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File 137937648853.png - (178.72KB , 627x750 , moira.png )
20553 No. 20553 ID: 7fde7e
Here's my sex fairy, Moira, that #tgchan sort of knows about.

In this thread, you should totally expect NSFW. so just a warning now. I HOPE YOU ENJOYS THESE.
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No. 20554 ID: 7fde7e
File 137937656086.png - (164.57KB , 758x630 , sexyfairiessofar.png )
and here are a couple more I made. I know Adorne has a giant dick. I just thought it would be really funny. Also they all now have tails and horns instead of antennae but I'm keeping my little wings
No. 20556 ID: 7fde7e
File 137937688265.png - (191.17KB , 686x800 , moiraatwork.png )
NSFW: sex

and this one I drew with um... oh shit, I'm sorry I forget who made this OC, but it's not mine but they said I coudl use him for Moira to um, show off... her work...
No. 20557 ID: 7fde7e
File 137937701830.png - (375.99KB , 650x760 , moirabatin5.png )
NSFW: nipples, suggested jackin' off

aaaaaaand this is what I'm working on now <:3c
I hope you guys like my little sex fairies. I'm gonna try to make a monster girl that actually looks like more of a monster than just a fairy :(
No. 20558 ID: 7fde7e
RML's character Cleetus Jumpcamp! Sorry RML, I blacked out for a sec D:
No. 20560 ID: 7fde7e
File 137938019553.png - (155.34KB , 700x800 , shila.png )
ok I tried my best to make a monster girl that's actually monstery. I would love some critiques on her. here's the first drawing
No. 20561 ID: 7fde7e
File 137938028045.png - (143.71KB , 567x955 , shila2.png )
and I took her hair away here and made her tail fluffier. she's very shy and based on a mix of like goats, rabbits, cats, deer, etc. oh and her name is Shila (SHIH-luh)
No. 20565 ID: ff9a14
Give...give her goat eyes.
No. 20567 ID: bd48c5
File 137943290277.jpg - (3.14MB , 4272x2848 , Nautilus_pompilius_(head).jpg )
No, give her nautilus eyes!
No. 20568 ID: 917cac
yes she is definitely monstrous enough to be a monster girl!

I especially like her 4 eyes
No. 20570 ID: 7fde7e
I feel like if I gave her goat pupils it'd make her too goatlike?
could see this... Next time I draw her I'll see how I like it
yay ;u; and I've wanted to do a 4 eyed monster girl for a while. Weaver was very impressed with how quickly I created her <:3c sempai noticed me
No. 20572 ID: 349d0f
Your monstergirls are great, keep it up!

So does Moira ever, uh, work two clients at once?
No. 20573 ID: 16c47c
This thread is incredibly lewd and I approve wholeheartedly.
No. 20574 ID: 7fde7e
one client is free, but for more than one (a threeway or more) they might have to pay a small fee and set it up a time/payment a little earlier. For a fairy to come help out one person, that's free for life and you fill out a one time survey. Moira, for example is a sub and is willing to take it in her pussy (which is "magically" extremely tight and wet, anally, and she is also very skilled with titjobs. Unfortunately, because of her teeth, she can not perform blowjobs. As for more than one, I can totally draw that >:3c Right now I'm working on her masturbating, as shown earlier, but I can always bring in some male monsters for a party~
well you're in for a treat because this thread is going to be full of lewd.
No. 20575 ID: 349d0f
>Right now I'm working on her masturbating, as shown earlier, but I can always bring in some male monsters for a party~

ilu threep
No. 20576 ID: 349d0f
I like the sex mythology you're creating here.
No. 20579 ID: 7fde7e
File 137948183839.png - (262.01KB , 394x623 , moirapchat.png )
Moira I drew in pchat with commondragon :D I'm really wanting to draw some smut right now
No. 20583 ID: 7fde7e
File 137951246323.png - (283.46KB , 628x1202 , vera.png )
sex fairy I designed for commission
Vera, she's good with all three holes, specializes in rape fantasy and extreme submission. I drew her a bit tall for a fairy, but it took from like 4am-7am and I'm really tired so I hope it's good enough.
No. 20585 ID: f29551
I personally would like to know more about this setting.
For example where do these fairies work?
Why do they work there?
Hell why do they work?
Are they simply fairy whores or do they serve a greater service. Like they take monster and fae dick so mortals don't have too.
No. 20586 ID: 7b669e
Yeah, this is a cool setting. It's quite interesting and erotic. Are the sex fairies ever off the clock, or are they just constantly fucking?
No. 20588 ID: 349d0f

Oh my. Those clothes look pretty tight.
No. 20589 ID: 7fde7e
it was commissioned or I probably would have made something less revealing.
they work when they want. they don't have to work at all but if they don't work they don't get money and in their world, this is one of the more money making trades you could choose, but not everyone is allowed to do it. there's a lot of backstory I've thought of, but I'll introduce it more later.
the main question I'm gonna answer right now is that sometimes the difference between a fight breaking out could be a "time-out". So they've been used to help bring peace and unity among other things
No. 20590 ID: 7fde7e
breaking out between nations. sometimes you just need to get laid, you know.
No. 20592 ID: f29551
Sex themed political system?
Filibustering takes on a whole new meaning.
No. 20594 ID: 7fde7e
File 137958868717.png - (457.57KB , 650x760 , moirabatindone.png )
yay all done. took hours but I like it
No. 20595 ID: 349d0f

That is a fine piece of fairy smut right there. I love the way you draw tits.
No. 20601 ID: e33e40
File 137964952966.png - (11.67KB , 353x323 , boobs.png )
I drew this with my boobs. thank #tgchan
No. 20602 ID: e33e40
File 137965272391.png - (203.30KB , 728x626 , moiratentaclesketch.png )
I wanted to draw a tentacle man but it was too hard. so I just drew a bunch of tentacle penises and Moira.
No. 20607 ID: 7fde7e
I am taking commissions for anything that I can draw. I am willing to:
-create an original character for you
-sketch/ink/color/shade anything, not too keen on doing backgrounds
-no more than 3 characters per drawing unless you’re willing to pay for it
-I am willing to draw porn of anything and I mean anything.
-I can draw ponies, furries, humans, non-humans, animals, landscapes, anything that I can draw I will draw for you.
-I CAN NOT draw mechs, robots, or cities. Sorry, I just suck at those.
-I am also willing to draw comics for you that you make up yourself.
-If you can think it up, I’ll draw it.
-ALL prices are negotiable and will be decided on when I have finished the sketch and you are satisfied (unless you paid for just a sketch). Basically, you pay me what you think I deserve, but you must give me at least 5$ no matter what I FINISH drawing for you.

If you just wish to donate money OR pay for a commission, the link can be found here: http://strawberry-pie.net/yamac/?page_id=175

For an idea of what kind of art you can choose from visit my DA gallery at: http://sweet-pea-soup.deviantart.com/gallery/

Sorry for wall of text :(
No. 20608 ID: 96bbd0
I can pay you in compliments, you beautiful human being you.
However, being a student I has no munies.
I still love you though <3
No. 20609 ID: 67bfa9
I want to buy some!
No. 20610 ID: 7fde7e
I'm in #tgchan almost all the time, so if anyone in here is interested, just PM me there. I shoulda added that I also make custom sex fairies ;p that seems to be what people are interested in (I just got another commission for one)
No. 20613 ID: e33e40
oh I'm sorry, I didn't notice this~ Thank you though <:3c tee hee
No. 20615 ID: e33e40
File 137979753445.png - (260.07KB , 875x904 , chip.png )
yes another sex fairy. he fell asleep before I finished her, so she doesn't have a name yet
No. 20616 ID: bc1034

Oh, awesome. What sort of fetishes is she associated with?
No. 20624 ID: 7fde7e
File 137984306407.png - (308.29KB , 800x800 , sammy.png )
Her name is Sam.
She's considered "normal" so she can be dominating or submissive depending on what the client wants. She is also a fairy that takes cum on her body more often than inside because of the client's preferences. She has a bit of an attitude in her that he(the client) requested, so I suppose she's "against" things but no matter what, she'll enjoy it. For example:
>Client: Now you're gonna take my hard cock in your ass, Sammy.
>Sam: N-no! Stop calling me Sammy! And- Don't you-d-d-aaree....oohhhhh~
you get the point. Here she is after a satisfied customer.

Another thing I added, you can tell when the client/fairies get close to orgasm because their wings begin to glow. When a client orgasms, the fairy orgasms at the same time too, as to increase satisfaction.
No. 20626 ID: 349d0f
>When a client orgasms, the fairy orgasms at the same time too, as to increase satisfaction.

Even when there are multiple clients? I could see how that could be problematic or awesome.
No. 20639 ID: f29551
Unfortunately I do not have money to commission you, but I had a idea that I had to share. If someone else wants to commission this idea or if you feel like offering it as a option for future commissions feel free.
My idea is a simple comic for any of the characters that just shows "a day in the life." Which just follows the character from morning till night.
No. 20645 ID: c23ab0

Hmm. I would advise making the sex fairies more oriented towards sex, and less towards "clients." That allows for more drama as their nature conflicts with their occupation in unexpected ways. Furthermore it allows you to make stories about deep and meaningful relationships that flesh out the character of both the fairy and the fairy lover, instead of just an endless string of faceless clients.

Also having a creature designed to helplessly cater to the whims of a paying customer is too obviously servitude fetishry. You can have them helplessly cater to the whims of a paying customer without actually explicitly engraving it in their in-character DNA. That would be more subtle, which would make readers warm quickly to your fairies and cringe considerably less. Though you wouldn't be able to use the excuse of "She's programmed that way" your setting would seem much less forced and stiff.

As an example of fetishry subtly and gently shoved down our throats, see the "Survivors" quest on this board. It's got slave, maid, robot fetishes right out there in the open, but since it doesn't go the obvious direction and have the slave maid robots being slaves, maids and robots, it becomes a much more vivid story setting. We actually get to feeling like the maid outfit is normal, and hardly notice the half burned off metallic face, and before you know it we're lusting after slave maid robots too!
No. 20646 ID: 7fde7e
uh you're reading way too much into this.
I didn't think that far
No. 20651 ID: 7fde7e
okay, #TGCHAN! If you guys can hear me, one of you talked to me last night about a possible commission that I said I'd have to ask about. I CAN do it, but I forget who asked for it, so please PM later so I know who it was.
No. 20673 ID: 7fde7e
File 138009658635.png - (335.16KB , 924x804 , bangles.png )
Commission for LonelyWorld, I hope this is good enough. I'm so tired.
No. 20674 ID: 7fde7e
I forgot her stripes :I
No. 20675 ID: 7fde7e
File 138009858077.png - (423.89KB , 757x978 , raine2.png )
aaand this is Raine for Limebreaker. I'm done with commissions! I think I raised about 50 dollars and thanks everyone for helping :)
No. 20708 ID: 7fde7e
File 138033556330.png - (342.17KB , 924x804 , bangles.png )
okay I fixed Bangles's stripes. there you go LW!
No. 20712 ID: 49f001
This is amazing. Bangles so pretty~
No. 20732 ID: e33e40
fank you ;o; I worked so hard on her
No. 20779 ID: 7fde7e
File 138066692510.png - (537.09KB , 882x854 , weekfag.png )
Happy Birthday Abeo!

No. 20895 ID: 7fde7e
File 138130902248.png - (60.17KB , 600x600 , pillowbed.png )
No. 20896 ID: 7fde7e
File 138131448813.png - (198.94KB , 600x600 , oliver.png )
spoiler of what the Catalina's oldest son, Oliver looks like
No. 20927 ID: 7fde7e
File 138144749328.png - (220.16KB , 687x800 , threepnemidickgirlswhatfuckdidido.png )
No. 20930 ID: 1b0c0d

Rub, rub~
No. 20974 ID: 7fde7e
File 138179305651.png - (131.43KB , 573x800 , huggykissy.png )
yay ;u;
No. 20982 ID: 16c47c
These are fun~

This guy reminds me of Link as a cat.
No. 20983 ID: e33e40
yeah I didn't mean for him to. I just kind of wanted him to maybe be a hunter type but didn't feel like making original clothing. he'll wear something else when he appears in the quest
No. 21122 ID: 7fde7e
File 138376487435.png - (101.30KB , 500x500 , sexytimes.png )
porn of weaver and me~
No. 21156 ID: 91217a
Super lewd. I like it.
No. 21163 ID: 7fde7e
(with his permission) there should be more~
No. 21204 ID: 7fde7e
File 138455031210.png - (400.97KB , 914x892 , moiraandadorne1.png )
No. 21231 ID: 7fde7e
File 138473692588.png - (283.68KB , 914x892 , moiraandadorne.png )
OKAY CAN SOMEONE -PLEASE- HELP ME WITH THE DICK? because like, I keep trying to fix it and even after looking at BILLIONS AND BILLIONS AND BILLIONS (and billions) of dicks, I can't get it right, so if someone could just red line it or something that'd be greeeeeaaaaaaaat.
No. 21240 ID: e1609c
the dong is bulging out into the hand a bit
its like the jelly filling sort of clustered around the base, so that the shaft is now wider than the tip
which usually (but not always) is not a thing
that is probably what is making it look weird
Source: I have the dick
No. 21242 ID: 05dce8
The head is kinda synonymous with the base, and and it doesn't look quite hard. Just add a little bulge and a foreskin and it'll look right!

Source: I have seen a lot of dicks.
No. 21244 ID: beeca1
>mentioning foreskin at all in a discussion about cocks

Oh buy, I can't wait for the shitstorm. No comment on foreskin or lack thereof, but other than that, Archivemod is about right.

Source: also has dick
No. 21247 ID: 67bfa9
Threep specifically want to draw an un-cut penis for this char, so it's relevant in this case
No. 21249 ID: 91217a
You should draw a funny face on it.
No. 21251 ID: 7fde7e
real quick, thank you everyone who has helped me or even just commented c: I really appreciate it. I've worked on it a bit and I will do so a bit more later on tonight after class. Weaver is also helping me because, apparently, he is the dick master.
I like the cut of your jib.
LW is correct. My "Sex fairies" are uh, druidic, and they live in the forest and believe in spiritual things like ... spirits, like (Disney) Pocahontas style, if you understand, and like, I just don't see them as practicing circumcision. And I've been TOLD that erect cut or uncut look mostly the same. I would also say Adorne has like, a normal amount of foreskin? Like, when it's flaccid it doesn't cover his dickhead entirely? -puts her hands over her face- oh god I can't believe what I'm fucking talking about but anyway, thanks guys I hope it helps me. Also if anyone has a dick drawing tutorial OTHER Than the one that so-and-so linked in IRC the other day, that'd be greeeeeaaaaaaaaatttttt
No. 21252 ID: 7fde7e
btw I'm talking about this awesome tutorial http://creamatorie.tumblr.com/post/12179673916/penis-tutorials-and-references-a-collection-of
and also, I think Adorne isn't completely erect? he's like at half mast or something.
No. 21254 ID: 34cbef
some of these fairies are getting sillier by the moment
No. 21260 ID: 7fde7e
File 138503842871.png - (282.40KB , 914x892 , ISTHISBETTER.png )
you're one to talk
No. 21261 ID: 7fde7e
File 138503912931.png - (282.44KB , 914x892 , dick2.png )
No. 21262 ID: 7fde7e
No. 21263 ID: 7fde7e
File 138504589255.png - (259.60KB , 614x700 , assdayamielle.png )
my ass day drawing~
No. 21454 ID: 7fde7e
File 138692515110.png - (448.93KB , 914x892 , moiraandadorne3.png )
work in progress stuff on my Moira/Adorne drawing
No. 21465 ID: de1374
If you look closely there's a stealth penis peeking out from behind Amielles leg.
No. 21467 ID: 7bbaae
That's her arm/hand.
No. 21469 ID: 7fde7e
File 138717148401.png - (156.84KB , 431x669 , pie.png )
Today's Weaver's birthday! I mentioned that Weaver's favorite dessert is peanut butter pie and people were asking about the recipe so here it is. It requires no baking and if you don't feel like making your own crust, you can buy a pre-made graham cracker or chocolate cookie (oreo) crust:

~* Weaver's favorite peanut butter pie *~

>For the crust:
- a whole pack of oreos (or non-brand name chocolate cookies like them)
- 1/2 c of sugar
- 1/3 c of melted butter

1. This part probably takes the longest/most effort. Take all the Oreos and remove ALL of the white filling from every single one of them. Make them as "dry" as you can.
2. Crush the Oreo in a large ziplock bag until they are as powderish as possible
3. Mix Oreo crumbs, melted butter, and sugar together and press into a pie tin. Place in the fridge until ready to use

> For the pie filling
- 12 oz jar of SMOOTH/CREAMY peanut butter, any brand
- 1/2 to 1 cup of sugar (depending on your tastes)
- 8 oz of cream cheese
- one 16 oz container of frozen whipped topping, thawed (like kool-whip)

1. Put all this stuff in a bowl
2. Mix with a mixer on medium speed until thoroughly blended
3. Pour into pie crust and refrigerate fro 3 hours before cutting into it.

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