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File 138389293560.png - (96.37KB , 512x512 , Drawthread.png )
21140 No. 21140 ID: 2ae1fb
So, I'm starting a drawthread. I'll post stuff here from time to time. Critique is always welcome, since I've always got something left to learn.
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No. 21142 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138389436802.png - (87.00KB , 612x512 , Kaboom.png )
Early art style test for a potential new quest.

I'm trying to get the design an art style that looks decent and reads well, but is fast enough that I can run a quest with it while still keeping up with Dreams and Decay.

I'll hopefully be posting more art and design tests soon.
No. 21201 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138450342872.png - (310.69KB , 932x896 , Sethrine&Phira.png )
More art related to the new quest. It will likely feature a lot of characters from my older quests, some of which will be getting and personality overhauls. Consider it a mass scale, all-encompassing reboot. If all goes well, I will likely be starting it Saturday-ish.
No. 21203 ID: fc937d
Oh you did those? Neat. (Two more unknown author quests, attributed).
No. 21209 ID: 2ae1fb
Well, while we're at it, I also ran /Power and Ralts Quest. I changed my username when I started Uplifted. I didn't feel the need to actually seek attribution for the quests I ran as Will, mostly because they're kinda embarrassingly bad. Especially on /Power's part. /Power sucked.

Also, I'm still not entirely sure how a quest called "Uplifted" wasn't immediately attributed to me.
No. 21212 ID: fc937d
And I get to scrap a redundant author page while I'm at it!

>uplifted by uplifted
And yeah, I suppose that does seem obvious in retrospect. Surprisingly easy to miss a little thing like that.
No. 23118 ID: a32d59
File 139959700310.png - (23.66KB , 400x400 , avatar.png )
Just dropping in to let everyone know that Margos and I started another collaborative project together on Tumblr! It's called Cloverleaf Corners, and it's a visual-novel style life-sim quest-thingy with adorable Tiny Animals.

Check it out here: http://cloverleafcorners.tumblr.com/
No. 24780 ID: a32d59
Been in a bit of a artistic rut lately, and I've been wanting to see about doing more random quest-unrelated art, so I figure I could kill two birds with one stone here and start taking requests. So, um, request away!
No. 24787 ID: a32d59
File 141169675786.png - (171.10KB , 471x738 , SCDASarahFinal.png )
Okay! First request! This one's from the IRC.

><Archivemode> uplifted: Draw a redesign of anon44's sarah character as she'd appear in clothing damage rpg

So here it is, a full redesign of what Sarah would look like in SCDA. Since her quest partially horror-themed, with a clear Rubyquest influence, I took that and ran with it.

Her offensive power is, of course, telekinesis. I just took what appeared in quest and took it to it's logical extreme.

Her defensive power gives her the ability to remold her bone and flesh to allow her to block and parry attacks, and generally be hella intimidating. It's inspired by the mutations the zombies in her quest tended to have.

Her main weapon, her pistol, is now inset with a channeling stone, thus allowing her to fire telekinetic bullets, or if it's able to strike bare skin, mutate her opponents to immobilize them. If anyone has any further questions about the design decisions here, feel free to ask.

If anyone else has any requests, please post them here. I'll totally do lewd art, too, depending on what it is anyway.
No. 24790 ID: 1f8505

Thank you kindly!
No. 25707 ID: a32d59
Whelp, months after receiving a request to draw a cutebold, I finally drew it. I can't even remember who requested it, but I really hope they see it.

Flavor text from furaffinity:

"Agari has successfully killed a rabbit and collected edible plants and berries, so she and her family will eat tonight. Huzzah!"
No. 25708 ID: a32d59
File 141851436967.png - (41.29KB , 1062x725 , cutebold.png )
It would figure that I would forget both the image and a deletion password. Well, anyway, here it is.
No. 25709 ID: a32d59
Also, still taking requests, if anyone's interested. I need more coal to feed into the furnace that is my non-quest art.
No. 25758 ID: e678fe

Gnoll bards are always good?
No. 25764 ID: a32d59
I'll see about maybe doing that.
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