THAT'S RIGHT! I am once again accepting requests. So, rev up those creation engines of yours and give me something to draw.

As per usual, the rules are simple:
1. No dirty, dirty, gross ass fetishistic requests.

You know the ones where some help less, cute, little shawty is going about her business and she becomes utterly humiliated because, y'know, for whatever reason she just SOMEHOW loses her clothes.
Like, I don't know, maybe she specialty ordered some Astranian brand clothing, and her sweater just bursts into scraps if it so much as gets caught on a nail, god forbid. You'd think that they make that stuff from paper or some shit?

AND Ultimately, I'm the final filter, so I'll handle whatever I overlooked by not posting it in the rules. And because there will be bias on my part. I apologize.

Also, I recommend requesting TG related content, because I like that.

(What I said about the whole girls being stripped, and subsequently being humiliated, I WASN'T KIDDING. But, fo' real, tho, I'm kidding about that, you depraved bastards.)

(Really tho, I'm totally okay with that. Y'know if you're some sick-o who is into that sort of thing, sure, I'll draw it.)
No. 24206 ID: 9dd1ee
so mean . . .
No. 24208 ID: 59295a
Don't worry, man. I know you're not one of those guys. >.>
No. 24212 ID: 265534
Draw Yrr'a and Nako boob wrestling to determine boob dominance. Radial doesn't know what I mean by this, but I'm sure you are a man of vision.
No. 24213 ID: 4754ce
Draw Pyan doing something lewd involving dildos.

Pyan is the batstranian with eye problems.
No. 24219 ID: dc4b80

Hmm now I want to see a comic with Oken getting molested by a tentacled tech leech but it never takes her clothes off. Just lots of suggestive bulges under her clothes and pornographic facial expressions.
No. 24223 ID: 59295a
File 140750885237.jpg - (222.24KB , 1000x900 , WWE.jpg )
Whew! I finally found the time to do this. I hope these are the right characters. >.>
No. 24229 ID: 795da4
The great people of tropico demand

gnoll panties
No. 24230 ID: 265534
I knew I could count on you.
No. 24236 ID: 59295a
File 140759641863.jpg - (1.23MB , 1800x3150 , PyanDildoss.jpg )
Tried to be a bit unorthodox.
Heh. She doesn't really look like Pyan. Will have to do another some time, srry bout that.
No. 24237 ID: 59295a
woops i made the dimensions a bit large.
No. 24238 ID: 59295a
File 140760048484.jpg - (120.64KB , 600x800 , GnollPanties.jpg )
Gnoll panties quickie
No. 24239 ID: 59295a
File 140760477982.jpg - (202.74KB , 600x800 , GnollPantiesDarker.jpg )
here's a darker version cuz why not
No. 24242 ID: 795da4

Side ties the best

you have good taste sire

I almost want to request

horrifically cute burmecian yuri
No. 24246 ID: 9dd1ee
your gnolls are adorable!
No. 24265 ID: e3aff6
Requesting Allison with the letters HUG LIFE written on her knuckles.
No. 24443 ID: 59295a
File 140886932061.jpg - (84.02KB , 648x864 , Elf1.jpg )
Boy, have I not been posting lately. Due to lack the lack of art, I felt like it would be good to post this piece I doodled up for one of my buddies campaigns. The premise for this guy is "renaissance elf."
No. 24444 ID: 59295a
Will likely start posting more fanart as well... hopefully. >.>
No. 24457 ID: 59295a
File 140904464924.jpg - (102.85KB , 648x720 , AlottaTanuki.jpg )
Here's a bunch of silly doodles of Mujina Kensuyata. I'm planning on using these as coloring practice.
No. 24459 ID: 59295a
File 140904748837.jpg - (33.82KB , 360x504 , Doggy.jpg )
No. 24460 ID: 6e85c8
those are adorable
No. 24466 ID: 59295a
File 140912118037.jpg - (56.24KB , 576x720 , GenericFoxColoringShit.jpg )
I've been doing some coloring practice, and among the muck which I produced, this is one of the better pieces. Tried to focus on basic, clean looking coloring.
No. 24469 ID: 59295a
File 140914120561.jpg - (58.69KB , 450x600 , SukebanKensu.jpg )
I always thought this look suited her.
No. 24470 ID: 59295a
also clothes are hard to draw.
No. 24471 ID: 59295a
File 140914606742.jpg - (88.22KB , 374x750 , SrryWeaverSrryInternet.jpg )
The only thing scary about this game is the fact that there's porn of it now... amarite guys? lolol

Anyways, I'm really sorry I edited Weaver's artwork without his express permission. It's a really dickish thing to do, but I became too excited over the thought of this piece.

With my deepest remorse, I apologize to both Weaver and the art community, as well as the internet.

You just draw Bonnie too cute, Weav! ~<3
No. 24472 ID: 59295a
Original can be found here --> http://tgweaver.tumblr.com/
No. 24473 ID: 2fd516
Bonnie is male.
No. 24475 ID: 59295a
Not the way I draw him.
No. 24478 ID: d8a627
Didn't the game's creator say Bonnie and Chica were female? Or was it Chica and Foxy?
No. 24479 ID: 59295a
File 140918467704.jpg - (89.34KB , 500x500 , StuffingProcess.jpg )
Despite its appearance, the process by which you are stuffed into the suits is actually quite painful. The only parts of you that will see the light of day again will be your eyes and teeth!
No. 24482 ID: 59295a
File 140923156770.jpg - (130.10KB , 500x1000 , FiveNightsAtRuby\'s.jpg )
Can't say I like this one, but I felt compelled to finish it.

Ending Spoilers: two bunnies had sex while a cyclops jerked off and watched.
No. 24487 ID: 59295a
File 140924251268.jpg - (161.86KB , 800x500 , YeahMikeGoForIt.jpg )
It's rude to stare, Mike.
No. 24488 ID: 59295a
File 140924276229.jpg - (159.67KB , 800x500 , GoForItMikeWhatsTheWorstThatCouldHappen.jpg )
Better version.
No. 24489 ID: 59295a
I hope somebody out there is enjoying these posts as much as I am. :V
No. 24490 ID: 9dd1ee
rule 63 isn't really my thing . . .
No. 24491 ID: f3b5de
I like this
No. 24492 ID: 2fd516
Foxy is confirmed male. Chica is confirmed female. Bonnie is presumed male because of the bowtie, and the designer hasn't come forward about Bonnie's true gender yet afaik.
No. 24493 ID: 6e85c8

Bonnie is a female name.
No. 24494 ID: 9dd1ee
Bonnie is a unisex name
No. 24495 ID: 2fd516
It's worth noting that Bonnie is a pallette-swapped Freddie but with rabbit ears and a different hand for the microphone.
No. 24502 ID: 59295a
File 140929083178.jpg - (93.25KB , 500x600 , Donkeh.jpg )
It was necessary.
No. 24503 ID: 59295a
File 140930188597.jpg - (68.44KB , 600x600 , MikeUPriviledgedCunt.jpg )

Am I unfunny or what?
No. 24504 ID: 59295a
I should also stop with the Weaver knockoffs, but I need to draw more porn in his style first.
No. 24510 ID: f3b5de
I found a new quest called "loser quest"
you should.. idk.. draw porn of it.
No. 24524 ID: 59295a
File 140940903496.jpg - (149.88KB , 500x1000 , Window Talk 1.jpg )
This has become an obsession. I'm sure of it.
No. 24525 ID: 59295a
File 140940917320.jpg - (156.86KB , 500x1000 , Window Talk 2.jpg )
Mike is a very sentimental guy.

Also, behold my bad dialogue!
No. 24526 ID: 59295a
I did a third strip, but I didn't like it. :0
No. 24529 ID: b88e47
No. 24533 ID: 59295a
Alright, PHEW! I after about 2 hours of dicking around with themes,and becoming horribly confused in the process, I finally managed to produce a tumblr account that I think looks nice.




Part of my reasoning for making this blog was to provide a primary, personal storage for purely art and entertainment related content, produced by myself, as well as a much more intuitive means of viewing my work. So, don't expect any bullshitty slice of life posts.

Furthermore, It'll give me good reason not to inundate Tgchan's draw board with non TG related art.
Not that I think it really mattered to begin with, but, I prefer the consistency and the greater volition.

That being said, I'll still be posting my TG art here, so I won't just be getting up and leaving. However, this doesn't leave my tumblr page exempt from TG posts. Eheheh.

Also, hopefully this will provide a much more intuitive way of viewing my work.
No. 24541 ID: 59295a
File 140949804950.jpg - (69.81KB , 600x600 , KensuBlowing.jpg )
Here have some kensu. She wasn't originally blowing up a balloon.

I also updated my tumblr.
No. 24542 ID: 38aa37
you should know the /FN@F/ gen is going crazy for your stuff mang.
No. 24549 ID: 59295a
Eh, I haven't noticed any of my stuff around the web, besides on my Tumblr and here, of course.
No. 24551 ID: 38aa37
People seem to just be posting it on thread then. Ah well
No. 24553 ID: d8a627
That 1st night and 6th night FN@F ended up on e621.
No. 24555 ID: 59295a
File 140959450163.jpg - (69.34KB , 600x600 , Conical Hound.jpg )
So, once upon a time, in the days of yore, when a young Paladin found the world oh so intriguing, he was inspired by Rubyquest to design a cast of odd characters. One of said characters was the Conical Hound.

I've long since forgotten the exact symbolism behind his design, but I feel that it's not hard to speculate.
Anyways, these guys never got past their fledgling conceptualizations, leaving a much desired stage for them to take their roles. The Conical Hound in particular lacks any real character development, other than he'd occasionally give bad advice to the main character: Oliver Rivers.
No. 24556 ID: 59295a
Sorry for the strange post. I guess I just needed to voice the reemergent memories before I forget them again. At least they're slightly TG related, right?
No. 24557 ID: 59295a
File 140959566057.jpg - (49.65KB , 600x600 , Oliver Rivers.jpg )
Here's Oliver. If I can remember correctly he's a slum raised cat of about 8. His mother is a neglective whore, and I do mean literally, Oliver was raised in a brothel. Albeit, he spent most of his time in the alleys behind the brothel.
The bit on his collar, while heavily suggestive of St. Peter's cross, is actually just a hunk of junk that young Oliver happened upon in the trash one day.
No. 24558 ID: 72dc78
I get a Gregory's house of horrors vibe from them
No. 24600 ID: 9dd1ee
The author of "Slavery quest" wants to know if he can post your fanart of scarlet on his FA

(I'm not the author btw, just being paid to draw stuff)
No. 24601 ID: 59295a
My permission is granted. He can go ahead and post it.
No. 24671 ID: 59295a
File 141051879270.jpg - (67.67KB , 600x800 , Nan.jpg )
Nan cuz why not?
No. 24691 ID: 59295a
File 141083435878.jpg - (92.18KB , 1000x500 , sUCKING PAPA WEAVES.jpg )
My observations from /5N@F/... Weaver related therefore TGchan related. :0
No. 24699 ID: 53548a
This is hilarious and a pretty good imitation of Weaver's style.
No. 24736 ID: 59295a
File 141126941791.jpg - (77.24KB , 800x800 , Ar\'koa Concepts.jpg )
I've been drawing a lot of bird people lately.
No. 24738 ID: dff0a8
my people
No. 24740 ID: 59295a
File 141128489110.jpg - (57.23KB , 500x500 , Peep Democracy.jpg )
The Peep Corporate Confederation arguing against the Astranian Alliance's conflict against the Solars.
No. 24741 ID: 59295a
File 141130820560.jpg - (115.75KB , 800x800 , Peep or Stranner.jpg )
Why not both? Bleh, I'm never comfortable with drawing stranners.
No. 24743 ID: 9dd1ee
>Bleh, I'm never comfortable with drawing stranners.
well you seem to do a good job of it none the less
No. 24769 ID: 59295a
File 141154337858.jpg - (169.31KB , 800x1500 , Origin of Man - A Speculation.jpg )

"The minor details are unimportant."

I was inspired to create this after reading the lonelyverse discussion threads.
No. 24771 ID: 59295a
File 141157603222.jpg - (114.24KB , 800x800 , Stranner Spacer Marine Concepts.jpg )

I've been trying to understand Astranian anatomy better, and I thought it would be helpful to draw one in a space marine suit, y'know, to get a deeper understanding of their proportions? Also used this opportunity to practice drawing Zane.
No. 24772 ID: 59295a
Also, it bears repeating: dat hair!
No. 24774 ID: b88e47
That is wonderufl.
No. 24776 ID: 4a20fa
LW normally draws the head-dome rounder, but it's neat how you've made it look like heavy-duty diving/spacesuit gear.
No. 24779 ID: 59295a
I intentionally did it that way just to toy with the design. Not that i'm trying to say anything tho.
No. 24783 ID: 4a20fa
It's a pretty cool variant. Probably needs a bit more weight-transfer support down through the legs, though.
No. 24784 ID: 59295a

Perhaps bigger, military-grade, grav boots would do the trick? It'd probably balance the look at least.
No. 24797 ID: 59295a
File 141182747749.jpg - (47.72KB , 600x800 , Mask.jpg )
Holy hell is coloring hard. Anyways, have a shoddy Mask (?).
No. 24798 ID: 436cdc
ooh, I can work off this. Radical.
No. 24800 ID: 59295a
I was told she actually had the coloration of a numbat. However, her eyes and hair are the correct color.
No. 24801 ID: 59295a
File 141186365257.jpg - (44.82KB , 400x263 , Mask2.jpg )
Hyperrealistic Mask.
No. 24823 ID: 59295a
File 141194388865.jpg - (56.41KB , 600x600 , Peep Farm.jpg )
How unorthodox of me to not draw Astranian fanart, but instead draw fanart of aquest that hasn't updated in 2 years. lol.
No. 24825 ID: 59295a
Speaking of. lol
No. 24829 ID: 9dd1ee
an interesting design!, by the way the shoulder thingy is a scanner
No. 24868 ID: 59295a
File 141229654673.jpg - (70.17KB , 600x600 , Mook Practice.jpg )
Was gonna draw Mook. Ended up drawing a knight mouse with shitty, lazy coloring.

I'll still count it as a medieval stranner piece.
No. 24869 ID: 4cbe79
so cute
No. 24870 ID: 59295a
File 141231182040.jpg - (62.28KB , 600x600 , Dominant Commander.jpg )
No. 24875 ID: 59295a
File 141239977650.jpg - (40.12KB , 500x600 , FRACTALS goat cat.jpg )
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