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File 137806752905.png - (236.99KB , 1000x1000 , preparing to fire.png )
20369 No. 20369 ID: c23ab0
I somehow managed to lose the pictures from that one speculative discussion about Tzl reproduction. Specifically I lost the one where the female was adjusting a range finder or walkie talkie to calculate the precise elevation of her pelvis needed. I still have the one of the male a mile away, preparing to fire, but I need the female one. For reasons.
No. 20370 ID: bf8aa5
>>/questdis/19308 ?
No. 20397 ID: c23ab0
That's the one! Couldn't find it for the life of me. Thank you soo much.
No. 20400 ID: bc8d67
Yanno, from the first time I saw the OP image in >>/questdis/46371 I've wondered what the heck Baj is doing there and if there was something missing from the image. However, what I'm pretty darn certain of is that it's not related to that ridiculous speculative discussion about tozol reproduction that you think it is.
No. 20409 ID: 9dba7d
I think I remember something in that pic about baj being raped by something invisible
No. 20411 ID: 8b9215
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