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File 138302436909.jpg - (1.66MB , 3264x2448 , 1383024309100.jpg )
21075 No. 21075 ID: 73aab1
(Picture unrelated.)
So I commissioned some paper dolls for my quest, but then ran into real life issues for a few weeks and now dont remember who I had commissioned or when they hung out in irc.

If you are that person I do want to pay you!
No. 21076 ID: 7bbaae
...what is that picture of?
No. 21077 ID: 1ecd11
Rotate your head 90 degrees counter clockwise and you will see.
No. 21078 ID: 67bfa9
it was me
No. 21080 ID: 7bbaae
Well, it looks like a fan in the doorway on top of something but I don't understand why.
No. 21120 ID: 73aab1
Yay! So what times are you on irc again?
No. 21121 ID: 67bfa9
after 6:00pm eastern time, on most days.
No. 21222 ID: 00b2db
I think I gave you the wrong email.

its xxxxxaxxxxxx not xxxxxxxxxxx if that makes sense.
No. 21278 ID: 3af198
I sent you an email a while back with the revisions you asked for, just check as to whether you got it
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